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Monat Market Partners MLM Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Monat MLM job Review. Can you make money with Monat Market Partner job benefits? Is Monat legit or a scam pyramid scheme? Are Monat Market Partners making money?

It is good to find out stuff online these days because of so many scams. It was how I discovered how to make a full-time income blogging about my skills while helping my audience online.


Please know that I am not associated with MonatGlobal; therefore, expect a neural and unbiased review of this article.

Please read on.

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Monat Global at a Glance

monat hair products

Name: MONATGlobal
Industry: Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
Year Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Miami, FL, Florida, USA.
Founder: Luis Urdaneta
Products: Hair and Skin Products, and Pet Products
Price: $99 sign-up fee and $49.99 subsequent annual fee
Rating: 15%
Recommended: No

 Summary of Monat Market Partners MLM Review

 MonatGlobal is is a legitimate company with great product skincare, hair, and pet-based products. 

MonatGlobal runs a multi-level marketing-based business model that many is mistaken to be a pyramid scheme in nature.

Is Monat legit or a scam pyramid scheme? Can you make money with Monat Market Partner jobs benefits? Are the Monat Market Partners making money?

The MonatGlobal business model is not favorable to its Monat Market Partners (distributors). With the different levels of the compensation plan, it is the Market Partners at the highest level that earn the most.

The topmost level of Monat compensation comprises the owners of the business, the early joiners, the investors, very few hard workers. 

The question is this, can you make money with Monat as a Market partner? 

It will be extremely difficult for you to make money as a distributor and Market Partner of Monat, most especially if you are just starting. 

You can no more find the income disclosure statement of Monat Global in the public domain because it is the only source of truth. 

The last Income Disclosure Statement was in 2017, and it was a very bad one for the lower level Market Partners. 

The average monthly earnings of the lowest rank (i.e., Market Partners) was $87. 

The managing Market Partners follow with the average monthly earnings of $418

While the senior executive director (Topmost level) earns $107,0000

This follows by Executive Director that earns $34,000

It can be hell before you get to the top of the scheme to earn better pay as a Monat Market Partners. 

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What do you think of my Monat Market Partners MLM jobs review? Can you make money with Monat Market Partner jobs benefits?

Is Monat legit or a scam and pyramid scheme? Are the Monat Market Partners making money?

What is Monat?

The words’ Modern‘ and ‘Nature‘ were put together in his proto training form ‘Monat,’ as Luis Urdaneta & his family broke off the Alvira Corporation in 2014 after finding success with hair care products that emphasized natural products. 

The new company claimed that it could give products that would provide energy and nourishment for better hair growth with ingredients like essential oil blends with a concentration of omega fatty acids and plants.

This romance between this haircare product and market blossomed exponentially till complaints trickled in towards MonatGlobal.

The problem arose against the company’s claim that the products were made using unique processes that protected the scalp and hair from oxidative stress; and boosted its regeneration abilities—instead, the now popular MonatGlobal’s line of shampoos.

Conditioners and sprays were the highest common factor in a growing list of strange cases of hair loss, in people that used the products to prevent ‘hair aging.’

It suffices to say that MonatGlobal has not yet recovered from the debacle.

Read more about Monet Global on Wiktionary.  The question is this, can you still make money with Monat?

What do you think of the Monat Market Partner MLM job review?

Can you make money with Monat Market Partner job benefits? Is Monat legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

Monat Product Line 

Monat products range between different hair care products, skincare and Shampoos, and varieties of conditioners hairstyle treatments of various types. 

To make money with Monat. you have to come up with strategies to know how to sell all these products. They are as explained below:

  • Hair Care Collections

MonatGlobal has a variety of hair care products, including shampoos, hair sprays, and even hair repair treatments. Of their haircare line of products, the ‘Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive’ is the most distinguished. 

The bottle of oil is priced at $99 per 30-ml bottle, which is luxurious compared to other hair products, but that’s the flagship product of the company, so the hype is natural. 

monat market partner

The Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive is said to be made from more than 13 natural plants and blends of essential oils rich in omega fatty acids to enrich the hair and improve the regenerative and resilient abilities of the hair. 

Apart from the Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive, however, there’s no reason for the other products to be as expensive as they are. 

The Renew Shampoo costs a massive $35, and the rest of the products can be seen below. 

  • Pet Products

Monet Pet is exclusively botanical and blended oil that is made to soother and nourish the skin and hair of pets that is aimed to make their hair look healthy and shiny. 

monat hair products lawsuit

These pet products are gentle cleansing that is aimed to cleanse and wash Dogs and other pets.

The products are known for their freshness and Deodorizing spray nature. 

