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Is Legendary Marketer a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

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legendary marketer vs wealthy affiliate

You are welcome to my Legendary Marketer review. Can you make money with Legendary Marketer? Is Legendary Marketer legit or scam?

Legendary Marketer is a high-ticket affiliate marketing company that offers coaching and training services on reselling the package and its membership.


But, Is Legendary Marketer a Scam? Does it worth your money, and will it ever make you money?

The commission on all sales ranges from 55%-60%.

The courses have good quality and content on online marketing, but the upsells are just too high compare to my #1 recommended affiliate Marketing Certification Training. 

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Legendary Marketer at a Glance

is legendary marketer same as wealthy affiliate

Product Name: Legendary Marketer (Duplicate Dave)
Founder: David Sharpe
Price: $30/month, plus upsells $30,000
Rating: 54%
Recommended: Too Costly. . . No

What is the Legendary Marketer?

Dave Sharpe created a Legendary Marketer to help people build a reliable internet marketing business through online training and events.

David Sharpe has been in the business for over nine years as a digital marketing entrepreneur and educator, co-founder of empower network, and lots more. From this, you’ll know he is quite legit in the online marketing hemisphere.

With a legendary marketer, the aim is to ensure startup entrepreneurs earn a full-time income with their digital business.

You would most likely get to the webpage through or as both are the links to the same website.

Is Legendary Marketer legit or a scam? What do you think of my Legendary Marketer review? You can also read what people are saying on Quora about Legendary Marketer.

How Much Does Legendary Marketer Cost?

So here’s the deal, you start by purchasing the Legendary Marketer Club ($30/month), plus the upsells which are:

  • Traffic Rolodex ($47 one-time)
  • Invisible Influencer ($997 one-time)
  • Legendary Builder Masterclass ($2,500 one-time)
  • Leader Masterclass ($5,000 one-time)
  • Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($8,000 one-time).
  • Entrepreneur Mastermind ($12,000 one-time)
  • Legendary Lifestyle Experience ($30,000 one-time)

Sum it up, and you have a bill of $58K++just to get access to commissions on the site.

And for giving them the token of over five hundred grand, you get access to have David Sharpe as your coach, isn’t that amazing?

With this high cost, Is Legendary Marketer legit or scam? what do you think of my review of Legendary Marketer?

Who Is Legendary Marketer Good For?

If you’re swimming in a boatload of cash and you are committed to making more money this way, they would recommend this Legendary Marketer for you otherwise, run to a cheaper site.

The second set of people that can benefit from legendary marketer are network marketers who can and want to generate more leads and sales through online marketing.

How to Make Money with Legendary Marketer

You start by signing up for a Legendary marketer by clicking the hyperlink “Click here to get started.” It’ll take you through a series of 15 core steps that educate you on the actions taken to build through the legendary marketer.

Each video has been carefully made and can guarantee you that the value gotten from this would give you an extreme boost.

A coach is assigned to you, whose duty is to guide you through the core steps after the first five. Your coach is you like your trainer that helps you find your way around the bumpy road of growing and building a strong business online.

This is one of the many reasons why a legendary marketer is so good to use.

There are links and sales funnels to help you promote your business on the “My Business” tab in your account.

You could also add tags to whatever connection you use to keep track of your marketing sales to see where you make the most profit from. You have full-time access and so much transparency to the entire process.

The challenge here would be building organic traffic. And for any online business, transportation is the blood and oxygen it needs to grow. Without it, you’re just wasting time.

Most online businesses and bloggers fold up due to a lack of traffics. This is why some goes for traffics software like traffic Travis.

There will always be a learning point. You must learn how things are done legitimately to achieve a good result. You must learn to put the effort and time to learn the rudiment.

Now, remember, you can’t expect to make money without putting in the time and work.

It’s not just about sitting in a laptop and typing away; you would still need to understand things like taxes, sales marketing, and the likes and realize that starting a business is still expensive no matter where it’s done.

