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SFI Affiliate Review: Can You Really Make Money with SFIMG?

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You are welcome to my SFI Affiliate Program Center Review. Can you make money with the SFI marketing group (SFIMG)? Is Strong Future International legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

I am sure you are here to know if you can make money with the SFI marketing group (SFIMG), also known as “Strong Future International.” It is good you are making your findings of SFI online business.


It is essential to research an online program before diving into it; this was how I discover how to transform my ideas and skills into making a full-time income.

As of 1998, the company SFI is called “Six-Figure Income,” but the founder Gery Carson has the name changed to “Strong Future International.”
Why was the change of name?

I was with Strong Future International – SFI for over seven months. You will like to know why I left?

It is an insider review of Strong Future International (SFI review).

Please read on.

Estimated reading time: 31 minutes

SFI Affiliate

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SFI Affiliate at a Glance

Product Name: Strong Future International Marketing Group
Founder: Gery Carson
Suitable for: MLM Marketers
Price: $0
Rating: 15%
Recommended: Hell No { Check Out My #1 Recommendation }

Summary of SFI Affiliate Program Center Review

SFI Affiliate Program Center is a direct sales and MLM company that sells its products and services via an eCommerce store.

Is SFI Affiliate Center or Strong Future International (SFI) legit, or a scam pyramid scheme? Can you make money with SFI Affiliate Program Center?

SFI Affiliate Program Center is legit and not a pyramid scheme. 

What then is the problem with SFI?

This is it. It isn’t easy to make money with SFI – Strong Future International. 

Why is that? 

SFI Affiliate Program Center is using a multi-level marketing model to drive sales. 

Though the company is affiliate marketing, it is diluted and embedded in the direct sales business model. 

Why is that bad? 

MLM and direct sales business model is structure and model to reward three sets of people in the company, i.e., the owners, the people at the top of the MLM compensation plan, and the particular investors that put down their money to earn stakes in the company. 

Why It Is Difficult For Members to Make Money with SFI

Mr. Jon M. Taylor, Ph.D., the founder of the Consumer Awareness Institute, investigated over 600 direct sales companies in the USA and the world. 

He concluded that 99.7% of people who join any MLM would lose their money. 

What is the implication of that? Only a few people are making money. Read on to see the proof below. 

Mr. Jon M. Taylor published his findings of direct sales companies in his books; the most popular ones are these two books “Case For And Against MLM” and “Multi-Level-Marketing Unmasked.

Also, AARP-Foundation did an investigation about the impact of MLM in the life of their distributors. They came up with a book about their findings. It was shocking!

The books are called “AARP Study of Multilevel Marketing.”

The above three books are free, and you can download and spread the news to your friends and family members. It is also everywhere online!

Major Issue with SFI Affiliate Program Center

These are real issues of Strong Future International:

***There Is no FREEDOM***

It is as if you are in prison; you can not express yourself to others, and every access to other affiliate are blocked. 

You are blocked from communicating to just anybody within the platform except your downlines and direct uplines. 

Do you know why? 

They are scared that you will know the truth and the freedom that there are better ways of making money online. 

***Your Website Are Sub-Domain***

The website they give you is a sub-domain to promote ONLY SFY products with duplicated content that can never rank in Google.

***You Can Only Promote SFI Products***

To make money with SFI, you can only promote products or that they own to earn points. You don’t have the freedom to promote whatever you want on your cloned domain. 

***SFI Can block your Writing Access***

Like any other social media, if by any mistake you are promoting any other products or services that have nothing to do with the company. The company will instantly blog your writing access. 

***SFI Is MLM Affiliate Marketing***

The REAL affiliate marketing business is all about helping people with what you love doing and what you have a passion for.


Suppose you love and have a passion for home gardens. 

All you need to do is start writing about how the home garden system works with your website. 

Different things you can plant and nurture with a home garden. The kind of soil and plants that work with a home garden.

As you don your review, you can start referring your audience to Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc., to get and buy home garden tools while you earn commission directly from those big eCommerce stores. 

My Recommendation

You can become a professional affiliate marketer today with your website. You will learn the step-by-step process of creating your profitable online business, just like the home garden example sighted above. 

Start this affiliate marketing training today. Level-1 with Ten lessons are FREE to join. You don’t need any payment via your credit card or PayPal to join. 

Also, you can be earning over $3,000 monthly within six to ten months of work on your online business. 

You can also decide to sell your website at 10X your investment. 

What do you think of my SFI Affiliate Program Center Review? Is Strong Future International – SFI legit or scam pyramid scheme? Can you make money with SFI Marketing Group SFIMG?

Are you currently with the Strong Future International (SFI)? Are you making money? Do you like to stay poor and working for the owners and those at the top of the scheme?

Take action Now with this Affiliate Marketing training now.

What is SFI?

What is Strong Future International all about? I must admit that Strong Future International (SFI) is NOT a Scam but a legitimate affiliate marketing site!

Why will you be working and hoping to make money on someone else platform; when you can have your own.

There is no website that can make you money like your own personally owned websites.

Websites like Reddit, Quora, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, and even SFI can one day revoke your access; just because you make a single mistake post or made a wrong comment.

SFI – Strong Future International Marketing Group, was launched way back in 1998 with a single product sold only in the USA but it has now expanded into over 95,000 products and services sold in over 194 countries around the world.

I left because I was not gaining traction and mainly because I discover a far better way of making money online through my #1 Recommended Business Online.

That changes everything for me and my life has never remained the same since I left.

Can You Make Money with SFI Marketing Group (SFIMG)?

A lot of people ask this question around on the internet and many even concluded that a strong future international is a scam. You will get to know the detail of this article.

SFI was established to allow anyone with a computer and Internet access has the opportunity to get involved in the e-Commerce revolution. It is not compulsory to purchase any product to join SFI.

