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51 Article Writing Sites Similar To iWriter: Websites Like iWriter

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You are welcome to my article writing sites review, it is all about Article Writing Sites Similar To Writer. Do you know how to write? Do you want to make money writing for a living? Then you are in the right place.

It is good you are doing your findings on how to make money writing for publishers and companies. This was how I discovered how to transform my writing skills and passion into a full-time income.


There are various freelance article writing websites available where you can provide article writing services that are better iWriter alternatives.

I will provide you a list of article writing sites similar to iWriter, where the scope of growth is better than iWriter.

I have prepared a list of 49 best article writing websites like iWriter that pay writers and with their specific rules and guidelines; they are listed below:

How To Write For A Living

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Must Read Articles:

Write for Wealthy Affiliate

This is the best writer alternatives ever. Why would you be writing for companies and publishers why you are a born publisher.

article writing sites

In case you don’t know about Wealthy Affiliate, Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training platform where you learn how to make money online in any niche.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you are assigned a profile and blog area where you can be writing and blogging about anything you want to talk about.

The objective is to start helping people grow with their businesses. It can be on any subject or niche.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you automatically become a Wealthy Affiliate Webmaster.

Anything you blog about within your blog area in Wealthy Affiliate gets published automatically; it ranks easily because of the authority of the Wealthy Affiliate sites itself. This is my best article writing site that can make you money. 

How Writer/Blogger Makes Money with  Wealthy Affiliate 

Ensure you focus your article on helping people both inside and outside the forum. The focus is even outside the Wealthy Affiliate so that someone somewhere can discover Wealthy Affiliate through you.

Usually, your article will rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The world will read your post.

If and whenever you earn a referral through your article into Wealthy Affiliate, you will receive a minimum of $20 monthly per referral that signs for premium.

The focus of WA (Wealthy Affiliate) is to train members to have a full business online.

You can decide to focus on running your online business alone or focus on both running your business and writing for Wealthy Affiliate for more members through the WA website.

As a member, what I am doing is to run my online business and source more members for WA. I earned it in two ways!

Either way, you will have to be a premium member before you can be a writer for WA. See more benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate here.

Don’t forget the number one focus of WA is to help you set up your own business online.

How Often Do You Write

You can write as often as you can.

Don’t forget that the objective is to ride on the authority of the WA website and help people discover how to make money online so that you can invite members to the site.

How You Get Paid

You will be paid through PayPal monthly. The payment limit ranges from $10,$25,$100,$200,$300 etc.

2.) Fiverr

Fiverr is the most popular online freelance marketplace that is my best article writing site. You can offer writing services in terms of “Gigs” with a price tag of $5.

You can add multiple other writing services by a multiple for $5 and above.

Even though it is unique and both the iWriter alternative and TextBroker alternative, yet it is quite crowded, and you may have to boost your profile and use the right keywords to get noticed.

Fiverr is mainly employed by freelancers to meet people’s needs worldwide; we have listed on the Fiverr website over four million services the cost between $5 to over $600, it depends on what you want to get done.

Though services are rendered from $5 and above, freelancers can negotiate and decide and the amount they want to be paid to render services according to their Gig.

iwriter alternatives

It all depends on the Gig listing as contained on the individual profile page. Fiverr is free to sign up, you can only buy or sell Gig in Fiverr only when you become a registered member or user.

It is important to know that every transaction in Fiverr is charged with a processing fee of $1 on every purchase below $20; while every Gig bought above $20 are subjected to 5% processing fees.

Fiverr ensure all Gig buyers pay in advance, all sellers are entitled to 80% of the cost of services rendered. If a buyer paid for a service of $100, sellers will receive $80.

All sellers can improve the amount they get paid by offering extra services relating to the order placed. Read more about Fiverr here.

3.) TextBroker

Textbroker is another great article writing site where you can start making a lot of money as a professional writer because they have the right environment and scope that help you to achieve your business goal and objective as a writer and author.

article writing accounts

For me, it is another great iWriter alternatives that provide huge scope for a writer to grow, and they have great reputations in this industry.

There are three types of orders available on the Textbroker platform, they include:

     1.  OpenOrder

These are orders listed for anyone to write and get paid by TextBroker according to one’s writing quality.

A writer can choose from several projects listed according to the level of quality. You will be paid by word in proportion to your quality rating.

The more you write a great quality article and you receive a great rating, your pays get better as you get a better rating.

OpenOrder is suited for writers with a flair for various subject matters and has enough time to devote to freelance business online.

OpenOrder has many jobs to pick from as long as you are competent enough to perform and produce quality writing.

     2. DirectOrder

Direct orders are offers sent to you directly based on your achievement as stated on your profile page. As a writer, you are expected to state your achievement and your level of competency on your personalized profile page.

You are allowed to negotiate the pricing per word as long as you are profile under direct order in Textbroker.

Direct Order will be great for you if you like to work for a particular client and you are ready to take orders regularly from your clients

    3. TeamOrder

The final one is team orders where you write as a team member by joining various available teams on the platform.

You can join as many as possible as long as the quality of your output will not be compromised. This is only great for you as an author if you like to work with a particular client and a specific project.

TextBroker is indeed one of my best article writing websites similar to iWriter that you can easily do a living writing.

4.) Freelancer

Freelancer is one of my best article writing sites for freelance writers. They have projects for almost every category you can think of. There are many writing projects that are getting listed every moment.

Hence, there is an ample supply of article writing jobs. As a new writer, it would be difficult to get started, but once a few projects get completed, you will get better responses to your bids.

websites like iwriter

Freelancer, you give the details of your project and post for any freelance to pick up, you can even dictate the amount you are paying for the job with the schedule. All your terms will be respected.

Your job can be small or large, high or low cost; expect quality output at Freelancer. There are several categories of Gigs that can get done at Freelancer; they include but are not limited to, the following:

Website development, Logo Design, Article Writing, Translation, Data entry, Design, etc.

==>Earn While You Learn | Making Over $5,000 Monthly

5.) A-List Apart.

A-List Apart is one of such article writing sites that explores web development, design, and the meaning of web content; it is another best iWriter alternatives.

This website pays particular attention to web standards and best practices.

This article writing blog protects its content by copyright that is shared by the magazine and its writers.

However, the code used in the article is freely accessible to all.

A-List Apart is also open to translation. A-List Apart is for authors who are interested in sharing their ideas with the world.

This site welcomes all kinds of web professionals: developers, designers, architects, strategists, writers, assorted specialists, and project managers to hand in their works.

All you need is to have an impressive voice and a big idea.

article writing websites

How to Make Money With A List Apart

Yes. If you’re talented in writing, you can earn handsomely from your talent.

This article writing site publishes articles between 600-2,500 words based on the complexity of the subject matter.

The average word count is 1,500.

For web design articles, the word count is 500-600.

A-List Apart pays $ 200.00 per feature; a lengthy article of 1,500-2,000 words; $100.00 per average length articles and $ 50. 00 for mini-articles. The pay is done within a month of publication.

Requirements To Be A Writer On List Apart

A-List Apart is one of the many magazines that are article-writing websites and a non-discriminatory site that recruits authors from a wide array of web discourses. To become a writer on this platform, you are only required to have three things.

First, an idea that will not only challenge readers but also steer the industry forward.

Therefore, anything that will redefine web design is welcomed.

Second, you need to submit either a partial draft, a rough draft, or a short pitch accompanied by an outline.

The pitch should be a paragraph or two summings of your argument, and why it matters to readers.

Lastly, is the ability to write original content. A-List Apart does not accept nor publish work that has been published elsewhere.

Publication Process

A-List Apart publishing process entails the following steps:

  1. Submit a draft through email information of a Word doc, HTML file, Markdown file or a link to an HTML document.
  2. An editor and editorial team reviews the draft and provides feedback; comments and notes.
  3. The author revises and resubmits the revised copy to the editorial team for review.
  4. The editorial team accepts or rejects the copy.
  5. The publication date is set, and the article is published.

6.) Today I Found Out

Today I found out com

This is another article writing site that was founded on January 1, 2010.

Its genesis was based on the idea that it is always good to learn something new each day.

Its founding was inspired by the wonderful subreddit “Today I learned,” which happens to be one of their favorite subscriptions on Reddit.

I found the site publishes articles on a wide range of topics and disciplines such as Infographics, Animals, History, Entertainment, Language, People, Science, and Myths. Today I found Out is another iWriter alternatives.

