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36 thoughts on “How Does DoorDash Work for Dashers? Is DoorDash Really Worth It?”

  1. I used to work for a restaurant back in New Jersey and we only do delivery service with Grubhub. Some customers will actually order with us through Doordash. I have never been a driver but I saw that they came with their own (sketchy) credit card (I was afraid of the charge back) and take the food and go. 

    Gee there are so many red flags on DoorDash. thanks for your extensive review. I think you better stay with uber eats or postmate, they pay about the same but they have been around much longer. I believe that Grubhub has their own courrier service as well, the pay might be better. 

    • Dear Nuttanee, 

      Thanks for reading my review on how DoorDash work for drivers. Those DoorDash Cards are called RED Cards.

      Yes, there are so many red flags on becoming a DoorDash Drivers. The most complaint from Doordash drivers is the DoorDash Dasher App. 

      It always crashes when there is a lot of Dasher’s login and wanted to access the next jobs to take.  The DoorDash Dasher login is a major issue with working as a dasher most especially during the rushing hours. 

      Well, thanks again for reading my review about how DoorDash Dashers work. 



  2. I love your review of DoorDash. I hadn’t heard of it, but I’m not in California. While delivery may be convenient to the buyer, it doesn’t seem to be a decent way to make money, even as a side hustle. 

    Personally, I have never liked the idea of obligatory tips. If I like the service or even just find it tolerable, I’ll tip joyfully. But imposed tips or donations are not actually tips or donations. The poor servers even get taxed on their tips, which is an outrage. 

    Okay, off my soapbox. I don’t think I’ll be using or recommending DoorDash or any company that’s a lot like it. Thank you for your detailed review.

    • Dear Cathy Allen, 

      Thanks for reading my review about how DoorDash Dashers make money driving. 

      many people are still driving with DoorDash Making good money daily. It is just that they have their problems. 

      Another major issue with driving for DoorDash is the DoorDash Dasher support. The DoorDash Dasher support can be very terrible mostly at the rush hours and they fail mostly when you really needed them to resolve your issues. 

      Another major issue with driving for DoorDash is the DoorDash Driver login issue. I don’t know why the server crashes.  But many dashers complain a lot about the DoorDash Driver login problem. 

      Thanks again for a check on my page and reading my review about how driving for DoorDash works.

      Really appreciate.


  3. People in this service when they deliver food can call almost anything and finance the joy of the smallest things, such as delivering food within hours on the doorstep. The DoorDash app has covered most local restaurants, so it’s one of the best ways to order food from a restaurant near you.
    Compared to most food delivery services, DoorDash has developed a good reputation in the field in terms of smart management of several factors. This helps maintain customer satisfaction while making the delivery process reliable. In most countries, local restaurants do not focus on the delivery system, but thanks to DoorDash it does. Thanks for the post.

    • Dear Kozakiv

      Thanks for your thought and for reading my review about how DoorDash Driver makes money. I quite agree with you.  DoorDash is a great initiative.

      One common problem with DoorDash is the DoorDash driver requirements. For me, the DoorDash driver requirements are too complicated and time-consuming. 

      To become a DoorDash driver is a complicated process. I don’t know how the Doordash Dashers goes through that procedure to get confirm to work as a driver delivering foods. 

      Thanks again for reading my review about how DoorDash Dashers make money. 



  4. Thanks for the review! working for doordash is really something that i need to do as a person in college. looking for a job is something I’ve be thinking of for sometime now, I need it so much. I use all the money i make to buy gas, books, and anything I might need for school, and other personal things.


  5. Hello John!

    I would not try to make money with a program like DoorDash! First of all, I am not driving, then I’m not a guy who would make deliveries, and then – even though I do not live in the States – the DoorDash program itself may seem complicated.

    Speaking in general, Dashers should take care of a lot of things: have a clean criminal record and good skills, know their area very well (by heart, like you called it), have also a great knowledge of local parking spots. On the other hand, there’s also some flexibility – dashers are not required to make a minimum number of deliveries per month. Being a driver brings a lot of responsibilities. And by making deliveries Dashers can consider themselves as a kind of professional drivers!

    Overall there’s a lot of things to learn about DoorDash, but the feedback part being negative is really discouraging to potentially new users. At most, in spite of the serious red flags, it would be recommendable as a temporary, part-time job. More lucky people may even benefit more from it, but that is a scarce probability – definitely not for most users!

    Best regards, Peter

  6. From your enormous review I got a sense that DoorDash is not a very good service to begin with. So many negative comments from both dashers and customers leave a very bad taste in the end. This service is not available where I live but even if it would I don’t think I would ever consider it. It’s too much of a hustle in the end and there are other ways, like WA as you mention, that can offer so much more than this. Thanks for all the info and thorough review that you provided.

