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Stack That Money Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Stack That Money (STM) review. Can you make money with Stack That Money? Is Stack That Money legit or another scam?

I am sure you are here to get answers to many questions about Stack That Money.


It is good you are researching if the Stack That Money worth it or not. This was how I discovered how to transform my skills and ideas into a full-time blogger.

The article is all you need to decide if Stack That Money is what you need to become a successful affiliate marketer or not.

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STM Forum at a Glance

Stack That Money (STM Forum)

Product: Stack That Money
Price: $99
Owners: Stack man, Lorenzo, Green & Besmir
Overall Rank: 45% {Check Out My #1 Recommendation }

Summary of Stack That Money (STM) Review

STM is a platform that claimed to provide extensive support to affiliate marketers.
The super affiliate ensures that members are successful in their affiliate marketing ventures.

But, is Stack That Money working? From my research online. It is only working for an experienced affiliate.

If you are a newbie, Stack That Money can not help you.

The monthly subscription of $99 does not worth the features and resources provided by the platform, most especially if you are a newbie making less than $500 monthly.

I will be recommending Wealthy Affiliate, which will provide all the tools, training, support, website hostings, and all you need to be a full-time affiliate marketer for $49 monthly.

The subscription is even less if you decide to go for a year or six-month payment plan. Start FREE with Wealthy Affiliate here. Level-1 with Ten lessons is FREE to join.

What is Stack That Money?

STM is an affiliate marketing STM forum that is meant for internet marketers and affiliate marketers.

If you are a beginner in the industry, you must not shell out your precious $99 because you can find better and cheaper courses anywhere else.

Stack That Money (STM) was founded by Stack man, Lorenzo, Green & Besmir in the year 2011.

I would say that this affiliate marketing STM forum is best suited for seasoned and experienced affiliate marketers.

What would you find on this STM forum? 

  • Details about the traffic sources such as pay per call, Facebook, etc.
  • You would get answers from the top affiliates.
  • The seasoned marketers are friendly, and the discussions are meaningful.
  • There is a buy and sale section where you can purchase tools and software for a discounted price.
  • They do organize an annual meet-up where everyone gets together and the party. It is like a family!

There is a lot of comprehensive knowledge on this STM forum, which only an experienced marketer would be able to understand.

It is not ideal for people who have just stepped into the industry of affiliate marketing.

Do I Recommend STM Forum?

I was new to the internet and affiliate marketing industry and had heard a lot about Stack That Money.

Most of you would wish to know whether it is worth $99 or not. Money does not grow on trees, and you need to invest your hard-earned money in the right place.

As I was getting online, it was a mistake to begin the journey with Stack That Money (STM). Here I am writing a genuine review for all those who are looking for a smart investment.

I genuinely believe that this site is excellent for some but not for all. It is a STM forum where all the seasoned marketers get together and do candid talks.

Is it worth $99! I am unsure about that. There are many other sites which will provide you the basic knowledge of internet marketing at a much lower price.

My advice to the novices would be that you can learn the basics from anywhere else and then come back to Stack That Money once you have a stable income.

If you are already making money through internet marketing, you could come back here and interact with seasoned marketers.

I will agree with the fact that this site has an awesome community, and there is scope for learning more.

Is Stack That Money legit or a scam? Can you make money with Stack That Money?

What Stack That Money (STM) Forum Offers

Stack That Money is an affiliate marketing STM forum where affiliate marketers can join, come together, and talk candidly.

It has case studies, guides, and discussion, which could help you to learn more and earn more.

I would be candid with you and tell you that this STM forum is meant for the experienced folks and not novices.

Major training offered by Stack That Money includes:

***Help and Support Session***

***Training Session For Newbie***

stack that money scam

***Traffic Training Session***

Costs/Price of Stack That Money (STM)

Sadly, there is no free trial or memberships here. You have to pay a whopping $99 to join the community.

It is a premium community that is ideal for those who are already doing well in the affiliate marketing industry.

You do not have to be disappointed because there are many other communities and sites where you can join at a lower cost.

As a beginner, it is not an excellent investment because you need to learn the basics first.

Who is the STM Forum for?

Stack that Money (STM) is for the successful and experienced affiliate marketers.

If you have already stepped into the industry and made money with it, you can join this community and learn more.

It is great for affiliate marketers who wish to be in touch with the latest trends in affiliate marketing.

I would not suggest beginners join this STM forum/community because you could learn the basics for free or for a nominal price anywhere else.