Requirements To Be A Writer

Are you exceptional at research, digging out exciting details? If you like learning new things, then you have what it takes to write for Today I Found Out; this is what makes it a unique of those article writing sites.

You only need to submit your proposed article that you have already written. If you haven’t written an article yet,

Today I Found Out allows you to send a pitch through email. Notably, if your interest and passion are writing guest posts, this is not the site for you.

However, for an article to be considered, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Be accurate, factual, entertaining, and educational.
  • Plagiarism free.
  • Not published on other sites.
If your purpose is  to send a pitch, ensure you include:
  • An interesting fact and your approach to it.
  • Estimated word count.
  • Your level of experience and any other relevant information.

How to Make Money With To Day I Found Out

Information about how much this site pays writers is scanty.

What is clear about this site is that it specializes in the publishing of conversational and informal articles.

You can start making money with Today I Found Out Here now

==> How to Write for a Living Even If You Are Just Starting Out

7.) Cracked

This is a site that publishes list-style articles. The blog welcomes writers for charts, humor stories, and infographics.

The site harbors thousands of funny images, videos, articles, and a personal experience forum.

Cracked reports cover the following categories: Music, History, Science, Sex, Video Games, Technology, Sports, Celebrities, and the Weird world. Craked is a good alternative to iWriter and one of my best article writing sites.

Requirements To Be a Writer on Cracked

The good news about these article writing sites is that, unlike other writing websites, writers require no experience to write.

All you need is to be creative, be respectful of other writers, and have funny ideas.

So, if you think you have what it take to be their writer, sign up and contact their editors.

The sign-up process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Choose a Username
  2. A Strong Password
  3. Re-enter the Password
  4. Enter Your E-mail Address
  5. Tick the Terms and Condition Check-box.
  6. Subscribe to Weekly or Monthly Newsletters
  7. Check in the “I’m not a robot box.”
  8. Hit the “Create Account” button.

How to Make Money with Cracked?

Yes, passionate, creative writers pocket $15-$50 per short article. Feature articles fetch $100. After the fourth article, writers earn between 150-$200 per article.

If you are lucky to have your article published in the top 10 viewed in the month, you get a bonus of $50.

All payments are processed through Demand Studios. You Can Start making money with Cracked, it is another great article writing site that you can exploit.

8.) College Humor

College Humor is one of the leading comedy websites on the internet and one of my best alternatives to the writer websites for writers that specialized in storytelling.

The site reviews over a million page views per day; this is why it is a writer’s choice and one of the best College magazines that is an article writing site at the same time.

They also ranked 5th among the top 100 well-paying freelance websites.

College Humor also accepts both humorous articles and images for publication.

Publications at CollegeHumor cover fields such as Comics, Love/Relationships, Movies/TV, Food, WTF, Life, and Politics.

Requirements To Be a Writer on CollegeHumor

You ought to be a dedicated and creative writer or photographer.

For your article to be published, you have to submit a pitch by e-mail, and the editors will guide you to write the perfect article.

If you like the CollegeHumor picture gallery and you can make some too, you need to grab the chance to earn well.

Just send an e-mail to the editorial team.

Your e-mail should contain your gallery idea, and examples of what you would include.

How to Make Money With CollegeHumor?

This article writing site pays a reasonable sum for great works. For a single-page article, CollegeHumor pays $35, and $ 50 for a more extensive Multi-page article.

For 15 pictures, the pay is $25 and $35 for 25 images.

9.) The Diplomat

do you make money writing blog

The Diplomat is a current-affairs magazine that covers reporting and analysis in the Asia-Pacific regions namely: Oceania, East Asia,   Central Asia, and Southeast Asia.

This article writing sites another iWriter alternatives magazine company that pays writers.

Its report includes aspects such as politics, business, security, technology, and life across the Asia-Pacific region.

Requirements to be a Writer on the Diplomat

To become a writer for The Diplomat, you have to fill out a sign-up form. The sign-up procedure entails:

  1. Fill out Your First and Last name
  2. Your E-mail address
  3. Details of the Pitch
  4. Your Bio
  5. Attach your pitch/article in the form of a Word document or PDF.
  6. Indicate whether you are looking for remuneration and whether your work has been published elsewhere.
  7. Click the send button and wait or editor’s response.

How to Make Money With The Diplomat?

Yes, you can make as much money as you want by publishing with The Diplomat.

The submission word count should range between 400 and 800. On the other hand, the word count or feature articles are around 1,200 words.

If your reporting is original and has first pitching ideas, your copy will be recommended to the editor.

10.) Screen Rant

online writing articles

Screen Rantranks are among the fastest-growing article writing sites.

The site is also among the fastest-growing on social media.

This site has 1.4M likes on Facebook, 108 K tweets, and 56,7K Photos/Videos on Twitter.

The website publishes the latest movie news, movie trailers, and reviews; it is, therefore, an iWriter alternative.

The site covers topics such as:

  • New Movie Announcements
  • Production Developments
  • Casting News
  • Photo Posts
  • Movie and TV Trailers
  • Entertainment List Posts
  • Game Announcements
  • Screenshot Posts
  • Design Developments
  •  Trailers

Requirements To Be A Writer on Screen Rant

To become a writer with Screen Rant, one should be over the age of 18 years and must possess the following:

  • Able to write 20+ new posts of 300 words or 5+ list posts of 2,500 words each per month.
  • Prior experience in writing for an online or a print publication
  • Available to work overnight and weekends.
  • Extensive knowledge of Movie and TV
  • Knowledge of words press, Photoshop, and online post-production.

Although writers can work from anywhere, writers living near industry centers in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles are most preferred.

How to Apply on Screen Rant

To become a contributor at Screen Rant, one must fill out an application form. The procedure is as follows; Fill out:

  • Your Name
  • e-mail
  • Phone
  • Location
  • Message
  • Click the Submit Button

When applying to write list posts, prospective writers must submit a list-style sample. One can also provide a mini-list on a relevant subject.

The mini-list must contain 3-4 entries, and an introduction, each 150 words long.

How to Make Money With Screen Rant

Although the pay per word is not listed, most of the posts indicate pay per post. Therefore, as dedicated news and list writer, you can get good part-time pay if you write multiple jobs per month.

So, dedication and excellent works are paramount to make good money with the Screen Rant.

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11.) Site Point

Site Point is an Australian-based website that was started in 1999. The company has its headquarters in Melbourne.

The website is focused on informing, inspiring, and engaging the web community through informative Tech content; it is a great article writing site.

Site Point publishes an article for designers, web developers, and entrepreneurs. The website amasses over 10 million readers per month.

Annually, the websites produce 10, 000 articles and books combined. Currently, the site has 1.2 million subscribers, 136, 000 followers on Twitter, and 100, 000 followers on Facebook.

ways make money writing

Requirements To Be A Writer on Site Point 

To become a writer at Site Point, one has to be a passionate web professional.

He/she must be conversant with the following web design and development areas:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Mobile development
  • UX
  •  Design

Secondly, interested writers should also fill out the expression of interest form.

In the form, they must give your bio, state the technologies and web skills you’re good at, and provide samples of previous work.

How to Make Money With The Site Point?

Writers who are committed to completing any article they commit to, live and die by the mantra, and who just don’t care about hitting word count can earn pretty well with Site Point.

This article writing site pays “above industry rate” for superb articles. This site requires writers to submit:

  • Quick Tips of between 500-700 words
  • Articles of between 800-1500 words
  • Tutorials of between 1500-2000 words
  • Videos based on the Production manager’s decision.

==>How to Transform A Hobby Into a Thriving Online Business

12.) Metro Parent

how to earn money by writing

Metro Parent is a South East Michigan Parent Scene-oriented publishing article writing site.

The site publishes pieces of work of varying lengths; from the pipeline, columns, and features to reprints.

The section covers local practices from the greater Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit; Macomb, Oakland, and Washtenaw. Also, the website hosts content devoted to specifically Grand Rapids and Michigan at large.

By print, the website focuses on different topics each month based on their calendar as shown below:

  •  January -Winter Fun and Self-Improvement.
  • February – Education.
  • March – Camps, Parents Month.
  • April – Money, Sports, and Special Needs.
  • May – Pets, Home, and House.
  • June – Parties and Summer Fun
  • July – Travel, Health, and wellness.
  • August – Back to School
  • September – Enrichment classes, Arts and Entertainment.
  • October – Special Needs, Babies.
  • November – Food, Educational Help
  • December – Holiday Planning.

