Fiverr Review: Are You Really Making Money With Fiverr?

Summary Review of Fiverr

You are welcome to my Fiverr Review. I am sure you are here because you want to make money with Fiverr. Yes, people are making huge money with Fiverr.

Will you? This is a complete review and guides on how you can easily make money with this platform called “Fiverr”.

Fiverr is a Freelance service and a marketplace that will assist any employers source talents for their various projects from anywhere in the world.

A Fiverr platform is a meeting place between the employers or entrepreneurs and the freelancers who basically will help them meet their daily requirements in need by need cases.

Fiverr help clients discover freelancers the skill set needed to solve their problem and needs.

Fiverr freelancers are called sellers; sellers provide various types of jobs and services beginning at a minimal cost of $5.


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What is Fiverr About, Exactly?

Fiverr is a great place to make huge money on the side. These days, there are lots of websites that provide opportunities to earn online income. the question is are you really making money on Fiverr?

Fiverr is one such global marketplace platform where anyone who has a unique skill can get paid for providing tasks and services to a willing audience.

To get started at Fiverr, just type Fiverr Login. And start making money. The cost of service rendered at Fiverr starts at $5.

Fiverr is usually use by freelancers to services clients and customers worldwide, it presently listed over 3.5 million services in about 125 subcategories.

Major categories of service provided at Fiverr includes but not limited to the following: Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing and Translation, Video, and Animation, Music, and Audio, Programming, and Tech, Business, etc.

I will be taken you through of all the possible opportunities you have to make money on Fiverr and you will watch a YouTube of how Fiverr works.

Fiverr Marketplace Called Gig

Any task that sellers offer to complete on the Fiverr marketplace is called a ‘gig’. Majority of sellers on the platform are freelancers who specialize in a particular field.

Gigs offered can be anything from creating whiteboard animation videos and info-graphics to writing blog posts or designing logos. In exchange, buyers pay a standard rate of $5 for every gig ordered on Fiverr.

Although the standard price for one ‘gig’ is $5, you can earn more by becoming a top rated seller. Sellers who do a good job earn high ratings.

As a seller, you can move from Level 1 ranking to top-rated status by maintaining a high rating, low cancellation rate and the high volume of completed gigs.

Top rated Fiverr sellers earn ‘extra gigs’ and can offer to complete a job for a higher payout of up to $100 per gig.

The below are common Fiverr Gigs:

  • Market Researcher
  • Business Name Finder
  • Business Planner
  • Custom Logo Designer
  • Business Cards Designers
  • Website developer
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Infographics designers
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Social Media Managers
  • Transcription
  • Audio Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Book Cover Designer
  • Book Promotion
  • Audio Book Producer
  • Product Packaging Designer
  • SEO consultant


Benefits of Using Fiverr

Below are various benefits of using Fiverr by both the freelancers and the buyers mostly referred to as Clients.

  • Secure Communication Between Clients and Sellers

Clients can easily communicate with their choice sellers either before or after the transaction is consummated. Fiverr provides this avenue for both sellers and buyers for effective and private communication.

A buyer can dictate how he or she required its work to be executed by appropriately communicating the requirements to the sellers privately.

  • Buyers Payment Are Secured and Protected

Buyer payment is well secured and protected on Fiverr until the sellers deliver great job or jobs to the buyer as at when due.

Until such job requirements are met and delivered as agreed the funds will not be released to the seller. This gives the buyer confidence that their payment details cannot be compromised.

Payment can be made via credit cards, PayPal and other forms of electronic payments. Sellers have two options to withdraw funds from Fiverr. You can cash out your funds either by PayPal or Payoneer card referred to as the Fiverr revenue card.

  • Your Profile and Personal Detail Is Protected

On Fiverr, both personal details of buyers and freelancers are well secured at all times. Minimal detail of buyers is revealed to the sellers.

Only the required feature is made available to the sellers, and the same applies to the seller ‘s details.

Fiverr does not share anyone ‘s details be they freelancer of the client. Your privacy is well protected and secure.

