Top 7 Legit Highest Paying Survey Sites For 2020

I will be taken you through the top 7 legit highest paying survey sites.

A lot of people are making huge money daily through these top paid sites.

I will also be taken you through how to bypass restrictions by survey sites; you will observe that some paid surveys will not permit some countries on the region to take part or register because of the country or region they based.

I will be showing you what to do to bypass such restrictions so that you can make money via a survey online.

One of the simplest means of making some extra cash online is with paid surveys.

A paid survey, stated, is a kind of statistical study whereby signed up members are duly rewarded through a well-drawn up incentive program by effortlessly completing one or more reviews.

You must know the difference between taking free surveys and paid one, if you want to make good money online, then you will need to make the sacrifice of subscribing to a paid review.

Paid surveys are how to get paid to take an online review because it attracts dedicated to market research companies that ensure you get useful paid surveys regularly.

They are the source of global corporate companies that need to have market and customer feedback regularly about their products and services via surveys.

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The benefits of these paid surveys are that the benchmark of qualification is usually low; they require almost no capital to start, require no particular skill set, and carry no continuing obligation.

Get to know more about the technicalities involved in taking surveys, check out the Guide To Taken Surveys Online.

However, to make good money at them, you'll need to be able to do it in the right way. This article highlights the top 5 legit high paying survey sites for 2016 and beyond.

All you need is to sign on to any one or more of the listed survey sites below, and you also stand to redeem exciting rewards and gadgets from Apple, Samsung, and more.

All you need is to sign on to any one or more of the listed survey sites below, and you also stand to redeem exciting rewards and gadgets from Apple, Samsung, and more.

If you want to enjoy a great life, making money online from the comfort of your home answering simple surveys online, then this is definitely for you to explore.

what are good side hustles

You will come back to thank me for this. Listed below are the trusted and legit paid surveys for 2018 and beyond.

Take Surveys For Cash

This paid survey site was founded in 2011. You can begin with an initial cost of as low as $1.99. This

payment is just for some database information you'll be provided with instead of hassling to mine this data, setting up your payment system to correlate with theirs, and covering the advertising costs.

What the owners frankly tell you is that it's not a get rich quick program but an easy way to earn a side income. There is a free 7-day trial offer, and you can also earn by referring other members.

You benefit a lot by joining Take Surveys For Cash because they have numerous tutorials about different products and a vibrant Facebook group that you can ask questions and get real-time answers.

You are free to join and make money online at home, join Take Surveys For Cash.

This is a site that pays you to take up online surveys, take up phone surveys, contribute in focus groups, preview the latest movie trailers, and try out and keep the newest products.

The site has a calculator that demonstrates the amount of money you can make weekly, monthly, and yearly.

For accurate computation, there are queries you need to fill up like the number of surveys you can complete in a day and the exact days in a week you'll be able to complete the surveys.

The average earning for each survey will then be displayed for you in a separate query.

Surveys are a lot of work most unusual if you are ready to make good money, this site is one of the best work home jobs online today; a lot of people make this a full-time job; join Paid Surveys At Home here.

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Get Cash For Surveys

This is a paid survey company that will always pay you for every sign-up and for completing given survey tasks.

This site is more of a software, a kind of compilation of market survey and research poll firms, which have been synchronized into a spontaneous easy-to-use information bank like interface that attracts these firms together for easy reach in a single point.

Ideally, they are offering you a one-off fee to cut back on your frustration of getting legitimate survey companies or waste quality time logging in one-by-one every moment to ascertain if you have any invites for a survey.

It's prudent to look at this survey site as a hobby rather than a full-time job. Again your payments can be easily affected through PayPal, or you can still redeem the points for gifts.

Join Get Cash For Surveys here to earn extra money from home.

Hot Click 4 Surveys

If you are a stubborn individual, this site fits your profile. Anyone, regardless of country of origin, religious background, or gender, is eligible to join.

This site has a big database of companies that have injected a lot of money to get honest opinions on their products.