  7. I worked at doordash for some time,I enjoy going to different restaurants and learning the different varieties of foods available, I actually take mental notes of places I’d like to try with my own family.I enjoyed going to the same restaurants to pick up orders and seeing the same servers.it really help me connect with people.thnaks to doordash I think anyone looking for a fair pay should try them out.

    • Dear David
      Thanks for reading my review about DoorDash. 

      It is also great to read from an ex Dasher. I love to ask this question.

      What is it like to work as a DoorDash driver. How would you compare working from home as an internet marketer?

      Which one do you think is better. DoorDash or Affiliate Marketer? 

      Please revert.



  8. Thanks for one of the most thorough reviews of an earning opportunity via the DoorDash program that I have ever seen. You had me shaking my head up and down (as in this is good, this is good) and it was not until the social proof (user and employee reviews) and the rating from The Better Business Bureau that it went off the rails for me.

    Based on these two factors, I have to say as good as the program appears to be, and in spite of having so much promise, the management is failing the company, the independent contractors, the restaurants in some cases, and the end consumer. It sounds to me that a management shakeup may be in order.  

    The concept is great, as is the compensation plan. A hustler can likely earn $35 an hour depending on a lot of factors, but at the end of the day, if the company itself cannot solve the problems they obviously have, it will not be worth it to invest your time and effort. Great job with this review! 

    • Thanks Dave for your commendations and for reading my DoorDash Review.

      I honestly agree with you that DoorDash is a good ideal and a good company too but they have a lot to put in place. But I still preferred to be an affiliate marketer working from home than driving and delivery Food around. 

      I hope you will visit again? 



  9. This is the first time I am hearing of the door dash platform and although I think the idea is a very good one, not so many will like to buy into it because if the many downsides to it. I think it is unfair that the company dies not realise the importance of the drivers welfare and all. I hope people read this review before buying into it. This is nice.

  10. Hello John. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about DoorDash. I really like how you honestly described this company. I started reading this article believing that DoorDash’s are the best in what they do but it seems that customers feedback proves the opposite. Even so I wonder how such a company can survive? 

    Do you know if those who work at DoorDash have professional trainings?

    Thanks again and keep in touch. 

  11. I actually have No complaint with the driver, but corporate doordash customer support is extremely poor. I am a user of doordash and have come used to the late orders, but when my last delivery came with the wrong food and all I received was a ten dollar credit when my friends were awaiting their meals, it was completely unacceptable. They should Try a different delivery service that is more engaged. Else it’s rubbish

  12. I know about door dash. I have ordered from the past and it has been ok, not great, but acceptable. At a particular day I ordered from a restaurant that was just  minutes away and the app said my order was delivered when it wasnt. Annoyed, I called the restaurant then I called. They refunded me and would call the restaurant to resend the order.  Why say something is picked up and delivered when it wasnt?  I feel it is Complete lack of communication and bad customer service plan. Thanks 

  13. Sadly such good business idea isn’t good enough for someone to make money from it. Just by its ideology, it seem like a really great idea and i was seeing potential in it for those who are in love with driving to make this an opportunity to make cool money doing what they do, but its not a good enough idea. I have seen similar services and i believe with a little more upgrades, it will be a really good deal.

  14. This is a very good post here because many people have been looking for ways to make some extra income and door dash first sounded nice to me until I finished reading the whole thing. I felt really disappointed that people are actually losing out to this and that there are some bad side to it as well. I think it’s better one sticks to their day job than give this a try at all.

  15. Hey John, you nailed it straight. Every single detail needed to be known about DoorDash is readily available in this post as the post is well structured, informative and comprehensive too. That lady in the video is making some good amount of money as a Dasher. Well, she got a lot of orders in the video and I think DoorDash can be taken probably as a full-time job. What I don’t really like is the more you deliver, the more you earn but for sure that’s an advantage for hard working Dashers. I wish I am in any of those locations where DoorDash operates, I would have done it as a side hustle. It’s really nice.

  16. Hi John. Good to see you share this post revealing if DoorDash works and if DoorDash drivers really make money. 

    For sure, it is something beautiful to have your orders of awesome delicacy straight to your doorstep. Good to see that DoorDash has gone really wide in delivery business and have a large number of employees from some restaurants.

    From what I have read so far and from the video, I definitely love DoorDash but it is sad to see that not everyone can participate as a Dasher because this stuff is not worldwide. I mean not in every country.

  17. Left to me, I am not too thrilled by what this is all about because of the negative reviews. While reading about this doordash here, i decided to check some reviews about them online and I must say that they seem not so convincing to me. Hence, I would not want to gamble with them. Though I will tell my friends about them. But I am personally not interested.

