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Is Swagbucks Legit, Safe, and Worth It? See How Swagbucks Works

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You are welcome to my Swagbucks review. Is Swagbucks legit, safe, con, and worth It? This is all about how Swagbucks works.

It is good researching if Swagbucks is legit or not; this is how to know the best online program that can make you a full-time income online.


How good is Swagbucks for you?

In this article, you will discover everything about this survey site and if Swagbucks worth it or not.

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Swagbucks at a Glance


Name: Swagbucks
Type of Site: Loyalty & Rewards Program
Headquartered: El Segundo, California.
Founders: Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson, Ron Leshem,
and Eron Zehavi
Date Established: February 27, 2008
Price: Free
Rating: 30%
Recommended: Yes

Summary Review of Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a platform that offers and also provides users with reward points for doing everyday online tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, searching the web, shopping online, playing games online, and donating to charity.

You will be paid in Swagbucks points denoted with symbol ‘SB.’ The SB points are a digital currency that is redeemed for cash or as gift cards.

Is Swagbucks legit, scam, safe, con, and worth it? The article is all about how Swagbucks works?

What do you think of my Swagbucks survey review?

Swagbucks is legitimate and trusted by its users.  The site claimed to have rewarded his users with millions of dollars.

My problem with Swagbucks is the kind of money you will earn. Is doing trivial tasks online with Swagbucks worth it?

Is Swagbucks legit, safe, or another con website? Please know that Swagbucks is not a Con, but a legitimate survey site.

What do you think of my Swagbucks review?

For me, it is a waste of time and resources working on Swagbucks.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is owned and run by Prodege. Prodege provides digital services that include websites such as Yowgo and nCrave, an online polling site called SodaHead, and an online reward website Swagbucks.

Prodege established in February 2008; Scott Dudelson and Josef Gorowitz found it. claimed to be the best site that rewards and gives you cash and gift cards for the joint task you do online.

They introduce SB as the digital currency that will be used to reward the users that work on the platform.

You can redeem SB points to your chosen retailer such as Amazon and Walmart; you can also get your cashback via PayPal.

Swagbucks claimed to have paid out over $371.4m both in cash and gift cards.

Swag Bucks ‘s simplicity and great incentives make it attractive to a lot of followers and members from every geographical location around the world.

Read more about Swagbucks on Wikipedia.

How Does Swagbucks Work?

Swagbucks website is a portal that rewards users with Swagbucks SB points for performing some basic online tasks that you usually perform daily.

Tasks such as:

  • Searching the web,
  • Watching videos and
  • Completing surveys

The website currency is called Swagbucks or SB. An SB is equivalent to 1 cent. Every 100 SB points will earn you $1 i.e. 100 SB = $1. This is why many people doubt if Swagbucks worth it or not. 

Every user will earn Swagbucks points (shortened for “SB”) that you will accumulate as you take part in various offers and tasks.

The SB points can easily be redeemed for gift cards or cash via PayPal.

Working on the Swagbucks website is an easy and simple way to make extra cash online while you are performing your usual online activities such as surfing webs and taken the survey.

It is FREE and straightforward to sign up. You will earn 2 SB points for your email sign up and 5 SB points for your email confirmation.

Is Swagbucks legit, safe, con, or worth it at all? What do you think of my Swagbucks surveys review?

How to Sign Up for Swagbucks

You will need the following to sign up and join Swagbucks:

  • Your email account, the best option is to use your Gmail account.
  • You will need a Personal Computer or a laptop with a good internet connection.
  • A PayPal account to cash out your money in Cash (Ensure it reflects your first and last name)

The next thing you need is to complete the registration form.

Swagbucks will send you a confirmation mail to your email address, that you are expected to act on by clicking the confirmation link.

This confirmation will earn you 30 SB credit points.

You are only allowed to register an account per user; otherwise, you can be kicked out.

How to Get Swagbucks Codes

What is the swag code? Or, what is Swag Code for?