Requirements To Be A Writer on Metro Parent

To become a writer, one must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be an experienced freelance writer interested in covering parenting scene in Southeast Michigan.
  • Get familiar with Metro Parent products and style.
  • E-mail editors with links to 2 or 3 published reported work and a resume.
  • Submit a pitch.

How to Make Money With Metro Parent?

Experienced freelance writers who cover this article writing sites in Southeast Michigan are paid well. Freelancers are paid once per month, particularly the first two weeks of the month.

For Reprints, the pay is $ 35, and $150 to $ 350 for features upon publication. Start with Metro Parent here.

13.) New Scientist

make money writing poetry

The New Scientist Magazine was established and first published in 1956.

This science and technology magazine is published weekly and has readers of over 800,000 around the world.

This website focuses on new trends in science and technology. New Scientist is always looking for exciting freelance pieces.

However, the news section is majorly written by staffers while the features are majorly written by freelancers. Below are a number of articles entertained by this site.

What New Scientist Freelancers is?

New Scientist is another great article writing site that are more interested in science and technology-related articles from all over the world.

They love informative, intriguing, and entertaining articles that will attract an extensive audience be they, biologists, physicists, or people without any science background.

New Scientist publishes a new study.

The news section publishes exclusive research or research presented to the public within the past week. However, material published in the features sector is less time-sensitive.

This site has a big team of editorial staff who get press releases from institutions and major journals.

It is therefore not advisable to pitch stories from major journals.

If you have to publish anything new, get articles that haven’t been covered in Australia, UK’s and US mainstream media.

Requirements for New Scientist Freelancer 

  • The authorized user makes or subscriber makes multiple copies or printouts of Materials for distribution to any Unauthorized Persons.
  • Re-sell any part of the material or service to others.
  • Your Material or Services that is meant for publication to any Persons on a wide area network, a local area network, or on an extranet or intranet.
  • The downloads, abstracts, reproduces, stores, displays, transmits, distributes, or copies or uses the available Materials for any other purpose than what is permitted by the site’s law.
  • If any person disassembles, reverses, or decompiles engineer any of the databases, software programs, or other schemes used by this site.

Terms of Payment For New Scientist

New Scientist pays per words published.

This is usually the same number of words commissioned. The rates largely depend on the editor handling the story.

Payment is normally sent to the address provided by the subscriber within a month or so. New Scientist also pays a tip-off fee for potentially exclusive story ideas presented to them.

If you believe in the story ideas you have, send them to New Scientist and you’ll be rewarded in return.

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14.) Income Diary

earn money for writing

This site was launched back in March 2009. It has however grown so fast thanks to the dozens of their writers.

IncomeDiary has been able to attract millions of writers and published hundreds of articles every year.

IncomeDiary majorly deals with experts in writing articles to do with: driving traffic, creating awesome websites, making money online, social media, and many related topics.

Accepted  Articles on Income Diary

  • Interviews with experts.
  • Driving traffic to websites
  • Creating great content.
  • Buying/selling websites
  • Search engine optimization
  • Creating digital add information products
  • Making money from blogs, forums, and websites
  • Anything to do with social media forums like Pinterest and Facebook goes down well.

Requirements of Being a Writer Income Diary

For you to be able to receive notifications every time IncomeDiary has paid writing jobs, you need to subscribe by entering your email address.

If you can write incredible content, you’ll be able to get a lot of work and make a good amount of money from it.

However, there are three major rules you’ll need to adhere to before officially becoming a writer on this site. These are:

  • Agree not to publish the presented content anywhere else be it in a guest post or a personal blog.
  • You must present original content and not spun content.
  • Once you publish an article or a post, you transfer the right of ownership of this particular post to IncomeDiary.

Terms of Payment on Income Diary

IncomeDiary has different terms of payment depending on the quality of the articles presented to them. High-standard articles are paid as much as $200.

For that reason, IncomeDiary urges writers to present articles of the highest standard and of genuine interest to their audience to enable them to make good money.

15.) Wide Open Country

how to earn money by writing the articles

Wide Open Country is a new media platform that is based in Austin, Texas.

This company was founded and launched in 2015 and it’s a sister site to a premier online destination site known as Wide Open Spaces.

This online destination is for fishing, hunting, and shooting sports. Wide Open Country is majorly for writers who are passionate about country music and country lifestyle as well.

If you are fascinated by writing to do with country music, then Wide Open Country is the place to be.

Joining Wide Open Country means you will earn and make a living by submitting country music, entertainment, and lifestyle content.

Wide Open Country has a great interest in writers with deep knowledge of and is passionate about country music.

Requirements for Being a Writer on Wide Open Country

Being a member of Wide Open Country doesn’t require much. You just need to send your resume with not less than two related samples.

The resume is sent to an email address with a little description of who you are, your related experience, and give valid reasons why they should consider hiring you to be one of their writers.

For you to be a writer on Wide Open Country, you must have had not less than one year of writing for this industry.

You must also have the solid know-how of developing compelling content that absorbs readers and a wide knowledge of SEO and how it is implemented.

Lastly, you need to be familiar with the AP (Associated Press) writing style.

Terms of Payment on Wide Open Country

Freelance writers hired by Wide Open Country are paid per article. This will depend on the content quality and the number of words a writer is commissioned to write.

The payment rate is discussed individually. Writers also receive bonuses on a monthly basis depending on the traffic attracted by their articles.

Are you interested to write for the Wide Open Country platform, you can contact this email address:

16.) Web Designer Depot

This is the premier community for web developers and designers. Web designer Depot takes pride in offering quality content on cutting-edge scheme topics.

Web Designer Depot was established in 2008. This site is an eon in web terms. The web designer is way much higher than a blog.

It has over 1 million newsletter subscribers and more than 740 thousand Twitter followers. A web designer is a community and most of their writers started out as regular readers.

Web Designer Depot writers are committed to their work and are passionate about accessibility, clean code, standards, and responsible design.

They love the web and are fully committed to making you love it by delivering the best insights on user experience, design, and freelancing.

Requirements of Being a Writer on Web Designer Depot

Web design is not only an art but also a science.

Although much of the job is based on design know-how and sound coding, it also involves an intuitive sense of judging between what looks good and what doesn’t as well.

To achieve this, there are a number of fundamentals a web designer needs to help him stand out from the rest. These include:

Be Familiar With Design Process

Web design sometimes overlaps with graphic design which makes them relatively close.

For that reason, any web designer who loves their profession and wants to perfect it should at least have some basic knowledge of the design process as well.

Have a Great Understanding of the HTML

Knowing HTML basically narrows down to coding. For you to be at par with other writers on Web Design Depot, you need to have a deeper understanding of HTML.

You can start with the basics in the beginning and learn more with time.

Commit to Constant Learning

To maintain good traffic for your projects, you have to keep learning new things. Do deep research and know what is new on the market and what impresses your clients.

Expand your skills and creativity and improve your passion for design on a daily basis.

Develop Some Business Skills

The fact that you are working as a freelance with Web Design Depot gives you more reason for developing some business skills.

With good business skills, you will know how to relate to your clients and learn about different multi-tasking skills.

Becoming a Writer at Web Design Depot

Joining over 1 million subscribers of the Web Design Depot website is an easy process.

All you need is to send a brief email to them outlining the specific articles you’d wish to send to them and a brief description of what you are good at.

Make sure you include links to any articles you’ve published before together with your desired rate per article.

 of Payment on Web Design Depot When it comes to working with Web Design Depot as a writer, there is no standard payment rate for published articles.

Writers earn depending on the amount they set when registering as writers on this site.

This is basically community-centric online community contributors and professional writers coming together to highlight, uncover, and discuss what’s happening in their surroundings.

Sacramento press launched a new website in 2016 that is looking for columnists, talented staff writers, and community contributors who will help build a new brand for Sacramento press as well as bring engaging content for the readers.

Requirements of Being a Writer on Sacramento Press

There is a difference between professional Writers and Community Contributors and the two have different roles and qualifications as well.

A Professional Writer is passionate about a particular topic or two. They are expected to provide a CV with writing samples attached to it.

On the other hand, community contributors are general members of the community who volunteer to regularly or singularly present articles voicing out their opinion about this site.

