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How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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You are welcome to my article on how to start affiliate marketing for beginners. I am happy for you because I make my living as an affiliate marketer. This article will take you a step by step process of how to become an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing means earning commission selling other people’s products and services online or offline.


The best way to make money is to practice affiliate marketing with your website, but you can still make a full-time income online without a website with affiliate marketing.

This article is all about how to start affiliate marketing for beginners. Please read on to know all about Affiliate Marketing?

How to Start Affiliate Marketing and Earn Big – Video

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 Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of making money through a commission by promoting other people’s goods, services, and company’s products?

It is simple, you look for a product you liked, when you promote such product to others and you earn a commission at an agreed percentage for each sale that you make.

I love affiliate marketing, it is something I have been pushing and trading for a while now.

I have seen this industry-changing gradually from just promoting products into a regular name that is now everywhere.

What Is The Pros And Cons Of Affiliate Marketing

You are probably an individual who is seriously thinking about affiliate marketing and want to know about the future and trend of affiliate marketing in the years to come.

I will be elaborating on where affiliate marketing is going, why you need to become an affiliate marketer, and why affiliate marketing remains a goldmine.

Your question might be any of the following: is there a future in the affiliate marketing business? Will I continue to make money as an affiliate marketer in the next 20 years?

Is Affiliate Marketing space choked up already? Is there still enough space for you to become an affiliate marketer? One of the most lucrative businesses online is the affiliate marketing business today.

It has been predicted that the affiliate marketing business will grow to over $20 billion over the next five years. Affiliate marketing is now very key and important to all kinds of businesses in every region, country, and city.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

All you required is just a website, and Affiliate marketing can be done without any websites.

Therefore it is the fastest and best way to start working from home via the Internet.

  1. Wholesalers/Company (Owners of the products) have access to a wide variety of people to distribute and sell products and services for them.
  2. Product Owners have easy access to customers without any cost
  3. The company has easy and free access to customers/clients buying intent and behavior (Buying statics can easily be tracks and analyzed); these data/statistics will guide and help on how to reshape and remodel the products for the future and better profitability of the company.
  4. It is a natural way of making money from products of the various company without getting involved in the production on the side of the publishers (website and blog owners)
  5. No additional investment is required to become an affiliate marketer; you can even become an affiliate marketer without a website these days.
  6. An affiliate marketer does not need to get involved in customer support after any purchase; it is the merchant’s headache, therefore no additional cost to the owners of the website.
  7. Affiliate Marketer can promote as many products as he or she likes. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of merchants to do business with. The more company/merchant products you deal with, the more money you will make as a blogger or website owner.
  8. Affiliate Marketing is an easy way to make any products or companies recognized online; since many affiliates can start broadcasting such products and services to the nook and corners of the Internet.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

  1. An excellent and honest affiliate marketer can easily promote bad products launched by the merchant; this is why it is recommended that products should be tested before any marketer start promotion (This is not feasible all the time)
  2. Affiliate Marketers may employ a deceptive method of promotion of the products for quick sales; this can damage the reputation of such merchants.
  3. Some companies/distributors/merchants can stop the production and sales of products without appropriate communication with affiliate marketers.
  4. Some products owners do drop the commission percentage without appropriate informing the affiliates
  5. Fraudsters can manipulate and take over affiliate marketer websites to hijack and steal and change affiliate links.

Affiliate Marketing 101 – Step-By-Step Break Down Of Affiliate Marketing

You know now that affiliate marketing is a process of promoting another company’s products, services so as to earn a good commission in return.

There are lots of affiliate programs all over the Internet that you can join so as to earn a commission based on percentage.

Affiliate marketing is a middleman business, as an affiliate marketer you are to connect the advertiser i.e. the products and services and the consumer.

You are the connector of these two parties i.e. you link Products and services to Consumers with your link. Learn more about Affiliate Marketing on Wikipedia. 

It is a bit more complex than the above, but this is what affiliate marketing is all about graphically speaking.

You have to identify a niche or an area of interest, create a website so as to start solving people’s problems as related to that your interest area.

Then you will start attracting traffics so as for people to know you have solutions to their problem and start making money by sending them (through your affiliate link) to where they can buy goods, books or services as relating to the problem you are trying to solve.

how to become affiliate marketer

This Is How To Make Money Online – Learn More

This is what is all about, you will be thought to identify a profitable niche, you learn how to create your own website, drive traffics, and how to start making money online.

This business model has been proven to be working for ages and it will remain to be working for several years to come. What do you think about how to start Affiliate Marketing for beginners?

Importance of Affiliate Marketing to Companies

Many companies and businesses depend on affiliate marketing not only to build their brand but for more publicity and revenue generations.

If you are a good company with an online presence at this age at this moment and you don’t have an affiliate program, you are indeed not going to go far.

Have you been wondering about the number of people that have access to the Internet?

More than 3.6 billion now have access to the Internet as of June 2016, compare the total Internet user of fewer than 750 million people across the world as of the year 2000. What is the implication of the above?