The Swagbucks Codes is referred to as the ‘Swag Code.’

A Swag Code is a promotional code for the Swagbucks website.

It is made up of a combination of numbers and letters and can be like a well-spelled message which if redeem in good time; you will make extra Swagbucks SB points.

An example of a valid Swag Codes is “ThisIsARealCode” or “PickToEarnCoDE.”

Each string of Swag Code has a value in Swag Bucks, but it is only available for a specified period.

Swag Code is always in quotes; it is case sensitive and must not be spaced when you are using it.

If you are to take advantage of earning activities on the Swagbucks website, you need to know everything about the Swag Code.

How to Find Swag Codes

Swag Codes can be found on Swagbucks platforms such as the, Swagbucks newsletter, Swagbucks blog, and all the social media platforms of Swagbucks e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Flikr, etc.

The Swag Codes will often appear and disappear suddenly, the time for Swag Codes availability for redemption is limited.

Finding the Swag Codes can be aided by downloading of SwagButton and the setup of Swagbucks Google Chrome Extension.

You can easily check for Swag Codes with the SwagButton and the Chrome extension. The alert will instruct you where to find the Swag Codes.

How to Redeem Swag Codes

You redeem the Swag Codes by inputting the code into the Swagbucks mobile Apps or the SwagButton.

The string of the code must be inputted precisely the way it appears because they are case sensitive.

If the code is not expired, and it enters rightly, you will earn your SB points instantly.

What I Like About Swagbucks

There are many reasons why Swag Bucks is so popular.

It Is Free

While there are some paid options you can choose to participate, the majority of the site, including sign up, is completely for free.

This way, you can focus on earning cash and gift cards, as opposed to spending it.

In addition, to get you started on a roll, you earn 30 Swagbucks just for signing up.

Many Reward Methods

A Swagbucks point can be earned in several ways, this will not limit you to just one option.

These are several ways to acquire Swagbucks SB points this includes but not limited to the following:

  • Watching Promotional Videos
  • Participating in Polls and Surveys Online (paid and unpaid)
  • Buying Products – Cash Back
  • Playing Video Games
  • Shopping Online, and
  • Printing Tasks
  • Using the Swagbucks search browser
  • Complete tasks
  • Redeeming Swag Codes
  • Using coupons from the Swagbucks site
  • Achieving Swagbucks daily goals
  • Installing the Swagbucks toolbar/extension on your browser

These many methods to earn Swagbucks SB points which mean more money implies that every member has many options to choose what they love doing and get paid for having fun.

You are virtually making money doing things that you probably already do on the Internet.

Do you think Swagbucks worth it? Is Swagbucks legit, safe, or con?

What do you think of my Swagbucks review.

Available on Mobile Devices

Swagbucks isn’t just limited to the desktop; there is also a mobile app that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet. It is available on iOS and Android.

It is easily accessible and it gives you the opportunity to make more income when you are out and about, such as taking advantage of boring waiting times at any event or activity.

Rewards Can Be Use at Major Retailers

There is no point in using a reward system if the rewards are boring, so what is Swagbucks all about? Awesome rewards.

Swagbucks offers great incentives such as gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, and more places that you probably already go to anyway.

My Issue with Swagbucks {Reasons It Is NO For Me}

Is Swagbucks a Con?

Because of the nature of the business model of Swagbucks and how easy it is to earn income, many people approach it with either great enthusiasm or great hesitance, which is entirely understandable.

The question many new members keeping asking is, “Is Swagbucks a Scam?

Many doubts and wondered at the process of making money through Swagbucks. A lot are skeptical that they can make money by just watching movies for instance

This is because of what they heard and see about this program.

People are wondering how you can be paid for playing games!

A Lot of Sponsored Ads 

One option to earn Swagbucks is by using their search browser.

Sponsored add filled up space and disallow member from concentrating. It distracts, and it could be annoying.

While this is a simple method, every time you search, Swagbucks includes sponsored search results among typical search results.