They highlight other niche articles or sometimes write articles of activities of Sacramento Press. Community contributors must be passionate about local issues and Sacramento Press as well.

There are different potential Sacramento-centric topics Sacramento Press aims to cover. Some of these topics are:

  • Restaurants
  • Arts
  • Community stories
  • Sports
  • Urban development and many more.

Community Contributors seeking to join Sacramento Press must be from Sacramento Area only. You only need to write an email to for Community contributors.

Professional Writers can send their resume and include writing samples, a brief bio, and a field for either a new column or a story.

The email used for this purpose is NB: No guest posting requests allowed.

Terms of Payment on Sacramento Press

Professional Writers on Sacramento Press are paid as on-staff freelance writers who are devoted to writing for SacPress regularly.

The rates differ with individuals as well as the pitch of the story or columns presented.

18.) Money Crashers

how to make money by writing articles online

This is a popular individual finance site whose mission is to establish a community of people in pursuit of making financially sound decisions.

Money Crashers strives to educate people on making wise decisions about investing, credit and debt, real estate, education, spending, insurance, and many more.

Money Crashers are in search of writers who are passionate about research and details to contribute informative and engaging posts on a wide range of topics.

These topics and include but are not limited to, money management, investing, estate planning, tax preparation, retirement planning, real estate, mortgages, credit and debt, frugal living, and lifestyle.

Requirements of Being a Writer on Money Crashers

Ideal writers on Money Crashers should:

  • Have the ability to understanding, introducing, and conveying complex concepts to targeted readers in a clear and engaging fashion.
  • Be an adroit researcher who is comfortable to peruse official sites like,, and when necessary.
  • Be interested to produce quality content over quantity.
  • Have the ability to write longer and comprehensive articles of more than 3,000 words.

Terms of Payment on Money Crashers Starting the basic rate per article of Money Crashers is competitive with extra monthly enactment incentives based on traffic.

Monthly payments are either through PayPal or direct deposits.

20.) eCommerce Insiders

eCommerce Insider is a website that is more interested in writers who are experts in e-commerce subject matter.

The writers should basically be retailers in the online retail industry.

For that reason, their perspective is based on direct experience. There are two main guidelines that are observed by all writers on eCommerce Insiders.

These guidelines are:

  • Retail-Focused

Content must be directed toward online retailers and should fit into one subcategory or category in the site navigation menu.

  • Educational or Commentary

Content should either be a commentary on industry trends or news or educational with tips and tactics on “how to”.

eCommerce does not tolerate any inexplicit sales/marketing influence for your trade-in in the article itself.

Every writer receives an “author box” which is displayed in the article concludes.

Requirements of Being a Writer on eCommerce Insider

  • Writers who apply for on eCommerce website must have specific e-commerce expertise or on a profession that is directly related to eCommerce. Include details of your experience with the application.
  • Put links to your writing samples in your application fail to which it will not be considered.
  • Include one pitch for an article in your application to specify what you’d offer the E-commerce Insiders.

Terms of Payment on e-Commerce Insider

E-commerce is committed to rewarding its initial writers for their commitment to the growth of this site.

For that reason, writers who provide exclusive, original, and high-quality content according to the schedule below:

  • Articles of 400-600 words will be paid $75.
  • 600 words and below will be paid $125.
  • Word count of 600 and above will be paid $150.

Writers are paid once a month for articles that have been accepted by the site.

Articles of poor quality are rejected by the site and hence they go unpaid.

21.) Industrial Script 


The industrial script is majorly for film and TV shows fans.

This is the site for people who are always eager to watch and understand the latest TV

shows and films, looking for details and trends, effective plot points, and interesting character developments.

If you are confident of your knowledge of the film industry and your ability to do effective research, then Industrial Script is for you.

Requirements of Being a Writer on Industrial Script

Industrial Script is in search of writers who are hell-bent on advancing their career as an author, a screenwriter, or a filmmaker.

People who are deeply looking for another systematic and reliable revenue stream by complementing their other sources.

Industrial Script has over one million page views which makes it the most frequented in the filmmaking and screenwriting arena.

Your profession, geographical area, or who you keep company with is not an issue at all. What matters most is your ability to write and follow instructions to the letter.

How to Become a Writer for Industrial Script

To apply as a writer on the Industrial script, you simply need to:

  • Write a 500-word article entitled “15 Lessons Filmmakers and Screenwriters Can take from –(a certain film or TV show).
  • Film the provided form with the necessary details.

Once you are selected and able to produce quality articles you will be expected to do two articles a month.

Terms of Payment Details on Industrial Script

Industrial Script has two main tiers which are:

  • 1000 words plus article paid at $40 USD.
  • 2000 words plus article paid at $70 USD.

You can also choose to sell your already written article to them at $30.

With Industrial Script you finally have an opportunity of living a more comfortable life and get a chance of seeing your name on the script as well.

22.) Medium Partner Program

sites like iwriter

Medium is a platform online where you can share your thought and stories.

It was initially designed for a simple place to write your daily stories as your day goes by.

The online community from newbies, professionals, bloggers, journalists, and writers now uses it. The founder, Owner, and CEO Evan Williams launched medium on August 15th, 2012.

What Can You Do With Medium

Medium is a platform designed for you to start publishing your best work as a writer. Medium is employed so that professional and newbie writers can be rewarded.

It is a platform that is free from the advert and also connects you with a lot of readers so that you can attract a significant audience from your niche.

Anyone can join Medium before joining the real Medium Partner Program.

Medium Partner Program will reward every writer for sharing his or her individual and unique stories to the platform.

It is the readers that will pay for your work and not advertisers because people believe that every writer should be paid for good work.

You will be paid as a result of how many readers are engaged in your work and not on the number of clicks achieved.

The amount you get paid is based on how many readers are involved with your content and the name of the articles you write.

How to Get Paid On Medium Partner Program

Partner Program Members are paid monthly. The amount of money earned is based on how readers are engaged in your articles.

The time it takes readers to get clued to your articles is a clue to how much money you can earn with the Medium Partner Program Readers are paid $5 monthly to have access to articles written by partner members.

This amount is split proportionally to the owners of the articles (Partner Program Members) such readers spend much of his or her time reading that month.

If a reader reads 20 articles in a month his $5 monthly subscription will be shared proportionally to the writers of those articles.

Every writer has a Partner Dashboard, which shows the amount earned weekly by every Medium Partner member.

I love Medium, it is one of the best article writing websites that are similar to iWriter that any writer can easily earn a living.

Payment Method On Medium Partner Program

 Stripe is the payment method supported by Medium, and it is directly linked to your bank account. PayPal is not supported by Medium for now.

Your choice and mode of payment accepted in your country must be stated in your article writing accounts setting within your Medium profile.

23.) Writing Jobs Online

get paid writing uk and its partner will give you an opportunity to work with great companies and organizations that need freelance writers for the promotion of their products and services.

Joining this site is not free but after subscriptions, you are sure of earning from $30 to $120 per hour writing for specially selected companies.

This website will not slash out of your hourly jobs, they relied on the subscription you paid to access the jobs for their selected companies.

How To Join Writing Jobs Online

It is important to know that Writing Jobs Online is a paid freelancer website that will give you access to the client only after you must have subscribed and made payment.

It is, therefore, paid as you go on websites.

As soon as you join Writing Jobs Online, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • You write an article at your own chosen time
  • No special skill required to join
  • You are sure of making between $30 to $120 on an hourly basis
  • Getting paid for over $50 for every article writing
  • Earn between $500 to $1,000 for writing e-books
  • Have a different type of writing jobs to choose from
  • You can be writing from any part of the world. Writers are allowed to join from any country or region.
iwriter alternatives

24.) Strong Whispers 

While the Strong Whispers program is suspended until after they make alterations to the site, you can still publish with them at another of their websites.

This company looks for articles covering interesting yet current subject matter.

These articles are to be thought to provoke as well.

At their sister site, they want to receive articles that address how to make money online, but they would like the authors to be experienced and established bloggers or freelance writers.

The company says that fees are negotiable, but they do state that they will pay $50 per published article.

That is if you are the right author selling the right article. The company also likes to publish about 2 to 3 guest posts per month.

In order to be accepted as a writer, you need to first submit an outline and topic, including your payment expectation.

Once the outline and topic are accepted, you are then to write a great article. Anything less will not be accepted.

Once your guest article is approved and sent for publication, you will receive payment via Pay Pal.