The trend of Internet users will climb up and more and more people will dive in and if you are considering making money through the Internet, this is the time to start something real and authentic and risk-free.

Indeed a lot of companies and advertisers are now investing over 15% of their marketing budget in their affiliate marketing programs so as to boost their online sales.

eBay and Amazon are great examples of companies that have leveraged on using an affiliate program to grow their business exponentially.

Is it not better to engage millions of affiliate marketers than to employ a sales executive that must be paid a lot of money to function?

And these sales executives cannot achieve what the affiliate program will achieve.

Amazon employs the use of Amazon Associate to organize their affiliate program to market over 470 million products.

Affiliate marketing model works and it is here to stay. More companies need you and others to dive in and start making money online.

what is affiliate marketing about and how does it work
affiliate marketing net program

Changes In Globalisation And Affiliate Marketing

The following are what you must be aware before you start Affiliate Marketing

  • Exponential Growth Of Affiliate Marketing

It is projected that the affiliate marketing industry is going to be worth over $7.5 billion by 2021; also over 8,000 marketers attend Affiliate Marketer Summit conference twice yearly.

Affiliate Marketing is growing so very rapidly and the revenue growth in this sector is also growing at an exceptionally faster rate.

  • Brands And Company Not Built Around Affiliate Marketing May Fail

Major brands that are doing exceptionally great today are built around affiliate marketing.

Company or brands such as Barneys New York, Etsy, Net-A-Porter, Best Buy, Agent Provocateur, HP, Liberty London, Apple, and Amazon just to name a few.

Without affiliate marketing, these companies’ share of marketing online would have been a minute one.

  • The emergence of Many New Affiliate Program

Several companies are coming up with an affiliate program to remain relevant in online business. The essence is to improve revenue generation and increase their online presence.

There are over 40 affiliates network that linked the affiliate marketers or publishers to the advertisers. Affiliates programs are uncountable and they are everywhere online.

You can check out my number one affiliate marketing program, they are the best in the world.

  • Numerous Products You Can Promote as An Affiliate

Kyle One of the founder of Wealthy Affiliate made mentions that “ there are over 500 million products you can promote online”. And we still have other online and offline services with great affiliate programs.

  • Rapid Growth in Online Retail and Shopping

A lot of people are now moving towards purchasing their good and service online now, personally, I knew most of the pricing are better off online than offline.

It is also fun to purchase goods and services online when you realize that an affiliate is benefiting from every purchase done online.

It is good to know the following with respect to the current event on an online purchase:

  • 55% of Americans shops online
  • 98% of Americans have made a purchase online in their lifetime and 85% in the last month.
  • 43% of small business owners in American have no website
  • Year on year growth of Internet user in the US is 19%
  • People ordering goods and services online increase in Q3 of 2016 by 10%

This trend will definitely continue.

Free Download of KPMG Report – The Truth About Online Consumer i.e. 2017 Global Online Consumer Report

  • Affiliate Marketing Is Here To Stay

With all my stories about the growth and expansion of affiliate marketing, it is evident that affiliate marketing is here to stay.

You must know that most sales online these days are affiliated with an affiliate marketer. For instance, if you are making a purchase through the Miniinthebox through any site, you are actually been directed to the main site via an affiliate link.

My point is that you don’t need to be scared, be rest assured that you are in for a long time business if you start set to become an affiliate marketer today.

Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Thanks for reading my article on how to start affiliate marketing for beginners?

The best way to approach affiliate marketing as a beginner is to learn the rudiment of affiliate marketing.

Can you see how people are making a lot of money online? Do you want to start right now? The ball is in your court!

Wealthy Affiliate is an e-learning platform that will teach you the rudiment of making money online with your hubbies via affiliate marketing.

You will learn the following:

  • Identify your area of interest called niche market, you will also identify the various needs in your niche, you will learn and create your own website as relating to your niche.
  • Drive traffics i.e. how to get people to view your website and finally, you will learn how to monetize your website so that you can start making money as an affiliate marketer.

This is a step-by-step guide to Affiliate Marketing, this is how you can share out of this gold mine rush online.

what are good side hustles

You can start with a free trial or join a premium program with an opportunity to have 50 websites that will be hosted for you.

The premium is the best option for me because your websites will have SSL encryption; you will have access to a community of affiliates that is ready to help you resolve any issue 24/7 online.

You will have access to the owners (Carson and Kyle).

A free trial will earn you two free websites with hosting for life but you only have access to beginner courses.

What is your thought of my article on how to start Affiliate Marketing for beginners?  Please drop your comment below. I will get back to you ASAP.

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16 thoughts on “How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners”

  1. For someone who is new to affiliate marketing this article provided the information I needed to get started in this field. Thanks for the great info

    1. Hi Rick,

      Thanks for reading my article on Step-By-Step Guide To Affiliate Marketing and why it is still a gold mine.

      Affiliate marketing is a big business where a lot of people are making money today. But there are a lot of trick to it if you are to make an impact in this business. There are so many things you must learn to be successful.

      For me, the best Affiliate Marketing training is Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe because they help me learn the rope.

      It changed my life.



