4 thoughts on “Top Online Payment Alternatives to PayPal

  1. Peter Owonikan


    I am peter. Great work on your blog and you have a lot of wonderful information here. Really appreciate what you are doing.

    We need a lot of alternative to PayPal because they have blacklisted us as Nigerian. I don’t know what we did to them and our government are not helping either. We are doing business online but we can not repatriate our funds easily without sweat.

    What is the best way to contact PayPal and make them relax their stands on freezing us out in Nigerian?

    Love what you are doing here, have a great and wonderful life

    1. John Post author

      I believe that Nigeria Government can do a lot by involving PayPal and giving them necessary policy and procedure that will help the populate use the platform that will not compromise the anti Money laundering.

      One of the thing you can do as a person is to sign up for PayPal, Be a user first and start communicating to then on the need to include Nigerian on the list of countries that are allowed to receive funds. Nigerian PayPal users can only make payment with PayPal now.

      It is my opinion that PayPal will change its Policy with time. Just keep hanging on.



  2. Sameer khan


    This is really a helpful Information regarding Best alternatives of PayPal.

    It will be helpful for ones in which country Paypal is not available.

    I had used Skrill, This is also Good.

    Can you please Tell me which is the Best among these Including Skrill ?

    Is these are available for Every country or only for Some County?

    1. John

      PayPal is available for almost every countries. The problem is that PayPal can not receive funds for every countries. PayPal can only receive funds for selected countries, basically because of Money Laundering. 

      The good news is that PayPal will work for most countries main for sending of funds or purchase of good and services. 


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