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The Best Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives – Why Alternative?

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Thanks for reading my review on the best Wealthy Affiliate alternatives.

This is a response to many of my audience that has been clamoring for the Best Wealthy Affiliate alternatives.


But why will you want an alternative to Wealthy Affiliate? It is just the best in the pack!

If you can stick with Wealthy Affiliate, everything you need to make money is provided for and they are in one place without any upsell, unlike many other affiliate marketing programs.

And I am sure because you want to know and decide too for This is the program that made me a successful blogger today making money online for a living.

I made many mistakes pursuing juicy programs and I experience some SCAM in the process.

I even wrote an article on how you can join Wealthy Affiliate from Nigeria, Philippian, India,  Kenya etc(Now supported)

The only legitimate way to make money online is to have your own website with a choosing niche adding value to people daily.

Turning your hobbies into a thriving business online is all about Affilorama. I started with this program and you will thank me later if you can take pains to go through this page.

The essence of blogging is to solve problems for people online. A lot of people still want to learn how to build a website from WordPress and become a profitable blogger and webmaster.

The challenge is that we have very few affiliate marketing program in the world today that offer great resource and tools, that meet the needs of the majority and teaches people how to become an effective and profitable affiliate marketer.

A lot of questions have been asked such as, what is the best way on how to make money online?

My best way from experience is to learn to make money online for a living through affiliate programs.

We have very few of these programs that teach people how to making money with a blog and are legitimate, a lot of people have been scam online in the process of learning how to make money online.

See my article on How To Avoid Scam Online.

Some of my recommended programs on how to create a business online with your own chosen niche market include Blogging Guru, Affilorama, and Wealthy Affiliate, etc.

Why Alternative

You have an alternative when you have one or more ways of achieving the same desired goals or results, having alternative does not imply you must have a close substitute for your first choice of option, Or does not imply that you must solve the same problem the same way.

Affilorama is my best alternative to the Wealthy Affiliate program, not because the training and program were done the same way but because of the methodological approach and ease of learning platform adopted.

Even if you are a dummy and you have never gone to school you will understand the approach employed in Affilorama.

And mainly because it is a 100% legitimate program on how to make money blogging.

The only reliable and proven ways to continue making passive income is to start promoting your own business online, you can learn this effective through Affilorama.

Why Do We Need Alternatives To Wealthy Affiliate

One major reason why a lot of people are looking for an alternative to Wealthy Affiliate is because of the restrictions placed on the third world countries like Pakistan, Vietnam, Egypt, Philippines, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and India, that prevented a lot of good people from subscribing and start free in Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are from these countries, you are only allowed to sign on directly to the paid Premium Membership Program of Wealthy Affiliate.

This is to prove that you are ready to learn and start making money online and that you are serious about joining.

The only challenge in joining premium directly in Wealthy Affiliate is that you are not allowed to test the ground so as to be sure that it is what you really want.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best and cannot be compared to any affiliate program for now in the world as of today.

But then we need alternatives because of this restriction and also you may need an alternative because you don’t just like Wealthy Affiliate.

Read all about Wealthy Affiliate University; but then  here you have the alternative to Wealthy Affiliate

Why was a restriction placed in the first place?

My personal assumption is this, I believe the restriction on the third world countries was as a result of regulatory and fraudulent activities that are prevalent to those countries, these can be related to fraudulent and terrorist implications (This is just my assumption).

Some of the countries that are heavily affected are Pakistan, Vietnam, Egypt, Philippines, Nigeria, Bangladesh and India.

Yes, if you are from these countries and you sincerely want to make money online your best bet is either to join the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership program or opt-out for Affilorama.

Affilorama will give you the opportunity to start free from any country, by the time you go through the program and you are sure you like it, you can then make a commitment.

I am still a full member of Affilorama to date and I am affiliated with the program.

The training and materials are virtually the same compared to Wealthy Affiliate except for some very few but important exceptions.

Another option you have is to employ Virtual Private Network (VPN) to your advantage positively, you can use it to pretend you are in the accepted countries.

With this, you will need to sign on to a good one and they are very cheap to use.

Read up this article on the Importance of Virtual Private Networks (VPN), you can sign onto Wealthy Affiliate in any country you find yourself even if you are restricted.

As long as your intention is to learn how to make money in the right and positive ways.

Challenges With Making Payment In Affilorama

To become a member of Affilorama is direct and straightforward, just sign up here.

You may, however, encounter some problem if you care about making payment for subscriptions so as to have access to great materials that will help and aid you in building your business online.

There is no free meal anywhere, any program that promised you a few dollars and great profit online is a fraud and scam in disguise, read why all MLM Is A Scam.

To make payment through Affilorama choose any of the closest countries to your country listed on the list of countries you can select.

And use either your Visa or MasterCard (debit card or PayPal), you can employ Visa or MasterCard prepaid cards (electronic wallet) so as to avoid using cards that is directly link to your accounts.

You will load only needed money in your denominated country currency to your Visa or MasterCard Prepaid cards (electronics wallet).

In case you are new to online payment and to avoid being a scam with your debit cards. Please read this article on how to avoid and identify scams online.

As soon as you finish payment there will be no fund on the card again until when you are making another payment (this is why you need your prepaid card).

But then you can as well stick to your Credit or Debit card, ensure you observed due diligence while making payment online.

For you to make serious money online, you must engage in serious programs, some of these legitimate programs will require either one-off payment or monthly subscriptions.

It takes money to make money, this applies to your online business too.

Start With Affilorama Free Membership

Free membership of Affilorama will help you assess what the program offers, and help you realized if you have decided on the right affiliate program.

