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Branded Surveys Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Branded Surveys review. Can you make money with Branded Surveys? Is Branded Surveys safe, legit, or a scam?

So, you want to make money with Branded Surveys? It is good to make your findings of Branded Surveys; this is how to discover the legitimate online program and avoid online scams. 


 But, Is Branded Surveys legit? Is it a safe website?

 I am sure you have heard of Branded Surveys, and that’s why you are here. Well, I am in no way affiliated to Branded surveys so that this review will be as objective as possible. 

Continue reading to find out some features of Branded Surveys that can help you decide if you can make money with the Branded Surveys. 

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

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Branded Surveys at a Glance

is branded surveys legit, safe, or a scam

Product Name: Branded Surveys ( Formerly Mintvine)
Founder: Matt Gaffney
Price: Free
Rating: 35%
Recommended: No

Summary Review of Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is an online opportunity that gives you access to make money answering surveys. 

But how much money can you make taken Branded Surveys? 

Branded Surveys are only opened for membership from the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Branded Surveys will reward you points for answering surveys. 

The minimum you can earn to redeem your for points for gift cards or cash is 1,000 points. When you hit 1,000 points, you will have the option to get your $10 cash equivalent or gift cards. 

The Branded Surveys reward point conversion for cash works such that:

  • 1,000 Points = $10 
  • 100 Points = $1 
  • 1 Points = $0.01

You can also cash out your redeem points via PayPal and direct deposit payment directly to your bank account. All payments will be processed between one to two business days. 

The key to earning more points on the Branded Surveys platform is in the submission of your detailed demography; the detailed your information on Branded Surveys, the more you get assigned more surveys. 

You can get up to five surveys in a day. 

A survey can be worth as high as 300 points on Branded Surveys platform, and the most survey takes an average of 12 minutes to complete. 

But, surveys can only earn you extra money. For me answering survey are a waste of time. Why settle for survey earning pennies while I can make a full-time income with my own business online.

You can start this affiliate marketing certification training now. Level-1 of ten lessons is FREE. You don’t need a credit card to join. Learn more here. 

What do you think of my Branded Surveys review? Can you make money with Branded Surveys?

Is Branded Surveys legit, safe, or a scam?

What Is Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys was launched in 2012 as a Mintvine survey.

The California-based company has offices in about 20 countries and has its highest panelist around (1.7 million) in the UK, Canada, and the United States.

Branded surveys are a company focused on market research; users offer their opinions on products and get a reward in points that can be converted to cash or gift cards. 

One of the unique features of Branded Surveys is the third party advertising offer. This means users can earn extra from the recommendations independent of Branded Surveys.

Branded Research Inc runs the survey panel, and its clients include many Fortune 500 companies such as Nielsen, J.D. Power and Associates, Forrester, and GFK.

Also, the company owns Branded Pay, a payment service from which users can get paid.

Asides from offering points for referrals; you get a simplified survey completion process; and you can get paid whenever you complete surveys successfully.

You can learn more about Branded Survey on Wiki Media.

How Does Branded Surveys Work?

For you to make money with Branded Surveys, you need to submit a complete profile on the Branded Surveys website. The volume of your information will help Branded Surveys pre-qualify and match you to more surveys.

This is what will determine how much surveys you can have access to, hence how much money points and money you can make. 

review of branded surveys

Upon completion and update of your profile information, you will start getting surveys. 

You also have to authenticate, verify your identity, and answers simples survey questions. 

The average Branded Surveys takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, and each can earn you between 100 and 300 points. Some exceptional longer surveys could make you up to 500 points. 

As soon as you accumulate your points to the redeemable points of 1,000, you can decide how you like to cash out your points. You can cash out into your PayPal (within three working days) or via Branded Pay account (the USA only).

Also, you can exchange and cash out your points for gift cards of favorite restaurants and stores around the country. 

You will also earn more points for inviting your friends and families to join Branded Surveys. Once your referral attains the Silver badge in the Branded Elite, you will start earning referral bonus points. 

The Branded Surveys loyalty program will also earn you more points. This is a summary of how Branded Surveys works. 

But it is important you go through the Branded Surveys Term of service and Privacy Policy.

It will help you to be sure of how the company is treating your data and information.