The Pet skin products are made up of a Sulfate-free mild cleanser that serves to thoroughly and gently clean pet dirt.

It grimes and oils their fur while it is softening the pet’s coat hair. 

What do you think of Monat Market Partner MLM products and jobs review? Can you make money with Monat Market Partner MLM jobs benefits?

Is Monat MLM jobs legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

  • Skincare Product

These are naturally powerful and clinically tested skin products. Dermatologists and ophthalmologists also approve the skins products.  

The company claimed that the products are made from natural based ingredients. The products are said to be vegan and cruelty-free.

monat lawsuit

The company contended that you should be assured that you are using safe and safe skincare developed products

The skincare products are naturally based on anti-aging that is formulated for all kinds of skin types.

They claimed that the products are created to optimize elasticity and texture that reduces the fine lines, wrinkles, and spot appearance when fully deployed and use. 

To be a successful Monat Market Partners you must read the Policy and Procedure otherwise you will burn your hands. 

What do you think of my review of Monat MLM Market Partners?

Monat Compensation Plan 

Monat Global’s compensation plan is complicated to understand.

But the only way to make money with Monat is to know all about the compensation plan.

They want you to get that there are many ways to earn money as a distributor for Monat:

  • Fast Start Bonuses 

Monat Distributors get excellent packages for little achievements in the first few months after signing up as distributors. 

  • Retail Profits and Bonuses

Distributors earn a 30% commission on sales made at the retail price.

Also, 15 cents from every dollar you get from the sales of Monat products to VIP members goes back to the distributor as commission.

  • Enrollment bonuses 

Distributors can also earn from referrals that get prospects to enroll as VIP members. 

  • Incentives 

Distributors are promised good bonuses for progressing in ranks and building your team. 

If not for the new ocean of lawsuits and complaints, MonatGlobal’s products would have more money-earning opportunities than it currently does.

With the bad Reputation the company and its products have at present, it is difficult for the distributors to move the products; and since the Monat Compensation Plan is based on sales, money-making is a challenge at Monat. 

How to Become Monat Market Partners Distributor

All you usually need to join most MLM businesses are your membership registration fees and even more money to buy products monthly.

This is one big way to make money with Monat as a distributor. 

This is how to become a Market Partner with Monat. Monat Global has four different plans that distributors can start with, with more perks predictably offered to more expensive programs.

They are:

  • Starter Package

The cheapest product package that has a provision of roadmap, brochures, and workbooks to help the distributor through his/her new responsibilities.

The cost is $99 in the US, while this fee is 125 Canadian dollars.

  • Business Product Package

This product package includes products including hair conditioners, shampoos, and other nine full-sized products and 56 other products valued at $500 retail price and $300 at wholesale for the distributor. 

  • Success Package

This is an upgrade on the Business package with 17 full-sized products – now including hair masks – instead of 11, and 80 other products compared to the Business package’s 50.

Thus, the distributor that invests in the success package can earn 46% savings where the Business package assures only 40%.

  • Overachiever Package

This is the most expensive product package a distributor can opt for as a new affiliate with Monat. 

In exchange for the compulsory fees, you are given 70 full-sized products and a hundred other products and the product brochure. 

The Monat Market Partner Packs are valued at $6,490, which is close to half of the retail price of $1,299, which is a massive proposition for the Monat Market Partner. 

The above is the only way to become a lead Market Partner with Monat.

What do you think of my Monat Market Partner MLM jobs benefits review? Can you make money with Monat Market Partner MLM jobs benefits?

Is Monat MLM jobs legit or a scam and pyramid scheme?

Monat Market Partner MLM Jobs Requirements

The list below is Monat Market Partner Requirements that must be fulfilled before you can qualify to work as a distributor to Monat Global.

For you to become a Monat Market Partner, you must:

  • You must be of 18 years of age and above or age of majority as stipulated by the law in your state or region.
  • Ensure you reside in the United States, Canada, or any country that Monat is currently present and open for business.
  • Provide you’re your valid social security ID or Federal Tax Identification Number
  • Purchase your Monat Market Partner Packs/Kit (This is optional for North Dakota Residents)
  • You must submit your completed Market Partner Application and Monat Market Partner Agreement in either soft or hard copy.

It is advisable to go through the Monat Policies and Procedures/Monat Market Partner Agreement before joining Monat as Monat Market Partners.

It is some hoe difficult to make money with Monat with these many requirements.

What do you think of my Monat Market Partner MLM job benefits reviews? Can you make money with Monat Market Partner MLM jobs benefits?

Is Monat MLM jobs legit or a pyramid scheme scam?

***Please note that Monat reserves the right to reject your applications as a New Monat Market Partner***

The Monat Market Partner Packs?