Members are expected to market products and services to earn commission and start making money online; they are also encouraged to float their shops online (Any member can plug in his or her online store to Triple-click).

Any person within the legal age in any country can become a member of SFI, we have a lot of third-world countries like Nigerian, Sudan, Niger, Kenya, etc.

The people in these countries have a lot of opportunities to make money working online using SFI.

As of the moment, it’s believed that SFI is one of the biggest marketing networks worldwide and it has hundreds of thousands of affiliates in every part of the globe.

Anyone can become part of the SFI because joining is free of charge.

The nature of the business is to offer a wide range of products; and gain monthly commissions based on how much each SFI member sells from their shop, and the size of the affiliate network each member belongs to.

Just for your information, I opted out of the SFI Affiliate program on January 7th, 2016. I update this article very often, SFI for me is a waste of time, resources, and energy.

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate since July 2016; it is an online community of affiliates that is hosting over 1.5m members.

What do you think of my SFI Affiliate Program Center Review? Is Strong Future International – SFI legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

Can you make money with SFI Marketing Group SFIMG?

How to Make Money with SFI Marketing Group SFIMG

Make Money with SFI Affiliate Program

ECA(E-Commerce Affiliate) is the term used for commercial sellers, that is people that have their own stores that decide to hook their stores and pluck it in SFI main store (Tripple Click); with the aim of selling their products and services.

This allows them to market their products and service along (SFI Stores).

There is no cost for ECAs from over 195 countries to list their products and services so that they can take advantage of the TripleClick growing traffic. Join ECA here.

Referring People And Playing Games (Eager Zebra Games)

 This is the game division of TripleClick in SFI; one of the most lucrative things to do these days is making money online by playing games. This is a multimillion-dollar business.

You can both promote and be a player in these online games to make money online and in SFI.

You have to be a Triple Click member first before you can be a member of the Eager Zebra Games.

The games you can play include: Uber-Picks, Gold Streak, Knockout Trivia, Time Machine, and Pick The     Price

Making Money with PRICEBENDERS Penny Auctions

PRICEBENDERS Penny Auctions will allow you to win hot great products of various brands just for a fraction of the retail price (Usually more than 90% off).

Every auction starts at just one cent for each bid placed. You, however, need to purchase T-credits to bids at PRICEBENDERS Penny Auctions, learn more. What do you think of my SFI review?

Earn with Wave3 Program

Wave3 is a great program for SFI members to help spread the word about TripleClick to friends and relatives; as they do they enjoy a lot of benefits which include the following

  1. 120 days FREE W3 membership!
  2. FREE Member Reward Points
  3. The FREE monthly member listing
  4. FREE bonus entries in the big Daily Crown drawings!
  5. Unlimited lifetime 10% matches of any Eager Zebra Zackpot winnings of your referrals!

Make Money By Accumulating of Versa Points

Believe it or not, SFI has over 100,000 products in its catalog.

Wherein, for every purchase and action made by a member, as well as his/her downline, would give you the benefit of earning certain amounts of Versa Points.

As a new member, your first objective is to earn as many points as you can, because the more points you accumulate during the month, the better rank you’re going to enjoy and the more money you’re going to earn.

Though, aside from buying and selling products, you can also obtain points by accomplishing certain tasks that are in your “Daily-to-do-List.”

Increasing Earnings Through Generating Sales

Every time you refer someone to make a purchase at triple clicks; you’ll be getting a 45% commission.

Then, it’s also important to note that the referral of SFI lasts for a lifetime.

That means those you are going to refer would be your customers as long as you’re a member of SFI.

Sponsorship and Duplication

In order to earn a lot from SFI, what can be done is to promote SFI and try to recruit as many members as you can into your downline.

There’s a matching program in Versa Point wherein for every VP earned, you’ll also be getting the same amount.

Adding Supplement Income Streams (Completely Optional) for those who would love to earn more, there are supplementary income streams that can be used.

Since these are completely optional, you’ll definitely have your hands full and there would be a lot to learn.

You Can Purchase Down Line

If you have the money you can buy PSAs (Personal Sponsor Affiliates) through triple-click stores, These is people that are mobilized by SFI and they are in turn sold to members that have the means to purchase them.

It will be your duty to follow these people up and ensure they are established in SFI.

Because as they make money you have a certain percentage that accrues to you as the sponsor. Have you seen any positive SFI reviews?

sfimg affiliate center

Read the Full SFI Compensation Plan here

My Issue with SFI (Reasons to Avoid It)

Below are many reasons why you should avoid SFI at all costs:

Change of Name “Six-Figure Income” to Strong Future International

Who knows the reason for the change in name from Six-Figure Income to Strong Future International?

Why will you change the name of a company? There must be a serious reason for that. . .

The SFI President & Founder Gery Carson was narrating a story of how the new fashion of SFI cams to be. See the screenshot below:

The reason for changing the name in 1998 was not stated in that article.

Pay to Qualified Business Model

If you join SFI, you must be ready to spend your money to stay qualified to earn.  Otherwise, there will be nothing for you.

The first month will earn you easy EA ((1,500 VPs) – Executive Affiliate with many task-based activities.

After the first month, you are expected to retain this level or no earnings for you. To maintain the EA level, you must become a member of IHABE that will cost you a monthly fee of $30.

Notwithstanding how long you have been working, you will lose your CSA (Members attached to you to mentor by SFI) if you can’t secure your 1,500VPs in any month.

You should either be ready to be their recruiting machine or be prepared to pay to maintain the minimum level to earn from SFI EA (Executive Affiliate). What do you think of my SFI review?

See the screenshot of EA requirements below:

Complicated Compensation Plan

Before you can earn from SFI, you must know your way out of very complex compensation plans that revolve around so many activities you must execute.

