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Pinecone Research Surveys Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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pinecone research review

You are welcome to my Pinecone Research Surveys review. Can you make money with Pinecone Research surveys? Or, Is Pinecone Research surveys legit, safe, or another scam survey panel?

Data is essential to business, and this is why surveys are needed to understand consumer behavior.


Survey sites such as this site promise to pay you for every survey you complete. I am sure you are here to find out if you can make money with Pinecone Research.

It is crucial to make your findings of the online program. This is how I discovered the best affiliate marketing training platform in the world that help me birth this website.

So, Is Pinecone Research safe, legit, or a scam? The sign up process simple?

Well, look no further. I promise to give an unbiased review of this survey.

Please read on.

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PineCone Research Surveys at a Glance

pinecone research how to sign up

Product Name: Pinecone Research
Founder: Owned and Operated by Nielsen Company.
Price: Free
Rating: 35%
Recommended: No.

Summary of Pinecone Research Surveys Review

Pinecone Research is a research company that employs paid surveys to feel the purse of the populate as required by the company’s big brands all over the world.

It is owned and run by one of the largest market research companies in the world – Nielsen Corporation.

However, it is not a program that I would recommend to anyone; and why is that? Generally taken a survey is a waste of time and energy. You will only earn pennies doing online surveys.

The survey site will help you cash out directly to PayPal or Checks, and you can also redeem your points with gift cards.

300 points earned equivalent to $3, which implies that 100 points achieve by answering the survey is the same as $1.

Why waste time taking a survey when you can set up your online business earning a full-time income online within few days with the help of Wealthy Affiliate Certification Training.

What is Pinecone Research?

Owned by the Nielsen company, Pinecone Research is a paid survey website.

Nielsen is one of the big market research companies in the world.

The company operates mainly out of New York City. Nielsen is in the business of data collection and conducting researches for huge corporations.

This survey site pays you for your information and your time.

You must have probably heard about the Nielsen Company for their “Nielsen Rating.”

The rating is an audience measurement system for television, newspaper, and radio in their media markets.

Instead of employing workers to carry out the door-to-door media-habit survey, Nielsen uses a recording device attached to consumers’ TVs.

These recorders are used to monitor and record channels viewed by the consumer and determine audience size.

You may have watched an episode of Family Guy that accurately depicted (to some extent) just how the Nielsen Rating works. You can learn more about Nielsen on Wikipedia.

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Pinecone Research Surveys Sign-Up Process

So, what is the sign-up process for this survey site?

Please know that it is free to join Pinecone surveys. However, joining is by invitation only.

Don’t get your hopes up yet. Passing their registration screening doesn’t mean the dough just rolls in.

Pinecone does a pre-screening before any survey is handed out. If your demographic matches, you will be invited to participate in the survey.

Requirements to Sign Up For Pinecone Research

This survey site is for residents of the following countries:

  • USA,
  • Canada, or
  • The UK.

You must be 18 years of age to be able to join and make money with Pinecone Surveys.

And also for people of the above countries who don’t mind spending a few hours every day completing boring surveys to earn a few Benjamins.

How Does Pinecone Research Surveys Work?

This is how it works. The first thing to do to be considered for any survey is to sign up and become a member.

You will then be expecting your invitations to take the survey via your mail. The survey invitation will only come to you if you are qualified for such a survey.

The Panelist’s qualification is based on individual data already collected at the point of registration.

The surveys are assigned to members only if it is relevant to them, and it relates to their information in the database.

You take surveys that are sent to you.

You get rewarded with points for every survey you take. Each survey should take between 15 to 30 minutes to complete. This Research survey is concentrated around the products and consumption of big brands.

That implies that you will be taking questions that relate to yet to be released products, and you are expected to offer interested feedback according to your demographics about such great brands.

Each survey will earn you between 100 to 300 rewards points.

Pinecone Research Surveys Points Conversion

The point conversion is straight forward.

100 points = $1 (1 point= $0.01).

You can set the rate of pay to start from 300 points per survey (i.e., $3). This can be review upward after you have been a panelist for some time on the Pinecone Research platform.

Your reward points will expire in a year, but you can cash out your redeemed points at any time. There is no cash-out limit for this Research survey.

You can cash out via Check, PayPal, and gift cards.

A panelist should expect to receive payment between three to five working days.

If you use PayPal, you should get your payment within 48 hours, while the Check will take some days before it gets to your doorsteps.

