36 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliates Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Hello there! This is an awesome review you’ve got here. Wealthy affiliate is the best online business I can confidently  recommend to any one who wants to improve his/her monthly earnings as apart from the commission, they offer various unique classes that can help even newbies like me.

    Thank you very much.

    • Thanks for reading The Wealthy Affiliates Review.

      I am sure you now know how to make money with Wealthy Affiliates.



  2. John, you’ve done an excellent job explaining the legitimacy of Wealthy Affiliate. I know a lot of people will have complaints about this program, especially if they are not properly informed about it, but I know that this program is legit, and if people really take advantage of the overwhelming opportunities here, they’ll see big changes in their lives.

    • thank you for reading my Wealthy Affiliates Review.

      The article is focused on and about how to make money with Wealthy Affiliates 

      I appreciate your comments.



  3. Hello, great review on Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have personally been on WA since 2016 and have done pretty well for myself here on the platform.

    Either if I’m promoting Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate, or using the WA platform to create websites for my offers, WA is the best for any beginner to get started with and why I continue referring it to my students.

    I wish you much luck and success!


    • Thank for reading my article on how to make money with Wealthy Affiliates.

      I appreciate your comments.

      Yes, you are right. Wealthy Affiliate have lot of benefits.



  4. As someone who has been looking for a legit program to get into, I thank you for this review. It seems as if Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and should be something for everyone to try. How long should I prep before I start making a legit income? I don’t want to underestimate my time and have low funds as a result of being too aggressive.

    • Thanks for reading my Wealthy Affiliates Review

      The article is all about how to make money with Wealthy Affiliates.

      I appreciate your comments.



  5. Hi John,

    I really enjoyed your Wealthy Affiliate review.

    WA sounds like just what I have been searching for, as I am disabled & homebound and have all day to work on an online business. Also the ability to begin this for free sounds great.

    I am highly intrigued with the potential to be earning $10k monthly within 2 yrs.

    But I was wondering though, how long it would take me to start earning at least $2k /month if I work this full time (at least 40 hrs/week) ?
    Have a nice day!


    • Dear Chloe,

      Thanks for reading my Wealthy Affiliates Review. Firstly Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life. Can you imagine turning what you love doing mostly to making money online? And to be able to do that anywhere you are as long as you have internet access is unimaginable for me.

      Firstly, I can assure you that you can make any amount online as long as you put your mind into it. But, it is not going to come so simple. It is a tasking job to venture into. Why is it tasking?

      The principle behind making money online is this. You can not make money online if you are not ready to help people first. people here are referring to your audience or target customers.

      Let assume you love watching movies! Do you know you can make a fortune online writing and reviewing all kind of movies? Your target customers will be movie lovers.

      Your duty will be to come up with a platform of your own. You will be writing about your favorite movies via your content. Your content can either be delivered via a website, Youtube i.e. Video, podcast.

      Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to identify your niche and target customers. You will also learn how to rank your content that anyone searching

      for any type of movies will see your platform online. the more you review various kind of movies in your niche the more you get people to your website and the more you can sell to them.

      What you will sell to them will be determined by what you are talking about. Since we are using movies.

      Anyone that comes to your website will click on a link that has to do with certain movies that you are reviewing. That link will take them to where they can purchase or download the movies at a cost to them that will earn you a commission.

      You will earn a commission based on a certain percentage. The commission can be 30% i.e. the platform you are affiliated to as at that time give 30% to all affiliate members and the movies cost $100, you will be earning $30 for every referral.

      What determines how much you will earn monthly is how serious-minded you are and how much efforts you are ready to sacrifice. You can even make over $4k within six weeks.

      Imagine doing two reviews daily by writing two articles and posting each of the two on a daily basis for six months days; that is what determines the growth of your website.

      what do you think? Kindly join through my Wealthy Affiliate affiliate links

      I will be your guide in the community and you will have a lot of offering waiting for you.



  6. Very informative. Not very familiar with the affiliate system but I’ve heard many reviews about it, mixed reviews though but there is a positive note to it. Although $10,000 a month sounds like a lot but I don’t have a good grasp of the potential income on this so this would be worth reading more on.

    • Dear Ana,

      You can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing. It is a secret that many does not know. The challenge is that it is tasking and a lot of work to get their.

      Making money online is a lot of business. Making money as a freelance is one thing, making passive income with your website is something else.

      Affiliate Marketing involve you earning commission from sales of another party!

      Initially, when you start a business online with your website as an affiliate marketer. You may not have reaction for months. But if you work consistently for over 18 to 24 months you will start making consistent money.