If you have your blog working on it daily compare to wasting your time and resource on another platform would have made you considerable money online.

You must know that I have reviewed over 30 MLM programs with different compensation plans. SFI compensation plans are the most irregular ever.

Don’t forget that SFI can even throw you out.

Many people and that includes new affiliates will find it very difficult to understands such a complex compensation plan (Read the SFI Compensation Plan Here)

Highly Overpriced SFI Products

One significant way to make money with SFI is by promoting their eCommerce stores.

For every item, you successfully sold or bought by people you referred you will earn a commission of almost over 45%.

What they did is to over hiked the price of goods to make room for affiliates’ commissions.

It is always impossible for you to sell any item that can be found on Amazon or any of those Chinese eCommerce stores.

It is very difficult to lure people to visit the SFI Triple Clicks click store to make any purchase of products because of this overpricing of goods.

 An Un-Rank Customized FREE Website

SFI will get you a FREE customized website. Customized such that what they give you is what other members have.

This is bad such that the content loaded is the same with the same tools and resources. It will be a useless website because it will not rank in any search engines such as (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

The content is rubbish because they are duplicated materials and Google, most especially hates copied content.

No training is provided to build and maintain the website, and you can only use the site for SFI alone because they do the upload for all members.

You can only move the link around your medial social profile, such content that is the same and moved around by many people will soon become spam to the online community.

High Drop Rate of Affiliate Members

Many affiliate members will sign in but will not stay.

They can quickly sign on FREE, but they become inactive before you know it. Member within SFI always discusses this daily.

The reason why they won’t stay after a month or so is that they realize that SFI has nothing to offer them. They cannot read or see any verifiable testimonies of how people are making money from existing members.

Many of these free members cannot qualify for EA the second month, and they have no money to continue. People can have hope when they can see that they are building a REAL business.

But SFI is not so, that was why I left after wasting my money and resource to upgrade every month (for seven months) to EA without adding value to anybody.

For me, SFI is a rip-off and a waste of time and money. See screenshots of discussion of inactive affiliate members inside the SFI forum.

Do you think you can make money with SFI Marketing Group SFIMG? What do you think of my SFI Affiliate Program Center Review?

Is Strong Future International (SFI) legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

What Is Good About SFI

  • SFI is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay for anything just to join the site.
  • SFI is now in its 18th year, with millions of dollars in annual sales and millions paid in commissions to thousands of affiliates around the world, they are reliable, stable and have been around since 1998
  • Aside from free membership, you would also get free extensive Internet income training. This includes pay-per-click marketing; free advertising strategies, and mobile marketing to help you get started
  • SFI offers a wide range of income streams to choose from.
  • If you could reach more than 3,000 VPS a month, then you would get a reward for every share that could be as much as $106.
  • Members are allowed to upload digital products and resell them. This would entitle them to one VP per transaction.
  • The help and support system SFI has is above average; support available 24/7
  • Members could choose the way they would want to get paid. It can be via PayPal, direct deposit, or through Payoneer MasterCard (I recommend Payoneer)
  • Problem resolution is powerful with the great community most especially when you need help you can shout out to the forum and members will always rescue you
  • You can communicate directly to the owner through the forum

Who Is SFI Affiliate For?

This program is for any individual that is determined to succeed online because it does not make rich quick online business

You must work hard, be patient, and be consistent to be profitable in SFI.

Because there is a daily routine that will earn you points daily you must attend to in SFI, these points aggregate to monthly VPs that will make you qualify for your rank.

Signing up is free and everyone could get access to the SFI Affiliate Center, as well as the SFI homepage.

As you log into your account for the first time, you’ll receive an email that explains step-by-step ways of making money in SFI no matter how you sign on whether through an affiliate member or through the SFI Website.

As you sign in to SFI, you will be automatically assigned an up line that you can communicate to if you have any challenges. Your direct upline is your sponsor.

This sponsor would discuss everything you need to know about SFI and instructions that would help you get started.

The truth is that I don’t like to recommend SFI to anyone.

It is just like over 500 legit programs only but they won’t make you money and you will be serving the top few people on the pyramid. Such programs include.

Do you think that SFI Marketing Group SFIMG will make you money?

Is Strong Future International (SFI) legit or another scam pyramid scheme? What do you think of the review of the SFI Affiliate Program Center?

Overview of SFI Affiliate Training and Tools

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, anyone can become a part of the SFI, and be a member of this marketing group would place you in a position of straight “Power Line” where there’s a lot of privilege to enjoy.

In order to unlock this position, one should upgrade their membership to EA (Executive Affiliate) within 30 days of joining the SFI.

As an EA, you’ll be making money right away and earn a good amount of profit monthly, coming from those who joined after you did.

Aside from that, you’ll also get an SFI website URL that would allow you to promote SFI effectively and be able to recruit new clients as well.

When this new member upgraded to EA, you would also be able to earn more through them– aside from the commissions, you’re going to earn from the products you’ll be selling on your online store.

Can you make money with the SFI marketing group (SFIMG)?

How Much Can You Make with SFI Marketing Group (SFIMG)

If you have any encounter with SFI affiliates, they will be telling you a different thing.

There is no assurance that you will be making money with Strong Future International.

It is clearly stated on their Disclaimer page (See the screenshot below).

You may make money with SFI but is not a consistent one. You may be making $20, $50, the maximum you can make with SFI cannot exceed $500 monthly.

And before you can make such an amount, you must have been with them for years unlike you having your platform with your own business.

You can be making over $5,000 monthly with your website within two years.

How do I Withdraw Money from an SFI Affiliate?

You can get paid via PayPal; this is the best way to get your money out of SFI Marketing Group SFIMG. 

You also have an option of TripleClicks MasterCard via Payoneer (this was my option while I was with SFI). 

