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Is Inbox Dollars Really Safe and Legitimate? Does It Worth It?

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You are welcome to my Inbox Dollars review. Is Inbox Dollars safe, legit, or scam? Does many InboxDollars complaints make it worth it?

It is good you are making your findings of InboxDollars. This was how I discovered the best affiliate marketing certification training in the world.


How much money can you make with InboxDollars? Is Inbox Dollars safe to use?

I am sure you have done stuff like playing games, reading emails, watching Online TV, videos, searching the web, shopping, filling out cash offers, and even much more.

Please read on to learn if Inbox Dollars is safe, legit, or a scam. I am sure you will love this Inbox Dollars review.

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Inbox Dollars Review at a Glance

inbox dollars legit, safe, or a scam review

Product Name: InboxDollars
Product Type: GPT Program Site
Founder: Daren Cotter Run By CotterWeb Enterprises Inc
Year Established: 2000
Price: Free.
Rating: 30%
Recommended: No
Best For: People That Love Taken Survey.

Summary of Inbox Dollars Review.

Many questions people ask is ” is inbox dollars safe?”. Yes, InboxDollars is a safe, legit, and not a scam task-based reward program.

The company offers you a reward for carrying out different activities and services with surveys being the major one.

I am sure you like the idea of getting earning to read emails, but that is by then and not today.

While it is interesting that you make as much as $5 for as soon as you signup with your email, but then, have you wondered what your details and information are used for.

Some years back, I once fell into a ditch of survey sites, scams, micro-jobs, site testing, time-waster, apps testing, etc.…

Those are legitimate ways to start a business and start making money. But they are a big waste of time and energy.

You will be made to work for an hour or even more to earn $0.50. You can not claim your money because the payout threshold is over $30 (There are many InboxDollars complaints about their payment issue)

Is inbox dollars safe, legit, or another scam survey site?

Yes, but I still have a lot of reasons why this program is NO for me.

Please don’t touch it; there is a better way to make money helping people and using your time in a significant way.

But, how much money can you earn on Inboxdollars? What do you think of many InboxDollars complaints and reviews?

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars is a Minnesota-based company that was founded by Daren Cotter in 2000.

It is an online marketing company that connects consumers and advertisers in a way that benefits both and of course, the middleman.

They make annual revenue of $25 million since 2014 and they have paid out over $57 million to millions of users.

The ID is a survey aggregator, redirecting you to a third-party site when a survey opportunity comes up.

Is inbox dollars safe? Yes, the survey site was acquired in May 2019 by Prodege, LLC.

This made them become a member of the same group as MyPoints and Swagbucks. Read more about Prodege on Wikipedia.

The surveys are typical survey starter questions asking for information about your age, gender, and ZIP code.

What I noticed is that, there are specific questions that either disqualify you from taking the survey or questions on a particular topic.

Sometimes, instead of the straightforward surveys, you get redirected to certain exclusive offers, some might ask for your phone numbers or birthdays so you can earn sweepstakes while some offer you a sweepstakes entry or $1.

What do you think of many InboxDollars complaints and reviews online?

To be safe, I refrain from entering sensitive information to third-party websites.

How InboxDollars Makes Money (Must Read)

InboxDollars is a Get Paid To (GPT) website that has mastered the art of using people to making money for themselves.

You will be made to work for them till you die! They help you to earn pennies by making you complete the various task and offers for them.

InboxDollars works with many companies and advertisers that pay them big time for research and consumer feedback concerning their products and services.

They pay you a ridiculous and paltry amount of money for your time, effort, and most important for the personal information they make you give out voluntary to spammers and telemarketers.

The scheme and goal of InboxDollars are to make you spend your money with their advertising partners while they earn commission and then, in turn, share their profits with you in the form of pennies you will be paid.

InboxDollars offers (with motive) include:

  • They ensure you use their search engine and clicked on their paid ads while they earn commission directly from their partners
  • They promised to pay you to post into their advertiser’s blog, forum, and social media
  • You are made to introduce your friends via their referral program
  • They promised to pay you to take surveys for their research companies
  • You also get paid to take part in trials and reviews of products and services for valuable feedback for their advertisers, e.g., Testing Apps/Websites, Free Products trials.
  • They push you to earn cash back on many online purchases in collaboration with thousands of retail brands that pay them millions of dollars in exchange for your efforts while you make pennies.

Note: The InboxDollarsTerms and Conditions already tied you up from engaging in any legal battle with them. The above are many InboxDollars complaints which is an indication that it is not worth it for me.

Source: Inbox Dollars Privacy Policy

NOTE: Does the above still makes inbox dollars safe, legit, or a scam? Yes, This does not make InboxDollars a Scam. Many are still making money on InboxDollars. It is your choice to join or not to join. 

Who Should Avoid InboxDollars?

InboxDollars for me is for unserious people that are ready to waste away their precious time and energy doing a task that will earn them a peanut at the end of the day.

You must avoid InboxDollars for the following reasons:

You Can Not Earn Full-Time Income

InboxDollars cannot earn you a regular income or real good money, so if you need a full-time income online, InboxDollars is not for you. You will see this InboxDollars complaint online.

But, is inbox dollars safe, legit, and not a scam?

