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Virtualbee Data Entry Job Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Virtualbee Review. Can you make money with Virtualbee Data Entry careers jobs? Is Virtualbee safe, legit, or a scam? 

Is Virtual Bee worth it?


It is good you are here to make your findings of the Virtual Bee Data Entry Jobs. 

While researching an online job, I discovered the best way to transform my ideas and business demand into a full-time income online. 

I now work full-time and from home with that discovery. 

Know that there are a lot of scams that are related to online Data Entry Jobs. Hence the reasons for this Virtualbee Data Entry careers jobs review.  

Know that I am not promoting nor affiliated with Virtual Bee. Therefore, expect an unbiased review of Virtualbee from me.

Please read on.  

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VirtualBee at a Glance

Virtualbee Data Entry Job Review

Product Name: Virtual Bee
Founder: Lionbridge
Product Type: Data Entry Job
Price: Free
My Rating: 25%
Recommended: No

Summary of Virtualbee Data Entry Careers Jobs Review

Virtualbee is a company that provides remote work from home, i.e., data entry opportunities for qualified professionals. You have to join Virtualbee Data Entry Careers Jobs via their websites, pass the evaluation, and get assigned data entry jobs when available. 

Can you make money with Virtualbee jobs in 21st? Is Virtualbee safe, legit, or another scam data entry website? 

Virtualbee Data Entry Careers Jobs’s problem is that it can not be taken as a full-time job. The company will only pay their independent contractor for completed data entry jobs. 

Also, Virtualbee Data Entry Careers Jobs opportunities are only for interested international online workers and US residents. It uses to be for only US residents before now. 

Virtual Bee is a middleman company between businesses and those looking for data entry jobs to work from home.  

Virtual Bee will evaluate you on how fast and good you are in data entry jobs; before, you will have the opportunity to start making money with Virtualbee as their independent contractor. 

Most people fail their tests because they are not fast and accurate enough to attend the demanding jobs. Virtual Bee’s evaluations are a tough one, and only people are professionals who make it to the end.

It is even getting worst; if you pass through the evaluation stage, you will be placed on a long waiting list for a long time before you get contacted, i.e., if you get contacted.

How much money can you make with Virtualbee data entry jobs? 

Why It Is Difficult to Make Money with Virtualbee Data Entry Jobs

The amount you will earn will depend on the nature of each task you perform on the platform. 

The pay is determined by the number of characters you input, i.e., keystrokes. Therefore, you can make between $0.20 per 1000 keystrokes and $0.80 per 1000 keystrokes.

Know that a keystroke is equal to a character. 

You can see that it is not easy to make good money doing Data Entry Jobs with Virtualbee. 

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What do you think of my VirtualBee jobs review? Can you make money with Virtual Bee careers jobs?

Is Virtualbee legit, safe, or a scam data entry company online? 

What is VirtualBee?

VirtualBee formally refers to as Key For Cash. It is a data entry services company that employs data entry operators to securely enter private data and information for their clients across the world. 

VirtualBee specializes in outsourcing data entry jobs on behalf of their clients and companies by distributing the jobs among their online workforce both within the Us and internationally. 

VirtualBee has been around since 2001 with an excellent reputation in the data entry jobs online. 

The company has a pool of “keyers” or typist available 24/7 to process and complete data entry jobs online and for their many clients. 

When you get evaluated, you will be okay. The company will place you on their waiting list to get appropriate data entry jobs for you. 

You will be alerted of any jobs available, and you will be expected to log in to the VirtualBee system with your profile details. 

You will select the available task for you. The VirtualBee Virtualbee Data Entry careers Jobs include processing captcha images and inputting data within the image. 

Data entry careers jobs with Virtualbee required great accuracy and a lot of concentration.  

It is challenging to get accepted, and when taken, it is completive to get assigned jobs. And every job required great accuracy. Therefore, you can not make money with Virtualbee Data Entry Jobs if you a lazy person.

