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Must Read Articles:


1. Audubon Magazine

The Audubon magazine is a journal of the National Audubon Society. It does focus on subjects that are related to nature. It has an emphasis on the birds.

New issues are usually published bi-monthly for society members. They have a very active blog that goes by the name ‘The Perch.’

It does produce daily updates on issues also. In the year 2011, the Audubon Magazine was awarded the Utne Reader Award. Audubon is one Magazines That Need Freelance Writers.

Requirements To Write For Audubon Magazine

Before you are selected as a writer for the magazine, you must first email your pitch and ideas to various editors.

They have indicated on their website that they do not accept poetry or even pre-written articles. To achieve the best results, you have to keep a note of fewer than 500 words.

It is also recommended to attach clips of past work that you have recorded. They highly value this.

Payment Per Word Count.

Audubon Magazine usually pays its writers $1.5 for print.

Payment Methods

The magazine has been known to pay international writers through a PayPal account.


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2. Belt Magazine

Belt Magazine is an online publication. It is based in Cleveland, Ohio.

It began in the year 2013, and according to their website, the magazine does cover culture as well as fiction from the ‘Rust Belt.’

The magazine has been able to receive praise from various publications. This does include the Columbia Journalism Review and the New York Times.

  • Requirements To Write For Belt Magazine

Are you interested in writing for this magazine? Well, you will first have to pitch your idea to them.

They accept pitches for the features, articles, commentaries, and also the first person’s essays.

You must be familiar with the magazine publications to know the format that is required of you.

They also accept various proposals for nonfiction only. You can forward your submission to this contact: Jordan@beltmag.com. Bet is a great place to work, it is another Magazines That Need Freelance Writers

  • Payment Per Word Count.

It is unclear how much they pay per word count. However, for every feature, a writer can pocket over $500.

  • Payment Methods

For the writers who reside in the US, payment is made via PayPal and Wire transfer.


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3. Boston Globe Magazine

Boston is a magazine that is released monthly. It does concentrate on life in the Greater Boston area and has been in publication since the year 1960s.

With a publication of over 500,000 issues. It enjoys the highest sales in the United States of America; and also been ranked among the best city magazines in the last nine years. This magazine has won various awards.

  • Requirements To Write For Boston Globe Magazine

Do you have the interest to write for this magazine? Well, here is your chance. All that is required is for you to submit your idea online.

You will need to visit their site to send your opinion. Also, you can visit their contest page where you will learn about their annual poetry and fiction contest.

  • Payment Per Word Count

Boston Globe Magazine pays $1 per word.

  • Payment Methods

Since it focuses on Boston city, payment is usually made via Wire Transfer, as contributors must have lived there.


4. Boys’ Life Magazine

BOYS’ LIFE is a monthly magazine of Boy Scouts of America. (BSA). It does target readers between the ages of 6 and 18.

The magazine has its headquarters located in Irving, Boys’ Life is usually published in two demographic editions.

They both have the same cover. First Edition does target members who are between 6-10 years old.

The second edition does target boys who are between 11- 18 years old.

  • Requirements To Write For Boys' Life Magazine

For the professional writers who would love to contribute to the magazine, several guidelines will need to be followed.

The guidelines are divided into the rights agreement and Billing Form. Also, every writer has to provide a Taxpayer Identification Number when his ideas are accepted and are given the limelight to write.

  • Payment Per Word Count

Once the article is accepted, the writer earns $500- $1500.

  • Payment Methods

Payment can be made via PayPal and via Wire Transfer.


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5. Brides Magazine

Brides is an American magazine that is published by Conde Nast.

The magazine has been designed to be an in-depth resource for the brides who will get married.

It has very many photographs and various articles on cakes, wedding dresses, receptions, honeymoons, and cakes. Initially, it was released monthly.

The magazine has embraced new technology. It has a website, apps, Facebook, Twitter and online shopping.

  • Requirements To Write For Brides Magazine

Do you have a wedding that you would love to submit as a writer? To ensure that the wedding you have gets featured, you will have to send unique and unusual photographs, fantastic ideas and gorgeous locations.

Ensure that other magazines have never published your work. If they love your work, they get to contact you and they discuss details.

The email to submit your pitches is submitrealwedding@brides.com.