The companies also want to know about current product trends, shopping habits, and how consumers feel about the products.

The payment methods are convenient for this site because the cash is conveyed directly to your PayPal account or paper checks delivered straight to your home.

All you need to do to get started is enter your first name and email address, and you are good to go; you can sign on to Hot Click 4 Surveys here and start making money online.

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Gold Opinions

Gold is a paid survey site where you can earn significant amounts of money by sharing your opinions about shopping, restaurants, cars, gadgets, to name a few.

The benefit of Gold Opinion surveys is that you can complete the surveys in any nook and cranny of the world whether on the beach, in the office, at home, in a restaurant, or pretty much any place you so desire.

You can get your payments through PayPal or redeem exhilarating gadgets and rewards from top companies like Samsung, Apple, Adidas, and much more.

The payment parameters include $5 for a 10 to 15-minute survey, $30 every hour just by participating in panels and focus groups, $15-$30 for 3o minutes surveys, and $50 for premium surveys.

To be a member or participant, all you need to do is click on the join button, and you're ready to start taking surveys.

In this day and age of cutthroat competition, big firms are willing to pay individuals to comprehend what they are thinking.

An individual's opinion helps them understand the strengths and weaknesses of their products and adjust or improve on them.

The scope of paid surveys includes taking online surveys, taking phone surveys, contributing to focus groups, reviewing the latest movie trailers, and trying and keeping the newest products.

Just don't quit your job to take up paid surveys full time unless you have mastered the ropes and making an excellent income that you can subsist on. Join Get Paid For Your Opinion here.

Legit Paid Online Surveys

Do you know you can get paid for more than $80 to $300 just for completing a simple survey online, and you could do that several times daily?

This is another process of making money attending to paid survey online.

This survey site will provide you with over 460 paid surveys, market research companies, and many other focus groups.

A lot of people have built a business online using the internet to their advantage.

This is another excellent opportunity for you to start participating in a paid survey online.

This eBook will get you started with running your own home business, answering paid surveys online. You will get the following from this directory:

  • This directory will help get you paid by getting involved in focus groups, and you can make more than $150 within an hour.
  • You will get paid taken survey earning between $5 to over $80
  • You will have an opportunity to get paid taken phone survey and earning over $130 an hour daily
  • You will have a chance to get paid to preview new movie-making between $4 t0 $25 an hour

Try ouLegit Paid Surveys here, it is one of the best-paid surveys so far.

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  5. How to Make Money with TellWut Survey
  6. How to Make Money with American Consumer Opinion
  7.  Make Money with Springboard America
  8. How to Make Money with Lightspeed Research
  9. How to Make Money with Survey Club
  10. Make Money with PaidViewPoint
  11. How to Make Money with Vindale Research 
  12. Make Money with Pinecone Research 

Nextgen Paid Surveys

The Nextgen Paid Surveys by Jason Webb will help you discover the simple truth about how you can be making $1,157 weekly answering simple surveys online.

Nextgen Paid Surveys site works with companies with an excellent reputation that seeks the opinion of people around the world about their products and services.

The Nextgen Paid Surveys is a middleman liaising between you and these companies. They have pools of companies in their directory.

When you sign on to this site, and you make the necessary payment to this site, you will have access to the list of companies with the current surveys they have available.

Nextgen Paid Surveys works with Fortune 500 Companies such as eBay, HP, and Amazon, etc. These companies are ready to pay you a lot of money for Your Opinion.

Taken Survey with Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Most of the highly paid survey sites prevent third world countries from subscribing to their sites due to fraudulent activities that are known to these countries or regions.

Notwithstanding, we still have a lot of good people within these countries that will like to start making money with paid survey online.

If you are from any of these countries, there is a solution for you. You will need to subscribe to what is called VPN (Virtual Private Networking).

Importance of a VPN cannot be overemphasis; It helps you resolve the following:

  • You can access any websites or applications without restrictions from any location
  • It allows you to stream video from any countries or region
  • It helps you to be secure and remain anonymous online
  • It makes you unstoppable in doing business, watching movies, and software download on any websites from any country around the world.

