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How to Make Amazing Profits Online – As a Full-Time Income

Hi, I’m John, but on the Internet, people call me “Jofa.” a Dad of three (two boys and a girl). you are welcome to Amazing Profits Online. It is all about how to help you make profits with your online business.

I am a responsible, intelligent, and experienced retail marketing professional with an extensive background in IT.


You are welcome to my blog page where I get to brag about myself. Seriously, I hate talking or writing about myself.

I am an Internet Marketer, and Amazing Profits Online is the one-stop resource center for anyone who’s interested in starting an online business and want to make money from home.

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One bright Saturday morning in June 2015, I was wondering what kind of job could I do once that I can earn forever at the same time impact many lives around the world positively.

That was when Internet marketing came to mind.
making amazing profits online

This is a job I can do from anywhere and it can be done part-time and even on the weekend without impacting my day job.

I started, and since then I have never looked back because I loved helping people online. I now do this full-time via Amazing Profits Online and one other Amazon website.

Do you want freedom, flexibility, and wish to work from home doing what you love? Working on your bed, couch, and garden or anywhere for that matter!

Back then, while searching for the right path to follow. I encountered a lot of scam products. I came across SFI (Strong Future International) where I wasted my time for over six months.

Then I discovered Affilorama by Mark Ling (The Man From New Zealand); a very legit product with an excellent training platform on the Internet

I buried myself with my paid Affilorama program then (I still have access to date) step-by-step learning process of how to be an excellent Affiliate Marketing!

My breakthrough came when I discover a Wealthy Affiliate website; though it is like Affilorama but with a different touch.

Recent Success Stories of Wealthy Affiliate MembersThis Can Be You Next Few Weeks & Months – Click Here to Start 

Wealthy Affiliate changes everything for me, and I knew I had found a new love.

Wealthy affiliate is all about four steps to making huge money online; turning your skills, hobbies, passion, and ideas into a thriving online business.

It is just the best affiliate marketing program in the world.

Notwithstanding my busy day jobs, I went through the first level of the training and concluded the FREE certifications.

You will be amazed by reading many success stories of Wealthy Affiliate:

It is shocking; you won’t believe it if you don’t know these people personally online. In January someone made over $13,400 and Eddy narrated how he made over $10,600 in August 2018.

What Are You Waiting For? Start This Affiliate Marketing Certification Training Now. Level-1 with Ten Lessons Is FREE. No Credit Card Is Needed. It Is Free To Join. Click Here to Start. 

Amazing Profits Online

Two people sold their websites for $3,000 and $40,000 respectively; while another sold his for $28,000 after 13th months. Coming from 2017, testimonies are mind-blowing.

Nathaniel (My mentor at Wealthy Affiliate) wrote an article on how Internet Marketing is getting easier for Wealthy Affiliate members. A member made over $20,000 in a month, another person made over $12,000 in her eleventh month.

=>Note: See why some countries in Asia and Africa can not use FREE Wealthy Affiliate training and how I am helping various people visiting this website to scale this huddle. =>Click Here.

Where Are You In This Changing World?

What is going to be the next revolution in technology and how are you positioning yourself and your family?

To start making in your online business you must take advantage of various current breakthrough in technology.

***Mass Production of Electric And Autonomous Vehicles***

On July 6th, 2018 France set a deadline to end the sales and production of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040.

The UK also follows suit on July 25th, 2018; banning sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040.

***Advanced Robotics And Artificial Intelligence***

Amazing Profits Online

Already, a lot of jobs will disappear due to technology (Bank Tellers, Door to door salesmen, Fast food workers, Accountant, Stock Traders, Construction Workers, Secretary, etc


With Smart diagnostics, there will be no need to move around again seeking treatment (health treatment, drug delivery) most.

***3D Printing***

These are machines that can make copies of almost anything in 3D. 3D printing is already in use today, printing hearing aids, and machine part print by NASA, Jewelries.

This technology is available to anyone, and you can even have it in your homes. What are the many implications and Impacts on jobs?

There are many great discoveries like:

  • Big data Analysis
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Virtual Realities, and
  • Wearable Technology.