  • Payment Per Word Count

Brides writers can earn between $2 and 3 dollars per word.

  • Payment Methods

For International writers, payment is made via PayPal.


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6. Buzzfeed Magazine

Buzzfeed long-form is home for tutorial criticism, personal essays, poetry, and fiction.

It was launched in the year 2016, and since then, they have been able to publish brand new poetry from the National Book Award-Winning authors.

These authors do include Robin Coste Lewis and Doty Mark.

They have also worked with emerging poets. They do include Solmaz Sharif and Donika Kelly.

  • Requirements To Write For Buzzfeed Magazine

Many people have been wondering whether the magazine does take any pitches from the writers. Well, they do. They appreciate working with celebrated authors.

Beautiful essays from numerous writers are very much welcomed. To pitch or submit your ideas, email them to reader.pitches@buzzfeed.com. You should clearly explain your plan.

  • Payment Per Word Count

For the long-form pieces, a writer can earn $1500.

  • Payment Methods

Payment methods are via PayPal and Wire Transfer.


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7. Catholic Digest Magazine

Catholic Digest is a Roman Catholic magazine that was founded in the year 1936. It has a circulation of over 300,000.

In the year 2001, the French Catholic media group by the name Bayard Presse did purchase this magazine from the University of St Thomas.

The first issue was released in the year 1936. In a year, it does publish nine times. The magazine has its focus on encouraging and supporting Catholics in multiple stages of life.

The writers do speak with much experience and do focus on using a confident voice that is encouraging.

  • Requirements To Write For Catholic Digest Magazine

Before they can choose you as a writer, you must be very familiar with the magazine and the kind of material that they would want you to publish.

They do not accept submissions of poetry, fiction, puzzles, academic papers, and cartoons.

Also, they don’t allow content that has been published by other magazines. All submissions must be made through the email address.

The email address to send your submissions to is queries@catholicdigest.com.

  • Payment Per Word Count

For the CATHOLIC DIGEST, the rates can vary for personal essays as well as for other departments. However, a writer can pocket $500 for every feature.

  • Payment Methods

They use both means of payment: PayPal and Wire Transfer.


8. Chatelaine Magazine

Chatelaine is a women’s magazine that covers a wide range of topics from food, home décor, politics relationship, health, and style. It has two versions, a French and an English translation.

Rogers media publish the two magazines. Also, they run a website. In the year 2014, the magazine was ranked as the most significant magazine regarding its circulation.

  • Requirements To Write For Chatelaine Magazine

For one to write for Chatelaine, you will need to have read several copies of the magazine. This is meant to ensure that you are familiar with the magazine-style, tone as well as the content.

Send your pitch to the magazine via this email: letters@chatelaine.rogers.com.

The write-up must be individually tailored for the magazine.

  • Payment Per Word Count

Chatelaine pays $1 per word. The payment is made once you submit the article that you were given the green light to write.

  • Payment Methods

After your content is received and accepted by Chatelaine, the payment is made within the first 30 days of acceptance.

The payment is made through PayPal.


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9. Consumer Report Magazine

This is an American magazine that is published by Consumers Union.

Consumer Reports does review and compare various consumer products as well as services based on the reporting and the results from the in-house testing lab and survey research center.

The magazine does not accept any form of advertising, it does pay for all its product tests, and it has no shareholder. It has over seven million subscribers.

  • Requirements To Write For Consumer Report Magazine

The consumer's magazine usually announces whenever they require new writers.

They give a detailed description of the skills that should be possessed by the writer. One can apply through their site.

One can make their application via the organization website. Here is a link

  • Payment Per Word Count

Consumer Report magazine pays an average of 84 cents per word.

However, for a junior writer, this could drop to 37 cents per word.

  • Payment Methods

They pay using PayPal method and Wire Transfer.


10. Consumers Digest Magazine

Consumers Digest is an American Magazine that does publish information about new products. It has no subscribers and does not test any of the products.

They mostly rely on the confusion of the customer with the Consumer Union magazine. The magazine has had had long battles with its contributors for not paying them.

  • Requirements To Write For Consumer Digest Magazine

To be able to contribute to Consumer Digest, you need to have carefully read the guidelines.

