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Affiliate Blogger Pro Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Affiliate Blogger Pro Review.  Can you make money with Affiliate Blogger Pro?. Is Affiliate Blogger Pro legit or another scam affiliate marketing program?

I am confident you landed on this page as a result of your independent research about Affiliate Blogger pro.


It is essential always to find out if an online program is okay or not; this was how I learned how to turn my skills and Ideas into a full-time income online. Is Affiliate Blogger Pro worth the money?

Please know that I am not affiliated with this training program. It is an honest review, and I am sure that it will guide you to make up your mind about this program.

Be sure that you will know all you need to know about the Rosalind Gardner affiliate marketing training program.

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

make money with affiliate blogger pro

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Affiliate Blogger Pro At A Glance

Product Name: Affiliate Blogger Pro
Founder: Founded By Rosalind Gardner In 2009
Price: $27.00 per month
Rating: 34%
Best for: Beginner Affiliates and Internet Marketers
Recommended: No.

Summary of Affiliate Blogger Pro Review

I will be explaining everything about Affiliate Blogger; from what it is, to its objectives, advantages, and even disadvantages.

Ensure you read to the end of this article to find out the real truth behind this product.

First, is Affiliate Blogger Pro a scam? In all honesty, this is not a scam but a legit online program by one of the best in the industry, i.e. The product owner Rosalind Gardner.

But, can you still make money with Affiliate Blogger Pro today? This Affiliate Blogger Pro review will expose that to you.

In the past, it would have been an excellent choice for intending bloggers who wish for an efficient source of quick income.

Of course, I have my reasons, many of which I will be listing further into the review.

This is a platform through which you can hone your affiliate marketing skills at an economical price. In this in-depth review, I will reveal the following.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an online transaction between two people: The Merchant and the Affiliate.

You, (as the blogger or link) are the Affiliate, and the Market provider (or contractor) is the Merchant.

Now, here’s how this arrangement works: Most Merchants need people to visit their websites or check out their products to generate sales or income from the number of views or clicks on these websites.

Your job as an affiliate will be to bring these visitors in their numbers to their sites and, get a commission for each visitor you send to their website.

Thus, the term; Affiliate Marketing.

How much you make depends on what product or website you’re advertising and how well you promote this business.

What Is Affiliate Blogger Pro?

Affiliate Blogger Pro is an online program that gives detailed insight on how to become an expert Affiliate Blogger or Marketer and make money from it.

The course includes training, tutorials, and learning videos, quizzes, and expert reviews of your website to make recommendations for improvement.

It also provides active technical and personal support from experts and other bloggers.

The program was launched in 2009 by Rosalind Gardner (popularly known as the Queen of Affiliate Marketing) based on her ‘Super Affiliate Handbook’

How I Made $436,797 Last Year Selling Other People’s Stuff Online’ which was published in 2003.

Rosalind Gardner’s book is considered by many to be the bible of affiliate marketing.

She is a reputable and successful woman in the world of Affiliate marketing, thus, getting a direct, hands-on understanding of her success secrets through this program would be a wise choice.

This is a multi-media membership site that offers primary and intensive training; the resource includes ten major tutorial modules of almost 200 video and text training materials. What do you think of my Affiliate Blogger Pro review?

Affiliate Blogger Pro Review Training

The Affiliate Blogger Pro training promised to cover the following:

  • Access to Coaching by Experts
  • Online Business Building Process
  • Ten Training Modules
  • Over 200 Affiliate Marketing Tutorials plus many screenshots.
  • Almost 200 Step-by-Step Videos training
  • Access to Products owners

Affiliate Blogger Pro coverage training also includes: 

  • The basics of affiliate marketing
  • How to choose your niche
  • How to set up a website
  • Creating content for your site
  • Promoting your website/offers, etc…

It was an in-depth knowledge of Blogging, and Affiliate Marketing is just one click away as at that time!

Who Is Affiliate Blogger Pro For?

  • It is non-restrictive and easy to understand.
  • The online course is for everyone and anyone interested in Affiliate
  • It works well for complete beginners who know nothing about Affiliate

How To Make Money With Affiliate Blogger Pro

In 2009, it was difficult to find a great teacher of affiliate marketing like Rosalind Gardner; she was everything to the blogger community then.

Teaching you how to create a website with the available tool and resources to make money.