Your Monat Business Product kit is made up of the following:

  • There is a stand-alone Starter kit is made up of 35 samples products
  • Success Product kit has 56 sample products
  • Overachiever has 70 sample products. 

These products are to be shared with friends and family to aid more referrals to the company to get more markets, partners, and distributors.

You have to purchase this pack to make money with Monat. Are there any changes in Monat Market Partners packs?

What do you think of the Monat Market Partners MLM reviews?

The Cost to Join Monat

Monat Market Partner has the option of buying a product package out of the four packages depending on their budgets.

  • Monat Market Partner Packs that opt for the starter packs only must pay the start-up fee of $99 (This fee is $125 in Canada)
  • Business Package costs $299, 
  • Success Package costs $399 and the 
  • The overachiever package costs $699 minus the start-up fee. 

All Monat Market Partners must pay the $99 start-up fee, so the distributor that opts for the Business, Success, and Overachiever package must also pay $99 in addition to the product package costs. 

All Monat Market Partners must also pay $49.99 every year to keep their Monat membership active. 

You will get a Monat Starter Kit that consists of marketing and training material with many products that you can share with friends and family.

Are the Monat Market Partner making money with various job benefits? Or is Monat legit or a scam?

Note: You must be very sure to spend the above cost before you can make money with Monat. What do you think of the cost of Monat Market Partners packs MLM reviews?

Who Is Monat Market Partners For?

Monat Market Partners is for people that are ready to make money with Monat Market Partner job benefits.

You must be hardworking and ready to go the extra mile to engage people, and also will have to engage your friends, family, and neighbor. You cant be a shy person if you are to make money as a Monat Market Partners selling multi-level marketing Monat skin and hair products. 

How to Make Money with Monat Market Partner Job Benefits

By the nature of the businesses, there are two ways to make money off all MLMs; through multi-level marketing sales and commissions.

You need to go through the latest Monat Compensation Plan 2019 on the MonatGlobal website.

To make money from Monat and as a Monat Market Partner, you have to sell 200 PV (personal Volume) of Monat product every month to be active as Monat Market Partner.

Every active Monat Market Partners will earn a minimum of 7% commission on every sale according to the Monat Compensation plan.

  • Sales

There are some MLM companies where your goal should be in ranking up as quickly as possible, while that is not too different from Monat; the compensation plan of Monat shows something interesting.

When it comes to sales, retail sales to customers earn you 30% of the total price as profit and half of that profit if you’re selling to a VIP customer.

That profit margin is too right to not direct a lot of your focus.

Unfortunately, the scandals and controversies have cast a cloud on the company that discourages buyers from placing their faith in the product.

  • Commissions

Monat has many incentives created to keep Monat partners motivated by the business opportunity.

These commissions are programmed to increase when you increase in rank, but you can earn from the activity of people you recruit anyway.

The more people you have in the levels under you, due to the people you sponsor further recruiting other people; the higher your commission gets; and the greater the number of levels you can reap from.

You can also earn group volume bonuses and ‘generation’ bonuses; all of which largely depend on how devoted the partner is to making sure his group sales volume and personal sales volume are as high as possible.

What do you think of the reviews of Monat Market Partners MLM jobs?

How Much Can You Make with Monat Market Partner MLM Job?

Earnings from retail sales are definite; it entirely depends on how many products you can push out, as the 30% – 15% discount simply becomes your profit.

Earnings from commissions depend on these sales but are harder to predict nonetheless.

The central requirement for earning from commissions is by moving up your ranks and making sure that your downlines sell enough Monat products.

If the distributor can hustle to the top level, the commissions you receive all sum up to 29% in the way of bonuses collated from the members in your downline.

Monat Global partners also earn 2% overriding bonuses from all levels of their downlines, except for sponsors that have reached the ‘Managing Market Builder (MMB)’ rank.

Even for such Monat members in your downline that make it to the MMB rank (called Monat Generation); you can still earn ‘generation’ bonuses from the activity of such a downline member.

Ultimately, the distributors cannot do any of these if their accounts are not active, and keeping it busy requires a monthly expenditure worth 200PV.

Are Monat Market Partners Making Money?

MLM companies are always afraid of disclosing their incomes because that is what exposes the impossibility of earning through a Multi-Level marketing system.

In Monat’s Income Disclosure Statement and the ‘Statement of Typical Participant Earnings’ portion of the Monat Compensation Plan.

There is vague information on annual earnings expected for the average partner, which makes up more than 60% of people in Monat.

Instead, they are more given to declaring the average incomes for people at least at the MMB level.

