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Is Vindale Research Legit? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Vindale Research review. Is Vindale Research safe, legit, or scam? Can you make money with the Vindale Research survey?

Most survey panels will promise to give you rewards for completing surveys. However, most often, they fail to fulfill this promise.


I am sure you are here to find out if Vindale is one such platform. Well, I will be doing an unbiased review of this panel.

It is crucial and important to do your research before you start with any such survey site; this was how I discovered what changed my life for good, i.e., how to make money online from home with my hobbies and skills.

Is Vindale Research safe, legit, or a scam?  Can you make money with Vindale Research?

Don’t stop here; scroll down to find out more.

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Vindale Research at a Glance

vindale research facebook

Product Name: Vindale Research
Founder: Nathanael Ehrich
Price: FREE
Rating: 35%
Recommended: No

Summary of Vindale Research Review

Vindale Research is a legit, safe, and not a scam online survey platform that is designed to help big brands and organizations get direct and unbiased feedback from the public.

This feedback will help brands identify where they need to improve. Users of the platform get rewarded with cash, and sign up is free.

The site will provide different simple and straightforward ways for users to make money

But, can you make money with Vindale Research?

The problem with this survey site is that it takes a lot of time to make real money.

In my opinion, focusing on making money taken survey online doesn’t worth the time and resources. Check out how I make money online here

However, only residents of the United States, Australia, Canada, and the UK are allowed to participate.

What do you think of my Vindale Research review? Is Vindale Research safe, legit or another scam survey site?

What is Vindale Research?

Survey websites are popular in the United States; survey sites have proven to be a perfect way to earn extra cash.

is vindale research legit

The only disadvantage of investing your time in survey sites is the risk of falling victim to scams.

Without a doubt, there are numerous scams online survey platforms; the same way, there are still a lot of legit platforms.

This survey site is noted to be one of the oldest online research platforms, with beautiful and professional website design.

Nathanael Ehrich owns the company with its headquarters in New York.

Vindale Research is an online survey platform that rewards users for completing simple surveys, earning is comprehensive and straight forward; you get $2 instantly once you sign up and complete your profile.

Users need to know that the information they give to Vindale Research is channeled directly to brands; the companies that buy your data only use it to improve their offerings.

After completing a survey, you get paid directly to your PayPal account; there’s no complicated point system.

Is nVindale Research survey site legit, safe, or a scam site? Can you make money with Vindale Research survey?

What do you think of my Vindale Research survey review?

The Cost to Join Vindale Research

You can join Vindale Research for free. There is no need to pay to answer surveys on Vindale Research website.

However, you may have to purchase a product with your money to provide accurate answers for certain types of products or services.

These types of research opportunities are not compulsory; you can do them if you want or ignore them.

Who is Vindale Research For?

Vindale Research targets survey takers in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia.

The survey is also limited to residents of Alaska and Hawaii in the US.

Also, to participate in the Vindale research survey, you have to be at least eighteen years of age as your account will be deleted if you are found to be younger than 18.

How Does Vindale Research Work

Understanding how Vindale Research works, you have to view it from two perspectives, first from the perspective of brands and second from the perspective of members.

  • How Vindale Research Works for Brands

The platform helps brands understand public opinion towards their products. It enables brands to get an idea of what customers think and their attitude.

It can come in handy when a brand wants to launch a new product line. With earnest feedback members, brands will be able to project how the new product line will fare.

  • How Vindale Research works for Users

Members of Vindale Research can make money by giving feedback on what they think about a particular product; all members need to do is carry out pure research and get rewarded with cash.

How to Join Vindale Research

You can either sign up through a valid email address or through your Facebook account, after providing some personal information, a link will be sent to your mail, visit your email and verify your account through the link.

The age limit to join and become a member of Vindale Research is 18 years.

It is very important to read the Vindale Research terms and conditions before joining so that you will not get your finger burnt.

You must also be aware that your data and information will also be used in the company market research.

Read more about the Vindale privacy issue here.

 How to Make Money with Vindale Research

You can make money in four primary ways with Vindale Research.

