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Valued Opinions Review: Can You Really Make Money? 

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You are welcome to my Valued Opinions review. Can you make money with the Valued Opinions survey? Is Valued Opinions legit, safe, or another scam survey site?

I am sure you are here to find out if you can make money with Valued Opinions. Making your findings online is the right thing to do; this is how you discover a legitimate online program and avoid scam programs.  


For online paid surveys, it is difficult to know which survey websites are worth the time and effort.

Well, I am in no way affiliated with Valued Opinions, and I aim to give you a detailed and objective breakdown of how the Valued Opinions survey works.

I aim to answer my questions about Valued Opinions, issues such as: How to get more surveys, Valued Opinions affiliate program, common complaints, and how to delete your accounts. 

Please read on.

Estimated reading time: 13 minutes

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Valued Opinions at a Glance

is valued opinions a scam

Product Type: Survey Site
Owner: Research Now
Price: Free
Rating: 50%
Recommended: Yes

Summary Review of Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions are legitimate and not a scam survey site.

This survey site will pay you for completing surveys, but you will only earn via credit vouchers.

This survey site is a research company that works for major brands and companies around the world. You must complete your profiles that take over an hour to conclude. 

The invitation of surveys you get invited to depends on your completed profile and demography.

Middle-class people with higher purchasing powers get more surveys than any ordinary person on the Valued Opinions platform. 

The reason for this is apparent; the companies that contracted jobs to ValuedOpinions have products and services to sell. Hence they require opinions from people that can buy.

You can earn $0.40 to $1 for a twenty minutes survey. Time taken to complete a survey on the ValuedOpinions platform is not always correspond to the amount you earn.

A 20 minutes survey can earn you $1.20, while 25 minutes can also make you $1 for a different survey. You may not qualify for most surveys, and you can sometimes complete a survey before you are alerted that you are not qualified.

This is why the taken survey is a waste of time for me. 

ValuedOpinions will not earn you a full-time income. While not channel the same time to building your own business online. Making over $5,000 monthly is possible. 

Start this affiliate marketing certification training now. Level-1 of ten lessons is FREE. No credit card is needed to join. Learn more here.

You will thank me later for this. 

What do you think of my Valued Opinions survey review? Are Valued Opinions safe, legit, or another scam?

Can you make money with the Valued Opinions survey site?

What Is Valued Opinions?

Valued Opinions is a GPT (Get Paid To) survey where users are encouraged to register and participate in completing surveys they are matched with.

The platform, which was created in 2004, is owned and operated by Dynata (formerly know and referred to as Research Now ), a Survey Sampling International. Read all about Dynata on Wikipedia.

ValuedOpinions is an online survey company that offers rewards for members who share their opinions about the brands they work with.

Unlike a similar survey company, Crowdology, ValuedOpinions does have a reputation for being one of the highest-grossing survey sites for people to earn passive income on the internet.

The survey panel is available in over 20 different countries, over 15 languages, and has over 3 million members.

What do you think of my Valued Opinions survey review? Are Valued Opinions safe, legit, or a scam?

The Cost to Join Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions are free. However, the website charges a $2 fee to cash out earnings.

You also have to pay the price of time you will spend in dealing with the surveys. 

Who Is Valued Opinions for?

You can check ValuedOpinions login and ‘s website to see if your country is listed on it.

However, for residents in the US, they must be 13 years and above, in the UK, users must be 16 years and above, while residents in Australia must be 14 years and above.

How to Make Money with Valued Opinions Survey?

First, you have to sign up for the website. 

After signing up and filling the registration form, you will receive an email for activation.  

Anyone interested in earning with Valued Opinions can begin with registering on their website.

The process is completed relatively quickly, and an enthusiastic participant gets sent an activation email to confirm the email address provided during the registration.

Like every survey site, ValuedOpinions has a web form where the interested participant fills in the general personal information, including address, age, family size, ethnicity, and others.

Make Money with Valued Opinions

How Much Money Can You Make on Valued Opinions?

The amount of money you can make with the ValuedOpinions depends not on you directly.

Still, it relies on the decision of Valued Opinions to select surveys that match your demography.

You don’t get a survey with the ValuedOpinions if you are not part of the targeted demographic. 

The more survey you get, the more you earn with ValuedOpinions.

