SkyWay Capital? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Skyway Capital Review!

I am sure you are here to learn all about the Skyway Capital.

Can you really make money with Skyway Capital? Or, is the Skyway Capital a pyramid scheme?

Well, it is good you are researching about Skyway Capital, this is how I discover how to transform my skills/hobby/passion into a full-time income online.

It is good you know that I am in no way affiliated to Skyway Capital, and I will be feeding you a detailed and unbiased review of this Multi Levi Marketing program.

While Russia is the base and primary source of investment in Skyway Capital, your country could be the next destination of this scheme.

Recently, The FMA (Financial Markets Authority New Zealand) became the latest country to announce and published their second warning about Skyway Capital on 21st August 2019 because they discover that Skyway Capital will not stop conducting seminars in the North Island.

Before then, Slovak National Bank announced (on 16th January 2019) such regulatory warnings to its residents about Skyway Capital.

They joined countries such as Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, and Italy that have rolled out such suspected scam alert to its citizens.

Many financial regulators believe that investment in SkyWay Capital now is an investment in Pre-IPO sales.

You will later see why it is a great and lot of risk buying into any Pre-IPO.

But, Is Skyway Capital a scam? Are the financial regulators and authorities of these countries right?

Join me as I unravel the Skyway Capital Partner Program.

At the end of my review, you will be able to conclude if indeed Skyway Capital Is a Con job or a legitimate project?

You will also see why Skyway Capital Is NO for me.


Skyway Capital at a Glance

Program Name: Skyway Capital Partner Program
Headquarters: Dzerzhinsky Avenue, 104к2. MINSK 220116, Minsk, Belarus.
Industry: Transport Technology & Investment Services
Founder: Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitskiy
Products: Mono Rail Vehicles and Tracks
Services: Education Investment Packages (EIPs) & Crypto Units
Price: $500
Rating: 15%
Recommended: No


Summary Review of Skyway Capital

Skyway Capital promises its investors an opportunity to become co-owners in a company of international repute that seeks to reach 50% of the global transport market.

Skyway Capital makes the following claims:

  • They promised to offer you the greatest opportunity to make good profits while building a great mutual profitable partner structure.
  • You are required to purchase the share of the company at a discounted price of up to 500 times of the face value with a promise to earned you a capitalization return on investment of 1,000%.
  • They also claimed to offer you lifelong dividends from every project concluded by Skyway Capital, i.e. they promised to deliver a profit directly proportion to your number of shares
  • Skyway promises its investors a 22% ROI for investing in the company.

However, there is no physical product, so how does Skyway Capital intend to get funds to compensate its investors?

And why is it that Skyway Capital is not offering such stocks in Russia to promote any Russian project? Why your country?



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What is Skyway Capital About Exactly?

SkyWay has repeatedly portrayed itself as an innovative company of the future. It advertises itself as the technology miracle of transportation.

The company seems to ride on telling you that if you are smart enough to look at the history of tech giants like alphabet and apple, you will have the foresight to invest in the shares they have been selling.

SkyWay Capital is a transport technology developed by a Russian engineer called Anatoly Eduardovich Unitsky.

The objective of this innovation is to move high-speed rail vehicles on steel wheels using a flat steel track structure; that is both fixed and anchor at both ends.

The technology is known as “Technology of the String Transport” The technology has been around for over 38 years and it has received some awards from governments and also secure UN grants.


The real name of SkyWay Capital is First Skyway Invest Group Limited which was established on 20th November 2014; the registered office in Greater London.

The registered address was changed on 18th of May 2017 from Gable House 239, Regents Park Road, Finchley, London, United Kingdom to Suite 3095 10 Great Russell Street London WC1B 3BQ (

Source: beta.companieshouse

Further investigation shows that the new address is a Mail Post Office Box


skyway capital is a scam


This exhibits all the classic characteristics of a pyramid scheme as well as because Skyway sells its shares without the prospectus being approved by a competent authority of the various countries of their operations.

However, currently, there is no listing on any public exchange for SkyWay Capital so; you are just purchasing prospects.

What Exactly Is  SkyWay Capital About? | YouTube


What Does It Cost to Join SkyWay Capital?