Most Asian and African countries where you can not get paid with PayPal will embrace this option. 

I also use Payoneer to get paid via the Amazon Associate program, i.e., with my website. 

You can earn great promoting Amazon products with your website instead of wasting your time away with the SFI Affiliate Program Center.

You will also get your money directly to your bank account with Payoneer for Amazon associate sales. 

Support On SFI Affiliate Platform

Unfortunately, although the customer support of SFI marketing is available 24/7, it’s still a little unsatisfactory.

Although they do answer the questions and queries of customers, you have to wait for several days to get their reply.

They also have a good forum of members that reply to your questions

SFI – Strong Future International Price

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, signing up is completely free ($0)

SFI Affiliate Program Center BBB Review?

SFI Affiliate Program Center is legit and not a scam pyramid scheme. It is FREE to join, and you do not have any obligation to make payment. 

The SFI Group has a BBB rating of A+.

Better Business Bureau has accredited it since 30th of January 2000.

The SFI Marketing Group SFIMG contact details are: 

  • 620 N 48th St # 104. Lincoln, NE 68504-3467. 
  • SFI Phone No: Phone No: (402) 434-8480

So, you can see that Strong Future International – SFI is legitimate. 

However, you can only make money if you join and start from the EA level. 

Each level of the Strong Future International (SFI) required a minimum monthly purchase from the company eCommerce store, i.e., Triple Clicks.

As an insider who has worked with SFI for over seven months, it will be tough for you to make money. 

Why is that?

Strong Future International (SFI) is a multi-level marketing company that uses both affiliate marketing and a direct sales business model to promote and sell its products.

It is also better to have your website work with Strong Future International (SFI).

SFI affiliate program can restrict your access to the platform at any time, and you will lose all the referrals and all the work you have done for years. 

You will always be at the company’s mercy.

Your website will help you partner with another big eCommerce store that will pay you even better. 

For instance, you can be making over $3,000 monthly with Amazon as an affiliate within a full year of working on your website.

You can also sell your website 10x your investment. 

What do you think of my SFI Affiliate Program Center Review? Can you make money with the SFI marketing group (SFIMG)? Is Strong Future International (SFI) legit or a scam?

Is Strong Future International (SFI) a Pyramid Scheme?

Strong Future International (SFI) is legit, and not another pyramid scheme scam?

Why is Strong Future International – SFI not a pyramid scheme?

The pyramid scheme business model does not involve sales and marketing of physical products. 

A pyramid scheme is a process by which you market people for an investment opportunity. 

You only earn a commission, a percentage of the fees paid by the people you recruit to join that investment.

Your referral can only make money from the commission earned from the people they recruit. Recruitment is unending in any pyramid scheme business. 

The pyramid scheme scam is a crime in many regions and countries globally, including the USA, India, Nigeria, Canada, the UK, etc. 

Strong Future International (SFI) will help you market the various products, both virtual and physical (eCommerce).

Note: It is better to be a complete affiliate marketer with your website and not a customized SFI website. 

What do you think of my SFI Affiliate Program Center Review? Is Strong Future International – SFI legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

Can you make money with SFI Marketing Group (SFIMG)?

Is Strong Future International – SFI Legit or a Scam?

Strong Future International – SFI is legit and not a pyramid scheme scam.

You join at no cost, but they will manipulate you to remain qualified as EA by purchasing products that worth $30 or more and by recruiting more affiliate members.

But is SFI delivering real value to affiliate members? But Strong Future International is not a scam.

The company has been around since 1998. Must they be doing something right?

Yes, you have the opportunity to make money with SFI, but they all look and seems like a scam (I am not saying it is a scam “it looks like it”)

Do I recommend SFI? Hell NO. I know better than when I first join them.

You will only make money with SFI if you can recruit people that ready also to recruit others and even buy products from their expensive eCommerce stores.

People have many alternative stores where they can get great products with great deals.

Recruiting people to do monotonous stuff daily on a website that is not theirs is a pure waste of time.

What do you think of my SFI Affiliate Program Center Review? Is Strong Future International – SFI legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

Can you make money with the SFI marketing group (SFIMG)?

Many Online Complain About SFI Scam

There are SFI scam complaints everywhere online mostly by ex-members of Strong Future International.

The major topical complaint is the rate at which members abandon the program after a month of their free subscription.

Below are a few screenshots from various complaints about past and present SFI members.

This is an indication of what you will be made to experience with Strong Future International if you join them. What do you think of my SFI review?

 Marketing Group Reviews
what is the sfi affiliate center_
Strong Future International Scam
Strong Future International  affiliate

How I Failed to Make Money with SFI Affiliate

My first encounter with making money online was with the SFI (Strong Future International). I was so elated and happy that I could make money online.

I was diligent with doing my daily tasks with SFI and paying over $30 monthly to get to qualify for EA will make me are eligible to earn. The most money I made monthly then was $36 (a gain of $6 a month).

I failed to make money with SFI then because SFI is not out to train me to impact value. But, Can you make money with Strong Future International?

The SFI aims to get affiliate members and make them earn peanuts from the purchase of too costly eCommerce products. You will not learn anything other than working on third-party websites that is not your own.

Many have been with SFI for like ten years mainly from the Asian and African countries, if they get their access block today, what will be their gain? Ask anyone of them.

Wealthy Affiliate Changed Everything

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will know what you are paying for. I am on an annual subscription with Wealthy Affiliate (at $30 monthly subscriptions).

They will teach you to step by step with YouTube videos and text on how to have your website that will be making money for you as you are learning.

Your website can be of any niche. For instance, if you like reading books, your site may be a focus on reviewing motivational books online.

You will target great motivations books, review them, and use your affiliate link to lead your audience to where the book will be purchased.

