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Barefoot Writer Reviews: Is It Legit or a Scam Writer Jobs Website?

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You are welcome to my Barefoot Writer jobs reviews. Can you make money with the Barefoot Writer Club website? Is Barefoot Writer legit or a scam? 

It is good you are here to investigate if you can make money with the Barefoot Writer Club jobs website.


It is always good to research online programs, you will be able to discover legitimate online businesses, and you also learn to avoid many scams online. 

Please know that I am not an associate, nor am I affiliated with this website; therefore, expect an unbiased review of Barefoot Writer Club jobs. 

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BarefootWriter at a Glance

Owner: KATIE YEAKLE, Paul Hollingshead, and Don Mahoney
Location: 220 George Bush Blvd STE D, Delray Beach, FL USA.
Product: Freelance Writing and Training
Price: $149/year + upsells
Rating: 30%
Recommended: No { Check Out My #1 Recommendation}

Summary of Barefoot Writer Club Jobs Reviews

What is the Barefoot Writer website?

It is an online subscription website and magazine that will help you become an expert writer. 

The Barefoot Writer website is a recruitment tool to get you to subscribe to Barefoot Writer’s Club to cost you $49 yearly plus upsells. 

You will have access to a resource of their past issue’s magazine, and they promised to equip you with resources and education that will help you become an expert and high paid Writer in no time.

But Is Barefoot Writer legit or a scam? Can you make money with Barefoot Writer Club?

Firstly, the good news here is that their subscription is just $49 yearly plus some upsells.

Please know that the Barefoot Writer is legit and not a scam platform. 

Do you need to be trained to become a high-paid writer? 

For me, I don’t think you need to join a club to learn how to become a writer. 

There are many ways to make money straight away on the job. As long as you can hold a computer mouse, please don’t waste your time with this website.

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What do you think of my Barefoot Writer jobs reviews? Is Barefoot Writer Legit or a scam? 

Can you make money with Barefoot Writer Club?

Barefoot Writer Website Jobs Reviews

What is Barefoot Writer? 

This writer’s website an online subscription magazine was co-founded by KATIE YEAKLE, Paul Hollingshead, and Don Mahoney in 1997 via the American Writers & Artists’ parent company Inc. (AWAI). 

They claimed that the objective of the site is to help writers to lives their dreamed life. 

The company promised to help you become a profitable freelance writer to live an extraordinary life as an established writer. 

The site insisted that they show you the best way to pursue your writing career to be profitable, free, and become a successful copywriter. 

They promised to lead you through your chosen part of your writing career such that you would be able to decide to register for:  

  • Social Media, 
  • Become a Copywriter, 
  • Write and market your fiction writing, etc.

Barefoot Writer Vs. Barefoot Writer Club

The website has vast tricks, tips, and resources for writers, but you will need to join the “Club” for a premium subscription to have exclusive access to the real information you need that can make you an established writer. 

Therefore, the Barefoot Writer Club is a magazine subscription premium section of the site.

What is the current subscription fee of Barefoot Writer Club?

The current subscription and membership fee is now $149 for 365 days (i.e., a full year of subscription). 

However, you can get the subscription at a discount of $108. It depends on when you are joining. 

This writer’s website is like a medium that is set up to market and secures a subscription for the Barefoot Writer Club. 

You can read more about Barefoot Writer Club on LinkedIn and Facebook.

But can you make money with Barefoot Writer Club?

Is Barefoot Writer Club legit or a scam to take your money? 

Are you better off staying on the Barefoot Writer free subscription site than going premium?  

What do you think of my Barefoot Writer jobs reviews?

Requirements to Join Barefoot Writer Club

Do You Have to Have Background in Writing to Join?

No, you don’t need to have experience as a writer to join the website. 

It is a website that will train you on how to become an expert writer. They welcome newbies and people that are just getting started as writers. 

Please also know that you will also not be rejected if you are an expert writer. 

Is Barefoot Writer Club for US Citizen Only?

No, this writer’s website welcomes all people from all countries and regions. 

As long as you are interested in becoming a writer, you join and start learning with the site as a writer.

There are many of the site’s writers that are located in Africa, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

One of the great things about a freelance writer is that you can write from your home, anywhere in the world, and write whenever you like.

What is the Age Limit to Join Barefoot Writer Club?

There is no age limitation to join and become a member of the website.

They claim to have writers in their teens working and learning to become a writer. There is no age spectrum with joining the website. 

They stated that you desire to write the only requirement you need to start writing whatever you want and for any clients ready to pay you good money for your content.

Do You Need a Degree and Qualification to Join

There is no need for a degree, qualification, or certification to become a writer with the Barefoot Writer Club website. 

They promise to take you through all you need to become a successful and expert writer. 

Members come from different backgrounds such that many are graduates, graduate and non-graduated high school, experts from other fields, and some are out of work. 

Your clients will mostly be interested in the quality of your work as a writer than your background.

Make Money With Barefoot Writer Club

How Does the Barefoot Writer Club Work?

