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Is HealthyWage Legit or a Scam? Does HealthyWage Really Pay Out?

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You are welcome to my HealthyWage review. Can you make money with HealthyWage? Is HealthyWage legal, legit, or another weight loss scam? Does HealthyWage payout? What about the HealthyWage scandal, Cheatings, and rules?

It is good to investigate how Healthy Wage works; this is how to discover a legitimate online program and avoid many weight loss scams online. 


Please know that I am not connected in any way with this company; therefore, expect a detailed, honest, and unbiased review of HealthyWage from me. 

Please read on. 

Estimated reading time: 23 minutes


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HealthyWage at a Glance

is healthywage legal, legit, or a scam

Product Name: Healthy Wage
Industry: Health and Wellness
Products & Services: Weight Loss
Founders: David Roddenberry and Jimmy Fleming
Headquarters: Coral Gables, Florida. The USA.
Date Established: 2009
Price: Depend On Your Current Weight
Rating: 40%
Recommended: No. (Check Out My #1 Recommendation To Make a Full-Time Income Online)

Summary Review of HealthyWage

Healthy Wage is a company that will help you to place bets on its website or Phone App so that you can meet your weight loss goals, i.e., this company use money as an incentive to help you lose weight. 

It works such that the company will challenge weight loss and fitness with cash prizes if you the targeted goal.

Healthy Wage is a health and wellness company known in the public space to have encouraged discussions about using incentives in handling health issues.  

They use a combination of peer pressure, motivation, cash prizes, and financial commitment both at the consumer and corporate levels to help people handle their weight problems. 

But can you make money with Healthy Wage? If you take a bet to either lose your weight or lose your money, does HealthyWage payout?

Can you withstand the HealthyWage rules and avoid the many scandals and cheatings by members? Is HealthyWage legal, legit, or a scam?

My take is this.

HealthyWage is legal, legit, and not a scam.

You can lose your money and your weight in the process.

But be rest assured that HealthyWage will pay its members that lose their weight and win the bet against the company.  

But there is a problem with the whole program.

HealthyWage will not teach you how to keep fit by eating healthy food and exercising effectively; you don’t have money or time to burn the calories.

This program will not teach you how to lose and keep your weight for the long run. 

The problem will not be what you weigh now, but what you will be your weight in the future. 

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What do you think of my HealthyWage review? Can you make money with HealthyWage?

Is HealthyWage legal, legit, or another weight loss scam? Does HealthyWage Pay Out?

Are you ready to follow the HealthyWage rules and avoid cheating and scandal to win your bet? scam

What is HealthyWage?

Healthy Wage will allow you to make money while you lose weight. 

Can you make money while you lose weight with HealthyWage? Yes, HealthyWage promises to pay you for losing your overweight.

HealthyWage was established in 2009 by David Roddenberry and Jimmy Fleming, with its Headquarters located in Coral Gables, Florida, in the USA.  

This company’s focus is to create a health incentive initiative that rewards and makes weight loss exciting and fun for members. 

This company’s model responds to academic research that concluded that cash rewards would triple the weight loss program’s effectiveness. 

The research sighted that people will be aggressive at losing weight when they stake their money.

HealthyWage aims to reduce and eliminate the growing obesity epidemic that is destroying the world and the United States, being specific.

This is why HealthyWage uses cash prizes to reward any of its members who wish to lose their weight to make weight loss fun and successful HealthyWage. 

But how do HealthyWage works? Can you join HealthyWage from outside the USA? 

What do you think of my HealthyWage review? Is HealthyWage legal, legit, or a scam? Does HealthyWage payout?

Please learn more about Healthy Wage on Wikipedia

Financial and Money Incentive Approaches for Weight Loss

The premise of using cash as a motivation for weight loss is based on years of research by academicians. 

The founders of Healthy Wage got the idea from various research about how financial incentives can drive people to lose weight. 

The University of Pennsylvania And the “Harvard, Carnegie Mellon University” is one of such research works. 

Others of such research work include:

The research and findings suggest that a little encouragement and cash incentive can influence weight loss programs’ effectiveness. 

What about if you now place and bet your own money and you at risk of losing it on what you can control?

No one will want to lose his or her own money in this case. 

Healthy Wage bases its business model on the series of research above. The company will make you place a bet on yourself ( on your weight loss), i.e., “a healthy wager.”

