37 Wealthy Affiliate Benefits: All for $1.4/Day (2020 Update + Bonuses)

Wealthy Affiliate Benefits

You are welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate benefits review. The benefits of Wealthy Affiliate subscription are vast and remarkable.

Over 2m Wealthy Affiliate members are receiving first-class Affiliate Marketing training on how to make money online.

The objective of the training is to equip you with a high-level education that will help you build a robust and successful online business that can earn you over $5,000 monthly after your first year of working on your online business.

And what is the cost? Just over a dollar per day, i.e. ($1.4).

Does the $1.4 daily include everything you will need to run a business?

YES! the training, the hosting for your sites, the community, and everything is at your disposal. It's the cheapest business you could ever run!

Wealthy Affiliate continuously strives to deliver 100% performance; knowing fully well that the success of its over two million Affiliates is guaranteed to improve its much-elevated reputation further.

And I will help you to make sure that you are not alone.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate via my affiliate link, I will hold you by the hands and help you make money by making sure you never make the mistakes I made for over four years as a digital marketer.

You will have access to a gift that worth over $4,000 in resources and books (PDF, Word, and Excel format), as stated at the end of this article. Look for My Gift for You.

YES! It includes FREE coaching and direct access to the owners.

==> Some Asian and African Countries Can Not Join The FREE Starter But Premium of  Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform; See Why and How to Go About That Here.

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FREE Starter Membership

This is the first Wealthy Affiliate benefits for non-premium members. You can join and start the Wealth Affiliate certification program. 

This is the only Wealthy Affiliate benefit that is for free members. See the breakdown of the features on the last chat within this article.

The level-1 with ten lessons is FREE to start. No credit card is required. Learn more here. 

Commissions for Both Premium and Free Membership

You will earn a commission for any person you refer to Wealthy Affiliate. The following are various commissions you stand to make for being a free or premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. 

Commissions for Free Membership

  • Domains Sale – $1 per signup (recurring on renewal)
  • WA Signup (Complete profile) – 1$ (once-off)
  • First month – $4 (once-off)
  • Monthly – $11.75 (recurring monthly)
  • Yearly (normal) – $87.50 (recurring yearly)
  • Yearly (black Friday deal) – $65

Commissions for Premium Membership

  • Domains Sale- $1 per signup (recurring on renewal)
  • WA Signup (Complete profile) – 1$ (once-off)
  • First month – $8 (once-off)
  • Monthly – $23.50 (recurring monthly)
  • Yearly (normal) – $175 (recurring yearly)
  • Yearly (black Friday deal) – $130

Make Money from Over 600m Products.

Wealthy Affiliate will get you trained to build your online business; such that you can turn what you love doing most into helping people online.

The most important Wealthy Affiliate benefits for me are that; you will learn how to transform your hobbies, skills, Ideas, and any market demand into a full-time income online.

You will learn how to draw your customers to your website using SEO (Search engine Optimization Training) skills; that you will acquire, and then use this free traffic to promote products of top brands.

There are over 600m products from various affiliate networks such as Amazon Associates, eBay Partner Network, ShareASale, Click Bank, CJ Affiliate, Rakuten Marketing,  Commission Factory, etc.

Note: There is no need to promote Wealthy Affiliate to get trained and make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

All Expense Paid Free Trip to Vegas – WA Super Affiliate Yearly Conference

This is one of the most significant benefits of Wealthy Affiliate. 

You will have the opportunity to assemble with the super affiliates members of Wealthy Affiliate.  

What is the requirement to qualify for the Wealthy Affiliate Vegas conference? 

Vegas conference is not for everybody; it is for any Wealthy Affiliate premium members that are into MMO (Make Money Online) niche; that is promoting the Wealthy Affiliate education platform. 

Being a premium member is not enough; you must have invited 300 premium members in the previous year before you can get this sponsored free trip to Vegas. 

These are Wealthy Affiliate benefits and Vegas Incentive when you make 300 sales. 