What do you think of my Branded Surveys review? Is Branded Surveys safe, legit, or a scam?

Can you make money with Branded Surveys?

How Much Do Branded Surveys Cost?

It is free to participate in the surveys. However, you have to register and put in the time.

While it is free for the participant, companies will have to pay the panelist for the data they are providing.  

Who Is Branded Surveys For?

Do you like to make extra money? Then, Branded Surveys are for you.

However, if you are thinking of a main source of income, it wouldn’t suffice.  

How to Make Money with Branded Surveys

There are just three easy steps to earning on Branded Surveys. 

  1. Step 1: you sign up and answer some basic questions about yourself. These questions will enable you to get surveys that match your geographical location and demography. So, do not skip this process, or it will be challenging to get surveys. 
  2. Step 2: get your email verified and complete all the trial offers and surveys. 
  3. Step 3 Start earning Points. You should know that the cashout threshold is 1,000 points, which seem fair compared to other panels. Also, 1,000 points will get you $10, not too bad, right? 

There are other means you could earn asides completing surveys and participating in the Third-party advertising offers.

  • The Branded Surveys Referral Program

You will get 50 reward points for every person you refer to. Also, you get points based on the initial signup and continuous activity of your referrals.

For instance, you get 15% of the points by your referrals. So, if one of your referrals makes 200 points in a day, you get 30 points.

So the referrals you get, the higher your points. But this is still not enough to quit your day job. 

branded surveys review

How Much Can You Make with Branded Surveys?

The minimum payout you can get is $100, and it is equivalent to 1,000 points. Usually, a survey should take about 5 minutes to complete; if it takes longer, you earn less.

Also, your earning power increases as you get badges and credits. Branded Surveys offers three badges.

To get a badge, you need to earn credits and ten surveys = 1 credit.

  • Bronze=beginner
  • Silver=60 credits
  • Gold=210 credits

You also get to earn more points by participating in Daily Polls, where you earn 5 points with a Bronze badge, 7 points with Silver, and 10 with 10 points. You can also partake in the Poll Streak, where you earn points after completing ten polls in a sequence in one day. 

  • Bronze=25 points
  • Silver=50 points
  • Gold=100 points

Branded Surveys Payout Methods

It only takes days to get your earnings with The Branded Surveys if you are getting your earnings via PayPal. 

Is Branded Surveys safe, legit or a scam

There are other payment methods, including Bpay (Branded Surveys payment system); Gift cards (over 60 gift card options available), and Visa.

You just need to build your Branded surveys point to cash out limit of 1,000 points. 

You redeem points button with being active, and you can process your payment. 

How to Redeem Points on Branded Surveys?

You will need to take your points to the minimum cash out Branded points of 1000 or its equivalent cash $10.

Also, you can exchange and redeem your points for cash via Branded Pay, PayPay, and you can also request a gift card through the Tango and the other retailers with various gift items. 

You redeem point bottom will be activated to active status as soon as you get your Branded points to 1,000. You can sight this under where your point total is or on your dashboard. 

How Much is 1000 Points on Branded Surveys

The worth of 1,000 points on the Branded Surveys platform is a common and regular question online. 

A Branded surveys points are equivalent to $0.01 i.e. 

  • 1 point = $0.01; 
  • 100 points = $1; 
  • 1,000 points = $10.

Therefore, 1,000 Branded Surveys point is equivalent to $10.

Branded Surveys Customer Service and Support

Having a Frequently Asked Question page helps users understand how the products work, and Branded surveys utilize this method wholesomely.

Also, they have a contact us page where you can send an email to them and get a reply.

You can also contact Branded Surveys via their social media pages. This might be a slow process, though.  

What is Good About Branded Surveys?

  • You can earn through different means asides from completing surveys and quickly build up your points. 
  • It offers its users various means of getting their earnings through Bpay, gift cards, and PayPal.
  • The survey pays well relatively. You get $10 for 1,000 points, and that’s the minimum payout.
  • Your earnings increase over time, considering you have the referral bonus; getting credits and badges shouldn’t be difficult. 

Issues With Branded Surveys

  • They delay payment sometime it can take up to 15 days to receive compensation. 
  • Sometimes the points might not be approved. For instance, when you complete a survey, it has to be reviewed and then approved. However, sometimes, points may not be approved. 
  • If you do not appropriately fill out the demographic requirements when joining the panel, it will be challenging to get more surveys. 