They have a calculation tool on the Healthy platform that will help you make your bet and help you figure out the price tag to make money for your weight loss. 

If you meet your commitment and reach your goal of losing that weight within the time frame, Healthy Wage will pay you the winning prize money.

Otherwise, you will lose all the money you contributed.  What do you think of my HealthyWage review?

Who Can Join HealthyWage

Can You Join HealthyWage Outside the U.S?

HealthyWage is not just available to the residents and individuals of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, EU, Asia, most non-Europe, and Latin America. 

Suppose you are not from the above-listed countries and regions. In that case, you can only join HealthyWage through your employer unless you are a resident of Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Burma, Afghanistan, Libya, e.t.c.

How Does HealthyWage Work?

HealthyWager will let you place a “bet” on your current weight loss. While you are registering, you decide how you will lay down your bet. 

healthywage reviews 2021

You either decide to pay your bet every month or one-off. 

healthywage rules

 Healthy Wager will pay your prize if you achieve your goals at the end of the challenge.

The company will get your weight to verify both at the beginning and the end of the weight loss challenge. 

healthywage cheating and scandal

HealthyWager works in four simple steps:

healthywage scandal and cheatings
  • The first step is to calculate your prize.
  • Place your bet.
  • Go through the weight loss challenge.
  • Win or lose the challenge (i.e., your money)

How to Use the HealthyWage Prize Calculator

You will use the Healthy Wage Award Calculator to decide and pick your weight loss goal to see how much you can make with Healthy Wage.

does healthywage really pay out

Your minimum weight loss goal must be 10% of your current weight. For instance, if your weight is 500 pounds, you must decide to lose a minimum of 50 pounds for this HealthyWage challenge. 

Your goals include how much you are ready to bet monthly or for the whole period and the corresponding weight you will lose within a stipulated time range in months. 

The Healthy Wage Prize Calculator lets you play around to help you make up your mind on:

  • How long your goals will take in months
  • The pounds you are ready to lose
  • The amount you are prepared to contribute either monthly or once, and 
  • The prize money you will win if your meet your set goals within the stipulated time.

Note: In weight loss, you should decide the amount of money you will contribute monthly that you can not easily be forgone. 

You will be expected to input your details such as:

  • Current weight
  • Height
  • Gender, and
  • Waist Size

Are you ready to obey the HealthyWage rules without the scandal and cheating the system?

Can you make money with HealthyWage? What do you think of my review of HealthyWage?

Is HealthyWage legit, legal, or a scam? Do HealthyWage works? Does HealthyWage Pay Out?

How to Make Money with HealthyWage?

Below are different ways to make money with the Healthy Wage Challenge: 

You can boost your HealthyWage prize money by $40 if you register via the HealthyWage Referral Link and place your bet for weight loss. 

The $40 will be additional money to your prize money after the completion of the HealthyWager challenge. 

HealthyWage Referral Program will allow you to make more money as soon as you start the challenge. 

Any of your friends, family members, or enemies you invited to join HealthyWage in your first ten days of starting the challenge will help you make $100 extra on each one of them that place bet and make a HealthyWager.

You will also get paid $40 each for every person you invited through your HealthyWage Referral Program.

After ten days, you start the HealthyWage challenge. 

There is no limitation of money you can make with the HealthyWage Referral Program, and it will be additional money that will boost your HealthyWage challenge prize money if and when you win. 

Also, as long as you win your challenge, you will continue to make money with HealthyWage via the referral program even after the challenge is ended. 

All the money you make with the HealthyWage referral program after your challenge will be credited to your HealthyWage Points account. 

The Healthy Wager Prize Money of $10,000

You can make a maximum of $10,000 of HealthyWager prize money. 

The amount you will make depends on how much money you are willing to bet on your weight loss. 

If you are confident of winning your weight loss bet and goals, you can stake any amount that will push your HealthyWager Prize Money upward and close to the threshold of $10,000. 

Jackpot and Step Challenges

You can make more money with HealthyWager if you are ready to achieve a specific weight loss target that can earn you a share of the jackpot. 

Team Challenge

You can also make more money if you decide to compete as a member of a team. 

A team is made up of a maximum of five members, and the prize winner for the first person that loses the most weight will make $10,000.

HealthyWage Affiliate program

You can make more money with Healthy by becoming an affiliate marketer and promoting HealthyWage with your affiliate link. 

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The affiliate marketer will help work once and earn for a long time. 