The amount of money you make per Valued Opinions survey varies. The average minimum amount paid is around $0.40 per survey that takes between five to twenty minutes. 

The average survey on ValuedOpinions will take between 20 to 40 minutes that pays between $0.40 to $3.0.  

If you are in the category of high spending power according to your demographic and the information you feed into the ValuedOpinions’ database, you should be sure of getting enough surveys that will earn you as much as you need.

Averagely, you cannot earn more than $1 to $2 daily, which will allow a maximum of $70 in 30 days. So how much can you make with Valued Opinions, you can not make more than $80 in a month. 

In my opinion, taking an online survey is a waste of time. Consider my #1 recommendation that will earn you a full-time income. Start this affiliate marketing training today; level-1 with ten lessons is FREE. No credit card is needed to join. 

Valued Opinions Customer Service and Support

Below are various ways to contact Valued Opinions:

***ValuedOpinions US Contact & Location***

  • Physical Address: 220 Montgomery Street Suite 1058 San Francisco, CA 94104
  • Phone Numbers: (415) 392-4300; (888) 257-7030
  • Toll-Free Number: (888) 257-7030 (USA); (888) 257-7030 (USA) ;
  • Email Address:

***ValuedOpinions UK Contact & Location***

  • Physical Address: 160 Queen Victoria Street London, England EC4V 4BF United Kingdom
  • Toll-Free Number: +44 207 084 3062 (UK)

***ValuedOpinions Social Media Contact***

Valued Opinions Payment Methods

The threshold before a participant can cash out is $20 by converting them to gift cards.

There is flexibility with which card one can choose to withdraw their earnings, including:

  • Visa promo codes
  • com gift card
  • iTunes gift card
  • CVS/pharmacy gift card
  • Macy’s gift cards
  • Amazon vouchers
  • Chili’s gift cards
  • net gift card
  • com gift codes
  • Spa Week gift codes
  • Southwest Rapid Reward Points 
Valued Opinions review

All these gift cards are electronic vouchers, which are usually delivered within 24 hours. However, participants who prefer a physical card will have to wait for up to 28 days to arrive by post.

Also, ValuedOpinions has a special program that offers active members the possibility of collecting badges depending on their level of participation. 

There are five degrees in total, and badges can be earned by completing those mini tasks. The levels are 

  •  Bronze, 
  • Silver, 
  • Gold, 
  • Platinum, and 
  • Diamond.

What is Good About Valued Opinions

  • Low payment threshold. Unlike some surveys, you do not need to wait until you have accumulated thousands of points before you cash out.
  • Flexible cash-out options. There are multiple means of getting paid. You could even decide to donate your funds to a charity such as UNICEF
  • BBB Rating: The site also has a rating from the Better Business Bureau. 
  • You also get a $5 sign up bonus.
  • ValuedOpinions pays about $1 to $5 for most of its surveys, which is okay for a survey site.

Issues with Valued Opinions

  • Earnings

Members generally earn an average of $1.50 per survey.

Although this is pretty decent compared to GPT survey platform standards. It is not a viable option for passive online earning in the long term.

  • Lack of Customer Support.

Valued Opinions lacks a customer support system, and when users face issues with withdrawing their earnings, there is usually a hurdle. 


How to Get More Surveys on Valued Opinions

Okay, do you want to get more surveys on the Valued Opinions platform? 

To get enough surveys with ValuedOpinions, the first thing you must be ready to do is to complete your profile on ValuedOpinions. 

It will take you nothing less than an hour to fill in your demographic details. You will not be paid for this assignment. 

Without a complete input of your information in the ValuedOpinions database, there is no way you can be considered adequately for enough surveys.

 You must always log in to Valued Opinions so as not to miss surveys assigned to you; the survey does expire if you don’t attend to its time you lose it. 

That is missing an earning opportunity. 

ValuedOpinions seem to favor people with higher spending power. These are people that can spend more money.

These sets of people have more opportunities to be assigned enough surveys on this platform.

The reason is that companies that give this job to ValuedOpinions are big brands that produce goods and services, and they always want to feel the pulse of the populate. 

If you can observe the above, you should get more surveys with Valued Opinions. 

How to Delete Your Valued Opinions Account

To delete your Valued Opinions account and delete your data from their research database. 

