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Best Alternatives PayPal Payment Services: Payment For All Countries

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You are welcome to my best alternatives to PayPal review. These are the alternative PayPal payment system in the world today. They are my alternatives to PayPal for business.

PayPal seems to be the ubiquitous name that crops up when you think of online payment services.


Many people want to work and make money legally, but they can not get paid via PalPal because of regulatory policy or the others, an instance is people that want to join Wealthy Affiliate from Africa and Asian countries.

Many want to work and make money full-time online, but they are not sure of how to get paid, even knowing where to learn how to make money online.

What PayPal does not know is that people are now using other platforms for payment; it is the company that will be left behind.

This article is all about top online payment alternatives to PayPal.

It will allow you to take your venture to the next level knowing that you have more options and power at your fingertips with PayPal alternatives.

Here’s a rundown of some of these alternative market players, the latest on the block. Check out if they fit you.

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***Amazon Payments***

Amazon Payments is a trusted solution and a good alternative to PayPal. You can be using your familiar login to transact and identify right away.

alternatives to paypal for business

This type of online payment will allow you to increase conversions right away. This is the checkout experience that your customers have been looking for.

Amazon Payments will complete the transactions right on your site. This type of online payment solutions can be easily integrated with your CRM system right away.

Amazon Payments is also evolving on an ongoing basis, so you will manage to meet the needs of your customers as soon as possible.


Dwolla is truly the ideal API so you can move money right away. This is the API that you need to used to integrate the payment process into your app.

This will help you to keep your customers happy at all times. Ability to also verify the bank accounts of your customers in no time, manage customers, and facilitate any bank transfer.

You can be cutting your implementation to just a fraction of the time, and you will not have to cut corners over time. You can also receive dedicated integration.


Braintree is the all-in-one payment partner that you need to use today. This app will allow you to take your business opportunities to the next level. You can manage to grow your revenue in a better way with Braintree today.

Braintree will give you all the support you need to integrate online payments into your business as soon as possible. This is the PayPal service that you should partner in no time.

Getting a seamless checkout experience is easy with this amazing service. Getting top-tier support at all times is easy with Braintree by your side.


Square will work for every business out there. If you need to sell fast, Square is for you. You can accept credit cards right away, anywhere with Square.

You can get a free reader upon signing up, which is truly cool.Use your smart device and Square to swipe cards right away. Also, you can even take NFC and chip card payments with the newest reader from Square today.

Ability to also turn your iPad into any point of sale by slipping the unit into the famous Square Stand. You can get to know what you pay, but you will also get paid fast with Square.


Skrill is an international and global payment system formally called Moneybookers. Skrill has been around since 2001 making a secure payment. It helps in driving business for many online businesses worldwide.

The Skrill is based and operates from the United Kingdom, The company is own by Skrill Limited, Skrill Limited is registered as a Money Service Business in the UK.

Skrill focuses and promotes low-cost fund transfer online for international business between one region and the others.

As a Skrill subscriber or members, you are free to hold your funds in any currencies of your choice, but you must stick to one I.e. it is either you stick with Pound Sterling, Dollar, or GBP.

If you drive high volume transactions, you will be offer a premium option and refer to as Skrill VIP. This status will earn you better features in securing your funds.

The only negativity as relating to Skrill is that the support is not so great and there is a lot of customer complaint.

What You Should Know About Skrill Payment System

  • Quick registration and verification of the account
  • Charges only for sending money, not receiving it
  • There are no cross-border transaction fees
  • Encourages gambling, offering promotions
  • However, few merchants on the platform

***Google Pay***

  • What Is Google Pay About?

Google Pay is a new payment method from Google that unified its payment services (Android Pay and Google Wallet). Google Pay will help users to make a transfer directly from their phones.

The wallet will store your card details such as (credit card, debit card, pre-paid card, event ticket, loyalty, and gift card).

You can get it to download via your Apple and Android smartphone.

  • How Google Pay Works

Google Pay is distinct such that the user’s information is directly stored on the Google server or system; unlike some other payment method that store such information on the card or wallet.

The transaction processes between the merchant and the Google server. Users would have pre-load Google wallet with funds, and they can easily spend money as they wish.