Here’s what the packages look like:

1. Legendary Marketer Club ($30/month)

You subscribe to this every month to learn about the basics of online marketing.

You’ll learn a range of skills like how to use Facebook ads, how to generate leads, advertising on YouTube, Instagram marketing and weekly webinars teaching you various internet marketing topics

You would also be provided with a lot of tools for you to promote their Legendary Marketer, which include:

  • Landing page
  • Banner Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Ad copy
  • A 45-day email sequence.

In a nutshell, what they’re offering you are tools to promote and resell legendary marketer’s product only. The resources are not there to help you build your business.

2. Traffic Rolodex ($47 one-time)

This training course is directed at helping you build traffic on your landing page while using paid traffic methods.

This issue here is that traffic building is one of the first parts of any business, so why is it a separate package and not an introductory program?

3. Invisible Influencer ($997 one-time)

This is another traffic generation course, but also, you learn leads and sales using Facebook and Instagram fan page to promote their page.

The thing is, Legendary Marketer is supposed to teach this in the marketing club, right? So why offer another Legendary Marketer to show the same thing?

We could rule it off as specializations, but you can still learn all this for free online or at least at a cheaper rate, so what is it that they’re teaching here that is worth $997?

In this upsell, you are provided with four major courses where you’ll be taught:

  • Attraction code
  • Storytelling formula
  • Master of enrollment
  • Profitable
  • Presentation

In summary, it offers you content creation tools.

Here you will learn how to:

  • Lead in your market place
  • Build a strong brand
  • Dominate your competition.

In a nutshell, you will be offered courses like brand development, Legendary Marketer messaging, scaling strategies, and the likes.

This is a three day live event happening in the US.

Before you get to this level, all Legendary Marketers you would have paid for, upsell or not, are digital.

From this step forward, everything would be live, but you would have to pay a whole lot more money.

This is another three-day event in the US, which covers a wider range of topics like health wealth, personal growth and development, and other related topics.

The focus is on building you into a true entrepreneur.

But $12,000 for a three-day event? I mean even Tony Robbins’s Unleash the power within only costs $1,000, and it’s a four-day event! I think this is too high.

This is an out of the US event where members are allowed to network with other influential people and learn from one another in exotic places.

This also qualifies you to have one-year personal coaching with David Sharpe.

But still, $30, 000 plus all the other Legendary Marketers for what you can get for free on your own? What do you think of the Legendary Marketer review?

How Much Money Can You Make with Legendary Marketer

Depending on the amount of work and time you can commit to this, you can make a lot of money primarily from the high rate of commission offered where you can earn up to 60% on a Legendary Marketer.

Legendary Marketer Support /Customer Service

The customer service is really good, and the community on the platform is active. There’s also a coach that serves as your guide throughout the program.

What Is Good About Legendary Marketer?

Great Value for Money

The Legendary Marketer Club membership is the only thing that is worth your money.

The value offered is worth more than $30/month. The training is in a wide range of fields in internet marketing.

Apart from this, the prices for the other Legendary Marketers are too high.

Easy to Navigate

When you join the community, it would be super easy for you to browse and find your way around. The step by step procedure on what to do is clearly stated.

Added to that you’re assigned a coach as soon as you join. Your coach would be your guide that you can ask any questions whenever you’re confused or need help.

Pure Affiliate Marketing

Legendary Marketer does not use the multiple levels of commission structure like other programs do hence it prevents mistaking them or tagging them like a pyramid scheme.

High Affiliate Commission

The reason why Legendary Marketer is overpriced is that of the high commission rate they offer, and they also promote high ticket Legendary Marketers.

A large percentage of affiliate marketers are paying $2,500 to sell the legendary builder masterclass Legendary Marketer which allows them, male, $1,000 per sale.

Depending on how much commission you want to make, you purchase a Legendary Marketer and earn a 40%-60% commission.

My Issues with Legendary Marketer?

