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Fountain Cosmetics Review: Is It Legit, Safe, Or a Scam Anti-Aging Store?

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You are welcome to the review of my Fountain Cosmetics Sydney, Australia. Is Fountain Cosmetics Sydney legit, safe, or a scam anti-aging online store?

I am sure you are here to discover if Fountain Anti-Aging Cosmetics is an excellent anti-aging online store for you.


It is good you are doing your research about Fountain Cosmetics Australia.

This article will help you discover legitimate anti-aging online stores in Sydney, Australia, and the rest of the world; you will also avoid many online scams in the process.

Know that I am not affiliated with Fountain Cosmetics Australia (not yet); please expect an unbiased review of this company.

Please read on.

Fountain Cosmetics Sydney, Australia at a Glance

what is about fountain cosmetics

Name: Fountain Cosmetics
Phone: +61 (02) 9357 3004

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What is Fountain Cosmetics?

Fountain Cosmetics is an Australian cosmetic company founded in 1999.

It is a family-owned company created by Allen Sleiman. Fountain moisturiser Cosmetics manufactures a range of skincare, anti-aging, and hair care products.

They employ local researchers and scientists to create naturally sourced beauty products using the latest clinical research. The products boast no sulfate, paraben, mineral oils, or petroleum.

Customers get to enjoy reasonably-priced skin and hair care products made with natural extracts including plant cells and vitamin serums.

This is what I know. Fountain Cosmetics is a legitimate Australian-based cosmetic company.
They sell high-quality anti-aging, skincare, and hair care products.

Fountain Moisturiser Cosmetics is an excellent place for you to shop for all your beauty products.

Their products are all sulfate, paraben, and petroleum-free and are not tested on animals. You will love their prices and fast delivery.

Fountain Moisturiser Cosmetics’ products are available in Australia, the UK, the USA, China, and Asia.

What do you think of my Fountain Cosmetics Sydney, Australia anti-aging store review? is Fountain Cosmetics Sydney safe, legit, or a scam?

Do you have experience with Fountain Cosmetics Sydney, Australia?

Fountain Cosmetics Best Australia Anti-Aging Store

The Australia Fountain Cosmetics provide state of the art Anti-Aging cosmetic products with advanced scientific solutions combined with what Mother Nature has provided.

Fountain Cosmetics Sydney will educate you on the best strategies to protect your skin and hair from getting damaged.

You will also get the best-formulated hair care, anti-aging beauty drinks, and skincare products that can restore vitality and health.

Fountain Cosmetics Australia is equipped with a higher skill team of researchers and scientists who know how to transform refined ingredients, vitamin serums, and plant cells into anti-aging products.

The Fountain Cosmetics Sydney’s innovative products are supported by the latest clinical research that helped the company develop products designed for all skin and hair types.

This company’s range of cosmetic products is diverse and well-focused to solve various and specific needs.

You will undoubtedly find the cosmetic product that will solve your anti-aging problem with Fountain Cosmetics Australia.

This article about Fountain Cosmetics Australia is a result of my experience with the company and nothing else.

Fountain Cosmetics Prices

Almost all Fountain Moisturiser Cosmetics products fall below the $100AUD mark with the exception of a few products.

All the men skincare products including serums, balms, shaving cream, and oils fall below $50AUD.

All baby care products including serums, powders, and creams are below $30 AUD. Anti-aging products are pricier at between $50 AUD and $100 AUD.

Haircare products fall below the $50 AUD mark.

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Fountain Cosmetics Australia Payment Methods?

Fountain Cosmetics is an online anti-aging store, and therefore transactions are online.

You can pay for your products using any of these major credit card companies; Mastercard, Visa, SecurePay, or American Express.

You can also pay using PayPal.

Fountain Moisturiser Cosmetics Return and Refunds Policy

Fountain Moisturiser Cosmetics offers a 100% money-back guarantee for products returned within 30 days from the day of the order.

If you receive the wrong item or a damaged item, Fountain Cosmetics will offer a refund for the product, shipping, and the postage fee incurred in returning the product.

Kindly note that the products returned must be in their original condition to be legible for a refund.

Fountain Cosmetics Australia Shipping Guide

Fountain Cosmetics provides free shipping for all products delivered within Australia.