That will earn you a commission. You then start reviewing as many books as you can to get more people to visit your website and get them to buy those books they like. This is affiliate marketing.

You can decide on any niche of your choice; it can be games, electronics, security, phones, health, finance, making money, education, kids, etc. what is it that you like doing.

Wealthy Affiliate will take you through how you will create your website by yourself. And you can make your website with you anytime you are leaving Wealthy Affiliate.

Within six months you will start making money. People are earning over $5,000, to $50,000 monthly with their website within Wealthy Affiliate.

SFI is like a prison compared to Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Strong Future International – SFI

What do you think of my Strong Future International Review? Can you make money with Strong Future International? Do you think SFI is a Scam?

You can never compare SFI to promoting your own personal business and brand online.

In SFI you will be made to promote only the SFI brand while as an Affiliate Marketer, you own your business and you promote your own brand.

If SFI folds up or something happens to then you will go down with them! This is one other reason you need to start your own business with your own website.

This is why I am recommending my number one Affiliate Marketing program called Wealthy Affiliate.

In WA you will go through training on how to make money online with what your skill, idea, hobbies, and what you have a passion for.

You will have your own website with every other tool you will need to succeed online. I know you must have read Strong Future International (SFI) Review on many websites, but this is from a person that is once a member.

Also, I actually ran away from SFI. I can say here that you may never make money with SFI because the business model is unique and it won’t favor you.

Start making money today by checking out what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. You are free to ask any question by dropping a comment for me, I will definitely get back to you.

Are you with Strong Future International – SFI? Are you making money with SFI – Strong Future International? What is your take off my review of Strong Future International?

Are you still with the Strong Future International (SFI)? What do you think of my Strong Future International (SFI)? Are you making money with Strong Future International?

Note: You must know that you can always contact me on Wealthy Affiliate, this is my Personal Profile.

Please do well to leave your thought on my review, for any question you might need help with. I will respond to you in no time.

mlm vs affiliate marketing pros and cons

SFIMG Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is Strong Future International – SFI?

SFI Affiliate Program Center is created to help you make money online irrespective of where you are from. 

It leverages the difficulties encountered by people from third-world countries like Africans and Asian countries. 

You can now make money online and get paid without PayPal via the SFI Affiliate Program Center. 

SFI Affiliate Program Center has its eCommerce stores like Amazon and eBay, i.e., Triple Clicks online. 

You can purchase any product within the triple Click platform. 

The problem with the SFI Affiliate Program Center is that if you have trouble with them, your account will be restricted by the company, and all your website and referral are gone forever. 

Therefore you should set up your OWN business online with your website. You can create your FREE website here. 

You can still make money as an affiliate with the SFI Marketing Group (SFIMG) with your platform. 

How do SFI affiliates make money?

SFI Affiliate Program Center makes money by using and forcing the many affiliate marketers who buy the company’s products. 

There are a certain amount of products you must purchase monthly to remain at your level. 

Don’t forget that Strong Future International – SFI is a multi-level marketing platform. 

You are also made to recruit new members; as new members are a force to purchase on the company eCommerce store, both you and the company will earn a commission because they are your referrals. 

This is how both Strong Future International – SFI and the SFI affiliate members are making money. 

What is SFI Affiliate Center?

The SFI Affiliate Center has tools and resources that help you to track your progress daily. You can call it your communication and productivity hub and center. 

You can see an overview of your activities daily, weekly, and monthly via SFI Affiliate Center. 

Is SFI a legit company?

So, Is Strong Future International (SFI) a scam pyramid scheme or legit? 

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Strong Future International (SFI) is legitimate, and not a scam pyramid scheme. But, you may not make money with this company as an affiliate marketer. 

You should have your website rather than a customized website that is made for you one. 

You can be blocked from getting access to your platform by the company at any time, and you will lose all that you have been working for years.

Having your website will help you partner with SFI and other big eCommerce companies like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, etc.

If you depend only on SFI, you cannot use their website to make money with any other eCommerce store. 

This will force you to depend on them, and I can assure you that you regret it later. 

See how to claim a FREE website here. 

What do you think of my SFI Affiliate Program Center Review? Is Strong Future International – SFI legit or scam pyramid scheme?

How do I Delete My SFI Account?

To delete your Strong Future International – SFI account. Go to your account tab under your profile picture within the SFI affiliate center.

Click on the account options (the last one), then click on the cancel SFI account. 

Follow the step below, as shown in the diagram.

SFI Affiliate Program Center Review
Strong Future International - SFI

How do I find my SFI ID?

To get your SFI Marketing Group SFIMG ID. Log in with your email address. 

Just at your profile page before your picture, you will locate your SFIMG ID as shown below with a screenshot:


Is SFI Affiliate Program Center Worth It?

Thanks for reading my SFI Affiliate Program Center Review? Can you make money with Strong Future International – SFI?

Is SFI Marketing Group SFIMG legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

There’s no denying that the SFI Affiliate is a legit MLM marketing and you will be able to sell real products.

The question is can you really make money with SFI – Strong Future International in the long run?

The much negativity is that you are promoting a website and products and service that is not yours.

Every online entrepreneur should be bold to set out and start to promote his or her own business online. This is what is achievable at Wealthy Affiliate University.

Also, given the fact that it has been around for more than a decade, the longevity of the company is one of the reasons why it seems to be reliable.

As an insider and been a member of SFI for over seven months with nothing to show for it.

I can assure you that you will not make money with SFI – Strong Future International. This is my main point of this Strong Future International – SFI review.

The only negative is that SFI has a lot of elements of MLM, it is my personal opinion that all Multilevel Marketing (MLM) is a scam.  Since you have to do some recruitment to grow really big.

You can as well conclude that a strong future international is a scam, most especially if you are an insider. The program is only good for upper-level members.

