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Is Eluxury Home Safe, Legit, or a Scam Home Online Decor Store?

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You are welcome to my Eluxury Home reviews. Is Eluxury Home safe, legit, or a scam home online decor store?

Eluxury Home is a legitimate online store selling luxurious, high-quality home décor pieces made from ethically sourced animal furs and hides.


They also sell indoor and outdoor furniture, wall paintings, and lighting fixtures.

Eluxury Home is a great place to shop for unique items by ordering custom-made items from a wide variety of domestic and exotic animal furs.

In this review will put you through all you need to know about Eluxury Home.

Outline of this review

Eluxury Home at a Glance

Is Eluxury Home safe, legit, or a scam home online decor store?

Name: Eluxury Home
Founder: Emily Barbara
Products: Real Animal Skin & Home Decor
Rating: 50%
Recommended: Yes { Purchase On Amazon to Be Very Safe)

What is Eluxury Home?

Eluxury Home is an Australian online store that carries home décor pieces made from natural textures.

Their products include rugs, cushions, beanbags, poufs, throws, indoor and outdoor furniture, canvas and framed wall prints, clocks, lighting, and oil paintings among others.

Eluxury Home was established in 2014 by Emily Barbara. Initially, it was a single eBay store selling basic home décor like mirrors, cushions, and wall art.

Later Eluxury Home expanded to include a wide variety of home furniture and accessories made from ethically sourced animal furs and hides.

Customers get to enjoy luxurious home décor and accessories made from exotic animal furs and skins.

Eluxury Home is available in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada, and the United Kingdom. However, their products ship worldwide.

What do you think of my Eluxury Home reviews? Is Eluxury Home really safe, legit, or another scam home online décor store?

Eluxury Home Prices

Eluxury Home prices vary according to the type of product, the size, and the material used.

Mongolian fur floor mats are the priciest ranging from $500 AUD to $5,500. Exotic animal hide floor mats range from $150 AUD to $900 AUD. Animal fur floor runner rugs are priced between $350 AUD and $1000 AUD.

Bedside lamps fall between $150 AUD to $350 AUD. As for the cushions, the lowest priced go for $55 AUD, and the most expensive goes for $ 400 AUD.  Bed runner rugs range from $ 370 AUD to $ 600 AUD.

Throw furs go for between $ 300 AUD and $ 2,300 AUD and bean bags range between $800 AUD to $1,300 AUD.

Payments Methods On Eluxury Home

Eluxury Home accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discovery Network, and American Express credit cards. You can also pay via PayPal, bank deposit transfers, or money order.

Eluxury Home Return & Refund Policy

Eluxury Home has a strict no return policy for all items listed on the site with a no return policy.

If your item is damaged during delivery, be sure to outline the damage on the delivery note before signing it. The driver is required to initiate your remarks. Take pictures of the cost if possible.

If you notice the manufacturer’s faults on your item, report to Eluxury Home within seven days. You will receive a replacement, a refund, or another item of similar value. Any damage reported after seven days will not be viable for a return.

Furniture, sculptures, special orders, outdoor items, and custom order items cannot be returned unless they specifically fall within the 7-day return policy.

Any returns or exchanges will incur a 15% restocking fee plus shipping fees.

In case you receive the wrong item, contact Eluxury Home within 24 hours.

They will collect the incorrect item and replace it with the correct item at no extra cost. Is Eluxury Home safe, legit, or a scam home online decor store?

What do you think of my Eluxury Home reviews?

Eluxury Home Home Shipping Guide

Eluxury Home offers free delivery within Sydney and major towns in Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. There are specific items that are shipped for free worldwide.

You are advised to check with Eluxury Home before completing your order to ascertain if you qualify for free delivery.

Once you have made your order, you will be furnished with a tracking code to track your order.

Delivery within Australia takes approximately two weeks. International shipments take 4-6 weeks.

Custom orders may take longer since they have to be made from scratch. Eluxury Home uses the DHL courier service.