Yes, InboxDollars is legit, safe, and not a scam. It is better you focus on your day job than wasting away your life doing task-based online jobs.

Do you think my Inbox Dollars review wrong? Do you know anyone making a full-time income with inbox dollars?

If You Love Your Time

Time is money; when you waste it, you can NOT get it back.

Time is like money, and it is even more important than money. You can not regain the past time; money lost can be recover again.

Making money on InboxDollars is simple and straightforward, but it will consume your precious time.

InboxDollars Customer Service and Support

InboxDollars claimed to love helping members resolve their issue and complaints.

They claimed to offer a 24/7 Live Chat agent support system.

Email Address For Support

Address for Surface Mail
Customer Service
CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc.
1295 Northland Drive
Suite 300
Mendota Heights, MN 55120

They promised to handle and give you feedback within 24 to 48 hours.

Have you gotten feedback that fasts on this site? Can you counter this Inbox Dollars review?

Note: They also promised to slam and block you if you abuse their LifeChat system most especially if you abuse, harass or use inappropriate words against their operators.

What is Good About InboxDollars?

BBB Rating Is Positive

The BBB Inbox Dollars review is an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. Since they started in 2000, Inbox Dollars has paid out over $57 million to its members.

That an average of $3 million yearly payouts in two decades. But what is the A+ BBB review rating say to the many InBoxDollars complaints?

The company has over two million members as of 2018. The math is simple: is InboxDollars worth it?

Great Backing by CotterWeb Enterprises

CotterWeb Enterprises is doing business as InBoxDollars. CotterWeb is the name behind online loyalty and marketing services.

They operate InBoxDollars as online reward sites in the US that help members make money for their various activities that include taken surveys, searching of the Web, shopping online, and much more

Do you think that the BBB review rating of InboxDollars make it worth your time?

You’ll Make Real Money and Not Points

Unlike other GPT websites online that adopt their own money called points.

InboxDollars will make your real money and not just gathering points.

Though it is still pennies, they offer real money.

InboxDollars Complaints

Account Termination at The Point of Payment

This is just one major InboxDollars Complaint and reason why I am not recommending this to my audience.

There are so many InboxDollars complaints about this issue.

If your account gets terminate at the points of payment, is inbox dollars safe with that action?

They have a policy that if you stay away from the site for ten days your account is flagged inactive and you can reactivate such account?

There are a regular account termination and revocation at the point of cashing out. This has happened to many previous members, and it is so excruciating.

Firstly, the cashing out minimum balance of $30 is so challenging to attain because the peanut amount InboxDollars pays its members for tasks and activities.

For a company to now allow a member to work that long to build $30 for weeks before termination of accounts.

This is not customer-centric behavior, and it is an act of wickedness.

Source: Sitejabber

Is Inbox Dollars Safe, Legit and not a Scam?

InboxDollars is not a scam, but it is a waste of time and energy. I can assure you, InboxDollars does not worth it.

The annual average earnings of members who get paid fall short of $100. Clearly, for the amount of time invested, InboxDollars isn’t worth it.

Most of the members earn their $30 minimum cash out between 6 – 18 months.

Do you have an idea of how long it will take you to earn those monies? This is why I dislike task-based online jobs or call it GPT “Get-Paid-To”; They are online career killers.

Making up $0.05 to a cashing out amount of $30 and your account may then be terminated.

InboxDollars Is Not for Everyone (US Only)

Don’t be a fool. Inbox Dollars is not available outside the USA. Therefore the Inbox Dollars sign up is impossible for you because of their restrictions.

The program and several GPT (Get Pay To) or reward program they offer is targeted at the resident and people living within the of the USA, i.e. 50 States.

They claim that the requirements of the third party and the products involve and demographic is focus on the resident of the USA.

And you can’t use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to mask your activities. InboxDollars is just not even worth it because of many complaints of discrimination.

It Will Take Forever to Reach $30

With the task-based activities that will earn you money on InboxDollars like searching the web, taken surveys, and many other quick activities online within InboxDollars.

Making and gathering those peanut amounts to get to cash out the balance of $30 will take you forever to earn real money online.

It is pure online suffering working on GPT “Get-Paid-To” websites. Please stay away from InboxDollars.

Many InboxDollars Complaints of unfair bans, termination of accounts among other things.

These usually happen when they are due to receive their hard-earned money after months of toiling.

They usually cite a violation of the contract by being a bot or using a VPN.

You Don’t Get Qualify for Most Task or Surveys.

You will not be allowed to take most surveys. It is said that those third-party companies have a particular class of demography or regions that those surveys are targeted.

Many InboxDollars members get disqualify from taken many surveys. The complaint is all over the internet.

Members are subjected to a mobile device text verification process to confirm their qualifications for specific tasks or features on the InboxDollars website.

With all these negatives, Is Inbox Dollars safe, legit, and not another Scam?

Many people will say no. Because they will let you work first then stop your earnings.

You’ll Get Spam All the Time.

Most offers will lead you to get a lot of spam emails and unwanted phone calls.

Therefore you must take every care to be sure you know what you are subscribing for.

For the pennies earned per task, Inbox Dollars collects tons of information about its members. This they use to send targeted ads.

