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Can You Really Make Money with One Opinion Survey?

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You are welcome to my OneOpinion review I can be sure that you are here because you want to make money with One Opinion Survey.

It is good you are doing your research on the OneOpinion survey. This is how to avoid online scams and also discover legitimate business.


Is OneOpinion legit? Or is OneOpinion safe?

Well, I am not here to sugarcoat things for you, so expect nothing but an unbiased OneOpinion review because I am not affiliated with this survey site.

Please keep reading.

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OneOpinion at a Glance


Product Name: OneOpinion
Founder: Critical Mix
Price: FREE
Rating: 30%
Recommended: Yes, But!

Summary of OneOpinion Review

OneOpinion is a survey website that is now popular, but can you make money with One Opinion?

OneOpinion works for a research company that mediates between the consumer and corporate brands. They have significant brands that pay for consumer opinion for their various products and services.

Therefore, OneOpinion comes up with surveys on behalf of leading market research firms that consult for various corporate brands across the world. This is why OneOpinion needs you to take their survey. 

Please know that OneOpinion targeted demographic are panels in the United Kingdom and the USA. So if you are not from these two countries, stay clear. 

You are not allowed to use Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to stealth your usage of OneOpinion.

You can not have access to more than two surveys daily that could earn you 2,000 points and take you several hours. 1,000 OneOpinion reward point is $1 i.e., A OneOpinion reward point is $0.001. 

If you are consistent, maybe you can make $70 monthly, which is good money in terms of earnings on survey sites. 

Do I Recommend OneOpinion?

OneOpinion is legit and a safe site for the taken surveys. They also pay. Therefore you can only earn extra money. What can you do with $70 monthly? Maybe it will buy you some candy. 

But you can channel the same time you are using for the same survey to build yourself your online business. I recommend you take this affiliate marketing training

You will learn how to convert your ideas, skill, knowledge, passion, or hobby into a full-time income online. The level-1 of this training with ten lessons is free. You have nothing to lose.

What is OneOpinion? 

Oneopinion is a platform where brands and freelancers meet. It creates an avenue for brands to reach users willing to share their real and unbiased opinions about products.

Its parent company Critical Mix Inc. also owns MyView; this means they already have experience in the online survey industry. OneOpinion allows users to carry out simple surveys for cash. 

Also, signing up is easy, straightforward, and fast. 

Currently, only residents of the United States and the UK can register. 

Membership from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom is currently suspended until further notice. 

On successfully meeting the requirements, you will need to fill a simple form and verify your registration via mail with a link that will be sent to your mail. 

Once your account is verified, you are okay to start carrying out surveys immediately.

Three factors determine the number of surveys you get; they include; your profile, location, and number of available surveys. 

Once a user meets all the criteria, OneOpinion will send an invitation to users; they can log in and search for surveys themselves. OneOpinion’s mobile app also has new surveys.

Remember, your personal information and details you enter into the system; this is what determines the type of survey that comes your way.  

Ensure you fill the right information, do not falsify information because it can lead to your disqualification.

How Much Does it Cost To Join OneOpinion?

OneOpinion is a free membership platform for users to carry out surveys for incentives, on the other hand.

It is a Survey panel that helps brands get direct feedback from the public.

Who is OneOpinion Survey For?

This survey panel is open to the USA, Spain, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Canada, and Australia. 

Sometimes they insisted that you must be from the US or UK. Other countries and regions are not allowed.  

However, users must be 13 years and above. Members below the age of 18 will have to get parental consent before joining the survey panel.  I saw a OneOpinion review that stated a cut of the age of 14 years.

How does OneOpinion Work?

Once your profile meets the criteria, you will be eligible to carry out surveys. Surveys may not be as regular as expected, but it is fair compared to what is obtainable on other platforms. 

The survey will be emailed to you if and when it meets your demographic according to your information in their database. 

Carrying out surveys on OneOpinion is fun, you will get entertained while you make money with One Opinion Survey, and it will not waste your time, within 15 to 30 minutes you’ll be done. I read an OneOpinion review that is contrary in terms of survey duration. 

