6 thoughts on “Amway (amway.com) Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Dear John,

    What do you think is going to cost me or any new member to start selling or join Amway? And how easy is it to join Amway?

    I really love this article on Amway ” American Way”.

    I am one of your serious followers.



    • Dear Dave,

      Do you want to join Amway? I recommend becoming an affiliate marketer instead.

      You can learn all about affiliate marketing via my number 1 recommended online business; you can be making over $10,000 monthly within two years.

      Okay, if you must join Amway. The cost to become Amway business Owners is about $100 (Anywhere in the world where Amway is allowed to operate).

      This amount can be refunded if you want your money back within 60 to 180 days of your registration. The company claimed that this cost is one of the best in the industry with no risk.

      thanks again for visiting my webpage. Do get back to me if you need any other clarifications on Amway. I hope you are okay with my response?



  2. I’m getting the whole idea now. I see that the major problem of Amway centers on pushing their products to the final consumers. How about a member finds an effective means of advertising at little costs? Can such member still scale significantly?

    • Dear David,

      American Way called Amway is the largest multi-level marketing company in the world. They use MLM strategies to push out their beauty, home care, and health products to their various consumers.

      If a member can find a better and unique strategy to sell their products rather than MLM method. The significance of such scaling will depend on how effective the strategies are.

      I hope you are okay with my response?



  3. Amway products are good. I have used it since 10 years. Its a great company and what I don’t like is the multi level marketing. Though its very successful and amway has created a great brand value. Making money with amway is probably great and it completely depends on person to person.

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