Those who are well acquainted with Internet marketing would definitely find SFI as one of the best ways to make it online.

What do you think of my SFI Affiliate Program Center Review? Can you make money with Strong Future International – SFI?

Is SFI Marketing Group SFIMG legit or a pyramid scheme scam?

However, for those who are just exploring this business venture, you’re going to need a lot of patience and determination for you to see tangible results.

SFI Affiliate Program Center Review – Video

38 thoughts on “SFI Affiliate Review: Can You Really Make Money with SFIMG?”

  1. Almost every single opportunity program review I find tells me that they Don’t recommend the program, and I should join Wealthy Affiliate instead.

    I’m starting to think that the business model for Wealthy Affiliate is as follows:

    Make a blog badmouthing and putting down the most popular and highly searched income programs, then recommend WA instead.

    1. Dear Roberto Santana,
      If ” Almost every single opportunity program review I find tells me that they Don’t recommend the program, and I should join Wealthy Affiliate instead.”. Then you should try and join WA. That implies that there is something in WA that people like.

      If you read my article about SFI, I never talk down SFI in any way. Please know that SFI IS NOT A SCAM.

      But I will not advise my audience to have anything to do with SFI. It is just advice. It is not a must.

      This is why SFI is not suitable for you if you want to make money.

      1. It is not your business. You are just helping the owners advertise and looking for people to join.

      2. Is it an MLM-run business model. Only 0.03% of people are making money with any MLM company. If you are starting, you will not make money.

      3. In SFI, you don’t have the freedom to write or sell anything you want to sell. Everything you are selling or promoting is all about the owners and the business they run. At Wealthy Affiliate, you can build your website and partner with any companies to make money with them. WA will host and help you maintain your site, but you can promote and write about anything you want. I have other sites that are making money with Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart, etc. This is not possible with SFI.

      4. SFI forum will restrict you to your downlines. You can not communicate with people within SFI that are not your downline. At WA, you can write about anything and speak via private mail to any one of your choices. You can even chat with the owners of the company.

      I have with SFI for seven months. It is purely a waste of time. Throughout that seven months, I made less than $3oo for the duration. At Wealthy Affiliate, you can have your website and start promoting any business opportunity like reviewing cars, chairs, Smartphones, Create news sites. And you can even build your website and be writing about why you will stay in SFI for the rest of your life. If you believe SFI will make you money, stick with them.

      I am making over $3,000 monthly on just one of my Amazon websites. You can never make that for two years with Strong Future International.

      SFI is not a scam, but you can not build your own business and start making money with the company.
      What do you think?

      Please stay with SFI. Somebody has to do business with them.

      If you believe that your destiny is tied forever with the company, why not?


  2. Hi John .
    I’m with SFI for over 6 months and can say each and every word you used for SFI is absolutely correct why do I waste my time for promoting such a product which is just triple in compare in price .

    I also love WA. I joined too . But their monthly fee is quite high as I’m an Indian and 50 $ per month can afford .
    I love this program.
    Anybody wants join via my Wheatly affiliate link so that i could also take their advantage.

    Kindly drop me

    1. Hi Nikhat,

      Thanks for visiting my page and reading my SFI Affiliate Review.

      It is important to note that SFI are still making some people money. The only problem with the Strong Future International is that you are not working on and with your website. If they throw you out or revoke your access you have to look for somewhere else to go. This is why you need your own website. You can create one for FREE here.

      Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with SFI.


  3. Dear John,

    Thanks for making an unbiased review from your perspective especially being an insider.

    I’m a strong believer of great after sales support and I can see how you pointed theirs is not at par of what I think good is.

    Probably could make money out of this but I don’t feel confident that it’s worth the effort. Will look into the other way you suggested.



    1. Brenda, please avoid Strong Future International by all means. Start Your Own business instead. There is much better training platform online today.

      My recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. If at all you can not join Wealthy Affiliate directly because your region is not allowed.

      See this article that will help you join easily if your region or country is restricted from joining Wealthy Affiliate; See why and how to join legally.

      As long as you are ready to go Premium at once; you will be allowed to Join.

      Stop wasting your precious time today.



  4. Hi John, I’ve heard some good things about SFI but from what I can tell, the wealthy affiliate is a much better choice overall.

    I’m going to go with them since you’ve also failed to make money with SFI after being a member for so long.



    1. Dear Donald,

      Thanks for reading my Strong Future International Review. You made the right choice. Strong Future International- SFI is a waste of time and energy. You can not make money with it. And at the end you will hate yourself.

      Aside from not making money; it does not make sense to be working on another person platform hoping you can make money one day. Your access will be revoked before you know it and all your hard work will be taken from you.

      The best thing to do is to own your own business online with your own website. Wealthy Affiliate will help you achieve that and you can join FREE. You have nothing to lose. You will have access to the first 10 training before you can go premium.

      Also, know that there is no website like your very own. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Linkedin, and Quora cannot help you. What about is they log you out someday? What then happens?

      Start nursing and working on your own platform today. Making real money is REAL!



  5. Hi John,

    This is the first time i am hearing of this platform.

    Sincerely this seems really awesome with about 9 ways to earn from.

    And from this your detailed review I see how flexible Strong Future International could be.

    I am Dorothy

    1. Dear Dorothy,

      Thanks for reading my Strong Future International Review. SFI is a very popular name in the MMO (Making Money Online) Niche.

      They are also free to join and not a scam, however, you will not make money. They employed MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) structure.

      It is only the people at the top that are making money. I was with SFI for almost a year. I was only making $20. The month I work so hard the maximum I make is $35; which is peanut to what I am making today.

      You will not also have your own business with your own platform. At SFI affiliate are encouraged to nurture the SFI website. Whereas at Wealthy Affiliate you are coached and trained to nurture your website (which is your business) every day.

