Can You Really Make Money With Amway?

What is Amway About, Exactly?

Amway, which is short for American Way, is one of the oldest multi-level marketing companies in the country. The direct sales firm was founded by Richard Devos and Jay Van Andel in 1959 and has since evolved into a multi-national brand with offices scattered across every continent.

In this article, I will take you through what Amway is about. Amway is all about high-quality nutrition Cosmetics, beauty, and great home products. Two great friends Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos established the company in 1959 in Ada, Michigan.

The company, like most other independent establishments, relies on the activities of its numerous recruited personnel in order to facilitate sales of its products.

The recruitment of these individuals is always continuous and it usually leads to the formation of a marketing chain through which products and revenue flow from top to bottom and vice versa.

Amway is mostly renowned for its reputation as an independent MLM giant rather than for the efficacy of its product, and this has led to many people classifying the company as a typical pyramid scheme. Whether that description aptly fits this company is yet another topic for discussion.

Despite the skepticism about the company’s mode of operations, the Michigan based establishment is highly regarded as one of the most successful network marketing companies in recent history with total sales well above 10 billion dollars.

It has carved a niche for itself as a reputable business while also providing opportunities to individuals wishing to earn some extra income.

The company has survived several probes and investigations by the FTC who claim that the practice applied by the company doesn’t thread on the line of illegality.

Regardless of what many doubters and critics of the company said, it is simply impossible to prove that the marketing strategy used by Amway involves any fraudulent element especially when many successful direct sales companies apply the same methods.


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Do I Recommend Amway.

The multi-level marketing field is awash with several companies that aren’t really interested in delivering their products to final consumers; instead, their major goal is to push these products to unsuspecting individuals who are seeking revenue earning streams in order to improve their living standards.

These types of companies tend to focus more on recruiting marketing personnel to create vibrant networks of sales representatives that facilitate the movement of products and revenue.

Amway basically incorporates this practice in its marketing strategy, thus, surrendering the marketing burden of the product to its numerous representatives.

If you do not have the guile and craftiness needed to be a salesperson, you may find it difficult to market the products sold by the company. This is, therefore, not an ideal business venture for individuals without vast marketing experience.


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Making Money With Amway

The theoretical premise of Amway’s marketing strategy is clear and quite enticing. By strictly following a drawn up MLM plan, you can immediately earn money from your first sales or referrals.

The practical application of the strategy and the challenging dynamics that surround the company and its products, however, create a great obstacle many representatives fail to surmount; therein lies the flaw of the company’s business model.

The process of earning money with Amway is pretty much simple and it involves widening the reach of the company’s product by simply increasing the number people signed up to represent and market the product.

You will be given a substantial amount as commission for every new representative you’re able to secure for the company and even more money if these individuals successfully recruit other representatives to join their course.

With this arrangement, you’re able to earn money either by selling any of the company’s numerous products or by referring new clients to the company.


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List of Amway Product

The products that are being marketed with the brand of the popular American company range from cosmetic and skin care products to health supplements and even regular household products used on a daily basis.

They include Artistry make-up and skincare range, Satinique hair care range, Nutrilife health range, Body Blends body care range, eSpring water purifier system, Glister Oral Care Range, Legacy of Clean laundry, dish detergent and surface cleaner range, Atmosphere air treatment range, Pursue disinfectant range, and the iCook cookware range.

Price of Amway Products

The prices of most Amway products teeters toward the high side, especially when compared with other competing brands that have a much wider reach.

Its laundry detergent, for example, costs as much as $47.30 for a single keg, while its bar of soap and deodorant cost $17.50 and $16.50 respectively.


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Perks of Partnering with Amway

It is a viable money-making venture if you are a sale rep with rugged marketing skills.

You are well-trained on how to market the products manufactured by the company, and more importantly, on the strategies that facilitate the easy recruitment of new sales representatives.

The Downside of Partnering With Amway

The products are more expensive than the competition that mostly consists of well-known brands.

The company’s main objective tends to lean toward recruiting personnel instead of competently distributing their products.

Many representatives have complained of not receiving remunerations owed them by the company.

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My Take On Amway

Like most MLM ventures, working with Amway requires complete commitment and uninterrupted focus before you can succeed in it. It is, thus, the only ideal for individuals that lack a stable source of income.

The commissions you earn from recruitment are very rewarding and do not stop even after the recruitment are complete.

Amway is a popular company that achieved its success with the aid of an unconventional business model. It may, however, not be the ideal money making the channel for individuals who wish to earn money from orchestrating retail sales.

Amway at a Glance

Name: Amway


Price: A registration fee $62 & Starter Kit $99.9

Owners: Richard DeVos & Jay Van Andel

Overall Rank: 55%



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What do you think of Amway? Kindly drop your comment in my comments area.

what is the amway about

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  1. Amway products are good. I have used it since 10 years. Its a great company and what I don’t like is the multi level marketing. Though its very successful and amway has created a great brand value. Making money with amway is probably great and it completely depends on person to person.

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