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Survey Club Review: Can You Really Make Money with Survey Club?

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You are welcome to my survey club review. Can you make money with Survey Club? Is Survey Club safe, legit, or a scam?

Researching online programs make me discovered a training program on how to turn my ideas and skills into making a full-time income online blogging.


The challenge with the online survey is that you can only make extra money, which won’t make you a full-time income online. I have discovered that it is a waste of time doing the online survey.

Please know that I am not associated nor affiliated with this site, and it is a complete and unbiased Survey Club review.

Please read on.

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Survey Club Review at a Glance

survey club login

Product Name: Survey Club
Founder: Unknown
Price: Free
Rating: 25%
Recommended: No

Summary of Survey Club Review

Survey Club is a legit platform. It is a members-only survey site directory that has been in the online paid survey industry since 2005.

It is not a market research company, and they don’t work with any of the corporations. Survey Club is an aggregate survey site. They will take you to other websites to complete your survey. 

Survey Club boasts 16million users worldwide.

When businesses, campaigns, and marketing companies seek to improve their products through advertisements, they look out for surveys to assist gain information for people’s interests.

The survey club is paid by these groups to find suitable persons for a survey, and then they get the information they desire.

The survey club then splits the payment with you for you to take the survey and be truthful.

Knowing there is no recognizable price for the survey club, it is a great money-making business because it yields finances. 

On some occasions, you are taken to other sites to complete the survey.

They will also find the best surveys to enable you to make money by being am aggregator that will find surveys on other websites for you to meet and complete your criteria. 

What do you think of my Survey Club review? Do you think you will make money with Survey Club? Is Survey Club safe, legit, or a scam? 

What is Survey Club?

survey club reddit

So, what is Survey Club all about? Survey Club was established in Colorado in 2005, survey club is a site that provides surveys you embark on, and then you get paid for it.

It is a member of the free survey directory that has been since 2005.

When it comes to the online world, Survey Club is one of the older market research companies. It is an aggregate survey site.

Survey Club has to improve itself. It never requires you to take specific surveys, and you are free to make choices. Survey Club has a filter feature that allows you to search only for surveys that you qualify for. 

You may not be eligible 100%, but this prevents you from weeding through hundreds of surveys only to see that you are qualified for 15. 

The survey club grants you the opportunity to be also connected to other survey panels. This allows you to be able to complete surveys and even earn cash.

The survey club connects you to higher-paying opportunities such as paid focus groups and clinical studies in your area.

Survey Club is only available for individuals living in Canada, the US, UK, and Australia.

How to Join Survey Club

If you want to join a survey club, there are necessary steps to be followed which includes:

Survey club demographic profile.

  • Create a survey club account 
  • Complete a demographic profile. Here, you will need to tell them your personal information, which involves your household details, employment status, income level, health condition, and probably others. This information enables them to match you with a suitable survey panel, which will make it easy for you to work on.
  • They will also offer you the relevant survey panels based on your personal information
  • Then you will sign up and create accounts with all those different survey panels.
  • You should also confirm your Email address
  • Then you can start taking surveys that you qualify for

Below is a pictorial diagram that illustrates step by step process to joinSurveyClub:

survey club reviews

This is just the demographic profile you will need to complete.

Afterward, you will be shown different survey panels you would love to join. They will look like this:

  • My survey
  • Opinion plus
  • Ipsos
  • Clear voice surveys

They are just various survey panels, and you will need to create an account with each of them. You don’t need to join all of them, but they will recommend you join as many as possible because they claim that the more you enter, the more money you are potentially able to make.

You must be at least 13 years to be able to join. It is only available in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

How to Make Money with Survey Club

The first thing to do is to join and complete your profile. You are now eligible to make money when you carry out surveys. The money you can earn is dependent on how many surveys you can carry out.

But this also depends on how long they are. But it’s only a few cents to a couple of dollars on the high end.