      I knew people making over $6k in their nine months.

      It just depends on your determinations.

      Thanks for coming to my web page. Really appreciate.


  7. Hey John,

    Thanks for all the interesting information about the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

    I’m intrigued to start this program and see how it get help me in the future.

    Keep up the great work with content like this!



    • Hi Bobby,

      Thanks for reading my Wealthy Affiliates Review, the Best Work Home Job that will help you to be Making Over $10k Monthly.

      Be prepared to work as hard as you can. Be ready to put all you have into it. It requires full dedication.

      No more watching of television and unnecessary visitations at least for the first few months. Making money online is real but it requires a lot of work too.

      The good news is that I will be around for you. To help you make sure you never quit or fail. Look for JOFA within Wealthy Affiliate ( That will be me)



  8. Hi John,

    This review gives a lot of good information about Wealthy Affiliates,(I also read your review); it is mind-blowing. I’ll have a look again in the near future.

    How Fast can I start making money? How much effort do I need to invest?

    Please revert in time.

    I am Franco.


    • Dear Franco,

      Thanks for reading my The Wealthy Affiliates Review; it is just the best work home job ever– Making Over $10k Monthly.

      I am happy you like my review. Ensure you contact me when you get to the member area at WA. My name is Jofa.

      How fast would you make money? That depends on you. If you go through the training and you put into practice what you will be taught you will make money. The time still depends on how much time you are ready to give. If you invest five hours daily; your impact will be the difference from other individuals who will invest one hour daily.

      You will need to nurture your website and wait for your audience to come. You will be making a substantial amount of money within one to two years of starting your online business.

      Ensure you choose your niche by considering what you love doing or what you passionate at. Because those are what will drive you when you are discouraged.

      But, there is nothing compared to making money online; staying at home or working from anywhere in the world earning over $10,000 monthly. I knew people that are making over $5,000 with less than 7 months old website at Wealthy Affiliate.

      It will only take your dedication.



    • Dear Tami,

      Thanks for reading my article about The Wealthy Affiliates Review as the Best Work Home Job and how you can be Making Over $10k Monthly.

      A lot of people are making money working and helping people online. You can achieve same too if only you are ready to put in the work. It takes a lot of work to really have success this is why many are not making money.

      The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate training has been simplified for both professionals and newbie affiliate marketers. The training of over a 100 video and text hands on is the best in the world.

      You will learn the art as long as you can read and you know how to hold a computer mouse.

      How long you will make money depends on you. If you are ready to go full time and you are ready to put in the work 24/7 you can be making over $10,000 monthly within 2 years. But you will start earning good money within your first years.

      We have many people with a day job at Wealthy Affiliate. Many resign their jobs after two or more years. There are a lot of real-life testimonies.

      Indeed, WA has changed my life for good.



  9. Dear John,

    After reading this review and watching that video i had to click on the starter link to join this programme.

    I’m happy you let it know that it takes hard work to reach and not a quick scheme.

    thank you John


    • Dear Stefone,

      Thanks for reading my The Wealthy Affiliates Review. It is just the Best Work Home Job that can help Make you Over $10k Monthly.

      Wealthy Affiliate is just the best place to make legitimate money online.



  10. What a review. I am in Wealthy Affiliate. I will signal you on your profile. Great review.

    John! Are you making money? How long have you been around ?

    • Thanks Judge,

      Making money online is a lot of work. Most especially when you are just starting out. i have been in wealthy affiliate for almost a year now. For now i am sticking to just one website though i am think of another niche.

      I have started making some money. But it will definitely get better with time. Making money online takes time. It is not a quick money venture. It involve a lot of work. Most especially if you are i broad niche like mine.

      Thanks Judge

  11. Thank you for the awareness. What a great place to start business online.

    I will definitely take a look at this again.

    Do they reduce premium pricing during Black Friday?

    Please revert .

    • Yes, black Friday is a good time to go premium or subscribe for yearly program in Wealthy Affiliate. It could be ridiculously cheap.

      I will also be renewing mine then. in fact a lot of people wait for this time for renewal of on boarding

      Thanks Jude

  12. Great review. I will definitely going to take Step towards online business. Promoting my own business online is a great idea. And it is like Wealthy Affiliate is where to go. I really like this. I actually saw this link from Facebook.

    Thank you.

  13. What a great review of W.A. If I was not a member already I would be looking at it for sure. Love all the pictures and the depth of your content. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful program and review for others.


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