The Company clogs your mailbox by using your information to send you targeted ads (“Paid Email”).

Make sure you read the InboxDollars term and condition very well before submitting your email and phone numbers for any subscription.

Most of those offers will later sell and share your information for money.

PayPal Payment Not Allow

The payment accepted by InboxDollars is not a generally accepted one.

Most members won’t know initially that they won’t be able to cash out their money quickly.

With PayPal, you can quickly get your funds, but InboxDollars will not allow PayPal. No one knows the reason for this unfriendly policy to members.

Virtual Private Network Not Allowed

InboxDollars will not permit you to use VPN or any software that can mask your IP address.

Many people employed Virtual Private Network to help them evade InboxDollars restriction from their location and country.

They claim they have a device and system in place that can detect your IP blocker.

It doesn’t worth it trying to force your membership on InboxDollars as long as you are not a US resident.

If it is detected at the point of cashing out or identity verification that you are not residing in the US, your account will be revoked and membership terminated.

No Strong Password Is Allowed

You cannot secure your profile with your choice of password on your InboxDollars profile.

InboxDollars only allow password that constitutes numbering, underscores, and letters. No unique character is permitted in the InboxDollars password combination.

I don’t know their reason for this.

No Multiple InboxDollars Accounts Is Allowed 

Making money on InboxDollars is complex.

No multiple accounts are allowed per household most especially if you depend on using just one computer or the same internet connections.

If your IP address is detected on multiple profiles on InboxDollars, such profiles will be terminated, and the account revoked. Do you think I am wrong about this Inbox Dollars review?

Is Inbox Dollars Safe, Legit, or a Scam?

Yes, InboxDollars is legit, safe, and not a scam.

But technical you’re NOT going to get rich with InboxDollars either. You can only make extra money on InboxDollars.

The whole thing is a blatant waste of your time which can be done doing other productive things.

They have great names online, and they gave out over $50m to members.

  • InboxDollars has so many issues such as account termination as the point of cashing out
  • The platform is for US Resident only
  • The meager payout of $30 is so minutes and will take an eternity to earned
  • PayPal not allowed for cash out
  • Many online complaints with a lot of image issues.

What makes InboxDollars safe, legit, and not a scam is that they have been around since the year 2000.

They still pay members and many have benefited via this company. Do you have an alternative opinion about my Inbox Dollars review? Is InboxDollars worth it for you?

Is InboxDollars Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Inbox Dollars review?

Is it really worth it working with inbox dollars? Or, Is Inbox Dollars Safe, legit. and not a scam?

In my opinion, Inbox Dollars is not a scam just because they are paying their members but does not worth the time.

However, it is extremely time-consuming and the worst way to make money in this age of effectiveness and innovation in technology.

I am not recommending InboxDollars to you or anyone because there are much better ways of making money online.

After spending hours filling survey after survey of which you may be disqualified from some, you will end up earning just $3, of course, you must wait until you can cash out $30.

Taking surveys online will not make you the kind of money I know you are seeking. But then it is something you can do in your spare time.

Anyway, I will suggest you set up a different email specifically for this purpose if you ever want to town this line as well as install anti-malware software to protect your computer.

However, if you’d like to find out how I gained financial liberty and ended up earning a four-figure monthly salary, then you should click my link here.

I was able to gain financial freedom from debts through Wealthy Affiliate, an internet marketing training that will enable you to earn as you learn the latest techniques of affiliate marketing.

Many people are still asking the following questions in many online forums about InboxDollars:
  • How long does InboxDollars take to pay?
  • What is the InboxDollars sign-up process?
  • What are the InboxDollars games?
  • Is Inbox Dollars safe and legit?
  • InboxDollars’ hacking possible?
  • Is InboxDollars worth it?

Expect many updates to this article that will take care of the above topics.

What do you think of my review of Inbox Dollars? do you think that InboxDollars is legit and safe?

I will like to know your thought about my Inbox Dollars review. Is InboxDollars worth it?

Kindly drop your thoughts in the comment section below if you think InboxDollars worth the time.

I will like to hear what you think about InboxDollars.

58 thoughts on “Is Inbox Dollars Really Safe and Legitimate? Does It Worth It?”

  1. On my search for ways to make money online, I have stumbled upon inbox dollars. I have used it before and I managed to earn less than 10 dollars after working for months: reading paid emails, using their search engines and many other Ways. It’s not profitable at all. I had to quit. It’s not worth the time and stress.


    1. Dear Mr Biizy,

      Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with InboxDollars.

      Yes, you are right the inbox dollar is not a profitable business for anyone that values his or her time. You can not make a full-time income with taken survey online. 

      Thanks again for reading my review about the inbox dollars.



  2. Hello John! I just read the longest, most in-depth study of InboxDollars I believe it is possible to do! I am stunned! I think you have done a worthwhile deed in saying it’s not a scam, but sure falls short! 

    I agree with you about InboxDollars. I never got paid a dime through the times I’ve tried. 

    They always send me an email to join something! 

    Wealthy Affiliate is where you can learn to make money you can actually collect! God Bless and Good Luck! Janice 🤗🌾

    1. Dear Janice, 

      This article is all about if  inboxdollars scam or legit. inboxdollars is not a scam. 