This will help you to know what the contributor will require. This is where you can get the Dos and Don’ts.

It is critical to follow the requirements for the work so that you can be able to stand out among the writers.

They usually receive the applications via email. Get to visit the site to do so.

  • Payment Per Word Count

Consumer digest magazine usually pays its writer $1 per word.

  • Payment Methods

If a writer lives in the US, the payment is made via Wire transfer. If they are outside the US, payment is made via PayPal.


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11. The Cosmopolitan (US) Magazine

Cosmopolitan is a magazine for the women, which were referred to as The Cosmopolitan. The magazine did its first publication in the year 1886.

Its content does include articles that are discussing relationships, health, sex, careers, celebrities, self-improvement, beauty, and also fashion.

Hearst Corporation publishes the magazine. It has over sixty editions.

  • Requirements To Write For Cosmopolitan Magazine

The magazine does offer opportunities for writers. Before you are selected as a writer for the magazine, you must first pitch your idea to the magazine.

You send your pitch through an email address. The email address is youtellcosmo@hearst.com.

From there, they review your idea, and if the editors of the magazine feel it will add value, then they contact you.

  • Payment Per Word Count

The published article can be able to earn be 20 cents for every word that is released.

Also, any explicit and unique photos can earn you $15 – $25.

  • Payment Methods

Payment is usually made via PayPal.


12. Delta Sky Magazine

This is an in-flight magazine that does have a readership of over 5 million viewers monthly.

It has received multiple editorials as well as design awards. Among them, they do include Pearl and Folio Awards. It has its editorial focus on travel, business, lifestyle, and innovation.

The magazine does highlight exciting people and various places in the columns.

Together with its digital properties, they are published by MSP Communications, which is located in Minneapolis.

  • Requirements To Write For Delta Sky Magazine

To write for Delta Sky Magazine, you will first need to have read a copy of the magazine to ensure you are familiar with the content they write.

They do use AP style with various variations. The features range from 600-2,000 words.

Once you have prepared your pitch, you send your write up to edit@deltaskymag.com.

  • Payment Per Word Count

Delta Sky magazine pays $1 per word.

  • Payment Methods

They allow payment via PayPal or even wire transfer depending on which method the writer prefers.


13. Departures Magazine

Departures is an American lifestyle magazine that is released quarterly. The subscription of this magazine is only available to American Express Platinum charge card.

They get to receive it for free. The editor in chief of the magazine is Richard David Story. It has various editions.

Among the editions that the magazine has include European, South American, Asian and Australian.

The magazine has experienced super growth having been featured in a series by the name ‘The Sopranos.’

  • Requirements To Write For Departures Magazine

If you have a story that you feel could enhance the magazine, you can always send your submissions via submissions@departuremag.com.

They can accept stories, photos, and other works.

  • Payment Per Word Count

The magazine is among the highest paying when it comes to their writers. They pay $2 a word.

  • Payment Methods

If a writer is in an America, payment is made via Wire transfer.

If they are outside America, payment can be via PayPal.


14. Discover Magazine

Discover is an American magazine that was launched in the year 1980. Time Inc started it.

This magazine features stories that have new research. The magazine has become popular, and it has a very large subscriber.

Among the areas it covers does include exciting breakthroughs and research in medicine, science, and technology.

From the year 2010, Kalmbach Publishing has owned it since the year 2010.

  • Requirements To Write For Discover Magazine

If you have a story that you would love to share with the magazine, the first thing you must do is send them a pitch or a query.

You need to have researched the magazine very well. This will enable you to know the format and the style that will be convenient for the magazine.

If they love your story, you can then go ahead and write about it.

  • Payment Per Word Count

When it comes to payment, they pay well. For every 1,500 words, they pay $2,500. The magazine offers $2 per word.

  • Payment Methods

Depending on which method the writer prefers, they allow payment via PayPal or wire transfer.


15. Dwell Magazine

Dwell magazine is a design and technology brand. The magazine was launched in the year 2000.

This was meant to bridge the gap between design professionals as well as enthusiasts.

The magazine does cater to designers, architects, and homeowners.

  • Requirements To Write For Dwell Magazine

For one to be a writer for this magazine, you need to have researched well. Get to familiarize yourself with the magazine.

