Qatar Airways Privilege Club: Can You Really Earn Qpoints?


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You are welcome to my Qatar Airways Privilege Club review. But, can you make money with Qatar Airways Privilege Club?

I am sure you are thinking of saving your cost with Qatar Airways Privilege Club. So, what exactly is Qatar Airways Privilege Club about?

Is Qatar Airways Privilege Club worth it? Or Is it a scam?

Qatar Airways Privilege Club is a way of recognizing and rewarding the ever-loyal Qatar Airways customers across the globe.

The Qatar Airways Privilege Club members are entitled to various high-class privileges and opportunities that are focused on making traveling with Qatar Airways a gratifying experience.

This article is all about how you can take advantage of these great opportunities as you fly around the world.

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Qatar Airways at a Glance

Name: Qatar Airways Privilege Club
Price: Free to join the privileged club!
Owners: Government of Qatar
Overall Rank: 78%
Recommended: Yes

Do I Recommend Qatar Airways Privilege Club?

Will you fly often? Will you choose Qatar Airways as your preferred airline brand?

If the answer is a resounding YES to both the questions then you can start earning with Qatar Airways.

You can indeed make money with Qatar Airways Privilege Club if you are regular travelers.

Traveling is fun, and when your preferred airline brand offers you special privileges, you do not wish to miss out on them!

Qatar has a particular tagline for this program, and it asks you not to collect miles but memories.

As you visit the official site of Qatar and skim through the privilege club section, you would find that the higher you are on the membership tier; the better you will get more benefits out of it.

I am a travel enthusiast, and Qatar Airways has always been close to my heart! Plus, it is an essential human extinct that we all love rewards and privileges.

I would recommend you to join the club because you are getting perks out of this program.

The key is to earn Qmiles and Qpoints! And make money with Qatar Airways Privilege Club eventually.

Once you join the program and book a flight, you earn a bonus which equals 2000 Qmiles.

There are multiple ways to make these and Qatar has always got some offers going on the site.

This review helps you to make a wise decision because the majority of people wish to know whether this program benefits them or not.

The program is not free of cons, and I would cover them in the issues section. Take a look!

What is Qatar Airways Privilege Club?

The question is – What is Qatar Airways Privilege Club for?

Qatar Airways club is a frequent flyer program that is revamped, and it allows frequent travelers to earn Qmiles and get awards and privileges in return. Sounds great, right?

There are different tiers of the membership and the starter privilege club program is burgundy. One can choose from the burgundy, silver, gold, and platinum plan.

The higher you go regarding tier, the more privileges you get a flyer.

Unique opportunities include lounge access, priority standby, actual family rate, and much more.

In a nutshell, you would enjoy being a member of this club!

However, the Qatar credit card is not issued in the United States.

The most significant plus is that you can upgrade your flight at 24 destinations which include London, Philadelphia, and Washington. Learn more about Qatar Airways on Wikipedia. 

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How Does Qatar Airways Privilege Club Work?

The privilege club is a frequent flyer program, and it allows you to collect Qmiles and get exceptional rewards and privileges.

You would need to opt for a membership tier whether it is burgundy, silver, gold or platinum.

The higher you go on the line, the more privileges you get!

How does it work? A flyer needs to collect Qmiles, and there is a Qcalculator which allows you to see as to how many Qmiles and Qpoints you can earn on the airlines.

Once you have enough Qmiles, you can redeem them for something exciting such as cabin upgrade, complimentary flights, and even excess baggage allowance. You get special treatment for being a privileged member of Qatar Airways.

You can collect the Qmiles in some ways such as booking your first flight or calculating the miles through the Qcalculator.

There are some frustrating elements as well, and I have covered them in this post.

Price and Cost of Qatar Airways Privilege Club

As you visit the official site of Qatar Airways you would need to sign up for the privilege club account. It is a free program that does not require any monetary input.

You can pool your miles with the help of family members. Your whole family can join the club and earn miles and points, and once you all have collected them, you can redeem them.

You have the power to link up to nine members of your family.

Qatar Airways Coupon Code for Discount Offer

Is Qatar Airways Privilege Club a Scam?

If you are a frequent flyer at Qatar Airways, it is an excellent opportunity for you to earn points and redeem them at the right time.

The burgundy plan does not have much to offer but as you go up the tier and get gold or platinum, you priority standby, check-in and you also get lounge access and extra baggage allowance. All this is not available to every traveler.

You can redeem your Qmiles and get complimentary tickets and other exciting awards.

It is a free program, and I do find it as a high promotional activity to attract some flyers.

what is qatar airways privilege club about

What is Good About Qatar Airways Privilege Club?

  1. Cash awards and miles are available.
  2. You get the option of upgrading flights with the miles right at the airport.
  3. You get special privileges such as lounge access, first-class check-in, and the family actual rate.
  4. It is a free program. Anyone can be a member of this club!

My Issues With Qatar Airways 

  1. No recognition for being a gold member.
  2. Qatar is reducing the privileges. There was a line for the privileged members for screening, but now that has also been removed in some airports.
  3. Earning Qmiles can be very frustrating!

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Who is Qatar Airways Privilege Club for?

Qatar Airways Privilege Club is for anyone who flies with the airline frequently.

These are ideal for economic passengers, and it just helps you get some extra privileges.