      But the way inboxdollars works is scamming. 

      Thanks again for reading my article on how to make money with inboxdollars.



  3. InboxDollars is a good money-earning app. Immediately when installed it gives $ 5. There are more earning opportunities on this amplification. It needs to be installed safely as it can already be earned for money. This site has a very well-detailed and detailed application and how much money he can make money on it. I just don’t know if that is the same for people in America and people who live in Europe.

  4. Just as I was getting my hopes up, I see after reading this review that Inbox Dollars is the same as all the other paid to sites out there. Seriously, I was hoping that this one was different.

    I suppose one must realize that you can’t earn a lot of money doing this type of work and there are far better ways to earn money online, but if you are happy to earn pennies then, by all means, go ahead and join Inbox Dollars.

    I think I am rather going to find something of my own to do online and earn better money for time spent. After reading all the complaints you have listed I think I will stay well away from this one.

  5. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about InboxDollars and explanation are given

    A very good article about InboxDollars is a cool way to make money.A very good article about InoboxDollars. I have been searching for an article for a long time about this but I did not find much on the internet and if I found it was very poorly explained. When I came to this site I found out everything I needed

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

  6. When a friend first told me about inbox Dollars, I was very skeptical because I didn’t understand why they would pay a person $5 for signing up without doing anything and the referral payment sounded crazy too so k had to do some digging. 

    It’s obvious now that they only want to use a person’s personal information for their own use. 

    It’s nice to see you help people with your information.

    1. Dear Henderson,

      Thanks for reading my paid inbox dollars review. 

      Yes, paid inbox dollars use its users to make money online. 

      It is just the truth, but it is a bitter one. 

      Thanks again for reading my inbox dollars review 2020.



  7. Inbox dollars puts a great deal in promoting and brag that it pays heaps of cash to individuals yet

    They dont reveal to you the amount you have to work to get a couple of dollars with them. This is such an exercise in futility, that it upsete me that such huge numbers of individuals will be tricked into joining.

    John, please which is the best, InboxDollars Vs Swagbucks. if you must go for one of them, which one would you go for?

    Thank you. 

    1. Thanks for visiting my site and reading my review about the Inbox Dollars.

      I agree with you that most Inbox Dollars users do not know all about Inbox Dollars policy and procedure before they start taken survey.

      It is key and important to read all about the company you want to make money from.

      Most important is to even read the terms and condition about the Inbox Dollars

      Ok, you also ask about inboxdollars vs swagbucks, both are the same to me. They will both not make you good money online. It will be almost impossible to make a full time income with either swagbucks or InboxDollars.

      The different between swagbucks and InboxDollars is that InboxDollars will pay and credit you money while swagbucks will only pay you in Swagbucks, that you can later converted into cash.

      Note that you can only earn extra or peanut from both site.

      Really appreciate your time for reading my review about Inbox Dollars survey site. 


  8. I can’t believe how much you have broken everything down and explained it all.  I have researched so many of these make-money-now schemes.  Most of them seem to be just like this one.  Too good to be true.

    Is there actually a survey site that you would recommend trying out to make extra money on the side, or are they all like this?  

    I don’t trust any site that asks me a bunch of personal information on a bunch of different pages.  It sounds sketchy.

    Also, how long does it takes to cash out or get paid on inbox Dollars site? How can i request for my payment?

    1. Thanks for reading my InboxDollars app review.

      I am happy you came visiting my website. Yes, I took my time to write a detailed review, and I am so glad you like it.

      To attempt to answer your questions, I will not in any way recommend any of these survey sites. The survey site is a waste of time. Why wasting away your precious time taken surveys when you can make good money helping people online.

      I am sure that you get value from this blog post, and that is even why you tool your time to drop a long comment like this.

      So my answer is no. Instead, go and learn how to make money-helping people online. You can always make money with your gift, passion, and your hobbies.

      On how long it will take you to get paid on InboxDollars. You must have a minimum of $30 in your account before you can request to cash out, also know that you will be charged $3 processing fees for every of your payment.

      It will take 10-16 days for every non-Gold member for your first payment only why subsequent payment will only take 3-9 days to process. For the first payment, the 10-16 days is to validate and verify your payment.

      Immediately receive your first payment, you automatically become a Gold member of InboxDollars

      If you are receiving a check, it may take two weeks for your payment to be delivered to your doorsteps. The delivery is taking care of by the United States Postal Service.

      Your next question is how to request payment?

      You will request payment by login into your profile in the Inbox Dollars and clicking the tab ‘my account’ and then select the option ‘request payment.’

      You must have completed your registration on the platform before you attempt to request for payment because your detail, most important, is your full name and delivery address.

      Another bad news about the Inbox Dollars App is that the company only offer very few payment options and without the PayPal Payment; where as there are many Alternatives PayPal Payment Servicesthat is available for major countries and regions. 

      You can also learn more about inbox dollars payment options.

      Thanks again for reading my review of the InboxDollars app.

  9. I agree, Inbox Dollars is definitely not a scam, but the fact that you’re saying that many people are having trouble with cashing out makes me want to turn away from it. Additionally, I have tried a lot of other similar work before and I also agree with you, that the amount of time you spend doing those micro-tasks is not worth it since you get paid so little.