  • You Can Filter and Search for Sellers

There are three levels of Fiverr sellers apart from the new seller level. Sellers may have different prices as regards their skill set and performance.

It is much easier for the clients to choose a seller that is most great for the job at hands and that meets their budget.

  • Full Seller Information Are Available

On Fiverr, clients can see all information about the freelancers. All the required information you need to get your work done.

Such information includes Their gigs, Type of seller they are and their ability to get your work done, ratings, last time they delivered the job, the time it will take to execute your task, number of posts or gigs already completed, etc.

This kind of information will empower the clients or sellers to make the right decision as relating to the task under consideration.

  • Job Categories and Search

Fiver has over 12 primary job or task categories of products and services for both sellers and buyers. Such groups of classes include the following: Music and Audio, Advertisement in Video and Animation, Writing and translations, graphics and design, etc.

Each of the categories is broken down into other sub-categories. This helps clients and buyers to go specifically to get their work done at a minimal price such as $5.

  • Fiverr Is A Massive Employers of Diverse Labor

You will find all kinds of gigs from a different region in the world. Many freelancers are now migrating to Fiverr because this is where things are happening. There are Fiverr sellers that are taken home over $10,000 monthly.

Fiverr can virtually turn to a marketplace within a marketplace such that you can outsource jobs out within Fiverr as long as you deliver your task as at when due to the client.


Fiverr Review: How I Earned $7,000 Working With Fiverr | YouTube

Start With Fiverr Here

How to Start on Fiverr

how to make money with the internet

Launched in 2010, Fiverr has become an awesome place to earn money for simple quick jobs. All you need to do is offer a digital service that is in demand. It costs nothing to type Fiverr login and sign up on the website.

After registering, simply complete your profile, upload samples that accurately demonstrate your skills and offer to work on a gig that someone is willing to pay for.

You can work your way up to Fiverr Rockstar status and start earning more per gig. But, let’s face it; Fiverr has a few drawbacks as an online income platform.

To begin with, competition in the marketplace is high, so making it to top-rated status will take time.

Secondly, Fiverr charges 20% of what you earn as a fee for providing the platform and PayPal takes a cut when you withdraw money as well.

In addition, there is a 14-day holding period before earnings become available for withdrawal.

Ultimately, many newbies soon realize that selling gigs on Fiverr can be rather slow. With all of these drawbacks, you may start to wonder, “Are people still making money from Fiverr?”

Well, the good news is there is another way to increase your Fiverr revenue stream apart from selling gigs. Simply become a Fiverr affiliate. Here is a quick Fiverr review on their affiliate program.



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How to Make a Living on Fiverr

There are steps that you must take to make consistent money on Fiverr, Fiverr is a website for serious business minded people.

1.) Decide on Your Niche

The first thing you must do is to choose your niche, Choosing a profitable niche is key to your success online. This implies that you must decide on which area of the market you want to provide service for.

This also depends on you having passion or hobbies for the services you plan to provide services for.

It may also be a special talent or gift that you have, the important thing is that it has to be profitable and it must be in serious demand in the marketplace.

2.) Come Up With a Gig and Create One

You will have to come up with your gig and create one. Your gig is the first impression that your target audience will have of you.

Your gig must be well done for you to be considered for any job by clients.

You may be very talented and good at your chosen niche, if your gig is not okay you will never have the opportunity to create or sell anything for your audience.

The great gig will attract a lot of customers to you on Fiverr.

The first time you log into Fiverr, you will be expected to great your gig.

3.) Great Job Performance Is Key

Your timely and quality job delivery is key on Fiverr when you deliver excellent services to your customer they will keep coming for you.

Most especially at your initial stage at Fiverr, you must be committed to quality and timely task delivery.

This is what will earn you more money per task, instead of the usual $5; you can always raise your fees when you are known for great job delivery.

This is what will also earn the good ratings that will effectually push you to the limelight on Fiverr.


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4.) Get Paid and Earn Your Income

The major payout method at Fiverr is through PayPal. The implication is that you get cash out through PayPal. You can also employ what is called the Fiverr revenue payment card.

