VaporFi Review: Is It A Legit Electronic Cigarettes Stores Or A Scam?


Summary Review of VaporFi

This is a complete review of VaporFi.

Firstly, you should know that it is a legitimate electronic Cigarettes store and it is not a Scam site.

VaporFi is an online store selling a wide range of vaping devices, flavors, and accessories.

VaporFi has Australian and American online sites and physical stores which makes the brand accessible to anyone who wants their products.

Additionally, VaporFi stores sell other brands of vaping devices and accessories other than the VaporFi brand.

This is great for customers because they get to compare prices and shop across multiple brands all from the same site.


VaporFi at a Glance

Name: VaporFi Review


Our Overall Rating: 80%



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What is VaporFi About, Exactly?

VaporFi is a fully-owned subsidiary of International Vapor Group, Inc. They manufacture and sell E-cigarettes, E-liquids, and various other vaping devices and accessories.

E-liquids come in different flavors including candy, menthol, dessert, fruity, and tobacco just to mention a few. Vaping devices and accessories include vape pens, vape squonks, starter kits, tanks, batteries, coils and atomizers, E-cigarettes, vape mods, chargers, and vape clearance among others.

With the myriad of health hazards associated with typical cigarettes, vaping is gaining traction as a healthier, cleaner way for nicotine enthusiasts to get their fix without exposing themselves to too much risk.

An E-cigarette eliminates tar, combustion, second-hand smoke, yellowing of teeth, smokers’ breath, ash, and carcinogens from your smoking experience. VaporFi stores provide a great place to shop for the latest E-cigarettes and vaporizers.

You can shop at VaporFi online stores from anywhere in the world. VaporFi also has physical stores all over North and South America, Australia, and various other countries around the world.

Check their “Store Locator” page at the site to find the nearest one to you.


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VaporFi Prices

VaporFi has a wide array of product categories with varying prices.

Vaping devices are the priciest going for between AUD 13.19 and AUD 290.30. E-liquids are next on the list ranging from $6.59 to AUD 250.79.

The VaporFi brand of vaping devices sells for between AUD 6.59 and 192.70 AUD. Accessories go for AUD 0.66 to AUD 158.63.

Tanks sell for AUD 10.49 to AUD 158.33 while batteries go for between AUD 10.49 and AUD 112.19. Coils and Atomizers are priced between AUD 4.61 and $46.13 while vape drip tips sell for AUD 2.63 to AUD 11.87.

While chargers are sold for AUD 3.89 to AUD 65.99.



VaporFi Payments & Methods?

VaporFi accepts all major credit cards including Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard.

You can also pay cash if you are buying VaporFi products from any of their physical stores.


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VaporFi Return & Refund Policy

VaporFi has a 30-Day Money Guarantee policy. If you don’t like the VaporFi product you bought, you can return it within 30 days from the day of the purchase for a full refund minus shipping and handling.

If you receive a damaged item, you are advised to call customer care immediately to be issued with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

Make sure you write your RMA number clearly on the package of any item that you send back to VaporFi. Without the RMA number, your case will not be considered for a refund.

Once your case is approved for a refund, VaporFi takes 5-10 business days to issue a refund to the credit card on file.


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VaporFi Shipping Guide

VaporFi offers free 24-hour shipping for orders above $350. For orders below AUD 350, VaporFicharges a shipping and handling fee depending on the order amount.

Once you have placed your order, VaporFi support will send you a confirmation email. After your order ships out, you will receive another email with your order tracking number.

You can track your order from the VaporFi site.

Domestic deliveries take 5-7 days while international shipments take 7-45 days depending on the destination. VaporFi uses DHL.

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VaporFi Customer Service Center

Even though VaporFi customer support reviews have been widely varied in the past, recent reviews indicate a significant improvement in the way VaporFi support handles their customers.

If you would like to contact VaporFi Customer Service, use any of these methods:

  • Call them on 1-800-154-693 24 hours, seven days a week.
  • Fill in an inquiry form at the VaporFi “Customer Support” page.
  • Send a postal mail to 14300 Commerce Way, Miami Lakes, FL 33016

VaporFi Rewards & Credit Program

VaporFi offers $10 off once you sign up on the site.