Go to the website and click unsubscribe your membership. You can also click the unsubscribe link inside the ValuedOpinions mails they always send to you. 

Your unclaimed reward credit will be forfeited, and you can not join again to claim it back. 

Valued Opinions Complaints

Both positive and negative remarks are commonplace with products, and Valued Opinions seem to have their fair share.

One user commented that he had made about $300 from the panel and has no complaints whatsoever. 

However, many complaints were hinged on the fact that the customer support was nonexistent, and accounts kept getting flagged for no reason.

However, ValuedOpinions USA claims that flagged accounts were due to users not complying with demographic rules when it comes to certain surveys. 

What do you think of my Valued Opinions survey review? Is Valued Opinions safe, legit or a scam?

Valued Opinions BBB Review Rating

Valued Opinions is not currently rated by the Better Business Bureau. And, this survey site is not also accredited. 

The company that owns ValuedOpinions, i.e., Research Now, is not also accredited or rated by BBB. Research Now, however, features inside the Better Business Bureau.

Research Now has six total complaints in the last three years reported to BBB, and no complaint was closed nor treated in the previous years by Research Now. 

valued opinions login

There are complaints by members of Research Now in BBB; none of the complaints is treated so far. BBB claimed that they could not contact the company.

However, ValuedOpinions USA contact within the Better Business Bureau platform state as follows:

220 Montgomery Street, Suite 1058. San Francisco, CA, 94104. Business Phone: (415) 392-4300.

Do you think that Valued Opinions is safe, legit or another survey scam site?

How to Join Valued Opinions Affiliate Program

Valued Opinions has an affiliate program where bloggers make money by referring members to the ValuedOpinions survey platform to take surveys.

Why do ValuedOpinions need an affiliate? ValuedOpinions is a research company that consults for many big brands around the world.

The big companies need to know what people feel and want about their company; therefore, they employ research companies like ValuedOpinions to roll out a survey about the new products or any idea of these big companies. 

Affiliate is the marketers that direct survey-takers to the Valued Opinions website for a commission. 

If you are a blogger or a website owner, you are expected to write to

You are to state the number of the unique traffic you get on your blog every month, the countries where the significant traffic comes from, and state the name of your website for necessary verifications. 

Is Valued Opinions Safe, Legit or, a Scam? 

Valued Opinions are safe, legit, and not a scam. 

You can only qualify for surveys that march your demography on ValuedOpinions.

Therefore, you do not get qualify for most studies. 

To make a reasonable amount of money like $1 to $2 daily; you must be prepared to spend almost four to five hours daily to get a survey that matches your profiles. And that can only pay you a maximum of $70 monthly. 

Most of the time; you must have concluded a survey before you realized that you are not qualified. 

You also don’t get paid cash via PayPal. The threshold cash-out limit is $10, and it will be rewarded with Credit gift cards that you can utilize for your online purchase. 

The survey panel is also operational in the following countries:

  • UK,
  • US,
  • Australia,
  • New Zealand; and
  • 20 countries worldwide. 

It is good to know that Valued Opinions is legit and not a scam site. You will get paid for every completed survey. 

What do you think of the Valued Opinions survey review? Is Valued Opinions safe, legit, or scam? What are people saying about Valued Opinions USA?

Is Valued Opinions Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Valued Opinions review? I believe you can now make money with the Valued Opinions survey. 

Do you think Valued Opinions is safe, legit, or scam? 

What is my take?  Are Valued Opinions worth it? 

what are good side hustles

Valued Opinions are okay for many that love the idea of taken online surveys for money. This Valued Opinions survey is one of the best survey panels that pay and also pays well.

They have many issues which you have read in the body of this ValuedOpinions review.

In my opinion, it is a waste of time answering and taken the survey online.

You have to struggle to make $3 for seven hours and you can channel that time to building your online business, and it will be your own. 

Also, you can not make a living with Valued Opinions. You can only make extra cash.

To earn more, you can participate in more than one survey panel. You can check out a list of surveys I have reviewed here. 

Do you want to make real money working from home?

Start this affiliate marketing certification training. Level-1 of ten lessons is free to join. No credit card is needed. 

You will thank me later if you take that free training. 

Let me know what you think about my review of Valued Opinions. Kindly share what your idea is in the comment section below. I will love to hear what you think.  

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