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Cosme-De Review: Is Cosme-De Cosmetic Stores Legit Or Fake?

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You are welcome to my Cosme-De com reviews. Is Cosme-De legit, honest, safe, or another fake and scam cosmetic beauty online store?

It is good you are here to make your findings of Cosme-De com store. 


You are doing the right thing. It was how I discovered the most trusted, legit, and most extensive online cosmetic store globally

I am not a promoter nor affiliated with this site; therefore, expect an unbiased review of Cosme De com from this article.

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Please read on.

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Cosme-De at a Glance

Name: Cosme De
My Rating: 78%

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What is Cosme-De?

is Cosme-De legit or scam

Niche e-commerce stores located in Asia are on the increase with more businesses choosing to set up shop in the location where the manufacturing process takes place.

This has led to the proliferation of retail websites that offer ridiculously low prices for branded products.

Cosme was established over a decade ago by a Japanese businessman and his associates and was one of the first companies to take advantage of the innovative practice that involved strategically locating a store close to the manufacturer.

The company also has offices scattered across the globe to ensure that some purchases won’t require international shipping.

The cosmetic industry is quite booming. A lot of the growth it is witnessing stems from a surge in global trade volume, which is mostly impacted by retail sales coming in from Asia, China, and India.

One such cosmetic company contributing to the increase in global sales is the Hong Kong-based retail store, Cosme-De.

Cosme-De’s principal business involves selling various kinds of cosmetic products, fragrances, skincare products, hair-treatment products, and other gift items.

With the prices Cosme-De quotes for the products it offers, it is easy for anyone enterprising to resell them and make some lucrative profits.

The main benefit of shopping with CosmeDe is the opportunity you’re given to purchase revered brands like Chantecaille, L’Oreal Paris, Missha, and Sulwhasoo at unbelievable prices that can only be found on few online platforms.

The company also offers free shipping to its customers whether they are based locally or internationally.

Perhaps the most impressive of all the benefits is the 30-days money-back guarantee the company places on all orders made by its customers, which allows returns and refunds for defective products.

Cosme delivers its products to customers scattered across the globe and no country is restricted from accessing its products and services.

But, Is Cosme-De legit or a scam? What do you think of my Cosme-De review?

Cosme De Prices

The prices of the items sold by the company vary depending on the brands being purchased and the categories of the users.

Skincare products range from $4.99 to $14.99 while the line-up of haircare products can be purchased for as little as $5.99, rising to as much as $18.99.

Cosme-De’s collection of fragrances includes brands that go for as little $15.99 though some can cost $165.99.

A wide range of items for men can be purchased from the online store for prices that range between $5.99 and $43.99

What are Cosme De Payment Methods?

Payment can be made on Cosme-De’s website by conventional payment methods including credit cards, debit cards Visa and MasterCard, PayPal, POLi all to be charged in Australian(AUD)

Your order can also be charged in the Chinese Yuan (CNY) and Alipay.

CosmeDe Shipping Guide

Shipping usually takes 7-10 days depending on the location of the buyer and can take up to 14 days in extreme cases.

Shipping of the purchased item is absolutely free through the buyer must take into consideration custom charges.

Tracking of the product is possible on Cosme-De’s platform though it is only enabled much later after purchase.

Cosme De Customer Service

Cosme-De Customer Service can be contacted for support and complaints solely via email:

The company doesn’t offer a live chat option so you will have to ensure that you contact the personnel during office hours, which is stipulated on their “contact us” page.

You can also complete the contact form on the website.

Below are the social medial page of CosmeDe Com:

is Cosme-De legit or scam

Cosme-De’s Reward & Credit Programs

Perhaps the most notable reward program the company offers is its discount on purchases that are up to $400, which is a whopping 25%.

This is definitely a bargain for customers especially those who are making wholesale purchases and intend to resell the products.

What is Good About Cosme-De?

  1. Its products are very affordable
  2. It offers free shipping to buyers regardless of their location
  3. It has a lax return policy that guarantees full refunds if the item is returned within 30 days.

Issues with Cosme-De

  1. Its customer service does not provide live support
  2. It is quite unreliable as an online retailer
  3. A few cases of fraudulent practices have been observed.