Also, every time you refer a friend, they get $10 off their first purchase, and you get $20 off your next order; it is called the “Refer-a-Friend promotion.

VaporFi has a Rewards Program that awards customers points for buying, referring friends to purchase VaporFi products, and for reviewing VaporFi products.

When you accumulate 200 points, you can redeem them for $20 credit.


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What is Good About VaporFi?

  1. The site has a wide range of products to choose from.
  2. Packaging is secure and elegant.
  3. Vaping devices have a 90-day warranty.
  4. There is a 30-day money back guarantee.

Issues with VaporFi?

  1. There are numerous complaints regarding the quality of the products and the flavors.
  2. Some of the products are difficult to assemble.
  3. The prices are high

Public and Online Complaint VaporFi

The Internet is rife with varied reviews concerning VaporFi. Dated reviews talk about poorly made products, bad flavors, and poor customer service.

There is a recent customer complains in respect to the quality of the products many of which opted to return the products.

However, it is worth stating that recent reviews are positive regarding customer service and some of the flavors on sale. The prices have also been revised though, as it appears, not to everyone’s satisfaction.

VaporFi Review | YouTube

Check Out VaporFi Store Here

Are There Alternatives to VaporFi?

Numerous companies manufacture similar products to VaporFi.

They include Heaven Gifts, Vapor Corp, ECIG, Vapor Hub, Phillip Morris International, Altria Group, Inc., and NHALE among others.


Is It Safe to Purchase on VaporFi?

Yes. VaporFi takes great measures to ensure your personal information, as well as their site, is as secure as possible.

They do not share your personal information with third parties except the ones explicitly clarified in their Privacy Policy.


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How to Make Money With VaporFi

There are various ways you can start making money with VaporFi right now. They are it=emized below:


VaporFi Affiliate Program

VaporFi has an affiliate program for anyone who wants to join. You can apply to be an affiliate from the VaporFi site.

Affiliates earn 15% commission on VaporFi branded accessories, starter kits, and cartridges, and 10% commission on other brand devices.

There is also a 20% commission on E-liquid purchases. As a VaporFi affiliate, you can earn more money by joining the 2-tier marketing program where you will make an additional 5% commission from the sales of every affiliate you recruit.


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VaporFi Refer A Friend Program

You can start making money with Vaporfy by referring a friend to these websites. For everyone you refer, you will be earning $20 while the person referred will earn $10.

Note that your earnings will be used to purchase e-Cigrate on your next buying on VaporFi, while your referrer will have $10 off their first purchase. Who doesn't want extra dollars?

VaporFi Franchise Program

If you already have a store, you can apply for a franchising license from the VaporFi site.

Vaporfi also offers a “Store-within-a-store” program where they place satellite VaporFi stores inside your already existing store.

With these programs and a wholesaler permit, VaporFi claims that you can achieve between 100% to 400% profit margins.

VaporFi also does drop shipping for their customers; this implies that you can have a website and be promoting VaporFi. If and when you make a sale, you can purchase from VaporFi and send the good directly to the buyer.

Do you want to make money with VaporFi? You can start here.

What do you think of my VaporFi review? Do you agree with me that it is Legit electronic Cigarettes stores and not a scam website? Have you purchased any of the VaporFi products before?

Do you have any questions on VaporFi? Kindly drop your observation in my comment area below.

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4 thoughts on “VaporFi Review: Is It A Legit Electronic Cigarettes Stores Or A Scam?”

  1. If we search online and browse reviews about VaporFi, overall rating and repute of their products is very low. Other than this, it is very hard to market it, because the price of their products is very high. Don’t fall prey to it.

  2. Hello, and thanks for this informative article! I have been vaping now for a couple of years and have never heard of VaporFi. I love the fact that they not only offer a warranty but offer a money-back guarantee on their items.
    Many vaping stores locally do not offer this or even offer returns, which can be extremely frustrating. I have never tried purchasing vaping products online simply due to me being skeptical, but I may give this a shot! Thanks again!

  3. I really enjoyed the content of your site. I was unaware of this business as to I am a vape user so I will definitely be looking in to Vaporfi.. you covered all the details as far as location, prices and even options. No stone was left unturned, reading the content I felt a sense of reassurance I will be satisfied with whatever I find on the website for Vaporfi.


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