    I’ve come to realize that time is so precious and once gone, you cannot get it back. So that’s why like you, I am using my time wisely and building myself an online business. Yes it is tedious work and it takes time, but I would rather spend that time now to grow an online business that could give me passive income later, than waste my time to get paid pennies.

    Inbox Dollars is definitely not for me, so I will pass. I will keep working on my online business.

    1. Dear Reyhana,

      Great to see you on my site. Thanks for reading my review about Inbox Dollars. 

      You are definitly taken the right decision about Inbox Dollars, it will not make you money and in my opinion, it is a waste of time. 

      Also know that Inbox Dollars is not a scam! 

      But, still please avoid it. 



  10. Hi,

    I have signed up for several online survey sites, and they all seemed like a waste of time to me. I qualified for few surveys and made peanuts, just like you say about Inbox dollars. It sounds very similar. While it is a legit company you can’t consider it a good way to make money. The money you make is little and all this clicking around on offers and third party websites makes me very wary as well. If getting paid by Inbox dollars is complicated then I would be even less interested in joining. I don’t think it’s worth the hassle. I agree with you that there are better ways to build an online income.

    1. Hi, 

      Thanks for reading my inboxdollars surveys review. 

      Yes, getting your payment on Inbox Dollars is very complicated and it made up of huge percentatge of Inbox Dollars complaint in many online fora. 

      Is Inbox Dollars legit? Yes, InboxDollars is a legitimate survey site. But you will not get rich working and taken survey on the site. InboxDollars is not a scam and it is a website where you can make some peanuts and small amount of money, but it is a waste of time.

      But some people still love it. They like playing around the different offer doing interesting things they like. My take is always this that you can still do more interesting stuff making huge money online. Like turning your hobbies and passion into making huge money online.

      Thanks again.



  11. It really does seem like Inbox dollars is a scam, and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that thinks so. It’s a ludicrous amount of work for little (or NO) payout. Thanks for the thorough review and spreading the word. Scams like this won’t last long, but they can just relabel it and reflavor it a little as much as they like.

    1. Inbox Dollars is not a scam. It is a legitimate online survey site. But, you can never be rich working on this site. It will NOT make you good money. You can only earn a peanut. 

      It is a site that will use you to make huge money for they, but in return, you will make a peanut. It is not a crime to setup GPT (Getting Paid To) website. 

      My article is all about inboxdollars learn and earn.

      Thanks again for checking on my InboxDollars Review 2020. 



  12. Hi John! This seems a cool way to earn money, watching videos and playing games. Pretty easy indeed. But I’m also glad I read your post because there are better ways to invest our time out there. The fact that it’s not a scam, doesn’t instantly make it a good platform. I’ll give it a pass.

    1. Yes, you are right. It is a great way to earn money. But the money you will earn may be a peanut one. 



  13. Hi John! I have been searching for ways to make money online and I’m glad to hear it’s not a scam. But I have also discovered through your post that it’s not worth our time. We could do all these tasks, and earn very little. And we could even get our account closed before our first payment. Not for me.

    1. You will see many Ranking and Reviews of InboxDollars online. Every of those write up are confirming that it is not a scam. And yes, many are making money with them.

      InboxDollars has been exiting for a very long time. The long time status of existence of inbox Dollars makes it a very legitimate survey site.

      Cotterweb, the payment company of Inbox Dollars is rated high (A+) by BBB ratngs.

      But, then you can not still get rich doing task on this site.

      Thanks you again for reading my Reviews of InboxDollars

  14. Kind of crazy that they don’t even let you create your own password. I think the definition of “scam” is interesting because, fine, a company might be paying you and therefore they aren’t a scam — but what about when they’ve made huge promises about work that’s paid well and then they don’t follow through? If that’s not a scam, what should it be called? I think if you invest hours and hours for a few dollars I might consider it a scam because you’ve technically lost money (your time is valuable).

    Sounds like you really don’t recommend inbox dollars — do you think it would be worth it from a 3rd world country? I wonder if they’ll expand outside the US.

  15. Inbox dollars invests a lot in advertising and boasts that it pays lots of money to people but they don’t tell you how much you need to work to get a few dollars with them. This is such a waste of time that it upsets me that so many people will be fooled into joining.

    1. Yes, you are right the inbox dollars survey site is a waste of time. They are big names and they are using people to make money online.

      Don’t dare it. Check my number 1 recommendation menu.

      Thank training will change your life



  16. InboxDollars is just a very difficult way to make money from what I saw.

    It takes a long time to make any reasonable amount. You will also see many InboxDollars complaints about how they will block your access after you might have sign up.

    Many users also have Inboxdollars sign up problems such that many are ready to start hacking the system so that they could have access. Just search for Inboxdollars hack. You will see Inboxdollars hack tools and Inboxdollars Hack APK.

    You will even see how to manipulate Inboxdollars surveys. Just look for “Inboxdollars hack no human verification”

    I wouldn’t waste my time with them for pennies; there are much better options available online right now.

    thank you


    1. Dear Barry,

      Thanks for reading my Inbox Dollars Review. the truth is that you will see so many headlines online such has InboxDollars review 2019, InboxDollars review Reddit, and even Inbox Dollars app review.

