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Home » HOW TO MAKE MONEY » Is eJury Legit or Another Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

Is eJury Legit or Another Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

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Home » HOW TO MAKE MONEY » Is eJury Legit or Another Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

You are welcome to my eJury reviews. Can eJury online verdict jobs work for you to make money online? Is eJury legit, safe, and not a scam?

You must be here to make your findings of eJury; it is the best way to identify legitimate business while you avoid many scams.


eJury is safe, legit, and not a scam. eJury is not a high-income potential online verdict job and can be very difficult to get an invitation. Each mock case can take 30 to 90 minutes, and you get paid $5 to $10 with eJury. The eJury pay depends on the length and the complexity of the case and the research study.

But how does eJury Work, and what are the requirements to join?

Read on to discover why many mock jurors never get a call and why the eJury the online verdict job is not for me.

Estimated reading time: 15 minutes

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eJury at a Glance

Product Name: eJury
Founder: Christopher Bagby,
Headquarters: Pioneer Pkwy Ste B Pantego, TX. The USA.
Year Established: 11th November 1999
Product Type: GPT (eJury)
Price: Free
My Rating: 37%
Recommendation: No { Check Out My #1 Recommendation Jobs}

Summary of eJury.Com Online Verdict Jobs Reviews

eJury is a website that allows attorneys to test run their trials with members of eJurors online before the case gets to the actual jury. Christopher L. Bagby established it in November 1999. It is free to join as a quick side hustle if you are a fan of law and crime shows.

But is eJury legit, safe, and not a scam? Can you make money as with eJury online verdict jobs?

My take is this.

eJury is safe, legit, and not a scam. But it is tough to get an invitation for case assessment, and they pay pennies. You can earn an average pay of between $5 to $10 per verdict if you ever get an invitation. Therefore, you cannot make a full-time income with the eJury online jobs verdict.

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What do you think about my eJury and online verdict jobs? Do you agree with me that eJury is legit, safe, and not a scam?

But do you think you can make money with eJury jobs?

What is eJury?

Christopher L. Bagby (a trial attorney); established eJury in November 1999 to empower attorneys with jurors’ knowledge regarding case research and preparations.

The site brings a large pool of familiar and random people and everyday jurors together under the same platform.

The aim is to feel their thought about trial cases to help win the case in a real-life situation. The attorneys can then have an insight into what they may face in a real live court.

The knowledge gained from every case discussed will help attorneys reevaluate and prepared better for good delivery. Therefore, eJury provides an opportunity for you to make money while helping the attorneys with insight into their case.

What do you think of my eJury online jobs verdict review?

Is the juror making money with eJury?

Is eJury legit, safe, or a scam? What is your take?

How Does eJury Work?

You get an invitation and informed about the mock trial and deadline after meeting the requirement to join. eJury is about making money for reviewing legal cases. Each case can take between 30 to 60 minutes to conclude. You then answer the questions and submit your verdicts.

eJury is about doing a pre-try of cases and trials before it gets to the actual jury in the courthouse. The real courthouse required 12 people to look at the case and give their verdicts.

But the eJury will require a minimum of 50 people to go through the case and give their verdicts. The attorney gets a handful of information, leads, and feedback that he or she can use to have an upper hand in an actual courthouse.

If you join eJury, the process works like this:

Case Submission

The attorney will make the case submission considering details, facts, jury questions, and various techniques to get proper feedback relating to the trial.

Reviews By eJury Members

eJury will transmit the Case Submission to the selected eJurors for review.

Only the eJurors selected within that region will have access to the case submission after being informed via mails.

Submission of Verdict By eJury Members

After proper review of the Case Submission, the eJurors will answer the question and deliver their verdicts via their profile using the button option “Submit Verdict.” 

They will conclude the case as soon as they achieve the number of verdicts required (Usually 50).

It may take a maximum of 60 minutes to review a Case submission that can earn you between $5 to $10.

How to Join eJury Online Mock Juror Jobs

The qualification and requirements you need to become an actual Jury real-life trial and joining eJury online verdict jobs are the same. You must meet some criteria to serve as a Juror in the United States. Hence, the exact requirements are applied for you to become an online juror.

Is eJury Legit, Safe, or a Scam?

Requirements to Join Online Mock Jury Jobs.

For you to become an online jury with eJury, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be of 18 years of age and above.
  • Be a United States of America citizen.
  • You must not have been a convicted felon or indicted for any crime or misdemeanor.
  • You must be of a sound mind with great moral value.
  • Be literate, i.e., read and write, is a must.
  • You must not have a direct relationship with an attorney.
  • Can not be a practicing paralegal, lawyer, or legal assistant to an attorney.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Must not be affiliated with the insurance adjuster.