  • Make Money with  to Answer Online Surveys

You can earn extra money via what is called Vindale Survey.

Just like other survey platforms, carrying out a survey is the primary way to earn cash on Vindale Research.

Surveys don’t have a specific length, and the number of minutes it takes to carry out surveys determines the amount you’ll get paid.

You should know that at any point, you can get screened out from a survey, and once you get screened out, you don’t get paid.

You are also not eligible for every survey; your profile and location will determine the number of surveys that come your way.

  • The Reward Codes

You can also make extra money with Vindale Research by participating in the Vindale community where you interact with the site social media platform.

When you take part in challenges, alerts, polls, and also search for rewards code that worth cash within the week.

Just uploading a picture of you and showing evidence of payment on Twitter, make sure you tag @vindale.

  • Vindale Research Referral Program

You can share your affiliate links purposely to invite your friends and family members to join the Vindale Research survey sites.

Any new members that join the Vindale Research through your affiliate link will earn you $5 each.

You can make money if you have a website and write a review about Vindale Research and share your links. You just write an article once, and you will start making money for life.

There is a way you write an article, and people get to visit your website through the same article, this is what ranking.

You are on this site, reading this now without knowing me or receiving my invite.

This is why you need to get the training you need to become a blogger.

Join this certification training now, level one with ten lessons is FREE to join. Click here to learn more.

  • Make Money Reading Vindale Research Email

It is called the Vindale Research reward email; you can make money for every email that you received.

Can you imagine making money from reading emails?

  • Get Paid to Watch Vindale Video

Another way to get paid is to start watching as many videos as possible.

You will watch the video and give your feedback, and you will get paid. It is simple and straightforward.

It is called a Video survey for money. All you need to do is to look for a survey tab on your profile after you must have registered.

The only challenge with this is that it is time-consuming. It will consume your data.

How Much Can You Make on Vindale Research?

Vindale pays between $0.25 and $50 for each completed survey.

However, when the product is also sent to the user for review, Vindale pays up to $75.

With referrals, you can earn $5 for every person who signs up through your link.

That said, I am not a believer in making money taken survey online. It is a waste of time and resources, in my opinion.

See how I make a full-time income online and how you can copy me for free.

Vindale Research Payment Methods

Firstly, the minimum payout is $50, which implies that you must accumulate up to $50 before you can cash out.

So, how do you get your payment?

The payout takes place every 15th and last day of the month. So you need to request payment within the payment window or wait for another cycle.

You can only claim $50 pay at a time; this means if you have $60, you can only withdraw $50 then wait for the next cycle.

Payment is made through PayPal, so you need to link your account to a PayPal account.

What I Like About Vindale Research

  • It is free to sign up and no monthly fees.
  • Great survey platform to use
  • Probably the highest paying survey sites
  • The company is legitimate that real pay cash (Via PayPal), not paying through useless points, coupons, or gift cards.

Issues With Vindale Research

  • Follow up emails can be very annoying turning to spam mails
  • Sometimes the survey can pair you with unwanted third party panels.
  • The time to accumulate the cash-out amount of $50 might take a long of a time
  • The survey time out duration is too shot; this is a severe drawback
  • You don’t get to know if you are qualified for a survey until you have filled out a lengthy questionnaire; if you don’t meet the requirements, it becomes very frustrating.
  • It is not a global platform; only available in limited countries like UK, US, Canada, Australia, and Brazil cannot participate.

Vindale Research Customer Service/ Support

This survey site has an excellent customer service team if you have a general question, you can check out their FAQ.

Customer Service Contact 

Phone Contact: +1 855 846 3253
Email Address:

For any other business inquiries, you can contact the following email address:

Business Partnership:

Vindale Research Review BBB Rating Is “F”

Dynata LLC claimed to be a global leader that specializes in digital market research data that can be used for insight and decision-making in consulting, businesses, media, healthcare, retail brands, and corporate clients.

Research Now and Survey Sampling International was renamed to Dynata LLC and are the parent company of the survey websites.