 Eluxury Home reviews

Eluxury Home Customer Service and Support

You can reach Eluxury Home customer service using any of the following ways;

  • Local Phone Number (Australia) 0417 479 148 or 02 9651 2957. Lines are open from 9 am to 4 pm.
  • International Phone Number 0011 +61 0417 479 148
  • Email to
  • Fill a contact form at the Eluxury Home. Emails and online contact forms are replied to within 48 hours.


Eluxury Home Rewards & Credit Program

Eluxury Home offers a 10% discount on your first order. Sign up for their newsletter to get seasonal coupons and scour the internet and social media sites for promotions and special offers.

There is no credit program offered on Eluxury Home.


What is Good About Eluxury Home

  1. Eluxury Home creates great products from ethically sourced materials.
  2. Their delivery service is fast.


Issues with Eluxury Home

There are no negative reviews or comments regarding Eluxury Home.

home decorating stores


Online Complaint Eluxury Home

Eluxury Home has been in existence since 2014. All the customer reviews concerning their products, quality, customer service, and delivery are positive.

Even though the normal hitches like receiving the wrong item or damaged items occur, Eluxury Home customer reviews indicate that they are quick to resolve the issue satisfactorily.

Alternatives to Eluxury Home?

Yes. Other online stores sell similar products to the ones found on Eluxury Home.

These include Ozwool Sheepskin, Overland, Fibre by Auskin, Hides of Excellence, and Mortels among others.

Other review online stores include:

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  2. Boutiquefeel Online Boutiques Women Clothing
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  4. Aetertek Dog Collars Store 
  5. CardioTech Fitness And Equipment Store 
  6. Fountain Cosmetics Health and Beauty Store 

Is Eluxury Home Safe, Legit, or a Scam?

Eluxury Home is safe, legit, and not a scam online home décor store.

It is entirely safe to shop at Eluxury Home.

The site boasts the latest 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and a variety of firewalls.

Your transactions, as well as your personal information, are safe.

But, it would help if you took precautions because you can not be 100% sure.

It is why I will be recommending you make your purchase on the Amazon Associate website. You will have all you need, and it is 100% safe to use.

What do you think of my reviews of Eluxury Home? Is Eluxury Home safe, legit, or a scam home online decor store?

How to Make Money with Eluxury Home

Thanks for reading my Eluxury Home review. Is Eluxury Home safe, legit, or a scam home decor online store? 

what are good side hustles

You can make money with Eluxury Home in so many ways; you will have to partner with the website either as an affiliate or drop shippers.

The company also collaborated with major online stores like Amazon and eBay to increase their market reach.

Though Eluxury Homes may not be doing drop-shipping directly, you can employ drop-shipping techniques and methods to make money from these websites.

You can also decide to have a website of your own and start promoting the website and the products.

9 thoughts on “Is Eluxury Home Safe, Legit, or a Scam Home Online Decor Store?”

  1. Eluxury home is absolutely legit I fell in love with their products and the manner they handle their customers. I have had no regrets using their products and will surely use it over and over again.

  2. This was a confusing site for me. At first, I thought it was about unique furnishings. But off to the side, was a totally different means of information about affiliate marketing. The content about the furnishings was thorough and informative. However, with everything about affiliate marketing thrown in, I was a little lost. Sorry.

    1. Thanks for your observation. Eluxury Home is an Home Decor and Furnishing website, Where you can buy high grade Furniture materials. It is just they promote their products through affiliate marketing. 



  3. I think that selling products made out of animal furs and hides kinda turns me off. I truly believe that animals are in the most part better than people. I did not like the fact that they have a no return policy for items listed as no return, but I guess some of the items are very luxurious and I could refer this Eluxery Home Décor on Ebay to a couple of aquaintences that would appreciate this set ups in their homes.
    I have to admit if these were fake furs and fake animal products I would be very interested. Great post and thanks for this.

  4. Hello, this is an interesting post. I have seen a few online stores advertising that they sell home decor and furnishings, but had not seen an Ad for Eluxury Home. It is definitely an alternative especially using fur or animal skins. I do like the fact that they are using ethical derived furs and skins. One thing that intrigued me was that they have a store in Canada. Will check them out online to get pricing.

    1. Hello Brown, 

      Thank you fir visiting my site. Kindly use my website any time you are buying item with them. It will earn me additional commission. 



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