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Is Kyani a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Kyani review. I am sure you are making your findings on how to make money with Kyani Independent Business Partner. But is Kyani legit or another pyramid scheme scam?

I am glad you are doing your own research on this company.


This is how I discovered the best affiliate marketing training program in the world that changed my life and help me come up with this website that is now making me a full-time income online today.

Are Kyani Independent Business Partners (IBP) making money? Today, I will be reviewing Kyani, a Multi-Level Marketing health supplement.

You will discover the truth about this company, and many answers will be provided to many of your questions before the end of this review.

I should be sincere with you; I am in no way affiliated to this company in any way. So expect an unbiased Kyani review from me.

Continue reading to find out if Kyani is legit or a scam and pyramid scheme.

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Kyani at a Glance

Product Name: Kyani
Industry: Supplements
Founder: Kirk Hansen, Dick Powell & Carl Taylor (2005).
Price: Kyani Welcome Kit($89) + $210 Monthly Autoship;
Business Packs: Product ($299); Social Builder ($599); Social Premium Pack ($1,299)
Compensation Type: Binary
Best For: MLM Marketers
Rating: 25%
Recommended: No

Summary of Kyani Review

This is a global multilevel marketing company that was founded in 2006 in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA.

The company is the pioneer of the antioxidant drive; they are the first in identifying the value of the Wild Alaskan Blueberry.

They claimed to be the leading provider and production of Nitric Oxide supplements and tocotrienol (the most effective form of Vitamin E ever produced).

The startup costs to join this company are relatively expensive as the company requires its distributors to maintain personal volume minimums worth $210, thus not making it lucrative for anyone looking to make a passive income.

Is Kyani a legit or a scam and pyramid scheme? This made me investigate further.

Digging deep into the Kyari income disclosure state also reveals that it will be difficult for you to make money with this company (you will read details within this article).

This is also confirmed by Jon M.Taylor, in his book ” Multi-level Marketing Unmasked“; he stated that 99.7% of people that venture into multi-level marketing companies would lose their money.

Keep scrolling to find out more about Kyari, its health benefit, side effects, and compensation plan.

kyani products reviews

What is Kyani?

It is a multilevel marketing company that offers all-natural health supplements.

The company which was founded by Kirk Hansen, Dick Powell, and Carl Taylor in 2005, over a decade and half years ago is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

The company which originated in the United States now operates in 44 countries of the world.

It’s a steadily growing business enterprise.

Kyani, which means “strong medicine” in Native Alaskan, is a name from main ingredients because the company’s products are from wild Alaskan blueberries and wild Alaskan salmon.

The wild Alaskan blueberries and wild Alaskan salmon are reputable for their many health benefits. Learn more about Kyani on Wikipedia. 

Kyani Product Reviews 

Kyani has different products under its product line; its three major product lines are;

The Triangle of Health: This product line covers nutritional supplements.

These products are great with superfoods and fruits to help build metabolism as well as repair the body cells.

They include;

  1. Sunset
  2. Sunrise
  3. Nitro
  4. The Nitro FX
  5. Nitro Extreme
Product Triangle of Health
  • Kyani Fleuresse

These products are the beauty line and include antioxidants to help prevent aging.

  1. Fleuresse Boosting Cleanser
  2.  Serum
  3. Fleuresse Day Brightening Crème
  4.  Night Crème
  5. Fleuresse Eye Crème
  • Potato Pak

The Potato Pak is the company’s way of reaching out to those in need and providing them with essential nutrition.

what is the kyani scam

Each capsule contains over 10 grams of protein and 34 grams of carbohydrate.

Other products include;

  • Protein Nutritionals


This is created from grass-fed whey protein; it is mainly for athletes or people who are active.

It helps in building lean muscles, production of nitric oxide, and improves bone and joint health.


This product is designed to help provide the needed proteins, peptides, and amino acids that will help the users develop healthy bones, skin, and hair; as well as improve fat-burning metabolism.

==>Kyani Compensation Plan (Fully Explained)

How to Make Money with Kyani

These are three significant ways to become a part of Kyani family and start making money:

  • Become a Customer

You can join Kyani to become a customer patronizing various products at a moderate retail price to facilitate your health and that of your family members.