      These are efforts to make to sell you Inbox Dollars. All those people are Inbox Dollars affiliates that are making money promoting the program.

      Inbox Dollars is a Get Paid To (GPT) program. They make you work for them. Yes, they are solving a problem and engaging people that do not have work. How can you sit down taking surveys that will pay you $5 for an hour? This is a crime!

      We still have many regions, mostly from Asian and African that have a problem using InboxDollars member login. But I observed that people from India and Zimbabwe have easy access to InboxDollars member login.

      I don’t know-how, you can research that for yourself.

      But, is InboxDollars worth it? In my personal opinion NO. You can earn much more helping people with your own business online. It will is a waste of energy working another site for hours for pennies.



  17. When I’ve been between jobs, I have tried gigs similar to this, though I don’t recall off-hand whether I ever specifically tried Inbox Dollars. All I remember is that it took HOURS just to get to a measly $20. Are there ANY gigs like this that you really think are worth someone’s time and effort? Thanks for the feedback!

    1. Thanks for reading my Inbox Dollars review.

      For me InboxDollars is a waste of time. It may not be a scam. But they are paying out too little income to there users.

      InboxDollars are make huge money using people. Have you ask this question ” how is InboxDollars making money?”

      I have a whole session about that in this article.
      Thanks again for visiting my blog.


  18. Great post with every line full of details. I appreciate your effort on this.

    What are ways to learn how to make make money on InboxDollars?
    Thank you.

    1. Dear Jane,
      Thanks for reading my InboxDollars review. My objective is to look at both side of many questions people are asking on Reddit forum, the question ” is InboxDollar scam or legit”

      To tackle your question straight away.

      Yes, you can learn and earn on InboxDollar website. The earn and learn is an activity provided for InboxDollar members via the scratch card bar on the site.
      You can find this on the main page of the website within your profile account.
      Question are asked daily, and if you do well to take time to answer this question, you are promised to earn progress for that day.
      I read that you don’t even have to answer the question correctly and that it is not a must you attempt the daily question.
      The progress you can be rewarded via your progress bar includes any of the following:
      Free Games
      Spin and Win
      TV Channel
      Paid Emails

      What do you think?

      Please revert if you have other questions



  19. Hi, John. It is really interesting to read this article as I am not a US resident so I am not aware of this kind of online business. However, It is so sad to hear about people are getting trapped, spending precious time and money to earn a peanut in the end of the day. It is a great reminder for those who intend to get into this game and make them think twice! 

    Maybe you can share your view on other legitimate online business which is able to help people making real money online? 


    1. Dear Jessie, 

      The inbox dollars reviews online is not a popular one and it includes this particular very page. There is no way you can make money fast with the

      The amount of money you will earn is a peanut. How can one be rewarded by Inbox Dollars with $5 for working for over an hour taken survey online? While the surveys you have taken have rewarded the company over a $100?

      Do you want to know what the inboxdollars is? Then search for forum “the inboxdollars reviews”. You will be shocked by what you may likely see as the result of your search. 

      To attempt to answer your question, my recommendation for any online business is to go for a business that addresses any of the problems of the world. 

      There are so many problems in this world if you can identify just one of these problems and start solving and providing a solution. There is no way you will not make huge money online. 

      If you are sincerely engaging an audience as relating to a certain problem most especially a narrow niche one (i.e. capturing a remote audience that is really impacted with such issue). Many of these audiences will not mind to pay you to get their problem solved.

      The good news is that every man or woman has a passion, idea, gift, and hobbies for something uniques that no one else has. You can leverage on such a gift.

      An instance is if you know what to do to sleep well. Many people in the world love to know what to do to sleep well. this particular segment will not mind to pay you to learn how to achieve sound sleep.

      All you’s do is to learn how to become a blogger, 

      YouTuber, and starting telling, informing and writing how to sleep. If you learn from the best affiliate marketing training like Wealthy Affiliate. 

      They will teach you how to rank and push what you are writing on page one of Google so that people that are looking for these solutions can easily find your content. If you will also be thought about how to make money from every of your write up.

      That is my suggestion of how to make money solving world problems. 

      Do you like such idea? The good news is that you can start now. learn from scratch. Start this affiliate marketing certification training. Leven-1 is FREE. You don’t need to pay for it. Therefore no credit card is even needed to start. Start write away here.

      Thank you for reading the inboxdollars reviews.



  20. That’s absolutely ridiculous! Imagine putting in time and effort with surveys, emails and what not just to have your account terminated before getting your cash withdrawn, completely wasting your time. Not only is there no way of getting the money you so rightfully deserve, but they get all the information they need and you’re stuck with nothing. Thank you for spreading awareness on such a crap GPT website.

    1. Dear Jose,

      Thanks for reading my article on InboxDollars scam. 

      I hope you will visit again.



  21. I did work with them for a bit and I did make money. I actually calculated what I earned vs my time spent and I will be honest, I was making less than $2 an hour which was not cool in my book. If you want to work from home to supplement your income or your spouse’s income, stick to freelance work. These kinds of task jobs don’t make nearly enough money for the time you put into them.

