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Is The Fast Earners Club Legit Or Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Fast Earners Club Review. Can you make money with Fast Earners Club? Is the Fast Earners Club legit or a scam?

There are tons of products and programs online that promise to help you make fast cash.


It is hard to tell which of these programs is right or which product is a scam especially if you are new to the system.

This is why I am here to help you with unbiased and objective reviews.

Fast Earners Club promise to help you make $1,000 daily, Is Fast Earners Club legit or a real scam?

Please know that I am not a promoter of this program, therefore expect an unbiased review of Fast Earners Club from me.

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Fast Earners Club at a Glance

Make money with Fast Earners Club legit or scam

Product Name: Fast Earners Club
Founder: Un-Known Owners
Price: $39 + Many Up-Sell
Rating: 2%
Recommended: No, avoid at all costs.

Summary of Fast Earners ClubReview

The truth is, Fast Earners Club sells a training kit consisting of 4 PDF documents and a download dubbed “Xtreme Edition” which contains nine short videos.

The information therein is utterly useless, outdated and cannot make you money in 2019 and beyond.

In no way can you make money in twenty years using this system. You cannot make any FAST money as the products promised with this old program.

Fast Earners Club is just another of the many poorly constituted “make-money-fast” schemes on the internet.

According to their domain, this program was released on 25th April 2018, the same day they posted their sales video on YouTube. The owners are Kieran Gill and Anthony Baxter.

There is no physical address for this company or business numbers.

I strongly advise you not to subscribe to this make money online program. Though, it is outdated training but can still be found free in an online domain.

Is Fast Earners Club legit or another scam? Can you make money with Fast Earners Club?

What do you think of my Fast Earners Club review?

What Is Fast Earners Club?

Basically, Fast Earners Club is an info digital product. The whole package consists of a few PDF training on the ways to make money online through eCommerce, eBay, Amazon, and Shopify.

None of these platforms can make you a millionaire overnight, fast or right away!

Yet Fast Earners Club claims to be capable of making you one through it overhyped, low-end product. In this review, you will see that Fast Earners Club is just looking to swindle an inexperienced person of money.

Undisputedly, making money on the internet takes a lot of time, energy and money not to mention the dogged commitment required if you are going to get rewarded for your labors.

Yet they tell you that you can make your first thousand within thirty minutes of signing up! Can you believe that?

No, I don’t buy that either.

Do you agree with my Fast Earners Club review? Or, do you also think that Fast Earners Club is another scam and not legit?

Do you still want to make money with Fast Earners Club?

Cost and Price of Fast Earners Club

Fast Earners Club is sold at a $39 one-time payment. As earlier stated, you will receive 4 PDF files and nine videos.

That is highway robbery for stuff you can pick up for free on YouTube if you ask me.

How Fast Earners Club Works

After an unwitting potential internet, the market buyer has been ripped off and payment is confirmed, you’ll gain access to their member’s area.

The platform then gives you access to download lessons in the form of ebooks (PDFs) for the different lessons.

The lessons cover the basics of the following (which I reiterate, is available for free on the net):

  • Amazon.
  • eBay.
  • Shopify.eCommerce.

After this, Fast Earners Club assures you that you are on the highway to scooping buckets of cash if you will but:

  1. Turn on your internet connection and waltz into the Fast Earners Club Member area.
  2. Download one of the provided applications and follow the prompts as easy as a few clicks on your mouse.

If you do this, you just have to sit in a recliner, grab a beer and see the big bucks roll in while you watch your favorite game or soap.

If it were so easy to make money with a few clicks on your mouse, we would all be millionaires, right?

The sham does’t end there, it continues with an ‘Xtreme Edition.’
Inside the ‘Xtreme Edition’, there are 9 videos which explain the act of making money online using traffic sources such as

  • Reddit
  • Blogs
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  •  Pinterest

There are also videos about:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Video marketing
  • Affiliate programs

Although these videos provide a better learning experience, however, they are very generic, short and definitely not worth $39 because there is no actual practical training just a general overview of what you have to do.

How to Make Money With Fast Earners Club

There is no making money with Fast Earners Club. This website raises all the red flags associated with a scam.

For starters, the sales video states clearly that the program has nothing to do with internet marketing, affiliate programs or driving traffic.

But when you get to the PDF files, they talk about making money on eCommerce, eBay, Amazon, and Shopify.

The videos talk about making money by driving traffic from sources such as Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Blogs as well as information on SEO, Affiliate Programs, and Video Marketing.

As you can see, the sales video and the training program do not correlate.

Additionally, making money through the methods mentioned in the training program take time and lots of work and no fast 2-step system would make you as much as $100 in the very first hour.

The only people who make money from Fast Earners Club are the affiliate marketers on Clickbank who make commissions from promoting this program.

Who is Fast Earners Club for?

Do you want to make over $1000 per day within 30 minutes, trust me this product is not for you?

What they didn’t include is the tons of upsells that you would have to give in to in order to set up.

