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23 Top Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid: For New Affiliates

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Do you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer? Then these top affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid is a must-read for you.

Many newbies start online marketing without a proper understanding of the tricks and methodology of what must be done to be successful online.


Many are making big mistakes online on a daily basis.  I will be taken you through the top 23 affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid so as to make maximum profits online.

And also YouTube Video of how to avoid affiliate marketing mistakes at the last stage of this article.

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Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

The need to get it right the first time as an affiliate marketer cannot be overemphasized. Online marketing is a great way to make money. Today, merchants market their products through affiliate programs.

As a subscriber to the programs, there are things to give up which are common mistakes or bad habits people are engaging in online that is preventing many from making money online.

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Not Having Your Own Website

This is the most grievous affiliate marketing mistake to avoid. It is possible to make money online without your own websites but it will limit your horizon and how far you can go.

You can not effectively be affiliated to any company without your own website. Some big brands will not even accept your application for you to promote their products.

Your own website will be your own property online. It will help you build your own list and your list is your money. You can start with one, then two and you move up from here;

The only way you can make real reasonable money online if only you have your own websites and you promote products using this website.

There is a need to know anything about building websites, it is very simple and easy to learn.

We have several online programs where you can be thought to become an authority in this online business. As long as you have the determination to succeed you will make it.

I am recommending Wealthy Affiliate University, it is the best learning program in the world and it is the cheapest.

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Learn To Avoid Distraction Online

As an affiliate marketer, you must learn to avoid distractions online. We have a lot of products that are highly enticing.

There are daily flashing of bait by a fraudulent individual without proven reliable products.

All they do is to make you sign on and at the end of the day, the product sold may not perform the task they claimed it will perform.

You must avoid jumping around online checking which one is which. You can not participate in all programs online. Otherwise, it will slow your progress down.

What really helped me was that I stick to Wealthy Affiliate University training and it helped me move forward daily. I still learn daily from Wealthy Affiliate because learning never ends.

Being a Lazy Affiliate Marketer.

It does not mean that you engage in marketing every other minute. No. It is about being consistent. Do not expect to make good money when you sign in to the affiliate program once a month.

You have to be disciplined and focused, focusing includes consistent rolling out of contents on a daily basis.

You suppose to write at least three articles weekly. Consistent writing of quality content will earn you traffics that will earn you enough money online in the future.

If an article can earn you 50 impressions, what is going to be a number of an additional impression on 10 written articles?

The more content the more traffics which will result in more dollars for you. You can not roll out consistent articles weekly if you are not a hard-working affiliate marketer.

You can not avoid being the lazy one this is one major affiliate marketing mistakes that must be avoided by all means.

@Ways To Start Making Money Writing For A Living

Over Ambitiousness

There are those who believe success can happen overnight.

However, those baby steps matter. They mold you into a better affiliate marketer.

The problem of being overambitious is you being unable to handle the disappointment.

You will easily give up. It is different when you jot down achievable goals within a given time frame. Work towards achieving them and see yourself grow.

Subscription to Too Many Affiliate Programs

Subscription to many affiliate networks are major affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid, These major mistakes will keep you very busy and it will seem you are working on your websites but you are just getting distracted doing nothing.

Getting busy with many affiliate programs affected me initially, thank God I realize so early and I made up my mind to follow the schedule by chasing content development on my site.

Diversifying your clients does not mean you work with so many of them.

When you subscribe to many affiliate programs, you get overwhelmed and fail to be productive on any one of them.

Avoid such scenarios by working with a number of programs you are comfortable with; those you can efficiently manage at a go, that none will be underutilized.

Embracing Multiple Traffics Source

As an affiliate marketer, you can not depend on only paid traffics or free traffics only. You need multiple sources of traffics to make an impact on this business.

Make sure you are visible on a major social media platform this is where you secure a continuous daily flow of traffics to your website.

And for effective driving of traffics to a sales page you need paying traffics, either through Google or Bing, you can not avoid being stingy.

You have to spend more to earn money. consistent driving of traffics to your page or post will help improve your page optimization.

With a good focus on paid traffics i.e. PPC, you can earn from fresh written articles or pages. You must avoid these affiliate marketing mistakes that have made over 70% newbie to give up blogging.

Convert Website Mobile Friendly

Smartphones are today used for almost every human transaction including affiliate marketing and shopping.

Therefore, if you promote products on a site that is not accessible by phone, you will be losing money consistently.

Your website must be mobile-friendly not only compatibility, but you also can not avoid being using an outdated theme that is not mobile-friendly. It will hunt your website and a search engine will degrade our ranking.

Lack of non-usage of mobile-friendly websites will be a major mistake by any affiliate marketer.

Guesswork About Products or Services

Marketing content of a product or service you have used sounds different from that of a product or service you have no idea about. For example, it is hard promoting an app when you do not understand how it works.

Therefore, it is recommended that you engage with affiliate programs whose services or products you are familiar with. Do not lie to clients because when they find out, you will lose them and derail your credibility.

Kissing and Telling

When creating marketing content, avoid sounding desperate. Kiss, do not tell. Your work is to state the features and benefits of the product or service in a way that will woo consumers to buy.

Do not give the final word. You sound desperate.

Poor, Boring Content

One of the characteristics a good marketer is being engaging and luring. If you write boring content with grammar issues, poor spelling, and punctuation, you put off users.

For instance, if you are promoting an eBook yet you misspell a word or two, how do you expect users to trust the content of the eBook?

Effective Mail Review

Mail review is a major task in the affiliate marketing business and if not manage you may never get things done on a daily basis.

You must have dedicated time and allocation for reviewing emails.