As a customer, you can’t refer another customer, or if you do, you will not get compensation for that.

As an ordinary customer, you are not earn commission or bonuses from your activities with the company.

They believe that you only love consuming their products, and that is all.

  • Become a Kyani Advocate

As an Advocate, you can take advantage of various discounted pricing.

You will have the opportunity to purchase the company products at your preferred and discounted wholesale pricing for all products you like to buy.

The Advocate is not interested in the financial benefits opportunities provided by the Global Compensation Plan.

The Advocate members have options to either become a Kyani Independent Business Partner for the aim and objective of getting wholesale pricing on every product they purchase, or they sign up for the Preferred Customer for the AutoShip.

Some may refer people to join the company occasionally, but most of them will not become an Independent Business Partner with Kyani.

  • Build a Complete Business with Kyani

As any seasoned affiliate marketer knows, the primary means of earning in any MLM is by referring other people.

The more people you recruit, the more you earn from them and their recruits.

However, there is a catch. For you to go higher in rank, you have to purchase more products every month.

Also, your recruits and their recruits have to maintain a minimum purchase volume.

There are 11 ranks for active distributors in the compensation plan. The document listing their full compensation plan can be found here.

Many people believe so much in their products that they decide to join the Kyani Independent Business Partners.

Kyani Independent Business Partners are also called Business Builder3.

You will not only earn a commission from Kyani products bought, but you will also earn commissions and bonuses from every sale you made by your customers and sales of everyone you sponsored.

Who is Kyani Independent Business Partners Good for?

This may be suitable for you if you love to achieve the following as listed on their website:

  • If you love traveling
  • You like to run your own business
  • If you can positively influence the health and lives of other people
  • You will love to be able to spend more time with your family

Kyani also claimed to have a lot of rewards for you if you can join and become Kyäni Business Partner. Such awards include:

  • You have an opportunity to earn a Car
  • Invitation for educational events for professional and career growth
  • Enjoy incentive trip program to anywhere in the world

All About Kyani Independent Business Partner

Below are what you need to know about joining and becoming an Independent Business Partner.

  • You’ll Become a Business Owner.

Becoming a Kyani Independent Business Partner will help you to grow your boss.

When you are an independent Business Partner; you decide when to work; you virtually dictate your schedule.

It is required to take care of your expenses, including taxes. You will be expected to do things right and observe law and regulation of the country you are based.

You must also abide by the principle and policy of the company.

This is a pointer that is not your business. Because you must abide by the policy.

Is Kyani is legit, scam and pyramid scheme?

  • Opportunity to Start Small

This is an opportunity to start a business you can call your own with a minimal cost.

It is not a must to buy a product to become a Kyäni Independent Business
Partner. All you need to join is a one-time business license payment of $89.

You can then start buying the product you will need for yourself and your family members.

You will not need to buy or keep an inventory of products since the company will fulfill every order made by you and your customers at all times.

  • Leveraging on Tools for Growth

This will provide you an opportunity to have various sales material, training opportunities, online tools, and a package of products at discounted prices.

You will have access to Kyani Starter Packs and your Business Builder kits.

  • Ability to Make Money

You will earn commission and bonuses for every purchase made by customers you refer to and every Independent Business Partner you sponsored.

Note that you cannot earn money only by recruiting and sponsoring people.

The volume of product you buy will be tied to the kind of money you can make, and that will determine your rank.

You can either work part-time as a Business Partners referring and sponsoring friends and family members or you decide to go full time to build a lasting business for yourself, which will earn you more money.

  • Many People Still Fail

Your success is not guaranteed by this company.

Though they will offer you great products and tools to build a lasting business, you will need to work hard to succeed.

It may take you a while to succeed; this is why you will need to be patient and work very hard. Does that make Kyani a scam and pyramid scheme or a legit business oportunity?

Many Kyani Business Partner will fail, and many will be successful, it all depends on you to decide by the way you work at your business.