They’re also a piece of good news, you can use this program from any part of the world.

Support /Customer Service at Fast Earners Club

When you buy the Fast Earners Club Support, the proprietor of the program says he will be available on email to answer any questions you may have.

There are no business numbers, business email address or mailing addresses to reach Fast Earners Club customer support.

The only reprieve that customers can take solace in is that Fast Earners Club is retailed by Click bank which has a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can get your money back once you realize this program is a scam.

What is Good About Fast Earners Club

  1. You have a 60-day money-back guarantee on Clickbank so you can claim your money back.
  2. eCommerce and Amazon affiliate marketing are genuine ways to make money online but not in the ways Fast Earners Club teaches.

 Issues With Fast Earners Club

***Unknown Founder***

Typical of scammers to hide behind a screen, adopt an alias or use Stock Photos. Red Alert! This has got scam written all over it.

***Hidden Cost***

$39 is not the only investment you need to pay to start this business. There are other costs involved as well.

For example, Shopify has a 14-day FREE Trial, but there’s a monthly recurring fee if you want to continue using it.

***Rip off***

Every lesson taught in Fast Earners Club is just too darn basic.

Asides that, everything on the platform can be found online for free.

The right place for any beginner to start is YouTube.

***Inconsistency and Discrepancies***

A lot of things don’t just add up. They mention that you can use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website, but they don’t show you how to set that up.

They also mentioned advertising on Reddit but do not show you how to advertise on Reddit either.

Public and Online Complaints About Fast Earners Club?

All the genuine online reviews on Fast Earners Club agree that this program is a scam.

There is no conceivable way to make $1000 daily from the first day much less from any of the ways Fast Earners Club advocate for.

You will find a few positive reviews online from sites hoping to drive traffic to Click bank so they can make a commission from your purchase.

 Alternatives to Fast Earners Club

If you are looking for authentic training programs to help you learn how to make money online, you can find far better information for free on Google.

You can also try out my #1 recommended online program i.e. Wealthy Affiliate which is a free training resource for affiliate marketing.

There are also other similar scam training programs you should be on the lookout for. In fact, I have reviewed over 500 programs on how to make money online.


Is Fast Earners Club Legit Or Scam?

Fast Earners Club is a scam.

Do not buy into it because it is a colossal waste of time and money. As earlier stated, the information contained in the program is useless and outdated.

Fast Earners Club seems like a dusted-up program made for another product; like when they talk about following signals which is clearly a binary term.

You can get all this materials on the public domain. Just Google it (You will see both YouTube and text free training).

Please take it from me, Fast Earners Club is not legit but a scam. You can not make money with Fast Earners Club.

What do you think of my review of Fast Earners Club?

Is Fast Earners Club Worth It?

What do you think of my Fast Earners Club Review? Is The Fast Earners Club A Scam?

My personal opinion and from my online experience; there is no way to make money from the Fast Earners Club with the tools and training presented.

A poorly acted fake testimonial and loads of empty, false promises, I can’t recommend Fast Earners Club.

Immediately you purchase this program, you will realize what a waste of time and money it is.

The methods mentioned in the program like eCommerce and Affiliate marketing are genuine ways to make money, but none of the information contained in Fast Earners Club is going to be of any help to you in today’s online business.

Worse still, saying that you can make money from the first day are pure lies. The only way to make money from this whole Fast Earners Club debacle is through marketing the program on Clickbank.

However, I will recommend the business model I use. It is simpler to earn a four-digit online income with it. The name of the product is Wealthy Affiliate, and it has given me financially independent and flexible time.

Wealthy Affiliate is an Internet Marketing Training that will enable you to learn not just how to make money alone but also equip you with the latest techniques of affiliate marketing.

Have you tried the Fast Earners Club before? Are Fast Earners Club legit or another click bank product scam? Please drop your thought in my comment area below.

Fast Earners Club Review – Video

20 thoughts on “Is The Fast Earners Club Legit Or Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. After consuming $39 I received a few tutorials in form of pdf and videos. The training stuff is basic. Believe me, any digital marketing professional is already aware of these basic concepts. Waste of money 🙁

    1. Dear Terrance,

      Thanks for visiting my site and reading my Fast Earners Club Review. Thanks for appreciating my work.

      I can see that you have made your choice and decision already.



  2. Paying about $40 for basic stuffs is just scam. stuffs that are available in YouTube for free. Well some might still find it educating, especially people in underdeveloped and developing countries who want earn a living online.

    1. Dear Pauline,

      Thanks for reading my review on Fast Earners Club. It is simply a scamming way of promoting the online program. A program that you know will not take you to the promise land.

      Thanks for visiting the site and I am glad you love my article.



  3. Seems like the only people who make money fast on these sorts of programs are the owners and the affiliate marketers… I wonder why! Anybody who says “make money fast” like this pretty much says money falls from the sky.