You can decide to have your website and start promoting Healthy  

The prize money for every audience that signs up via your to join Healthy and place a bet for HealthyWager is $60 or paid $40 for everyone who joins Team Challenge. 

It can add up to real money, which is the best way to make money in the 21st century. 

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The above are various ways to make money with HealthyWage. 

Not many people make and win the HealthyWager bet. Are you ready to follow the HealthyWage rules and avoid cheating and scandal? 

Does HealthyWage payout? Is HealthyWage legal, legit, or a scam?

What do you think of my HealthyWage review? 

How Much Can You Win on HealthyWage 

The maximum amount of money you can make with the HealthyWage challenge is $10,000. 

But wait, don’t be excited yet.

The amount you can win is directly proportional to the amount of money you are ready to bet for your weight loss. How much can you stake at losing your weight monthly? 

The higher the amount you are paying monthly, the more money you can make with HealthyWage. 

But, the maximum amount you can make for any period of your HealthyWage challenge is $10,000 for a particular challenge.

How many HealthyWage challenges can you join at the same time? You can enter a maximum of ten HealthyWage challenges at the same time. 

Healthy Wage will use a proprietary algorithm to calculate the amount of money you can make after inputting your betting’s monthly contribution. 

What do you think of my HealthyWage review? Can you make money with HealthyWage? 

Is HealthyWage legal, legit, or another weight loss scam? Does HealthyWage payout?

Are you ready to win without the HealthyWage cheating and scandal and rules compromised?  

What Is the HealthyWage Payment Method?

HealthyWage pay its member via Check or PayPal. It all depends on the choice of payment method you choose for yourself.

You will get your payment at least 12 hours of meeting your weight loss goals and winning the bet you placed on weight loss. 

The 12 hours will happen only if there is no issue with your win if there is a need to investigate your success further. This time for your payment may also be extended.

Further review of your activities and win can take some time for the company referees to determine if you have created and committed the HealthyWage scandal by violating the rules and regulations that guide the challenge.

After all of the verification has been done, and you are cleared to have followed the HealthyWage rules and regulations, you are not among members involved in cheating and scandal on the HealthyWage platform.

You will be getting your money in your Paypal account in no time.

Does HealthyWage Really Pay Out

Many people can not believe that Healthy is real, legal, legit, and not a scam.

Healthy is real, and the company does the payout. However, it is too good to be true that you will get paid for losing weight.

Healthy is confirmed to have paid out over $20 million so far (paid $13.6 million just last year).

is healthywage legitimate

Mr. David Roddenberry, the Co-founder of Healthy Wage, confirmed that members’ success rate is between 25% and 40%. That implies that many people still lose their bet to lose on their weight loss.

The good news is that HealthyWage does the payout.

But you will only get paid if you achieve your goals at the end of the weight-loss competition.

You can read about various healthy wage members that have been paid with the amount and their pictures. Check out the success story page of the Healthy Wage platform.

How Does HealthyWage Make Money?

Where does Healthy get funds to settle payment for members that win the weight loss challenge? 

Healthy is supported by insurance companies, hospitals and health systems, Governments, and various companies (most especially the food companies).

The government is the organization that has the social responsibility to clean the society of the obese challenges that have engulfed our nations, especially the United state of America. 

Hence, they support this initiative because it is cost-effective to prevent instead of treating and paying for health care for the populations. 

Government and corporate leaders know that incentives work and are a cost-effective solution (paying incentives costs less than paying for health care for an obese population).

Though, users who lost their weight loss bet will lose their money to the company. This is not the primary source of making money for HealthyWage. 

Healthy gets more money from various Corporate sponsors and Government grants interested in confronting the weight loss problems. 

The problem with this method of solving the weight loss issue is that what happens after members win the bet and get the money? 

Does this solve the weight problem issues in our society? 

Does HealthyWage Really Pay Out?

Can you make money with HealthyWage via betting on your weight loss? Is HealthyWage legal, legit, or a scam?

Do you like the idea of getting paid for losing weight?

How Does HealthyWage Weight Verifications Works

How can you verify your weight with the Healthy weight loss challenge?

There are two ways to achieve this task: 

Upload a Video

Do a short video of yourself during weigh-in; you can then upload it securely on the Healthy website. 

You only need your smartphone and a scale to achieve that. And

Use the HealthyWage Apps for Life Streaming 

You will first download the HealthyWage App, do the registration, and follow the steps on the screen. 