Can you make money with Pinecone Research survey?

Your First 300 Points Must Be By Check

Please note that your first 300 reward points to cash out must be by Check. And why is that? This is to establish that you are using legitimate addresses and locations.

The first 300 reward points will be redeemed for Check and sent to your location address, as stated on your profile.

Once your Check is cash and location and addresses verified, you can then redeem your other cash-out by PayPal or other various physical and digital gift cards that include brand-named merchandise and Virtual prepaid cards.

How to Make Money with Pinecone Research Surveys

You earn money by completing surveys you match with.

The minimum payout is $3, with the possibility of increasing to $5. This Research survey panel pays through PayPal, Check or Gift Cards

How Much Money Can You Make with Pinecone Research Surveys?

On average, you can get 1-2 surveys a week, which about 10 – 15 minutes each. For each completed survey, you get 300 points, which cost $3.00.

It implies that $1 is equivalent to 100 points (1 point is equal to $0.01).

So essentially, you’d be making about $12 – 18 dollars per hour for completing surveys.

However, you may not make as high as this as they give limited surveys.

Also, you get $6 for testing unreleased products. This survey panel also has a lucky draw called Sweepstakes.

The lucky draw occurs twice a week, and it’s worth $500. There is also a quarterly draw that is worth $4,500.

You will automatically qualify for the draw when you complete a survey through the website; however, your opportunity of winning increases with the number of surveys you do.

So, how much does Pinecone Research pay; Pinecone Research will pay you all the amount of your point that is redeemed into via your PayPal account.

Pinecone Research Survey Payment Method

After setting the cash-out option, you will get paid between 3-5 days.

You can get your payments via cheque, a pre-credited visa card, or PayPal.

Pinecone Research Survey Customer Service and Support

Yes. Pinecone research can be reached by email; there is no phone number provided on its website.

Also, you will have to fill a form to send your complaints via email to the Pinecone’s support.

What is Good About Pinecone Research

Survey Policy

Most paid survey intermediaries are notorious for kicking people out in the middle of the survey. They do this because they only find out that you don’t qualify after you have completed the survey.  That is just frustrating.

Pinecone Research prevents this from happening. You will not be assigned any survey that is not relevant to you.

Fixed Pay

While payouts vary with the survey, on average, the site pays you $3 to $5 per survey.

Also, some product testing pays out a minimum of $6.

On the brighter side, if you are an active surveyor, Pinecone Survey will eventually raise your rates to at least $5 per survey.

Simple Point System

Everyone who has tried to earn on survey sites knows that point systems are a pain in the ass.

One of the beautiful things about this survey panel is its simple point system. Every 100 points equal $1.

None of those four-figure points for pitiful cents. Besides, there is no minimum amount required for cashing out. This means that you can convert your points and have it paid into your PayPal account.


Pinecone Research has Sweepstakes.

Randomly selected panelists gain entries into the Sweepstakes by filling out surveys and making sure that their account is active.

Members have reported having joined in Sweepstakes worth from $500 to $4,500 and are drawn every quarter.

No Cash-out Requirement

Unlike most paid survey intermediary sites such as SendEarnings and InboxDollars, Pinecone Research has no minimum cash-out requirement.

You can immediately withdraw the payment for your first survey via PayPal or Check.

Although you may meet a slight delay in transferring points to cash and then getting the money deposited, yet cash-out is light-years faster than most sites.

Issues with Pinecone research Surveys.

Payment Issues

Pinecone Research has a BBB review of F+ Rating on their Better Business Bureau website. On the other hand, the Nielsen Company has a sterling A+ rating.

Pinecone Research has closed 31 complaints in the last 12 months. 13 of those complaints were about billing and collection. Pinecone Research is notorious for having issues when it comes to paying their users.

Sometimes they are unable to withdraw via PayPal or check and are forced to accept gift cards instead.

There are also several claims of accounts being closed as soon as there is a hefty amount ready to be cashed out.

Invite Only

The invite-only program is a pain in the butt because an existing panelist has to invite you, or you can click on their random referral banners.

The selection process stops most people who want to earn a passive income online.

It also exposes you to scams claiming to have an “invitation link” if you are willing to pay for it.

Low-income Potential

Even though at $3, Pinecone Research has the highest payout per survey, it is not worth it.

Earning $3 to $5 per survey with a chance at increasing your minimum payment, in the long run, is excellent, but don’t expect it to rain Benjamins.