Public And Online Complaints About Cosme-De

The overwhelming majority of online users on the review website, Trust Pilot, only have negative things to say about CosmeDe with the criticism revolving around the company’s fraudulent practice.

Many reviewers claim that ordered products were never delivered and those that took delivery of their items received highly defective products.

While there are few incidents of successful transactions, they are but tiny drops of water in an ocean of jarring criticism.

Are There Alternatives to CosmeDe?

It is safer to shop on popular e-commerce sites like Amazon and Alibaba since the products that Cosme-De offers can be found in these reputable online stores.

I have reviewed hundreds of this kind of store. Some of the best online stores include the following:

  1. Heaven Gifts Electronic Cigarette Store 
  2. Boutiquefeel Online Boutiques Women Clothing
  3. ChicMe Fashion Store 
  4. Aetertek Dog Collars Store 
  5. CardioTech Fitness And Equipment Store 
cosme de com reviews

Is Cosme-De Safe, Legit, or a Scam and Fake Store?

Cosme-De is legit, safe, real, and not a fake or scam online beauty eCommerce store.

The challenge with Cosme-De’s website has to be the several complaints about the sold products and the customer service that has no clue in resolving customer complaints.

With the complaints and many low online Cosme-De reviews are trailing the Hong Kong-based cosmetic retail store, the site will fee not safe but fake to purchase stuff.

If you must make a purchase, a trial order should only be made to confirm the site’s reliability.

What do you think of my Cosme-De reviews? Is Cosme-De legit, real, honest, safe, or another fake and scam cosmetics store?

Is Cosme-De Fake or Legit?

Cosme De is legit, honest, safe, real, and not a fake and scam cosmetic store.

There is some complaint in some online forums about why Cosme De is Fake and some direct accusation that the Cosme De is Fake.

A lady stated on Reddit that he was shipped a particular brand of products by Cosme-De that is a counterfeit, then she concluded that the Cosme De Fake is real.

But, is Cosme De a Fake website? Does the website send fake products to its buyers?

These are my findings and why Cosme De is called a fake website.

Firstly, know that selling any counterfeit products to your buyers is a crime, and you must challenge any such company or eCommerce store in the law court. 

Therefore, if you take any such Cosme De Fake products, ensure you keep the record as evidence (this is very important to prove your case).

Usually, you suppose to contact a website and lay down your evidence to prove your case.

The website will tell you that they do not send fake products to its customers. They claim to have their effect directly source from authorized suppliers and distributors worldwide.

Also, they have also admitted that products may differ in the way they were pack compare to those well-known products; they concluded that the reason for that was that manufacturers employ different packages to different countries.  

The site insisted that the products sent to the USA will have a different package compare to those that are sent to France. 

What to Do if You Receive Face Products From the website

 Cosme-de com has a 100%- and 30-day money-back guarantee on every of your purchase.

Ensure you adhere to the following instructions when you sense that a fake product has been sent to you by the website.

Do you trust my Cosme-De com reviews? Is Cosme-De legit, real, honest, safe, or another fake and scam online cosmetic store?

The Requirement to Return Fake/Bad Cosme De Items

Ensure you follow these instructions because the website will decline and refuse any item and goods that are return under the following conditions:

  • Opened and broken products
  • Item return after 30 days of the dispatch date
  • Products and thing that is tagged as the non-refundable and exchangeable item
  • Any item bought via discount, promotion, and special deals.

If your item is returned and past the above condition, your refund will be credited by the Cosme-De via the account through which you first purchased the products.

Note that the Cosme-De will not bear the shipping cost of return goods. 

What do you think of my Cosme-De review? Is Cosme De fake, legit, or scam?

Please let me know via the comment section. 

How to Make Money with Cosme-De

Thanks for reading my Cosme-De review? Is Cosme-De legit, real, honest, safe, or another fake and scam cosmetic website?

The best way to earn money with Cosme-De is to engage in dropshipping. It is, however, a risky move to make since the credibility of the company is questionable.

Are you making money while using this makeup brand?

What do you think of my is Cosme-De review? Is Cosme-De legit, real, honest, safe, or another fake and scam site?

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