What do you think of my VirtualBee review? Can you make money with VirtualBee data entry careers jobs?

Or, is VirtualBee legit, safe, or another scam data entry jobs online? You can also learn more about data entry jobs on Wikipedia.

How Does VirtualBee Work? 

The first step to making money with VirtualBee data entry company is recruiting one of their independent contractors.  

Virtual Bee will help you work for yourself using your device at any time and anywhere you decide. You need to have access to the internet to make money with VirtualBee data entry careers jobs. 

You will register on the company website and take the recruitment evaluation typing test. The test is to evaluate the rate at which you type, i.e., per keystrokes. 

You will take an evaluation test to get accepted as one of the VirtualBee independent contractors. The VirtualBee is very strict in buying people for their data entry jobs.  

Your typing speed must be exceptional to get a slot to start making money with VirtualBee.

The VirtualBee evaluation typing speed test will cover three stages, i.e., Numeric, Dollars, and Letters. Each of the tests is less than three minutes to complete. 

It would help if you aimed to score as high as 100% score. In case you fail the evaluation test, you can retake it after 24 hours. 

If you are lucky to pass the test, you will be placed on the waiting list; many people are waiting. 

The Virtualbee Data Entry Job is not for me because you will get paid pennies doing these various tasks online. 

What do you think of my Virtualbee Data Entry Jobs review? 

Is Virtual Bee worth it? Can you make money with VirtualBee careers jobs? 

Is Virtualbee legit, safe, or a scam?

How to Join VirtualBee

It is free to join VirtualBee data entry careers jobs. 

You have to go through the evaluation and test stage that will examine your accuracy and typing speeds. 

It is all about how fast you can be while doing data entries.

There is no particular skill required to join and start making money with VirtualBee as a data entry remote operator. 

Below is some requirement to make money with VirtualBee as a data entry careers operator:

  • It is a must that you are 18 years of age and above. 
  • A computer system with fast internet speed.
  • A resident of any state in the United States of America, or an international candidate within your country’s adult age.
  • Be in good legal standing with the authority.
  • Ensure you pass the VirtualBee data entry careers and jobs evaluation test

How to Make Money with VirtualBee Data Entry Job

You can join VirtualBee Data Entry Jobs careers at no cost to you. It is free to start making money with VirtualBee.

No experience is also needed to work with Virtual Bee. The only challenge is that the job provided by Virtualbee is only open to over 18-year-old and above US residents and international online workers. 

Your Virtual Bee evaluation performance will also determine the kind of data entry jobs you will get an invitation for. 

You can work at any hours of the day and at your own time of choice if you are assigned any task. You need to login to the back end via your profile to start your data entry task. 

The different kinds of tasks and VirtualBee jobs available include Alphanumeric, Dollar amounts, Dates, and Letters only. It is your choice to decide which of the categories you wish to work. 

The snippets are the scanned document that contains the data you be entering. You will need to download the snippets to get started. 

The above is how to make money with VirtualBee data entry jobs and careers. 

What do you think of my review of VirtualBee jobs? Is VirtualBee safe, legit, or another scam data entry online jobs? 

How Much Can You Make with VirtualBee Data Entry Jobs? 

You will get paid only for the jobs and tasks completed, and it is independent of the amount of time spent. 

What determines the amount of money you will make with VirtualBee is your accuracy and speed in the form of keystrokes.  

The amount you will make will differ and depend on each task. 

VirtualBee current pay rate is $0.3 for every 1,000 characters or keystrokes. But you can earn between $0.2 per 1000 keystrokes to $0.8 for every keystroke. 

Virtual Bee payment has a threshold of $30; you will get pay on the payment day as long as you hit the payment threshold.

VirtualBee is all about data entry jobs, and you don’t get jobs regularly with this company. 

The job that will be assigned to you by VirtualBee is going to come once in a while. 