The reason for this is that this is how Swagbucks make money. They earn from various adds display on their site and browsers.

Limited Options In Swagbucks Mobile Apps

While it is excellent that there is a mobile app offered for Swagbucks, the options are limited compared to the desktop version.

Many features on websites for Swagbucks are not in mobile apps, and many people are used to carrying their apps everywhere these days, this avoids members from using these apps productively.

You Are Paid with SB Points and Not Real Money

When you make money with Swagbucks, you will be paid with SB points that you can convert to gift cards and cash out via PayPal.

You will not earn real money directly.

Only PayPal Cash Out Available

No other ways to cash out than via PayPal on Swagbucks. The cash out methods is limited to Paypal.

Is swagbucks safe

You cannot cash out directly to your bank account via direct deposits. You will need 2,500 SB points to cash out to PayPal worth $25.

Swagbucks Is a Huge Waste of Time

Can you imagine making only $5 daily on a website you are committing over three to four hours daily?
It is a pure waste of time and energy working on any ‘Get Pay To’ website.

How Much Are Swagbucks Worth

How many Swagbucks is equal to a dollar?

A Swagbucks is equal to a US cent. Therefore 100 Swagbucks is equal to $1 US.

You can cash out through a gift card as minimum as 200 Swagbucks points (denoted as “SB”) and a PayPal of 2,500SB for $25.

Can Swagbucks be Trusted?

There are so many questions online about Swagbucks’ trustworthiness.

You should know that Swagbucks is not a scam but an honest way to make money online.

Therefore, it is entirely safe to use. It is stable and genuine such that many people have earned from this website for years.

For me to answer the following online forum questions about the trustworthiness of Swagbucks, such as:

  • Is Swagbucks a ripoff?
  • Can you make money with Swagbucks?
  • Is Swagbucks a con?
  • Can Swagbucks be any good?
  • Is Swagbucks worth it?
  • Is Swagbucks legit or a scam?

Swagbucks is excellent and safe to be used. It is none of the above.

What do you think of my Swagbucks reveiw? Is Swagbucks legit, safe or another con site?

Is Swagbucks worth it?

Does Google sponsor Swagbucks?

There is no evidence that Swagbucks is sponsored by Google or any other search engine sites.

There are some articles online stating that ASK and Google sponsor Swagbucks; this is not true.

It is a well-known fact that Swagbucks is own, operated, and sponsored by Prodege.

Read more about the relationship between Prodege and Swagbucks here on Wikipedia.

Is Yahoo running a Search Engine for Swagbucks?

Yes, Yahoo is currently running a search engine for Swagbucks.

You earn a reward of virtual and digital currency for searching the Web, watching Video and playing games on Swagbucks.

is swagbucks legit, safe, con or worth it?


Sites Similar to Swagbucks

There is a minimum of 18 websites that are similar to Swagbucks. Each of them offers various ways to earn rewards and different payment methods.

Many of these sites that are alternatives to Swagbucks offer lower pay and limit and even better opportunity to earn money online.

They are listed below:

  1. InboxDollars
  2. Viggle
  3. MTurk
  4. instaGC
  5. CashCrate
  6. Treasure Trooper
  7. MintVine
  8. MyPoints
  9. Jobs2Shop
  10. Rakuten
  11. PrizeRebel
  12. Harris Poll
  13. Survey Junkie
  14. Gift Hunter Club
  15. Panel PayDay
  16. PointsPrizes
  17. Opinion Outpost
  18. Catch Panel

Which Website is Better than Swagbucks?

In my opinion, InboxDollars is better that Swagbucks because InboxDollars will help you make extra and more money.

Though both Swagbucks and InboxDollars have a similar setup that will help you make money from taken tasks online.

The only edge InboxDollars has over Swagbucks is that you make more money and get paid directly; unlike Swagbucks that will convert your reward points to Cash or Gift Cards.

Does Swagbucks Cause Viruses?

Swagbucks website is very safe for you and has no malicious virus, but it displays the third party adds with its browser extension (Swagbucks Button) that are unethical.

