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How to Make Money with Crypto/Forex without Actual Trading.

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You are welcome to my essential guides on how to make money via Crypto Affiliate Marketing. It is how to make money with forex and Crypto trading without actually trading.

Yes, you can make money through Bitcoin affiliate marketing.


Passive income.

I am sure you like the idea of passive income, do you?

One great way to establish your online business is to know how to make money with cryptocurrency without trading.

Make money even while you are sleeping. Do a task once and earn it for a long time.

Affiliate Marketing is where 99% of people started.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Is a way of making money in the form of commission or income as a result of promoting or marketing other people’s products or services. You get paid only if you generate a sale (s). You only get paid a certain percentage of the sale(s) you generated. 

Crypto Affiliate Marketing is when you get rewarded in the form of commission for promoting a service or product such as Crypto exchanges, Crypto Services, and any Crypto-related business.

You will only get paid when you refer customers to any Crypto exchange or services online. We have huge numbers of bitcoin and Cryptocurrency affiliate programs that you can easily make money from.

Becoming a Crypto affiliate marketer means that you will be promoting Crypto Affiliate networking products and services.

If your website visitor clicks your Crypto Affiliate link and later subscribes or makes a purchase on the merchant website, that individual becomes your referral, and you will earn a commission.

This article is all about how to make money with cryptocurrency without trading. Please read on. . .

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Crypto Affiliate Marketing Vs Crypto Trading.

This Crypto Affiliate Marketing essential guide is key to both expert and newbie that is interested in knowing how to make a full-time income selling cryptocurrencies products and services online. 

You may have ideas of how to make money from buying and selling crypto coins for profits before now trading. But how long will you continue to risk your money and resource on a volatile business? 

This article is about how to build an online business with cryptocurrencies (without trading crypto coins in any crypto exchange) that will continue to earn you a full-time income year to come.  

It is all about how to make money with forex/Crypto without trading.

See why you should become a crypto affiliate marketer instead of a Crypto trader; this is why many people are dumping Cryptocurrency trading for Crypto Affiliate Marketing. 

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No Hands Off in Crypto Trading

You won’t have a life of your own because you must be involved daily and personally to make money in Crypto trading just to be sure that your money is safe. Crypto Affiliate Marketing is not so.

You only review and place your affiliate link and move on to another review. 

You can even pay writers and freelancers to do any of the work for you while you are doing something else. This is why I love to make money with cryptocurrency without trading.

Crypto trading is just like Forex trading; you have to be very involved to protect your money.

Sometimes they use brokers to trade; it is like putting your life in someone else hands. This is how to make money with forex trading without trading.

You Can Lose All Your Money Via Forex/Crypto Trading

Crypto trading is a risky business. Most especially if you are greedy, and you refuse to get out because you want to make more margin. You can quickly lose all your investment in a day. 

Professional Crypto and Forex trader also lose money slowly, not to talk of you that are learning how to trade. 

Crypto affiliate Marketing is not so. When you start your business with your website, it becomes yours. No one can revoke your access or deny you. If you decide to make money with cryptocurrency without trading; you can not lose your money.

As long as you have enough Affiliate Marketing training, you will rank your articles, and people will keep coming to your site, and you can easily convert them with your affiliate links. 

You Must Monitor the Trend to Trade

Crypto trading involves a lot of analysis to make money. You must continue to monitor the market trends; otherwise, you will lose all your money in minutes. 

You must stay updated on every crypto exchange policy and have to know how to track addresses of your token sales and those mining transactions. It is good to also monitor the global trend and events to avoid not losing your investment in Crypto.

You don’t need all this in Crypto Affiliate Marketing. It is happenings, events, and trends that will drive your affiliate sales. 

When you decide to make money with forex trading without trading, you won’t need to monitor the trend. It is a waste of time.

Crypto/Forex Trading and Price Fluctuations/Inflation Movement

This is why Crypto and forex trading is so volatile and risky business for anyone. It is not a good business for any beginner. 

You have to know all sorts of jargon like Volatility Index/ CBOE Volatility Index. What drives Crypto trading is its historical volatility. 

You don’t need to know any jargon about your niche in Bitcoin Affiliate marketing to start making money. Just start providing help by continuing to publish articles on your websites. This is how to make money with cryptocurrency without trading.

And consistent, ongoing outreach will always bring people to your site.

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You Are Competing with Professional Traders Every Day

Cryptocurrency Trading will make you be competing with professional traders in the banks and investment companies (in Your Central banks). 