Online Opinions of Branded Surveys

Most of the complaints about Branded Surveys revolved around deactivated or blocked accounts. One user claimed that she lost over 2,400 points she had in her account without any justification.

Another user complained that after requesting for her earnings via Bpay, she is disqualified.

Branded Surveys replied that the user violated its terms and condition as the details provided in her profile were not valid.  

Is Branded Surveys Safe, Legit, or a Scam?

Branded Surveys is safe, legit, and not a scam survey site.

Although it was launched in 2012, it is pretty decent. However, complaints about accounts getting disabled before payout or after accumulating high points are quite frequent. 

Also, you get surveys based on your geographical location and demography. 

And despite stating its availability in 20 countries, Canada, the UK, and the United States are its highest participants so, if you want to know if Branded Surveys is safe or not.

The problem is that you can not make real money with Branded Surveys. You can only make extra earnings with any survey site.

This is why doing online survey is a waste of time for me.

But what do you think of my Branded Surveys review? Can you make money with Branded Surveys?

Is Branded Surveys legit, safe, or scam?

make money with branded surveys

Sites Like Branded Surveys

Sites like Branded Surveys are:

Is Branded Surveys Worth It? 

What do you think of my Branded Surveys review?  Do you still think you can make money with Branded Surveys? Is Branded Surveys safe, legit, or a scam?

In my opinion, Branded Surveys is safe, legit, and not a scam.

But is it worth it? No, Taken and answering the survey is not worth it. The survey can only earn you extra cash but not make your real money. 

what are good side hustles

My concern about Branded Surveys is this.  Why would you continue to waste your time on online surveys while you can channel the same energy to doing something better? 

While it required a lot of hard words to established a durable online business, it is straightforward to identify the that will make money. 

You can easily transform your hobby and passion into a full-time income online in the 21st century. That very thing you like doing is someone’s problem.

Many are ready to pay you for what you are good at doing. This affiliate marketing training will teach you how to make money with most world problems. 

Level-1, with ten lessons, is free to join. You don’t need a credit card. Click here to learn more

Have you tried Branded Surveys before, what are your experiences?

What do you think of my Branded Surveys review? Can you make money with Branded Surveys?

Is Branded Surveys safe, legit, or a scam?

Branded Surveys Reviews – YouTube

16 thoughts on “Branded Surveys Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Branded Surveys looks really cool to make extra cash as a side hustle and I truly appreciate that fact. However, I do no like the point conversion rate to USD. It’s truly not encouraging that 1,000points is just equivalent to 10USD. This is very small compared to the time and hardwork that would be invested. Also, surveys are not reliable and favorable to the region that I base so branded surveys doesn’t look like a good fit for me.

    1. Thanks for reading my Branded Surveys review.

      Branded Surveys is legit and a safe website for answering online surveys. 

      The cash out process is smooth and fast. You will aggregate your points to the cash-out points of 1,000 before you can redeem to collect cash via PayPal or any gift cards of your choice. 

      The most question people ask often is ” how much is 1000 points on branded surveys”  1000 points on Branded Surveys is $10.

      thank for your time. 



  2. Helooo dear, thanks for sharing these valuable content with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, I believe these article has been of great help to me, thanks a lot for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations, I already saved this post so as to come back for future reference

    1. Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with Branded Surveys. 

      It is one of the best survey sites that pay. But you can only earn extra money.  You get rewarded with points and a point on Branded Surveys worth one cent ( 1 Branded Survey Point = $0.01 or I Cent).

      1000 Branded Survey Points = $10; 100 Branded Survey Points = $1

      What do you think of my Branded Survey review?

      Thanks again for dropping your comments. 



  3. Hi John! This is an amazing review that you have got here. Branded survey are not bad. Like you said “why waste time to get pennies when there is the real deal to earn you real money”. I’m not thrilled satisfied with their compensation plan. I believe In putting my time and energy to build substantial income. wealthy affiliate has what it takes to grow a business online.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading my Go Branded Surveys Review.

      It is all about how to make money with Branded Surveys. 

      Yes to me survey can only earn you extra money. It is like a waste of time and resources using your hard-earned time for a survey while you can create a system that generates money for you constantly. 