Yet, they made a mistake, as any eagle-eyed reader will point out that the average earning for people at such an elevated position is $1,188.

By the time the expenditure and expenses are outlined, there will be few distributors that have crossed over to the earning faction, but most people will sadly have nothing to show for it.

Why It Is Difficult to Make Money with Monat Market Partner Job Benefits

MonatGlobal is made effective by its network marketing strategy to extend its marketing responsibilities to people through customers. 

People readily let it continue like this. 

They are unaffected by the company squeezing their efforts and money from them; they choose to squeeze the money back out from their downlines. 

Also, the rivalry becomes thicker because they compete for places with other distributors trying to reach out to the same crowd that they are trying to reach.

Monat Market Partner Job Benefits

Are you ready to build a business with MonatGlobal direct sales company that you can call your own?

The company promised a lot of benefits, and business opportunities for all its distributors called Monat Market Partners.

As soon as you join and become a Monat distributor and Market Partner with Monat; the first benefit of being a Market Partner with Monat is to learn how to grow an active direct sales agent to MonatGlobal.

You will have access to the following:

  • SMART Start Workbook

This is the smartest way to practice what you are learning in the first few months of your enrolment as a Monat

Market Partner. You can call it the “Smart Start Period, “; which will happen in your first three months.

It is a workbook based and contain detail information about Monat products and system that is available for your success.

  • SMART Start Roadmap

The Smart Start Roadmap will help you get up to an excellent start with Monat Global as a Market Partner.
Market Partner Academy

This is the training department of MonatGlobal. It is online based and very interactive.

It is said to have excellent training and interactive modules with proven techniques that will help you build your team.

***List of Monat Market Partners Benefits with Monat MLM***

  • Access to your Monat Product parks within your first 30 days
  • Your replicated e-commerce store website already enables easy ordering
  • 30% commission on every one of your retail sales and 15% commission on VIP sales
  • You enjoy free shipping for every order of over $84
  • If you later join the flex-ship program, you will be getting the monthly gift of Monat products that worth $25
  • Your customer will order directly from Monat; you don’t need to keep inventory.
  • You will have access to flash sales of over 64% off the Monat products pricing (BOGO Deal)
  • Access to Market Partner incentives and promotions
  • You also have the opportunity to join social media Monat group online such as Facebook and YouTube (Kendall Welden and Jewelry Stephens)
  • Opportunity to win WHITE CADILLAC when you hit Market Mentor level of the compensation plan.
  • You will also buy products from yourself, helping you to make more earnings.
  • Many great prizes and trip incentives whenever you reach your goals
  • You also have the opportunity to explore other sales territories, both locally and nationally.

Monat Customer Service and Support

Below are different ways to contact Monat Customer service and support help desk. This includes both Emails and Phone Numbers of Monat Customer Service 

You can reach Monat Global Customer Service on any issue via:

  • Monat Customer Service Phone Number: 888-867-9987
  • Email Address:
  • Live Chat: Monat Live Chat 

***Products and Services Inquiries***

  • Monat Customer Service Email: 

***Monat Global Customer Service Email Addresses***

  •  Product Ingredients and Usage:
  •  General Support:
  •  Media Inquiries:
  •  Ideas and Gratitude:
  •  Inquiries on Recognition:
  • About Monat Logo (Trade Shows):
  •  Inquiries About Home Office Visits and Tours:

***Monat Market Partner Customer (Service Hours)***

  •  Monday to Friday: 8 AM – 11 PM EST
  •  Saturday: 8 AM – 5 PM EST
  •  Sunday: Closed 

***Monat Customer Service USA Mail Address***

What is Good About Monat Market Partner Job Benefits

  • Good History of Success

For a company so young, it’s impressive that they have garnered so much attention, with most of it positive at first. 

Within a year after Monat’s inception, the company already made up to $25 million for that year. 

The company had a bright future before the rain of complaints.

  • Good Reputation, Initially

For their fast growth, Monat was honored with a treble of awards between 2016 and 2017. 

They won the 2016 ‘Stevie Awards for Women in Business,’ the 2016 ‘American Business Award,’ and the 2017 ‘Direct Sellers Association of Canada’s Award of Excellence.’

At that time, it was rightfully deserved. 

Monat Market Partner Job Benefits Compliants

  • Overpriced Products

Monat’s flagship product, the Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive, costs a massive $99, despite it’s for a 30ml size.

The argument when it was flying off the hands of distributors was that it was made of the highest quality ingredients until the complaints started rose like a tide.

Most people revealed that this expensive bottle of oil expedited the hair loss process that they were not even going through yet.

There are some online comments that the oil used triggered adverse reactions like scalp issues, itchiness, and other discomforts in many users.