You can join and invest in SkyWay Capital in two significant ways. They are explained below:

  • Join FREE Via SkyWay Capital Partner Program

You automatically become a partner if you join through the SkyWay Website and sign a partnership agreement inside the SkyWay Capital personal office (within the website).

You can start promoting SkyWay as a free partner straight away after you must complete your email verifications. You will be assigned links for your promotion.

You will start earning interest from partner program four levels, i.e. You will earn from people you personally invited and from people who were invited by your referral.

  • Direct Investment with Your Money

There are several package options to join the SkyWay Capital by direct investment.

The minimum cost of joining is $15. Payment is accepting via all forms of payments including wire transfer and bitcoin.

To effectively buy your share of SkyWay capital and invest in this Pre IPO, you must register and verify yourself in your office (at the back end of your profile page).


SkyWay Capital Can NOT Make You Money.

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The Danger of Investing in a Pre-IPO Opportunity (US-SEC Warnings)

Investment in SkyWay Capital is an investment in a pre-IPO of SkyWay. SkyWay Capital is not quoted in any country as of today.

You must know that you are taken a lot of risk in investing in any company doing the pre-IPO offering.

These are signals and pointers to a fraudulent pre-IPO offering:

  • Great Websites and Social Media Outreach

The company and people promoting fraudulent Pre-IPO usually use very impressive great looking websites.

They will spam you with emails to exploit investors to search online for online business opportunities.

  • They Compare the Offer with Established Companies

They often compare the share offering with an established organization to lure you into their scam Pre-IPO.

The claim will sound so believable and real such that it will be difficult to reject, but those claim often result in falsehood and deceptive.

You should always be suspicious of such an offering you get to know online.

  • They Hide the Identity and History of Promoter

Do you find out about the Pre-IPO online? If you get to know through a stranger or via an advert, you need to do your research to be sure the company is real.

Always search out for the discipline and history of the promoters of such companies. And look out for countries they have ventured into before now.

  • What Is the Value of The Company?

You will need to look out for more information about the company and what they do and how they did it.

You should ask the following question about the company:

  1. What are the product and services of the company?
  2. Who are the targeted customers?
  3. Do the company have a physical plant, resources they claimed to possess?
  4. Do they have audited financial reports? If so ask for copies to review them.
  5. It is essential to always verify every claim before parting away with your money.
  • Such Company Will Never Go Public

From the history of scammers and fraudsters; they always use the predicted value of the future pricing of the offering to lure, bait and pressure you to part with your money.

Don’t allow those false promises to make you go for such offerings.

It is important you know that such a company may never go public and you may never recoup your initial investment cost.

Source: The US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rolled out This Alert on The Risk of “Pre-IPO” Investment.


about SkyWay Capital


Who is SkyWay Capital Partner Program for?

According to the Skyway website, “anyone can invest.”

However, I want to imply that this seeming opportunity is a shadow of nothing. In my opinion, it does not worth your money.

Many countries have outright strongly warned its citizens against it. Just like the mmm Ponzi scheme, Skyway has a history of setting up shop in a state, ripping the citizens off and packing shop.


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SkyWay Capital Partner Program/ Compensation Plan

This exhibits all the classic characteristics of a pyramid scheme as well as because Skyway sells its shares without the prospectus being approved by a competent authority of the various countries of their operations.

Skyway has the intrinsic attribute of a scam.

It does not have any product or service up for offer other than a call to action to invest at least $15 in what was tagged as its SkyWay Capital partner program.

You can purchase and become a SkyWay Capital partner program at any level as long as you have the resource, i.e. Money it requires to join a particular level.

The different levels are explained in details below:

  • Partner

You will become a registered SkyWay Capital partner investor if you have signed the SkyWay partnership agreement form in SkyWay's personal office.

You will earn interest from four levels in the partner program, i.e. You earn interest from those partners you invited and also make money from partners that were invited by your direct partners.


is skyway capital scam


  • Consultant

You will earn this status as a partner if your investment volume reaches $100 and your first generation is made up of two and more people with an investment volume of $100.

The total investment volume of your first generation must be from $300 and above.


skyway capital tampa


  • Leader

Leader status is made available to a partner whose investment volume is $200, and your first generation is made up of a minimum of three people with investment volume from $200.

