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Home » CRYPTOCURRENCY » Is CoinBase Pro Safe? Can You Really Make Money?

Is CoinBase Pro Safe? Can You Really Make Money?

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Home » CRYPTOCURRENCY » Is CoinBase Pro Safe? Can You Really Make Money?

You are welcome to my Coinbase Review! Can you make money with Coinbase Pro App? Is Coinbase safe and legit? Do you know you can make money with Coinbase earn? Is Coinbase wallet safe?

This Is a long Coinbase review. You can use my table of content to help you navigate.


You will learn about the following: Coinbase Earn, Coinbase App, Coinbase Wallet, Coinbase Safety, Coinbase Pro App, Coinbase Hacked, and many other things about how to make money with Coinbase App.

It is good you are researching how to make money with Coinbase. This was how to transform my skills and ideas into a full-time income online.

Please ride with me as you discover all you need to know about Coinbase App.

Estimated reading time: 18 minutes

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Coinbase at a Glance

Name: Coinbase
Website: Coinbase
Owners: Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam
Founded‎: ‎June 2012;
Headquarters‎: ‎San Francisco, California, USA
Industry: CryptoCurrency
Products: Exchange of digital assets

is coinbase a scam

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What is Coinbase?

So, What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is a creation of Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in 2011 with the company named Coinbase Inc. with its headquarters in San Francisco.

Coinbase deals with online broker exchange of bitcoin cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum as well as digital asset exchange.

The question is this, can you make good money with Coinbase?

The customers benefit from Coinbase since the customers get to conduct brokering deals involving different fiat currencies.

Also, they get to exchange currencies online by way of comparing charts and history records by the company to make the best deals.

Currently, the company operates in 32 countries worldwide.

I will be reviewing this website, and you will get to know if it is best for you or not.

I am yet to know of a successful Coinbase hacked; therefore I can assure you that Coinbase is safe. What do you think about my Coinbase review?

How to Use Coinbase

Registered members need to log in to their Coinbase accounts for the unregistered members they should first sign up for the site.

To start, one should visit the payment method page for the selection of the method of payment either by debit or credit card.

are you earning money by investing on coinbase

How To Buy or Sell Crypto On Coinbase

  1. One should go to the ‘buy/sell digital currency’ page.
  2. Enter the number of transactions and select the card on the payment methods menu.
  3. Confirm the order and enter complete buy/sell.
  4. You will conclude your orders in minutes.

Payment Method Supported By Coinbase

There are several payment methods on Coinbase which customers can choose from all over the world according to the ease of use?

  • Bank account [ACH], this is suitable for large and small investments as most banks can be easily linked to your Coinbase account.
  • PayPal, which is suitable for quick sales to your PayPal account by verification of your ID to confirm transactions.
  • Wire transfers available for customers who are verified to obtain a USD wallet.
  • Credit card and Debit cards are visa cards and master cards that have a billing address.
  • Transfer of currencies and assets to and from your Coinbase account can be completed by the use of SEPA deposits by European customers.

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Fees Charge on Coinbase

The fee structure on the site operates on the “maker-taker” basis where fees are assessed as the percentage of the currency quoted.

The percentage you quote will be deducted from the amount entered at the arrival point.

The fee structure is always displayed on the screen of the users and varies from one geographical area to another. Different methods of payments provide varied fee structures.

Bank transfers charge US 1.49%, while SEPA charges 0.15% euros and bank wires are free.

On the other hand, Coinbase  wallet charges 1.49% while credit and debit card charge 3.99%, What do you think of my Coinbase review and their charges?

coinbase pro app and coinbase app

Customer Support on Coinbase

The Coinbase App and site provides its customers with exemplary customer support through a customer care service which is swift to address customers’ issues.

Its FAQ segment tackles matters such as issues with buys and sales, account management, payment methods, digital currency, and wallet services.

The segment has a ‘submit query’ button to reach the customer care if questions are not clear. What do you think of my Coinbase review? Do you know of Coinbase hacked ever?

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Online Opinion on Coinbase

Most online customers have registered their satisfaction from the use of the site this is due to favorable rates charged.

Do you know what any Coinbase hacked? What are negative Coinbase review you know of?

Moreover, reasonable fees offered at the site as well as the assorted digital assets as well as an easier way of currency exchange.

The customer support team also supports customers in a way that they feel that they are cared for. The Coinbase wallet is said to be the best web wallet ever.

How to Make Money From Coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the legit online sites where you can buy bitcoin assets during the low season cheaply and selling it later highly when demand rises thus making a profit.

Equally important is making money through the affiliate program offered by the site.

This is achieved by affiliate regulations, where one can earn a commission on sales generated due to the marketing of the sold products.

***Making $10 for Every Referral to Coinbase App***

Apart from what I stated above i.e. trading cryptocurrencies and selling for profits so as to make a margin.

That is an aspect of how you can make good money on this platform. has a referral program such that every person you refer to the website earned $10 and such person will also make $10 for every first $100 transaction done on the site.

The challenge with this is that such money can only be made once i.e.