The question is where are you in all these?

This is not the age you ask your child and relatives of what do they want to become?

You instead ask them how can they affect this world positively with their gifts, passion and what they like doing best! Because those jobs would have disappeared before they get to that stage.

Don’t wait for the future to evolve; If you don’t do something, you will be left behind.

Start Your Earning a Full-Time Income Online – You Will Learn From The Expert and Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again – Click Here to Start Now.

Do You Have Regret And Unhappiness In Life?

The chances are that you don’t like your job if you have a job at all. It is possible you are putting in over 35 hours weekly.

Are you like a lot of people that must wake up so early so as not to get to work late?

Do you often look forward to holidays and weekends and hating Mondays?

Do you have enough time with your children and family doing what you love?

Will you like to win back your freedom and independence?

 How to Earn with Amazing Profits Online

You are still on this page because you sincerely want to make money online; I was once like you, searching for the real way to make money online. 

Also, I searched the Internet for more than seven years; I must confess that I have been scam severally online. 

Are you fed up with finding real success online? Do you want to make profits online?

Do you believe that it is possible to earn cash on the Internet? 

Yes, making money online is real, and you are in the right place.

I will point you in the right direction, and you will forever thank me for that. If your response is yes, you will love to read this article in its entirety. 

I am here to ensure you know all about getting started online, i.e., making money online, in a few minutes.

This is what happens to many people searching for making money online, fast, and free. They get scammed because there are no quick ways to make money online. 

There is nothing valuable that is ever FREE, none. 

I was scammed severally before I also stumbled on my number one and highly recommended way to make money online in the 21st century. 

This is why I am here to help you.

“I am here to help you get started online and position you for the best way to make money online.”

There are several ways that you can make money online, and the possibilities are endless. 

All it takes is your extra time, effort, and creativeness, and indeed you will have success in creating money online.

What is Your Fear?

One major problem that many people have in making money online is looking around for the “shining object”. 

Shining objects online are a trap to scam you. 

After discovering a legitimate way to make money online, they still get tempted to jump on an advert showing them how to earn money fast! 

We have many scams online; the signal and pointer to fraud online are told that it is a done for you system. 

They will ask you to purchase and do nothing! See how to Spot A Scam Online.

When your making money depends on your down lines, it is a scam; read why all Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a scam; yes, they are. 

You can start making legit money online when you are ready to work and be persistent; there is no easy way to making money online. 

Making money online is about helping your audience. You must learn to help people first before you can earn from them. 

To learn all about making money online, I recommend WEALTHY AFFILIATE UNIVERSITY training. 

The Wealthy Affiliate Certification training changed my life.

To Build a Successful Online Business, you need the following to succeed:

You Must Have Your Website

Having your blog or Website is the primary thing you need to have work home jobs and start making money online; see How To Make Money Blogging. 

You also need to have the skills and learn the right strategies to be successful. 

The first step to start making money via affiliate marketing is to choose your profitable niche.  

You won’t believe this! 

It is now Very Easy To Build Your Website, even less than a minute, and it is also free; see How to Build Your Website Free in less than a minute.

You need your own website to start making money and profits online.

You Must Learn And Practice Daily

To implement genuine ways to make money online. 

Time and effort are not only essential factors. You need to learn and have the right skills and knowledge to start a career or business online. 

You will have a lot of success online when you are ready; the best-recommended program that will take you through the rudimentary aspect of making money online and turn you into an authority in this online business is the Wealthy Affiliate program.

How To Make a Full-Time Income Online

One of the top 3 work home jobs is Affiliate Marketing. 

I am an Affiliate Marketer, which involves selling other companies or people’s products through your Website. 

You will promote these various products as they relate to your area of focus call niche. 

You meet people’s needs through your niche and read more about choosing a Profitable Niche for yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to choose your niche better and help you turn your hobbies or passion into making money online. 

Why Wealthy Affiliate? Wealthy Affiliate has over 100 videos and text study materials that will take you through step by step ways of making money online.

We have ready to help the community of affiliate members online set to put you through whenever you need help. 

You also have direct access to Kyle, the owner, at any time.