Get to learn each of their section in detail. For you to have higher chances ensures you have unique projects.

Also, include photos in your pitch. If you do not have the images, add a link from where it can be viewed.

Give details of the project. I.e., who lives there and from when? By following the above guidelines, you will be halfway there.

  • Payment Per Word Count

Dwell magazine pays $1 per word up words. Depending on how good your article is, they can increase this amount.

  • Payment Methods

Depending on the location of a writer, payment can be made through PayPal or wire transfer.


16. Vibrant Lifestyle Magazine

Vibrant Lifestyle is, as the name suggests, a magazine about a lifestyle that promotes mental clarity, spiritual balance and physical health from a Christian and practical perspective.

It focuses on the life of a typical adult woman, man or a family.

They stress upon a high readability factor for all their readers, focusing on the use of simple language and avoiding complicated and complex jargon that might not be familiar to a layman.

They follow a person-oriented approach in all their articles and stress on the question, “How can this information benefit my family and me?”

  • Requirements To Write For Vibrant Lifestyle Magazine

To be a writer for their magazine, their requirements are quite simple and straightforward.

They want practical articles that add value to the life of their readers.

They prefer articles with a healthy and happy outlook that leaves the readers with a motivation to take a more holistic and positive approach to life.

The magazine expects articles from various medical expert and writers that is the focus in the following subject area: Exercise, Nutrition, Self-Help, Family, Spiritual Balance, Challenges And Triumphs, Environmental Stewardship, and Informational.

The magazine is also interested in the perspectives of personnel that is involved in health-related writing interview.

Also, all the information should be 100% authentic. Anyone who can emphasize these things through their writing can write for them.

  1. Email for submission of articles: heather.quintana@pacificpress.com
  2. Email for any inquiries: vibrantlife@pacificpress.com
  3. Phone: 208-465-2579
  • Payment Per Word Count

They pay anywhere between $100-$300 per article based on the approval and quality of the content provided to them.

  • Payment Methods

The payment method includes wire transfer and PayPal.


17. Wanderlust Travel Magazine

At least 50% of the readers of the Wanderlust Travel Magazine are women.

This magazine is all about narrative travel features, but they also consider publishing inspirational round-ups, such as exciting blogs, etc. in their magazines. It is one Magazine the needs freelace writers all the time.

It is a travel magazine where experts share their travel accounts for the readers.

  • Requirements To Write For Wanderlust Magazine

To write for Wanderlust Magazine, you must start by sending them a proposal, answering all the questions mentioned on their website such as an outline and paragraph of your travel story.

If you hear back from them, it usually means you’ve been selected to write for them.

After that, to write for Wanderlust, a writer must use reliable facts, best photographs, and exceptional writing.

A writer should be able to provide an in-depth insight into the place or destination.

Moreover, the format mentioned on their website must also be followed for each article.

  1. Email for Enquiries: website@wanderlust.co.uk.
  2. Email for article submission: submissions@wanderlust.co.uk
  • Payment Per Word Count

They pay £220 for every 1000 words that are published on their site or in their magazine.

Payment is usually made within 30 days of submitting the article.

  • Payment Methods

The company will pay you via wire transfer and PayPal.


18. AARP The Magazine

The AARP Magazine covers all the niches from health & fitness, relationships, money, travel, food & nutrition, consumerism, and personal essays.

  • Requirements To Write For AARP The Magazine

To start writing for the AARP Magazine, a write must begin by submitting a story idea to the magazine for review.

Only once the idea or concept is approved can the writer go ahead and write the article for the magazine.

As already mentioned above, they cover different departments and feature everything from food & nutrition to relationships.

The story idea letter that you send them should be quite comprehensive and all-inclusive and must highlight in length why this idea would be useful to the readers.

You can submit your story for review by AARP The Magazine, but usually, they hardly employ unsolicited stories. The only issue is that your submitted material will not be returned to you in any way.