Many people take it to be malware because it sometimes acts as a payload that hijacks your computer browsers (most especially computer with malware and unethical software).

Any software that takes over your search engine is a malware, and this is why many think that Swagbucks is not safe.

What do you think, has Swag bucks harm your computer system before now?

What is Swagbucks Device Limit?

The Swagbucks device limit is one personal computer and a mobile device. If you do otherwise, you will be banned, and your account terminated.

This rule is not stated, but from several complain online on many people that have heard their account terminated because they indulge in using multiple trying to game the system.

Some users still do get away with using multiple apps and devices; this is not safe for your Swagbucks accounts

Can a User Have Two Swagbucks Accounts?

No, a user cannot have two Swagbucks accounts.

Your account will be terminated and get banned from using the platform.

You can have multiple accounts within a household but different users — each user with varying links of the referrer.

Does Swagbucks Work?

You will earn money with Swagbucks in tringles if you work hard, it does not worth the time, but it will add up fast with time.

Can you imagine making between $0.5 to $3.00 for between 20 to 30 minutes? This is not a lucrative online business compared to having your website helping people.

Why Viewing Gift Cards Through Email?

There is an added advantage in terms of extra security it provides to send eGift cards through the email. It ensures that the gift cards are delivered to the person that it intends.

The email can be set to expire after 24 hours as an added security measure.

You can request for the new gift card again the mail was sent, and you missed it.

How to Contact Swagbucks Customer Service/Support

Are you having any challenge on and about the Swagbucks website?  You may need to contact the Swagbucks Customer Service and support for any of the following reasons:

  • If you want to track an order
  • You have a lost or stolen card
  • Having an account access problem
  • You want to refund a charge
  • You have missing SB points
  • Having an issue about a gift card
  • You have a disputed charge, or
  • Do you have your account deactivated?
  • Any customer service-related problem.

It is essential to know that you cannot call Swagbucks customer service on the phone.

You can only create a ticket by visiting the Swagbucks Help Center. You will need to wait for five to ten working days to get your issue resolved.

Swagbucks Facebook Per Country/Regions

  1.  US Facebook Page 
  2.  Canada Facebook Page
  3. UK Facebook Page
  4.  Swagbucks Australia Facebook Page

What is SwagUp?

A SwagUp is a power-up bonus that is applied to your account in the form of SB points reward by Swagbucks. It is a result of your activity and achievement that will unlock such an award.

Swarup has an expiry date. If you have many SwagUp applied to your account for the same reward, those that are expiring first will be used.

There are two types of SwagUps:

An SB Award SwagUp

This type of award will reward you by adding SB points to your account when you participate in such an activity that unlocks such an award.

Such SwagUp can:

  1. Double your SB points for completing a survey
  2. You can earn a flat amount of SB points for completing a specific survey
  3. Your SB points can be double for a successful online shopping
  4. You can make a flat SB point when you shop online

A Rebate SwagUp

This SwagUp will reward you with an SB rebate when you redeem a gift card.

The implication is that when next you redeem SB points for a gift card, you will get the rebate to your account.

You will only get the reward rebate only when the value of your gift card is more than the amount of the rebate.

Is Swagbucks Safe?

Swagbucks is safe to use.  It is a ‘Get Paid To’ website and NOT a scam.

Many people think that Swagbucks is a Con.

But I will not recommend it to you if you are serious about making real money online.

The website is something for everybody. It is a website that receives huge payment from many big and smaller companies such as Walmart, Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc.

It is also a search engine site like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but you will get pennies to reward SB points for using the platform.

 Swagbucks has paid out almost $400m to users in the form of rewards so far. How do you think they get that money?

Please go back to read how Swagbucks make money, this article above.

They earn big why you receive nothing; the company is using you why you are wasting your time and life making $1 (100 SB points) doing rubbish online while you can be making big helping people online.

The site is not for all countries and regions; many countries cannot have access.

