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Benefits of Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

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Home » Affiliate Marketing » Benefits of Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

You are welcome to my article on the Benefits of Virtual Private Networks

VPN is so enormous that many organizations cannot do without using one.


The Internet is a worldwide communication network of users or network of systems where information worth billions of dollars are exchanged daily, and deals are brokered.

Because of this, security has become a severe issue where companies spend a lot of money to protect their assets and resource online.

This also applies to an individual; you need a secure, reliable, and fast way of communicating across computer networks.

So too are people moving from one location to another for their businesses, they need a very trustworthy and secure computer network to link up to their business partners.

The only tool to achieve this secure connectivity is called VPN (Virtual Private Network).

VPN guarantees the security of business over the Internet because it encrypts the data and prevents any interception across the network.

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Benefits of Virtual Private Networks

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What is a Virtual Private Network?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a set of connected networks to ensure a secure connection to the Internet? VPN assists users in sending and receiving reliable data through public networks, i.e., the Internet.

VPN secures connectivity of computers; smartphones and tablets over the Internet such that both sent and received data are obtained and encrypted so that all the data that is exchanged are guaranteed.

If you don’t know the benefits of virtual private networks, how then can you put it into better usage?

How Does Virtual Private Network Work?

You are automatically assigned an IP address by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) whenever you connect your device to the Internet.

This IP (Internet Protocol) is unique to you alone and to your country; it is like your phone number or home address that can easily make an online community trace you.

IP is what is employed to identify people and the location or region they are browsing from.

Internet community cannot and will not be able to identify you by name while you are surfing the net, but it can pinpoint you and your location via your IP address.

Changing your IP address is easily made possible with the use of a VPN. Assuming you are in London, VPN will make it possible for you to pretend that you are in China online.

It will make the Internet community believe that you are in the region you assigned yourself using your VPN.

Most VPN gives you access to change your location, as you want or some assign IP address of different region to you randomly.


Benefits of Virtual Private Networks

People in life have various interests and demands. It is human nature always to want what you don’t have. A songwriter wrote, ” That very thing you are looking for is that very thing you cant sees.” 

VPNs made what seems to be impossible to be possible for many that know this excellent internet tool.

  • Unhindered Access To Any Program In The World

You will have unhindered accessing websites that are restricted in your region or country.

Some online program prevents some selected countries or regions from accessing their programs online, which may be due to the following reasons:

  1. Fraudulent activities that are known to those regions or countries,
  2. Terrorism
  3. Licensing or
  4. Other legal challenges

With VPN, you can have unhindered access to such a program; it will make it look like you are accessing such applications from the same location even though you are very far apart from the restricted regions.

VPN offers secure connection such that it assists the user to bypass the Internet filters of such organization.

The implication is that you can access any restricted program from your home, offices, or any part of the world without restrictions. 

  • Privacy

Virtual Private Network is made and very efficient in keeping both communications and Internet connection private. It helps you mask your IP address and secure your identity.

It uses the encrypted connection to prevent your ISPs from monitoring your activities on the web, which gives you the advantage of secretly utilizing the Internet.

In summary, it keeps your activities online encrypted and secure and away from prying eyes of Internet watchers.

The un-secure connection is usually not saved; someone somewhere is always watching you online.

  • Long Distance Secure Connection Between Workers

VPNs can establish a secure connection between workers of the same or different organizations in different regions or countries.

Companies can share files within the staff to be accessed remotely and securely irrespective of their location and region.

VPN kept such data encrypted and always secured from the prying eyes of hackers.

A lot of companies share files and information using VPN, for instance.

A company with headquarter in New York can share files between its workers in many other locations such as South Africa and India remotely, such that they can work and updates the company server in New York from these various areas.

  • Public Wi-Fi Without VPN Is Not Save

Most of the time, you must have hanged out in Stadium, Coffee Shops, Airport, Hotels, Bookstores, and other public locations with free Wi-Fi spots; many people love free stuff.

Most of these free Wi-Fi spots have carriers with excellent reputations etc. This does not make it safe.

Because it is a free spot Internet connection, it mostly requires no authentication, and the security of your data is not assured.

There are a lot of dubious individuals that are waiting for you to hit connect on your devices.

They are waiting to cash in and collect your login credentials as relating to your PayPal, bank applications, emails, in details.

But the use of a VPN will prevent any prying eyes to log into your computer or devices.

I suggest that you should always avoid free Wi-Fi Spots. You should block your devices from ever connecting to free Wi-Fi spots in your settings.

Rare Benefits of Virtual Private Networks

Various Users have different needs for VPN, see the most common use.


To Over-Ride Government Censorship

VPN helps you bypass Internet censorship, primarily if a government of any country blocks Internet access or when a website restricts access to some users from another region/country.

