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How To Transition From Paid Job To Affiliate Marketing

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Do you have a great job? Do you love your job? Is it yours? This article is about how to transition from a paid job to affiliate marketing.

The article is great most especially if it is now a job that is completely own by you.


The bad news is that you will not continue to have this job? It is not your company and you are just an employee, the implication is that your DAYS are numbered on the job.

Freedom is key in living a life you really want, “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Nelson Mandela

There is nothing like having the freedom and being your own boss, this post is all about the transition from jobs to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to work at home.

I am going to advise you on how to work from home with a job that pays online.

There is always a need to plan for your retirement, one of the best paying online job is affiliate marketing, please pay attention to this.

It will soon be time for your retirement, and maybe you are depending on your pension to make ends meet but you have a better option.

It is natural to worry, as the cost of living is so high, you can’t even think of retiring without a backup plan or source of income to fall back upon.

While there are so many ways to earn money after retirement, making money as an affiliate marketer is one of the best ways on how to earn money online from home.

Transition From Paid Job To Affiliate Marketing

Before you even start reading and learning about affiliate marketing, you should understand that affiliate marketing is not automatic ways to riches and it won’t make you rich overnight.

You need patience, hard work, and the help of the following tips and guidelines to earn money as an affiliate marketer and transition from a Paid Job to Affiliate Marketing.

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First, What is affiliate marketing? You need to understand the concept of affiliate marketing.

It is basically a marketing system where a business rewards affiliates like you for the visitors or customers you generate through your marketing efforts.

In other words, as an affiliate marketer, you receive a commission from a business whenever visitors from your site make a purchase from them.

There’s no need to create any product to sell in affiliate marketing.

You just have to work as a middle person, connecting a buyer and seller, and you earn a commission for sales generated through your referrals that is how to transition from paid job to Affiliate Marketing.

Practical Steps To Affiliate Marketing Transition

Affiliate marketing is a serious business and to be successful as the one you must take and observe the following steps:

  • Learn The Rudiment Of Affiliate Marketing

There are few legitimate programs online to learn how to become a good marketer online today, you must be careful to avoid many scammers, they are out everywhere online throwing bait at you with a lot of unbelievable headlines.

It is not easy to make really good money online and it takes time, so don’t ever believe those flashy headlines that are saying, join me make $2,000 daily doing nothing!

Ensure you read reviews on any training program before opting in to avoid being scammed.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you, this program through me from scratch, and I am doing very great today.

  • You Must Have A Website

Having a website of your own is very easy to come by, you don’t need to be a programmer, therefore, coding is not needed to come up with a great website.

And you can easily come up with your website in under 30 seconds.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you How To Build a Website in 30 seconds. You cannot be an authority in your niche as an affiliate marketer without a website.

how to work from home job
  • Avoid Free Stuff Online

You must learn to avoid free stuff online if you must be a great affiliate marketer.

For instance, to get ranked online with your content you will need to have a solid keyword research tool, I am using Jaaxy Enterprise Keyword Research Tool.

If you depend on free tools, your post and pages will not rank on search engines.

The essence of building websites is to attract readers to your blog, without readers on your sites, you cannot refer people to your affiliate program that will earn you money online.

There is some painful decision you must take that will forever establish and reward your effort in the near future. You don’t need to subscribe to many programs or tools except important stuff you can avoid.

For example, you can avoid outsourcing your content writing, you can research and start writing your own articles, and you can use free images online for your blogs instead of subscriptions and purchasing images for your blog.

How Money Is Made In Affiliate Marketing

This is how an affiliate marketer makes money online from working at home.

You are provided with a unique affiliate code to use to refer traffic to the target site once you join an affiliate program and choose a product to sell.

The programs may provide you with ready-made banners and text links for you to copy its code and place it on your website to start referring traffic.

Whenever interested visitors click on these links on your site, and reach the product site, and if they buy something or subscribe to a service, your reference automatically earns you a commission.

Sellers keep a track of your performance through your affiliate ID and their affiliate software while you have real-time access to all sales and commission stats.

5 Affiliate Marketing Method That Work

There are so many strategies you can employ as an affiliate marketer to make legitimate online jobs work for you. Don’t forget it must be legit work home jobs.

In affiliate marketing, we have proven and legitimate work from home jobs, it depends on your niche’s choice and area of expertise.

You have to apply some of these methods to succeed as an affiliate marketer:

  • 1.) Hard Work And Consistency

You must prepare your mind to work very hard and be consistent, you can start within two to four months and expect to start making money.