This is great for both Beginner and Intermediate Internet marketers.

what is the best way of how to make money online

Important Benefits

  • Access to more than 100 free lesions with actionable text and materials on a wide range of topics, such as Affiliate Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization); Email Marketing, Site building, PPC and much more.
  • Free contents with no hidden cost or fees
  • You have access to interviews and videos of another great professional in the industry apart from the lesion created by Mark Ling the owner.
  • Access to Affilorama forum, one of the largest affiliate forum online
  • You also have access to videos and webinar for specialized training and major updates

Then Go For AffiloBluePrint

If you have the means and resources (moneywise), this is my best recommendation for you inside Affilorama.

This is AffiloBluePrint, the  Affilorama most popular course and they will give you a free one-month Affilotools trial.

AffiloBlueprint will guide you step by step on how to create a profitable and successful affiliate website.

You will learn how to design and make your own website, you will know ways to monetize and drive quality and effective traffic to your website.

Why Wealthy Affiliate Is Better

Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best Affiliate training program in the world today; It is a training community that trains you on how you will personally build your own website or business online.

You will be taught the science of identifying your niche market; they also provide the necessary tools and resource you need to be a success online.

The following are what makes Wealthy Affiliate different from other affiliate programs:

  • Wealthy Affiliate Training Program

There are four main training areas in Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Certificate courses – Five levels with Ten Lesions
  • WA Affiliate Boot Camp – Seven levels with Ten Lessons
  • Weekly Live Webinar – Training Program weekly (Friday night)
  • Several Class Room With different Topics – Video Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, Authority Writing Contents, PPC, etc.

The above training is all video-based and you have a checklist and assignment after each training to be implemented practically on your own websites.

Affiliates are also encouraged to visit each other sites to confirm compliance with training.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Is About Community Of People

A community of affiliates was the first thing that attracted me to the Wealthy Affiliate program and this is one of the reasons why I decided to sign up for the premium membership.

It is amazing the way people respond to help you whenever you need help either building your site or when you need a clue to anything.

As long as you can TYPE your need or request in the chat room, someone somewhere in the world within the Wealthy Affiliate family will respond to you.

At the end of the day, you will have a lot of options for suggestions to resolve your issue.

I came into Wealthy Affiliate without knowing much about sitting up website word press, but now this very site “” is my effort through the help of enormous resources in Wealthy Affiliate.

I have received a lot of help that has to lead to the ranking of my pages and post on search engines.

Within a little, while my website traffics is increasing day by day. Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate

  • Wealthy Affiliate is About Learning

what is best affiliate marketing training programs

Most Affiliate program assumes everyone knows about building a website, affiliate marketing, coming up with contents, etc.

But Wealthy Affiliate will take you from nothing and teach you the science of building a website that not only rank but the website that sell.

Wealthy Affiliate puts emphasis on you creating quality and helpful content that will add value to your readers.

The more value addition you offer on your websites the more you get people to come back to your website and the more sales you make.

We have more than 100 video and text tutorial that states step by step on how to solve any problem from website creation to ranking; It is an elaborate training program that will teach a dummy to become an affiliate expert.

I started from nowhere but now all you see on this website was done by myself by learning on Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Is Built For Your Success

In Wealthy Affiliate you are training from one stage to another, the programs have your self in mind; all the necessary resource and requirement you needed to come up with a profitable website is provided.

In fact, you don’t need to seek help in Google to get help when you are in Wealthy Affiliate.

Most especially when you join the premium program; if you join the free program you will be limited to getting help from people.

We have great resources and tools that will make you succeed online in Wealthy Affiliate.

If you can follow the training step by step and seek help from the community of other affiliates, you will definitely have success.

And to cap it all you have access to the owner either privately or public chat wise, you can ask him any question, just ask. Please watch this YouTube video of the benefits of  Wealthy Affiliate

What is your thought as regards Affilorama as the best alternative to Wealthy Affiliate?

Do you have a better one?

I will love to see your comment in my comment area. And what do you think of Wealthy Affiliate?

I believe you have read a lot about it already, what is your take?

Please drop your comment and I will respond as soon as possible.

If you are in any of the countries restricted by Wealthy Affiliate and you have any question or you want to be put you through on how to sign or join Affilorama.

Do well to drop your comment. Thank you.

Note: Please know that you can always contact me on Wealthy Affiliate, this is my Personal Profile.

And remember that if you are from the restricted countries, you are only restricted to start free at Wealthy Affiliate but you can join the paid premium package.

What do you think about my best alternative to the wealthy affiliate training program? You can start promoting your own business online through Wealthy Affiliate.

Please drop a comment for me if either you agree with me or if you have a better alternative.

5 thoughts on “The Best Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives – Why Alternative?”

  1. Thank you for providing alternatives and outlining them so well. I have been looking for information regarding the programs to this extent for a long time. This will help me decide which one to join.

  2. I agree that nothing can really be compared to Wealthy Affiliate and what it offers for us. I mean sure, there are some good affiliate training platforms and Affilorama is one of them, but it’s still not even close to WA.
    Affilorama does have some outdated training and it can get quite expensive as well. Plus, it doesn’t have such wonderful community, support, hosting and tools.

  3. Hi,

    Wow, what a great article on affiliate marketing programs! It is very detailed.
    I have been looking for a marketing program for a while, but I always get scared when I see the amount that I have to pay for them, money that I do not have and the reason that until now I haven’t enroll to any program.
    Reading about Affilorama program and Wealthy Affiliate in your article it makes me think that Wealthy affiliate offers much more information and tools to build a successful online business than Affilorama. I think that finally, I found the affiliate marketing program that I could trust and give it a chance since I do not have to give my credit card info.

    Thank you for your review, and definitely, I will look for Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Darmendra,

      Thank you for visiting. I hope you will take action. Taking action is a major challenge of everybody.

      Please visit again.


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