The worst is that you can only cash out via PayPal until you get to $25 (i.e., 2,500 SB Points) that will take you like ten days to earn if you are ready to waste your time on the site.

Swagbucks is legit and a platform to earn extra money online, but it is NO for me.

what are good side hustles

Wealthy Affiliate Vs. Swagbucks

Is Swagbucks Worth It

What do you think of my Swagbucks review? Do you think you can make money with Swagbucks?

Is Swagbuck safe?  Or, is Swagbucks a Con?  What is your own conclusion after this review?

In conclusion, Is Swagbucks Worth It? The intention of my article is to answer this very common question people ask in relation to Swagbucks.

The question is this “ Is Swagbucks Legit or Scam? “ Swagbucks is NOT a scam and it is legitimate but it can never make you rich.

Though a lot of people are still making money with Swagbucks, they have limitations.

How long will you look for Swagbucks SB points, there is a better business model online that can help make you money, people are earning over $40,000 monthly within three or four years if you are consistent.

The good news is that we have a great Internet training program that will take you step-by-step ways of making money with your hobbies online.

One program that easily comes to mind is the Wealthy Affiliate program.

I learned all that I am doing on this website through The Wealthy Affiliate University.

This University is better than the conventional ones in the essence that you will start earning while you are learning.

What do you think of this Swagbucks review? Do you have a contrary stake? What do you think of the idea of making money with Swagbucks at home?

Are you making money with Swagbucks before now? I am sure you now know the Best Way to Earn with Swagbucks.

Kindly share your thought with me and my readers. Do well to drop your comment in my comment area below.

26 thoughts on “Is Swagbucks Legit, Safe, and Worth It? See How Swagbucks Works”

  1. I’ve been a SwagBucks user for years now. Too bad for probable new users if they are reading your post now. 

    I mainly used it for buying on Christmas and  Birthday gifts (Mysteriously most of my family birthdays happen in March).  

    I don’t like doing surveys or so, but I can see within their platform there’s a lot going on in regards to this and video watching (Can’t tell you how good they are as I’ve never used them in that way).

    But, how does swagbucks search engine work? I have read in some place that you can make money using swagbucks search engine online. Also, how can I make Swagbucks my search engine? And lastly how much can I make with Swagbucks searching engine? 

    Thanks for your review. It’s quite complete! 

  2. Either I don’t know how to use Swagbucks or it doesn’t work for my country. Tried joining but could not get any offers or surveys. Most of the time the system told me there no offers for me. I tried downloading the apps because they show a better pay but still didn’t get any points, I gave up in the end, I wish the people whom they claim are paid every month would come out and say how they earn such high figures in a short time.

    But I realised most people earn well from referrals especially those who send out bulk emails always get good feedback and people join using their link, I haven’t had success in this either.

  3. Hello again, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. i didnt really trust swag bucks at first but then when i registered, i discovered it was genuine although too much time was spent on making very little and that is a turn down for me

    1. Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with Swagbucks.
      Really appreciate your time and comments. 



  4. I had never heard of this swag bucks site. 

    Who do you recommend this site to? Meaning, what type of market audience do you recommend it to?

    What is so pique about i? I believe most online cash making sites consist of many similar factors. 

    Don’t you? However, after reading into your article, I can see why you gave it a no. 

  5. Hello!

    I also tried Swagbucks a bit during this fall, I didn’t make much SB s there, and I noticed some particular issues on the site, like not being able to insert my country prefix for the phone number (when trying a promotion that was supposed to offer me 500 SB), or when I wanted to complete some more details about me for unlocking surveys I was being asked questions as if I had been a Netherlands citizen (I am not).

    Also, I did not know that 1 SB is one cent – at least that is clear now.

    Overall, generally speaking, at least in my opinion, trying to earn money this way is a waste of time. Massive lacks of survey qualifications, unreachable offers, quizzes on subjects that I don’t know (i.e. for Roblox if it is there), and in case those downloaded apps are supposed to be for Android, I can’t even use a smartphone for that one.

