The 7 Best Free Keyword Research Tools For 2021 – Great Tools For Beginners

These are my 7 best free keyword research tools for 2018 that are very great for beginners. If you are starting out in digital marketing, and you do not have a substantial budget to buy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools, then you can always rely on free tools until you can establish yourself.

One of the essential tools you need to succeed in online business is a reliable keyword research tool.

Such a tool gives you the power to research what phrases the customer uses when searching for products, services, or information online.

Now, finding free keyword research tools that will give you accurate, and up to date data to crush your niche can take some time, bearing in mind that there are so many options out there.

This article highlights some of the quality keyword research tools that are completely free.

Free keyword research tools may not be what you need most especially when you have a standard website that you must optimize for SEO.

You need a paid and proven research keyword tool, I use Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. It is the best now in the online world.

The following are my recommended free keyword research tools that can help you drive good traffics towards your blog or website at no cost to you:

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#1. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

The Free Keyword Research Tool On Internet Today

The essence of creating a blog or website is to help people solve problem online as regards to various niches.

A lot of people search daily to get information about their needs, desire, situation and wants etc.

My number one recommended tool is Jaaxy because this is what I am using that has brought me success.

Jaaxy digs deep on most of the common search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) and helps retrieve related keywords that people are currently searching for; Learn more how Jaaxy can help you find keyword for your website and make your blog ready-made for traffics. With Jaaxy Keyword Research You Will Know:

  • Keyword quality indicator
  • How much traffic does the keyword get per month
  • The number of competing for a website already ranks with the keyword
  • You can also know if the keyword can be used as a domain name for a new website

Google Keyword Planners

Good keyword planner is the most popular free keyword tool on the Internet. Although originally meant for AdWord users, everyone from seasoned online marketers to newbies uses the keyword tool.

With this tool, you can research the number of searches any keyword or phrase gets in a month.

The tool also produces related keywords and their search volumes to help you craft a better online marketing strategy. Google is the biggest search engine in the world means that the keyword planner will continue to be dominant.

How To Use Jaaxy (Beginner Guide) | YouTube

#2. Keyword

Keyword is one of those few free tools that have had an impact in the Internet marketing space.

The tool can be used to find both seed and long tail keywords and is a perfect alternative for users who dislike the look and feel of the Google’s keyword planner.

You can find extensive keyword research data from this tool, because it draws its data from all the main search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo as well as the Apple app store.

How to Use Keyword | YouTube Guide

#3. Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest is simply on the oldest keyword tool we have online today. The tool doesn't provide you with search volumes but rather with suggestions on what keywords customers are typing on the Google’s search bar.

This tool is useful in the sense that you can quickly find out what phrases users are typing, then combine its suggestions with another tool like the keyword planner to find search volumes of given terms.

Additionally, the ideas this tool provides can be used as inspiration for writing blog posts or articles that users are desperately looking for.

How to Use Uber Suggest | YouTube

Google Trends is another free keyword tool for finding trending keywords or phrases in any industry.

When you search any set of keywords on any topic, you’ll find topics related to your keyword that are catching on with the audience.

This tool helps marketers understand what phrases or keywords are likely to appeal to the crowd at a given time.

How to Use Google Trend Keyword Tool | YouTube

#5. Seo Stack

Seo Stack is another handy keyword tool that comes in the form of a chrome extension. You can generate seed keywords from Google, as well as YouTube when you use this tool.

The tool can generate up to 400 keyword suggestions from a single seed keyword. The tool is absolutely free.

How to Use Seo Stack Keyword Tool | YouTube

#6. Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye is another robust keyword tool that’s completely free.

The tool lets you search keywords after selecting or filtering your country, and language- features that are usually synonymous with premium tools.

The tool presents data in a graphical format, though when users click a given seed keyword they can unravel long tail keywords.

How to Use Keyword Eye | YouTube

#7. Bing Webmaster Tool

Bing Webmaster tool is another favorite tool that works like the keyword planner, although it pulls data from Bing only.

The keyword tool can be used to search seed keywords and their related terms that Bing users are looking for.

The tool also shows the search volume of a given set of keywords, just like what the keyword planner does.

Ultimately, the mentioned keyword tools are perfect for any Internet marketing beginner that’s cash-strapped. Though, you will get more meaningful data if you opt for a paid tool at some point.

How to Use Bing Webmaster Tool | YouTube

Paid tools provide you with competitor intelligence information that free keyword tools don’t.

This information is critical in helping you understand whether a given niche is crowded or not.

The good thing is that most premium tools offer free trials, meaning you can try them out to gauge whether a given tool meets your requirements or not.

Otherwise, the free keyword tools mentioned above are just perfect to start with.

My Recommendation for Best Free Keyword Tool

What do you think of this article on The 7 Best Free Keyword Research Tools For 20018 for beginners? which one is your best choice?

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Obviously, my choice is Jaaxy. It helps me to find your online and I have been using Jaaxy for a long time now; though I am using the premium one.

Please drop your thought on my comment area. I will be glad to revert to your questions and contributions.

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