Members of this survey site make money via product testing, taking surveys, and get incentive email, etc.

vindale research bbb

Dynata LLC has a BBB review rating of “F.” This is the worst of the Better Business Bureau score that any company can get.

Since the alternate business name of Dynata LLC is Vindale Research, the BBB rating of Dynata LLC is equivalent to the BBB rating of the Vindale Research review.

Dynata LLC has been BBB accredited since 1/20/2016, and it is over 17 years old.

The accreditation is a commitment that the companies will always be on top of customer issues and complaints. It is not an assurance that its products and services are okay but about Vindale BBB complaints.

BBB ratings are all about how fast any company resolves customer issues. Is Vindale Research legit and safe? What do think?

Online Opinion of Vindale Research

Vindale is accredited by BBB and has a rating of A on an A+ to F scale. Although several users testify positively of Vindale, it has a lot of complaints.

The majority of the complaints revolve around users experiencing access revocation after completing their surveys.

Other claims involve a lack of response from the customer support concerning users’ payment.

Is Vindale Research Worldwide?

No, this site is not open to members worldwide.

The site is only open to members from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

 Sites Like Vindale Research

Is Vindale Research Safe, Legit, or a Scam?

Vindale Research is safe, legit, and not a scam.

It has an excellent reputation; it ranks as one of the best online survey platforms on the internet, it’s popular because of its high pay per survey, it doesn’t manipulate users with points or worthless gift cards.

The Vindale is accreditation is already in place by Better Business Bureau and put under its parent company by name Dynata LLC.

The company’s BBB review at the time of this article is “F.”

This site is one of the best survey sites that pay well, I discovered that you could not make money from answering the survey. You can only earn extra money but not a full-time income.

Why waste time making $5 in two hours when you can be making over $5,000 in one month.

Check out my business model to see how I am making money online, helping my audience.

Finally, you will not be asked to pay membership fees.  Is Vindale Research safe, legit, or a scam, what is your take?

Is Vindale Research Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Vindale Research review? Can you make money with Vindale Research? Is Vindale Research legit, safe, or scam?

I hope you now agree with me that Vindale Research is legit? Are you ready to make money with Vindale Research? 

If you are looking for a platform to earn side income, then Vindale Research is worth doing, for years now members have enjoyed using the platform, and three things are sure about the platform

  • You can cash out
  • Payment is high
  • There are a lot of amazing bonuses.

Although the site has favorable payment options, its reward of $50 has a limited withdrawal time frame.

To earn more from surveys, you need to participate in multiple survey sites. 

What do you think of my Vindale Research review? Is Vindale Research legit or scam? 

You can not make a full-time income with survey sites, no matter how many you dedicated your efforts to work with. To make real money online, you must be ready to start solving a real-life problem. 

I advise you to start this affiliate marketing certification training; It will help transform your hobbies, skills, passion into a full-time income online.

The training is FREE to start (the first ten lessons); you will not need any credit card to join. Learn more here.

Have you used Vindale Research? Was payout easy for you? Kindly share your thoughts.

vindale research it scam

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18 thoughts on “Is Vindale Research Legit? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. A few times I have fallen for making money with surveys. Each time it sounds like a dream business, all you do is fill in a few surveys and you have instant cash. I wish! Surveys, in general, are overrated. And all the emails that you get sent after makes the whole thing not worth it.

    1. Thanks for reading my review of Vindale Research.

      All you just need to do is to Google ” Vindale Research Reddit”. You’ll see many results that are negatives and positives. 

      But, my review is in-depth and torches every related topic and questions users have. 



  2. It’s a great review. I like that you show all the good points as well as the negative ones. When I first became interested in earning money using my computer, at home, surveys were one of the main offerings. I have since become wiser. However, if you have the time and you’re not looking for a full-time income, just some side money, then they’re not the worst hing out there.

    One of the mian reasons I never continued with online surveys was for the very reasons you pointed out, getting thrown off a survey. This would always seem to happen when you had already invested some of your valuable time answering questions. It was infuriating. I would consider it only if I had some spare time, which currently I do not.

