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Warrior Forum Review: Can You Still Make Money with Warrior Forum?

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You are welcome to my Warrior Forum Review. Can you make money with Warrior Forum? Is Warrior Forum legit or a scam? Are members making money with the Warrior Special Offers

I am sure you are here because you are not sure you can still make money with Warrior Forum today. I am sure you want to know the following about the Warrior Forum:

  • What is this platform all about?
  • What does it do and how does it do it?
  • Is Warrior Forum Worth The Money?
  • Can you still make money on the Warrior Forum in the 21st century?

You will learn all of these and much more in this article.

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Summary Review of Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum uses to be a great affiliate marketing forum in the early days of the internet. I will advise you to stare clear of this site.

The so-called gurus that are still hanging out here are faceless people, and you can not take their advice. They will only redirect you to any of these click bank products they are affiliated to.

In the 21st century, the best way to make money is to have your website with your own unique niche business and audience.

Using forums such as Warrior Forum, Reddit, Quora is like wasting away your future.

It is so effortless to create your website today; you can even get your website done within 30 seconds, see hoe here.

These kinds of forums and websites can easily revoke your access at any time of their choice because it is not your platform; you are just providing working for free for someone else.

You can set-up your own business instead of wasting your future away with any Forum.

See how to create your own online business that will bring customers to your platform organically; It is my number #1 recommendation on how to set up an online business in the 21st century.

You will need your own website and platform to make real money in the 21st century.

What do you think of my Warrior Forum review? Can you still make money with the Warrior Forum?

Is Warrior Forum legit or a scam affiliate forum? Are members making money with Warrior Special Offers?

 What is Warrior Forum?

Warrior Forum is an Internet marketing forum.

Sellers can advertise their products here and buyers are also present to provide the necessary market for these products.

The interesting things are that this model of internet business is outdated, can you ever compare a warrior forum to the Wealthy Affiliate community where people are sincerely helping members without a motive to sell products in return?

Members can also review various products posted, discuss various topics touching on online marketing, ask questions, and have other members answer, post blogs on online marketing.

In short, Warrior Forum is all about the basic law of business: demand and supply. Sellers look for buyers, buyers look for products.

By all means, this is a giant platform. It currently has more than one million members.

I will be taken you through all of the Warrior Forum and towards the end of this review, you will watch a YouTube Video of how Warrior Forum members are scamming other members.

What do you think of my Warrior Forum review? Is Warrior Forum legit or a scam?

Can you make money with Warrior Forum? You can learn more about Warrior Special Offers on Quora.

How Warrior Forum Works

 So, how does Warrior Forum work? 

It is important to note that Warrior Forum is set up as a business, and it is a business that is set out to make money. 

The business of Warrior Forum is meant to bring together bright minds so that they can promote their products and services online, most important their latest products. 

Warrior Forum also permits marketers to place banner ads for a price within the forum.

You need to have access to the War room to be able to place and buy banner ads and be able to promote your product as an internet marketer. 

It cost one-time access fees of $37 to have access to become a member of War Room.

 You can also use the Warrior Forum for your email marketing business for a certain fee.

You can get your products promoted via email marketing within the Warrior Forum. 

The above is how the Warrior Forum works. 

Warrior Special Offers (WSOs)

So, What is Warrior Special Offers about?

Warrior Special Offers are created by people I will refer to as serial product launchers.

These sets of people classed themselves as Guru in affiliate marketing, and they use this platform to scam people that know nothing about how to make money online (you can call them the newbies into affiliate marketing).

This set of people launches sensational internet products monthly.

They use a section of Warrior forum called Warrior Special Offers to make noise about their fake and scam products.

99% of the products you will find within the Warrior Special Offers are junks and useless recycled products to scam people that want to make money online at all costs, and they not ready to work for it.

It is at Warrior Special Offers you will see many of them done for your internet marketing products.

Please don’t patronize this platform if you don’t want to lose your money to fake online products.

Warrior Forum “Gurus”

Who is a Guru? A Guru is a term that is used for an expert in their field. There is Guru (s) in every field.

Warrior Forum Guru is people that termed themselves as an expert in internet marketing.

They are a so-called expert that knows the “how-to” make money online.

The truth is that these set of people are not as good as they claimed.

They may know some ways to make money, but they the Warrior Forum to targeting people and finding to use emotional intelligence in the advertisement to make money from them with scamming products.

The kind of product they launched monthly are products that only work when they are launching it. They usually have no support and customer services.

Such products are typically done for you.

Cost of  Joining Warrior Forum

Joining Warrior Forum is free, yes, free. It is possible to survive with this basic plan. But free is not good enough.

With this free plan, what you can do is very limited.

To enjoy the full benefits of this forum, you need to subscribe to the available plans, for example, War

Room premium($97 annually), Warrior Book Club ($ 40 for 20 years), High Voltage Video ($22 for 20 years) and add an image to the signature( $ 60 annually).

What I Like About Warrior Forum

***Rich in Market And Knowledge***

Sellers meet buyers and items are sold. This platform provides a good market for all types of products and services.

Marketers also hold forums where they discuss various issues pertaining to online marketing.

Beginners also have a chance to ask questions from experienced guys.

Buyers have the chance to get information and reviews about a given product. At Warrior Forum, there is everything for everybody.

***Flexible Services***

To enjoy all the available privileges, one has to pay $97 per year.