  • Terrible Structure forMonat Market Partner Job Benefits

If the company had a more organized structure, they might have been able to stem the tide ever since, but it gets worse because of their faulty systems of operation.

Official complaints on Monat reveals that they don’t have good enough customer service cultures; so they refuse to answer to appeals of customers looking to cancel their auto-shipments or even just making inquiries.

What’s worse is that these issues have persisted for the past four years and are still subjects that Monat’s leadership has not taken care of.

  • Ocean of Complaints and Lawsuits

Any novice at business understands how terrible complaints and lawsuits can be for business, but it seems Monat’s managers think the complaints and legal issues help their cause in some way. 

There is no other explanation for the lack of decisive action in ensuring that changes are made to stem the influx of complaints by making the restitution during manufacture and in their support system. 

In the first quarter of 2018, MonatGlobal faced 689 complaints on the Better Business Bureau platform and five class-action lawsuits on the grounds of deception and fraud. Just terrible.

Is Monat FDA Approved

There are a lot of these questions online (both in Monat on Reddit and Quora); “ is Monat hair products FDA approved”

Please know that the FDA does not approve of cosmetics products, and that includes Monat skin and hair products. Therefore, MonatGlobal products are not approved nor certified by the FDA.

However, Monat most meet the FDA requirements under law in the production of both of their skin and hair products.

Some Monat Market Partners are used to informing the public in their sales pitch that Monat is FDA approved.

This is a false claim; the FDA does not approve cosmetics.

In 2018, FDA visited and inspected the MonatGlobal Florida facility, and the result of their visitation was not too good though Monat downplayed it.

Monat-FDA-Inspection-Report visit to MonatGlobal Facility here. It is an FDA Monat Visitation report in PDF format.

The FDA observed that Monat product was done under “insanitary conditions” See the screenshot of the FDA report here.

is hair products fda approved

Source: Monat’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Inspection Report PDF Format

Monat always stated that the company is committed to the requirements of the FDA; and for the production of all their products, they said that their products are safe and effective for all their customers.

What do you think of my Monat Market Partners MLM reviews? Are the Monat Market Partners making money?

Complaints About Monat Market Partner Job Benefits

Social media is awash with complaints against Monat Global. 

The Monat complaint ranges from inadequate customer services to many cancellations of membership problems.

See the screenshot of some of the complaints below: 

Monat Market Partner Job Benefits pyramid scheme

Source: The Wall Street Journal

becoming market partner
make money with Monat Market Partner Job Benefits
Complaint about market partners

Source:  Trust Pilot

Monat Market Partners MLM Jobs BBB Rating Reviews Is “A”

Monat has one of the worst Better Business Bureau pages in terms of reviews despite the BBB ratings of “A.”

The complaint tally keeps rising every month with no signs of slowing down, and it is not accredited by BBB, perhaps, as a result. 

BBB Review of Monat Market Partner Job Benefits

From its tally of 689 in 2018, the complaints have risen to 1,023 as of the time of writing this review.  

I can not imagine how Monat can get BBB ratings with the level of an online complaint by bothering their formal market partners and various customers online. 

What do you think of the Monat Market Partners MLM BBB reviews rating of A? What does this mean for the customer complaint and dispute resolution?

Are Monat Products Overpriced?

Yes, Monat products are overpriced. This is why it is tough for the Monat Market Partners to sell the products. 

It was over prize because of the several sharing of the commission that is involved at different levels of the compensation plan. 

It is essential to state that the products are great for your use but very costly for average buyers just because of the commission that has been shared by several Monat Market Partners at different levels of compensation. 

How to Quit and Cancel Monat Market Partner Job

As a Monat Market Partner, you have the right to quit and cancel your membership at any time of your choice, without any reason. Still, you should be ready for the trouble that comes with your quitting and cancellations of the affiliation with Monat Global.

This is a step-by-step process on how to quit Monat Market Partner

Your cancellation can only be in writing, yes you have to write to cancel your Monat membership. You have to write to the company’s principal business address.

How to Quit Monat Market Partner via Phone Call

Please do the following as soon as you are set to place that call, informing them that you are quitting the Monat Market Partnership program. 

  • Dial this phone number (888) 867- 9987.
  • Demand to speak to any of the Monat representatives.
  • Inform the rep that you are ready to cancel and quit your Monat Market Partner membership.

How to Quit Monat Market Partner via Email

Your quitting and cancellation notice must include the following:

  • Your Name,
  • Signature
  • Address, and
  • Your Market Partner ID Number
  • Then Contact the Customer Care team via this email address:

How to Quit Monat Market Partner via Chat

Would you please chat with the Monat Market Partner Customer Care team to quit the VIP Flexship Program? Use this link and click live chat.