If your review emails from various sources like Bing, Google, and affiliate networks. You need to know current events otherwise you will continue to be promoting products that are already banned online.

Managing your time as regards mail reviewing is very key. And you must always review your mails every day so as not to get cut off in business online.

Inappropriate Content Positioning

If your banners and links have not been attracting traffic, it is possible that your placement is wrong. For instance, you cannot place a banner at the end of your news website.

People read the first paragraphs and leave the rest. Consider having the links in the middle of the text.

Less Often Updated Site

You need to be active in both affiliate marketing and your personal sites such as blogs and websites.

It is ridiculous when you share a link to a product or service on a website you rarely update. Updating your posts and the marketing goes together.

You must review your past pages and post to reflect current events and updates on your pages.

Major p[products have a version, you must go back to the sales page of the various merchant so as to update your own pages or post with current events.

This is what makes sales happen and your page will also rank better than competitors.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to avoid

Usage of One Social Media And Medium.

You must get your self-involved in major social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc. These are ways of getting free traffics to your site continuously.

Online marketing attends to all human senses. This is why using one medium of communication is bad for online business.

Consider using a multimedia platform such as YouTube. This is about combining text, still images, videos, and graphics.

No online user loves reading huge chunks of text. diversify content on your websites so as to offer a variant for different users. This how you can retain your customers and keep your readers coming back to your website

The Uniqueness of Your Niche Market

The uniqueness of your niche is important to your making money, you cannot be into multiple niches at a time.

Each of your websites must be for a particular niche and it must be unique for you to get noticed in a good time.

If you go for a broad niche your voice may never be heard for a long time unless you have made up your mind to go it for a long haul.

Choose a great name for your website and decide for a sub-niche that you have a passion for. Otherwise, you will be gone before you know it because blogging or having a website is a tough business.

Old Tech

Online technology changes every other time; thus you need to keep up with trends.

Using outdated technology repels consumers and denies you access to better features in affiliate marketing.

Promoting The Merchant.

At no single point should you promote a specific person unless if he or she is the product? Promote the product instead, as long as you are familiar with it.

If you endorse someone with an attachment to the products, there will be problems when he or she cannot deliver to consumers.

Being a Standard Marketer

Do not be like everyone else. Pursue uniqueness in your choice of words, images, and even placement of content.

However, do not be unique by being weird or using means that are not universal to affiliate marketing.

Working With Unreliable Firms

Always research the reputation of the merchant company. The Internet has made it easier.

If you endorse a product or service that turns out to be harmful or ineffective, you losing your users. Go to reputable, trustworthy organizations.

Dealing With Products in Low Demand

A good marketer studies the current needs of the buyers and attends to them. Sharing links or banners of products not needed is a waste of time. Be wise and find out what people really need.

After you have known what you must give up so as to make money online, it is time for you to put it into practice.

Working With Same Clients

You need to diversify your merchants especially if you are not happy with their rates. Try other clients and compare the rates, then work with profitable ones.

Besides, you will better understand which products do well on which affiliate programs.

Using One Program For Sales

If you want to make more money online, be flexible about the sites you use. Do not just rely on one. Open up and you will be surprised to get more, better moneymaking programs.

Implementing Many Idea at a Time.

You can not avoid implementing my idea on your website or online idea at a time otherwise you will be confused and delay your progress.

An instance is in Wealthy Affiliate where we learn many things that are to be implemented on our website immediately.

It is not all ideal to learn that must be implemented. In fact, there is some idea that not meant for now.

Conclusion On Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

There is no way you can make good money online if the above top 23 affiliate marketing mistakes is not avoided by all means.

Though it is good to always learn from our mistakes and it is also great to make mistakes. But there are serious mistakes that can destroy all you have built for life.

These kinds of mistakes slow marketers down from making money online. They must be avoided by all means.

Most of the above are costly mistakes that will not only slow down any business online but can also drown such business.

To make profitable business online we must observe making mistakes that that can bring our business down and be very disciplined in all our dealings online.

What do you think of these top 23 affiliate marketing mistakes?

Do you have any other one not mention in this article? Kindly do well to drop your comment down below in my comment area.

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6 thoughts on “23 Top Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid: For New Affiliates”

  1. This article is a wealth of information for online marketeers. It is very well thought out & to the point. I truly agree with your point of avoiding distraction online, this can be very challenging.
    I have a few questions:
    What is an ideal size of any website
    How many niches can one start with

    I enjoyed reading it, thank you!

    1. Hi Praveen,
      Online business us a serious business and It involve a lot of work. You can only have traction faster if you have a lot of resources to back you up. To be successful online you must either have the following Money or knowledge.

      Your money can help you acquire knowledge and you can get much more done with the money. Money can help you employ freelancers for content creation which is key. If you are good and you have enough skill then the money you need to get things done will be limited.

      It is better you start with one niche that you have a passion for. You have to love and be crazy about your first niche to really make it big; otherwise, challenges online will discourage you to abandon it.

      You need to identify a great niche market that will earn you a lot of money online. You must know the art of choosing a profitable niche online. only going for a niche that with a ready-made market that will help you earn fast online.

      Please start with a niche driven by a website. The most important and common niches are Wealth, Health and relationships. Thes niches are very broad and it will require so much much work to penetrate or command the authority you need to be recognized by the search engines. But if you make up your mind you can do anything you want to do.

      I hope I can help answer your questions?

      please let me know if you still have other questions.



  2. Online Wealthmastery Coach

    Your article is very well thought out & to the point. It highlights all the key points any affiliate marketeer must keep in mind to succeed. All the points in the article must be noted down & re-read to become a part of one’s inner nature. Thanks for the invaluable information!

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