What is Good About Stack That Money

  1. There are no up-sells.
  2. It is the ideal choice for seasoned affiliate marketers. The community is active and very helpful! You will receive real and useful money, making valuable tips.
  3. High-quality information is available with no spam! Since it is a premium quality STM forum and community, there is a restriction to the entry. You will only find quality content.
  4. Other good stuff about Stack That Money includes:
  5. Other positives of Stack That Money includes:
  6. Stack That Money has a very active and helpful STM forum
  7. Stack That Money has successful super affiliate marketers.

Issues with Stack That Money

  1. Stack That Money Is Not an excellent platform for newbies
  2. The subscription fee is too costly ($99 monthly)
  3. The STM forum has too much information that could be confusing. There is no structure.
  4. You can not apply the training to all niches.

How to Make Money with Stack That Money (STM)

If you aim to make money as a beginner, then you can do that by joining a free STM forum or community.

Stack that Money is not the place where you can make money as a beginner.

Once you cross the beginner level and become a seasoned marketer, you can come back and learn more.

Making money with Stack That money is easy once you are experienced and knowledgeable.

I want to add that you can bring traffic to your site through the art of STM forum marketing. There are active users on this site who would be happy to visit your website and give inputs.

This way, you would get the much-needed traffic to your website and even some helpful tips from experienced individuals.

What do you think of my Stack That Money review? Is Stack That Money legit or a scam? Can you now make money with Stack That Money?

Alternative to STM Forum

Absolutely! If you look around you, you will find that there are sites that provide a better course for beginners to learn all about Affiliate Marketing.

You must have heard about the Wealthy Affiliate. This site has become extremely popular for the right reasons!

If you want to start with baby steps and learn the basics of Affiliate and internet marketing, then Wealthy Affiliate is the right choice.

It gives you a step-by-step guide that helps you learn all the basics.

The Positives –

  • It is free to join
  • You will get a step-by-step training
  • You will be given two websites for free.
  • No prior experience needed

Wealthy Affiliate seems like a better option for someone who has just stepped into the industry.

When it comes to Stack That Money, I do like the fact that there is no spam or up-sells.

One has to agree that Stack that Money is a premium community, and the case studies and guides available in the city are top-class!

However, there are other forums and communities which are free to join or require you to pay a nominal price.

Some of the forums and communities that you may participate in are Digital Point, Warrior Forum, and Affiliate Fix.

Public/Online Opinion of STM Forum

As per the public/online opinion, Stack That Money (STM) is best for seasoned affiliate marketers!

I would agree with this because I made a mistake by joining this site as a novice.

It does not help the beginners as such because the knowledge available on this site is elaborate, and only an experienced affiliate marketer would be able to understand the case studies and guides.

What is your own opinion of the Stack That Money review? Can you make money with Stack That Money? Is Stack That Money legit or another scam?

Is Stack That Money Legit or Scam?

No, Stack That Money is not a scam but legitimate affiliate STM forum.

It is the most excellent business opportunity for a seasoned marketer. I would not consider it fruitful for a newbie. If you are a newbie, you can make better sense of your money.

There are other forums and communities that you can join, which will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing.

My review for Stack that Money is not as harmful as such because I do believe that it is a great business opportunity for seasoned marketers.

All the information available in this community is too overwhelming for a beginner. You need to be an experienced affiliate marketer to understand the case studies and guides that the site provides.

I would not recommend this STM forum for a newbie in the industry. It is NOT for you! I was a newbie, and this did not help me as such.

However, I am back in the industry as a seasoned marketer, and I can make sense of all the information available in this community.

The positive side is that you would get answers from the top affiliate marketers.

You get a lot of free money, making tips from other marketers. If you look at it from an experienced individual’s point of view, this is the greatest business opportunity.

Is Stack That Money Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Stack That Money review. STM Forum is an affiliate marketing forum and a community of super affiliates that want to help people of like mind.

They have tools and training that can guide anyone interested in building a profitable online business.

But is the STM forum worth the money and the cost of $99? Can you make money with Stack That Money? Is Stack That Money legit or another scam?

I could make better sense with your $99, and I would instead advise you to learn the basics from a Wealthy Affiliate.

You can learn so much with $99, and you will be sure of establishing a reliable business online with WA.

Once you start earning through internet marketing, you can come back and take the membership. There is a lot of scope for learning about the industry from the Stack the Money community.

What do you think of the Stack That Money review? Do you think you can make money with Stack That Money? Is Stack That Money legit or a scam?

I need your contribution, questions, and testimony in my comment area below. Learn more about wat people are saying about Stack That Money on Reddit.

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16 thoughts on “Stack That Money Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. The Stuck That Money review is as professional and comprehensible as any other blog content. Very interesting topic, well handled. Quite detailed and sufficiently explained that it is clear that there is no talk of some scam action. He also proved that the topic was serious and credible by providing the review option with this review, briefly about Wealthy Affiliate co. which has long been a leader in training and forming digital marketers.