The instruction via the HealthyWage app will call one of the HealthyWage referees to witness remote weigh-in as you are doing it live. 

HealthyWage Complaints and Issues

Yes, there are some complaints about HealthyWage, just like any other company that handles members and their issues. 

There are Limit to What You Can Earn

The amount of money you can make with Healthy depends on how you are ready to bet on your weight loss.  

So, you have a limitation on how much you can make with Healthy 

No Lessons on How to Maintain Weight Loss

One major issue with many of the diet apps (i.e., that includes HealthyWage App) is that you will not learn how to maintain the weight you lose by your win. 

People are forced to lose weight because of the risk of losing their money. What happened to them after the weight loss challenge? 

Studies show that most people who win such a challenge fall back to the old habit of eating junk that reverses all the weight loss within months.  

Trying to make money with Healthy Wage is not a way to keep fit for the long haul, i.e., you will not learn how to keep a great weight.  

You May Lose Your Money

Healthy is just like real life bet. If you don’t meet your goals, you may lose your money. This applies to the different ways you can make money with HealthyWage.

For instance, the Team Challenges options of making money. If most of your Team lose out and they can not meet up with the commitment of actually losing their weight, you may lose your contribution.

Whether you lose your weight, meet the challenge and win or lose the money because you couldn’t lose the weight.

Don’t forget that you can also lose weight and again lose money. Also, ensure you avoid scandal and cheating by following the HealthyWage rules. 

No Refund or Cancellation in Healthy Wage

Part of the rules of HealthyWage is that there is no cancellation and no refund. As soon as you start the challenge, if you default, you will lose your money.

This rule encourages every member not to give up and that there is no other option but to win the prize money by actually losing weight.  

HealthyWage Rules, Cheatings and Scandal

If you are caught cheating the system by not following the HealthyWage challenge’s rules, you will lose all your money. It is referred to as the HealthyWage scandal.

Please don’t get caught cheating the system and avoid the HealthyWage scandal by following the rules thoroughly. 

What I Like About Healthy Wage

HealthyWage Review Rating Is “A”

The HealthyWage has a BBB review rating of “A”; this implies that the company is handling the customer dispute appropriately. Though the company is not BBB accredited yet, the A rating is a plus to the company.

From my review of HealthyWage, I can see they were having an A+ review rating years ago, but as of the time of this review. The company’s BBB rating fell to A.

They Are Helping People

Healthy is a way of using the social method to support members. Helping people to lose weight is enormous.  

It encourages many people not to lose their money and conclude the weight loss and earn big. 

Multiple Ways to Make Money

HealthyWage has different ways you can make money. 

You can put in for a maximum of ten challenges at the same time. As long as you have the resource and the will to pay for the weight loss bet, you can earn as much money as you wish.

Ability to Set Your Goals

You can decide how much you want to make. You can make up to $10,000 to lose your weight with Healthy

The more you are willing to pay as a bet for your weight loss monthly, the more money you can make with HealthyWage. 

HealthyWage Rules to Prevent Scandal and Cheating

These are various official rules and regulations that guide any members of HealthyWage to avoid cheating and scandal that can lead to your disqualification and loss of your investment and betting: 

Who Can Join HealthyWage?

A resident of the United States, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, and Asia can participate in the Healthy weight loss challenge. 

 Pregnancy Member Can Not Compete

If you are a member of HealthyWage and are currently pregnant, you can not compete in this weight challenge. 

Yo-Yo Rule on HealthyWage

Every member of HealthyWage that has initially won $200 and above must start the future weight loss challenge at or below the exact weight you attained while you last win the challenge.

This HealthyWage rule avoids a scandal referred to as yo-yoing in weight, cheating that can keep anyone from continuing to win on the platform.

Buying More Time HealthyWage Rules

The “Buying More Time rules” will help you extend and buy more six additional months to complete your HealthyWager challenge. 

You have to pay additional six months of your original monthly wager payment. 

The end date of the time you will complete the HealthyWager challenge will be extended by six months (i.e., moving forward to the original date of concluding your challenge). 

This extension will not increase or decrease your weight loss challenge prize money, and you can not recoup those additional fees even if you win the challenge.

You will sight a link to buy more time on your profile if you are entitled, and you can make the payment either install-mentally or one-off payment. 