You can get paid for taking surveys, using coupons, doing product-testing, participating in research studies, etc. 

Survey Club has a threshold of $20. Joining at least three survey sites increases your earning opportunities. The survey club doesn’t offer much reimbursement. 

On average, you will earn anything from $50 to $5 per survey. The longer the survey is, the more you earn. Getting these kinds of surveys is very rare.

 In order words, you should not depend on this platform to pay your bills.

When it comes to focus groups, they are the rarest and most alluring opportunities. In several cases, you can earn a couple of dozen dollars for them. But sometimes they pay a couple of hundred bucks.

Most survey panels are notorious and for the problem of eligibility, and this one is no different. 

If you take only their surveys (up to six per day), you will probably learn that it can be hard to qualify.

But they will also recommend other survey panels that you can sign up for.

You can cash out once you have reached the minimum payment of $25.  Redeeming your money with Amazon gift card or have it loaded on a Payoneer Prepaid Debit Master card is very easy.

You will work on some survey sites and they will get excuses to revoke your access, but is Survey Club safe, legit, or a scam?

Yes, Survey Club is safe, legit, and not a scam.

How Does Survey Club Work?

Survey club partners with agencies and companies to help them locate survey takers who will be able to find survey takers who can answer questions and, in some cases, decide to learn about new things.

On most occasions, you will have to answer questions that shape the company’s or organizations’ beliefs, products, future practices, branding, advertising, and more.

Companies and organizations make use of Survey club to create and implement the surveys.

That’s is precisely how the Survey club gets the money it requires to pay its respondents to complete surveys. Most times, it is the middleman between you and the businesses that provide surveys.

All legitimate survey websites are free to join, and survey clubs doesn’t disappoint in that regard. You will never require any fees to join.

Also, the sign up is seamless and quick. Once you have provided your basic info, you will be required to complete your profile with employment and income info.

Plus, there will be a short questionnaire about your health and lifestyle. It shows that this survey panel does not operate independently.

Instead, it relies on third-party survey sites for consistent supply.

Here is what it means in practice. If you want to increase your total earnings, you should sign up with at least a few other panels, including Ipsos I-Say, Opinion outpost, National consumer panel, and E-Poll.

These are legit panels that can help earn some money on the side. Joining these panels is not mandatory. But it reduces your earning opportunities to the lowest paying general opinion surveys. 

As a reminder, even if you don’t want to join any of these panels instantly, most will lead you to them automatically, pressuring you to join them.

So, the survey club seems to be an intermediary set up to send their way to more traffic, with no in-house surveys next to it.

How Much Can You Make with Survey Club

The survey club earning rate depends wholly on the working or survey rate. All it requires after filling the profile is for you to start your survey.

It is also advisable to join other survey panels to broaden your earnings. Every survey carried out has an average pay of $5. 

This depends on how long the survey takes because the longer the survey, the more you are likely to earn. 

You can make up to $100 to $200. But that will take a lot of time.

Survey Club Support and Customer Service

They respond to customers as soon as possible. You can reach them on any of these platforms:

  • Email: support survey 
  • Phone: 813-749-7149
  • Postal mail: 205 North Detroit
  • Street: #600 Denver CO 80206

Who Can Join Survey Club

Survey Club is operational in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

This is excellent news for people in other countries other than the United States who desire to earn some extra cash online because many of the most popular survey sites don’t have many opportunities for international users.

The age requirement is 13years with parental permission, according to the FAQ section.

This site is concerned about the wellbeing, safety, and privacy of all its users, especially children. Therefore, you must be at least 18years old to own a Survey Club account. 

Physically, you might be able to create an account without being 18 years.

However, you should stick to the 18 years old requirement. You might not be able to receive your required payments if you don’t stick to this rule.

is survey club legit

Survey Club Payment Method

After carrying out surveys, you will be paid. Collect and transfer your earnings from paid survey panel’s account through PayPal, check, or net banking. 

Different online survey companies have varied payment options and reward system.

