QNet Review: Can You Still Make Good Money With QNet?


You are welcome to my QNet Review!

I know you here because you want to know if you can still make money with QNet.

We all have a sincere desire for making it in life. The main reason why you work day and night is not just to make ends meet and have a meal on the table and a roof over your heads but also to be rich and live much more comfortable lives.

To achieve this goal, you have to invest your hard earned cash. However, no one would wish to set foot in the unsettled water and the unknown like QNet without proper investigations.

For that reason, I will be reviewing all about QNet and how you can possibly make money with this MLM problem and you will know about my take on this company at the end of this article.

You will also watch a YoutUbe video of how you can actually make money with QNet.

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QNet at a Glance

Product Name: QNet

Founder: Joseph ‘Japa’ Bismark and Vijay Eswaran

Price: 500 BV (Business Volume)

Rating: 27%

Recommended: No


What is QNet About, Exactly?

Qnet is a big Network marketing company in Asia. It has found its way in the market and has been rated as one of the biggest in companies dealing with Network Marketing in Asia.

QNet is based in Hong Kong. It has ultimate popularity in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and India. Everyone in these countries is talking about QNet.


The Origin of QNet

QNet was founded in 1998 which is approximately two decades ago. It has been operating under names like GoldQuest, QuestNet and QI Limited.

QNet is an Asia based company belonging to QI Group. Are You Tired Of Been Scammed

Two gentlemen established QNet from drastically different backgrounds.

Joseph ‘Japa’ Bismark and Vijay Eswaran came together in friendship and agreed to work together as business partners.

qnet network marketing reviews


Features of QNet

QNet is a direct selling company which concentrates on selling their products online. It has a long list of diverse types of products. Below is a list of some products we deal with at QNet.

  • Health and wellness
  • Personal Care and Beauty
  • Watches and Jewelry
  • Education
  • Holidays and
  • Technology

QNet has typical MLM products as well. These products include Water purifiers, Essential Oils, Nutrition supplements, and many other beauty products.

These products can be bought from their eCommerce, and one always needs a referrer unless you are a representative yourself.


Benefits of QNet

There are many benefits to using QNet. However, this works well for enthusiastic people and people who are self-driven.

This is because; it needs a lot of commitment in the beginning before you start reaping the fruits of your labor. If you are not enthusiastic, you will probably give up even before you receive your first payment.

Compared to 9 to 5 jobs, QNet is ten times better, because it gives you an opportunity of doing what you love most and working at your own convenience.

You are also presented with a chance of interacting with highly enthusiastic people who love what they do.

qnet india scams

Products Promoted and Sold by QNet

There are different products sold and supported by QNet online marketing. These are genuine products and have been widely accepted in the market. These products include:


QNet offers a range of technologically progressive communication solutions that make it easier for you to manage both your life and business anywhere in the world.

#Health and Wellness

QNet health and wellness products are scientifically researched and developed. They are entirely created to help you uphold the highest quality of life by refining your health and wellness from the inside out.

Watches and jewelry: QNet stocks world-class selection of modern and traditional high-quality jewelry and timepieces.

#Personal Care and Beauty

These products will bring out your natural beauty and get the inner confidence of chasing after your dreams with QNet beauty products that promise to enhance the way you feel and look.


QNet offers vacation club memberships and packages which redefines business travel and leisure.


You will receive invaluable learning practice in an informal yet professional education settling that is designed for entrepreneurs and networkers by being a member of QNet.


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The Cost and Price of QNet

There is no set price of QNet it depends on the value of your currency. The entry point of QNet is 500 BV (Business Volume).

This is the point product value used to qualify an Independent Representative to start receiving their commission.

The 500 Business Volume can be earned either by selling a product or from personal purchases.

If you have excellent interpersonal relationship skills, QNet is a unique business opportunity for you. However, if not so, it might prove a significant challenge to earn with QNet.

How to Make Money With QNet | YouTube


Advantages of Joining QNet

  • You become your own boss and dictate your weekly or monthly income.
  • Qashout payment portal works seamlessly with any Q account.
  • It quickly gives you financial freedom.
  • It offers an excellent compensation plan.

Disadvantages of QNet

  • You don’t receive any payment if you don’t make sales.
  • There are a mandatory non-refundable membership fee and products to buy.
  • If the system fails, there is no security or a refund.

The Primary Target Audience of QNet

QNet majorly targets the young people who have little or no knowledge or experience of how pyramid schemes work.

They believe uninformed young people are easy to lure into any online money-making system.

The young people are also easy to convince to buy beauty products and health and wellness products since that is what they are mainly after.

Many don't know that most products like QNet are not straight forward.

You will not make what the ads actually display.

QNet clearly states this in their earnings and  income disclaimer that there is no guarantee that you will make such level of income promised.

The question is, why promising it initially?

Other companies like QNet include:


Is QNet Restricted to Any Country or Region?

Although QNet was founded in Asia, it has spread all over the world. It is currently in over 100 countries and still digging deep into other countries.

QNet has not been restricted in any country so far. It is, however, important to note that the laws of Hong Kong govern it.

is qnet a scam

How to Make Money with QNet.

An Independent Representative (I.R) earns money from commissions paid for the job done.  You can also check out the QNet Compensation plan here.

There are majorly seven different categories of commissions paid on QNet compensation plan. These include:

 #Retail Profit

This is the difference between the IR discounted Price and the retail price of the product. This is awarded to the Independent Representative who sells the product to a retail customer.