    1. Dear Josh,
      Thanks for reading my Fast Earner Club review. This program claimed to trained people on how to make money online with some PDF download trainings.

      The painful thing is that this materials can be found in the public domain such as YouTube, Earch engines ( Google, Bing and Yahoo)

      Fast Earners Ckub is such a rip off.

      Thanks for visiting my site.



  4. I feel sorry for the people who fall for these traps. Make money fast is synonymous to lose money fast. Heck, one can’t even find the real creators of the program. They don’t want to be known maybe for the sole reason they don’t want to be blamed for such a failure of a program and be labelled as the people who conned you $40 and more. Appreciate you spreading the word regarding programs like these! People need to know.

    1. Dear Brent,

      Thanks for reading my Fast Earners Club review. My jobs is to write and review programs that claims and train people to make money online.

      It is our duties individually to ensure we research any product before we purchase online so as to be sure we are not been scammed.

      Thanks fir checking my website.



  5. Do people still fall for this kinda stuffs? The name alone is an off for me. There are no easy way or fast track to wealth.

    why pay for this kinda scam and end up with nothing while you can get some other stuffs cheaper

    1. Dear Martin,

      Thanks for reading my Fast Earners Club Review. Yes, people still fall for such scam because a lot of them are very lazy and they are not ready to work.

      Rather they want to make quick money and people’s re very selfish.

      The name Fast Earners should send signales that it is another scam in making.

      Though, many people fall a victim not only because they are ignorant but also because a lot of these nscamming program employed manipulated messages that are easy run on newbies.

      This is one of the reasons why they fall for easy and scamming program.

      Making money online is not an easy jobs. You will have to really add value to people to make ends meet.

      If it is actually easy to make money online people will not be a prey to Fast Earners Club scamming program .



  6. I don’t like programs that don’t offer a free trial of sorts. It just raises some red flags to me.

    I want to know exactly what I will be paying for.

    I mean, what do you have to hide? Why not show a potential client what the product/program is all about?



    1. Dear Eric,

      Thanks for reading my Fast Earners Club Review.

      You should know that Fast Earners Club is a scam. Don’t ever go near this product. The best way and my recommendation for earning a full-Time income online is through Wealthy Affiliate Training.

      The training will change your life and help turn your Idea/passion/hobbies into a thriving business online.



  7. I’m somewhat surprised by this review of the Fast Earners club. I’ve seen some promotions for this website online (primarily the reason for me reading this post) and I now know to stay clear of this site.

    Thanks so much John!

  8. Platforms like fast earning club should not be allowed on the Internet. It really angers me too think how many people get scammed out of their hard earned money. Thank you for all the effort you put into these reviews too warn people.

  9. Dear John,

    I am so frustrated with all the falls promises the online money making scammers offer.

    Fast Earners Club definitely falls in this group.



    1. Dear Kobus,

      Thanks for reading my Fast Earners Club review. Many people are not aware that they can not make money with Fast Earners Club. Mostly newbie, they usually run after the shiny stones.

      All it required with making money online is locating great program like my #1 recommended online business and sticking with it by continuously working hard on a daily basis.



  10. Hi John,

    It’s sad to see how many people can be fooled by these “Get Rich Quick” type of schemes.

    More importantly, people who buy into these products only to get a 4 page PDF with information that is already scattered across the internet.

    Thanks for the notice.



    1. Dear Linda,

      Thanks for reading my article on whether Fast Earners Club Is A Scam or legitimate program.

      I agree with you that Fast Earners Club is a scam and it is banking on playing on intelligent of many newbies that will like to make quick money online.

      What a lot of people do not know is that; it is a lot of work to be earning money online. It takes time and you have to work your life with complete dedication.

      Making money online is not a joke. The good news is that if you are fortunate to learn from the right source and from people that are actually making money legitimately online.

      Just like Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate. They changed my life and make me have a business I can call my own today.

      You can check that link out; you will be shocked to know how much you can achieve with your Idea and passion online.

      Thanks for visiting my website.



  11. Dear John,

    I love how honest and straightforward this site is and that is why I keep returning.

    Doing your research is important but what are the key tips you can think of that would help us to spot a scam even if we didn’t read an article like this telling us it was a scam.



    1. Dear Olivia,

      Thanks for reading my article on The Fast Earners Club review on whether it is a scam or a legitimate program.

      For you to start making money online, you need to know the rudiment and how to navigate the online world.

      With the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate marketing training, you are sure to be making over $10,000 monthly if you can put in the work within 2 years of starting out.

      Can you imagine working from the comfort of your home or decide to work from your bedroom throughout a day?

      I am currently in Kenya while replying this comment, you can also travel the world and at the same time working making good money online while doing so.

      You can easily identify any online product to be a scam by over exaggerated promises like making over $1,000 daily with an online business of fewer than 2 months old.

      Also when any online training program did not say how to achieve a task then it must be a scam. The methodology of achieving such target of making good money online must well be elaborated.

      So what do you think?



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