It is very competitive to work and start making money; for you to succeed as an affiliate marketer you have to be resilient.

You may need to be posting three or more content weekly, this may require outsourcing your write up.

I use iWriter because they are great, read this great article on Alternative to iWriter, that will help you to see another outsourcing website you can use.

  • 2.) Choice Of Profitable Niche

You will need to do great niche research so as to make a profitable choice of niche.

Your niche may not have to be popular, you may not need to love or like your niche (this is against popular saying); but you must choose a niche that sells and attract traffics.

Yes, you may need to have a passion for what you are promoting because this is what will drive you towards working on your niche, there is no need loving a niche that will not earn you money online.

Check out Choosing A Profitable Niche, it will help you a great deal of technique and tools needed to make the right choice of a niche for your profitable business online.

It is not advisable to go for the broad niche, the person’s option is to embrace and nurture sub-niche; broad niche will discourage and consume you most especially if you are a newbie.

For instance, instead of choosing Family Life as a niche, it is better to choose Tolls for Kids.

  • 3.) Don’t Be Scammed Online

no fee to work from home jobs

There are a lot of Affiliate programs that are scam online, be very vigilant and watchful, be sure you are only affiliated to legitimate products online, and don’t pay for tools and products without checking or reading reviews about such products.

We review products, someone somewhere would have exposed any fraudulent affiliate program.

When you read reviews about a product you can never go wrong, because a fraudulent product can only cheat one or very few people online, every other person can never be fooled.

Learn also how to spot an online scam; it will assist you in taken necessary measures online. Always avoid products that have elements of MLM, see Why MLM Is A Scam. It will drain your money and resource.

  • 4.) Add Value To Your Readers

Always let your focus be to assist and help your readers online rather than selling; come up with great content that will help people when you build that trust people will always come back to your site.

Never make a false claim about any product so as to sell to people online, tell it the way it is all the time.

This will help you build a great reputation and before you know it you will soon become an authority in your niche market.

  • 5.) Be Focused, Don’t Be Distracted

You will see a lot of distractions online; when you get distracted you won’t get to your destination early.

We have a lot of shiny stuff online, make $1,000 a day, try this for $2, etc. We focus on your content.

The best bet for an affiliate marketer is in writing great quality content.

When you write and post quality content, with time you will start to experience your own traffic and you will start making sales.

Common Payment Terms Use For Affiliate Marketing

You make a commission for every sales or action you make your readers take through the impact of your content or banal display.

There are different affiliate programs which reward you for different actions like:

  • #PPS (Pay Per Sale) Program

This is the most common one, where you receive a commission when a sale is complete.

  • #PPC (Pay Per Click) Program

You are paid based on the number of people you manage to redirect to the merchant’s site through your affiliate site.

It doesn’t matter if they make a sale or not; your redirection to the merchant’s site earns you a commission.

  • #PPL (Pay Per Lead) Program

You are paid whenever referred visitors provide their contact information by filling out the target site’s contact form.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

The following are the benefits associated with affiliate marketing:

  • There are no fees for joining affiliate programs nor is there any worry of storing, packing or shipping products as all this is taken care of by the seller.
  • Affiliate marketing gives you maximum worldwide exposure as you easily reach out to a global market.
  • With the right niche product and marketing skills, affiliate marketing can provide a steady flow of passive income even while you are away from the computer, holidaying, sleeping or even if you are sick. Moreover, you needn’t waste time traveling to your workplace as you work from the comfort of your home.
  • The most important benefit of affiliate marketing is its cost-effectiveness, as you needn’t worry about production costs, hiring employees, or running a physical business. You earn commission-selling things without investing in anything.
  • There’s no headache of providing customer support to your customers or dealing with any complaints as the seller takes care of all that.

Tips For Successful Transition  to Affiliate Marketing

Despite knowing the benefits of affiliate marketing, you also need the help of the following 9 tips to become a successful affiliate marketer.