Affiliate Blogger Pro teaches you how to become a super affiliate in no time as of 2009. It enumerates the essentials of online marketing and also tells you the best sites to affiliate with.

Then you can make a few dollars in Affiliate commissions or more per day with entirely no problems; because there were very few bloggers with little or no competition.

But the goal post has shifted now, and affiliate marketing is more complicated with a lot of competition and high tech tools and resources that many affiliates are currently using to gain upper hands in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Affiliate Blogger Pro will not help you gain the upper hand in today’s technology.

Is Affiliate Blogger Pro Customer Friendly?

Apart from being very simplified and easy to use for complete beginners.

It has a friendly user interface that is free from annoying and recurring upsells that want to drain you of your money.

Also, the course doesn’t make ridiculous claims of making you huge money on a sale but teaches you the gradual, step-by-step process of making money as a blogger and guides you on the best choices to make.

Online Opinions of Affiliate Blogger Pro

As at 2009 and early 2011, Affiliate Blogger Pro has an excellent reputation in the online world, majorly because of the product owners resilience and hard work, i.e. Rosalind Gardner

What is Good About Affiliate Blogger Pro

Here, I will list out a couple of advantages of this program and explain why they are such.

  • ***Course Efficiency***

As stated earlier, the course was created with visible effort and expertise, seeing as it offers a step-by-step introduction into the world of affiliate marketing.

It is comprehensive and optimized for beginners then, making blogging life stress-free. It helped a lot of bloggers makes a living online from early 2009 to 2011

  • ***Affordable And Reasonable Price***

Where else can you get such an intensive and complete package for just 27 dollars?

As of 2009, $27 was a lot of money ( I don’t know the start price then, but it is still $27 today)

  • ***Trustworthy and Honest Founder***

Rosalind Gardner is not just known for her skill in the world of business marketing, she is known for her honesty.

She has made a trustworthy reputation for herself by proving to both users, affiliates, and critics of her program that what she sells is genuine.

So far, I have not heard or read anywhere that her programs of books are scams or sell false information and I have no reason to believe that either. She is a well-respected mentor

  • ***No Upsells And 56 Days of Money Back Guarantee! ***

One other genuine fact about this product is that there are no upsells.

After signing up for the program, you don’t get poor business offers or upsells that will scam you. The program is genuine and credible.

Another massive bonus of using Affiliate Blogger pro is that it offers a 56-day money-back guarantee.

Such that, if you use this product within 56 days (about two months) that you start the training and you are not happy with it, you can get a refund of your payment. Isn’t that just superb?

  • ***Good Ratings And Approvals***

Affiliate Blogger Pro has an overall excellent rating in the online marketing world, and I’m not the only one testifying to that.

Issues With Affiliate Blogger Pro

My issue with Affiliate Blogger Pro includes:

  • ***Very Obsolete Resource (Since 2009)***

It is quite Outdated. The course was created in 2009, and the content is based on her 2003 book, so the material provided is not entirely up to date with today’s digital world.

  • ***No Support For Affiliate***

Ineffective support and tools. Technical and personal support is lacking, and there are hardly any activities on the members’ forum.

So if you join this program, you are on your own.

Also, they’re not active on social media where members can interact and help each other make money online

  • ***Lack of Affiliate Marketing Tools***

There ai no modern tools such as Keyword Research tool, Webhosting, Content platform, Webinars, etc.

Is Affiliate Blogger Pro a Legit or a Scam?

Straight away, Affiliate Blogger Pro is legit and not a scam.

It is a natural, cost-efficient program that allows you to gain marketing skills and at the same time earn money with the acquired skills in early 2009

Many affiliate training programs charge ludicrously high prices for learning such basic skills and at the end of the day promote sub-standard products that are uninteresting and sometimes scammers.

Then, as of 2009 when the program was launched, it was highly recommended. Because Affiliate Blogger Pro came with the full package. It costs just $27.00 per month and has a no-risk 56-day money-back guarantee.

My task is to review programs that promised to help people make money online; a lot of those programs are scams chasing your credit card and wallet. Below are some review articles:

what do you think of my review of Affiliate Blogger Pro? Is Affiliate Blogger Pro legit or a scam?

Can you make money with Affiliate Blogger Pro?