Tax Payment On $600 and Above Win

You will pay tax on your HealthyWage prize money that $600 and above. 

Any HealthyWager win that is less than $600 will not attract tax payment.

Please know that HealthyWage will always report your win to Uncle Sam. 

There Are No Refunds

HealthyWage will never offer you a Refund. 

It is either you win or lose your money whenever you subscribe to your weight loss challenge, 

There Are No Trainers to Help You

There is no professional trainer that will be assigned to you by HealthyWage. 

You are left alone for the risk of losing your money to motivate you to do all you need to do to lose the weight you need to win that prize money. 

HealthyWage Cheating and Scandal

When you are discovered to have perpetrated a scandal in HealthyWage, the company has the right to re-verification of your weight. 

Suppose you are found to have cheated and involve in a scandal and manipulate by the HealthyWage rules. 

You will be banned, and you will lose all your money and the winning prize money. 

Yes. HealthyWage is legal, legit, and not a scam. 

Although the company uses the word “bet,”; HealthyWage is not a gambling site. HealthyWage has nothing to do with gambling. 

Why is that? For a single reason,” you are in control of the outcome.” You either lose your weight and win the prize money or lose the weight loss challenge and lose the prize money. 

The HealthyWage contracts have nothing to do with gambling. Therefore it is a legal company to deal with and start making money. 

The HealthyWage BBB Review Rating Is “A”

The HealthyWage Better Business Bureau review rating is “A.” 

What is the implication of this rating? The rating implies that HealthyWage has taken its customer and issue, complaint, and dispute resolution seriously. 

As of the time of writing this review, HealthyWage has had a total of complaints for the past three years on the BBB platform, out of which 25 have been treated and closed for the past 12 months.

HealthyWage is, however, not yet accredited. What is the meaning of BBB accreditation and its impact on the company?

The non-BBB HealthyWage accreditation implies that the company has not put its resource in place and get a certification regarding customer issues and dispute resolution. 

BBB certification involves putting resources that the BBB will always vet to resolve customer issues and complaints. It will require specific payment of fees for the certificate of HealthyWage BBB accreditation to be verified.

What do you think of the HealthyWage review and BBB rating?

Is HealthyWage legal, legit, or a scam? Does HealthyWage payout? 

Are members of HealthyWage obeying the rules and avoiding cheating the system and many scandals in weight loss programs?

Is HealthyWager Legit or a Scam? 

Yes, HealthyWager is legal, legit, and not a scam. 

How do you know if HealthyWager is a legitimate weight loss program? 

Can you make money for losing weight? Does HealthyWager payout? 

I can confirm to you that is legit, legal, and not a scam. There are hundreds of reviews online and in various media, including credible sources like The New York Times, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, etc. 

what are good side hustles

How do I know HealthyWager is legitimate? You can also watch the HealthyWager YouTube review at the end of this article. also has a good Better Business Bureau review rating of “A” when writing this review.

And lastly, the company has been around since 2009, which is a long time to be running a business.

So, what do you think of my HealthyWager? Do you have the determination to win the weight loss bet and make money with HealthyWager?

Do you think that HealthyWager may not be legal, legit, and a scam? Are you worry that HealthyWage may not Pay Out your prize money?

Let me have your take, please.

Is HealthyWage Worth It

Thanks for reading my HealthyWage review. Can you now make money with the HealthyWage weight loss challenge? 

Is HealthyWage legal, legit, or a scam?

Does HealthyWage Really Pay Out? Can you stake your money to lose your weight with HealthyWage without cheating and scandal?

Are you ready to follow the HealthyWage rules and regulations to make money?

I can confirm to you that HealthyWage is legit, legal, and not a scam?

You just need to have the courage to start and make sure you push through without losing your money.

HealthyWage has an excellent record of paying out to everyone that wins the HealthyWage prize money.

But, if you are doing this for the money, there are better ways of making money in the 21st.

You can start this affiliate marketing training now. Level-1 of ten lessons is FREE to join. You can partner with big brands like Walmart, Amazon, eBay e.t.c. Within days.

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You will now have the freedom to start working from home and doing what you love doing best in your choosing niche.

What do you think of my HealthyWage review? Can you make money with HealthyWage?

Is HealthyWage legal, legit, or another scam weight loss website? Does HealthyWage Pay Out?

What do you think?

I will love to hear from you.

HealthyWage Review – Video