Mellow Cosmetics Review: Is It A Legit Makeup And Beauty Store Or Scam?

Summary Review of Mellow Cosmetics

You are welcome to my Mellow Cosmetics Review.

Mellow cosmetics store is one of a kind online store that sells high-quality beauty accessories.

It is wholly legit, and it gives you quality products to provide value to your money.

The store is fully secure in handling clients’ information through the use of secured servers that are often checked by cyber experts for security purposes.

All customers do not have reasons to fear that details of their credit cards or records of purchase shall be accessed illegally by a third party.

Therefore, the store is a perfect place to shop online.


What is Mellow Cosmetics About, Exactly?

The origin of Mellow Cosmetics is traced back to June 2014, when the founder, Ima Asali, gave birth to her firstborn son.

She had to juggle between business and children and, therefore, resulted in opening an online shop. Mellow Cosmetics sells lipsticks, gel eyeliners, and eyeshadow palettes.

All these are women's beauty accessories. Mellow Cosmetics is based in Remuera, Auckland in New Zealand. The central warehouse in Brisbane, Australia.

It sells beauty cosmetics to both the local market and international markets.

The high-quality products offered by the store alongside flexible purchase and receiving of orders is one huge benefit to the customers since time and cost of travel to shopping centers is eliminated.

The beauty cosmetics sold Mellow Cosmetics online shop attract customers from all over the world with the United States being one of the largest consumers of the product.

There is always a guaranteed delivery of the product with a high precision of the ordered quality and quantity of the product.


Mellow Cosmetics Prices

At mellow cosmetics, the prices are quite pocket-friendly with eyeliner gel costing between £5 to £10, Lipstick costing £ 10 to £15, and eye palettes costing £15 to £30

What is Mellow Cosmetics Payment & Methods?

The store has a very pliable payment system to ensure that the purchase process is not tedious.

The payment and methods accepted include the use of Credit Cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and ApplePay, and PayPal.

The customer’s personal information is collected through a secure connection (SSL technology) to safeguard it from fraudulent crimes and payments carried out through systems that Mellow staff cannot access.


Mellow Cosmetics Return and Refund Policy

Goods whose delivery addresses are not clear are automatically returned to the store’s warehouse.

In the scenario that the products have been returned, to the store, no refund is given, rather a correct delivery address is required but in this case, the customer takes care of the shipping fee.


Mellow Cosmetics Shipping Guide

Mellow Cosmetics has a well-laid procedure of shipping all products that have been ordered. Shipping is done for both local and international purchases.

Amazingly, all orders above $50.0 are free across the world.

The purchase process is also simplified as follows: all parcels are dispatched from Brisbane, Australia in which all online orders are shipped for free if the purchase costs over $ 50.

For customers within Australia, the packages are sent through Fastway Couriers. Upon dispatching of the order, a tracking number is sent to the client through email within 48 hours.

The parcels take 2 – 7 business days. All orders under $50 but above $5 within Australia are subjected to flat rate shipping cost.

For orders to all other countries, the packages are sent through DHL e-commerce and a tracking mechanism set.

A tracking number is also sent to the customer within 48 hours of dispatch.

All shipments are done from Monday to Friday within business hours, that is, from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. orders made during weekends are processed on Mondays. Furthermore, shipments may be delayed when there are public holidays.


Mellow Cosmetics Customer Service

Questions, Inquiries, and complaints to Mellow Cosmetics online shop are directed to the store staff through various methods.

The main communication channel is emailed:,, submitting a ticket through the shop’s website, and through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Responses may take up to 24 hours on any submitted ticket, but the store’s customer care service is very active on social media.

The store has also discounted prices and offers up to 25% off on the product prices.

No bonus credit on extra purchases but promotion coupon codes are given to customers to encourage them to continue shopping in the shop.


What is Good About Mellow Cosmetics?

  1. High-quality products
  2. Free shipping on orders above $50
  3. On-time delivery of packages
  4. Quick response to customer concerns
  5. The exclusive online shopping experience
  6. Ensuring the security of customer information
  7. The flexibility of payments & method of payment.


What are Issues with Mellow Cosmetics?

Barely can you find issues with Mellow online shop, but of course there’s a need for a few readjustments to make their services nearest to perfect.

  1. There’s a need for quicker processing of orders then issue tracking number within 24 hours of package dispatch
  2. There’s also no clear way of return and refund policy. So, a guideline on possible refunds should be given should there be issues with delivered packages.


Online Complaint on Mellow Cosmetics

Having dug deep into several websites that rate online shops and gone through comments of clients from across the world, Mellow Cosmetics products seem to satisfy almost every client.

The services rendered by the online shop is stress-free, and customers have an assurance of security when disclosing personal information.

Over 95% of the store’s customers speak of positive experiences they have had while shopping on the Mellow online shop.


Are there alternatives to Mellow Cosmetics?

There are many other alternatives to mellow cosmetic products, but the quality of cosmetics made and sold by Mellow online shop are exemplary and offer high competition to contenders.

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Is it Safe to Purchase on Mellow Cosmetics?

Shopping at this shop is safe. All personal data is highly secured as it crosses from the customer’s browser to the store’s servers.

Details on credit cards and PayPal do not ever reach other staff since the information is securely processed.

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How to Make Money with Mellow Cosmetics

For those countries where the market is not wide such as in Africa, business persons can easily open shops to sell mellow beauty cosmetics by partnering with the shop.

More transport companies such as UPS can also partner with the Mellow Cosmetics shop for shipping.

Local delivery services companies can also be rendered the opportunity to supply the Mellow products.

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  1. Mellow Cosmetics has really experienced tremendous growth within these 4 years, if I must say. Looking at how active their store is, with updated cosmetics products, I feel it’s a place to be for beauty lovers.

  2. It looks like Mellow Cosmetics has some nice makeup and beauty products. Their prices are reasonable and with the holidays approaching I suspect their products would make for good gifts. Definitely a product I’d recommend selling if I ran a beauty or makeup boutique. I imagine their lipsticks would be popular.

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