While most chose to pay cash in the form of bank or PayPal deposits, others prefer issuing gift cards for most popular online and leading street retailers.

What is Good About Survey Club? 

  • Available international qualifier
  • It is relatively easy to administer
  • Standard surveys are mostly free from different types of errors.

Issue With Survey Club

  • Customized surveys stand the chance of having different errors
  • Survey question and answer options could lead to unclear data because specific answer options may be interpreted differently by respondents.
  • Surveys with close-ended questions may have a lower validity rate than other question types.

What are the Survey Club Complaints?

It is tough to qualify for a survey after filling your profile.

This is a common complaint because it is dependent on your demographics. Others have difficulty in qualifying for surveys than others based on their age, location, interests, and more.

Another essential complaint is that many members say they receive a lot of emails from other survey sites as a result of engaging in the surveys here.

The reason is that, while the survey club does have its surveys, most of its surveys come from other search panels.

As soon as you complete a survey from another panel, it, too, will have access to your personal information, including your email address.

A possible measure to curb this problem is to create a separate email address for all survey sites.

You can also make use of it when you want to review current invites while preventing your email address from being taken over by the clutter.

Survey Sites Like Survey Club 

Is Survey Club Legit, Safe, or a Scam?

Survey Club is legit, safe, and not a scam.

You wouldn’t be asked to pay for anything, credit card information, and there are very few complaints that they don’t pay.

Those that are out there typically stem out from unrealistic expectations.

The simple truth about most survey companies out there is if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true.

The survey club offers you only realistic opportunities you can benefit from.

How I Make a Full-Time Income Online. . .

I make a full-time income online selling other people’s stuff. Yes, this website helps me achieve that.

It is called affiliate marketing.

So, what is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a way of making money every time you help promote someone else, goods, products, and services.

If you make a sale for any company or program via your affiliate link, you get to pay. The problem with affiliate marketing is that you don’t make a sale you can get pay.

I am not a fan of a taken survey either online or offline. It is a waste of time taken survey earning peanuts.

You can become an affiliate marketer. You can transform your skills into selling goods and services as an affiliate marketer.

I suggest you start the affiliate marketing certification training now. Level-1 with ten-lessons is FREE. No credit card is needed to start. Learn more here.

what are good side hustles

Is Survey Club Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Survey Club review?  Can you make money with Survey Club?

Is Survey Club safe, legit, or a scam?

For a novice, recommendations to join other sites will be beneficial.

Not knowing how much you would earn from a survey before taking it is not pleasant, but if you have no higher-paying surveys out there on another platform, it might be worth the risk.

It certainly helps to be able to interact with opportunities in your field. Even if you’ve signed up for most of the suggested ones already, you can still profit.

They don’t have the lowest payouts per survey, but you will get the money you earn, which is the whole point.

What do you think of my Survey Club Review? Is Survey Club legit, safe, or a scam?

Survey clubs are free, but they still yield money. Most times, if not all, earnings depend on the respondent.

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  1. This Is a great and informative article. 

    This platform is so legit and I have benefited so much from this article. The survey club has also introduced me to another important website because it leads you to more companies that can earn you a lot of money. 

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    1. Dear Perryline, 

      Thanks for reading my Survey Club review. The article is about how to make money with the Survey Club.

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  2. Sorry, you haven’t convinced me either way here and slightly confused me.

    There is a lot of survey sites out there that are scams and at least this one isn’t 

    I really could do with more help in understanding what the earning potential is. If you could break it down per hour / week / month that would be great. 

    At one point you say a ‘few cents to a few dollars on the high end’ but then you say the average is ‘$50 to $5 per survey’. As I said I am confused, could you clarify this for me  please.

    1. Dear Lawrence, 

      Thanks for reading my article about Survey Club. The bad news is that the survey can not make you money. No matter the analysis you do. Taken surveuy to me is a waste of precious time. 