      The summary of the story is this SFI will waste your time and drag your future with them. Take action and take responsibility today. You can start making money doing your own business online today.



  6. This is quite a detailed review about SFI, and I can say I’m convinced to try this out. I’m not in a rush to make money online.I just need a system that will pay in the long run.

  7. Dear John,

    Thank you Amazing profits online for this interesting article on Strong Future International.

    This way of making money online by becoming an affiliate marketer can make you money if you work hard.



    1. Dear Lana,

      You are welcome to my Strong Future International ( Review. Yes, you can make money with Strong Future International (; but it is going to be a peanut to what you can make if you decide to run your own business online.

      Strong Future International ( will make you work for another person for your lifetime. Whereas you can run your affiliate marketing website.

      Another major problem with Strong Future International ( is that you can be thrown out of your business with them or get revoked or get banned completely.

      But if you have your own website running your own business; you can only be in control of your destining.



  8. This is an interesting review. It seems like there are a lot of pros but I don’t know if the cons are worth it. I think working on your own brand might be a better way to spend your time!

    1. Thanks Tami,

      You are right. strong Future International will not make you money and there is nothing like having your own website and platform.

      Really appreciate you comments.



  9. Dear John,

    This is an extremely informative article on SFI.

    I’ve been looking for something that actually goes into detail about the program and you have exactly that.

    One thing that comes to mind with this program is why should I invest time and money into advertising someone else’s products when I could do the same thing?



    1. Hi Parker,

      Thank for reading my Strong Future International (SFI) Review. The truth is this, you may make some couple of money like $20, $50, at most $200 with Strong Future International-SFI. But Strong Future International can never make you rich.

      I was in this program for over six months. I worked with all dedication, I got to a point I start asking questions. My question leads me to become an affiliate marketer running my own website.

      When I start making money on this site, my first earnings was 20X of what I was making in SFI. At SFI, if you write what is not suppose to be written or post any questions that are against their policy you access will be revoked. You can even get your access revoked after over 20 years with SFI!

      What then can you do with your life after 20 years of working and helping someone else runs his or her business? The best thing to do is to have your own profitable website; running your own business and making money.

      If you don’t know where to start, you can start where I started. Click here to start running your own business.

      You will be taken through step by step of how to Identify your audience, how to attract them to your website and how to make money from your audience. You will learn how to turn your hobbies and passion or ideas into a thriving online business.

      This is a business that can be run from anywhere in the world. You can be traveling around the world and still be making money!

      I love my work! Do you love what you are doing too?

      I hope you will visit my website again?



  10. Dear John,

    Do you know how much money you can make per month through this platform? It sounds like a lot of work, but I don’t want to go through all of that for nothing



    1. Dear Sophie,

      Thanks for reading my Strong Future International ( Review. Yes, you can make money with SFI – Strong Future International (; but it is going to be a peanut. I am an insider of SFI.

      I was with Strong Future International for six months of serious commitment from my end. The major negative aspect of Strong Future International is that no matter how committed you are you will be working for someone else.

      You will be building up someone else business instead of yours. This is why I opted out and my life has never been the same again. You can start your own business online today with my #1 recommended online today. It will change your life just like it changes mine.



  11. The pros sound enticing, but I’m uncertain how much time I want to spend learning about the brand. I understand there is always going to be a certain amount of training material for any money-making venture, but I want to get familiar with something ASAP and start making some cash. This is one I will have to think over first.

    1. Dear Harry,
      Thanks for reading my Strong Future International ( Review. Thanks also for the commendation.

      I will advise you to read my recommendation of Strong Future International ( I am not recommending this product. I was with Strong Future International ( for over six months. I could not make ends meet. It was purely a waste of time, energy, and resources.

      I am recommending Wealthy Affiliate Instead. You will definitely make you money if you follow the training. And if you join through me I will also help you within the wealthy affiliate forum.

      The major difference between Wealthy Affiliate and Strong Future International ( is that WA will help you own a business that you can call your own while Strong Future International ( will not.

      You will be working for the owners of Strong Future International ( instead.

      Do you have any other question? Please revert. I will be glad to respond to you.



  12. Honestly, I like the way you go into details with your reviews of MLM and other money-making opportunities. Though SFI sounds too strange, I think it’s not worth giving my time. Comparing SFI to your Wealthy Affiliate opportunity, it’s better to build a sustainable business, even if it takes more time. How does your affiliate program work? Does it entail arduous tasks?

    1. Dear Gilbert,

      Strong Future International (SFI) is very legit but it is a waste of time. I was with SFI for six months ( I hated myself remembering that); SFI is indeed not worth any serious-minded person’s time.

      You can never compare Wealthy Affiliate and SFI! Sfi will make you work for them and when they are fed up with you-your access can easily be revoked that you won’t even have access to your funds.

      With SFI you are not building your own business, rather you are building the owners business.

      Wealthy Affiliate will help you build your own business. And when you feel it is time to move on; you can move your business without any negative impact to your structure and business. And even if you have a problem with Wealthy Affiliate; the worse that can happen to you is that your writing access can be revoked.

      And that does not affect your business and earnings. You won’t just be able to communicate with people again. I knew over 20 affiliate members making over $7,000 monthly at Wealthy Affiliate. I can NOT point to one person making over $3,000 monthly at Strong Future International (SFI).

      Believe me, SFI is not a place to be. This is coming from an insider.



  13. I’ve never heard of this company before, but I really like how in depth you go into your review. The free membership seems nice – but I do get overwhelmed easily and if their training platform is as intense as you say, it might not be good for me.
    I need little bites at a time and then time to process what I’ve learned.
    It IS nice to see that you actually tried the program you are reviewing. Do you still do this along with Wealthy Affiliate or are you focusing more on your own niche instead of their mlm platform?