I recommend any of the top 5 best VPN (Virtual Private Networking). With any of this VPN, you can subscribe to any surveys online and start making money.

My Way Of Making Money Online

I am making money online through affiliate marketing, what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Is a way of earning a commission by promoting other companies (or people’s) products.

When you decide on a product to promote, you pick that product and start informing people that you think maybe in need of such a product.

As they buy the product, you earn a piece of the profit (commission) from each item sold.

We have a lot of programs that offer to train people on affiliate marketing; the best of its kind as of today is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate will help turn your passion into a thriving business online.

It is equipped with the best and latest tools in the tech world that will make you be one of the best affiliate marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate has over 100 video and text training materials with hands-on on how to be a successful affiliate marketer. You can join Wealthy Affiliate free now, and you have a gift of two websites for yourself.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have a great community of help that will help you whenever you need to resolve any issue on your site; people are always online 24/7 to lend a helping hand.

You also have direct private access to Kyle, the founder, if you need help, that can not be resolved by the other affiliates. We usually have webinar coaching weekly where you will learn the art of making money with your chosen niche.

In summary, in Wealthy Affiliate, you will be taught how to turn your hobbies into making money online; you will identify your niche; you will be taught how to generate traffics organically through quality content to your website.

You will also learn how to develop your site by yourself; you can create a quality website in less than a minute, see how.

And lastly, you will also learn several ways you can start making money blogging, i.e., Making money with your website while you are sleeping.

Affiliate Marketing Training 2

What do you think about my Top 7 Legit Highest Paying Survey Sites 2018 And Beyond?

Do you know of any others that are not on my list?

Please share it with me in my comment area. I love to learn from you.

Note: Please know that you can always contact me at Wealthy Affiliate, this is my Personal Profile.

Also, do well to leave your comment here. Do you have any questions? I will respond to you immediately.

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  1. Dear John,

    I want to make money taken surveys but I have a lot of concern about this plan. These are my questions. How much can one make taken surveys? What alternatives do I have aside taken surveys?

    I am thinking of starting a business online what is your best advice?

    Kindly reply, my earning depends on this because I need to engage myself in something worthwhile.

    • You can make money doing survey task online but they won’t help you make enough money that you can base your living on.

      My best alternative to taken survey online is for you to have your own business online. You will need to think of adding values to an audience. Think of what you love to do. You can pick on any topic that you know you are good at. It will be great if you love or have a passion for the topic.

      Many won’t mind paying for what you know. You can use that to start affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is my number 1 recommendation here. You have much other great learning platforms too. But I am complete with them for now and I am doing great.

      You will be taught on all you need to make money online. Check that link out.

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  2. Good Sir,
    Please, kindly link me with a survey site that allowed Nigeria and that i can earn cash.not necessary the one that i will earn big cash at once ,but some thing little by little.
    thanks in advance for your reply and help

    • Dear Tony,

      I am not a fancy of survey sites. They are waste of time and energy. Aside from that those that allow Nigeria will require some sort of demography i.e. classifications of your status before you can qualify. I will research and get back to you though to see other legit survey sites that you can work with.

      If you are in Nigeria. I know of a business you can do online that I believe it is Legit and in fact, I did a research and also wrote a detailed article about it. The name of the product is called Recharge and Get Paid. They are only in Nigeria now and they help ordinary Nigeria make money with collaboration with Nigeria Telecom industry.

      It is a straightforward online and recharge card business. As long as you have a good phone you are good to go. Go through that link and let me know if you are interested. Just drop your thought in my comment area within the article.



  3. Thanks, John.

    Taken the survey online to me is a waste of energy and resource. The best way to start making money online is to have your own blog and decide on a niche. Your niche should have a ready-made audience. Your job is to start providing help on your websites to your audience. I learn better lessons after I met a friend with the Wealthy Affiliate.

    Do you want to make money online? Then just go learn from the best and most trusted affiliate tutor in the world the Wealthy Affiliate.