What if you are only interested in one particular product? Warrior Forum has your need catered for.

The free plan is just good enough and gives you access to a lot of information.

Video and book lovers can get their plans at relatively lower prices.

***Warrior Forum Offers***

Members with a premium subscription are treated to a wide range of offers: discount on an advertisement, VIP services, and others.

My Issues with Warrior Forum

***Money First, Quality Later***

This is an online marketing forum and sales are not made face to face. The buyer cannot verify the quality of the product before buying.

Marketers have taken advantage of this and are flooding this marketplace with substandard products.

The group moderators also have no way of ensuring that products sold on their website are genuine, leaving buyers at the mercy of marketers whose main aim is to make sales, quality notwithstanding.

***Pay Per Review***

Most online buyers use reviews from those who have already bought a product as a way of verifying that what they are buying is of good quality.

Some marketers are in the habit of paying other members to give a positive but false review on their products in order to make more sales.

It becomes very difficult for buyers to filter genuine reviews from paid ones.

***No Freedom of Expression***

If you post a complaint about a certain product or topic and it turns out that the post does not go down well with the moderators, your post will be deleted.

One former member of the forum complains that when he raised an issue, his thread was immediately deleted. So whatever you post, let it be positive.

If negative, keep it to yourself.

***Members May Be That Friendly***

New online marketers are not familiar with the system and are fond of seeking help from the experienced ones. More often than not, these answers leave them worse off.

Opinions differ so much, that beginners get lost on which one to stick to. Senior members also sometimes give very rude answers to questions asked.

***Investment But No Returns***

To enjoy the full advantages of this forum, one needs to buy a plan.

Some marketers, especially new ones, have regretted this option after paying $97 only to end up selling zero items and in the end, getting frustrated and quitting.

***Innovative Is Dead In Warrior Forum***

A lot of people are meant to be asking questions in the forum, this is why it is called forum.

When a question keeps on coming daily and from every new member, is it not good to formulate a frequent ask question section to handle such common questions?

A new member asks a question today on how to get started.

He is answered well and the issue is done. Two months later, there is another newcomer, he asks the same question and gets answered.

This is what you find in Warrior Forum today, it is going down because there is no more value addition.

Are Product Listed on Warrior Forum Legit?

I can confirm to you that Warrior Forum is legit and not a scam forum website.

But, do Warrior Forum list legitimate products for sales?

Do they scrutinize those products before they are listed for ads?

My findings show that most internet marketer agrees to do a nice review of those products even before they are listed for free access to the results.

So, there is no way of knowing if the product has a defect or not because most reviewers have taken bribed before they do a positive review.

I doubt if this still happens today, but this is the practice in the early days of the internet.

This does not imply that all the products are garages; you can handpick a good one because they are very few.

I am not blaming the Warrior Forum; they offer a platform where those products can be advertised.

It is not the job of the owners to check if those products are legitimate.

They only offer a platform to marketers for advertisement. What do you think of the Warrior Special Offers?

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Warrior Forum 

There was this time when someone threw up a question of whether Wealthy Affiliate is good for them or what they think about it.

A member actually started a bad reviewing about Wealthy Affiliate.

But before you know it a lot of the members came in to give a positive review of how good and great Wealthy Affiliate business model is.

Before you know what is happening someone somewhere took the topic down.

They don’t actually want you to know a better program where you can succeed online. What is the essence of a forum?

I believe it is to point you in the right direction. But this is not the attitude I found in Warrior Forum.

what are good side hustles

Is Warrior Forum Legit or a Scam?

Warrior Forum is legit and not a scam. What do you think of my Warrior Forum Review?

Do you think It can still make you money? Maybe you are curious and you want to know if Warrior Forum is a scam or not.

Warrior Forum definitely is not a scam. But Is Warrior Forum Worth The Money? My opinion definitely no, at this age and this time, you can do a lot with your time.

So instead of going for Warrior Forum why don’t you get your self a website and start writing about anything you love writing about.

This will earn you money in the future instead of wasting your resources helping others build up their businesses. You can start building yours right now.

You can start building your business at Wealthy Affiliate. It is just the best place to have and start your business online.

Are you currently making money with Warrior Forum? What do you think of my Warrior Forum review? is Warrior Forum legit or another scam forum?

Do you have any questions or contributions about Warrior Special Offers? Please do well to drop your comment below.

Are forum members making money with the Warrior Special Offers?

I will respond as soon as I send your comment. Thank you for coming to my website.

Is Warrior Forum Legit or a Scam – YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Warrior Forum Review: Can You Still Make Money with Warrior Forum?”

  1. I have heard of Warrior Forum but somehow I never bothered to find out what it is. Thanks for the review and the video there. From the Good and the Bad list, it looks like the Bad outscores the former. You have cited an incident where there was some sort of a debate on Wealthy Affiliate in one of the forums. It’s interesting to note that when a member said bad things about Wealthy Affiliate, the topic went on but as soon as people started saying good things about Wealthy Affiliate, the topic was pulled down. But I think this is a common thing and happens everywhere. Who knows the member who bad-reviewed Wealthy Affiliate was someone who got thrown out from there! Or maybe he already knows Wealthy Affiliate is a good platform but if he says good things about it, it hurts his business interest. Anyway, thanks for enlightening me on the inside workings of Warrior Forum.

    1. Dear Sukumar,

      You are welcome to my website. I hope you find what you were looking for?



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