You don’t need to go to school to make money with your website as an Affiliate Marketer.

99% of Crypto/Forex Trader Fail and Lose Their Money.

It no more news that 80% of most day traders lose all their money in the first two years; among them, over 40% of them will only trade for one month. 

Only 13% will continue to trade, while only 7% will continue to trade. If you decide to make money with cryptocurrency without trading; the risk of losing your money is out of the way.

This is not so for Forex/Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing. It could be difficult but with step-by-step training provided by the best affiliate marketing trainer in Wealthy Affiliate. There is no way you will not make money.

You Need a Lot of Capital to Succeed Crypto/Forex Trading

The most question in many forums is “how much do I need to start trading crypto?” Mostly what you need is knowledge about Bitcoin affiliate marketing. In reality, it will require much more money for you to start trading Crypto/Forex than you can imagine.

Most Bitcoin affiliate marketing trading will require a few thousand dollars. Fees charged are a lot of percentage on trading crypto.  

I was once charged $45 bitcoin transaction fees, i.e., $90 for a round trip. You need much more money, most especially if you are trading the Altcoins. For instance, $100 will be too small. 

But, the same $100 will give you 90 days for both training and getting your website running for Crypto Affiliate Marketing certification training with Wealthy Affiliate. You would have done a lot in 90 days at $100. 

So, know that you just need your website with traffics to make money with cryptocurrency without trading.

Hackers Will Always Be After You

Crypto traders are one of the most attack online businesses ever; I recently read that over $9 million are lost every day in Crypto Trading Scams.

You may be thinking that most of these crypto exchanges are decentralized safe because they are anonymous and not within the control of the authority. What you don’t know is that they are constant targets for scams, phishing, hacking, and digital theft.

This is why I am opting for Bitcoin affiliate marketing 100%. It is risk-free and you can earn forever.

The bitcoin exchanges are not regulated; most of them are fraudulent, and many of them will trap your money after you must have been enticed with unrealistic margins and discounts to use their exchange. 

Most won’t release your money when it is time to cash out. 

Crypto Affiliate Marketing is not so. You will be dealing with many Crypto exchanges, and you will get paid as soon as you convert any user for them. 

The above are various reasons why you have to start making money without trading Cryptocurrencies. 

Build a Secure Crypto/Forex Affiliate Marketing Business Online

The Future of Crypto Affiliate Marketing 

Crypto brokers usually rely on affiliate marketers to bring referrals. The affiliate marketers for Crypto are, therefore, a crucial, pivotal point in the Crypto business. 

Affiliates get a commission based on the referrals they bring to the broker who turned out to be traders.

If you observe keenly, Crypto affiliates are highly paid affiliates. Anyone looking to invest in an online marketing business should ultimately try Crypto marketing. 

It is a fortune in disguise. The market has shown signs of enormous growth in the future, meaning there will be a lot of money oscillating in that sector.

However, in as much as it is a lucrative endeavor, it requires persistence and skills to make a living in this market.

This article is for you to understand every little bit of information and clear the air on anything regarding the future of affiliate marketing for Crypto.

Requirements to Set Up Your Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing Business

In this section, you know how to become an authority in your Crypto Affiliate Marketing niche. 

Step 1: Have an Idea/Skills that solve a particular problem.

The idea here is for you to become an intermediary between the Cryptocurrency Eco-system (Your merchants) and the users (Target Audience) of the various applications in the Ecosystem. 

You are to get clients and customers that will engage the Crypto ecosystem while you get rewarded for every referral via your Bitcoin affiliate marketing business.

The list of Crypto Eco-System is:

Asset Tokenization, Digital Identity, Voting, Healthcare Data, The Energy Market, Financial Services, Smart Contracts, Government and Public Sector Applications, The Internet of Things, Musician Rights, User Authentication, Art & Collectibles, Online Ticketing Systems, Retirement Plans, Video Games, Virtual Goods, Food Traceability, Cloud Computing, Payment System and Crypto Exchanges. 

Step 2: Build Great Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing Business

Your website is your property and asset. It is so easy to build a site in the 21st Century. No design skills and knowledge of coding are needed to have one for yourself. 

You can build your great-looking, profits-ready website within Wealthy Affiliate in less than 30 seconds.

These are ultra-powerful, secure hosting with a state-of-the-art website that will grow your business with Wealthy Affiliate. 

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Step 3: Develop Traffics Strategies for Your Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

The user of the above list of the Crypto Eco-system is your target audience. 