  • You Can Cancel Your Membership 

You can stop to be an Independent Business Partner member of Kyani at any time of your choice.

All you need is to cancel your membership.

The company will repurchase all your marketable products in your possession in the last twelve months to your cancellation date.

The company will pay 90% of the purchase price; this will be less your shipping cost.

Below are details to contact support to cancel your membership:

Phone No: +1 (844) 701-5049
Email Address:

Cost of Joining Kyani Independent Business Partners

Kyani enrollment package starts at a one-time signup fee of $89 for an independent Business Partners License.

However, a distributor must maintain a monthly auto-ship worth a minimum of $210.

Below is a list of various packages you can access to start with Kyani:

  • Kyäni Business License $ 89.00
  • Fleuresse Business Pack $ 399.00
  • Nutritional Business Pack $ 399.00
  • Builder Pack $ 599.00
  • Fleuresse Business Builder Pack $ 599.00
  • Ultimate Builder Pack $ 899.00
  • 3 Month Transformation Pack $ 1,299.00
  • 6 Month Transformation Pack $ 1,999.00

Requirements to Become Kyani Independent Business Partner

Below are steps to become an Independent Business and earn money with Kyani multi-level marketing company:

  • You must be of the age that is legal at the date of your application submission, and you must meet all other requirements by law before you sign the contract with Kyani.
  • Provision of authentic and accurate information regarding your identity and your location of residence is a must
  •  Submission of an adequately completed electronic or hard copy of your Business Partner Application and Agreement form.
  • Payment of enrollment fee for the purchase of your selected Starter Pack as a Business Partner.
  • Provision of a unique ID number for the tax payment as issued by the country from where you are applying.
  • An upline must sponsor an all-new Independent Business Partner.

What do you think of my Kyani Review?

Kyani Support and Customer Service

Kyani has customer care support.

It is organized such that you will have to generate a code with which you’d use in calling or sending an email to their customer support.

Kwani Phone: (208) 529-9872
Customer Service Hours: 8 am and 8 pm MST – Monday to Friday.
Contact Support: Click Here to Generate Contact Code
Kyani FAQ: Access Kyari Frequent Ask Question (FAQ)

How Much Can You Make as a Kyani Independent Business Partner?

From Kyani Global 2018 Income Disclosure Statement. The document explains how much was paid to all Kyani Independent Business Partners.

Hundreds of thousands of Kyani Business Partners in almost 70 countries around the world were active within the period under review.

The Income Statement reflects the following:

  • 50.9% of Business Partners earn an average of $233 in 2018
  • 17.8% of Business Partners earn an average of $571
  • 19.2% of Business Partners earn an average of $1,622
  • While 0.7% of Business Partners earn an average of $64,832

It shows clearly from the income statement that 50.9% of all active Business Partners received a check of $10 or more.

The implication is that 49.1% of the active Business Partners receive less than $10 in 2018.

The above is a red flag for every join Kyani; because you may never make money.

If you look critically at the income report; you will see that only the Business Partners in Emerald rank and above are earning a full-time income.

That will give you less than 6.6% of the Kyani Business Partners worldwide are making a full-time income with this MLM program.

The shocking revelation is that 93.4% of active Kyani Business Partners did not make a full-time income according to the Kyani income disclosure statement of 2018.

Can you imagine 1 out of over 400 people making real money with Kyani?

In my opinion, regular sales job is far better than any opportunity provided by Kyani.

Why It Is Difficult to Make Money With Kyani

The problem with making money with Kyani has to do with the business model employed by the company.

Kyani is using a Multi-Level Marketing structure to market its products.

The objective of any company that is employing the MLM model is to force its product or services on you (they want to sell a product).

They are never aimed to make you their business partner (forget the name Kyani Independent Business Partner).

If you become a Kyani Business Partner, you are just recruited as another salesman and a recruiter machine.

The best way to make money with any product is the first to have quality products that address and solve a specific problem.

If that is done, the salesmen will need to sell the pain point addressed by the product.

Many people are online searching for how to get one problem resolve or the others.

This is the approach of Wealthy Affiliate Training certification; the world is full of problems; you will be trained to identify your hobbies/passion.