You can start Wealthy Affiliate free at no cost and run forever in Wealthy Affiliate; if you sign on free into Wealthy Affiliate, you have two Website free for yourself.

You can start here; Your sign does not require your cards; it is debit/credit card free. Try and learn more here.

Note: You can always contact me in Wealthy Affiliate. This is my Profile. 

Also, do well to leave your comment on my review for any question you might need help with. I will respond to you in no time.

How Amazing Profits Will Help You Succeed 

You will need to find a profitable niche to start your own online business. How is that possible?

You have certain hobbies (something you love doing); or a passion for a task or what are those ideas that you have?

You can turn all that into a thriving online business making.

The above will form your topic, then you pick related products, you will start writing content, and you will begin to earning and reaping the reward of your task.

Who is your audience?

Many people are ready to pay to learn those hobbies, what you have a passion for, or your ideas.

They form your audience or call it your niche market, this is where your earnings come from.

best way earn extra money home

The Real Help You Need

Because of time, Internet scams, the overload of conflicting information on the Internet, it is a lot of work to know what is right for you.

I am here to help you choose a profitable online business that is exceptionally made for you (An online job that is practically driven by your hobbies or passion, you will be getting paid for having fun!)

You will acquire the skills and knowledge you need to run a successful online business, and I will also help you avoid all kinds of scam products online.

Before you know it, the skill acquired will help you turn your platform (i.e. your website) to a viable, profitable online income that can easily replace your day job income.

The objective is to help you turn your platform into a significant income source so that you can have the life you have always dream of.

Your website will help you generate income even while you are sleeping.

You can then have your life back, you will have enough time to spend with your children and family, and you can also travel the world working from anywhere.

This is strange! be rest assured that if you follow the Wealthy Affiliate training of over 100 videos plus text materials you could be making over $10,000 monthly within two years.

If you aim high you can imagine what you’ll achieve in no time!

I started Amazing Profits Online without knowing what i was doing; but today, i earn a full-time income with this site.

==>Claim Your FREE Membership Of Wealthy Affiliate Now

Meet Kyle & Carson (Co-Owners Of WA)ways earn extra money home

***Important Notice***

==>Note: I have over ten resource materials in PDF and Excel formats worth over $4,000 if you join via my WA Affiliate Link. For more clarification, you can get in touch with me here: (I will surely get back to you ASAP)

You will need to work and work hard and very smart at that if you want to make amazing profits online.

You will be ready also to go premium to have full access to the necessary material you need to build a perfect profitable online business for yourself.

The good news is that you can start with Wealthy Affiliate now, it is your success path to making amazing profits online with your online business.

It is free to join and no credit card needed. You have absolutely nothing to lose. What do you think of my Amazing Profits Online site?

Below is the premium package to get started fast, you can also sign on FREE here.

30 thoughts on “How to Make Amazing Profits Online – As a Full-Time Income”

  1. Good day
    I am unable to sign in this is the message I get “We’re sorry but we are not able to create your account at this time because your country is not supported.“

    1. Dear Jennifer,

      You are right. People from some regions around the world are not allowed to join Wealthy Affiliate. Not because they hated them but because of abuse from people that have joined in the past. They abuse the FREE training so they are prevented from taking the FREE 7 days training. I did an article on how they can join with this review:

      How to Join Wealthy Affiliate From Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Philippines, Vietnam, and Other Countries

      I have been with WA since Jube 2016 as a premium member. And I am a Nigerian in Nigeria.

      If you are ready to go premium straight away, you will be allowed to join WA. There is no discrimination.

      I can always help you if you have a problem. Just do a mail to my admin at Send her your details like names, email addresses, and a unique user name. Then expect invite mail from Wealthy affiliate from your inbox.

      But then you are expected to go premium, the first month will cost you $19, while you will be paying $49 monthly subsequently.

      If you go Yearly, it will lower your cost drastically see the pricing here: 37 Wealthy Affiliate Benefits: All for $1.4/Day (2021 Update + Bonuses).

      You will also see the various benefits of the cost in the article above.

      It includes hosting your 10 websites for a year, training to set up your six-figure profitable online business, the security of your website, speed.