Once you complete a survey, you earn points that can be converted to cash or gift cards. 

The amount of times it takes to carry out a survey determines how much you will be paid.

How to Make Money with One Opinion Survey

The primary method of making money with One Opinion Survey is to carry out surveys; these surveys are short and easy.

Another way users can make money with One Opinion Survey is product testing; making money through product testing is more profitable than carrying out surveys. 

All you need to do is order products, test the products, and give your opinion of the product; get paid, you may be paid up to $50 for a single survey. 

The product you will be sampling is free, and most times, they’ve not been released into the market.

Not every user can participate in product testing; you need a special invitation from OneOpinion before you can join. 

How long you remain a member will determine your chance of participating in the product testing program.

How Much Can You Make with One Opinion Survey?

OneOpinion will reward you with points for every completed survey. 1,000 OneOpinion reward points are $1. The cash out threshold for OneOpinion is $25, i.e., you need 25,000 OneOpinion reward points to cash out.

You can cash out via PayPal and gift cards. OneOpinion has two ways of rewarding gift cards, i.e., Virtual and Physical gift cards. 

You will get your physical gift cards via your home address, while the virtual gift cards are through your email address. 

Most OneOpinion survey will take between 20 to 30 minutes and pay between 1,000 to 5,000 OneOpinion reward points. The problem is that getting a survey is determined by the demographic of that survey. So, you are not assured of getting them frequently. 

The longer the OneOpinion survey, the more reward you get if you are qualified for them.

If you are lucky, you should be able to get a maximum of three surveys daily that will earn you between $1 to $2. That will make you roughly $70 monthly. 

How to Sign up for One Opinion Survey

Joining OneOpinion is very easy; all you need is to live in the United States, be older than 13, and have a functional email.

oneopinion reviews

Visit the official website and click on sign up, the next page requires your details, once you have filled your details, go to your mail and click on the link sent to you to verify your account.

Once these processes are completed, you can start taking surveys once they are available. 

OneOpinion Payment Methods

To get paid you need to generate 25,000 Points (1,000 points = $/£1.00). 

This is the only way you can redeem your earnings in the OneOpinion Rewards Program. 

You can redeem your points instantly for a virtual Visa Debit Card worth $25. 

one opinion survey

You’d get this card at home through the UPS. However, it takes ten working days to get to your doorstep. 

You can also opt for a virtual gift card or Amazon gift card. 

Also, you can opt to receive your rewards as cash through your PayPal account. Amazon gift cards are also available.

There is also a “One Rewards Program,” where you can trade your points for diverse rewards ranging from cash to prepaid debit cards.

OneOpinion Customer Service / Support 

Oneopinion has an excellent customer service team; they are ready to attend to your needs within minutes and are willing to guide you until you are satisfied. 

If you want to speak to a customer support representative, you can open an email support ticket and get a faster response. You can also access Frequent Ask Questions for OneOpinion

one opinion login

What is Good About OneOpinion 

  • Signing up is very easy as OneOpinion doesn’t ask for complex or detailed information; your basic data for internet access is enough.
  • Oneopinion is honest about the amount of time you will spend on a particular survey; 5 minutes is 5 minutes.
  • The survey is easy, fun, and entertaining.
  • The payment method is credible and fast.
  • Once you qualify for product testing, you can earn more money. 
  • Their support team is friendly and responsive. 
  • Oneopinion offers numerous payout options, so you do not have to rely on just one payment option.

Issues with OneOpinion

  • OneOpinion has a series of complaints about the payout for sometimes now. 
  • Surveys are scarce; users might wait for weeks before getting surveys 
  • Accumulating points will take a long time. 

Online and Off-Line Opinion of OneOpinion

An OneOpinion user from the USA explains that she saves her rewards from the panel towards Christmas.

She adds that the surveys are no longer than 15 minutes, and you’d get 50 points for your time if you do not get a survey. 

Another user wasn’t so pleased as she claimed that she got half payment even after completing a task.