Any of these addresses a world problem that thousands of people are searching for daily.

You will b trained on how to identify and feed your audience with the solution to solve the problem identifies, and you will learn how to make money in the process. That is how I am making money online.

Note: If you are looking for a job. Will you take that job if your chance of making a full-time income is less than 6.6%? If you join Kyani, this is the decision you have to make.

Is Kyani a pyramid scheme Scam or legit for this? No, this applies to all MLM.

See how inside Mr. Jon M Taylor’s book about why Direct Sales Reward the owners and people at the top of the MLM only.

How to Withdraw Your Commission on Kyani Platform

Kyani will process your payment as soon as your bonuses and commissions accrue to $10. i.e., the payout limit is from $10.

You will get to know about Payout policies for bonuses and commissions other than the U.S. dollar as you go on with the company.

  • Kyani Payment Methods

  1. Via Mailing of Checks
  2. Bank Transfer (Direct Deposits)
  3. Payoneer Payment Method.
  • Date Payment Are Made

  1. Payment of preceding months is posted in your back-office every 7th of new months.
  2. Checks are mail to every Independent Business Partners on 10th of new months.
  3. Bank transfer and Payoneer upload are treated every 13th of new months.

Note: As at this time of writing this review, the use of PayPal is not allowed on the Kyani platform.

Impact of Return Product on Kyani Commission 

If a customer returns a product so as to process a repurchase; so that the company can repurchase after the commission and bonus payment.

The bonuses and commissions earned on the returned product by the Business Partner will be deducted in that month that the refund is availed.

Such deduction will continue until such commission is completely recovered from the Kyani Business Partner that earned that bonuses or commissions.

If in case such Business Partner terminates his/her agreement with Kyani and the bonuses or commissions ascribe to the returned product could not be fully recovered.

The remaining balance will be set off on the amount you are owing for every terminated Business Partner.

How Kyani Treat Unclaimed Commissions

Business Partners are expected to cash their check as soon as they were issued.

All un-cashed checks issued against any commissions and bonus within six months from the date of issuance will be voided.

Kyani will still contact the last known address of any Business Partners notifying them of the voided checks, advising them that the Business Partners can request re-issuance of such cheque.

Kyani will charge $15 for the re-issuance of checks and $10 for every notification sent to the Business Partners. Is Kyani a Scam pyramid scheme or legitimate for this act?

The charge will be deducted from the amount owed to the Business Partners.

What is Good About Kyani

  • Decent-Enough Profit

Because of the price margin, with Kyani Sunset and Kyani Sunrise, you have a gross profit between $4.00 and $8.00.

  • Genuine Natural Products

Although their efficacy is not verified, the products are real, and they contain vitamins and minerals needed to maintain the body’s optimal performance.

  • Provision of Helpful Tools

Kyani provides all its Independent Business Partners with great marketing tools and training materials.

Each Business Partners mentor their personal sponsored Business Partners with adequate training as provided by Kyani.

  • Great Commissions and Bonuses

Independent Business Partners receive 20% on every product sold and can eventually earn up to 60%.

The company also offers other great financial incentives such as car programs, sponsored bonuses, leadership pools, fast start bonuses, and incentive trips.

  • Kyani is a Member of Direct Selling Association

This is an abiding member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), and they follow and abides completely by its code of ethics.

  • Kyari Advisory Scientific Board

The Kyani Scientific Advisory Board is the makeup of prominent scientists.

They help in building and perfecting the company’s product line. These people also conduct scientific research on the ingredient of Kyani products.

They also publish their findings and results in white papers journals (You can find them on the Kyani website).

Kyani as a company also provides and encourages independent research of third parties (You will also sight this on the corporate website).

  • Kyani BBB Ratings is A+

As of today, the Kyani Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating is rated A+ with full accreditation. Yes, you won’t believe it.

BBB rating as always been trusted and used to determine the genuineness of any company; though they have been accused of been induced in the past. But they are still believed in some ways.

I believe the excellent rating is a result of the company rate of resolving member’s complaints as they are received.