25.) What Culture 

You do not need any experience to submit your articles to What Culture. What you do need is to know what you are doing.

Your articles should be creative, have an eye for detail, and stay on top of current trends.  The list of categories the company publishes is broad.

But you should try to stick to the following topics: Television, Wrestling, Film, Gaming, and Comics. To present your article’s subject, you need to sign up for the website and become a contributor.

Once that is accomplished you gain access to the pitching process. Your pitch should include the subject, a brief description of your topic, and a few key points.

Once you submit your proposal, your acceptance is at the mercy of the editorial board’s discretion.

The good news is that even if you are rejected for one topic, you can submit others. Payment is 30 Pounds Sterling per published article.

you like writing short news articles, then you can get 5 Pounds Sterling for your effort. All payments to you will be through Pay Pal.

Keep in mind that the company is looking for 1500 words minimum for the longer articles.

26.) Writers Weekly

This is a very focused publishing company and they have a long list of topics you cannot write about.

Their focus is on how to make money by writing. They are not interested in articles on how to write but prefer those articles that explain to others how to make money as a writer.

They also like articles on topics such as making money via home-based business and self-employment as writers. This avenue includes ghostwriting, self-publishing, and more.

But be forewarned, the company will not respond if you submit topics and subjects outside of this niche. To submit your article, you can use their handy contact form or send an e-mail to the company.

The article’s length should be kept to 600 words. Their website has a list of their current needs. Once accepted, you will be paid up to $60 through Pay Pal.

It all depends on the type of article and category you submit to.

International writers are welcome as long as they can be paid through Pay Pal. Just do not submit a full manuscript until directed to do so.

27.) Listverse

The name says it all. The company publishes lists of ten items and if your work is great, you get paid. The content is what is important.

If it is non-plagiarized material, an off-beat novel, or providing information in unusual ways, then you have a chance of being accepted as a writer.

There are rules. Besides not allowing plagiarism, you need to keep the list to one or two paragraphs and use credible and reputable sources.

Also, your English ability should be equal to a native English speaker’s and it must be original material.

You are allowed to write on just about any topic you wish as long as you keep to the rules. Some outlawed topics are self-help, gaming, personal stores, and sports.

But that still leaves a lot of topics to write about. If you stick to the rules, they will also mention your blog, Twitter account, or book.

Just let them know when you submit your list. The pay is good as well. Listverse will pay you $100 if they like your submission.

You will receive payment through Pay Pal only.

28.) Back to College

The genre of this writing publication is very limited It is looking for articles that focus on older students returning to school.

Their target audience is those older students who are returning to school and need help in finding aid to assist their effort.

The articles should focus on student financial aid, the right programs, both brick and mortar studies as well as online distance education. They can also be on how to study, finding the right program, or even anecdotal.

If you can write 1,000 to 1,500 words on those topics, then you will be paid $55 for the original material. Half of that is for reprints or derivatives.

The only drawback is that you may have to wait between 30 to 90 days to hear if your work has been accepted.

You can submit more than one article at a time. Payment is made via Pay Pal or you can opt to receive a check, but that option will cost you $5. Your choice must be stated within your profile in your article writing accounts.

One thing to remember is that the company will not accept articles that are promotional in nature.

29.) The Change Agent

Another publishing company has a very strict clientele and focus. The Change Agent is limiting its submissions to those grown-ups who are adult learners.

They also restrict the subject matter to their current call for articles. In this case, the current call is limited to Math and Numeracy.

These articles can be targeted towards beginners, intermediate or advanced people in this subject area. You also have to meet their deadline to be considered for publication.

For example, for this issue on Math & Numeracy, you have until May 3rd, 2018 to submit your work.

The length of your article can be between 200 and 1,000 words. Then for your efforts, if accepted by the editorial board, you will receive $50.

But again, submissions and payments are only for adult education students.

The reason for the strict submission is that the Change Agent wants to produce low-cost teaching material provided by adult learners.

There is a wide range of related topics to choose from. Unfortunately, The Change Agent does not say how it will pay your fee.

You would have to contact the company for those details


Ceramics Monthly is for all people who like to discuss, know, and talk about pottery. It is your guide to how to do and information on just about everything pottery.

Just about anyone can write for Ceramics Monthly but you should have some connection to ceramics.  It is also important to submit very good images with your manuscript.

These images should be shadow-free, in focus, and with the full depth of field and contrast included. Plus, you will need to add a caption for each image you submit.

Depending on which category you are writing for, your article’s length is between 500 and 1500 words.

For tips and tools, you can write up to 500 words, but you need 5 images. To submit your work, you need to supply a digital and a hard copy of your work. This includes images.

You can use a CD if you want your digital submission. Please include a SASE with correct return postage.

No payment methods are mentioned but you will receive $.10 per word or $250 depending on the category you submit to. See the website for all the details.

31.) Drop Zone

Your work for Drop Zone can reach up to approx. 100,000 people per month. That is if you write about skydiving or related topics like safety, gear, and so on.

To write for Drop Zone, you can either be an expert or simply wanting to give back something to the activity you love. One guideline is that your content must be fresh and relevant to skydivers.

Before you write, it might be wise to send them an idea with a short description to see if it will fit their publishing theme.

When you submit your manuscript, you need to include at least one image (1440 x 900 resolution).

If there are specific placement instructions for those images, please let Drop Zone know that information.

Depending on which category you are submitting to, you need to have a minimum of 500 to 750 words.

There are no maximum word count limits. Topics range from general information to interviews to review articles and more.

If you are looking for compensation for your work, you need to discuss that with the editor of Drop Zone. They do not publish that information on their website.

32.) A Fine Parent

If you want to write for this publication, you will need to sign up. Currently, their submission window is closed until June 2018 at the earliest.

The focus of the publication stems from their beliefs that great parents are made, not born.

The publication does not believe it has all the answers which are why they look for top-quality articles that fit their guidelines.

Some of those guidelines are- 1,500 to 3,000 words, a real anecdote, life lesson plus credible references to your favorite parental research resources.

Plus, the articles need to be unpublished original work, included bullet points, short paragraphs, and a two-minute action plan.

Their website has the details of that 2-minute plan. Once your article is accepted you lose publishing and republishing rights, but you will be paid $75 for your effort.

Your payment will be sent to you via Pay Pal. To submit your article, send the completed work as a Word .doc attachment with the words “Kick-ass Article for AFP” in your subject line.

The e-mail address is on the web page.

33.) Spyre Studios

To reaches the 15,000-member audience of Spiro Studio’s readership, you need to be able to write original material. You also need to be a web designer who can write well and stay away from inspirational or showcase materials.

Spiro Studios likes to feature articles that focus on web design trends, minimalism, blogging, WordPress, and other issues.

It would be wise to read their website first before submitting an article. This way you will not waste your or Spiro Studios’ time.

Their list of rules is not that long. Like everyone else, they hate plagiarism. You have a minimum word count of 800 words. Plus, you get a byline and 2 links to use.

The company will edit your work and they want original work that has been spell and grammar checked. Your list of topics can include or fall between web design and development.

They do publish frequently, up to 3 to 4 times per week. Sadly, you will have to contact the company to discuss any remuneration issues and negotiate with them on how to be paid.

34.) Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a periodical for knowledgeable people in a variety of professions. Their target audience is web developers, online businesses, and more digitally based workers.

The content they are looking for comes from your experience, your lessons learned, and your success and failures. Don’t worry if your article is not perfect, the magazine will help polish it for you.

Before you write, you should read the previous articles they have published.

This gives you an idea of the quality they are looking for. But they do give you a wide range of topics to choose from.

You can write tutorials, case studies, guides, and even your opinion, just make sure they are top-quality work.

All you need to do is use their contact form to submit your proposal or outline. Including a URL of your portfolio is also a wise decision to make.

The magazine will pay but they do not say how much or how they will pay you.

All they say is that they will pay an honorarium on publication. Your experience can pay off for you in the long run.

35.) UX Booth

Making the internet a better place is the motivating factor behind his company.

Their target audience is the beginner to the intermediate web using the group. If you are lucky to be published, you will reach an estimated 100,000 readers.

They have a few guidelines you should follow if you want to be successful in being published by UX Booth. A lead with your thesis is how you start.

Then you go to your intro. Next, you write 2 or 3 main points before moving to the next step.