Virtual Bee can only supplement your earnings, i.e., it is only great as a side hustle and cannot be turned into a full-time job. 

VirtualBee data entry jobs careers are what you can do as a side hustle, and it is all about completing a small task that can fit your schedule. 

How to Get Paid on Virtualbee

You can get paid via checks & postal mail, most especially if you are resident in the US. This use to be the only payment option before the international online workforce are allowed to join the company. 

The current payment option is via Dwolla, but you must get to the payment threshold of $30. The payment is twice monthly. 

International data entry workers are paid via PayPal. The payment is also twice monthly, but you must attain the PayPal payment threshold of $10. 

Your balance will roll-over to the next payment day if you are yet to attain the payment threshold. 

What I Liked About Virtual Bee

Below are some things I like about getting a career job with VirtualBee as a data entry operator:

  • You can work from anywhere and from your home or anywhere online. 
  • It is an easy job, though technical.
  • Virtual Bee is own by a reputable company with an excellent BBB rating. 

Many Compliant About VirtualBee 

Delay In Payment

Sometimes data entry operators experience a delay in payment of their completed jobs. 

Some people complain that you might have to be on the waiting list to get pay by VirtualBee.

Please know that VirtualBee is legit, safe, and not a scam data entry company. 

I am yet to see any complaint both offline or online of any data entry operator that did not get paid by VirtualBee. 

Lack of Regular Jobs

VirtualBee lack jobs regularly. You will be on the task waiting list to get data entry jobs by VirtualBee. 

You can wait for weeks without getting one job, and the payment is a peanut. 

So, if you are thinking of making serious money with VirtualBee, it is not for you.

In my opinion, VirtualBee is not worth the time.

Very Low Pay

The amount of money you make with VirtualBee is in pennies. 

Their pay is so meager that it takes weeks to accumulate your earnings to reach the payment threshold of $30.

You have to think twice before joining VirtualBee because you can only make extra money with this company and not a full-time income.

Evaluation Before Getting Hire

You must pass the evaluation test before you can join VirtualBee data entry careers jobs successfully. 

If you fail the evaluation test, you can retake it.  

The data entry jobs with VirtualBee require accuracy and precision. And it would help if you were very fast in your typing keystrokes. 

Is VirtualBee Safe, Legit, or a Scam?

VirtualBee is safe, legit, and not a scam. 

The company has been around for a while and has gone from hands to hands, i.e., has been bought by great names and improved upon. 

They will offer you legit data entry jobs and at no cost to join, but you must go through the evaluation and testing to start getting jobs with the company. 

The problem with VirtualBee is that you will not make a lot of money. It is like getting paid for doing tasks online.

You can not do a full-time job with VirtualBee data entry careers jobs. It is a waste of time doing a task-based job online.

You can translate your time to doing better things online. 

You can even build a money-making Amazon website for yourself that can earn you over $3,000 monthly as an affiliate marketer.

What do you think about the VirtualBee review? 

Do you think that is legit, safe, or another scam data entry website? 

Can you make money with VirtualBee data entry careers jobs? 

Is VirtualBee Data Entry Careers Jobs Worth It?

Thanks for reading my VirtualBee jobs review. Do you think you can now make money with VirtualBee data entry careers jobs?

Is VirtualBee legit, safe, or another scam data entry site?

My take is this. 

VirtualBee is legit, safe, and not a scam. But you can only make an extra income. It won’t be easy to make up to $100 in a month.

what are good side hustles

Therefore, it is not a good online job for me. Virtual Bee does not worth my time. 

It is the 21st century, time is money, and you can do a lot to earn big online. It is all about the information you have access to per time.

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What do you think of my review of VirtualBee data entry careers jobs online? Can you make money with VirtualBee Data Entry Jobs?

Or, is VirtualBee safe, legit, or a scam website?

What is your take?

Please use my comment section to know what you think about VirtualBee data entry careers jobs? 

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