      You will have support from the backend, help from over 2m other affiliate marketers. You can also contact the owners if you have any issues at all.

      You will have me as a mentor if you join via my affiliate link. There are hundreds of training in Videos and text format. You also have live weekly webinars about how to build a durable online business.

      Well, thanks for dropping your question and comment. I already sent you a mail and I am sure you will have access to WA.



  2. Hi sir..

    I have tried to register with the link you provided, but says my country is not supported.. What can i do? Thanks

  3. Asiyanbi Olaide Abidemi

    Dear sir,
    I am unable to join wealthy affiliate with your link.i was told my country is not supported.Kindly help me.thank you.

    1. Thanks for reading my about me page. How to make amazing profits online.

      I sent a mail to your email address.

      You can forward your name, Gmail, and user ID to me.

      Please check your spam mail to see my mail and reply asap.



  4. Good day! My name is Jon. Based on what I have read about Wealth Affiliate, I believe it’s one of the best programs if you want to start your affiliate marketing career, but still I have some few questions: Can I do affiliate marketing without showing my face?(No offense but I have my personal reason why I don’t want to show my face). For premium membership, how many months or years do I need to pay for a package of $49/month?

    1. Dear Jon,
      It is not a must you show your face. I only start putting my pictures when I decided to go it full-time (i am an ex-banker) so that it will not seems to be competing with your day job (some contest).

      If you check many great websites; a lot do not show their pictures. It is a personal decision.

      About the premium payment. If you join now you will have 7 days free access to the level -1 of ten training. you will be expected to go premium after with a huge discount (just to encourage you for the first month only); you will be paying $19 instead of $49.

      After then, you will be paying $49 monthly except you take the advantage of Black Friday with a huge discount on the yearly premium.

      I hope you are a bit clear. I will love it if you use my affiliate link for your sign up. I will help and support all the way.

      You can also use my contact with LinkedIn or Whatsapp to get in touch with me.

      Also: My admin also did you a mail and you can also use the same mail to contact me if you have any other questions.

      Thanks for contacting me about Wealthy Affiliate. You can check out over 37 benefits of why Wealthy Affiliate is just for you.



      I wish you the best of lucks

  5. Hi, I’m a total newbie, no technical skills.
    Please give me an estimate of how much I would invest starting from scratch, premium membership, setting up a website, paying for the content writer of my website, and other expenses.

    Your response would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you and best regards,

    1. Dear Jerry,
      thanks for reading mine about me page of what Amazing Profits Online Is All About.

      Jerry, if you join through my affiliate link; you will have 7 days free training then I will give you a discount for your first month; you will pay $19 instead of $49.

      You will be trained to write your articles yourself, but if you have extra funds I can link you to sites that I use that will cost you less with much quality. The first step is going through the training and most of your questions are taken care of in the training.

      Please read the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate Training. It explained most of your concerns.



  6. hello sir i would love to know more about how i can go about the registration because recently i have been banned from wealthy affiliate, so i dont know if my von should be on at all times so i can access wealthy affiliate without being banned

    1. Thanks for reading my about me page ” What Amazing profits are all about”

      I already did an email to you. You can chat me on my Whatsapp so as to explain to you how Wealthy Affiliate works.

      For others that are interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate from countries restricted from FREE training.

      If and when you join FREE training via VPN, it is important you plant to go premium ASAP. When you do you don’t need to continue to be VPN. You only need a VPN to sign up. After that, you no longer need to use it to have access to WA.

      People get penalized by having their writing access revoked only if you go against the police and procedure of Wealthy Affiliate. And getting penalized does not affect your business building. You will continue to have access to your website back office and building your online business.

      You will only not get access to write and communicate with other members, you can not make money with WA comment. You only have access to build your own business. But if you just forget about communicating within WA and face your online business with time your access will be released.

      I hope my explanation helped?



  7. Hello John,

    I would like to sign up as a premium member from Nigeria with you as my mentor. Is that possible and do you have a WhatsApp number I can reach you on?


    1. Thanks for reading my about me page of Amazing profits online. Is your email correct? If yes. check your mail.
      If you are joining Wealthy Affiliate. It is important you use your full official names and good email address so as to get your money when start making money with your online business (Gmail is better).