Your objective is to find ways to get to them, know their problems, and link them to organizations and various Crypto – companies that have what they need. People are your audience, and your audience here are the users of the Crypto-Ecosystem.

Step 4: Your Revenue Sources Are the Crypto Ecosystem

Once you are getting traffics to your website, you need what to sell to people that visit your pages and post. 

You can start promoting Crypto products and services of various Crypto Ecosystems that have high commissions and offerings. 

E.g., You can pick on gaming websites, write an article review about the site, rank it on page one of Google. 

As they visit your page to read the article, you make them sign up to use the gaming site, and you will start earning commission for every referral you made via your affiliate links. 

Steps to Attain Authority in Crypto Affiliate Marketing

While this venture can be termed as passive income if you put in more effort in bringing in the referrals, you are sure to receive sizable revenue from your investment. 

Your commissions will always be on the rise from the influx of traffics to your website. 

The following are step by step master plan that will assist you to bag more money from the Crypto affiliate program:

***Get Trusted By Your Audience***

The main distinction between hosting ads and affiliate marketing is that an affiliate marketer is a brand ambassador for the product or service. 

You are selling the client’s services to your audience, and you are trying to show them that they need to click the link and try out your client.

That technically means that you have to be able to convince your blog visitors to trust you and your opinion. 

To be able to achieve this, you have to show your understanding and prowess in the Crypto industry by providing analysis; advice regards the various Crypto ecosystem you are reviewing. 

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***Create an Establish Online Presence***

If you do not have a massive following on your website, it would be difficult to refer people to various Crypto Merchants and Companies. 

That means that even the brokers will not want to partner with you, basically saying you will not make money as an affiliate marketer.

Again, all this will boil down to the quality of the content you post on your website. Regular posting will also ensure traffic is always engaging with your website and your social media platform. 

The engagement will also help your rankings on the search engines to go up.

You are to research various subjects that your audience will be interested in and provide solutions for their problems. Ensure you optimize your site fully to bring in more traffic to increase your earnings as an affiliate potentially. 

***Come Up with Quality Reviews/Articles for Crypto Ecosystem***

Making money online is about solving problems. There are many problems in this world. All you need to do is to target one of the many problems. If you can solve the problem, you will make money. 

People are searching online every second on how to solve their problems. It is only great value-impacting articles that will bring your audience to your website.

You can’t make money without an audience on your platform, this is how to make money with forex trading without trading.

You need to be writing Crypto-related topic reviews that solve real-life problems. There are two reasons sidelined with this effective tactic, and they include:

  1. Your regular readers will already be used to your knowledge and expertise in Crypto trading after several reviews. This will help them click the affiliate links that will earn you sales.
  2. You may not be aware yet, but most of your readers want to trade Crypto, and from reviews on your site, they are now easy to persuade and make them join your client’s many Crypto Exchanges online. 

***Emails Collections Is Key***

Creating an email list technically means that you now have a line of communication that is direct to your audience. So when you want to promote a given product or service, you will have a straightforward range of customers to first talk to.

Consider creating something like a gated content where you offer readers free products or services, but to be able to access it, they have to input their contact details. Even a few email addresses are very crucial and valuable to your business. 

Conversion rates are higher for personalized emails. Be smart in how you approach the customers in your email list, and they could turn out to be the most profitable prospects for your business.

***Sign Up For High Paying Affiliate Programs***

After all the procedures above are completed, you are now ready for the program. 

Look out for the ideal affiliate program in various Crypto Ecosystem with high commissions that suits your requirements.  

You are to target quality Crypto exchanges (There are over 100 Crypto Exchanges) and hundreds of Bitcoin affiliate programs online. I recently did a review of 53 Top Crypto Affiliate Programs that pay high commissions. 

After securing the ideal broker, they are going to provide you with a referral link. You need to add it in a strategic position on the site so that your traffic can click on it. 

Add the link on articles that could be mentioning the broker’s name or to a review article. Bitcoin affiliate marketing is one of the best jobs you can do online with no risk.

You could even write an essay that promotes the broker’s trading platform alone and includes the link there.

***Promotion of Your Affiliate Post and Pages***

It is not an offense to leave the link and wait for people to click on it, but if you want to make good money with affiliate marketing, you have to push the extra mile. 

Let your email list know all about your broker and how they can benefit from the broker’s services and why you think the broker is the perfect choice for your customers. 

Make sure the information you share about the broker is accurate and relevant. You need to do it right to make money with cryptocurrency without trading.

List of Relevant Crypto Affiliate Networks 

Crypto Affiliate Networks are providers of affiliate networks that will help you make money as a Crypto Affiliate Marketers.