  1. Don’t depend only on your site ads to promote your products. There are other traffic sources you can use to drive targeted traffic to a sales page like Google Adwords, social media platforms, the right SEO, and the use of the right content.
  2. Find out more about the demand for the product as selling low-demand products will not get you that much of a commission no matter how hard you try. Find out if the product you plan to promote is what your audience needs.
  3. Promoting niches that interest you will be easier to promote and learning more about such product will be fascinating.
  4. Never promote too many things, as you will not be able to promote anything properly. Instead, choose only a handful of good products to promote after understanding the market needs. If you have a website, choose products that align with your site content.
  5. Keep testing and tracking your affiliate campaign to find out what works best for you. Measure the performances of different campaigns; sometimes all it takes are a few changes here and there for a dramatic increase in your profits. Even changing the placing of banner ads on your site helps, as ads are more noticeable at some positions than others.
  6. Choose your merchant wisely as you don’t want to promote products, which your visitors will buy only to regret later on. They won’t return to your site, and this hurts your credibility. Stick to promoting products from companies, which offer good customer support and consequent optimal customer satisfaction.
  7. Joining interactive training programs for affiliate marketers to help you discuss things with other affiliate marketers who form a well-needed support system.
  8. Stay abreast of the latest affiliate marketing techniques, as this is an ever-changing field where you find new techniques cropping up every day. This is the only way to move ahead and not fall behind in affiliate marketing.
  9. Never oversell products through aggressive marketing; it doesn’t work as it only bombards customers with so many ads, schemes, and brands, which confuse and overwhelm them.

Decide For Wealthy Affiliate

Everything you observe on this website was as a result of what I learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

I don’t even know how to develop my own website when I first joined WA.  You will learn and earn a lot of money through Wealthy Affiliate.

Subscribing to Wealthy Affiliate is better than going for a master’s degree program in College/University. With WA you will earn as you are learning. And it is the best-making money online training in the world today.

What do you think about the transition from a paid job to Affiliate marketing?

Drop a comment for me and let me have your opinion and you are free to join me at Wealthy Affiliate. Down below you have options to either join the premium or starter pack.

Join Starter with two free websites and hosting for life and you have more than 50 websites for the premium option.

Conclusion on  How Transition From Paid Job To Affiliate Marketing.

Thanks for reading my article on how to transition from a paid job to an Affiliate Marketing job.

Now that you know more about affiliate marketing, you shouldn’t worry about retirement.

what are good side hustles

With the right choices, techniques, and perseverance, you will definitely agree that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways on how to make money from the website.

And as there’s no investment to make and nothing to lose; you have all the more reasons to consider pursuing affiliate marketing after retirement!

Are you a professional on a paid job, becoming an affiliate marketing is the best thing that can happen to any man? Waking up at your own time and working online at home in your Pajama is the best that can happen to any person.

My advice to you is this, think about this and start affiliate marketing while you are still on the job by the side.

Do you know anyone that has transited from Paid Job to an Affiliate Marketing job? What happens?

Create time on weekends and an hour a day after your day job, this will ensure you are not just starting after your retirement but starting affiliate marketing before retirement is the best option for you.

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  1. Dear John,

    I’ve been curious to learn more about affiliate marketing and this is really helpful.

    I think one of my problems is that I promote too many things and that makes it hard to promote any of them properly.

    Thanks for sharing this post!


    It is Tami.

  2. This is such a big question I read all the time. It can be hard to tell whether you are in a position to switch from a full-time office job to being a full-time affiliate marketer. Like you mentioned, choosing a profitable niche is super important. You have to have proven income before making the switch. Don’t do it if you’re not making any money!

  3. Hi, this is nice post Thanks for your great work and do please keep it up. I knew that blogging is a lot of work. How are you coping? Are you making money? I really envy.

    1. Hi James,
      Thank you for visiting my website. Yes, I quite agree with you that blogging is a serious and time-consuming business. There are a lot of things you must learn and keep learning.

      I am making money but it is not enough yet for me. My target is to be making over $50,000 monthly in the next two to three years.

      I am sure that I will hit my target with time.



  4. Hi Jofa! Thanks for sharing. I know that WA is a great tool for running a business online. I’ve started 6 months ago and I did some progress inside the platform. I’ve started slowly, but I’d like to know how long it takes to start earning commissions if you publish articles 3 times a week. I know one should have the patience for that but anyway is there an approximate time to see results?

    1. Marta, 

      Earning money online depends on so many factors.  The important factor is the nature of niche you are, is it a broad niche or a narrow one? You will make money quickly if the competition is low. The type of niche you choose will determine the level of competition that you will swim against.

      Also, you must be ready t work at your blog. It is so rigorous to continue when it seems nothing i happening. But if you are relax and keep working you will earn with time.

      It is advice-able to chose a niche that you have passion for. It is that passion that will drive you in those difficult time. 

      I Hope you are okay. 



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