You can only earn on one referred member whenever they trade up to $100 (you earn $10 and the individual also makes the same amount).

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The current explosion and mass adoption of Bitcoin is a great niche market to make a lot of money.

Having a website promoting Coinbase as an exchange website and referring to people via your content can help you make over $20,000 monthly.

The good news is that you also promote over 55 other exchanges where people are making money in one-ways or the others using Bitcoin or Altcoin.

Making money online via blogging is a great way of earning passive income.

You promote a website once and continue to make money for life even if you are sleeping or dead as long as your website is running.

The good news is that you can learn the art of blogging for money. Blogging about what you love doing best. What do you think of my Coinbase review? Do you know of any Coinbase hacked?

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What I Like About Coinbase

  1. The site has relatively cheaper fees compared to other sites making it the go-to site for most people.
  2. People who use the site have access to assorted digital assets from all over the world making it the best site to acquire unique assets.
  3. The site is highly fluid meaning that there is the ease of doing business on the site brokering easy with quick currency exchange.
  4. Coinbase App is safe and no report of any Coinbase Hacking.
  5. You can earn instant money on Coinbase Earn, do you know of any other Coinbase reviews and how to make money with the Coinbase pro app.
what is coinbase about

Issues with Coinbase

  1. There have been complaints in delays of orders in the past, but this is attributed to orders, which ted to take log to find a good match.
  2. The site is not ideal for beginners as it is rigorous and takes a lot of time before one master the art of making a profit on the site.
  3. The limited geographical area makes the site unreliable for people who love traveling

Who Is Coinbase For?

Coinbase’s target audience includes people from all demographics who would love to conduct brokering activities online as well as those who would love to get currency exchange.

All the currencies and fiat, as well as assets on the site, are traded against the US dollar.

Alternatives to Coinbase

We have many other exchanges like that operate the same ways but with different strategies and trading more or fewer cryptocurrencies compare to Coinbase.

Gdax is the exchange for Coinbase where you can really trade crypto coins and make enough money if you have an appetite for a lot of risks

Check out the list of over 55 cryptocurrency exchange websites here.

Coinbase Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

coinbase bitcoin

***What is Coinbase Used for?***

Coinbase is a secure and safe online cryptocurrency exchange platform where you buy, sell, transfer, and store your digital currency. 

The company aims to use its global financial system to convert digital assets into and from their local currency. It is also important to note that the Coinbase wallet is one of the best online wallets ever.

***Is it Safe to Use Coinbase?***

Your digital asset is safe and secure with Coinbase. I can say that nothing is safe until it is 100% safe on any crypto exchange; because this is a dynamic world, and we are operating in a global community. 

99% of Coinbase’s customer asset is kept in a cold storage offline facility that cannot be accessed nor hacked while in cold storage. 

Coinbase wallet is one of the best, safest, and secures online and web wallet ever. 

***Who is the Owner of Coinbase?***

Coinbase was established by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in June 2012. But Brian Armstrong is the current CEO of Coinbase.

***When was Coinbase Founded?***

Coinbase was established on 20th June 2012.

***How Much Does Coinbase Charge Per Transaction?***

Coinbase charges $2.99 for every transaction between $50 to $200. Coinbase will charge you 1.49% on every transaction above the $200 executed on the platform. 

***Does Coinbase Make Money?***

Yes, Coinbase makes money from transactions, crypto exchange, and brokerage did on the platform.

***Has Coinbase Ever Been Hacked?***

No, there is not known hacking and attack that has been successful on this platform. There have been attacks on the network, including that recent twitter attack, that Coinbase helps stop losing funds

But there has been an individual that has reported a loss of crypto-asset on their personal Coinbase account. I am yet to see direct Coinbase hacking.

These are people that get their device hacked (Sim Swap Attack) and get their Coinbase account compromised by the way they managed their password and 2 Factor authentications. 

***Will Coinbase Refund if Hacked?***

The Coinbase policy is insured towards any digital currency theft because of breach or Coinbase hack, security, employee theft, and transfer of funds via the Coinbase platform. 

Coinbase hacking is not impossible, if it happen will they refund your asset?

The Coinbase policy does not cover any self-induced loss from any form of unauthorized access to individual and personal Coinbase or Coinbase pro accounts.

***How Can I Get My Money Out of Coinbase?***

You can only transact directly into your Coinbase fiat wallet. You don’t have a limit on the amount you can sell to your wallet. 

Also, Coinbase App gives you two options. You either withdraw funds directly to your bank account in the United States or use fiat funds in your wallet to re-purchase crypto on the Coinbase platform. 

***Does Coinbase Charge Monthly Fees?***

Coinbase will not charge you for storing funds in your USD Wallet on the Coinbase platform and Crypto Wallet Service. Coinbase will only charge you an estimated fee on transactions done on the platform.

***Is Coinbase a Bank?***

Coinbase completed the acquisition of Xapo’s Institutional Custody in August 2019 for $55 million. This made the Coinbase the world’s biggest bitcoin bank. 