Remember that you still have to be invited into these surveys, to begin with. There is no guarantee that you will be picked to participate in ten surveys in any day.

Because your demographics need to match a survey, a quick analysis will reveal that you’re just earning $15 in 30 days.

Online Opinion of PineCone Research Surveys

One user complimented PineCone for its prompt payment.

However, another user complained about how difficult it is to get an invite link to join.

Also, another user complained that to make a living, and you’d have to answer about 100 reviews a day.

With many online discussions about Pinecone Research surveys? Can you still make money with the Pinecone Research survey? Is Pinecone Research surveys legit, safe, or a scam survey panel?

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Pinecone Research Customer Service Phone Number

Pinecone Research Customer Service Number 

  • (888) 572-2676

Location of Pinecone Research

  • 250 E 5th St Ste 1000, Cincinnati, OH 45202-4127

Pinecone Research BBB Review Rating is “F”

The Pinecone Research Better Business Bureau review rating is “F.”

Though rated the Pinecone Research is not accredited by Better Business Bureau.

So how do they get rated without accreditations? BBB rating is a measure of how fast and quick any company tackle and takes care of customer complaints and various issues raised.

pinecone research app

Source: Better Business Bureau

The BBB review ratings of “F” for Pinecone Research survey shows that the company has been doing great in handling customer service issues and support of its panelist.

As at the time of writing this review, 59 complaints have been closed in the last three years by Pinecone Research, while 19 complaints were closed in the previous twelve months.

What do you think of my Pinecone Research review? Is Pinecone Research surveys legit, safe or a scam?

Can you still make money with Pinecone Research surveys?

Is Pinecone Research Surveys Safe, Legit, or a Scam?

Pinecone Research is safe, legit and not a scam survey website.

They also backed by the Nielsen Company’s reputation.

The low-income potential and payment complaints are a huge turn-off if you are looking to earn passive money.

This low payment is generally associated with all surveys and research companies. Taken surveys will only earn you pennies, but that does not make such a survey site a scam.

Please know that is Pinecone Research is very safe, legit and it is not a scam survey website.

When working with any survey companies, you must take their privacy companies seriously, such as the Privacy Policy of Pinecone Research and the Pinecone Research membership agreement.

Knowing this information will help you to see how the survey company is using the member data and profile information collected.

Is Pinecone Research Surveys Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Pinecone Research surveys review? Do you think you can still make money with Pinecone Research surveys? Is Pinecone Research surveys safe and legit or a scam?

My article demonstrated that Pinecone Research is legit and not a scam research company.

But, is Pinecone Research worth it? No Pinecone Research survey company does not worth my time.

A Pinecone Research survey will take you between 15 to 30 minutes, and you can earn between 100 to 300 points that are equivalent to between $1 to $3.

Why wasting time taken survey while you can translate the same time to better use and build a business that can earn you a full-time income online.

No, Pinecone Research is not worth it. You earn a $1 to $3 while you can channel those wasted time into building a REAL online business than can make you durable money online.

This does not apply to only the Pinecone Research survey, but it applies to all survey sites. You can not make money taken and answering the survey.

Surveys can only earn you an extra income.

What do you think of my Pinecone Research surveys review? Is Pinecone Research surveys safe, legit, or another scam survey panel? What is your take?

But, do you want to make real money with your own business online? A business then is set up within a few days, and then you will keep working on it.

You have all the tools, training, help, and support you need to succeed online. Start this affiliate marketing training now; level-1 of ten lessons is free to join. Click here to learn more.

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14 thoughts on “Pinecone Research Surveys Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1.  Pinecone Research surveys will not replace your full-time job but are an easy way to make some extra money. Pinecone Research has established itself as one of the best panel survey sites available. 

    They have higher payouts, easy qualification, and an excellent reputation. Pinecone has Higher than the average payout for surveys: 

    With survey payouts averaging around $3, and product testing around $6 per test, Pinecone Research pays much higher than average for your input, the only problem I’ve got with them recently is not being paid but we are left with nothing but gift cards, 

    I know that finding a good article does not come by so easily so I must commend your effort in creating such a beautiful website and writing an article to help others with useful information like this.thanks

    1. thanks for reading my Pinecone Research surveys.

      It is important to note that surveys can not make you money ( real money); you can only earn estral cash. 

      The article is all about how to make money with Pinecone Research surveys.