Please mail your Monat Global cancellation request to 3450 NW 115th Ave. Doral, FL 33178.

Note that you can also cancel your Monat Global Market Partner membership voluntarily just by declining to renew your Monat Market Partner Agreement on the anniversary date.

Monat Global can also decide not to renew or even cancel your membership. This is if you go against the Global Market Partner policy and procedure.

As soon as you quit Monat Market Partner membership;

  • You instantly lose the right to promote and sell MONAT products
  • No reason to receive your future commission, income or bonus
  • You automatically waive the right to your remuneration from sales and several of your formal activities.

Monat Policies and Procedures about all you stand to lose whenever you cancel and quit your Monat Marketing partner membership.

Monat Hair Products Lawsuit

For a six-year-old company to have more than six class-action lawsuits is remarkable enough.

The company has five lawsuits in two months, can you imagine that.

Most of these lawsuits are the “Monat Hair Loss Lawsuits.”

See the list of the Monat lawsuits below with dates:

***Monat Global Vs. Vickie Harrington***

Date: January 2018
Plaintiffs: Monat Global Corp.
Defendant: Vickie Harrington
Lawsuit Amount: $225,000
Complaint Doc. PDF DownLoad

***Trisha W and Emily Y. Flores Vs. Monat Global***

Date: February 2018
Plaintiffs: Trisha Whitmire, Emily Yanes de Flores
Defendant: Monat Global Corp.
Lawsuit Amount: $5,000,000
Complaint Doc. PDF DownLoad

***Monat Global Vs. TONI MILLER***

Date: February 2018
Plaintiffs: Monat Global Corp
Defendant: Toni Miller
Lawsuit Amount: $225,000
Complaint Doc. PDF DownLoad

***Dana Sohovich Vs. Monat Global***

Date: March 2018
Plaintiffs: Dana Sohovich
Defendant: Monat Global Corp.
Lawsuit Amount: $5,000,000
Complaint Doc. PDF DownLoad

***Bottalico Vs. Monat Global***

Date: April 2018
Plaintiffs: Kelley Bottalico
Defendant: Monat Global
Lawsuit Amount: Not Yet Set
Complaint Doc. PDF DownLoad

How to Join Monat Class Action Lawsuit

Do you know that the class action lawsuits against Monat and also Monat‘s lawsuits against their critics can be merged? This is a common practice that helps consolidate resources.

Do you know you can join the Monat Class action lawsuit?

But is it worth it to join the Monat class action lawsuit?

For most people, the answer is no, why others will not mind the money.

A class-action lawsuit will allow a group of MONAT Global Hair Care Products to come together. Monat customers with bad experiences either of hair loss, rashes and bald spots, etc.

Joining the Monat class action lawsuit implies that you are eligible for compensation, but you have to waive your right to file a personal suit against Monat Global.

Be sure you have enough proof and evidence of your injuries of using Monat products before you exclude yourself for a class action lawsuit; then, you will need to go it all alone.

In a class-action lawsuit, there is strength in numbers, and that will help. It will imply the consolidation of all the evidence of Monat customers and clients.

You should know that most class-action lawsuits can take up to three years; therefore, prepare to go it all alone.

Federman & Sherwood is currently collating for Monat class action lawsuit and you can also know the available class action lawsuits on the Consumer-Action website.

Is Monat a Pyramid Scheme?

Monat Is legit, and not a scam pyramid scheme but an MLM company that is distributing and selling legitimate hair care and skin products.

Monat Global is a company that many people like to hate because of many issues. 

There is a lot of online and offline complaint about Monat products. These several complaints are coming both from the consumer and the Monat market partners. 

  • Complaints are ranges from bad products, 
  • Products not serving the purpose of which it was bought 
  • Bad customer services 
  • Monat Market Partners not been able to cancel membership
  • Card cancellation issue after product subscriptions
  • Etc.

All the above bad news does not make Monat or Monat Global a company running a pyramid scheme. The Monat business model is the wrong one for me and, i.e., Multi-level Marketing. 

80% of distributors working with any company with the MLM business model will not make money. It is only the people at the top of the scheme that you will be working for. 

This is why 99% of companies that run MLM business models are always mistaken for operating a Pyramid scheme.

Why is Monat not a Pyramid scheme business? Because they deliver what they promised. 

When you buy the company products either online or offline, they provide the product to you (Even if the product turns bad or makes your skin go blue).

In a pure pyramid scheme practice, there is no product and service involvement.

What do you think of my Monat Market Partner Job Benefits review?