    • Hi Jane,

      You are right jane. I learned all I knew from Wealthy Affiliate too. They are just the best. I own my success to them.


  4. I used to work with a paid survey site called ClixSense, answering questions delivered by Toluna research agency and the like. I noticed you have not mentioned them here and I wonder why?

    About Hot Click 4 Surveys, that’s new to me. But I think I have to check it out also, who knows, it can be the one I am really looking for.

    There’s one thing that I noticed in them:

    I live here in the Philippines and with ClixSense, they are making only few surveys available for us residents of this country. My question is, do you know of survey sites that does not discriminate? I mean, what is available in other countries, may also be available here.

    • Not all surveys site pay very well. Those reviewed here are paid survey that will definitely pay you. In order to do well in taken survey you must know why are company paying people to taken their surveys. It will help you to know why some countries or regions are not allow to take some surveys. 

      Read this article on The ultimate Guide To Taken Survey”, it will help you know the reason and important of surveys to a lot of multi national companies and why some region of countries are not allow to taken those survey. And also how you can bend the rule i.e. How you can use Virtual Private Network to take any survey even if it is not been allowed in your region or country. 

      Thank you for come by.



  5. hello!
    a wealth of information here on paid surveys. Extremely thorough and covers most of the major options available out there. I can see this being very useful for those who don’t know a lot about paid surveys but want to get started. The videos also help to explain the process further which is nice.
    NIce post keep them up!

  6. Hi. My name is Toni. I love to make money with surveys. There are some subscriptions I did but my subscription was rejected that I was not qualified. What can u do? Also I am from Africa, I observed that I can sign on to some survey program here because of my countries. The declined message is that my country is now allowed. What can I do please?

    • Taking surveys online is for a purpose and a lot of people have been asking this question of how to get paid from taking surveys; you only get paid if you make you opinion known about a product or situations. Companies around the world only look for people that can make their opinion counts. Surveys site look for real people that are qualify on certain issues or products. Therefore, before you are considered for any surveys you data or profile must be seem suitable for that survey for you to be considered.

      You should know that there is how to get paid to taking surveys, the how aspect of it is what you need to search for on youtube video online. you can search for it on www youtube com.

      I considering writing on the science of taken surveys. I hope you are okay with my answers? Please revert and let me know and thanks for visiting my site.

    • Surveys online are one of the top work home jobs and it pays a lot if you join two or more of the above. These sites are the best of Surveys online; we have a lot of fake or scam surveys online. You can earn a living out of surveys online if you join the right one. Mind you, it involve a lot of work also. Most of the site highlighted above will train you on what you will need to know to become a master in attempting surveys. All in all you must be consistent with your information and data; honesty is key to get a lot of questionnaires from these sites.
      I may not advice you to quit your job in six months after you start survey but it is advice able you start and see how much money you are making. But you should know that people are earning so much more in survey online.

  7. Hi John, thanks for this information on legitimate paid survey sites. There are so many out there right now it is crazy, and most of them are scams or pay you next to nothing for your time. I like the idea of making some extra money doing surveys online and will check out your suggestions.

    • Thank you Rick, Yes you are very right. We have a lot of surveys sites claiming to be paying but in actual sense they are not. This article is my recommendation of how to get paid from taking surveys online for 2016 and beyond. i hope you will subscribe and start making money online.

  8. Hi John, thank you for being able to provide me with some clarity as to whether or not paid reviews are worth doing. There is so much misleading information online, as to the vast amounts of wealth that you can earn from making money by taking surveys, that you start to think they are all scams. With my new found understanding that you can make money but, that it won’t in most cases allow me to leave my day job, I can now think about taking them in my spare time to help add some extra income to my household.

    If you had to choose the one that I could possibly make the most money from, what would your selection be?

    Thank you in advance for your answer

    • Kelly
      How to make money online for a living has been a challenge to many,information is what make and set us aside from our pairs. thanks for your comment. i really appreciate. I hope to see you again here.

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