    It is certainly good that the author offers 10 free introductory lectures on affiliate marketing and a multitude of explanations that resolve if any, dilemmas for readers. The Stuck That Money action is very interesting and certainly appealing to many who are considering digital marketing. The forums on this topic are important as well as detailed explanations for all profiles of potential marketers. 

    A special place in this section is nicely crafted about the WA platform and about twenty very useful, archived articles that can help anyone who wants to get involved in this type of marketing. The offer of organizing your own specific business instead of the 5-9 classics is well explained. Anyone who reads the blog posts well will have a great picture of what he is getting and what he is losing!

    By reading other articles. I came across a really nice revision of the Tailwind tribes article which I really liked because I was looking for a topic. The very actual theme, well presented in a short.

    Lastly, a very high rating for presenting an online business nicely presented and explained. Congratulations to the author on the content about cryptocurrency as well as all the choices he has made on the site.

    1. Thanks for reading my Stack That Money review. It is all about how to make money with Stack That Money.

      I appreciate. 



  2. Hi John! It’s an interesting presentation on Affiliate Marketing. I am new to Affiliate Marketing … just three months in. We are still learning. Ultimately, I understood that Wealthy Affiliate is the product to go for on your website. Your initial product review for STM left me a bit confused. It was not clear to me why I would invest another $99 when the Wealthy Affiliate gets an interested party in there at $0.00. That, in and of itself, is a great strategy for selling Wealthy Affiliate. By the time I reached the bottom of the page, I knew that if I were interested in Affiliate Marketing training, Wealthy Affiliate is clearly the #1 choice.

    My opinion, at this point, is that STM is a no go. I would bet my money on the Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. It is so helpful for people who are looking for online jobs to read posts like this one and consider twice about just giving their money to any platform that promises a lot of money without any prior experience. I didnt know about this platform but it is a little expensive, especially if there is no free trial and you dont know what you are going to get from it. I like that you also mentioned Wealthy Affiliate, because it is a much better place for the beginners and it has a free version so anyone can decide for themselves if they really want to pay for it or not. I would also like to read about other no scam sites where you can earn money as a beginner online.

  4. Thanks for writing this up. At least there’s no upsells and $99 is more than reasonable in my opinion. I think it’s cool that the platform is geared towards experienced marketers too. So many platforms out there focus on beginners and that’s absolutely fine, but it’s nice when platforms focus on everyone or for more experienced marketers who’re looking to level up.

  5. Your step by step guide is very helpful for everyone. I found your each review are unique and very trusted. Stack that money is an affiliate marketing forum where affiliate marketers and come together. Now I know that it is for successful and experienced affiliate marketers. I am working on your alternative method suggested by you and getting awesome results from my own business. I hope everyone must join your alternative method of earning.

  6. Hi John!

    I am happy I found your review of Stack That Money. It has helped to clear up some doubts.

    Yes, I can honestly say that the platform is quite a legit affiliate marketing program, but, like you opined, it is not ideal for people who are just beginning their journeys on affiliate marketing. And that is a huge number.

    I can confidently vouch for Wealthy Affiliate as a reliable and relatively cheap platform where anyone can excel on the path of affiliate marketing, considering the support, training and unlimited tools provided for by wealthy affiliate. It is ideal both for beginners and experienced marketers alike, and would really help anyone who makes the choice.

  7. One of my passion is reading reviews about different affiliate marketing platforms because i can compare them and take the right decision in choosing my future in this online environment. One of my goal is to quit on my daily job and work from home. I know that with this affiliate marketing industry i can make a lot of money online. 

    I really enjoyed reading this review about Stack that money and i compare it with the platform where i’m already a member – Wealthy Affiliate. From my point of  view this is the perfect place where everyone can make money online. I see that you recommend this platform and i’m really happy that this is your first recommendation too.

    If someone have this goal to make money online, have their own business and be a successful entrepreneur, without a doubt Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place.

  8. Thank you for sharing all this information!

    I have been looking to get into affiliate marketing, but it sounds like this course just is not worth it for me.

    What are some alternatives you might recommend that will not cost me $99, but are still useful for beginners in this industry?


    I am Sam

    1. Hi,

      Thanks fir visit8ng my website to read my article on how to make money with Stack That Money.

      My concern with Stack that money is that it is a affiliate marketing forum.

      My worries is this why would anyone in the world invest $99 in a forum?

      Any forum or third party website can send you packing at any time. There is nothing like having your own business platform Online.

      No matter how big those website are you can one day lose your acces if it is not yours.

      You can start with Wealthy Affiliate today, the training they offer will help build yiur business.

      Please check that link.



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