Another user also added that she had not received a survey in weeks, adding that after first cash out, getting more surveys becomes difficult.

Is OneOpinion Safe?

Yes, OneOpinion is safe, and 100% okay. 

If you join a survey panel, you will only make extra money. I always state this in my survey articles and the same applies to OneOpinion review.

You will be rewarded with OneOpinion points that can be redeemed for gift cards and cash via PayPal. Many people still earn money taken surveys daily, but I don’t like spending my time on online surveys. 

I can make more money doing other better stuff like writing more articles like this on different topical issues. 

Spending your time taken survey is a waste of time and limiting your capacity for how much money you can make online. You may not like my OneOpinion review, but this is the truth.

Is OneOpinion Legit? 

OneOpinion is legit and not scam. 

Surveys may not come in as much as you desire, but you are sure you’ll get paid for the little study you can carry out. 

You may observe some complaints and comments online. Every company that deals with consumers will have to handle claims. 

Can You Make Money with One Opinion Survey?

Thanks for reading my Oneopinion review. With what you now know, do you think you can make money with One Opinion Survey?

Is Oneopinion legit? Do you think Oneopinion is safe?

OneOpinion is just like other survey platforms, your earnings are not enough to pay your bills, but it is an excellent way to earn a side income. However, you can make more by participating in more survey panels. 

This is my personal opinion; Oneopinion is safe, legit, and not a scam. You will be rewarded for every of your survey on the Oneopinion website. You will be able to cash out your money via PayPay or through gift cards.

what are good side hustles

The problem is that you will earn less than $80 if you have enough time to burn away. Spending over four to six hours daily to make $1 to $2 can be crazy. 

I won’t do that ever again because you can channel your effort to making real money online. 

You can be making over $5,000 monthly if you can put in the world with your website and doing what you love doing most. 

You can turn your passion, skills, and hobbies into a full-time income online. This training program will show you just that.

It is an affiliate marketing training. Level-1 one of ten lessons is free, and no credit card is needed to join. This training will teach how to turn what you like doing most into making money online. 

Please don’t miss out. 

What do you think of my Oneopinion review?  Can you now make money with One opinion? Have you ever tried OneOpinion? What was your experience? 

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6 thoughts on “Can You Really Make Money with One Opinion Survey?”

  1. Adam Daniel Victor

    Hello John,

    May I commend you on your time reviewing the OneOpinion survey. This is great work and highly commendable. Now you have saved many the time and stress of knowing how legit and profitable is the OneOpinion survey. Providing the difference between OneOpinion survey work and affiliate marketing is very encouraging. Someone can stand at a glance and takes a decision on what program to join after walking through your article OneOpinion.  

    In your review which was excellent, you highlighted the OneOpinion sign-up and payout procedures. It is clear in your article that OneOpinion is legit but have its own limitation like restrictions faced by some countries in joining OneOpinion and the lack of survey, etc.  

    Thank you for your great work.

    1. Thanks for reading my OneOpinion Review. It is all about how to make money with One Opinion Survey.

      You can only make extra money with any survey site.

      Thanks for reading my One Opinion review. 



  2. Great review of One Opinion survey site. 

    You couldn’t be more right when you said there is a better way to invest your time online. 

    Even though you can make money doing surveys it’s not very much you earn in fact investing that time into your own business is very beneficial. and creating an online blog is an excellent opportunity in getting started in the online world.

    1. Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with One Opinion Survey.

      Really appreciate your time.



  3. thanks for your article on how to make money with One Opinion Survey.

    I have done a couple of online surveys and it is very annoying and irritating. the amount of internet data I consumed was even higher than the returns I got from the numerous survey I conducted.

    If you really want to make it on the internet, I agree with you that you stay away from any online survey. 

    It’s not a scam though but the returns is way, way insignificant.
    Thank you for sharing this awesome information

    1. You are welcome to my OneOpinion survey review.

      It is all about how to make money with One Opinion survey site.

      I appreciate your comment. 



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