      Check your mail and revert with all detail. I will help you ASAP at no cost.


  8. Hi John. It sounds promising.
    What is included in a free trial?
    Do you think I can succeed in providing advice on how to invest in stocks?

    1. Dear Alex,

      You can succeed in anything you put your heart on. You decide to succeed or fail in life.

      Below are several reasons why people fail in their online business because of the following reasons:

      -People give up easily

      -They refuse to surround themselves with a like-minded individual that is doing the same things they are into.

      -They fail to have clear goals as related to their business.

      -They also lack skill and creativity to succeed; this they can acquire via training. I recommended a Wealthy Affiliate.

      -Many people don’t want to change; they like their regular routines

      -They are not ready to learn new stuff that will take them to a higher level.

      -They have a negative mindset and also limit their belief.

      -Many cannot deal with failure; they cannot avoid failing and start again. In this online business, you will fail and fail again and again. But you must stand up and try severally.

      -Many are learning from wrong associates, people that are telling them that they can make $10,000 in a week doing nothing. Learn from Wealthy Affiliate. You will earn $5,000 monthly after six months if you work smart.

      -They are corner cutters, cut corners, and not ready to work at their business. People that want to make easy money.

      -People that are not ready to invest money. The truth is that you need money to make money. You cannot make real money with any social media platform without your website. Social media can expunge and even ban you, but no one can ban you on your platform.

      -Many people have a crazy and outrageous expectation. They want to make $20,000 monthly with a month-old business. You need to help your audience to make real money online, don’t get lured into buying fake products.

      -Many people want to do things at their own pace; they are lazy and hate work. You need to work at your online business. If it is a second hustle, you must create time to do the job by setting time and doing the real role of providing help to your audience.

      So, are you ready to fail or succeed in your online business?

      The choice is yours.


      1. Hello John,

        I have joined wealthy affiliate as a premium member, the problem that I am facing over there is how to write a great content for my website.

        I am not a good writer and a time stuck over what to even write/type.

        How did come out with your content writing about your niche in wealthy affiliate

        1. Dear Gideon,

          Thanks for reading my about me page. You can really make amazing profits working online. But you must think out of the box.

          You can make a lot of money but you must choose a great niche. Please check out my article on how to choose a great profitable niche here.

          You can make money without promoting Wealthy Affiliate but still remain a premium member with WA. The training is what is key.

          If you choose a niche that you have a passion for or a niche that drive you. There is no way you will not know what to write.

          Do you know that you can turn your hobbies and passion into a niche? That very thing you love doing, you can create a web page and start writing on different topics about that subject area.

          A lot of people are searching for how to do what you are doing without effort.

          It should be easy for you to write about what you doing most. You can also get a paid writer.

          Check out this article on several websites where you can get writers online.

          For you to be successful online; you either have the skills or you have the money to pay for the skill you don’t have.

          My advice is this. Start writing, it will get better with time.

          Is there anything you want to know? Do you have any other questions?

          Kindly revert.


        1. Dear Jindu,

          Thanks for reading my About Me Page. I am happy you visit my page. I hope you gain or learn something.

          The answer to your question is Yes. You can make money without going premium with Wealthy Affiliate. This is why they will be making available to you two FREE websites as a non-premium member.

          You should know that the best way to be financially independent and earn dollars even from Nigeria is to make money helping people online. This is why going premium is the best for you.

          Wealthy Affiliate will equip you with a lot of skills to own your website. You don’t need to promote the training aspect of Wealthy Affiliate to make money with WA. The essence is the education you will get.

          You can earn money from that both offline and online. You can be helping big firms to rank their site with your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization Skill you will acquire with WA.

          You can own your own website talking about the most important things about Nigeria. Or if you have any passion or hobbies, you use that to your advantage even online and in Nigeria. You can make money via Google Adsense from your website in Nigeria ( Google has an office in Lagos now).

          If you earn $1,000 monthly in Nigeria from your website, that is over N3650,000 monthly. . .

          This is the future. . .

          Do you have any other question? Please do well to drop your thought.