The highlight of your story idea should include:

  • Your idea story should be a pager letters
  • It should elaborate on the idea piece
  • The message should reflect your writing style and skill
  • You must state the section of the magazine you are writing about
  • Your letter should not include the story you are proposing ( If it is writing an essay, it must be submitted in full)
  • Categories of AARP The Magazine consists of the following: Money, Health and Fitness, Food and
  • Nutrition, Travel, Informational contents, Relationships, and Personal Essays
  • Your story idea should be emailed to AARPMagazine@aarp.org
  • This is one big Magazine That Need Freelance Writers, expect to get a job with them.
  • Payment Per Word Count

Further details related to the payment terms are usually agreed upon once the magazine approves the idea although they typically pay a dollar for every word.

  • Payment Methods

The payment method is not stated on the website, but the general payment methods include wire transfer to your account or payment via your PayPal.


19. Afar Magazine

The primary motive of Afar is to guide and inspire avid travelers who seek to connect with different people, understand their perspectives, and explore their cultures.

According to Afar, travel experiences happen the moment you step off the beaten path and witness the unexpected and the unpredictable.

Therefore, ‘Afar’ is different from all those travel magazines that focus on itineraries.

It focuses on telling stories through its people and allows the readers to explore in earnest the authentic local cultures of places from inside out. Afar is a Magazines That Need Freelance Writers all the time.

There are several departments you can write for Near & Afar, Wandering Chef, One Great Block, e.t.c.

  • Requirements To Write For Afar Magazine

To write for Afar, you first need to pitch your idea to them at their email address.

They also prefer that you include previous samples of your work with the pitch to help them gauge your writing skills.

The entire format of the guide can be checked out on their website, although the main component of the writing guideline is your connection with the idea or the story.

  • Payment Per Word Count

The payment is agreed on once the magazine approves the pitch and they revert with their green signal.

However, depending on the department you choose and the quality of your work, they usually pay $1-$2 per word for the print.


20. Allure Magazine

Allure is a makeup, skin, hair, wellness, fashion, beauty, and celebrity magazine that focuses on adding value to the life of the readers through their articles and write-ups.

It is a woman’s magazine that focuses significantly on a woman’s beauty and wellness.

  • Requirements To Write For Allure Magazine

The contact person for Allure for freelance writing opportunities is Amanda Meigher. Pitching your idea to this magazine is a piece of cake.

You can pitch in with stories including profiles, beauty tips, wellness, and travel. This company is one major Magazine That Needs Freelance Writers; and they pay well for that matter.

You must read through their magazine thoroughly and try to gauge their quality and format of write-up before mailing them your pitch.

  • Payment Per Word Count

They usually pay $3000-$6000 for stories that generally range anywhere between 1700 and 2000 words.

Further payment agreements are typically made once the concerned authorities approve the pitch.


21. American Forests

The American Forests Magazine has been in force since 1895.

The magazine is filled with highly informative articles and beautiful pictures that highlight the forests and trees of our nation.

They focus on making people environmentally aware and conscious and take the readers on a journey to the forests of America with the latest updates in the arena of science and technology.

They also underscore new and adventurous nature trails and possible breakthroughs in the environmental industry.

Their magazine can be broken down into three main categories – Mini features, feature articles, and earth keepers.

  • Requirements To Write For American Forests Magazine

The writers who wish to write for them are encouraged to choose one of these niches to ensure their proposal is considered. This company is one Magazines That Need Freelance Writers

A writer must follow all the guidelines and submit the project to the contact person, Lea Sloan’s email address.

  • Payment Per Word Count

They pay anything up to $2000 according to the content for feature articles.


22. American Way Ink eMagazine

American Way is the in-flight magazine of American Airlines. It boasts of reaching at least 16 million passengers on a monthly basis.

It highlights everything from the trips and travels to America that you can take to the cuisine and the culture that you can explore. The eMagazine is one Magazines That Need Freelance Writers

It is a very prestigious in-flight travel magazine to write for that not just helps writers earn some pretty good side income but also broaden their horizons and become more “travel conscious” by the extensive research that goes into writing these articles.

  • Requirements To Write For American Way Magazine

This magazine pays quite handsomely for travel writing to writers who work with them. You can write about everything from food, sports, entertainment, music, and travel.

The contact person to pitch your idea to is Derrick Lang, Senior Editor or Bill Kearney, Editor-in-Chief.

The different departments that you can base your pitch on for writing are provided in the media kit of the magazine.

  • Payment Per Word Count

They reportedly pay $1 per word, but the price is decided upon once the concerned authorities approve the pitch.



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