They also offer free shipping on any products valued above $95AUD and distributed to countries in Asia, the UK, the USA, and China.

All products valued below $95 AUD incur $15 AUD shipping fees.

Fountain Cosmetics has partnered with online market giants like Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Catch, JD, and Naturacart to increase their reach worldwide.

The shipping policy for products bought on these sites varies according to the particular location.

Once you have made an order, Fountain Cosmetics provides you with an order reference number which you can use to track your order. Delivery takes 2-4 days for shipments within Australia.

International deliveries take 7-21 days depending on the destination. Their preferred courier service is DHL.

 Fountain Cosmetics Customer Service

The response time has dramatically improved over recent years and so have the reviews.

If you would like to contact Fountain Moisturiser Cosmetics use any of the following methods;

  • Unit C3 / 1-3 Rodborough Road, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086, Sydney, Australia.
  • Call their 24/7 customer care number +61 2 9357 3004 or 02 9975 2855.
  • Email to You will receive a response within 48 hours.
  • Send in a mail to P.O. Box 334 Potts Point, ASW 2011 Australia.
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What are Fountain Cosmetics Rewards and Credit Program?

Fountain Cosmetics offers a $25 AUD coupon when you sign up for their newsletter or when you make your first order. You also receive $10 AUD credit when you post a review of their products.

The only credit program that is available when you shop at Fountain Cosmetics is the Afterpay.

Afterpay is a flexible way for customers to pay for their products.

It allows customers to split their bill into four installments payable every two weeks.

What is Good About Fountain Cosmetics

  • Fountain Cosmetics products are all made using natural extracts?
  • Products contain no paraben, mineral oils, petroleum, or sulfate.
  • Their products are not tested on animals.
  • Prices are reasonable.

Fountain Cosmetics Australia Complaints

  • Online reviews concerning customer care responses are varied.
  • They only ship to a select number of countries.

Online Complaint About Fountain Cosmetics Australia

Do customer reviews indicate that Fountain Cosmetic products are top-notch? There are barely any complaints with regards to the quality of their products.

There are also positive online reviews regarding Fountain Moisturiser Cosmetics fast shipping and delivery.

However, online reviews concerning customer service and response time are widely varied. Several reviews also cite the delivery of the wrong products or missing products.

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Are There Alternatives to Fountain Cosmetics?

There are some other online skin and hair care product sites that you can try instead of Fountain Cosmetics.

These include Sephora, Priceline,, David Jones, Clinique, StrawberryNet, Chemist Warehouse, Nourished Life, MECCA, Cult Beauty, Alive Skin + Hair, Cosme De, and Urban Outfitters among others.

My jobs are to review different programs and products online. Some other stores’ reviews include the following:

Fountain Cosmetics BBB Review Rating

Fountain Cosmetics is currently not on Better Business Bureau file, nor is there any evidence online that Fountain Cosmetics is BBB accredited at any point.

What is the implication of Fountain Moisturiser Cosmetics not been on the BBB file?

BBB measures the rate at which customer disputes and issues are resolved.

If a company has complaints from its members and they report to BBB. The company will track the complaint to know when and how it is resolved.

If a company is used to resolving customer complaints faster, such a company will have an excellent BBB rating, otherwise a lower rate.

In this case, the Fountain Cosmetics BBB rating is not even on file!

Fountain Skin Care Cosmetics is also not yet accredited.

The problem is that if you are a customer and have an issue and complaint, you may be in serious trouble because there is no assurance that your case will be resolved timely by th.

Does that imply that Fountain Cosmetics is legit, safe, or a scam? What do you think of my Fountain Cosmetics review?

Have you bought cosmetics on the Fountain Cosmetics platform before now? Do you have any issues with Fountain Cosmetics?

Is Fountain Cosmetics Safe, Legit or a Scam?

Fountain Cosmetics is safe, legit, and not a scam Cosmetics products website.

Buying beauty products from Fountain Cosmetics is perfectly safe.

According to their privacy policy, their site is encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates and various firewall systems.

They also conduct periodic scans to ensure your transaction information stays safe.

But then, you have to take care of your protection against online scams.