Steps to Join eJury Online Mock Juror Jobs

If you meet the requirements above, you must follow some other conditions to join and get admitted as a member of eJury.

Take the Oath.

After joining the eJury, one condition new members must meet is to take an oath and swear that they will abide by the requirement to join eJury.

You must also swear never to disclose the case with any of:

  • Insurance adjuster
  • Insurance company
  • Law firm
  • Legal assistant
  • Paralegal firm

Identity Verification

The next stage of joining and becoming a member of eJury is to go through the identity verification process.

It is straightforward to do. Just input your details, and the system will authenticate your details.

Your details required include:

  • Your complete legal name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Your address and zip code, and
  • Your driver’s license number

Demographic Profile

The last stage to join and start making money with eJury is to feed your demographic information, such as your age, gender, and other household information.

What do you think of my review of eJury online verdict jobs reviews?

Do you think you can make money with eJury? Or is eJury legit or a scam?

How to Make money with eJury Online Jobs?

eJury will make you money as a mock juror online. First, you will register, meet the requirements, verify your details, and take the oath. You will get an invitation for a case submission review. eJury will pay you between $5 to $10 directly to your PayPal account after submitting your verdicts.

The case submission can be about 2 to 5 pages, and it always comes with questions.

You will review the submission and answer those questions that come with it. After that, you can then submit your verdict via the eJury platform. 

All these should not take more than an hour (i.e., from case submission to rendering of your verdicts).

The amount of money you make with eJury will depend on the case’s complexity and how long it is.

The importance of eJury is that it allows the attorneys to “pre-try” before the case goes to a fair trial with an actual jury. 

You will get paid to be an online Jury to give the attorneys that perspective.

What do you think about eJury online verdict job reviews? 

Do you think you can make money with eJury?

Or is eJury safe, legit, or a scam?

How Much Does eJury Pay?

Do eJury Pay? Yes, eJury will pay between $5 to $10 for every verdict you process and rendered on the platform. The amount you get paid by eJury depends on the duration and the complexity case involved. You will only earn extra money, and it is difficult getting invitations to review cases on the eJury Website.

The amount of money you will make with eJury does not worth it, except you have a particular interest in reviewing trials.

But, if it is for money, there are better ways of making money online.

You can become an affiliate marketer by partnering with Amazon and making money with your platform. You can start the affiliate marketing training here.

Who Is the eJury Website for?

The eJury Website is for two kinds of users:

  • The attorneys, and 
  • The online jurors. 

These are attorneys who need to hear your view, opinion, and verdict related to their case before going to a real-life courthouse for trial.

It helps them prepare for the case better and judge what to expect when the case finally gets to a fair trial.

eJury website is also for people like you, that want to be an online jury to earn some money via mock trial.

You can only earn extra money, and it is very competitive to get an invitation to review cases.

Do you think eJury worth the time? Can you make money with eJury? What do you think of the eJury pay?

How Many eJury Cases Can You Get Invited To?

The number of cases you receive depends on your location. The cases assigned to eJury members are location-based and dependent on competing and active eJury members.

One major complaint about eJury online verdict jobs is about not getting enough invitations to case submission.

Some eJury member claims they only get one invite in six months! Can you live with that?

Is eJury worth it the time? What about the eJury pay that is penny-like? Is eJury legit, safe, or a scam?

How Do eJury Pay Its Members?

The payment method for eJury online mock trials is via PayPal. The site needs 50 eJury members to submit verdicts for every online trial. It is tough to get an invitation, and members can only make between $5 to $10 for every eJury case submission review.

What do you think of the eJury pay reviews? Is eJury worth your time?

Can you make money doing eJury mock trials online? Or is eJury online verdict jobs is legit or a scam?

eJury Reddit Complaints

Is ejury reddit Pay worth It

eJury Reddit review shows that few people are making money with an online juror. Most of the threads about eJury on Reddit show few people are making money with this site.

The eJury Reddit complaints are all about not getting regular invitations and payment of pennies to members of eJury.

Please check out some honest reviews about eJury Reddit complaints.