      Thanks again for taken the time to drop this comment about Surveys Go Branded.

      Thank you


  4. Heloo Dear, 

    I really appreciate you sharing this insightful and informational review in branded surveys. I have really had lots of  talk in this platform which actually motivated me into making more research on it. Judging From this review I would say that branded survey review doesn’t worth my time. I am in need of a system where I can earn good money and not Penny. 

    1. Thanks for reading my Branded Surveys com review.

      It is all about how to make money with Branded Surveys website. Know that you can only earn extra money to attend to an online survey. I am of the opinion that the Taken Online survey does not worth it. 

      Many people always have this problem with the Branded Surveys login page. It seems that they don’t always seem to get it right.  The reason is that the Branded Survey login is different from the name of the survey. i.e.  Branded Surveys; while the login page is Gobranded.

      Thanks for reading my Branded Surveys review. 



  5. Hello there! Thanks a lot for this review… The problem with the Surveys Go Branded program is that most of them are not legit and you don’t expect someone that has been scammed before to get involved with such program again. 

    This your review further increases my doubt in online programs. I’ll definitely not involve myself in this. I’d rather get involved with wealthy affiliate since you said its a good platform. But you also have sown that Surveys Go Branded is legit and safe.

    Thank you for your review of how to make money Branded Surveys com. Great review.



    1. Thanks for reading my Branded Survey review. It is all about how to make money with Branded Survey.

      I can assure you that Branded Survey is Safe and Legit. The only problem is that you can only earn extra money.

      You can not make a full-time income with Branded Surveys. Another good thing about this survey site is that you can take advantage of the Branded Surveys Promo Code. 

      The Branded Surveys Redeem Code will help you earn more money and getting stuff at a better rate.

      Thanks for the comment.



  6. Hey,

    Thanks for such a detailed review of the Branded Survey. I’m glad that you are not recommending services that you think are not worth it because many review sites just promote all services. This practice is bad and makes people doubt the authenticity of such sites.

    Online Survey is not a recommended method of making money to you, what do you recommend? PS: Your site looks great!

    With best wishes for your future


    1. Thanks for reading my Branded Surveys Review. This article is about how to make money with Branded Survey. 

      The Branded Survey as a company is great, Safe, and legit. The branded Survey is not a Scam.

      My problem with the Survey general is that you can only earn extra money. 

      This is why I am not recommending it. You can make money online for helping people. You can make money by solving real-life problems. 

      Thanks again 



  7. I never knew you can make money from doing a survey. This is a good article here and I like the concept. What sort of questions do they ask in the survey? Where do you get the survey from? I felt like I’ve learnt something new from reading this post and thanks for sharing this. 

    1. Thanks for reading my Branded Survey review. The article is all about how to make money with Branded Surveys.

      The type of question you will be asked varies and has to do with a brand awareness survey. Company brand survey questions such as a question that revolves around major research and what the brand products and manufacturers. 

      Branded Surveys is all about: brand research survey questions, brand awareness survey questions examples, brand loyalty survey questionnaire pdf, car brand perception survey, brand assessment survey, brand attitude survey, brand attitude survey questions, etc

      Branded Survey is all about big brands and those companies’ images. The question they ask varies but it is about how to improve their products and services and how to launch out new great products. 



  8. I’m glad that you do not recommend this opportunity. This is really a waste of time, if the time spent in this kind of opportunity is rather spent on creating a blog post about an affiliate product, you can earn commission from that product over and over again whenever there’s a new sale generated by your article. Creating a blog post takes only a few hours and yet you can get paid for months or even years if you did great in your explanation. So, for people who are looking for something worth their time? I’d rather recommend blogging than participating in paid surveys like this.

    I noticed, they only offer survey opportunities for people in those advanced countries. I wonder, why are they limiting their offer to those countries only when the majority of the people interested in this kind of opportunity are from lower income countries?

    1. thanks for your time and for reading how to make money with the Branded surveys.

      Yes, they limit branded surveys users to countries because of the kind of survey involve. They only help the company come up with surveys that help grow big company brands.

      If you don’t have those brands in your region, country, and state how would you be able to answer the survey? 

      This is why they limit the surveys to your geolocation. 

      Thanks for reading my Branded Surveys review



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