      That was why I let you know that the Survey Club is legitimate but it will not make enough money. You can only make extra cash but not a full-time income that you can make if you have a proper online business like my recommendations. 



  3. Hi John

    Thanks so much for sharing a great article to know more about Survey Club and if it really works as an option to start working from home.

    My husband loves to work on surveys and he does some money from ti, but I’m not sure if he works on this platform or not.

    As I’m currently looking for a way to start making some extra money, my husband told me about working on this online idea to make some extra money.

    But as you say in your article, making $ 100 or $ 200 will takes a lot of time. As you don’t say exactly how much time will it take me to do that amount of money, I can’t really make some numbers before I sign it into this.

    Anyway, it’s good to know after reading your review, that Survey Club is not a scam and it works well for anyone who is interested to work with them.

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    1. Thanks for reading my survey club review. 

      I also appreciate your comment. I can assure you that the survey club is real. 

      Also, I know that I don’t recommend my audience to go for the survey. The lasting online business is affiliate marketing. You can be making over $10,000 within 4 years. if you are consistent with what you are doing. 



  4. The usual problem with survey sites we have is getting approved for taking the survey. I was looking for some support in this regard in Survey Club. It is a lot of work for the gains made. Thank you for the in-depth review. I would rather put my efforts in building a passive income stream online. You mentioned that you were a full time affiliate marketer at wealthy affiliate. Can you show me a review on this.

    1. Thanks for reading my Survey Club reviews. 

      Yes, surveys generally have a problem. They mostly use you to make money.. 

      This article is about how to make money with the Survey Club. Also gave an alternative way you can make money with Survey Club. 


  5. Thanks for the unbiased and exhaustive review in this informative article. To me, even though it is a legit platform, the monetary aspect is not very rewarding and hence does not have appeal. However, depending on ones circumstances it may suit somebody else perfectly. so really it depends on each person to make the decision to signup or otherwise.


    1. Thanks for reading my article on how to earn with a survey club.

      You are right. You can only make extra cash with any survey. Most surveys are also scams. 

      This is why you need to look at my alternatives to the survey club.



  6. Hello there,thanks for sharing this awesome article I m know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i slot of history with survey sites although most of them where bad so i left but when I encountered survey club it was a whole new experience and I have been using it till now

    Definately one can make some money from survey club as there alot of ways to make money but one won’t be able to make enough money that would be enough to meet more tasking needs.

    1. Thanks for reading my Survey Club Review. 

      The problem with many survey sites is the safety of members. Most of these surveys site will use your information for their personal gains.

      But, be certain that the survey club is safe to use.

      People are making money with Survey Club, but it is not that kind of money that can make you dumb your paid job.

      Thanks again for reading my article on how to make money with Survey Club.

      Thank you.


  7. Hi John

    For a survey site  the payouts are not to bad, especially  if you manage to get one of the lucrative one but in my experience  this never happens. You can water a lot of time filling a survey to find out that you do not qualify after spending ten minutes on it. This is very frustrating  and hence why I hare survey sites, as they give so little reward. They are not scams but not worth the effort and there is better things you can do to get money. If you often think that you can earn more money cleaning than doing surveys tells you all.

    I thank you for bringing  it to my attention  but I do not like survey sites.



    1. Thanks for taken your time to drop the comments. 

      thanks also for reading my Survey Club review. 

      I really appreciate. 


  8. Survey club is a good platform going by what you have shared here. Though like every other survey platforms, it cannot make a whole living on it. However, this is quite worthy and I really like the platform but then, I can only work on it on a part time basis. This is really great to see here. Thanks for sharing this informed review about them

    1. Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with Survey Club.

      Thanks also for the comments. 



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    Hello there! I consider this review as an opportunity for me. Though I’m still new to online businesses and this is probably my first time of hearing about ‘SURVEY CLUB’ but it won’t be a bad idea to give it a try even if it takes a lot of time to make cool cash from it. Thanks for sharing this information!

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