What I Like About eJury Jobs

  • It is free to join
  • It is a great way to experience real-life crime and law and get paid online.
  • The payment is fast with PayPal.

eJury Jobs Complaints

  1. The eJury pay per case is too low, i.e., between $5 to $10
  2. It is always challenging to get eJury invitations to review cases because of the limited number of cases.
  3. Getting eJury jobs invites also depends on your locations. If you live in the countryside where there is no case, you will earn nothing for a long time.
  4. One major eJury complaint is how safe your driver’s information is online. They need it to validate your verification.

eJury BBB Reviews Rating Is A+

The eJury Better Business Bureau reviews are A+, but the site has not accredited the BBB to write this review. Been rated differs from getting accreditation.

What does that imply for all the members of ejury online juror jobs?

The eJury BBB positive reviews rating implies that the site has always attended to members’ issues and complaints via the BBB website.

The non-accreditation of eJury by BBB implies that the eJury Website has no standard structure to resolve members’ issues and complaints.

Before accrediting any site, they will pay specific fees to BBB to verify the standardizations of the structure that is put in place to resolve members’ disputes.

What do you think of my eJury reviews?

Does the eJury BBB reviews rating imply that the site is legit, safe, and not a scam?

Can you make money with eJury online verdict jobs?

Is eJury Safe and a Reputable Site? is safe, legit, reputable, and not a scam. But know that you can only make an extra income. eJury members earn an average of between $50 to $10 for every case submission review. It is also challenging for you to get a regular invitation for case reviews, and the invitation is county base.

Though, i.e., reputable, I will not recommend it to Anyone. It is just like GPT “Get Pay To” websites. eJury will reward you for reviewing mock trial cases online.

These are case submissions that Attorneys want to feel of the verdict of the online juror to prepare towards the likely outcome.

There are things to do to make good money with your time online. I recommend you learn affiliate marketing here. It is free to start, and you can quickly partner with Amazon to earn a full-time income.

What do you think of my reviews of Can you now make money with online verdicts jobs?

Is eJury safe, legit, reputable, or a scam?

Is eJury Legit or a Scam Online Mock Juror Jobs?

eJury is legit and not a scam. They provide Case documents for the selected eJurors. It is very competitive to get an invitation, and it takes less than 60 minutes to submit your verdicts. Only the first 50 verdicts are accepted, and the average payment is between $5 to $10 for each case delivered.

The problem with eJury is the payment is not a good one, and it is tough to get invited to review the Case Submission. Hence the amount of money you can make is limited.

But if you are one of those that like to experience trial and case movies in real-life situations, you will love to make $5 in less than an hour for such an experience.

All you need to do is review evidence and facts presented by the Anthony’s and decide your verdict based on your judgment.

What do you think of my eJury online verdict jobs reviews? 

Can you make money with what eJury pays?

Or, do you still think that eJury is legit or a scam?

How do You Apply for an eJury Case?

Do you want to apply to the eJury platform? You just register, do verification of your details and make an oath. The next thing is to expect an invitation to case submission related to your location or county. You will receive an invitation via mail that you can accept and decline.

Is eJury a Part-Time Job?

Yes, eJury online verdict jobs can be part-time jobs. It has meager earnings, with you earning between $5 to $10 for every case review and verdict submitted online. It isn’t easy to get a case invitation, and they are entirely based on the invitation to your location or county.

Can Anyone Be an eJuror?

Anyone can not be an eJuror. Meet the requirements of a real-life jury to practice more jury online. They validated only people who met the conditions and verified that they could join and become a member of eJury.

Can You Make Money with eJury jobs

Is eJury Pay Worth It?

Thanks for reading my reviews. Can you now make money with eJury online verdict jobs? Is eJury legit or a scam?

what are good side hustles

My take is this about eJury.

Is eJury pay worth it? If you join to have fun with the Case Submission movies like situation, good for you. But, if you enter to make money with eJury, you can only earn between $5 to $10 for any case reviewed. You may never get selected once in six months.

But if you love criminal law and like the idea of reviewing cases, you will enjoy every moment but not because of the money you will get paid. You can only earn extra cash with eJury.

I think the eJury pay does not worth the time. You can get more done online by doing better things with your time. You can make more money as an affiliate marketer with your own business.

Affiliate marketing will help you partner with Amazon and any of those big eCommerce stores like eBay, Walmart, etc.,

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The level-1 of ten lessons is free to start. You will set up your online business within days.

What do you think of the reviews of eJury jobs? Can you make money with eJury online verdict jobs?

Is eJury legit or a scam jury job online? What is your take about eJury pay? What is your take?

eJury Online Verdict Jobs Reviews. Can You Make Money with eJury? Is eJury Legit, Safe, or a Scam? Is eJury Pay worth It. eJury Reddit Complaints. Online Juror Jobs Reviews – YouTube