The total investment volume of your first generation with personal investment must be from $2,000.


skyway luggage review


  • Master

You will only earn this status if your investment volume is from $1,000 and your first generation is made up of at least three Leaders; with personal investment volume from $200.

The total investment volume of your first generation including the personal investment should be from $5,000.


is skyway capital a scam


  • Expert

You will receive this status if your investment level is $5,000 and you have three partners that are Masters; two of which are in the first level and the remaining one is in any other level but situated in another branch or leg.

The total investment volume of your first generation with the addition of your investment must be from $10,000.


is skyway scam


  • Top Expert

This status will be available for a partner with a personal investment level of $10,000.

Such a partner must also have a minimum of 3 Experts (two of the experts must be in the first level); while the last one Expert can be at any level but another branch or leg.

The summation of the investment of your first generation as a Top Expert (including your investments) must start from $30,000.


is skyway scam or not


Your TOP Bonus will be 1% of the amount from the SWC; which will attract investment in a single month.

TOP Bonus is split equally and share between all TOP Expert and SkyWay Capital most successful regional leader.

The partner program will pay you up to 24 legs deep, but you must be ready to pay more and recruit more to increase your level in the SkyWay Capital partner program.

Important: In my opinion, the SkyWay Capital partner program is a recruiting scam.

SkyWay Capital share has no value but is being used to get your hard-earned money in a Pre IPO (Initial Public Offering) of the company.

Source: Download the PDF format of the SkyWay Capital Program Compensation Plan Here.

SkyWay Capital Compensation Plan


Skyway Capital Support /Customer Service.

There is indication all over the internet that partners can contact the following phone number and email address for support and customer service:

Phone Number: +7 495 419-04-56
Email Address:

You may receive support in the following three languages: English, German and Russian languages.

They claimed that the SkyWay has 24 hours and seven days' support that will answer all your questions and complaint.

Other Useful Articles


How to Cash Out Your SkyWay Capital Earnings

You will need to first apply for withdrawal of funds from your profile refer to as personal office.

You can get out your money via your bank card or through the following listed medium: QIWI, AdvCash, Perfect Money, WebMoney, Bitcoin.


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Issues with SkyWay Capital (Many Red Flags)

The project of SkyWay Capital looks great. And I believe that it is a  wonderful innovation that will work in the future. Maybe the future is now!

The founder “Anatoly Yunitskiy” is a real person and we know who we are dealing with; unlike many Internet businesses with a fake identity.

The problem for me is the investment aspect of SkyWay Capital and many of SkyWay Partner companies in many countries and Pre-IPO sales.

These are the reasons why the SkyWay Capital/Skyway Group is a NO for me:

  • SkyWay Capital Is Not Qualified as An Investment Company

SkyWay Capital has never qualified to be an investment company in any country in the world.

Every investment company in any country must always subject itself to the rule and regulation of such a country.

This company is used to cutting corners and invade registration to be qualified as an investment company in any country of entry.

They are not licensed or qualified to sell or buy shares in any EU country.

There are evidence of various countries that have slammed SkyWay Capital for not passing through the regulatory screening before starting their Pre-IPO (evidence below)

An instance is the Czech National Bank alerting the resident that the investment in securities and shares of Eurasian Rail SkyWay System Holding is not according to regulation and not lawful.

Source: Czech National Bank

The state of Greece also stopped and banned every advert of SkyWay Capital in Greece stating that the regulators do not approve their ads.

The Greece Securities and Exchange Commission revoked all advertisements of EUROSYAN RAIL SKYWAY SYSTEMS HOLDING II LTD with the website (https: //

The regulator is standing on the “provisions of article 24 of Law 3401/2005 as in force.

Source: The Economy News247 of 13th November 2018.

Slovak National Bank known as Národná Banka Slovenska – NBS issued the latest warning to the resident of Slovakia against the investment in Skyway Capital.

The warning was issued on the 16th of January 2019. This is the latest of all the warnings so far.

Source: Slovak National Bank Regulatory Alert

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) is the financial regulatory authority for the state of Germany.

They also published a statement sighting evidence of missing prospectus for the sales of a share of SkyWay Capital.

Source: BaFin Website

  • Warnings by Foreign Competent Authority About SkyWay Capital

A lot of countries (some evidence sighted above) have alerted their resident about the activities of SkyWay Capital in their countries.