The disadvantage of this payment option is that the support is not robust yet as it should be.

Google Pay also makes provision for users to use it as a physical card that can be used online and any store. These are the reason why Google Pay is great:

  • Simple design and uncomplicated functionalities
  • The free payment gateway for accepting payments
  • The world-famous Google brand is trustworthy
  •  Automatic transfer of money


This is my number choice of the many alternatives to PayPal for business. I was not allowed to use PayPal I then decide for this very alternative PayPal payment system.

It has served me and helps me get my payment directly from Amazon and many other networks.

  • Fastest payment platform; faster turnaround time for transferring funds into the account, within 24 hours
  • Ease of receiving or making payments
  • More profitable; better conversion rates and exchange rates
  • Smooth withdrawals, without any manual process
  • High daily withdrawal limits, offering a good alternative to PayPal
  • Free sign up


  • Offers Bitcoin services, so you can exchange your funds into Bitcoins
  • Prepaid Mastercard available for using a credit card, so you can withdraw funds from ATMs
  • Accepting Bitcoin payments and sending Bitcoin payments to other users of Payza
  • Comes with an Android app


Stripe is one best alternatives to PayPal for business. Most especially if you have many client that you need to pay. See why Stripe is key to your business:

  • The biggest competitor to PayPal, with a huge chunk of the market share
  •  Though the base fee is the same 2.9% plus 30 cents, PayPal adds other service fees
  • Refund, International cards, Authorize card and Recurring bill are free; American Express and Micropayments of below $10 are charged at a flat rate
  • It offers advanced protection against fraud for free
  • Accepts Apple Pay for Free and is a good alternative to PayPal
  • However, it takes more days to payout, so if accessing funds fast is your priority, it could be a problem
  • Stable and Secure platform


  • Australian based. A great option for sellers in Australia or New Zealand to receive money from other countries, with a small fee
  • Few sellers offering Paymate
  • Offers multiple modes of payment, such as cards, Netbanking, RTGS and NEFT with competitive rates
  • Ease of use
  • Secure, cloud-based platform with free upgrades


  •  Earlier known as Streamline and is a worldwide payment platform, an original processing platform started way back in 1994
  • The huge number of international clients
  •  Offers additional value-adding services, like loyalty programs, ATM service, and gift cards
  • Lower processing rates, but there are some cancellation fees
  • Outdated interface


  •  Reliable and stable platform, very few numbers of failed payments
  • Most major credit cards from all countries accepted
  • Customization options available for checkout and sign up
  • Ensures protection against fraud with the use of sound risk management techniques
  •  Quick payments enabled seamlessly
  • Compatible with Android Pay/Apple Pay
  • Direct bank transfer available


  • Users must enter details of credit and debit cards
  •  Reasonable fees for service. Discounted fees for eBay sellers
  • Easy online signup
  • Credit card information can be saved in case of recurrent billings and services


It is an integrated network, coordinating sales through PayPal, WorldPay, Google Checkout, and others. It accepts credit cards as well as PayPal, Skrill, Google Checkout accounts.

Affiliate tracking features. Excellent tools for sales reporting, so good alternative to PayPal. This Is an Ideal for improving sales tactics


  • Allows withdrawals in Payza as well as WebMoney accounts along with local bank transfer
  • Several pricing tiers
  • Free sign up


This is one great alternatives to PayPal for business that you can use to replace the so call PayPal right now. Many people are using this alternative PayPal payment system today. Its other attributes includes:

  • Accepts payment methods through credit card, debit card, and PayPal
  • Advanced security features and protection against fraud
  • Customizable options for checkout
  • Offers Mobile optimization
  • Allows setting up of recurring billing
  • High transaction/transference fees
  • It charges a hefty setup fee

Is PayPal Alternative Payment Worth It?

Thanks for reading my best alternatives to PayPal review. What do you think of the alternative PayPal payment system? Do these alternatives to PayPal for business okay by you?

All payment options have their pros and cons. Most folks are rather hesitant to leave PayPal, due to compatibility issues.

However, the payment gateway scenario is changing, with many other reliable options for payments available, as mentioned above.

You could end up saving more money with the alternatives.

When considering what alternative to PayPal, some are suited for personal payments, whereas others are more suitable for e-commerce.