#Step Commission

This is paid to the IR depending on BV accumulated from the sales or purchases made under their account.

#Early Payout Option (“EPO”)

This is only applicable to newly qualified and activated Independent Representatives who have achieved the set Lower Volume Team.

#Repeat Sales Point (RSP)

This is also known as Repeat Sales Commission. Earned RSP have converted to cash automatically and paid weekly depending on the underlying conversion rates of USD.

#Bonuses and Change of Commissions

The company determines this. However, they give enough time for prior notice to Independent Representatives by publishing these changes on its official website.

Rank Maintenance

This varies every depending on the rank of the IR is in. If the IR doesn’t maintain their level, they are paid according to the position they qualify for.

#Year-Round Incentives

The IR’s hard work also determines this throughout the year. The company sets it.

#Other QNet Ranks for Growth

It is also important to understand that the IR has seven ranks they can advance in with different compensation level. These ranks are as listed below:

  • Bronze Star
  • Silver Star
  • Gold Star
  • Sapphire Star
  • Platinum Star
  • Diamond Star
  • Blue Diamond Star
  • Alternatives to QNet

Making Money Through Recruiting at QNet | YouTube


Other Alternatives to QNet.

Below are the most common ones:

Wealthy Affiliate: It has become more common due to its specific step-by-step training that has taught thousands of people how to make good money through online marketing.

Forever living: This is much better than QNet because it is open to its clients and has nothing hidden about its operations.


Public Opinion of QNet

Although few people have confessed to having benefitted from QNet, most of its clients seem not to like it.

The fact that it is not bright in its mode of operation and seems to focus more on the compensation plans rather than advertising their products makes it look shady.

It is cited to be more of a scam than a legit business.


Is QNet Worth Your Money?

What do you think of my QNet Review? Can you still make money with QNet? Do you think it can make you a living? I am asking all these questions because I knew that QNet can not earn you a living. Why don't you consider an online business adding value and helping people?

I am into affiliate marketing. You can learn easily with Wealthy Affiliate. You will be thought all you need to know, the training will help turn your hobbies and passion into a thriving business online.

The bottom line is, it is possible to make money with QNet depending on your personality.

If you are good at convincing people to buy your products, then you might be a good candidate for QNet. Otherwise, this is a no-go zone for shy people.

In my own opinion, You may not be able to make good enough money with QNet. QNet is also an MLM product that involved a lot of risks.

This is number reason one I wouldn’t recommend QNet personally to anyone unless you are a great risk taker and always ready to try anything provided it promises to give you good returns.

So, are you doing business with QNet already? What is your take of my QNet review? Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below.


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14 thoughts on “QNet Review: Can You Still Make Good Money With QNet?”

  1. I’m not that good at convincing people to buy products so I feel this may not be for me at all. I’m looking for a good MLM to join and I’m going down a list I’ve found online. This is out so next is Amway. I’m going to see what I can find on them. Actually do you have a review of Amway?

  2. This seems like a very promising platform. since you are not mandated to make recruitment then it sounds good. I can focus on how to promote products and make sales.

    Thanks for this review.

    • Dear Jeffrey,

      Thanks for reading my QNet Review and how you can Make Good Money With it.

      I am happy you gained something from my write up.

      I hope you will be around on my site again?



  3. Your review about Qnet is very encouraging for me. This looks a good option to earn some money as an affiliate marketing expert. After writing this comment, I will signup for their marketing plan and make some money.

  4. I’m not a fan of MLM business, but Qnet seems promising from your review above. I’m just a bit scared. What do you have to say about the mass who see it as scam?

    • Dear Breda,

      You are not alone. I once did an article on why all MLM is a scam! The I assume any business that has elements of MLM as a scam. This is also why I am not also confirtabke with QNet.

      Yes, you will make money promoting QNet but you have to start running after people to make sales instead of people to be running after you because you are solving problems fir them.

      This is why Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate is great for me. It is my #1 Recommended Online business. So I know the feeling I don’t really recommend QNet as a viable online business.

      I hope Inam clear?



  5. Nice information shared. Now, I can say I have an in-depth insight into what Qnet is all about. Personally, I think the mandatory sales shouldn’t be there. Hope they don’t place a mandatory quantity of products a member must sell successfully before being rewarded?

    • Dear Jonathan,

      QNet product sales are driven by MLM strategies. Selling is a key if you must make money via QNet No sales no money. It is mandatory to make sales before you can make money with QNet.

      I don’t believe in MLM strategies in making sales. I believe people should only purchase your product and services if only it can add value to you.
      This is why I believe in Wealthy Affiliate. WA will help you turn your ideas, passion, and hobbies into a thriving business online that can really add value to people.

      The value that people will be ready to pay you for. Just, for instance, my friend Mark loves to play video games online. He is currently making over $20,000 monthly with is the platform (Website).

      He learned all he knew from Wealthy Affiliate. It is just the best in the world right now. You can compare that to trying to sell a health product to a family member via QNet even if such person does not require it.

      I hope you are clear with what my takes are about QNet?



  6. Thanks for the review of this program. I was searching about this QNet online when I came across your review. It was difficult to find full information about this product online as there are not a lot of reviews.
    I have a question about the cost section: what do you mean by depends on the level of your currency?

    • Hi Dreamgirl93,

      The value of the currency here implies that the exchange rate of your currency to dollar will determine the cost effectually. 

      Thanks for visiting my website.



  7. Great Post,

    Thanks for your write up. What is your best alternative to making money with QNet. I mean your trusted best ways to making money online?

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