The program is free of cost, and the catch is to earn Qmiles and Qpoints.

Once you have enough of these, you can redeem them and by being a member of the club, you get special privileges such as lounge access, priority check-in, extra baggage allowance and much more.

If you fly for business frequently and you do not mind being an economic passenger, this plan is excellent for you!

How To Earn Qpoints with Qatar Airways

qatar airways check online

The catch is to earn Qpoints by earning Qmiles, and you would be able to reap multiple benefits from this. With your earned Qmiles, you can shop and pay with it.

The Qmiles and Qcredits are a type of currency that allows you to redeem them and get complimentary airline tickets, shop, get exclusive discounts, lounge access, extra baggage allowance, and much more.

You can make good use of these Qmiles by presenting your card at the Doha or Hamad airport.

With your Qcredits, you can carry extra baggage with you without any additional charge.

I would consider that as a tremendous privilege and reward! Extra baggage can cost you some extra bucks which are not favorable for a traveler.

You can even redeem your Qcredits for lounge access at the Hamad International airport.

So, I would say that this is better than earning money!

You are getting special privileges, and you can even shop with your Qpoints via earning Qmiles.

Alternative to Qatar Airways 

Do note that Qmiles expires three years after they are earned.

There is no such immediate alternative to Qatar Privilege Club as each airline has so much to offer in the name of the privilege club.

I would consider Qatar Airways Club great for those, who need to fly with Qatar Airways regularly.

If you aim to fly to the Middle East at a low fair, this club is meant for you.

Should you go for it? Absolutely!

 Public/Online Opinion of Qatar Airways

There are mixed reviews about Qatar Airways Club. I am a member of the club, and I do find it challenging to earn the miles.

However, I do not think that it is necessarily wrong because they are not charging you any fee for the membership. You can sign up by filling a quick form.

You have multiple ways to earn points and it does benefit a frequent traveler, who has the opportunity to fly more and earn more points.

As per public opinion, flyers did say that the privileges have been reduced.

Earlier, there was a particular screening line for privileged members, but recently, the privileges have been reduced.

Some people did mention that they do not get special privileges at all and there is no recognition of being a gold or platinum member.

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Is Qatar Airways Privilege Club Worth It?

What do you think of my Qatar Airways Privilege Club review? Can you earn Qpoints and Qmiles with Qatar Airways Privilege Club?

Is Qatar Airways Privilege Club a scam? Or, Is it worth it at all?

Do you think you can start making money with Qatar Airways Privilege Club?

This is a great program to join most especially if you are a traveler. It will help reduce your flight cost tremendously.

Yes, you need to work extra hard to earn the points but joining the club is free of cost which is a great starter.

Once you earn the Qmiles and Qcredits, you can upgrade your flight, shop, not pay for extra baggage, and even get complimentary flight tickets.

If Qatar Airways works on small issues like recognition and sticking to their words, then it would receive a lot more appreciation from the flyers. In a nutshell, it is worth joining this Club.

So what are you waiting for, you can start making money with Qatar Airways Privilege Club here right now. Just click the link below.

Are you making money with the Qatar Airways Privilege Club?

If in case you have any questions or contributions, kindly drop your thought in my comment area below.

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7 thoughts on “Qatar Airways Privilege Club: Can You Really Earn Qpoints?”

  1. I recently changed my job and now I will have to travel a lot more so this sounds like a good idea to look into. And since this is also a free program and they have a lot of benefits I will travel with them next week. I think I’m going to travel a Lot this year and it will be nice to get something extra from this.

    • Dear Christian,

      Thanks for reading my article on Qatar Airways Privilege Club. Yes, the program is free to join in as much as you are a traveler.

      Thanks for checking on my website.



  2. Awesome review. At first sight I have this feelings that this is a perfect one for me. well it turned out wrong. I don’t fly often. non the less i believe this is a very good program for those that do.
    Nice job writing this detailed review

    • Thanks for reading my Qatar Airways Priviledge Club review and thanks for visiting my websites.

      Yes, the focus of the club is to reward customers that fly often with Qatar Aiways but you can also benefits from this program even if you don’t fly.

      You can join the Affiliate program of Qatar Privilege Club to share your link online and social media to people that do fly regularly.

      You can make a fortune doing that. But I believe that one of the requirements and benefits is for you to have a website of your own.

      If you don’t have one yet, you can join my #1 Recommended way of having one. It is also a step by step training program that will reach you all about blogging for money online.

      Thanks again for reading my Qatar Airways Priviledge Club Review.



  3. I don’t ever really fly with Qatar Airways, but regardless their Privilege Club sounds like a good deal. You definitely seem to get some good perks if you are a frequent flyer and rack up miles that you plan to redeem. Do you know if these Qmiles expire? That would be my only concern.

  4. So, you earn money with Quatar airways privilege by shopping and traveling? I’m not a person who travels a lot. Do you think it would be worth it for someone like me to join?
    Can you really make money or is it just credits that will go towards traveling on Quatar airways?

    • Hi Melinda, 

      Yes, you can earn a lot partnering with Qatar Airway. You can earn credit that will help you with free boarding across the world ad you can also earn cash promoting this great Airline. You can only promote if you are a webmaster i.e. you have your running business online. 

      You can always check it. 



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