  18. I would have been wowed by what I have read here about Doordash but then, having negative remarks and comments from the users and customers is bad and unworthy. For this reason alone, it may not be worth trying out. However, going by the tendencies of having to earn through this, it might be worth tying at leisure hours. Great one.

  19. Thanks for this post on the door dasb reviews, some years back when I was looking for a job I have worked in so many restaurants and stores but they don’t pay me well, but I had one big car then so I took the door dash work, and I enjoyed the job because driving js one of my favorite things I love doing ,their pay is okay too,thanks for sharing this post on doordash

  20. Thanks for this post on when doordash reviews, some times ago, when a friend of mine was looking for a job, he was introduced.to the doordash business, since he has a good car and he knows how to drive very well I told him to go for the job, he has not worked not more than a few months he is already making money and have a lot of customers , the door dash work helps alot 

  21. Wow! I’m wowed by the initiative of doordash. Though there exist companies in that line already but having the courage to Stoll bring something of such to the table too is a great thing. Thank you so much for sharing all these here and I fancy it. I feel that this could serve as an additional means of getting money especially through referal. Thanks

  22. Great article about Door Dash… I personally have not used the service. But I do see many Door Dash drivers around in our town.  I was fortunate enough to talk to a Door Dash driver the other morning when I was eating my breakfast at Chick-fil-a.  She said she enjoyed the opportunity that Door Dash provided for her.  And that the customers that order were very nice and appreciative of the services provided.

  23. Hello John,

    Initially reading the review I thought what a great idea and a simple way to make money and travel around the city, a nice little earner on the side. 

    However, after finishing the post it sounds like a bit of a nightmare. 

    Orientation is the initial problem and knowing your way around doesn’t happen in a minute, with the app problems 

    I think your better off just getting up of the lounge and go-getting a feed yourself. 

    I like to know what can disqualify me from DoorDash? 

    And also, do I need any special insurance to work with DoorDash as a driver? 

    I am refering to how to cover the risks of driver around delivering foods for DoorDash customers.

    Thanks for this fine review



    • Thanks for reading my DoorDash com reviews.

      Your questions about what can disqualify you from DoorDash, and can anyone with felony crime drive for DoorDash?

      Things that will disqualify you from driving for DoorDash includes:

      You must be of a minimum age of 18 years old and of a clean record.
      No criminal records or any significant violations of must be attributed to you in the last years
      Driving with DoorDash Under the Influence (DUI) e.g., Drugs, Alcohol, etc.
      I am driving with an expired or suspended driver’s license.
      If you fail to either stop report or stop, an occurrence of an accident you involve in will get your DoorDash access revoked.
      Other things that can disqualify you are certain violet crimes, citations, and accidents, can be considered by DoorDash as one of the incidents.

      Another question you ask is if the DoorDash drivers will need insurance coverage before and while driving for DoorDash?

      Firstly, DoorDash has their insurance.

      DoorDash has a commercial auto insurance policy, with a cover-up to $1,000,000 (a million Dollars), covering property damage to third parties or bodily injury as a result of accidents while on active delivery service.

      For you to qualify for this coverage, you must be on an active delivery at that very moment, and you must have your delivery at that time.

      But, will you need your auto insurance as a DoorDash driver?

      DoorDash requires every of its Dashers must have an up to date auto insurance policy coverage. Anyone without him or her auto insurance coverage will lose out on the coverage of the company.

      The reason for personal coverage is that any damages occurring to your vehicle in an auto accident is your responsibility; such should be address or taken care of by your auto insurance carrier.

      DoorDash has excess auto insurance coverage, but the policy only applies to damages or incidents you cause to other parties, as explained earlier (i.e., the third-party insurance).
      You can read more about DoorDash Insurance Coverage here.

      Thanks again for visiting my site to read my review DoorDash com


  24. I briefly considered doing food delivery when I decided to work from home, but I stayed away from Door Dash because they seem to have gotten a bad reputation.

    I’m glad to see they’ve revised a few things in favor of the “dashers,” but it probably still isn’t for me because I have a terrible sense of direction.

    I have two questions:
    How long does it take to get hired as a driver by DoorDash? And, Does DoorDash carry out drug test on drivers?

    Thanks for writing such an informative and well-researched article!

    • Thanks for reading my DoorDash delivery reviews. I am happy you like my article about how to make money with DoorDash by the Dashers.
      Yes, you are right, Tiffany. There are some favorable changes in working with DoorDash.