When you deliver a good job, Fiverr will pay you $4, which is 5% of the usual $5. If you are able to sell or render another successful service you earn another $4 making $8.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr pays affiliates for sending buying traffic to their website. Their cost per acquisition (CPA) affiliate program works like this; refer a first-time buyer who orders a $5 gig or more and you earn a commission.

At this moment of my writing, Fiverr affiliate terms specify that payouts range between $14 and $19 depending on the number of successful referrals.

However, the chat is you will only be eligible for commissions if the referred buyer is a new user who orders a gig for the first time.

On the upside, you earn more compared to selling a $5 gig. Plus, Fiverr generates promotional links with unique identifiers so that you can track your referrals on their affiliate dashboard.


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How to Participate in the Fiverr Affiliate Program

There are a lot of websites where marketers can earn affiliate commissions. However, Fiverr offers a unique income generating opportunity that is worth trying for a number of reasons.

For starters, it is a very popular international marketplace with very high conversion rates. And the website also offers endless service niches to promote.

Secondly, affiliates can earn passive income while promoting gigs done by other people. Lastly, the Fiverr affiliate commission offers a higher payout than what you get paid for standard gigs.

Try Out Fiverr Here

Tips to Get Fiverr Affiliate Leads

Now that you know how to make money from the Fiverr affiliate program, it is important to learn how to increase conversion rates.

Getting buyers to order service will require a bit of ingenuity on your part and this means coming up with a strategy to get affiliate leads.

Below I’ll share some quick tips to maximize Fiverr affiliate commissions.

1.) Promote Reliable Gigs

Promote profiles of sellers you have ordered gigs from before and received stellar results.

People are more likely to order a service from a professional that comes highly recommended.

2.) Promote Talented Sellers on Fiverr

Learn how to find talented sellers on Fiverr and use your affiliate links to promote their gig offers. A simple way to do this is by visiting a specific service category on the Fiverr website then filtering sellers based on ratings.

You can even filter profiles by popularity since sellers on Fiver also earn votes. However, use your affiliate links to promote sellers who have high ratings, fast turnaround, and low cancellation ratio because prospective buyers are more likely to order gigs from such freelancers.

3.) Target a Profitable Niche on Fiverr

Create an affiliate site in a specific niche that may require services offered on Fiverr. Use that platform to provide valuable content that helps site visitors solve various problems and promote outsourcing gigs from Fiverr as a viable solution.

So, there you have it; tips on how to make money from Fiverr selling gigs or as an affiliate marketer.

Remember, combining both methods is the best way to increase your revenue stream.

Best Alternatives To Fiverr

  • Upwork
  • Envato Studio
  • Top Total
  • Design Crowd
  • TaskRabbit



Do you now know how to make money with Fiverr? Fiverr is for everyone that is talented and has a passion for what he or she has to offer. All you need do is to type in Fiverr login in your browser, register and start making money.

You can’t make money with Fiverr if you don’t take that first step of faith. Everyone has a talent and someone somewhere is currently searching online for how to know that your idea.

Many are ready to pay just $5 to learn what you know or what you are set to offer.

Get out there, then create your gig on Fiverr and start making money.

Are you making money with Fiverr already?

What is your experience working with Fiverr?

Do you have any contributions or comments?

Drop your question and contribution in my comment area below. Cheers.

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  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I’ve been trying to find my way around Fiverr for about a year now. I really like it although I’m not earning thousands of dollars yet.

    One thing that I’ve got the most trouble with is coming up with new gig ideas and I haven’t quite figured out how to do up-sales yet.

    Also, I had no idea that they’ve got an affiliate program. I only knew about the referrals.

    I guess, I never bothered scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

    I’ll have to read up on that and think of ways to implement your advice.

    Thanks for a great write up.


    • Dear Halyna,

      Thanks for reading my Fiverr review. I really appreciate it.

      You can make good money through Fiverr Affiliate program. Just learn how to refer people to either get jobs to resolve via Fiverr or introduce any Gigs to anyone in Fiverr.

      Fiverr marketplace has helped million of people online and it is still helping people today.

      Thanks for checking on my website. I hope you will come again.




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