For those that believe so much in BBB ratings, this neutralizes the claim that Kyani is a scam and pyramid scheme.

See the BBB of the Kyani Review below.

BBB Review

Many Red Flags of Kyani Business Opportunity?

  • You May Never Make Money with Kyani

As it is with every MLM, the starting compensation is a paltry sum, and you can only earn real money as you climb higher in rank.

50.9% of Kyani Business Partners made an average of $233 monthly in 2018 (extract from Kyani 2018 Global Income Statement).

The implication of that is that 49.1% of Kyani Business Partners made an average of less than $233 monthly.

It is only the people at the top of the pyramid that earn big; all other members are working for them. It reflects from Kyani 2018 Global Income Statement.

0.7% of Kyani Business Partners who are of rank Green Diamond earn an average of $27,336 monthly in 2018.

Climbing in rank is also no child’s play, especially if you have a full-time job.

Another proof from the 2018 income disclosure statement is the months you need to achieve ranks.

For instance, you will need 5.3 months at least to achieve the rank of Sapphire, which is the Kyani rank that can earn you $1,622 monthly (averagely).

This is on the assumption that you will work full time recruiting and selling products with Kyani.

Income Disclosure Statement

Source: Kyani Global Income Disclosure Statement (PDF Format)

It will take you a minimum of 7.6 months to achieve Ruby rank that can help you earn an average monthly pay of $3,556.

What would happen to you before you achieve those rank?

Otherwise, it could take a long time to make the program worth your while.

I hope you agree with me that you may never make money with Kyani as a Business Partner.

  • Must Sign Legal Contract

Before you can start with Kyani Independent Business Partner, you must agree to sign at least four legal documents that will bound you to Kyani.

You must sign off Kyani Independent Business Partner Agreement Term and Condition, Compensation Plan, Policies and Procedure, and the Electronic Consent form. Download all these documents here.

The four documents are over sixty pages that bind every Business Partners from joining another MLM program for your first six months of entry.

The four documents are an arbitration agreement (that waived your right to sue Kyani in any joint court action) and a commitment not to move your downlines to another company (i.e., six months non-solicitation) that is legally binding in favor of Kyani.

  • Complaints About Kyani 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We all know that Kyani is offering a 100% 30 days money-back guarantee on every product that you buy if you reside in the US.

Customer is supposed to return both used and unused product to get their money back.

There are complaints online that Kyari may not be fulfilling this promise to his customers.

compensation plan
is kyani a scam
  • Unproven Claims

The Alaskan Berries and salmon are the star ingredients of their products.

The Alaskan berries are said to contain Tocotrienols, but there is little scientific evidence verifying their claims of whole-body vitality.

This is why people think Kyani is a pyramid scheme scam and not legit MLM program.

See the below Kyani Review on another website.

quora comment team fusion scam
  • Not Approved by the FDA

Is Kyani approved by the FDA? Kyani’s supplements are not FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved.

Also, most people who consume these products have complained about side effects such as lightheadedness and fatigue.

It is vital to note that the FDA does not evaluate dietary and nutritional supplements. The authority does not give an official opinion on any such company.

Kyani’s products are dietary and nutritional supplements such that they do not need FDA approval.

What do you think? Is Kyani a Scam and pyramid scheme or legit for this?

This is another negative Kyani Review  screenshot below:

kyani reviews 
  • Expensive Cost of Entry

This is where I tell you that the cost of being a distributor is highway robbery, especially for regular folks looking to earn passive income.

Starting with Kyani will cost you $299 upfront (if you do not opt for the business pack which requires at least $399).

You have to make at least $210 monthly to break even. But even at that, you are still losing money.

  • Side Effect Many Complaint About Kyani Products

It is on record that people have taken ill after taken Kyani supplements and other report side effects include complain of fatigue and dizziness.

Since Kyani supplements are not FDA approved implies that care must be taken to avoid these various complaints.

There are other complaints about  this company’s products, See a Kyani Review screenshot below:

 pyramid scheme comment screenshot
  • Customer Service Issues

Kyani has some customer service issues raised by members and customers online.