      2. Thank you sir for the inspiration.

        I am very much ready to work hard and smart, but all I need is someone preferably one on one who would give me directions on how to go about making money online.

        I’m ready to bear the cost as long as I will get what I want.
        Do you offer such opportunity?

        Meanwhile, I am writing from Lagos, Nigeria.

        Thanks for your response

        1. Dear Justice,

          Thanks for reading my about me page! I like the idea that you are ready to work hard and smart.

          You need to know straight away that online business is a tasking one. It requires a lot of work and effort and it will consume your time.

          There are so many ways to make money online one of the best ways is to have a website and start helping people in your Niche (I will explain that later).

          I run this website with my wife and she has always been on top of situations because I have a full-time job that I love and very it is very time-consuming. And I have a lot of people that depend on me to succeed in my career job.

          This website is just a hobby. I only have time for it during the weekend (if I am not in the office) and on Sunday. sometime I may not visit even see the websites for weeks.

          But I have capable hands in my wife and some other writers.

          My point is this. I don’t have time to teach or do an extra lesson for anyone. I am sorry I can not help you with this. The truth is this I am not doing this for money. I JUST LOVE IT Online!

          But, this is what I can help you with. If you are determined, you can move mountains.

          Nothing can stand your way. You can learn how to make a full-time income online in a public domain. It is all over YouTube, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Just Search for anything you want.

          I have been doing this for years i.e. helping people online. I may not be making money but I love helping people to discover new thing via my Page.

          In this age and today, you don’t need anyone to be physically present with you because you-you can get the needed help you desire.

          I hope I can answer your question. Thanks for visiting my page again. I really appreciate. I will appreciate if you have other questions.



      3. Wow! Remarkable story you have shared here of your success and successes of others through Wealthy Affiliate. Can anyone really find their place in this market and be successful? There seems to be so much to take into consideration. How do you balance it all? Thank you for sharing your story. Very inspirational!

        1. Dear Sam,

          Thanks for coming to my about page. Making money online is real. When I first started I was sure people are making money but I was skeptical that it will happen to me because I am from Africa.

          But the system has proved me right. If you follow the training and you do as they instructed. I can assure you that you will make money too. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate training websites. It is the best and the cheapest online.



      4. Ikechukwu Okoroafor

        Dear John,

        Quite an exciting success story doesn’t sound like the ‘quick money ‘ schemes.

        I carefully deduced that it would have cost you a lot of hard work to be where you are.

        So since all starts with the right knowledge, how much will it cost to get the needed training.



        1. Dear Ikechukwu,

          Making money online is a lot of work. There is no easy money anywhere. If someone is telling you that it will be easy it will a trap to scam you. What drives me daily is the financial independence that I will gain after these series of work I am inputting to this site.

          The best Affiliate Marketing platform in the world for me is Wealthy Affiliate. They will make available to you all you need to know about making money with your ideas, Passion or hobbies. The effort you will put into the work is more than the money you will spend learning.

          You have to really want this success to be successful most especially if you are from this part of the country I am from (Africa). The good news is that I am making serious money, though I am still working to improve myself.

          Wealthy Affiliate will cost you monthly $49 (You first monthly is about $22, Yearly is $359. If you register through my link you have a free trial for 7 days.

          I hope I have answered your questions?



      5. You have an inspiring story that shows that anything is possible with hard work! How long does it take to start making money with Wealthy Affiliates and how long after you started were you sure that it was right for you?

        1. Dear Grace,
          Thanks for your commendation and for visiting my website. To start making money with Wealthy Affiliate depends on a number of things. But majorly, it depends on your chosen niche and your commitment to the training.

          If you follow the training and put to work all that you are thought. There is no way you will not make money. It is consistent that you should be making consistently over $10,000 monthly after two years with WA.

          To your last question, I knew as I was going through the training that WA is the best place for me because; I have been scammed severally with many online programs.

          Wealthy Affiliate is about helping people in your niche and you can discover your niche via what you love doing, i.e. your hobbies/passion/ideas. Wealthy Affiliate will help you discover all that.

          Thanks for coming to my website again.



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