  1. Flight Expenses Paid of up to $600
  2. Your Fully Paid Hotel Accommodations 
  3.  WA Swag Package and all high-end goodies
  4. Three Days Interactive Super Affiliate Conference
  5. Meet With Other Uber Successful Super Affiliates
  6. Two hours Private Meeting with Kyle and Carson
  7. A Spectacular Vegas Show
  8.  Fun, Drinks and Maybe Some Gambling 

Best and Cheapest Website Hosting Ever

The website hosting price is a great Wealthy Affiliate benefit that you will enjoy if you learn from Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate hosting is so straightforward and easy. With a few processes flows, you can have your domain with website setup.

  • Wealthy Affiliate hosting has no upsells
  • You don’t need to wait for the domain to be set up for 24 hours
  • Your domain is ready with a minute
  • They have taken care of all technical and challenging stuff so that you can focus on building your business on the site. 
  • Everything is included with the best hosting price. Below is the Comparison of Wealthy Affiliate domains pricing to the industry

You can also move your website to Wealthy Affiliate if you have one before. It is seamless. 

Below is what you get with your hosting at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Superfast hosting speed (Amazon fast)
  • 30 GB of space
  • 500K Visitors/month
  • Free SSL Certificate (https)
  • Daily Website Backups
  • 24/7 Access to Server Admins
  • BotNet Security
  • And Much More

 Ten Websites For Premium Members

As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can host ten websites without extra cost.

All the websites go with all the listed benefits you are reading right now. This is one of the top benefits of Wealthy Affiliate members. 

One of the essential features of an ideal web platform is scalability. This feature ensures that the website continually adapts to the increase in traffic that it experiences.

With the aid of its official web-building tool SiteRubix; the company allows its premium clients to run up to 10 websites on a single platform.

Therefore a premium member will enjoy Wealthy Affiliate benefits of ten websites.

Ability to Train and Earn on Wealthy Affiliate Platform

If you know your onions and you are good at training others. You can make money by coming up with excellent training that will be impactful and help other affiliate businesses. 

It is an opportunity to train another affiliate on what has worked for you. 

The amount you will earn depends on how many affiliate members go through your training voluntarily. 

There is an algorithm put in place to measure how practical your training is to the Wealthy Affiliate community. A great wealthy affiliate benefits to make more money.

Earn with Website Comment and Feedback Platform

It is well-known that an increase in the events occurring within the pages of a website help improves its search engine ranking. 

This is quite vital for websites that wish to increase their conversion rates.

With the aid of the “comment exchange” function on the company's platform; premium clients can boost the activity levels on the pages of their websites and, thus; improve their chances of attaining higher conversion rates.

I knew affiliates member making over $150 monthly via Wealthy Affiliate comment platform. 

Having a readily available audience that provides feedback is quite necessary for the growth of any web platform. 

It is done such that members can make money within the Wealthy Affiliate platform making comments on other members' websites. This is a  Wealthy Affiliate benefit that will help you make money within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. 

Interactive Week Live Webinars

The company offers weekly live classes that apply top-notch training procedures to impact knowledge into the mind of the numerous subscribers.

The lead trainer, the Jay, is an encyclopedia of beneficial information; and strives every week to enlighten the company's numerous clients on entrepreneurial web strategies that will grow their online businesses.

Over 300 Hours of Online Certification and Impactful Training

Apart from the live classes offered by the company; it also gives premium members access to a backload of recorded courses of over 300 videos; and text format in different digital pieces of training. 

The training is a step by step process that you can pause and rewind as you wish.

With such massive training tools available at the disposal of each Affiliate; you can take your web business to new heights that guarantee impressive returns in revenue.

This involves several training courses that are split into five levels of ten lessons each.

This provides fundamental knowledge to would-be entrepreneurs that wish to develop the vital skills needed to succeed in business.

Whatever the niche, category, or field one wishes to venture into; this training tool equips one with every entrepreneurial skill-sets that control the process of running a business.

Another impressive feature of this training tool is the consistent updates it undergoes; which ensures that the students are continuously kept abreast of innovative developments in the industry.

  • A Boot Camp for Affiliate Marketing  Training

The affiliate training program is focused on best practices on how to promote and make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

It consists of some of the most excellent training courses that are guaranteed to transform even the most clueless students into a moneymaking machine.

By impacting individuals with a variety of creative affiliate marketing techniques, the company increases the number of competent affiliate marketing experts and help them launch budding careers in the field.