You must ensure that you are using a protected URL page with secure encryption (i.e., HTTPS://). Any website without the “s” in the https:// is a fraudulent website.

You should also know that the Fountain Skin Care Cosmetics website can be a clone.

When a site is a clone, the hackers will do a replicate of that website such that you will not be able to know the difference between the fake one and the original website.

This is why you must know the full spelling of your webpage you plan to visit. In this case, “Fountain Skin Care Cosmetics.”

What do you think of my Fountain Cosmetics review? Can you purchase on the Fountain Cosmetics website?

Is Fountain Cosmetics safe, legit, or a scam? What is your experience with the Fountain Cosmetics website?

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How to Make Money with Fountain Cosmetics

Thanks for reading my Fountain Cosmetics review?

Fountain Cosmetics offers affiliate programs for anyone with a website.

All you need to do is direct traffic to the Fountain Skin Care Cosmetics site and earn 20% of any sales forthwith minus shipping and taxes.

Fountain Skin Care Cosmetics also partners with Commission factory and AvantLink affiliate networks to expand their customer reach.

Another way that you can make money from Fountain Cosmetics is to stock their products in your store. All you need to do is go to their website and apply to be a stockist.

What do you think of my Fountain Cosmetics review? Have you purchase on Fountain Cosmetics store with good success story.

Please know that Fountain Skin Care Cosmetics does not do drop shipping.

Is Fountain Cosmetics Australia Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Fountain Cosmetics review. Is Fountain Cosmetics safe, good, legit,
or another scam, Anti-Aging Store?

Fountain Skin Care Cosmetics is good, safe, legit, and not a scam Anti-Aging Store.

You need to order one of their products to know the quality of the company products.

But you still have to take the needed precaution of online purchases. Ensure you don’t use your credit pan number anyhow and on any website. Also, ensure that the website is securely encrypted.

What do you think of my review of the Fountain Anti-Aging Store Skin Care Cosmetics review?

Is Fountain Cosmetics safe, sound, legit, or a scam online anti-aging store?

Please let me know what you think about this Anti-Aging Store.

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7 thoughts on “Fountain Cosmetics Review: Is It Legit, Safe, Or a Scam Anti-Aging Store?”

  1. Dear John,

    These days, women love organic fashion products which are made with natural extracts.

    Because such cosmetics are free of harmful chemicals, their cost may be a little bit higher. Customers buy products of Fountain Cosmetics because most of them are affordable.

    Other than this, they give 20% share for a successful sale.

    It is amazing!



    1. Dear Phyllis,

      Thanks for reading my article about if Fountain Cosmetics is a Legit Health and Beauty Store or Scam. I am also happy you liked it.

      I also agree with you; I myself love naturally made cloth. It is the best ever clothing you can put on your body knowing they are made from organic fibers.

      They are costly though compare to those made from animal skin.



  2. Claudia H. Blanton

    I have never heard about this company before – glad that you mentioned that they don’t test on animals, but I am not sure if they are vegan – do you happen to know that?

    It is a shame, that they are sometimes sending wrong products, I am not sure I would trust a company with such bad shipping departments.

    However, it could be an anomaly – considering that most people who have positive experience with a company, rarely write about it, or leave reviews – which is a shame.


  3. Hi Jofa! Thank you for sharing. I was looking for natural products, and your post seems to be exhaustive. If I want to buy Fountain Cosmetics products online, would the shipment be done from Australia, or it could be done also from the UK? I wanted to know it because the shipment from the UK would be faster to Europe than from Australia…

    1. Hi Marta, 

      The shipment will be done from Australia. Fountain Cosmetics  are patronized worldwide and they get good shipped to every location from Australia. I also learnt that they are working to get warehouse in UK and Canada; for shipping proximity purpose. 



  4. Hi Jofa!
    Thanks for showing a new cosmetic Product.This Seems to be a good affiliate product too. I have a health and wellness site and I want to become an affiliate because my site is about a natural cure method. As per your post, I learned that this is a chemical free product. But can you tell whether the products are natural?

    1. Hi Prabakaran, 

      Thanks for visiting my web-page. Indeed all cosmetic products of Fountain Cosmetics are naturally made; this is the reason why they are free of chemical that can hunt your body. 

      I hope you are clear and okay.

      Sincere Regards


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