  3. A friend of mine sent me an invitation link to join this survey site. Well I have had quite some experience with survey sites like this one to know how much of a waste of time he can be. Especially when you are not located in the US you will hardly find any surveys available to you and if you can make as much as a single dollar then you have worked quite hard. Vindale is definitely not a scam but I doubt it’s worth the time and effort you wil have to invest in it.

    1. Dear Donny, 

      Thanks for reading my review on why Vindale Research is not a scam. But you will still sight many negative review titles such as ” Is Vindale Research a Scam, Vindale Research scam , etc.

      Thanks again for reading my Vindale Research survey reviews.



  4. I have taken part in countless number of surveys. During my first venture online to earn a living, taking surveys was the first opportunity I came across. I was delighted that I could finally make money online. But to be frank, I was utterly disappointed. Like you mentioned, surveys might be a good way to earn extra cash, but if a full time income is the goal, then surveys are a waste of time and vindale research is no exception. 

    1. Dear Leo, 

      The objective of this review is to answer the question ” Is Vindale Research Legit” 

      But, this survey site is not a scam. It is a legitimate online survey site. One of the best survey platform. The problem is that you can not make a full-time income taken any survey.

      And you will always waste your time taking the survey. 

      Thanks again. 



  5. Thank you so much for your review of Vindale Research. As we all know there are so many scams out there so we have to be careful and do the research. 

    I used to do a lot of surveys before but now I stopped doing all of them. I hate it when I am not the match for the survey. I wasted my time on it and did not get any compensation from it at all. 

    Like you said as well that most of the time the threshold is too high, it takes longer to cash out.

    I am not gonna try Vindale for this reason. I think I am just going to stick to my paid viewpoint.

    John, how do users get Vindale research reward codes?


    1. Dear Nuttanee, 

      Thanks for reading my review on how to make money with Vindale Research.

      Yes, you are right about wasting time on taken survey.  Generally, the survey is a waste of time. It can take over two to three hours to make $5 on any survey platform no matter how good the platform is. 

      To answer your question about where and how to use Vindale Research Reward Codes. 

      One way to get access to Vindale Research Reward Codes is to take part in many and several social platforms, doing tasks. When you do task like posting and twitting certain stuff could reward you with Vindale Research Reward Codes.

      Thanks again for reading my  Vindale Research reviews.



  6. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about Vindale Research Legit.

    I’m in college and I need more money, so I’m looking for ways to make money online. To me, one surveys seem like a waste of time because you don’t make a lot of money on how much work you put in.

    Thanks again and I wish you all the best.

    1. Dear Razvanllie, 

      Thanks for reading my Vindale Research Review.

      I appreciate your time and the comment you dropped.



  7. it is really good to have you do a research on vindale and then writing a review about it. one major turn down for me is that the minimum withdrawal is 50 usd and this is not nice considering how long it will take to accumulate that amount. i still would prefer wealthy affiliate anyways

    1. Dear Benny,

      Thanks for reading my Vindale Review.  Yes, agree with you. Most survey sites pay very low. 

      That is why it is NO for me. 

      The reason I took on the article is to investigate if it is legitimate or a scam survey site. 

      Many people were asking on quora if  Vindale Research is Legit or scam; I then decide to review it.

      Thanks again. 


  8. Thank you for this interesting article on Vindale Research!  I have never heard of this survey company, but I have been part of others.  They can be so discouraging when you have spent so much time filling out a questionnaire to answer a survey and then be turned down!  There were times I found myself doing these for hours and only making pennies per hour.  Not worth it!  

    Having your own business at WA is much more enjoyable, is not a get rich quick scheme, and actually pays in the long run!

    Again, thank you for introducing us to this research company! Karen

  9. Vindale research is among the earliest survey platforms that I joined and my stay on it was really displeasing because I never made withdrawal. Survey was too stressful to maneuver around and all. Personally, I feel surveys are too time wasting and should not be devoted to as a full time source for income. Thanks for this post

    1. Dear Roderick,
      Thanks for reading my Vindale Research Scam review.

      You are right.

      the taken a survey is a waste of time.



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