The turnaround and support by Kyani customer service are not too good are you think of such a big company that deals with people.

See a screenshot of Kyani Review below:

 products scam comment

Are Kyani Products Safe?

I am looking out for how effective the Kyani products are among the users online.

To be sincere, the number of people for Kyani is more than the people that have issues with the products.

A lot of users will claim that the products have never changed or got their health better.

And we have most people online testifying how great the products have helped their health improved.

Ok does Kyani Dietary supplement work? For me, it depends on the condition of the users.

It is essential to get your physician’s opinion before consuming this Kyani product.

Below is my observation on the workability of Kyani supplement:

  • Kyani supplement will not cure your medical issues, therefore don’t employ it for such.
  • It seems that Kyani supplements work as advertised.

The only issue is with the Kyani Business Partners is that you may never make money selling and promoting these products.

Is Kyani a Scam and pyramid scheme or legit? What is your take?

Public and Online Opinions of Kyani

What do you think of my Kyani Review so far?

While a lot of persons find it challenging to function as distributors in MLM systems, a Kyani distributor reveals that she join to get a discount on products and make a decent income.

Another user claimed that after using the product for about 45 days, there was a noticeable difference in his acid reflux.

He also claimed that he had clearer sinuses and was able to sleep better and also claimed that his wife’s chronic back pain reduced.

The complainant claimed he was introduced to the product by his wife’s boss who was taking the supplements for her fibromyalgia.

While there were glowing reviews about the Kyani’s products, an onlooker suggested that people do more research on the products before utilizing them as they might not be suitable for everyone.

The business model, on the other hand, got some nice reviews with a lot of persons opting out as they would rather not sell health supplements to their network. 

Is Kyani legit or a Scam pyramid scheme? What do you think?

Below is an online opinion and Kyani Review bt a customer below:

products reviews

Is Kyani a Pyramid Scheme?

It is a common question online about Kyani been a pyramid scheme.

The company is also confronted with a nationwide class action case.

Is Kyani a pyramid scheme scam or a legit MLM opportunity?

In my opinion, Kyani is not a pyramid scheme scam but legitimate direct sales and MLM business.

The problem with Kyani and any MLM business is that the business model (i.e., direct sales); is a structure to favor the owners, the notable investors, and very few people at the top of the compensation plan the company.

What is the implication of that? The importance is that you will not make money if you are a newbie or you are just starting with this company.

Though many lawsuits, this company is not a scam and pyramid scheme, but a legit MLM business opportunity.

Though Kyani’s compensation plan makes its distributors concentrate more on recruitment than the products’ selling, this does not make Kyani a pyramid scheme scam.

What is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a kind of investment opportunity that makes people recruit others.

When you recruit, the commission you will earn is a percentage of the fees paid by the people you recruit to join the business opportunity.

Your downline can also make money via the commission they will earn from their downlines.

There are no physical products or services in any pyramid scheme.

It is the main difference between a pure pyramid scheme and the Kyani compensation plan.

Kyani has products that people sell to earn a commission. You also make money from commission on sales made by your referral in the Kyani compensation plan.

what are good side hustles

What do you think of my Kyani review? Is Kyani a scam and pyramid scheme or a legit MLM business opportunity?

Can you make money as an Independent Business Partner?

Is Kyani Legit or a Scam?

Kyani is legit and not a scam pyramid scheme. 

Though, a lot of people believe that Kyani is just another recruiting scam.

Their point is this, Kyani will charge you $89 upfront to become their Independent Business Partner.

After that, you are expected to purchase products that are already divided into packs ranging from $399.00 to $1,999.00. You cannot buy a product of $20 but, it must be a pack. Who does that?

In addition to that, you have to recruit people to earn the top bonuses. With all the recruitment and the fees, you are paying.

The 2018 Kyani Global Income Statement shows that 49.1% of Business partner earns less than $10 in 2018; while 0.7% of the Kyani Business Partners made an average of $64,832.

If you join Kyani, It will be tough to make real money, and you will only be making money for the people at the top of the pyramid while you will be losing money.