You will have access to the following as soon as you join the Barefoot Writer Club.

You will have access to:

  • The step-by-step plan to help make you money fast, i.e., to earn your first income as a writer. 
  • Access to the monthly digital subscription of the magazine.
  • Access to hundreds of back issues of the magazines 
  • You can join their Facebook group and community. 
  • Access to a private membership portal on the website where you can purchase another useful resource for writers (An upsell of the subscription). 
  • Free members on the platform can not access all the listed resources except and until they join.

But is Barefoot Writer Club worth it? What do you think of my Barefoot Writer Club review? 

Can you make money with Barefoot Writer Club? 

How to Make Money with Barefoot Writer Club Website

Yes, you can make money writing with the help of the Barefoot Writer Club. But how much can you make? 

The platform promised to give you lead to companies, Magazines, and organizations that need writers. You can also submit your article for a contest on the site for a review by the site editors.

They always reward the winners. The problem is that you can not bank on winning a contest to make money online. Freelance writing job online is a big-time business. But do you even need to be trained to become a freelance writer?

I know this writer’s website promised you many leads and opportunities, but do you need those leads to make money as a writer online?

Those promises include:

  • Show you various writing opportunity that can make you money
  • They will connect you with expert writers. 
  • You will be helped to pursue paid writing in a way to suits your purpose.

The question that remains is that how much money can you make with Barefoot Writer Club?

Is joining the Barefoot Writer Club worth the money? 

How to Get Paid on Barefoot Writers Club Website

As a freelance writer, you have different options to get started and get paid.  

You can decide to write for clients in different niches as a freelance writer of your choice and get paid via direct deposit payment or checks.

Also, you can go for specific clients and get salary payments. You can also choose to write for yourself with your blog or Amazon websites. 

There are different ways you can get paid as Writer. 

What Is Good About Barefoot Writer Club

Below are some great things I love about this writers ‘s Club subscription site:

Great Resource for Newbies Writers

The Barefoot Writer Club website has resources, content, and training that are good for just starting writers.

You don’t need to subscribe to the site’s premium section (i.e., Barefoot Writer Club).

You will learn the basics of what you need to know as a beginner and Writer.

Just visit the blog section of the website, and you can access it all. 

 Barefoot Writer BBB Reviews Rating

The Parent Company of the site (i.e., American Writers & Artists Inc) Is BBB Rated and Accredited. This implies that Barefoot Writer itself is BBB-rated and accredited.

The Better Business Bureau rating of American Writers & Artists Inc – AWAI is “A+.” 

The implication is that a good BBB rating for any company implies that the company has a structure to take care of customer issues and disputes. 

The BBB accreditation and certification of Barefoot Writer via its parent company, i.e., AWAI, means that the Barefoot Writer website resolves all customer issues and disputes in a standard and expected way. 

But does the BBB certification and reviews of Barefoot Writer imply that the company is legit and not a scam?

Can you make money with Barefoot Writer Club? What do you think of my Barefoot Writer jobs reviews?

100% a Year Money-Back Guarantee

There is a full-year money-back guarantee for website premium members. 

It implies that you can get your money back before the duration of a year guaranteed to elapse if you are not getting value for your purchase and subscription for Barefoot Writer Club website premium. 

Barefoot Writer Club Complaints

Have you been scammed before? 

There are some red flags and complaints about Barefoot Writer Club online and on many forums like Quora and Reddit. 

Before a real scam happens, some warning events and happenings should put you off if you are sensitive to online fraud.

That is what we will examine now in this Barefoot Writer jobs review. 

Are these complaints about Barefoot Writer Club real? Is Barefoot Writer legit or a complete scam, as some people claim? 

Will, the Barefoot Writer website make you money? 

Below are complaints about Barefoot Writer Club that you can’t just push aside:

Huge and Excessive Income Claims

The first thing about the Barefoot Writer website you will notice is the excessive and uncontrollable high-income claim you may soon experience. 

They also show off many current members that are making huge money with the Barefoot Writer website. 

Are these claims real? 

Yes, it is possible to make a lot of money as a freelance writer. 

But the question you must ask yourself is how and where you get to earn such huge money as claimed by the platform?

Which leads are they offering members that will help them make much money? 

If you look critically at the offerings and resource on the Barefoot Writer website, none can lead you to step by step making such amount of money as claimed. 

The resources are for beginners and nothing that can lead you to become an expert.

Yes, you get to subscribe to the premium section of the Barefoot Writer website “the Club.”, what are the things you will start doing that will leads to making huge money? 

How long can it take you to get to making such money with the Barefoot Writer website? In my recommended work from online home business. 

You will learn the art of blogging and how to build your website by yourself. You will know how to use an accepted format for your articles. 

Also, you will learn how to choose your profitable niche, keyword research usage, and drive traffics to your article that will convert to sales.

You will also know when you will start to earn some money, most especially if you are dealing with Amazon affiliate programs. 