A lot of people who want to make money online don’t even have a thousand dollars to invest, to begin with, and that’s probably the primary reason they want to make money online.

When there’s a lot of sites that offer the same thing at a much more affordable price what would make one come this way?

Apart from the fact that this is such a high investment, there are also additional costs attached to this.

For starters, the legendary marketer would not teach you about free traffic methods or strategies.

They do not start with simple free tools like blogging, social media marketing, etc. They focus solely on Paid Traffic Methods putting a more financial burden on you.

This is because the paid methods give you faster results and a lot of people do not have the patience for free traffic methods.

The negative side to this is that you need to invest another hundred dollars every month to this because without traffic you have no business.

There’s another hidden cost, which is investing in Autoresponder and Sand lane that they recommend on their platform. Is the Legendary Marketer legit or scam with many upsells?

Even though you can leverage on the training from Legendary Marketer to build your online business, their platform focuses way too much on promoting their Legendary Marketers and upsells to other people.

Most people making money are also affiliated to the program, and at the end of the day, you focus more energy on getting more customers for them because you need to make your investment work out for you leaving you no time to focus on your own business.

What do you think of my Legendary Marketer review? Do you think people are pay for this products?

Online Complaint About Legendary Marketer

For further information on legendary marketer visit the following sites:

Is this Legendary Marketer Legit Or Scam?

It is not a scam; it’s just an overpriced product that focuses on itself a little too much.

Legendary Marketer Vs Wealthy Affiliate

Is Legendary Marketer Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Legendary Marketer review? Can you make money with Legendary Marketer?

Is Legendary Marketer a Scam? What do you think of the high ticket and many Upsells?

If you can afford it without having a heart attack then you can go for this training program because it is legit and not a scam. But, in my opinion, it is too costly for what is offering.

You can get a far better value from what Wealthy Affiliate is offering than this program.

It is important you know that is a platform with great training program but with a lot of up-sells and extremely costly for people.

What do you think of my Legendary Marketer review? Is Legendary Marketer legit or scam?

What do you think? Please use the comment area for your feedback.

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8 thoughts on “Is Legendary Marketer a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Hey nice article you have there. I am an affiliate marketer, whenever I see viable online marketing business that pays, I make effort to ultilize it, your analysis about legendary are quite awesome. I would love to learn more from your teachings and coaching, the legendary marketer mastermind fee is it throughout your career as a marketer ?.

    1. Thanks for reading my Legendary Marketer review.

      The article is all about how to make money with Legendary Marketer.

      The question is this, can you really make a monkey with the Legendary Marketer



  2. I am very comfortable with Wealthy Affiliate so when I love at other online training platforms such as Legendary Marketer, I always ask myself can there be an added value that I don;t receive at Wealthy Affiliate. It appears the value might be in the training. You can never have enough training with affiliate marketing so there is some value there. However, those packages look very expensive so I don’t know if the training would be enough value to justify the cost. You just get so much more at Wealthy Affiliate. 

    1. Dear Lee, 

      Yes, I am also comfortable with Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Thanks for reading my Legendary Marketer review.

      The article is all about how to make money with the Legendary Marketer.



  3. Well, I tried to access the official website for Duplicate Daves and it does not even work! The other site is just an email snatcher/collector, with no real or useful information given on it at all. I wouldn’t trust either of the two.

  4. Tiffany Stafford

    This sounds like a basically legitimate platform, but only for people who already have a lot of money! The overall cost just doesn’t seem worth it to me. Maybe for someone who can spend $60K just to generate some passive income, but not for someone who’s trying to make ends meet. I appreciate how honest this review is, because it really unpacks both the pros and cons of the program.

    1. Thanks for reading my Lengendary Marketer review.

      Lengendary Marketer is not a scam. It is one of the best platform that can make you good money online.

      But, you will not make money if you don’t work hard enough.

      Is one thing to know about how something work and another things

      Thanks again for visiting this page.



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