Ok, my take is this. Kyani runs an MLM model, and it looks like an illegal pyramid scheme. But they are selling products. Therefore it is legal.

Even if multi-level marketing is legal, that does not imply that it is okay.

If you recruit 400 people to Kyani, this reflects reflect in the Kyani Income Statement of 2018 that only one person will end up making a full-time income.

The remaining 399 will lose money; they will forever hate you for leading them to become a Business Partner to Kyani and for making them lose money. Is Kyani a scam?

For me, I will avoid this company by all means but this is not because I think Kyani is a scam. Because it is not and that is why I did this Kyani Review.

Is Kyani Worth Your Money?

Thanks for reading my Kyani review? Do you think you can make money as a Kyani Independent Business Partner? Can you still make money with Kyani? Is Kyani a Scam?

As with most MLM or pyramid products, it may not be suitable for everyone.

Also, as with all MLM products, those at the top of the distribution chain make more gains than those at the bottom, and this is worst in as seen from the above.

Also, sometimes you may be with products for a while with no buyers.

If you are looking for an alternative that does not require you to sell any product physically, then I will like to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate.

I have been able to create a four-figure monthly income and gain financial independence from this product that enables you to earn while you learn the perks of affiliate marketing.

You can check out how Wealthy Affiliate works by clicking on my link here.

What do you think of my Kyani review? Is Kyani a scam?

Kindly pen down your thoughts in my comment section below. I will love to hear what you think.

==>Kyani Complicated Compensation Plan Explained

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12 thoughts on “Is Kyani a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. hello John, my name is David and I am a Kyani business partner, have products in 10,000 brick-and-mortar stores
    and im a dentist. I have a few corrections or clarifications on the comments in your review but first I would like to congratulate you on your business for the work that you have done to build this review and affiliate businesses, congratulations you know it takes a lot of work! I have spent thousands of hours over 15 years building online, and retail businesses and I know how much time work and effort it takes. My brick and mortar product is a 7-figure business which took almost a million dollars investment to build. I’ve been working on my Kyani business for almost 6 months and make 7 to $800 per month. That is not a lot right now but I see how it works and how it is growing. My Kyani business is growing slower than others but see how it works now and I expect to Replace my dental income in about a year. After being a business owner 30 years in dentistry, online and brick and mortar I know the time and effort it takes for each. Knowing what I know now, if someone gave me the opportunity at one time to go to school to become a dentist, build an online business, invent products to sell in brick and mortar stores or a kyani business and explain the details of actual work that is needed for each I would pick the Kyani opportunity as the investment is so low to start a business with the highest earnings possibility and even probability if you keep working I would pick the Kyani business. This MLM is an excellent excellent opportunity for anyone to work and make a great income. yes the Kyani business is not for everyone however, just like Dentistry is not for everyone. 30% of dental students fail and never become a dentist. Then they lose their $200,000 that they spent for dental school. is Dentistry a horrible business model to invest in? No but you can fail with significant debt. is the Kyani opportunity business Horrible no and you can fail too but also make a great income out of it if you just work at it.
    I have a challenge for you, John if you are in the United States please contact me and I would like to attend a kyani opportunity presentation with you. I would like to show you and help you have a 5 figure monthly income. If you become a kyani business partner to test the kyani opportunity business model and want to cancel, I will personally guarantee a refund of your enrollment fee. Cheers to you and your successes. Sincerely, David

    1. Dear David,
      Thanks for reading my Kyani Review and how to make money with it. I really appreciate your concern about my review of Kyani.

      I feel your purse and your passion as a Kyani partner and distributor. I wouldn’t have accepted your challenge even if I am based in the US. My duty is to write an unbias review with evidence as stated in my review. I am certain that this review is objective and great.

      By the way, Kyani is rated A+ Which is very great. It implies that Kyani has a great response to customer support.

      David, do you have an issue with anything written in this article, if yes, please state it and help me with the fact and the mistake I have done, I am ready to change it.

      I sincerely appreciate your time, most especially, the time it takes you to write this long review. Thank you.

      I hope you will come again?