You can not say that in this training program. It is why the vast claim complaint is an issue to many people about the Barefoot Writer website. 

Huge Amounts of Upsells

The actual cost of joining the Barefoot Writer Club website is $149 for a year. They often offer you discounts for a payment of $108 instead of $149. 

Will the subscription payment to join Barefoot Writer Club be all you need to access all the platform resources? 

No, it is another major complaint about the Barefoot Writer Club website online. 

There are many other resources that the website required you to pay for at the back end of your profile page after joining the premium club. 

It is called upsells. Many people hate it because it is a sign of a scam. 

Why can you make people pay once and for all?

You Can Access Most Information In The Public Domain

Another complaint about the Barefoot Writer Club website is that the premium subscription will offer you nothing special. 

Some say that you can get most of the information and resource they offer in the public domain online. 

Just Google it; you may even get a better free deal on YouTube with a step-by-step how to put your writing skill into making money online. 

Yes, there is much free quality stuff online, and this is one reason I can not recommend you to join the Club website. 

No, Barefoot Writer Club is legit and not a scam, but you don’t need to waste your time and money on your way to making money as a freelance writer. 

What do you think of my review of the Barefoot Writer Club website?

$149 to Is Costly for Beginners

$149 can be costly to join the Barefoot Writer Club website for any beginner. 

The cost and price of joining the Barefoot Writer Club website is a significant issue and complaints online. 

And it is another reason it no for me. 

It is like taking advantage of newbies writers who know nothing about making money as a freelance online. 

You don’t need to be trained to become an expert freelance online. 

Most Services Are Not Free

Offers at the backend and after joining Barefoot Writer Club are not free for you.  

You will have to use your credit card or for every request, you love to buy after your subscription. 

The services they will offer you to get leads and links to get paid with better offerings are not FREE. 

They have a commission you will pay if you get offers to write for any company or organization through Barefoot Writer Club.

Many people within the platform hate this, but they can not complain. 

Barefoot Writer Contacts Details

Below contact for any Barefoot Writer Complaints and resolution?

  • Mailing Address and Location: 220 George Bush Blvd, Suite D Delray Beach, FL 33444 
  • Phone Contact: 866-879-2924 or 561-278-5557

Barefoot Writer BBB Reviews Rating

The Barefoot Writer is on BBB file as of the time of writing this review. But American Writers & Artists, Inc.(AWAI) is rated and accredited by Better Business Bureau.

American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI) review rating as at the time of writing this article is “A+.” The BBB accredited the company on the 15th of March 1998. 

What does this imply? It means that the Barefoot Writer BBB review rating is “A+.”

It also implies that Barefoot Writer is taken customer issues and resolutions very seriously. If you have a problem with them, you will likely get it to resolve amicably without any hurt. 

What do you think of many Barefoot Writer Complaints reviews on the BBB website?

What do you think of my Barefoot Writer jobs reviews? Is Barefoot Writer legit or a scam? 

Can you make money with Barefoot Writer Club?

Is Barefoot Writer Legit or a Scam

Is Barefoot Writer Club Legit or a Scam?

Barefoot Writer Club is legit and not a scam platform for writers. 

But can you make money with Barefoot Writer Club? 

Barefoot Writer Club is no for me. 

Why is that? All the information offered on the site for premium is in the public domain. You can get them if you search for them. 

The only issue with that is that it is not in one place and location. 

I preferred to search and have different tastes of opinions. 

There are so many other upsells for things and resources you have to purchase within the membership area. 

Subscribing to the Barefoot Writer Club will not help you have access to the full package. 

Moreover, you can put your writing skills to earning over $5,000 monthly if you can start your own Amazon affiliate website. 

what are good side hustles

As I discussed in my summary section, that is how I make a full-time income online

Suppose a dummy that does not know how to write can copy with Wealthy Affiliate training. If my mother of over 68 years old can do, yes, you can. 

Can you make money with Barefoot Writer Club? Is Barefoot Writer legit or a scam? 

What do you think of my Barefoot Writer jobs reviews? 

Is Barefoot Writer Club Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Barefoot Writer job reviews. Can you make money with Barefoot Writer Club?

Is Barefoot Writer legit or a scam?

My Take about Barefoot Writer Club is this.

No, Barefoot Writer Club does not worth the money for me. 

I will not recommend the Barefoot Writer Club website to anyone. 

Not because it is a scam, no Barefoot Writer Club is legitimate. You can start making money on day one as a Writer on the Fiverr platform. 

There are so many opportunities you have as a freelance writer. All that is offered on the Barefoot Writer platform can be gotten for free online and in the public domain.

You don’t need to pay for them. 

Do you know any Barefoot Writer Club members? Or are you one? 

What do you think of my Barefoot Writer jobs reviews? Do you believe that Barefoot Writer Club is legit or another scam? 

Can you make money with Barefoot Writer Club? What do you think about the many Barefoot Writer Complaints online?

Please let me have what you know about Barefoot Writer Club in my comment area. 

Barefoot Writer Reviews – Video