  2. Helooo Dear, thanks for putting up this  nice review on pinecone. It’s really going to be helpful. Anyways I have heard a lot of things about pinecone which actually motivated into making nkore research on it. I think all my questions have been answered in this review. Judging from this review I would like to say that pinecone is a waste of time. Thanks

    1. Thanks for reading my Pinecone Research Review.

      The article is all about how to make money with Pinecone Research

      Pinecone Research survey is legit and not scam.

      Thanks for your comment about the Pinecone Research survey review.



  3. Hello there, a good review you have there.

    For the fact that a platform is not really generating more income for you as expected doesn’t mean that the platform is a scam. The only question you will ask yourself is if it worth your time and stress. 

    For me, pinecone is legit according to your review but for making more income I don’t think that is where I will channel my efforts to.

    1. I doubt if you read my Pinecone Research review.

      Pinecone Research is a legitimate survey website, But you will only earn an extra income with Pinecone Research.

      Pinecone Research can not make you a full-time income online. For taken a survey is a complete waste of time and resources. 

      The article is all about how to make money with Pinecone Research.

      Thanks again for dropping your comments.



  4. Hello thanks for sharing these information with us, I was doing some research online when I saw your post on Pinecone, actually I was referred to these Pinecone program by my cousin, but I wasn’t sure of it was legit or not, but after going through your article I believe now that my doubt has been cleared, you are thoroughly amazing thanks for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations

    1. Thanks for reading my Pinecone Research Review.

      The article is all about how to make money with Pinecone Research.

      Thanks for the comment. 


  5. Hey John,

    Great Pinecone Research Review

    Great detail on your review. I was personally blinded by the shiny bright lights of many survey companies.

    The problem is that filling up surveys is a paradox because is a really “empty” activity. In my personal opinion, what you doing is constructive and promotes individuals to have creativity.

    Certainly more people need to wake up to the reality of the time wasted in making just a few bucks, as I totally agree with you, the same time can be invested in doing something more meaningful that in time can represent financial freedom.

    I could not agree more with your recommendation, worth to try!

    1. Thanks for reading my Pinecone Research Review.

      please know that Pinecone Research is legit and not a scam… Pinecone Research is also safe to use.

      The article is all about how to make money with Pinecone Research.

      Thanks for your Pinecone Research Review



  6. Thank you so much for your review on Pinecone Research. You are absolutely right, nowadays we all have to do our due diligent before we purchase anything online since we do not want to waste our money with bad products or even scams.

    From my personal experience, taking a survey to get paid so little. I hate it the most that they opt me out without paying me when I am not match for the research. I guess it is what it is but I think Paidviewpoint is better. They pay you little too but they still pay you when they opt you out.

    If you want to make more money focus group is probably better than taking all these online surveys but they mostly available in big cities. 

    I guess this can be considered as a snack money but not a way to make a substantial income. Affiliate marketing will take time to build the platform but you make more money than taking a survey for sure. 

    By the way, I saw that family guy episode with the Neilson company lol hilarious. Peter is just too much and has too much control over everyone.  

    1. Thanks for taking a look at my Pinecone Research Review.

      It is a review that focuses on how to make money with Pinecone Research.


      Really appreciates. 

  7. Hay – John.  Very interesting and thoughtful discussion.  I have looked at tons of different survey sites and they all seem to be like Pinecone Research that you reviewed. I like your total honesty. I tried a few different survey sites and was totally disgusted.  I would spend hours just getting accepted to take a survey and then after 15 or 20 minutes, I would complete it for maybe 10 cents.  So, when you figure it out, I make a whopping 40 cents an hour.  I don’t know if any of the survey sites are worth it, but I think not. I know people say they make hundreds each month – but I have no idea how they do it!!!!!  I appreciate that you provide all the information in case I want to join – but you also let me know that it is a waste of time so I don’t waste a lot of time thinking I will make money. If that makes any sense?  The only ones that  I use are NCP, Receipt Hog and Ibotta. Don’t know if you are familiar with them, and for sure I don’t make hundreds a month. But, they are not time drains at least and I made enough for Christmas gifts at the end of the year.  I will check out Wealthy Affiliate to see what they have to offer. Thanks for the info. 

    1. Thanks for reading my Pinecone Research Review.

      Pinecone Research is legit and not scam. It is also a safe survey site

      It is all about how to make money with Pinecone Research.



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