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Is Oberlo a Scam? Can You Still Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Oberlo Review.

I believe you are here to know if you can still make money with Oberlo.


But, Is Oberlo a Scam?

Many people have taken hold of drop-ship business opportunities, and they have been able to benefit greatly from them.

Even so, for one to establish a trusted drop shipping company, they need to have the best application that offers significant advantages over others.

This is where Oberlo comes in. This is a drop shipping apps for Shopify users.

What Oberlo?

Oberlo Helps Shopify users to easily import products from AliExpress directly into your store and ship directly to your customers with just a few clicks.

This is by far the most popular application for Shopify stores.

This is like the god of all Shopify apps, and if you do not have it, I would suggest that you drop what you are doing and get it. It will save your life in ways that you never thought possible.

Oberlo application has been received excellently by many people internationally, and it is doing amazingly in the Shopify applications market.

This can be attributed to some of the amazing features that it offers that are pleasing to many people all over the world.

In case you are wondering what makes this application stand at the top of the charts, here are just but a few of the top features it has:

  • Ease Of Importing Drop Shipped Products

Oberlo has made the process of importing drop shipped products to your store a very easy and smooth one. It follows three very simple steps.

Find the desired product, import it to your online store and start selling it.  That is all about dropshipping.

  • It Is Super Easy To Use

There is no single challenge you are going to face when it comes to fulfilling your customer’s orders because the process has been automated.

All your client has to do is to order a product, and Oberlo takes care of the fulfilling part.

It Offers Highly Automated Processes

Some business processes can be boring, and Oberlo has taken care of them.

This includes ensuring that the inventory of the products is done perfectly and it is always up to date.

The pricing is also continually updated automatically.

  • It Allows You To Customize Products

When you have imported the drop shipped product, Oberlo gives you the freedom to edit the product to your liking.

This includes the product description, the title, the image presentation, and any other thing.

This way, you can make it more attractive using your creative mind.

  • Offers Excellent Tracking Systems For Shipments

With Oberlo, you will always be aware of the location of all orders made by your clients. This way, you can always be answerable just as the wholesale suppliers are.

Remember, your customers are dealing with you. Therefore, shipment information will be required from you.

With the integrated order tracking, you can answer any questions that clients have and also know where the shipment is, which shows your clients that you know what you are doing, therefore, boosting their confidence in you.

what is oberlo
  • It Allows For Multiple User Accounts

In an incident where you are in need of help to run the online store, this feature will come in handy as you can outsource help from other people as Oberlo allows more than one person to run the store.

  • It Allows One To Track Sales

As you fulfill the orders by your clients, it is imperative that you also are aware of the sales made by you and how much you have earned.

There is a provision for a dashboard for sales and costs that help you in monitoring your earnings and sales.

***Ease Of Changing Suppliers***

Judging from the wholesale suppliers’ directory you may have, you can quickly change your supplier basing on factors like pricing of their products, efficiency, and reliability.

As long as you wish to change, it is as easy as blinking.

  • Ease Of Existing Products Connection To Oberlo

There are those products that you may already have on your online store.

When you have Oberlo, then you can easily connect these products to it in just a few simple steps.

  • It Makes Work Easier

The fact that Oberlo is easy, effective, efficient and reliable means that a lot of work is taken off your hands.

With many other automated processes, you stand to enjoy a great time running your business without any hurdles.

Is Oberlo worth The Money?

What do you think of my Oberlo Review? Or, Is Oberlo a scam?

I hope you can now see how to make money dropshipping with Oberlo?

Many top drop ship companies are using Oberlo. And they have become some of the most trusted drop shipping companies we have today.

If you have not ceased the drop-ship business opportunity, this is a new dawn for you.

Learn all about how it works because you now know all the great features it has in store for you.

What do you think about Oberlo? Are you dropshipping already with Oberlo?  Do you have any question? Please drop your thought in my comment area below.

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4 thoughts on “Is Oberlo a Scam? Can You Still Make Money?”

  1. I’ve heard about Oberlo, but this is the first good description of it I’ve read. There seems to be no end in sight for dropshipping, but it sounds like it can be a losing venture unless you have the right tools in place to coordinate everything. Oberlo sounds like the right tool and it’s another example of how amazing apps can turn an individual’s business into a success.

  2. Jofa , I never heard of this kind of business before.

    Oberlo Drop Ship it sounds like a good idea. when you can buy something on line and get change if you are dissatisfied.

    You never say how lucrative the business is? How the $$$$ look?

    Is there an active contact for this company?

    1. Drop Shipping business is a multi million dollar business and Oberlo is a well known name online. Check out the YouTube Video of how drop ship works with Oberlo. It makes live easy for the online marketers. You only need to drop ship only after you must have make sales. 

      It worth checking out. 

      Thank you for visiting my website.

  3. Very Interesting..

    Was not aware on this. So, Door to Door delivery from products you find without complications? Terrific.

    How long have they been hooked up with Spotify? How long have you worked with them and what was your experience?

    Also I really like that you can change suppliers… Very Important.

    Really glad I ran into this…

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