The most apparent warning came from FMA – Financial Markets Authority for the New Zealand Government Agency.

They are responsible for the regulation of financial activities in New Zealand.

Screenshotis skyway a scamSource: Finance Magnates

They alerted the general public on the financial services offering of SkyWay Capital and its associates. They noticed their various activities on social media and through some residents.

They caution that Skyway Group and Skyway Capital are not a registered financial service provider in New Zealand.

They warn that SkyWay Capital is not permitted to provide such financial services to New Zealand residents.

FMA also refers to similar warnings from the regulator of other countries such as Belgium, and Lithuania.

The Financial Services and Market Authority (FSMA) warns the Belgian residents and investor about SkyWay Capital (a company registered in Belarus) not to patronize the Pre-IPO share offerings.

They claimed that SkyWay Capital is running its financial activities without a published prospectus approved by FSMA.

They insisted that SkyWay Capital is not allowed to offer its Pre-IPO sales in Belgium as per regulators.

Source: FSMA

They sighted that Skyway Capital and its agents are suspected of being involved in the scam and that they are not authorized and unlicensed to operate in those jurisdictions.

The Bank of Lithuania also issues a public warning to the resident of Lithuania of the activities of SkyWay Group of luring the populate to invest in the group projects.

They claimed that the general public might lose their money because the scheme adopted by SkyWay Capital shows and reflects the features of a pyramid scheme.

Source: Bank of Lithuania

  • Lithuania Authority Cancelled Their Project With SkyWay Capital

When several countries ban a company and warn their citizens against conducting transactions with it, it certainly begs the question of legitimacy.

Also, none of its planned projects with some countries have come to fruition.

Belarus based SkyWay Capital started a project with Lithuania in 2014, but the plan was not executed because the project was canceled due to what is referred to as suspected financial fraud.

People criticize and slam government and the legislators of their decision to sign MoU with such a company with no physical operational project anywhere in the world.

SkyWay Capital claimed to be in talks with countries such as India, Australia; Turkey and recently in Nigeria.

The string technology smuggled itself to some countries in recent years, but there is no evidence yet of any successful project with SkyWay.

Many of the SkyWay company that was registered in different countries were dissolved in the recent years; company such as American Rail Skyway System, Euroasian Rail Skyway System, Australian, and Oceanic Rail Skyway System, etc.


Screenshot of Economic Timeswhat about skyway groupSource: Economic Times

  • SkyWay Capital Is Not Listed in Any Public Exchange

Advertising daily ROIs of up to 22%, which is another red flag. This is an attempt at a bull market that is set to strip you clean of every penny.

If you invest you are only buying fabricated shares (Read My warning above on Danger of Pre-IPO sales).

Yes, they may give you a paper (Certificate) that they are reserving your holdings; it is merely unreal and worthless.

SkyWay Capital ads claimed that if you invest $4,000, you will have a holding of 1m shares.

When the company enters the stock market, you have one share for $1. i.e., a Million share will be exchanged for $1m for you.

When they go public if at all they do, the demand and supply will kick in and one share cannot be equated to $1 as they promised.

Redemption of your certificate was guaranteed for $1 for one share if they go public and the stock nosedive; they promised to buy one share for $1.

Do you think they can buy all the shares at that rate? If it happens, the company will go down.

In 2016, SkyWay Capital promised to go public in 2018; this is 2019 they yet do that. Do you think they will ever go public?

  • No Specific Contract Signed with Any Government/Country

The company claimed that billions of dollars’ worth contract had been signed with several world governments around the world.

There is a specific claim of a signed contract with the Indian and Australian government worth over $900m.

No evidence points to that fact, and no one either investor or any government agency is ready to provide any evidence to such claim

SkyWay Capital itself is yet to supply any document of such signed documents to its partner nor investors.

  • No Visible Source of Income for SkyWay Capital

Its affiliate Partnership compensation rides on mainly on member’s referrals using newly invested funds to pay off existing investors.

This is a case of collecting money from Peter to pay Paul and using Jane’s money to compensate Peter.

Also, there is no public registration of SkyWay Capital with a securities regulator, which is required if legitimate shares were being offered to affiliates.

The only income or source of funds SkyWay Capital is leveraging on is the investor funds from the people that purchase its worthless shares.