  2. Dear John,
    I am very new to this whole affiliate marketing game so this article was very helpful for me.

    I now know more yet still need to delve more and make some notes. if you can please help me in a more step by step what affiliate marketing is?

    Wealthy affiliate seems like the next step now since I want to make some money while I learn the ropes.

    I love your write, John

    Thank you.


    1. Dear Frank,

      Affiliate Marketing is a process of selling other people’s product for a commision. It required to process and steps.

      Choose a Niche
      You have to choose a niche of your choice, and your niche is your audience, what are people you will be targeting.

      Affiliate Marketing is excellent such that you must first help people online by solving the problem. Your audience will always look for you to get their problem to explain. You must know how to choose a profitable audience in the marketplace

      Build a website

      You have to build your platform (it is like your shop). Your rig is your website. It is not always good to use other people’s platform for Affiliate marketing.

      It is very dangerous to be using or depend wholly on this great platform such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Quora, etc One day, your profile can be revoked, and you will be made to start from the beginning.

      It is possible to start affiliate marketing without a website or investments, but it is not the best idea.

      Twitter may block you or delete your accounts. This is why you must start with your website. You can create it FREE here in 30 seconds.

      Direct Traffic

      The best way to direct traffics to your website is through organic — million of people around the world search for one thing or the other online. People will have a problem that they will need to solve.

      You have to create a problem-solving content that people can search for. This is where Affiliate marketing training comes in handy. Wealthy Affiliate will train you such that when you write content, it will be on page one of Google.
      As long as you follow the training, there is no way your audience won’t find you if you train through Wealthy Affiliate.

      Sell To Your Audience

      When you start getting traffics, you then begin to get other people’s product and placing it on your site to relevant content. Then you will start making money.

      Affiliate marketing required a lot of work and focused; otherwise, you will run away. You must wait for your income to come in because the process is slow. It will take time to get your first sales organically.

      What do you think? Do you have other questions?

      Please revisit my site.



  3. This is an awesome review and breakdown. This is the first article on affiliate marking that is actually saying something different and well detailed with statistical proves.

  4. Hi John,

    Too bad! I’ve not been successful with affiliate marketing. Tried many affiliate networks and promoted several products but failed to make sales.

    I see you talked about Wealthy Affiliate, an e-learning platform that teaches affiliate marketing.

    Does Wealthy Affiliate advocate free traffic or paid traffic?

    I am Melina. Please revert to my questions.

    1. Dear Melina,

      Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the HOW to of Affiliate Marketing. They will help put every option on your table.

      It will now be your choice to run after the training, do something with it according to the instruction. If you follow the instruction. There is no way you will not make money via Wealthy Affiliate.

      Therefore, to answer your question. It all depends on you. If you have enough money to outreach for paid traffics, Wealthy Affiliate will train you on how not to lose money via paid traffics.

      But, organic traffic is just the best. Just write great content that will help your audience; then you will make good money online and people will always come.



  5. Thank you for your honest review? How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate?

    It is a great revelation that we have this kind of program

    Is there any up- sell ?

    I need this information please.

    1. Thanks Jane,

      I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over 11 months now and i have learnt a lot and i am also making money. I dont know anything about website and making money before i joined Wealthy Affiliate. But you can observe what i have done with my website. I was thought everything you are seen now and the same will happen to your website if you join.

      As long as you can read and hold a computer mouse, you will be thought to develop your website by yourself and you will learn how to monetize your website through Wealthy Affiliate.


  6. This is a powerful piece of review. Affiliate marketing is one of the business online today. your review has throw more light about the process and how profitable it is.

    Am now into wealthy affiliate and am still getting more understanding of Internet marketing, thanks to the group members.

    My worry is how long does it take to be trusted by Google because member here do comment and I have not seen any comment from outside. Thanks for your review it really helpful.

    1. Thank you for coming to my website. It may take like two to three months on consistent writing for google to trust you. We have a lot of hit and run blogger. Google will like to know that you meant business before they can recon with you as an authority online. This is what will make you content and article rank on google page one.

      You just need to write high quality articles that solve real life problems for your readers. Before you know it you will get rank and start making good sales online.

      Thank you.


  7. Heyllo again John,
    I was excited when I read your “How to Make Money Through Games” blog post that I decided to learn more about Affiliate Marketing.

    I’ve heard many good things about Wealthy Affiliate, is it true that any niche at all can start this? Jeepers, wait till my friends see that I have a gaming blog, it would totally blow them away 😀

    1. Yes, you can start with any niche but you must have passion for what you decide. To make reasonable money online you must identified a profitable niche. It is only identification of a great niche where you have ready made market that can earn you good money online.

      The important of providing solution online is to get people to read it up. if there is no ready made market for your niche, it may definitely not make you money.

      This is why choosing profitable niche is important.

      thank you


  8. What a great review of affiliate marketing. I myself am a wealthy affiliate member. Your review is pretty detailed and down to the point of what exactly the program is about. I like that you’ve included the graph in there as well, it gives more detail on what’s happening out there. Thanks for reaffirming what I’ve already thought about wealthy affiliate.

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