    1. Thanks Kayla.

      I left Strong Future International a long time. It is a waste of time and resource. Wealthy Affiliate is where anybody can really make money online owning a business you can call your own. 

      Thanks for Visiting 


  14. Strong Future International offers little opportunities for those who want to start earning their own money online. Also it has some elements of MLM – Multi Level Marketing. I can see from your article that it is also free to join. This is why a lot of people are goin into it.

    How were you copping while you were in SFI? The way you narrated in this article, it is like promoting a lot of products for the owners and the people up the ladder or pyramid.

    I like this article since it provides necessary information especially the pros and cons of the Strong Future International. This should help beginners with their decision before joining SFI.

    Another question I want to ask is this. Can you compare SFI and Weslthy Affiliate?


    1. Thank you.

      I joined SFI then because of knowledge gab on how to make good money online. SFI allow every body from any where in the world to join but it is a wrong program because as you discover in my article that you are made to promote products and services on another person business platform.

      In Wealthy Affiliate you will promote your business using your very own platform. The more you promote any product on your platform the more your platform become recognize and become an authority on the web.

      You can compare Wealthy Affiliate and SFI, it is like comparing Diamond and Wood

      Wealthy Affiliate will make you identify your niche, they will train you on how to develop your own website, you will be thought how to promote your products to your audience and you will learn how to monetize your product.

      With Wealthy Affiliate if you do what they train you should be making more than $20,000 monthly.

      I hope I asnswer your questions?



  15. Hi,

    Your write up is so detailed. I knew this because I am with SFI. With more than one year with them I have never made money to break even. They always compel people to make payment to move forward.

    We have so many people still with them! I don’t know why they are wasting their time and energy promoting another person’s business.

    I have have decided that I am going to build my own business through your recommendation here. I need your advice so That I will not make mistake.

    What is your best advise on how to make good money online.



    1. Make money online is the best decision you can take, most especially if you are promoting your own very products online. You just need to identify what you have passion for and get your own website and start building your business online.

      I should let you know also that it is not an immediate money making ventures. You have to be dedicated and work hard to thrive in your niche choice.

      I invite you to start through Wealthy Affiliate they will help you to become an authority in your niche.

      Use the Wealthy affiliate members login on this site to register. With that i will be able to deliver a great gift for you.

      thank you


  16. Hi John,

    I have seen SFI advertised for years and have also seen many complaints about them It makes me wonder how they are still online. But like you said it is an MLM and it’s the people at the top who are benefitting. People fall for this only because it is free and they feel they have nothing to lose. But what they do lose is time and confidence. You have written a very informative review of SFI and I hope it will help others before they join.

    Do you agree with me?

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I disagree with you that people still patronise SFI just because it is free, no because we still have other great program that are free that still earn people money and it is also good to note that Strong Future International could be classify to be fraud! It is NOT FREE.

      But then i agree with you that it is a waste of time being a member of SFI (strong future international). I was in SFI before i get to know Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate Changed everything. It made me understand how online business work and how money are been made.

      Also with Wealthy Affiliate. i am now promoting my own business online instead of promoting some one else business. I was thought how to know my niche market in Wealthy Affiliate, The first thing i did was to identified a profitable niche market and i did that through great training video and text materials provided by Wealthy Affiliate.. I am now making money for myself doing my own business online.

      But i regretted wasting my time with SFI – strong future international.

      thank you


  17. A lot of people have complaint of SFI here you are recommending the program. Sincerely, are people making money with SFI. What do you like about SFI and what do you hate about the program? What do you think, is SFI an MLM? Please help attend to these questions. It will help me a a lot of other people online.

    Thank you.

    Jade Ezekiel

    1. I am a member of SFI, in fact it was the first making money online program i joined. Poeple are making money in SFI. It will be difficult for a newbie to excel and making money online in SFI. It only pays the people at the top of the ladder. people at the lower ladder (EAs ) are just serving the Top ones. Also, you are promoting other people’s program promoting SFI. Wealthy Affiliate ( ) is a million better than SFI. Because in WA if you successfully refer one person and the person paid a monthly premium of $49; half of the money is for you. Everybody in WA are promoting their own websites. unlike SFI that you are just promoting a family business.

      It is definitely an MLM program, because it has steps and you have to recruit to earn money online, you either invite people to buy products , play game or become a member. You are recruiting . . . .

  18. Kindly help me with your Sincere take on the program SFI. How are people making money. You confirm you were once a member, are you still with them?

    1. Yes, i am still with SFI but i am more committed to affiliate marketing. The problem with SFI is that it is only the people at the top that making real money. If you are good in recruiting people and making them stay; then SFI is for you. There is no quick money in online business, the same applies in SFI. You have to promote SFI products online, on Facebook and twitter. If you have any product of your own you can also sell online. The more you promote either your product or other people’s products the more money you will make.

      My Final take is this, the best money making method for any one is not to promote other people’s product but to have your own choice of business. Choosing a niche you love and constantly working on it will earn you money online with time.
      A lot of people have been asking of how to earn money online without a investment? Or what is free ways to make money online in the internet. To make realy money online, you must have your website and start promoting your own niche. Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama or blogging guru can help you learn a lot on having your own web site. And be ready to spend money.

      For more details, You can view yourube of SFI in www youtube com. Check my recommended reviewed products; there are many other better program that will earn you better than SFI. I hope you are okay?

  19. What a comprehensive review. I only need to know the way the cash out. How do I get paid ? Please help me out. I am interested in this biz

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you Paul for visiting my website, you get paid in SFI in many ways: you have direct deposit, Check, PayPal and via Payoneer MasterCard.

      If you have other questions do feel free to comment.

      Thank again for checking my site.

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