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Affiliate Blogger Pro

Is Affiliate Blogger Pro Worth It?

What do you think of my Affiliate Blogger Pro By Rosalind Gardner’s review? Is Affiliate Blogger Pro a legit or another Scam?

what are good side hustles

With all you have read, do you think you can make money with Affiliate Blogger Pro By Rosalind Gardner?

This was one of the best affiliate marketing training as of 2009; regarding learning online/affiliate marketing or program, no doubt about that.

But right now it can not help you navigate the ocean of the new SEO world because it lacks what can make you succeed in today’s affiliate marketing world.

The training materials are obsolete compare to the tools and resources you can find in my #1 recommended online business.

The resource and material of this training program by Rosalind Gardner have not been updated for years, and it has no community or tools that can help you succeed in today’s affiliate marketing world.

Is Affiliate bloggers pro legit or a scam? What was it like for you? What do you think now? Was it a waste of time then or now?

Kindly leave your comments about this review and tell me what you think.

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11 thoughts on “Affiliate Blogger Pro Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Hello John, I have to first commend your efforts for bringing this thorough and in depth review to light. It is becoming difficult by the day to find honest and straightforward reviews. Everyone is trying to make a quick buck off of an affiliate sale, without considering if the recommendation would be helpful or not.

    No doubt though, Rosalind Gardner is a reputable figure in the online marketing sphere. But as you mentioned, her course needs a thorough make over. Most techniques taught in the affiliate blogger pro are no longer relevant today. i believe there are better alternatives.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey John thanks for putting this information together about Affiliate Blogger Pro; when you are shopping for online opportunities it pays to be Informed.  

    You have done a great job to explain how to make money with Affiliate Blogger pro.

    I must say that Wealthy Affiliate is well worth a look, thanks again for doing this work.


  3. Wowza what a great Affiliate Blogger Pro review! I managed to get everything I wanted to find out about the program from this one page. I really like the way you use the comparison table to highlight the differences between Wealthy Affiliate and this program. It’s clear to see that there are better opportunities out there compared to this one. 

    In your opinion, do you think it’s possible to actually make money from Affiliate Blogger Pro without any other training or experience? It seems a bit wishy-washy to me and I doubt it’s really possible from this training alone

    1. Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with  Affiliate Blogger Pro.

      The challenge is that can you ever make money with  Affiliate Blogger Pro?

      I proved my thought in this article. 



  4. Your review is so informative.

    I will buy any affiliate marking course so far it is updated and not from some shitty site or person.

    Affiliate marking is evergreen money making strategy online and new methods and techniques keep showing up. i need to be updated.

    1. Hi Sheila,

      Thanks fir visiting my website and for reading my Affiliate Blogger Pro By Rosalind Gardner Review.

      The problem is that we have many affiliate marketing program online. Both the bad, the good , the ugly and we also have the best.

      The challenge the newbies always have is to locate the best one. It can be difficult to locate most especially if you don’t know how to use search engines to get result.

      Also, don’t forget that any online business that must function and profitable at the long run must be helpful to its audience. Until you start helping your audience you CAN NOT make money.

      Please check out my best recommendation that will help you earn a full time income online. It all depends on you, yiu must be ready to work smart and work very hard to achieve your objective.



  5. I’ve seen this program online before, but haven’t ever decided to join it. Sounds like there’s some good information to be learned by the program. Although, I’m somewhat unsure on how someone can still be selling information from 2003…

  6. Hello John,

    Well, this would have been an interesting program to join if and only if it would be updated.

    I can’t waste time and money on something from 2003.

    Things change rapidly and I need to know what works and what doesn’t now.

    It’s me, Ariana.

    1. Dear Ariana,

      Thanks for reading my Affiliate Blogger Pro By Rosalind Gardner Review. Yes, you are right that Affiliate Blogger Pro By Rosalind Gardner is an old affiliate program but can you imagine that it is still being promoted till today.

      What then happened to all the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimizations); Ranking of page one of Google and Best keyword tools that could make anyone rank organically for the ready-made audience in the marketplace.

      What do you think of Affiliate Blogger Pro By Rosalind Gardner? It is important to state here that you can still make money online because I am making good money online.

      What can make me make money online all the way from a remote country in African just by following the best training ever i.e. Wealthy Affiliate!

      Just check out that link to read many success stories and proof of earnings.



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