Can you make money with Monat Market Partner Job Benefits? Do you think Monat Market Partner Job Benefits is legit or a scam and pyramid scheme?

Is Monat MLM Jobs Legit or a Scam? 

Monat is legit and not a scam pyramid scheme company with a very excellent product line.

They have a lot of complaints online, and the company has a couple of lawsuits at the time of writing this review.

The company products are too costly, and you can see a lot of such complaints everywhere and online. 

The challenge with the company is the multi-level business model that always rewards the people at the top of the scheme rather than equal rewards. 

You will earn pennies and as a Monat Market Partners while working for the people at the top of the pyramid scheme that makes significant revenue annually. 

The bottom line is that Monat is not a scam but a legitimate company because they deliver what they sell to the Monat Market Partners. 

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Monat Market Partners Vs Wealthy Affiliate


Is Monat MLM Jobs Global Worth It?

What do you think of my Monat Market Partner Job MLM Reviews? Are the Monat Market Partners making money? 

Is Monat Market Partner Job Benefits legit or another scam pyramid scheme?

This article focus on answering many questions about Monat Global.

Questions such as:
  • Do you think you can make money with Monat?  
  • Do you feel that Monat Is a pyramid scheme?
  • Is the Monat Legit or scam?

So, Is Monat worth it?

Monat products are lovely and very great, but you may not make money as Monat Market Partners if you are not at the top of the scheme and not extremely hard working. 

Monat is only suitable for market partners and distributors at the top of the so-called pyramid scheme. This is why many refer to Monat as a pyramid scheme-run company.

There are also many complaints that Monat products make them lose their hair and so many other complaints about Monat products. 

 If you are not ok with a product’s safety, how can you recommend it to others? 

Also, you must know that MLMs thrive on customers willing to spend on their products. If you don’t have a passion for hair and skin care products, you should stay away from Monat. 

You must also be ready to pitch to your family, friends, and neighbors to make sales.

The good news is this; you can now make money with Network Marketing products from different companies via an auto sales funnel. 

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What do you think about my Monat MLM jobs MLM reviews? Can you make money with Monat Market Partner Job Benefits?

What is your take about Monat Market Partner Job Benefits?

Please use my comment area.

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18 thoughts on “Monat Market Partners MLM Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Thank you very much for your review on the MLM companies and the Monat Global company. I have recently been very interested in the topic of MLM businesses, as the demand of working digitally and individually has been on a rise. To be very honest, I have never heard of this MLM business, Monat Global but I have heard of some others like Atomy and Shopcom. But after your review on it, I fully understand the flow of business and the chain of the market partners, as your review is truly very descriptive on the programme.

    I really do respect you and am impressed on how honest and descriptive your review is, and it is very appreciated because you have clearly stated what are the pros and cons of this business, including their past complaints and lawsuits. These are all important factors to know about before committing into a business. Nowadays, it is very rare to find reviews as honest as yours. My one and only question for this review, is that have you personally tried the products or have anyone that you know tried the products before? If yes, it would be great to also put in some of your thoughts on those products. 

    All in all, I enjoyed reading your review. Do keep it up and stay real to your reviews! 

    1. Thanks for reading my Monat Market Partners Review.

      It is all about how to make money with Monat. It is important to know that many Monat Market Partners are making money with this MLM company. Most of the people that are making money are the to level members.

      These are the early joiners of Monat Gloal; they are the one making the most money with Monat compensation. 



  2. How are the Monat products? I am not familiar with Monat. Is it somewhat similar to Avon or Mary Kay? 

    It seems like a lot of investment for little return. 

    Too many complaints is a red flag for me. 

    Hair loss lawsuits? Wow that’s a lot to handle and I would be awfully leery about joining this company.

    1. Dear Geri, 

      i doubted that you read this article. I have a section about Monat Products. Monat producst includes its Hair, Skin and pet products. 

      Monat made us realised that their products does not contain the following ingredients. 

      Parabens SLS/SLES Cyclic Silicones BHT DEA/MEA Phthalates Phenoxyethanol Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, or Paraffin Wax Triclosan Plastic Microbeads Formaldehyde Releasers

      Thanks again for reading my review. 



  3. This is a good review. By reviewing the company’s products, you are also bringing up the lawsuits that the company is facing. In business, this is a very important factor to consider. 

    Once the company lost any out of the six lawsuits, the whole company is gone. To an affiliate you will be wasting your time and advertisment money and your sales or profits then. 

    So, affiliates should thereby consider if to work with such company. 

    Monat has so many complaint about their hair products and the ingridient they are usging. Can you help me with the bad ingridient that they are not using?


    1. Dear Kimlee,

      Thanks for reading my Monat reviews. 