The company also arranges full expense paid trips to Las Vegas for clients that complete the training program.

It is, however, only available to premium subscribers.

  • Vibrant Online Classrooms that Evolve Daily

There are up 12 evolving classrooms in different ways to make money online. The training involves different subjects and technicalities of how online business works.

This training includes E-commerce training, Google Adsense, Local Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Pay-Per-Click.

  • A Wealthy Affiliate Blog for Premium Members

With Wealthy Affiliate, clients do not only get to learn various ways to earn money, but they are also given a platform to generate revenue right off the bat.

By allowing premium members to launch blogs on their own using the WA brand, they are providing a platform for them to grow their prospective clientele base.

You are free to write about anything and everything that is not abusive and within the guiding principle of the community.

Your blog post within Wealthy Affiliate can rank on Google, and you can set who can read them.

Any of such your article can earn you a commission when read and convert new Wealthy Affiliate members

  • Over 3000 Websites Themes

Wealthy Affiliate offers a wide variety of website themes that give clients a large pool of designs to pick from.

These crisp designs are made customizable to enable their application across a variety of businesses. Their responsive nature also guarantees practical functionality on all viewing devices.

  • Tens of Thousands of Plugin Features and Add-Ons

The role-played by plugins and add-ons in improving the performance of a website cannot be overlooked, particularly since the absence of these tools simply leads to an inefficient web platform.

Wealthy Affiliate offers up to 50,000 plugins and add-ons to their premium customers, which ensures that the websites they craft are up to the acceptable standard.

  • SiteDomains and All the Services Attached to It

Wealthy Affiliate doesn't only offer domain registration services to their members that wish to commence the process of establishing an online business.

It also provides several accompanying services like WHOIS Privacy Protection, Unlimited Email Accounts, Domain Security, 24 Hours Support, and Advanced DNS Management.

  • A SiteSpeed Feature that Enhances Website Speed

Since Wealthy Affiliate understands that a website's loading speed is pivotal to its search engine ranking, it has proceeded to equip its platform with a SiteSpeed feature that facilitates faster navigation across the websites of its clients.

  • A SiteProtect Feature that Shields Website Pages

The security of a website is an essential characteristic that must be secured to achieve efficiency.

The company has, therefore, equipped its fantastic platform with the SiteProtect feature, which employs three layers of protection to safeguard clienteles' sites against Spams, Botnets, and unauthorized access attempts, i.e., hacking.

  •  A Website Health Analysis Tool

Wealthy Affiliate belongs to an esteemed group of web service providers that also help to monitor the health of their customer's website after completing the design process.

With the aid of the health-tracking tool, Site Health, Wealthy Affiliate ensure the efficiency of its numerous websites by probing for defects and correcting them earnestly.

  • Free SSL Certification – Wealthy Affiliate Benefits

SSL certification is no longer a luxury but an essential component of a website.

This is basically due to the preference Google and other search engines have for sites that possess this generally accepted seal of security.

 Wealthy Affiliate has, thus, endeavored to provide its premium members with this critical and needed certification at a price that can never be matched by any other affiliate marketing training.

  • Website Surveillance 24/7/365

Wealthy Affiliate has a team of passionate individuals that continuously monitor the performance of its clienteles'. The website, ensuring the smooth running of the sites' entire components.

The company recognizes the near-impossibility of human surveillance systems for its numerous clientele.

That is why it has invested in an automated system that continually monitors the websites of its customers for a variety of malfunctions.

  • Round the Clock Site Support

There are few web design and web hosting companies that offer round the clock site support for their customers.

Wealthy Affiliate, however, prides itself on ensuring swift reply to every inquiry and request submitted by its clients. This is the most important benefits of Wealthy Affiliate

With an average response time of 5 minutes, it is undoubtedly among the best web solution providers based on customer support.

  •  Protection from Viruses and Malware

With the internet being a bug-infested sea housing billions of websites, it is paramount that a hosting company offers adequate protection to the sites hosted on its platform.

Wealthy Affiliate secures the pages of its clienteles' website with the aid of its SiteProtect platform and its 24 hours surveillance features.