The last item replaces the conclusion. Your 1,200 to 1,800-word article is mainly written in the 3rd person. Sometimes, when called for you can write in the 1st person. But do not write in the 2nd person at all.

Also, make sure that you use credible sources to help support your points.

Avoid trying to sell anything. The company does not like it. Your article must be original, unpublished and you give away your publishing rights.

Use the contact form to discuss payment and how you will get your fee. The company does not discuss this on its website.

36.) Crazy Leaf

The number 10 seems to be the key to writing for this online publication. Many of their articles describe the top ten blogging, web design, graphics tips, and more.

You have a wide range of topics if you know your internet and technical aspects of blogging, etc.

There are 4 ways you can contribute to this publication. You can send in wallpaper, inspiration, create a top ten list, or submit an article. Submitting an article is not that difficult.

Once you meet their guidelines, you use their contact form to send it t the company. Your minimum 500-word article should be written on an HTML or Google doc article template.

You can use .docx or doc files but they prefer the former methods. 3 images with source links must accompany your submission.

You cannot have any copyright infringements attached to your images or article.

Also, do not try to advertise your products, websites, etc. when you submit your work. While the company does not mention how or how much it pays, you need to submit your full article for review before you are allowed to set up your article writing accounts.

37.) InstantShift

No experience required is music to anyone’s ears. Especially for writers trying to make it in the world as a literary talent.

The only real requirement is that Instant Shift is looking for articles on web design and related topics.

A passion to write and share your knowledge is the key to being published by this company.

Of course, being clear, knowing what you are talking about, being original, and having fresh content is vital as well. Some personal requirements are needed to help the company publish your work.

You will need to provide your full name, a short bio about yourself, a URL if you have a website, and sign up for a gravatar. Nothing serious.

Payment is given for your work, but no specific amount is mentioned. Your fee depends on how many words you write and how good it is.

You will need to negotiate your fee with the company. Also, you would need to make sure to learn what method of payment the company uses so as to configure your article writing accounts.

Just use their contact form or use the e-mail on the contribute page to begin negotiations.

38.) One Space

Formerly, the site is one of the highest-paying sites you will come across. The site literally pays $2.5 for a 100 words article on an entry-level.

Content here is in the form of short questions that you will have to answer online, and you will get paid on a daily basis, around 9. am CDT on all approved work.

The site offers training on how to write ebooks and content, and they help you master your writing skills.

The application process is very simple; unfortunately, you will have to go through several tests depending on your skills. Just like iWriter, you pick jobs of your choice, and you can occasionally get huge bonuses.

39.) Hire Writers

Hire writers to work much the same as iWriter and Textbroker, with the major difference being their pricing system.

The pay is the same, but a 300 words article on the site is somewhat at the same price as a 150 words article on iWriter or text broker. The application process is easy; you can make a decent income if you consistently write for the site.

Immediately after approval, you will write at a beginner’s level then move up the rank as you write more articles and, as you get better reviews.  You will choose the topics that you like to work on and brand yourself as a skilled writer or expert to make more money.

You have to learn how to write articles well because if you write poor content, your articles will be rejected or ‘fired.’ The site has not been there for long but has been one of the best places thousands of content writers are making a living.

Unfortunately, they only accept writers, from Uthe SA, Canada, Australia, and other English countries. You can check it out  Hire Writer. This article writing site is highly standardized and not for all writers but those that know their onions and competent writers.

==> List Of Top Magazines That Need Writers Worldwide | Earn Over $500 Per Article

40.) London Broker

London broker is one of my choice article writing sites that is an exact replica of iWriter, Textbroker, and Hire writers but be warned; they can make you work hard for that dollar here.

The pay is pretty much as Textbroker around $3.5 for 500 words on an entry-level, and if you are a good writer, you have a chance to make good money from the site.

Their payment goes out every week on Friday on a PayPal account or Payoneer Master Card The site procures constant work from their stream of clients, the site literally never runs out of tasks; however, the site only hires native English speakers.

The application is easy, but sometimes they block the writer’s application.

You have to be a pretty good writer here because a slight mistake like plagiarism or unclear flow can get your account banned. What’s more?

You can pick more than one task at a time just like Textbroker, but that, of course, will depend on your rank.

Other alternatives to do exist, but many of them are usually complex since some require constant bidding. Some may not necessarily require bidding but do not have a constant workflow.

The above-listed alternative to iWriter, however, requires no bidding, there are plenty of works all through, and you can get paid as you wish as a writer. You just need to visit the site and set up your article writing accounts.

However, all of them has the same principle; the more quality content you deliver, the higher you get paid, therefore, long before you begin writing on these sites learn how to write an article and eBooks for all niches, and advance your skills by writing more and more articles every day.

41.) Freelance Writing Gigs

This is a unique platform where the list of writing jobs is posted every day, and you can choose to work on them based on the availability of the projects and the preference of the clients.

The pay is quite high and is ideal for experienced writers.

42.) Work N Hire

This website is mostly for Indian writers to make bids to freelance projects. A new writer can perform as well as experienced ones and hence, there is an equality of opportunities.

There is a steady flow of writing projects, and it is one of the ideal websites to get started.

43.) Constant Content

This is not exactly a freelance platform, but it is ideal for experienced writers.

They hire writers directly through a series of tests and samples, and once you are in, you will get highly paid for regular works.

44.) College Recruiters

This is ideal for students seeking part-time writing jobs. There are unlimited projects available for new writers to get awarded and earn quick bucks easily.

College Recruiters is a popular name in the online world and one of the great article writing websites rival.

45.) Upwork

Upwork is a great place to get bulk article writing projects, and the pay is quite handsome.

There is an unlimited supply of projects related to writing articles, blogs, and web content.

They charge 20% as a commission from the writers which is quite high, yet the pay is good enough to overcome the impact of the charge on your earnings.

It is an old site but it is still my best article writing website.

45.) Truelancer

It is one of the fast-growing article writing websites where writing projects are regularly posted. Their charge is 10% only, and they offer 20 bids per month for free.

It is one of the best places to get started with the pay per project is relatively low than other platforms due to the presence of Asian clients.

47.) PeoplePerHour

This is a perfect article writing site because it has provisions for offering writing services “Gigs” as well as work on regular projects.

Projects can have a fixed price or can be hourly. It is quite a big platform, and the pay per project is relatively high as well. It is very difficult to get approved and set up your article writing accounts on this platform.

48.) Guru

Guru has established itself as one of the premium article writing websites.

Even though it is quite crowded, yet it offers the best opportunist to get started as a freelance writer and make a name.

49.) Craigslist

It is often neglected by most freelancers due to the diversification of the site.  This is one of the article writing sites, yet it offers some of the best opportunities for the writers to get hired by the clients.

Do give it a try and get hired by local and global clients easily due to a less crowded market. Create an account on all these article-writing sites similar to iWriter and complete your profile.

Keep bidding on projects and provide unique Gigs and you never know which of these platforms will help you make it big.

50. Join Writer Help Wanted – It Will Changes Your Life

Learn the art of writing through; you can earn more than $1,000 weekly or even more for writing jobs.

If you are ready to make money either part or full time writing for a living Writer Help Wanted program is what you need to point you to where things are happening in the freelancing industry.

This program will teach you how to avoid many mistakes writers make, you will be thought how to spot a scam online while writing and mainly you will link to many quality companies and small businesses that are in need of writers for salary jobs.

This program will show you how to find where to make real money writing for a living.

The truth is this, a lot of industries are facing challenges business-wise, one particular industry that is booming now is the writing industry; why is that?

Because many companies need quality content for their website to promote products for sales and services. Writerhelpwanted will point you in the right direction, you will be linked to many companies that are in need of your quality content.

Most importantly, you will learn how to up your writing skill to create a passive income, you will be though how to outsource various works to others.

Starting your own business through writing is the focus of this program that will result in creating UN-ending passive income while you are sleeping.

get paid write short stories online

What is iWriter?

This is a complete review of iWriter where you will learn how to effectively use iWriter to your advantage.

You can be making more than $200 daily if you are a good writer and you are ready to dedicate your time and energy to this.

In this article, I will explain how you can use iWriter to your advantage i.e. How to write for a living even if you are just starting out.

You will also watch a YouTube review of how it works and my best alternatives to iWriter i.e. other platforms you can start making money writing.

We have a lot of freelance writers that are making money writing.

what are good side hustles

The Internet has plenty of opportunities for freelance content writers and bloggers (See how to make money with a blog); many of them are making decent incomes from freelance writing.