If indeed the company is wholly dependent on the funds from investments of partners and registration fees from new members.

Then the company is practicing redistribution of funds via pyramid and Ponzi scheme.

  • Assessment of SkyWay “String Technology” Is Dangerous

The Moscow State University of Railway Engineering concluded that the SkyWay Capital string technology project is unsafe and not viable.

The technology was labeled as having several system defects, unsafe for public use and impractical.

The university also observed “a large number of system defects.” They concluded that technology could lead to an accident and a lot of human death.

Screenshot of Wikipediawhat about skyway capitalSource: Wikipedia

  • The Past of Evgeny Kudryashov (Director SkyWay) Is Scamming

skyway investment groupThe past always hunts people. The history of founder and director of SkyWay Capital is not that great.

He has a history of involving himself in many scamming products.

He is associated with MMM-2011  Source:

See the list of many other scamming products of Mr. Evgeny Kudryashov:

  • Mill Trade
  • Macros Capital
  • Forex
  • Forex-trend
  • CenterReklama
  • Betting-Invest

Source: Evgeny Kudryashov Personal Website


What is Good About Skyway Capital?

You will ask me what is good about this SkyWay Capital?

The following are my findings:

  • Anybody from any country can join and invest in SkyWay Capital as long as it does not break the law of the country that you live.
  • You can invest as a company or as an individual
  • As an investor, you become a shareholder of SkyWay group of companies within one month of investing.
  • SkyWay Capital Share Can be issued to minors, i.e. Children can key into the share against the future


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Is SkyWay Capital a Scam?

SkyWay Capital is a sophisticated technological scam.

The company portrays itself as the next best thing to the transport systems and calls for investors. These investors are promised high ROI, but there is no visible product or means of getting funds.

So, what Skyway will do is sell shares to investors and promise to repurchase them at $1.

Technically, there is no value for the shares until it is listed on the market. There is also no guarantee that the shares will ever be listed in the market.

With warnings raining from the different regulatory agency; and government of nations sensitizing their resident not to invest in a Pre-IPO that is termed very dangerous by US Security and Exchange Commission.

Why will you sink your hard earn money or funds or an entire capital of your state or nations into this?

Screenshot of SkyWay Capital/SkyWay Group Complaint on Quoraskyway capital partners


SkyWay Capital Vs. Wealthy Affiliate


Is SkyWay Capital Really Worth It?

What do you think of my SkyWay Capital review? With what you now know, Is SkyWay Capital a scam?

While it is easy to believe that by investing a certain amount in a company, you can get 22% as your ROI, making money online isn’t as simple as that.

It also isn’t complicated as affiliate marketing has proven to be a significant sector to earn passive income online.

I will not recommend Skyway Investment as it has been banned in several countries including Estonia, Belgium Italy, and Latvia.

It may seem that Skyway does not have the license to sell any stocks from any EU country.

However, I will recommend Wealthy Affiliate. This affiliate marketing product has enabled me to earn a four-figure passive income every month.

Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with internet marketing training that will help you to earn while you are learning.

What do you think about my SkyWay Capital review? Kindly drop your thoughts in the comment section below. I will love to hear what you think.

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22 thoughts on “SkyWay Capital? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. I appreciate your in-depth review.

    I know of many friends/family that have invested at all levels. They are now being offered crypto currency investment with a promise of $2 return for every $1 invested if done by a certain date.

    Red flags were always up for me but unfortunately lm unable to articulate this to family/friends in a way that will help them to understand.

    Your review is the best in-depth l have come across as yet. l will share in the hope that they reconsider investing further at the detriment of their current and future lifestyles.


    • Thanks for reading my review about SkyWay Capital.

      My problem is wht=y will anyone invest in stuff with many issues. I am sure many people do not know about my baggage of SkyWay capital. A lot of people would have avoid it.

      Thanks again


  2. Hi John,

    Thank you so much for this detailed investigation on Skyway Capital.
    I just came across the company and decided to do some investigations online before investing my money.
    It was mentioned during the seminar which i attended just yesterday that Skyway has been launched for public transport use in Sharjah, UAE.
    What do you think about this development? Would it in anyway change your views about the company?

    • Dear Taiye,

      Thanks for visiting my site and for taking the time to read my review about the SkyWay Capital.