    I also think that the highest earning possibilities are open to people from countries like USA, Canada, UK… of course not for Eastern Europe. Also, I have very serious reasons to doubt about my ability to gain referrals.

    Although they are not flagged as scam, I find SB a waste of time too.

    Best regards,


    1. Thanks peter for your time on my site. And for reading my Swagbucks review

      You are right. Swag buck does not worth the stress. 



  6. i must say that you are really good in this…. that is writing reviews and in this swagbucks review you have a very unbiased yob thanks alot.i have been using swagbucks for sometime I have enjoyed working with them as they have one of the best layout that make their services easily accessible and good payouts too.thanks once again for your review

  7. Wow John, this is one exhaustive review of Swagbucks and you got it covered from every corner. I had no clue that one could work in so many different ways and earn on the SB site. However, even a freelancer will feel the pinch when payday comes…probably wouldn’t make enough to party over the weekend.

    Wish I had read through your review earlier, have spent a lot of time working for the SB or coming to think of it, wasted my time. As you have rightly pointed out the effort is not worth the paltry sum that they dole out. 


  8. Hello John, thanks for this article. Falling for scam sites is sad knowing you are expecting something in return but you cant get it. I have fallen victim for so many scan sites i have been very careful with joining any of these sites. Swagbuck have been one of the few i have fallen victim of and i am gladyyou took your time to write out this article.

  9. Thank you for this very detailed review of Swagbucks. I saw this on the app store and was very interested in what it had to offer. 

    Personally, well from past use anyways, these apps never really generate much money for me. I have had a lot of problems with these sort of things. And quite honestly, I am quite fed up.

    So, please tell me if Swagbucks is worth it?

    How long would it take me to make $50?

  10. Hello John, one more great review about Swagbucks. What I like about this platform is that it is really legit and nobody tries to steal your money. It is true that you can’t live from this but it is more than possible to earn some extra cash on a monthly basis. For now, I am on $150 per month and I am satisfied so far. They pay regularly.

  11. You can definitely make money with Swagbucks. The question is not whether or not you can make money with them.

    Are you willing to spend hours to make a few bucks every day or could you make that money a lot faster by doing something else?

    Is Swagbucks a valid site or a scam?


    1. Thanks for reading my review about the legitimacy of SwagBucks.

      I agree with you that trying to make money with Swagbucks is a waste of time. Swagbucks can only make you extra money but can not make you rich. It will take extra effort for you to make 45 in two hours of working with Swagbucks.

      But know that Swagbucks is a legitimate website and it is not a scam.

      Thanks again for reading my Swagbucks review.



  12. I think it’s sort of neat that Swagbucks has so many partnerships with different companies, but it sounds like people make around $4-$6 an hour, in general? Who has time for that?! When I worked with disabled people, I had a few clients who’d use Swagbucks to make a bit of extra spending money, so I guess it’s nice that stuff like this is available for those circumstances.

  13. Wowww Swagbucks sounds like a ridiculous waste of time! I could probably make more money singing on the street.

    I don’t know why anyone would work for so little. Kind of crazy. Thanks for your list of similar sites.

    What do you think about MTurk? I’ve heard good things.

    I really got to hate Swagbucks, because they now use trackers. In fact, Swagbucks is using 36 trackers. Why would they be using trackers?

    Do you have an idea of why people hate Swagbucks, people even call them “HORRENDOUS SWAGBUCKS”. Are Swagbucks that bad?

    How good is Swagbucks to you? Can you help with these chains of questions?



    1. Dear Michael,

      Thanks for reading my review of Swagbucks. I am glad you could drop your comments and feel about Swagbucks.

      I did a detailed review of Mturk, please read it up. You will love it. Why would it not be a great site? It is being run by Amazon!

      To treat your next question on how good is Swagbucks?
      Firstly, Swagbucks is free to join. They have paid out millions of dollars, in fact, over $350m.
      Swagbucks has good “A” ratings from BBB — Better Business Bureau.
      Swagbucks is so very good with a cashback reward system; I think they are number one.