Among the best site that pays you instantly for writing as a freelance is

The site allows you to sign up in a matter of minutes, which means, you can make some money writing right now.

iWriter has thousands of writers waiting for a project to be posted; fortunately, there is a lot of work all day.

Why is iWriter my best choice as of today? They never miss the payments, and the frequency of payment is very friendly (weekly, biweekly, and monthly); and they also produce quality content for their clients.

How To Make Money With iWriter

As a client, I get my order within two hours of submission. If you are a blogger or you are always involved in writing a lot of projects, iWriter is for you.

You can start making money from various services provided by iWriter. See the details below:

Article Re-Writes

For me the best place to outsource jobs and how to write an

articles or blog is through iWriter, One of the major tasks you can contract to iWriter is article rewrite.

They do article re-write at a flash of light and at a reasonable fee. If you want an article to be re-written a hundred times, it will be treated for you in no time.

iWriter has over 100,000 writers waiting on your requests. Simply select the option for the article re-written and do the upload your documents.

You can as well join them if your hobbies are writing or if you have a project or any article to be re-written for you.

Publish Directly To Your Word Press Blog

As soon as your article request has been concluded, reviewed by you, and okay, you can get your article request uploaded directly to your word press blog in iWriter.

All you need to do is to modify your iWriter account so that they can auto-publish your content. It works in the following sequence:

  1. Order an article to be written
  2. You receive your order from iWriter
  3. And review your article as presented and approve if okay otherwise you reject for re-written
  4. If approved, instead of downloading your article; you click “ Upload Article To Word Press Blog “ Then your article will be uploaded directly.

Get Kindle Books and eBook Written For You

You can get a properly formatted Kindle Books written by iWriter that you can upload to Amazon for sales, this is how to self-publish your own book.

All you just need to do is to select “project type” on your profile.

The same applies to order a standard eBook that you can either sell or give as a gift on your own website.

iWriter has simplified and automates the writing of Kindle and standard eBook and they have a lot of quality writers that will get your order out in no time.

There are other sites similar to iWriter and in this review; I will focus on my major alternatives to iWriter.

Is iWriter Legit or a Scam?

No, iWriter is not a scam. But I can tell you that iWriter has been around for a long time now.

The website has a lot of bad writers, and it seems that they are not in control or the platform anymore.

But, can you make money with iWriter?


I know you can make money as a writer and you can do that even without a website. I mean real, huge money.

But, your own platform is the best place. Social medial can revoke your access.

See my recommendation below and how I make money online.

Is iWriter Worth It

What do you think about my iWriter review? Can you make money with iWriter?

Or, Is iWriter a scam? What is your take? iWriter cannot earn enough money online.  

Are you ready to start making money with iWriter?

Do you have a better option? Or is there any new article writer website you know?

iWriter Article Writing Accounts – Video

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Conclusion About Article Writing Sites

Yes, the above over 40 iWriter alternatives websites are worth it. We also have various other sites like iWriter.

This is the way to go in the 21st century; we don’t have to depend on just one website to make money as a writer.

Knowledge is indeed power. You can now make money with any of these top article writing websites, making a living as a writer, and earning over $200 daily.

It is quite easy to start making a lot of money as a writer earning big writing for a living,

Most of these websites are better in many ways to compare to writers themselves.

All you need to do as a writer seeking to write an article for magazines and various big websites for a living is to choose any two or more of the above names and start writing for them.

Can you recommend any other websites that you trust and you know it pays its writer for writing great articles?  Please let me have your thought or question in my comment area below.

What do you think about all these websites where writers can write and start making money?

Top article writing sites similar to iWriter are many, the implication is that you have a lot of opportunities to start making money with websites like iWriter.

Which of these best article writing sites have you resolved to set up your article writing accounts?

Kindly drop your contribution in my comment area below. You are welcome to my website. I hope you will visit again?

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Top 49 Article Writing Sites Similar To iWriter

52 thoughts on “51 Article Writing Sites Similar To iWriter: Websites Like iWriter”

  1. Thanks! Great compilation.

    Will certainly try some of them.

    Which is your best option of making money as writer?


    1. Dear Sam,
      Thanks for reading my top article writing sites that earn writer big money online.

      My best suggestions for writers s to venture into blogging. Blogging is a where money is most expecially if you are a writer.

      Blogging is all about writing about about your Niche. For me I believe that writer is meant to be a blogger and a blogger should always be a great writer.

      You just need to choose your niche rightly. Your niche is the topic you plan to write about. The niche area you choose must have enough stuff to write about that can help people in that niche.

      The importance of blogging is to help people that need help in your niche. Therefore you will need to come up with great topics that solve practical problems.

      For instance if you have idea about taking care of new born babies. There are mothers that just gave birth or hope to deliver their baby but they are scare of carrying a new baby not to talk of taken care of them.

      As a blogger you are to focus on topics that will help this new mothers.

      As they read your blog there are many related baby products that mothers will need to execute those task on a D a ILY basis.

      Your objective is to review such by sideline and suggest the best one to them.

      With the use of your affiliate links you will start making money. You can get such many products on the Amazon.

      Many bloggers are making over $10k, $20k and even $30k monthly with affiliate marketing.

      But, you will need to work first. You will need to provide a lot of content that focus on helping your targeted audience

      The good news is that you can learn all this. The step by step ways of becoming an affiliate marketer with wealthy affiliate will cahne your life.

      You can start that free training with level one and ten lessons Free. You may need to go premium to access other better train.

      Just go to my #1 Recommended menu on this site. I am from Africa, and I am earning money via my sites while learning with Wealthy Affiliate.

      You have better opportunities than me. Give Wealthy Affiliate a chance today and it will change your life.

      Thanks for visiting my site again to read how to make money as a writer for article written websites.

      The truth is that those sites will not make you money as much as what you will be making as a blogger with your own website.

      The can ban you and restrict your access if you violate their police by mistake.

      But, if you have your blog it will be yours and yours alone. You can even sell it for more money because it is now an online property.



  2. Sadly have to admit that I only knew Fiverr, which i truly love. I’m surprised about how many places a person could try to make a living.

    Great article, highly informative and easy to comprehend. You are definitely helping a lot of people with this information.

    I don’t think I’m qualified for writing long articles and such, since English is not my native language. How would you suggest to improve my writing?

    Thank you for your time!

    1. Dear Elia,

      Thanks fir reading my article on top 49 article writing sites similar to iWriter.

      You write well. Seen your comment here. You are a good writer. Just continue writing willnimprove your writer up daily.

      And if you are writer, you can make a lot of money even as a webmaster.



      1. Dear Cecilia,
        my name is john. I am here to help you. I hope your email is a good one. I have done a mail to you. You can also contact me on Linkedin. Check your spam mail if you can not find my email.

        Thanks for ready my article about the top article writing sites similar to writers.


    2. I didn’t know Fiverr before, thanks for the tip! As I wrote in another article on this page, I am a PHP developer. Let’s see if I can earn a nice extra income with my skills. 🙂

      1. Hi Carlo,

        Fiverr is so very popular, it is strange to realize that you have never heard of Fiverr. It is a marketplace that has helped many people to develop gig that has made them reach.

        Fiverr is indeed very big now with diverse segment. There is virtually nothing you wants that you won’t see. We have writers, graphics designers, bloggers, programmers etc.

        As a programmer you can make a lot of money in Fiverr.

        Thanks for visiting.



      2. I wan to be assisted to get account and making money John if u want to help me sms me with your email so I reply

      3. What a great article!

        As a freelance writer myself, I’m always looking for ways to branch out and get my name out there. This is a really helpful article, and I’m definitely going to be submitting work to several of these sites you listed! Thanks so much for the help.

      4. John, this is awesome! I didn’t know there were so many good options available. I’ve only heard about some of these sites and I felt like it was a saturated market but now that you’ve presented many others with good information on each now do I want to check them out! More power. Looking forward to reading more content like this! Very helpful.

        1. Dear Jet,

          I am happy you like my write up on Top article writing sites that can make you over$250 per articles. I hope you will visit my website again.



      5. Interesting! Not an easy task to compel such a number of article writing sites with how they work…
        I’m used to Fiverr but I’m looking forward to expanding to other sites which have lower charges than Fiverr.
        Is there any processing fee or deduction of one’s earning on wealthy affiliate?