Crypto Affiliate Networks have buckets of companies and programs that are ready to pay for every referral you get to their platforms.

It is also the duty of the Crypto Affiliate Networks to pay you. When you deliver referrals to any program via the Crypto Affiliate Networks, they ensure that you get your commission. 

Below are specific Affiliate Networks that you can easily search for online. You need a list of these network sites to make money with cryptocurrency without trading. There are hundreds of them:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers 
  • Trade signal providers
  • Online retail businesses
  • Online gambling websites and casinos
  • Adult entertainment and dating sites

Is Crypto Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

What do you think about my article on how to make money with cryptocurrency without trading? Yes, Crypto Affiliate Marketing is worth your efforts.

Just like any other legitimate online business, Crypto Affiliate Marketing is not a get-rich-quick business opportunity. It will take you a lot of work and dedication to be a success.

This is what should drive you to have your own business online. You will be able to work from home or anywhere, for that matter. All you need is your computer and data to have access to the internet. 

Currently, I am writing this article in Kenya (on a month Vacation); I am visiting 17 African countries this year. The good thing is that I can work from anywhere online.  

Starting Crypto Affiliate Marketing Job

I will be recommending one of the best affiliate marketing certification training that will make it all simple for you. 

It is a step-by-step work-through training. You can start with the first level with ten FREE lessons. You will not need a credit card to start the certification training.

Wealthy Affiliate certification training will put you through all the steps I have explained in this article. They will help you host ten websites fully secure with premium training.

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2016, you are not promoting Wealthy Affiliate to make money, but you will be promoting other quality Crypto exchanges and companies as an affiliate marketer. 

I am sure that you will start making money in no time. You just need to be hardworking and consistent with working on your website (i.e., writing and posting articles regularly on your sites).

I can assure you that all your hard work will pay off in the end; you just need to be committed and dedicated and treat this as a real business because it is. 

What do you think of the Crypto Affiliate Marketing essential guide? I will love to have your feedback in my comment area. You can now make money with cryptocurrency without trading.

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  1. Ooh this is an interesting read and I was quite captivated until I read that you could lose all your money in one day.  I sup[pose if that is the case then the majority of people who are involved is limited to those with significant disposable income who are trading ing the margins of their wealth.

    What is a safe form of crypto currency trading for those of us who do not have the luxury of vast disposable income, indeed is it an area wise to get involved in at that level?


    1. Dear Hamish, 

      Thanks for reading my article about how to become a great Crypto Affiliate Marketer. It is my guide to help you know how Crypto Affiliate Marketing works. 

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  2. John, thank you for taking us through Crypto affiliate marketing, which I believe is an excellent way one can make money online. Your guide is quite elaborate and easy to follow, and it good you shared a list of affiliate programs to join.

    With the threat from hackers, the risk of losing money and the high capital needed, becoming a crypto trader seems a reserve of the experts and not newbies like me. It works best to join affiliate marketing than crypto trading.

    Your article gives me a brilliant idea for me to chase and I will take the necessary steps to try out crypto affiliate marketing.
    Have a great time in Kenya.

    1. Dear Edgar, 

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  3. This is really great to see here and I must say that this is quiet good.  Crypto affiliate marketing just like it has a lot of chances of breaking it and making so much from it, it also has the dangers of affecting one’s capital anyhow because if fluctuations and volatility. Thanks so much for sharing this here. Thumbs up to you

    1. Dear Rodarrick, 

      You are wrong. Crypto Affiliate Marketing Job will not impact your finance compare to how trading cryptocurrencies will. Becoming an Affiliate Marketing in the Crypto niche is better thank trading crypto in any crypto exchanges.

      thanks for reading my article on how to make money with Crypto without trading in any exchange.



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    1. Dear Paneva, 

      Thanks for reading my article about Crypto Affiliate Marketing Job. It is the best guide to become a profit-making Affiliate Marketer. 

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  5. For me I don’t think crypto affiliate is worth it, there are less risky ventures to promote like wealthy affiliate, they payment of your month cash is guaranteed and you don’t have any risk of losing your cash. Likewise the system is built in such a way that you can promote other products linked to it like the keyword research tool

    1. Parameter, 

      You are right in some way. You can still be in Crypto Niches and still be an authority selling Wealthy Affiliate for anyone that will lobe to become an affiliate marketer.

      An affiliate marketer will always be a marketer. If you know how to affiliate to  Crypto merchants; you can always relate to other affiliate networks.


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