To Remain Anonymous Online

One of the significant pluses of Virtual Private Network is that it keeps you anonymous.

The website can not know who you are and where you are from; it is only you that can make yourself known to any site or program you are accessing.

You have an option that you will enable the country you like to work within a VPN.

To Unblock Paid Television or Cable/Sites Program Online.

So many times, an organization or region/country censor what Internet users can access online.

VPN permit you to view and download movies, games, e-books, songs, and software online without restrictions.

You can easily download torrent online and remain anonymous at high speed.

Why Free Private Network Work Is Dangerous

With all the benefits of VPN, can you avoid to risk all that for any price? Indeed free stuff is good, but they are not the best at this age, especially if you are online for business.

Anything free is a disguise to exploit; you will always get the worth you place on anything in life.

Every organization or website is in business to make money, as soon as you see an offer with a free or low-pay VPN, you should know that your data and privacy are at risk.

We have heard a lot of fake sites online; a website can offer a free VPN to store your data (email passwords) or payment (debit/credit details).

You won’t know the implications of low cost or free offering until all your money must have been hijacked.

I recommend HideMyAss. They have been around for a long time, and they are very credible.

We have a lot of hackers and cybercriminals that dangle free stuff as bait to divulge your details and personal information; the more users they get, the better for them.

Sometimes they sell your details to advertisers for money and it could worst sometimes your banking details, and password credentials are very important for the fraudster, it is your duty to protect yourself by going for quality and not quantity.

Read how to avoid online scams; it will give you insight on how to protect your properties online.

Limitation of  Virtual Private Network To Users

Virtual Private Networks has limitations, just like any other technology of our days and time.

VPN is not that perfect; therefore, people and organization should consider the following when using VPN:

  • You cant use it to commit an atrocity and go away with it; you will effectually be apprehended because the VPN you subscribe to have your details, and you can watch to be sure that you are not using it to commit a crime.
  • The quality of service experience using a VPN cannot be controlled by the VPN provider but by your Internet service provider (ISP). Therefore the speed and efficiency of VPN lies with your ISP
  • You cannot rely on free VPN usage; to get a very reliable VPN, you must be ready to pay a premium. They are usually very cheap to subscribe to, the average of $12 monthly for most of the providers.

Important of VPN to Making Money Online

As affiliates, you can use VPN to access programs and training you have always wanted; it gives you choices to do business in any country of your choice.

Using a VPN will make your online activities private and away from prying eyes of fraudulent hackers online.

In summary, VPN permits you to get restricted resources and program subscriptions from other countries or regions; it helps you unblock games and video downloads.

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Conclusion On Benefits of Virtual Private Networks

Thanks for reading the benefits of Virtual Private Networks.

I am sure you can now put a VPN into use in your private practice and your various workplace.

Ensure you are not using the Virtual Private Network in abusive ways that can end you in police net and prison.

Ensure you use a VPN to gain knowledge and improve your lives.

Note: What do you think about the VPN? Do you think it will be useful for you? Do you have any VPN you may suggest to my readers? Please share your thought in my comment area. You can always contact me at Wealthy Affiliate, See my Profile.

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  1. I often use a VPN service, especially when I have to hide my identity when accessing restricted websites on a shared network. HideMyAss is a good one but ExpressVPN tops it all. It is a bit expensive, but it serves the purpose well.

    1. Virtual Private Network is a good initiative that has helped many to have access to sites that is useful to them despite restrictions.

      You can now watch movies on paid TV that are available to other countries.

      With the help of VPN you can play online games that is restricted to your countries.

      You can also use VPN to protect yourself from fraudulent people online.

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  2. Tiffany Stafford

    As someone who uses both my laptop and my phone for business-related transactions on a daily basis, I’m incredibly thankful for this service.

    I have colleagues who’ve had their personal data stolen on multiple occasions, and that is frightening.

    But with this VPN service, I’m always confident my info and transactions are secure.

    Which countries do you think their people really need VPN?

    Thank you

    1. Thank for reading my article on the benefits of virtual private network.

      VPV has liberated the world and many people have been free from getting vital information via the use of VPN.

      With VPN you can find yourself virtually any where you want. You can mingle with great minds onkine without discrimination.

      People of of countries and region that are still oppressed includes the assian, Africans, and the third world countries of the world.

      Thanks again


  3. I use a VPN. I am a big proponent of privacy and security online, especially when accessing the Internet via a public connection at a coffee shop or someplace else out in town. There are a lot of good VPN providers, several of whom are relatively cheap, but do some research to ensure you know exactly what they provide. That’s my biggest tip. I’ve found you get what you pay for.

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