        1. Dear Durham,

          Thanks for reading my article on the Top 49 Article Writing Sites Similar To iWriter – Writing for a Living.

          Wealthy Affiliate will not deduct your earnings. Rather you will be paid every 1st of every month. You should also know that you are also making money from other affiliate programs.

          Wealthy Affiliate is just one out of many.



      6. I have been using iWriter for a year or so and it’s just not meeting the standerd it used to.

        I’m glad I found your article so I know which websites to try out as my new source of income.



      7. Hi John,

        What an incredible amount of information this platform provides.

        This makes it so much easier for a potential writer to know where he can expect to make some money with his writing.

        Thanks for all the names of legitimate platforms.



        1. Hi Sune,

          Thanks for reading my Top 49 Article Writing Sites Similar To iWriter. I really appreciate your commendation.

          You should also know that affiliate marketing is better than being a writer for any website. You can be making good money by having your own blog.

          The good news is that you can learn the art through Wealthy Affiliate. It is the best training platform for affiliate marketing in the world.

          Please check out that link.



      8. Dear John,

        An incredible resource of the best sites to make money online.

        I had no idea that there were so many options when it comes to where you can make money. From now on, I’m going to try to start selling my knowledge on some of these sites.

        Hopefully, I can earn enough to go on a vacation soon!

        Once again,
        Thanks so much.



      9. Dear John,

        I used to use sites like this a lot to earn money and Textbroker was probably my favorite, although I like Fiverr too.

        I had never heard of some of these, though. Thank you for sharing!

        Thank you.


        1. Dear Tami,

          Thank you for reading my article on Article Writing Sites Similar To iWriter. I am happy you liked it.

          Yes, I can confirm to you that Text Broker is great; but the best way to make real money is to become a blogger.

          Affiliate Marketing is my main recommendation. You can learn it through Wealthy Affiliate. That is how I am making cook money online.

          Kindly check it out.

          I hope you will back here on my website.



      10. This is so bookmarked, I have tried Fiverr and its a good site easy sign up but now i have been given several other TO BOOST NOT ONLY MY INCOME BUT WRITING SKILLS, I’m excited to get started thank you

        1. Dear Andrew,

          Thanks for reading my article on Top Article Writing Sites Similar To iWriter (Writing for a Living).

          I am very happy you liked it.



      11. Dear John,

        wow..great post, I am a freelance writer who has earned some bucks writing its good to know that I can actually earn more with these sites you have mentioned.

        Also, I will like to affiliate writing, how do I go about it?

        Is there any training online that provides the needed skill that prepares you for the job?



        1. Dear Maria,

          Thanks for reading my article on Top Article Writing Sites Similar To iWriter. The best way to be making consistent money online is via Affiliate Marketing (Selling other people product by earning commission).

          This is how I make money online. The best training platform in the world right now is Wealthy Affiliate. They currently have over 1.5 million affiliate members; a lot of people are making cool morning daily.

          Kindly join through my link so as to earn commision. I promised you a surprise gift when you join through me.



      12. This is an amazing list of sites where users can get paid to write! I have a friend who enjoys writing that I will be passing this along to. What are the top 3 sites off your list that would be your favorite and why? (Remember, only three!) 🙂

      13. Thanks a lot, John for this very comprehensive list. I have tried outsourcing content work for my blog on but the quality wasn’t so consistent.

        I have hard some unpleasant experience with the writer before, but I am currently trying out other websites, quite cheap actually, so far so good. Constant-content is good too, although I find it a little complicated.

      14. Hi John,
        You’ve compiled a very impressive list of article writing sites that I enjoyed reviewing. I’m not interested in writing for others as I stay very busy writing content for my own website. But, I’ve periodically toyed with the idea of outsourcing some of my content writing and you’ve given me some great choices to investigate. Thanks for the comprehensive info!

        1. Hi John,

          What a great article you write about how to make money as a writer. I have been a writer on Fiverr All my life.

          How can I move forward and set up my own freelance site? Having a pool of freelance and writing content for thousand of blogger and several companies that needs them is a great Ideal.

          What do you think John?

          Kindly reply my enquirers in good time.



          1. Dear James,

            Writing content for a living is a big time business. But you won’t make much money if you are not ambitious.

            You have to have a platform you can call your own. Every other site can ask you to move on, then can suspend you and inform you that your service is no longer needed.

            A friend of mine was recently banned from Quora, yes. You can be suspended and your access revoked on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If it happen to you what would you do about it?

            You will need your own website and you can start small. My best bet for now is Wealthy Affiliate.

            What you think about my recommendation?

            Please revert if you have any other question.



            They offer sales of domain names, hosting and training on how to turn your writing into a thriving online business.

            The training is second to non right.

        2. What an amazing way to make money I just wish I would’ve known about these sooner. I didn’t know all these awesome sites existed, knowing you don’t even have to be a professional writer to start off in some of these sites is so legit. I will be joining one of these soon. Thank you so much for this great information.

        3. Thanks, John, this is a very extended list.

          I’m working in the affiliate marketing business and have my own website.

          At the moment I don’t yet make enough money for a living though.

          I will consider trying to get a job as an Iwriter to get at least some money coming monthly.

          With your experience writing articles for other companies do you think the agreements are rather hard to fulfill?

          Making a $1000 per month as a side income is it realistic?

          I work online 100% already but focus on my website at the moment.

          Thanks for the list, see you, Stefan

          1. Hi,

            Writing for money online is a big time business. You can make good money if you plan your time very well. You can have group of people writ8bg for you while you are the middle man.  



        4. Interesting article! Being new to the blogging and website biz, I knew that these platforms existed but never really looked into it. It was nice to get some idea of the different options and how they work. I wouldn’t have thought one would have to beware the scammer in this area!
          Once I have some spare time, I will be looking into this!

        5. Great list. I’m saving it to my Favorites. I am a freelance writer and getting good quality projects is pretty tough. I’ve tried getting jobs from iWriter but it’s pretty hard for new writers, even when I have some experience of writings on my belt. I noticed that you didn’t include a link to the respective sites. It’ll be helpful if you do.

          1. Hi Kenn Lee,

            Thanks for your observations. I will soon include those link and update the article to add more resource.



        6. Wow I had no idea there were so many sites that would pay you to write.

          Out of all of these programs, would you say one is better than the other — or are they all about the same?

          While I have never applied to become a writer, I will come back to your page and have a look at all of these again. Thanks.

          1. Hi Michael, 

            There are different content websites all over the net. I have an experience with iwriter, contentmart, and textbroker. They are good. But this article  also includes Magazines that employs writers for their content. 

            Thanks for visiting my webpage. 



        7. Hi, this is an excellent summary resource for any writer or aspiring writer who wants to earn a living from home writing content. Thanks for the comprehensive list and the videos for some of them to help explain even further. I hadn’t heard of some of these, so I appreciate the time you’ve taken to publish such an extensive list. I’ll be bookmarking this page for later reference.

          1. Hi Melissa,

            I appreciate the commendations. And i am happy my articles is been bookmarked. 



        8. Hi, John.
          Well, I have tried Fiverr and freelancer for some time but was not lucky with getting hired.
          I am not sure if it was me or not.
          I definitely would give it a try to ContentMart and Textbroker.
          Have you tried any of those? Did they work for you?
          Thank you for your article.

          1. Yes i did tried Fiverr but my main writer are Contentmart and Iwriter. I dont write but i contract my articles out.

            I recommend Contentmart though. You should try them.

            Thank you for visiting my website.


        9. Wow I didn’t know there were so many other websites like iwriter, I did try to do something on iwriter but right know is so crowded, that the only ones who eats all the cake are the one’s who have been there since its begginings, newbies are left behind imo.

        10. I had no idea that thousands of different companies, news medias, and even writers hire other writers on so many platforms at such a high volume.

          The Internet is vast with websites of all shapes and sizes. The potential to do or say anything and still get paid for it is almost mind boggling. In fact, it is very mind boggling to say the least.

          Who is the most popular entity that most writers aspire to write for on the web? And how much would that entity usually offer?

          1. Flowstash, 

            Thanks for visiting my site. I use iWriter, Fiverr and Contentmart a lot.  We have many useful content websites, it all depends on which one you have experience in. I can confirm to you that it is not possible to be using all of them at the same time. 

            You need to employ those site for great speed. Though it involve a lot of money, but you can always manage then for quality content output  



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