    1. Thanks for reading my InboxDollars review. Most of the questions people often ask in online forum includes. How much can you make with InboxDollars? Is InboxDollars safe?
      And it InboxDollars worth it?

      The above are questions that many are asking about InboxDollars.

      My take as regards the InboxDollars after writing this long review are as follows.

      1. You can not make money with InboxDollars
      2.InboxDollars is a waste of time and resources
      3. If by any chance you work with then and you make money, you may never get paid
      4. Your access may get revoke after you must have worked and make money with InboxDollars.
      5. And there are many users that are fraudsters associated with the inbox dollars.

      What do you think the inbox dollars?

      Thanks for taking the time to read my review about inbox dollars. I really appreciate your visit.



  22. Heard a few things about inbox dollars and I was under the impression that it works. After reading your information I feel it may work but you need to invest so much time into it that it’s just not worth it. And you may get your account suspended for no reason like others have had happen to them.

    1. Dear Andy,

      I won’t call or declare Inbox Dollars as a Scam because they have been around for a while. But, is it a good business for me? Hell No.

      Inbox Dollars is a waste of time and energy. The only problem is that the company is not sincere. Why wait until your member starts making money before you check if they qualify to join your company. Why can’t In Box Dollars be straight forward and do the screen at the point of joining?

      Well, thanks for reading my Inbox Dollars review.



  23. I agree it ain’t a good money maker.

    I tried something like this ages ago and then realized I probably spend more on electricity to do the tasks than I actually make…

    The most money on these kinds of systems can be earned as discounts, but commonly, it’s on stuff that I don’t use…

    And seriously…no Paypal??? LOL

    1. Dear Jeroenia,

      Thanks for reading my InboxDollars review. Inbox Dollars task that earns money will drag your time and energy and at the end of the day, you may earn just a $5. This is why Inbox Dollars does not worth it.

      By the time you understand the motive behind the InboxDollars operation, you will hate the structure and the way the InboxDollars business is structure.

      Most of the task they make people do earn them more money than what they pay out to people.

      Task such as reviewing new apps, website and other basic tasks they assign to people to make the company earn more money and they are paying you peanut.

      Thanks for checking on my website.



  24. Quite interesting and tempting, despite the many “red flags”. Personally, I’m already worried about the free subscription to Inbox Dollars. Joining Inbox Dollars is free?

    I don’t believe in a partnership without pay. You have to pay for everything in this life. Still, there’s a fee and it’s commission. Do people know about it or it is such not pleasant “jackpot”?

    But… I think it is real to earn here, but it all depends on your “money appetite”, I don’t think you can raise a lot of money, but I would risk it just for the interest, not money.

    They’ve got one big red minus for me, I’m not a United States resident.

    And yes… I’m interested in your financial freedom with Wealthy Affiliate:) Can you say a few words about the company? What about a paid subscription?

    1. Thanks for reading my InboxDollars review.

      Learn all you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate here. I also have on this page Wealthy Affiliate Vs. InboxDollars.

      The bottom line is that if you can channel your effort in creating a real online business for yourself targetting a real-life problem. You will see yourself making huge money online.

      Most especially as a blogger. There are so many problems in this world. Just start your blog helping people to solve just one problem at a time. Your solution to the problem will bring many to your website and you can start making money.

      I hope you are okay with my answers?



  25. I used to be a member of Inbox Dollars.

    I would interact in different activities, but I never qualified for the surveys-or very few surveys.

    But it takes forever to make any kind of money at all! Just a few pennies for several minutes of work.

    In my opinion, it is not worth the time. I also do not have unlimited internet and all those interactions took up too much of my internet.

    I would not recommend Inbox Dollars. Thank you for the informative review!

    1. Dear Cindra,

      Yes, it takes forever to make money on InbosDollars.

      Really, making money with InboxDollar is not my problem. You may make money and eventually not get paid.

      Many people ask this question ” How long does InboxDollars take to pay?”; the truth is that you may never get paid. Because it is after you must have made the money that you will discover that you are been penalized for violating one rule or the other.

      So you are quite right.

      thanks for checking on my page.



  26. I’ve done Inbox dollars about two? years ago, and just found this article.

    This statement is 1000% true “InboxDollars for me is for unserious minded people that are ready to waste away their precious time and energy doing a task that will earn them a peanut at the end of the day.”

    You’re wasting time for what is basically nothing.

    You’ll be better off reading a book even if there are no direct profits.

    Inbox dollars will get the most precious thing out of you. Time. Don’t waste it for pennies.

    1. Dear Shane,
      Thank you again for visiting my site and reading my InboxDollars review. It is all about why InboxDollars can be taken to be a scam. The first thing I did was to research what the different forum are saying. All you just did is a search for forum “Is InboxDollars a Scam?”, Forum ” Is InboxDollars Scam” or forum ” InboxDollars review scam”.

      You will be amazed at the volume of the article that will come your way. I was out on the onset to know more about the InboxDollars and react to what people are saying in Quora about InboxDollars Scam.

      Such as:

      Why people Quit Inbox Dollars –
      Why Inbox dollars payment taking too long
      Why Inbox Dollars does not worth the stress and your money
      Why many are fed up with the Inbox Dollars complaint

      You can see a lot of WHY as relate to Inbox dollars.