If you want a top online payment that are alternatives to PayPal, I’d suggest Skrill. If you want the freedom of transactions in any country of your choice, 2Checkout is ideal.

Google Checkout is a great option to store cards, whereas Stripe is a favorite as far as e-commerce transactions are concerned.

You can still continue to have PayPal as your backup choice, as it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that a good portion of the demographics has a PayPal account.

The right choice is crucial, as the wrong one can result in a serious backlash to your conversion rates and your business sales. The bottom line is that you need to see what works best for your business and your customers.

What do you think of my best alternatives to PayPal? Is the alternative PayPal payment system okay by you? Can you use these alternatives to PayPal for business?

Do you have any other Top Online PayPal alternative payment methods? Kindly share with me and my audience. Read all about PayPal on Wikipedia.

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10 thoughts on “Best Alternatives PayPal Payment Services: Payment For All Countries”

  1. Hey John, why hadn’t I landed on your site before? You really have useful content here. I have been having so much trouble using PayPal and I’m eager to explore these alternatives. You have encouraged me to open an account with Payoneer. I like it allows us to receive all these currencies as if we had a local bank account.

    1. Hi Ann, 

      Thanks for reading my article about PayPal payment services alternatives. 

      I am glad you visit my site and thank you for your commendations.

      You will be amazed to know that I am using Payoneer to receive my earnings directly to my bank account in Nigeria from Amazon, Commission Factory, etc. 

      Payoneer is a problem solver. I love it because it bring to me my earnings.

      Thanks again for reading my PayPal review. 



  2. Very informative article! I was unaware that there are so many different choices. I didn’t even realize that Amazon offered a payment solution. I think you did a great job explaining the advantage of Google Pay. 

    I noticed that some of the YouTube Videos are private, however, and therefore can’t be viewed. 

    I will definitely bookmark your site and revisit it at a later date when I am in need of such integrated services!

    Thanks for the info!


    1. Tom, 

      Thanks for reading my PayPal alternatives for freelancers. I also appreciate your correction. Those of my videos will be amended. 



  3. I most definitely agree that PayPal is worth getting. The privacy and protection you have when buying online is unmatched and keeps your information safe and sound. Do you personally use PayPal? It doesn’t matter where you buy your stuff. PayPal will have your back safe.

    I think you missed Apple Pay on your list there, I use it, and it’s stupendous. The way I can pay for stuff in a matter of seconds is awesome! How do you feel about apple pay?

    1. Hi Jose,

      Thanks for reading my article about alternatives to PayPal. 

      The reason for the alternative is that PayPal has no place for many countries and regions. 

      Most especially the third world countries are prevented from using this platform because of the many discrimination that the third world countries are scammers. 

      No one should be prevented from using PayPal.



  4. Hi,

    I am peter. Great work on your blog and you have a lot of wonderful information here. Really appreciate what you are doing.

    We need a lot of alternative to PayPal because they have blacklisted us as Nigerian. I don’t know what we did to them and our government are not helping either. We are doing business online but we can not repatriate our funds easily without sweat.

    What is the best way to contact PayPal and make them relax their stands on freezing us out in Nigerian?

    Love what you are doing here, have a great and wonderful life

    1. I believe that Nigeria Government can do a lot by involving PayPal and giving them necessary policy and procedure that will help the populate use the platform that will not compromise the anti Money laundering.

      One of the thing you can do as a person is to sign up for PayPal, Be a user first and start communicating to then on the need to include Nigerian on the list of countries that are allowed to receive funds. Nigerian PayPal users can only make payment with PayPal now.

      It is my opinion that PayPal will change its Policy with time. Just keep hanging on.



  5. Hi,

    This is really a helpful Information regarding Best alternatives of PayPal.

    It will be helpful for ones in which country Paypal is not available.

    I had used Skrill, This is also Good.

    Can you please Tell me which is the Best among these Including Skrill ?

    Is these are available for Every country or only for Some County?

    1. PayPal is available for almost every countries. The problem is that PayPal can not receive funds for every countries. PayPal can only receive funds for selected countries, basically because of Money Laundering. 

      The good news is that PayPal will work for most countries main for sending of funds or purchase of good and services. 


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