      You ask some questions, the first is:
      How long does it take to get job by DoorDash? I suppose you mean how long it will take DoorDash to approve you as a DoorDash Driver?

      The most crucial aspect of DoorDash interview and recruitment is the aspect of the DoorDash background checks process.

      The background checks will take roughly 3-5 days. You can quickly contact DoorDash after submission of your application, and you yet to get feedback after some days.
      You can follow up with this DoorDash email address dasher@doordash.com.

      You can also make a direct inquiry from Checkr (background checker agency). Checkr email address is support@checkr.io. They can give you feedback if your background check has been concluded or not. I am sure you will not get the result directly from Checkr.

      Thanks again for reading my DoorDash delivery reviews.



  25. When I started reading this review I was thinking “Why is DooDash so bad?”.

    I thought it was an interesting proposition that would help some people make a bit of extra money.

    After reading the review and finding out what people actually say about the company, well, now I’m saying no, thanks.

    But, is there any other way I can make money with DoorDash aside from becoming a Dasher or DoorDash driver. I won’t like to become a driver with DooRdash.

    Please, do you have an idea of how I can make money without becoming a DoorDash driver?



    • Thanks for reading my DoorDash reviews. To answer your question straight away.

      An alternative way to make money with DoorDash is to start referring other drivers to join DoorDash and become a Dasher. That is, you can easily make money from DoorDash referral bonus.

      So how does the DoorDash referral bonus work?

      DoorDash referral bonus is an avenue put together by DoorDash to reward people for every person they refer to become Dasher (driver for DoorDash).

      The DoorDash referral bonus helps DoorDash in their expansion strategies to launch into new cities, locations, and regions. It helps the company to have easy access to drivers for their various deliveries.

      Every Dasher that partakes in the DoorDash driver referral bonus will be rewarded monetary.

      There are conditions you must meet to be rewarded with the DoorDash referral bonus. You must meet the requirements specified by DoorDash.

      The DoorDash requirements to be rewarded with the referral bonus depend on the city, location, and region where you are operating as a driver.

      The standard monetary referral bonus is $300, but the reward can be as high as $750.

      Other requirements include a certain minimum number of deliveries within your first 30 days.

      Please know that Dasher and DoorDash drivers can only earn the DoorDash referral bonus.

      I hope you now know other ways to make money with DoorDash.

      For, the best way to make and earn a full-time income online is via Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing a process of referring people

      So, what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a process of making money every time you help promote other people’s products and services.

      If your promotion of other people’s products leads to sales for the company or the third party, then you will get paid.

      In affiliate marketing, if there is no lead, there will be no sales.

      You can learn affiliate marketing via Wealthy Affiliate. The level-1 with ten lessons is FREE. No credit card is needed to join.

      You can learn affiliate marketing via Wealthy Affiliate. The level-1 with ten lessons is FREE. No credit card is needed to join.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my DoorDash Driver Reviews. I also thank you for dropping your comments.


  26. Doordash seems like an opportunity that depends greatly on location.

    It also requires wear and tear on a personal vehicle, so it probably is best in areas where restaurants are plentiful and near each other to keep mileage reasonable.

    I have two questions please.
    Will DoorDash pay its drivers even if you don’t get orders?
    Which is beter to work with as a driver, UberEATS or DoorDash?

    Someone with a low-mileage car who enjoys driving could make some decent money.

    • Thanks for reading my DoorDash job review.
      I agree with you about the disadvantages of working with DoorDash.

      They are many. The risks involved in driving to unknown locations and, most notably, in a busy town. Meeting strangers that may be dangerous to society.

      Safety is very crucial in anything that will do, and that includes working with DoorDash.
      Your first question is this “Will DoorDash pay you without delivering any orders?”

      No, DoorDash will not pay you if you don’t get an order. DoorDash is in business to make money. They make money from every one of their deliveries.

      You will only get paid for any order that is delivered and confirmed to has been delivered.

      It is essential to know that DoorDash may pay you partially if your delivery could not be completed (there must be proof as per why the delivery was not concluded.

      Your nest question is, which is better between UberEATS and DoorDash?

      The significant difference in working with UberEATS or DoorDash is that UberEATS has a shift that is mandatory why there is no necessary shift with DoorDash.
      You get to choose your schedule with DoorDash.

      You will make more money with DoorDash compare to UberEATS, most notably in a location where DoorDash gets many orders.
      In my opinion, from my research work about UberEATS Vs. DoorDash. They are both straightforward to work with.

      But why working with either of them when you can stay at home and make huge money online.

      Read more on how I leverage my passions and skills to be making over $5,000 monthly only.

      It takes time, though, before you get to that peak, but it is realizable, .

      Thanks again for reading my review about DoorDash job.



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