      In my opinion, Inbox dollars is no for me. It is a waste of time.

      You may start with them, accumulate enough funds and you may never get that money out; because Inbox dollars does NOT accept PayPal.

      they will give you enough headache to frustrate you from cashing out your money.

      If by mistake you decide to come from the restricted region or locations like Africa or Assia countries. You won’t even be able to sign on.

      A friend met in Quora was in the US for some years. By the time he relocated to his countries ( one of the Asia Countries); he could not access his account again on Inbox dollars. All his funds were frozen.

      He wrote them no one listened. He was eventually blacklisted and blocked from accessing the Inbox dollars website.

      This is why you should just build your online business with your own platform. If you build your own website (Wealthy Affiliate gives 2-FREE site plus hosting)

      Why killing yourself? You can also learn how to make money in any niche with your own website. This is why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recommendation. Best affiliate marketing certification training. No credit card will be required from you. It is FREE to join. In fact The level one with ten lessons is free. You can click here to learn more more.

      thank you again for even taking your time to drop a comment on my site.

      I really appreciate you.



  27. I don’t know Inbox Dollars and probably won’t make it to their homepage: ” Error code 16 This request was blocked by the security rules” This is the error message I get when I visit the site.

    Dear John, I prefer your review and will look around for something else. I don’t want to lose time.

    I will take a look at your recommendation Wealthy Affiliate instead. Thank you very much.

    1. Dear Leon,
      thanks for reading about InboxDollars Scam review. I am sorry about the browser that gave you error code i.e. ” Error code 16 This request was blocked by the security rules”

      You can solve this “Error code” problem by watching this YouTube

      Don’t forget to use my affiliate link whenever you are about to subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate.

      I hope you will visit my website again?



  28. John, great job.

    I love your website.

    You have convince me that IboxDollars is not it. It is NO for me now.

    Thank a God I saw this article before I start with them.

    But what kind of other online business do you suggest I go for.

    I love reading love story books I.e. novels. How can I turn that to money online?

    Please help me.

    1. Dear Sarah,

      Thanks for reading my InboxDollars review. I am glad you visit my site and even take your time to drop a comment. Thanks for your commendation.

      The truth is that you can never to succeed on depending on 100% third party websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc. You will have a lot of limitations and you must abide by their rules.

      Also, you will need your own platform to excel and own your own business online. The best bet is to start your own platform. Have a business driven website.

      I am happy you love reading books; You are not alone. You even narrow your niche by going to loving love story written novels or books.

      You can satisfy this ecosystem or audience by starting your own website. You just need to know the tricks behind blogging. And I can recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you. You will get the needed training to rank your website on the page of Google and another search engine.

      I am sure you click on my link from a search engine; Wealthy ASffiliate thought me how to do that. There is a trick behind ranking on Page 1 of Google.

      They will also help you host and nurture and protect your online property which is your website. What many people don’t know is that you don’t need to promote Wealthy Affiliate to join Wealthy Affiliate.

      After learning the ” how to blogging”. It is your duty to start writing and coming up with great content on your websites that address your audience.

      You can be reading great love story books and review them on your blog and making recommendation to your audience if it is okay for them to buy or not to buy the book. If your review is positive, you can offer them your affiliate link to purchase the book. That is what will make you money.

      The survey will never make you rich. What will make your rich is having your own business online? You can be making over $10,000 monthly within two years but you must be ready to sacrifice every thing to achieve that.

      Making money as an affiliate marketer is not a piece of cake. You will work and earn it.

      Please again InboxDollars will never make you rich, they will just make you work for them for the rest of your life. The way to contributing to your world and making real money in the process is to start your own business.

      What do you think?



  29. Dear John,

    Your article is an eye opener to me. I never imagine InBox dollar could be using people to be making money.

    Indeed, earning $5 per task of over an hour is a punishment. And at the end of the day, they may even terminate your profile.

    Thank you for a good job.


    1. Hi Pauline,

      Yes, Inbox Dollars is using people to make money. But is that a crime? Maybe not.

      First, you are welcome to my website and thank for reading my Article InboxDollars review. I am glad you could drop a comment. will first make you work your bot, use to get the money you made get credited to your wallet. But at the end of the day, your membership will get terminated. The reason they will give you is that you violated their term and conditions.

      Why will you spend half an hour to answer a survey that will only earn you pennies? You can use your time to make money online. You can be a writer online (check out 22 Magazine that will pay you to write for them and over 40 websites that can earn you over $250 per an article)

      Also, check out Fiverr. You can earn a living working on Fiverr instead of wasting your time and energy taken surveys with inbox dollars that may never pay you at the end of the day.

      Do you think InboxDollars is not taken or accepting PayPal for nothing? They are looking for excuses not to pay their members.

      My most recommended online business for you is to start by having your own platform that you can call your own.

      Your membership can always be terminated at any time with all those social media websites and you can do nothing about it. Most especially after you must grow your followership. But your site will always be your property.

      Wealthy Affiliate will train you on the tricks and skill you need to own your business online.

      They will give you over 50 websites to do everything with it as a premium member.

      What do you think?


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