      Yes, it is true that Skyway capital launched an experimental phase of this long-time project. It is important to note that, it is an “EXPERIMENTAL PHASE”. Just Google ” experimental phase of the SkyWay project”.

      Do you know how long the SkyWay Capital has been around? They have been in the news since promising to launch out in one city or the other. This experimental launching is date October 27th, 2019!.

      Suppose they succeeded in the real launch of the project. Is SkyWay Capital Project really safe?

      The University of Railway Engineering in Russian has concluded that it not safe “not viable and unsafe

      This is a dedicated University in Russian where the SkyWay Capital was originated from. Why cant the SkyWay Capital start the launching of the project from Moscow? See the proof in the body of my article.

      Taiye, I do not hate SkyWay Capital, my job has a blogger is to let my audience know the risk in investing in any program of their choice. Despite the warning of the regulatory bodies that investment in any PRE-IPO is dangerous, why would anyone still go ahead and pump money?

      There are several ways of making money. My duty is to lay it down and let my audience decide on what is good for them.

      Do you think the SkyWay Capital is good for you? How long are you ready to tie your money down waiting for the real SkyWay Capital IPO? Will skyWay Capital Ever go public? If yes, why is the SkyWay Capital avoiding regulatory bodies in several regions and countries?

      In my opinion, Skyway capital has too many issues with regulatory bodies that disqualified the company as an investment company. Please avoid it.

      Thanks again for reading my article about the SkyWay Capital.



  3. Hi John
    SkyWay is coming to Viet Nam right now.
    They are working good in here because people really dont know what is PreIPO ?.
    They just give money to them and wait get back like 500% or 5000% something.
    At this time November 2019 , skyway is crowfunding about 80-100 milions USD just only in Viet Nam

    • Thanks for reading my review about the SkyWay Capital.

      Are you saying that SkyWay Capital are now in Vietnam? And you are saying that Vietnam people dies not know anything about PRE IPO issuance of the SkyWay Capital.

      What is IPO? IPO means Initial Public Offer. If you read my article about the SkyWay Capital Scam very well, you will know that many financial regulators have already stated that it is extremely risky buying into any Pre IPO offering.

      Pre IPO are share held by employee and investor of any company prior to that company going into the public.

      Try to Google and search about SkyWay Capital, they have never as a company enter any nation legitimately.

      Do SkyWay Capital Register with Vietnam financial Regulators?

      Try to go through my article again. I sighted with proof warnings of many financial regulators about the same Sky Way Capital.

      Please share this articles and let the people of Vietnam read about The SkyWay Capital scam.

      I am sure they just venture into countries where they knew little to nothing about them. Before the people of those countries like Vietnam will get to know about skyway capital scam, they would have collected enough money from them.

      You are saying that SkyWay Capital is promising the Vietnam people from 500% to 5,000% return in this pre IPO offering. Skyway Capital has been promising and claiming to go public since and for ever.

      They never did. This is a sign of scam.

      do you know that SkyWay Capital originated from Russian. The owners is from Russian. But do you know that Russian University of Railway proof that their technology can not work and that if they implement it, it will kill people.

      Why will Vietnam people invest in SkyWay Capital railway investment that has been proof to kill people. See the proof in the body of my article.

      Please share this articles to warn and educate the people of Vietnam about the SkyWay Capital scam.



  4. Hi John,

    I usually don’t leave messages on sites, but decided to do this to express my gratitude for this well put together analysis.
    I got to hear of Skyway a few days ago, the Russian name made me to be alert and I was curious to know more so I went googling!

    I got all I needed from your write-up!

    • Dear Dolapo,

      Thanks for checking on my page. The SkyWay Capital is an in-depth review with facts and figures for anyone that like to know the truth about The SkyWay Capital

      Thanks for checking.



  5. It’s a shame companies like this aren’t put out of business and their owners aren’t in jail. There are plenty of them out there but when one shuts down another one or more take its place. Until the people behind these schemes aren’t locked away, nothing will change.

    • Thanks for reading my Review About The Sky Way Capital.

      I am glad you dropped your comments.

      I agreee with you and with all the evidence that show that SkyWay Capital is as good as Scam.

      It is a waste of time and money to invest in such as scheme.

      Thanks for visiting my page.