      Thanks again for reading my article on how to make money with Kyani.



  2. I like it that these products appear to be genuine health supplements, but the reviews included in this article are not very encouraging! And yet again, I’m just not a huge fan of MLMs. John, what do you think the secret is to having a profitable line of supplements *as* as MLM? Based on what I’ve seen, it seems like you have to convince stores themselves to become affiliates, rather than just individuals. Would you agree?

  3. I see both of these products, the left and right, on social media all the time. I actually asked someone who was trying to sell some items to me how much they make and they told me “nowhere near where I expected!” so what does that tell you?? I feel like these kinds of sites use people and the product may or may not be good. In some cases it is but I think in most cases, it is not.

    1. Dear Beverly,

      Thanks for reading my Kyani review. I was motivated to write about Kyani and whether Kyani is a scam or not because of what I read in a forum about Kyani.

      There are many forum is out online that people just want to know about Kyani. I even learn that there a forum that is all about Kyani.

      What I can deduce from this article is that the majority of Kyani Business Partners are not Making Money. The implication is that if you join Kyani as their business partner or a Kyani distributor will you make money?

      the bottom line is that Kyani distributors are not making money. They are just a slave master serving the very few at the top of the pyramid.

      But, do you think that Kyani is a Scam? With all the material and poof you read on my site.

      Please drop your comment.



  4. Kyani is no good. I have a friend that wasted a few months on it and made nothing to show for it. A waste of time and money. I wish there was some entity/company that would just get rid of these scam sites so the good ones are easier to find.

    1. Dear George,

      Thanks for reading my Kyani review? The review was looking at whether the Kyani Distributors are making money or not. And it so shameful to discovered how bad the situation is.

      Kyani is a waste of time for me. This is why I will always recommend you have your own business online

      You can turn your passion into making good money online.

      Do check out that FREE training. You have nothing to lose. . .



  5. “Starting with Kyani will cost you $299 upfront (if you do not opt for the business pack which requires at least $399).”
    WOW this is bizarre. My brother has a saying, “If a job is making YOU pay to work for THEM, don’t take it”. This is a well researched review John, Kudos.

    1. Thanks for reading my Kyani review.

      Why would any one in their right mind pay any company to work for them?

      In my opinion Kyani does not worth my mony



  6. Where can I start from. You seems to cover every subject area about Kani and the Business Partner activities.
    Depot all the negativity of Kyani. I still like to be a partner and distributor of the product.

    What is the best way to promote these Kani product that is decent and legitimate?


    1. Dear Moses,

      Thanks you again for reading my Kyani review and how the Kyani Business partners can make money with Kyani.

      Yes, I tried to cover most of the questions that can be asked by Khani Business partners and any one that love to become a distributor with Khani.

      To answer your major question on how to legitimately promote Khani product. There are many legitimate ways to promote MLM products.

      I can rephrase your question to how to promote mlm products without becoming a nuisance to your family, relative , friends and audience.

      I am going to explain only one major way you can achieve that. This way will help you convert people that are ready and willing to use the product because they need the product and men and women that are ready to d anything to make money with Kyani product.

      You will need to have a website. Website creations is everywhere now and it is so very cheap to accomplish. See how to create a website within 30 seconds.

      You will then start writing articles that explain each of the Khani products.

      You can use the reverse engineering approach by start writing about ailment and sickness that can be cure by Khani products while suggesting the various remedies such like what Khani provides.

      With such article, if when written and you know how to rank with good SEO technique. Audience that is targeted with your article will be able to see your write up via Google and other search engines.

      This is why I will suggest you go for the Wealthy Affiliate.

      At Wealthy Affiliate, you will not only be trained about everything you need to know to manage your website, your website will be hosted and security provided to protect hackers and attack from manipulating your site.

      You will also get weekly webinars how the latest trend in the blogging world. In fact if you become a premium member you will have access to over 50 sites that can be hosted and protected by Wealthy Affiliate.

      This is how to meet the need of your audience going forward. People around the world can search on the webs and read your content on your website and get subscribe to become a team member.

      I hope you learn something?

      Regards your


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