      My Monat Market Partner review is to help the to be Monat distributors decide if this is what they need. The article is to let them know what excatly they are going into by joining Monat. 

      Monat is a great company with wonderful products but it Is No No for me. 

      The following are ingruidients that are not suppose to be included in Monat products. 

      Parabens SLS/SLES Cyclic Silicones BHT DEA/MEA Phthalates Phenoxyethanol Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, or Paraffin Wax Triclosan Plastic Microbeads Formaldehyde Releasers

      Thank you


  4. Thanks for this comprehensive review review about Monat. Personally after reading your review I would never join this company due to its lawsuits, or any mom company due to how low of a conversion it has.

    I believe affiliate marketing is a much better method to make an income online. How long would you say it takes on average to make a good income work affiliate marketing? 

    1. Thanks for reading my Monat Hair Products Reviews.

      It is all about how to make money with Monat. 

      I am happy you drop your comments.

      Thanks you.


  5. For me I don’t recommend this one as they have a very worse customer service, they are just imposters claiming what they no they cannot deliver….the most annoying part is the price it’s so outrageous for such a low-quality service…for me, I would say run from this one.
    Thanks a lot,

    1. Thanks for reading my Monat  Review.

      It is all about how to make money with Monat by the Monat Market Partners. 

      Thanks for your comments.



  6. This is really a great review. For the first time I saw information about Monat on the internet. I did a thorough research and discovered that Monat is an MLM company. The fact is that, making money with MLM companies is no easy task. I am pleased with your recommendation about Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is the most appropriate platform for those who want to achieve greater success online. Thank you very much for sharing. Best regards.


    1. Thanks for reading my Monat Market Partners review. 

      It is important to note that many people are making money with Monat.

      Thanks again for dropping your comments.

      Really appreciate. 


  7. I am always grateful for articles like this.  As a professional internet marketer myself I am like my fellows always on the lookout for products or opportunities to add to my portfolio.

    As with one of your other commentators below, some years ago I was in a (not to be mentioned by name) MLM. The whole experience started well but ended very badly not so much for me as I saw the signs and bailed early but for many unsuspecting vulnerable people.

    The experience taught me to be considerably more thorough in my due diligence going forward.  This kind of article makes that easy and saves me a lot of time and effort in trawling the net to find other reviews.

    This one based on your review is not for me.

    Thanks for putting the time in I really appreciate it.

    A comment for you to consider. I have been viewing this on an IPad Pro and your theme does not render r greatly on this device. I wonder if the theme is optimised for mobile devices, just a thought should you consider the mobile audience as key to your traffic flow. (Edit this out if you want to approve the comment without it just wanted to help if I could)


    1. Thanks for your comment. 

      My theme is a premium theme and it is okay with the way I just check now.

      thanks for reading my articel on how to make money with Monat  as a Monat Market Partner.

      I really apreciate your comments.



  8. It is always difficult to know whether such companies are a legit or scams unless you have been researching or are a member. They are often very secretive about plans. 

    You are served  bit by bit. When you finally realize it is a bad deal you already have lost a lot of money.  I can imagine it is hard to see overprized products. Many years ago I was in a MLM company. 

    I have been presented with many others too, They all have strict rules of what you can do or not do. Fixed sales systems you have to follow. 

    A lot of work for little in return. I think you give a real good insight into what Monat is, the history and issues with product safety. It does not look like a company I would involve myself in. 

    Your research here is great. 

    One of the major question people ask on redit and quora about monat is how to cancel  Monat Market Partner. Many Monat Market Partners compalint of the Monat cancellation a lot. 

    Thanks for your Monat Reviews.

    Thank you for this post! Very interesting and informative. I will definitely stay away from this company and MLM schemes.

    1. Thnaks for reading my Monat Market Partner Review.. The article is all about how to make money with Monat. 

      Yes, you are right. It is a lot of complaint about hwo to cancel subscription by Monat Market Partners.

      Thanks again for your comments and for reading my Monat Reviews.


  9. What really scares me about MLM companies is all the complaints they receive. Monat seems to offer a lot of products, do they specialize in any one of those products? 

    The reason I ask is they have such a wide variety of products available, it won’t seem to have anything that they really stand behind. 

    This is a really great review you’ve done, such an eye-opener as to what MLM companies have to offer.

    That for your great Monat Hair Products review. It is one of the best Monat Review i have seen websites written. 

    And what I like most is the ways the Monat Market partners can easily make money with Monat Global.



    1. Thnaks for reading my Monat Reviews.

      The article is focus on how to make money with Monat. And mainly to investigate how Monat Partners are making money with this MLM company call Monat Global.

      Really apreciate your comment.

      Thank you.


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