      But, all the positive above is nothing if they are not adding value to members.

      How can you work with Swagbucks and struggle to be making $1 daily? It will be challenging to make the $5 claimed you could earn daily with this company.

      But, you have a choice to either continue to waste your life and time away while you can change your world by having your own business online.

      It is so easy to create your blog and start making money. You can learn how to do it with Wealthy Affiliate FREE training.

      On the accusation of Swagbucks indulging in using over 35 trackers, tracking users.

      Aside from not play well and restricting people from regions and other countries apart from the US.

      Using trackers that will slow down your system is a bad thing by Swagbucks.

      They should learn to be transparent as relate to their tracker usage.

      This is why I hate Swagbucks, using that many trackers can even introduce the virus to your system.

      I am sorry to say in my opinion Swagbucks is that very bad.

      What do you think?


  14. SwagBucks is not a scam but won’t make you rich – that’s my opinion too.

    You will have to put in a lot of work to get some decent money from this but no matter what you do, you won’t make much so why waste your time?

    There are other ways to make a good income online.

    But, I still need to know what you think above some of these questions:
    Can Swagbucks be trusted?
    Is Swagbucks true?
    Does Swagbucks cause viruses?

    These are common questions in many fora online. What do you think?

    1. Thank you for reading my Swagbucks app reviews. I also appreciate your time for dropping your comments.

      To answer those questions.

      Swagbucks is not a scam. It is a legitimate apps/site that can make you money online. But be sure that you can only make a peanut.
      You may not be able to make more than $5 daily. It is a waste of time taken the survey, in my opinion.

      Can you trust Swagbucks?

      It depends. I have read in many for an of them shutting down and blocking people at the point of getting their money.

      It is vital to know that Swagbucks is also a search engine just Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and Google.

      They reward you for using the search engine {See why in the body of my article, they are using you to make money. Check out “How Does Swagbucks Make Money ”

      Why can’t they stop people during the signup?

      They will make you work for them because that is objective and later block you from getting paid, just because you have violated some so-called rules.

      But, if you can go through the trouble of making money with Swagbucks, ensure you follow their rules and regulations.

      Can Swagbucks cause viruses?

      This question is everywhere online and in many fora.

      Be sure to know that Swagbucks is NOT a virus.
      But truth be told, there are many complaints in many online fora of the introduction of malware with its toolbar.

      The toolbar of Swagbucks hijacks your browsers.

      The many tracker’s usages of Swagbucks is also a form of malware that causes browser sluggishness.

      thanks again for reading my review about Swagbucks.



  15. I have been a member at Swagbucks for years.

    I generally just do the daily poll and occasional searches, plus printing coupons for items I would buy anyway. A few times a year I get enough points to buy a small gift card.

    I also search sometimes for what is called “swagbucks codes alerts”

    It is not a moneymaker–just a way to get back a little of what you already spend. I mean that you can never make a full-time income working on

    A person with loads of time might make more with surveys, but I don’t.


    1. Thanks for reading my review of Swagbucks.

      From your comment, we agree on one thing. Swagbucks will not make you a full-time income online because it is a waste of time and energy.

      You will make money with Swagbucks, but it is going to be pennies for hours. The problem with “Get Pay To” website like Swagbucks is that you will only get pay for what you do now. While will anyone continue to burn his life away doing penny work with Swagbucks?

      You can be a writer online or freelancers doing anything you want for money. And also, I love this, you can become a blogger writing and making money with websites such as Swagbucks. You just do the real work once and be earning forever.

      While you are reading this now, I may be sleeping. Maybe you are in Spain and i may be on water inside one big ship touring the world with my family. I wrote this article in one day and i will be making money with Swagbucks as a blogger forever.

      I don’t need to know you to earn online. My audience (people that need solution to their problem) will keep coming to my website.

      Thanks again got visiting my page and reading my Swagbucks Reviews.



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