  6. Hey John,
    I am WA member also, wow thanks for writing such detailed stuff about this company..

    Initially I did look at them and even register my name, than i taught Russia ummmm, I done some google research off course it turn out to completely garbage.

    They were showing people all over the World in this technology park saying I doing this for my kids, grand kids etc.

    Anyway I can’t believe they are not being stopped I guess because it is Russia./ However Putin should put an End to this charade.
    All the best

    • Thanks for reading my Skyway Capital Review.

      Forget it, you may not be able to make money with Skyway Capital.

      You will soon discover when you sign. But, please avoid this



  7. An important thing to read. A legitimate business does not post anything untrue.
    What do you make of these documents?

    For comparison, the fraudulent document posted by Skyway is downloadable here. . . . . (This is moderated because of the source of the document is not known to me)

    In the ‘second edition’ published above, SkyWay has essentially pasted its own promotion into the document.

    • Dear Michael,

      You are right in some way. SkyWay Capital usually try to take every opportunity to leverage on ads that will promote them. Who will not?

      Thanks for reading my SkyWay Capital review? But, do you think that SkyWay Capital a Scam? Have you heard any bad experience with the company?

      I hope you will visit again.



  8. I tend to steer clear of companies that make any type of ROI promises. The few I’ve been involved with in the past turned out to be a very big scam.

    Great read about Skyway, I can tell you put a lot of effort in this and included many details that I’ve not learned about!

    • Dear Madison,

      thanks for reading my review on SkyWay Capital. Thanks for your commendation, I really appreciate your time and effort to drop your thought.

      I am concern about many people that are still ignorant of many scammy programs online. Just like the SkyWay Capital scam.

      People are still wasting money subscribing to such scam with no hope, the main reasons are that they want quick money. Many people are lazy because they are not ready to put in the needed work to make real money legitimately online.

      Just by checking online forum ” SkyWay Capital”; you will see a lot of people that already subscribe to SkyWay Capital with no hope of getting their money back.

      They can NOt get such money back because SkyWay Capital established their business in any country they enter without obeying the financial regulatory rule and regulation of any country.

      This why over 8 regulatory bodies which include the UK, US, New Zealand etc warns their populate about the SkyWay Capital Scam.

      Thanks for reading my article on many reasons why SkyWay Capital Is a scam.



  9. Dear John,

    Thanks for your really interesting and informative article which includes information about the validity of pre-IPO shares and how SkyWay is attempting to use this dubious investment product to dupe small investors who don’t know any better.

    As of yesterday they are still attempting to negotiate pre-IPO shares in the form of the sale of ‘Convertible Loan Notes’.

    They are still making totally unsupported claims about 164, 300 and 400 billion dollars (depending on which site you encounter) in pre-order ‘preliminary’ contracts for international lines linking places like Moscow, London and Tokyo (seriously) and they are still basing the value of these dubious investment products on the basis that their intellectual product is worth four hundred billion dollars.

    The companies which raise funds for SkyWay are still registered in offshore tax-havens like the British Virgin Islands and Saint Lucia.

    They are still holding MLM meetings to encourage small investors to part with their money: such recruitment and sales meetings were documented just this month in Antwerp and Brussels.

    Thanks also for the background information on the questionable history of Kudryashov as a network marketer.


    I am Zachar

    • Dear Zachar,

      Thanks for visiting my “ “ to read my to r3d my article on ThevSkyway Capital Scam.

      I appreciate your praise and observations. I am happy that I could help. I get to know About Tge SkayWay Capita through my girlfriend. One of her friend was selling the idea of inveting in the company.

      I then promised to do an in-depth review of the company. It was sad that it wasn’t a good result for all the people that already invested in SkyWay Capital.

      The problem with the MLM program is that when you have committed with them and you don’t have any other option. You will be made to be their serving for along time.

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      Appreciate you for dropping a comment on my platform.



  10. Maybe one day people will learn not to go in for this kind of easy money, and these phony companies will stop cropping up!

    • Dear Josh,

      Thanks for reading my SkyWay Capital review. They have a great idea but the idea has been discovered to be full of errors that will kill people if fully implemented.

      I indicated this in my write. Russia University stated this even in Wikipedia. ou will see the screenshot in this article

      Thanks for dropping your comment.




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