  • Highly Efficient Servers

The servers utilized by the company are some of the best in the field of website solutions, with its efficiency rivaling many high-end web hosting services.

The incorporation of hosting technologies like SiteSpeed also boosts the speed with which internet users access the web servers, which in turn improves the efficiency of its clienteles' websites.

  • An Effective Writing Tool

Quality content is pertinent to the ranking position of a website on a search engine, and it is the essential feature of a published site. This is one of the best Wealthy Affiliate Benefits.

Wealthy Affiliate's SiteContent tool ensures that its numerous customers can craft content that won't only draw the attention of web users but will also improve their site ranking positions.

  • Over a Million Graphics and Images Available

Since necessary images are capable of conveying thousands of words, the company has endeavored to stock its platform with countless numbers of graphics and pictures that are guaranteed to both beautify the web pages of the clients and aptly convey the embedded messages.

  • Grammar Checks and Plagiarism Monitoring Tool

A content creation platform is not complete without a tool that helps check written texts for lousy grammar and erroneous spellings.

The company's SiteContent tool is aptly equipped with a grammar checker that helps ease the burden of grammar correction that is placed upon the web owner.

Wealthy Affiliate understands the negative impact of plagiarism in SEO and website ranking, and that is why its SiteContent tool can facilitate a plagiarism check on any content that is to be published on a client's website.

  • Unlimited Access to Jaaxy Keywords Tool

Wealthy Affiliate's web platform gives the company's premium customers access to untold numbers of keywords via the Jaaxy Keyword tool that is quite valuable in helping the affiliates fashion SEO strategies.

You have this tool irrespective of your niche; you don't need to be promoting Wealthy Affiliate to have access to the unique Wealthy Affiliate benefits. 

Wealthy Affiliate's keyword platform offers premium clients keyword analysis, and viability tool, which helps identify keywords that are guaranteed to be potent.

  • Revelation and Discovery of Niches

One key feature and benefit of the Wealthy Affiliate Jaaxy Keyword research tool is that you can easily use it to discover profitable niches with a vast audience.  

This is solely available to premium members, assists clients in scouring through web resources to find hundreds of thousands of niches.

This helps streamline keyword usage and results in the effective implementation of an SEO strategy.

  • FREE Jaaxy Keyword Tool – Wealthy Affiliate Benefits

This is an essential piece of information used by online marketers that help improve search engine rankings for your website and online business.

Other great benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate Jaaxy keyword research tool

Wealthy Affiliate ensures that the figures for this data are available to the premium members at a click of a button. 

  • Round the Clock Help And Life Chat Support – Wealthy Affiliate Benefits

Wealthy Affiliate consists of a worldwide community that is always ready to offer help, support, and assistance to any member regardless of the individual's location.

These are members of Wealthy Affiliate that are ready to support anybody that needs such help.

You will be sent a video, link, or material that can help solve your problem as long as you just ask the question.

Someone somewhere will come to your rescue no matter where you be or reside in the world.

With a live chat tool incorporated into the pages of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you instant assistance whenever you need help, or you have a question as relating to your online business. 

As at the time of writing this article, you have over 2 million Wealthy Affiliate members that you will have access to via the live chat. 

Just visit the live chat and state your problem; you will get instant help from one or more Affiliate that will give you the immediate support you need.

Live chat is another Wealthy Affiliate benefits that are a game-changer to the affiliate community.

  • A Strong Network of Over Two Million Members

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is made up of a network of community that includes affiliate experts, internet marketers, and other online entrepreneurs.

This enhances positive communication among members that is guaranteed to lead to improved business practices.

This is one Wealthy Affiliate benefit that will not leave you in isolation whenever you need help with your online business.

  • A Mentoring and Support Program

Since the challenges faced by every entrepreneur running a business isn't peculiar to them, they must ascribe to a mentor-ship arrangement that sees them seek the counsel of wiser business owners.

Wealthy Affiliate facilitates this arrangement through its blossoming community, and the result of the company's endeavor is quite impressive.

Each Affiliate Members have a mentor that will help you navigate how the system works. Someone you can call on at any time if and when you have a problem.

Without my mentor, I will not be here today with a full-time online business. This is one of my best benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate platform ever. 

  • Ambassadorial Role – Wealthy Affiliate Benefits

Wealthy Affiliate also endeavors to compensate active members of its large community that serve the interest of the company by offering online support to desperate members.

With its ambassadorship program, these individuals can earn ranking points that increase their status in the community that makes them more money directly from the company. 

Ambassadorship role is a measure of how supportive you are to regular members of the Wealthy Affiliate community. 

The more training, resource, and support you provide to the Affiliate community, the more money you make that is separate from your online business. 

A system is already put in place that ranks Affiliate Members according to the help they provide to the community as a whole. 

This is another Wealthy Affiliate benefits that can help you make money even if your website and online business are yet to be making money.

  • You Can Contact The Owners of Wealthy Affiliate

This is an unprecedented Wealthy Affiliate benefit. As long as you are a premium Wealthy Affiliate member, you can write and chat with the owners ( Kyle and Carson) of the company at any time. 

The company gives it's premium members free access to the owners via a mentorship scheme.

They don't also do this as a PR stunt but tackle challenges faced by all members while also offering support.

  • Connection with Thousands of Experts

The vibrant community of Wealthy Affiliate is home to several thousand affiliate marketing experts that are always ready to advise and give business support to members seeking them.

All you need to do is to do a mail or chat any one of them up.

They will instantly respond as at when due. This is one Wealthy Affiliate benefit that will never leave you stranded in your endeavor to making money online.

  • Access to Website and WordPress Support Team

It is rare for web hosting companies to give customers direct access to server administrators in charge of the technical aspect of web hosting.

That is, however, the case with Wealthy Affiliate.  There is a communication channel between members and server administrators that help to improve service delivery.

 For me, this is the best Wealthy Affiliate benefits ever for all affiliates members. When you have severe issues with your website, and you don't know what to do.  

Just contact Wealthy Affiliate help desk and support center; the rate at which they respond to the issue is amazing. 

Just do them a mail, and within two minutes (yes, two minutes), your issue is resolved. 

The support provides help for members that struggle with different making money online issues. 

Wealthy Affiliate Benefits at a Glance

Is Wealthy Affiliate Benefits Worth It?

What do you think about my review of Wealthy Affiliate benefits? Yes, the above benefits of Wealthy Affiliate worth it and surpassed the price tag of just over a dollar per day, why?

Because the knowledge you will gain with the Wealthy Affiliate certification is now yours.

Many WA affiliate is now consultants to many big brands in their countries; this is different from the business they currently own.

You can sell a website that is making money for 10X the expense you incur.

There are many testimonies of Wealthy Affiliate Members that have sold their websites for thousands of dollars.

So, what do you think of all the listed Wealthy Affiliate benefits?

You know you can become a member right now, yes, you can join for free. Start the level-1 of the ten lessons. No credit card is needed to join.

My Gift For You (On Going Premium)

If you join via my Affiliate link and you later go Premium. 

I promise to support and help you make money so that you will not make those mistakes I made for over four years. 

You will join my private Facebook Page, and you will have access to (resources and PDF Books and Materials that worth $4,000); It will jump-start your success.

In your first month at Wealthy Affiliate you will get the following:

  • If you join the Premium within seven days only, you will get a 61% discount for your first month of training i.e., $19 instead of $49. 
  • My 100 Hand-Picked and Research Niches Hand Book (PDF)
  • Another Set of over 80 Niche of Niches
  • Process of Choosing a profitable Niche
  • How to Start Making Money from Your Day-One of Your Premium Using WA Platform.
  • You will Have Access to Me at Any Time.

I will release the following in your Second Month as a WA Premium Member.

  • Over 200 Profitable Keywords Cheat Sheet a PDF doc
  • Headline Formula and Strategies a Guides to Writing Great Headlines (PDF)
  • 20 Rules You Must Follow with Your Content to do Well (PDF)
  • Content Template Framework – Guides to Come Up with Great Blog Articles (PDF)
  • Checklist to Edit Your Articles (Excel)
  • Ten Points to Fully Optimized Your Website (PDF)
  • A Step by Step Guides to Rank Your Article on Page One of Google
  • My Article/Content Writing Templates (MMO, MLM Niches, Crypto Niche Articles)

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