Is Coinbase a bank? Yes, Coinbase is the largest Bitcoin Bank in the world today. The exchange has now worth over $7billion asset under custody.

It is all over the news then, learn more about Coinbase acquisition of Xapo’s Institutional Custody on Yahoo news.

***Is it Safe to Give Coinbase My SSN?***

Yes, it is safe to release your Social Security number to Coinbase. There is not known Coinbase hacking and attack yet.

Your SSN is needed to check your bank information for the required tax reporting and meet the USA’s anti-money laundering laws’ regulatory requirements. 

Is Coinbase Safe?

Yes, Coinbase is very safe.

Looking for a secure online site to store, buy, sell, and transfer digital currency?

Look no further as it is evident that Coinbase provides the best platform for the exchange of currency compared to other rival sites.

The site is simple to navigate this is of great importance to brokers who are looking for value for their money.

The site offers broker exchange of Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin as well as digital assets with fiat currencies. What do you think of my Coinbase review? Can you make money with Coinbase Pro App?

Earn FREE $65 Crypto with Coinbase Earn

***What Is Coinbase Earn***

Coinbase Earn will reward and, at the same time, help eligible Coinbase customers learn and get educated about cryptocracies.

Qualify Coinbase customers will get free $65 worth of crypto coins for every lesson they unlock after taking a quiz.

Coinbase Earn consists of selected cryptocurrencies companies ready to reward and pay you for your interest in learning about them.

You will be made to watch a two minutes video lesson that will be followed by a question quiz; this is to ensure that you understand the training.

As soon as you get it right, you will get paid a few dollars of crypto coins to cash out via your Coinbase wallet quickly.

***Is Coinbase Earn worth it?***

In my opinion, yes.

Coinbase Earn worth it. Because you will get paid FREE $65 worth of crypto after completing the lessons, it is a great way to get free crypto to watch a few videos and take some questions quiz.

You will earn $50 of XLM and $10 answering questions after watching some selected videos of a few minutes.

And you also have the opportunity to make over $40 for referring your friends and family members.

***How does Coinbase Earn work?***

  • You will start by watching a based educational video that teaches about different crypto coins.
  • Also, you will take a single question quiz that tests your assimilation and understanding of the few minute training.
  • You will get credited crypto coins in your Coinbase wallet for every completed quiz.

Note: Coinbase Earn is only available for a limited time, and some selected Coinbase customers
What Cryptocurrencies are supported for Coinbase Earn?

***How Long is the Waitlist for Coinbase Earn?***

Coinbase Earn waitlist may take 24 hours.

As soon as you create your account on Coinbase, It will take a while to verify your account. Therefore they place you on “waitlist” pending when your documentation is verified.

You will receive an email from Coinbase Earn as soon as you get to start. Your first lesson to begin earning with Coinbase Earn will be unlocked.

***What Cryptocurrencies are supported for Coinbase Earn?***

Cryptocurrencies are added to be part of Coinbase Earn regularly. The following cryptocurrencies are available with the amount you get for taken the lessons:

  • Take Celo training and earn $6 worth of Celo in (CGLD)
  • Also,take lessons on Kyber coin and earn $6 worth of Kyber coin in KNC.
  • Take a lesson on Compound and earn $9 worth of Compound coin in
  • COMP
  • Learn about EOS and earn $50 worth of EOSTaken Stellar Lumens training and earn $50 worth of Stellar in XLM
  • There are so many other training you can take that will earn your services and altcoin.

How to Make Money with Coinbase Earn – Video

What Is Coinbase Pro App?

Coinbase Pro is the most reliable and fastest way to trade cryptocurrencies for any person; it is a platform of choice for crypto traders.

The Coinbase Pro App is created for professional and advanced Crypto trader.

You have all the tools and information you need to trade with Coinbase Pro App.

It offers an excellent interface with real-time charting tools, order books, trade history, and one of the simplest ways to trade cryptocurrencies you can ever wish for.

It offers a safe, secure, and the best way to buy, sell, and trade your digital assets instantly online.

Coinbase Pro App will help you track and view your trading history, manage open orders, and monitor multiple portfolios and much more.

How to Transfer Funds Between Coinbase to Coinbase Pro?

Please know that both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro accounts are linked together, but they have separate wallets that keep your assets apart.

It is free to transfer funds from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro accounts, and it is an immediate impact, it is seemless if you use your Coinbase Pro App.

Go to your Portfolio page and tab deposit button to do your transfer using your Coinbase Pro App.

Follow these steps to transfer from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro accounts:

  • Visit the Coinbase Pro trading page
  • Choose deposit (Under your wallet balance)
  • Choose the currency type (XRP, ETH, or BTC)
  • Select Coinbase account
  • Input the amount to be transferred from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro

You can also do the same transfer of funds from Coinbase Pro to the Coinbase account. Do you agree with my Coinbase review?

Coinbase Pro Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

***Is there a Coinbase Pro App?***

Yes, there is a beautiful Coinbase Pro App for your download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play store for your Android devices. You can also use the Coinbase Pro website for your transactions.

***Can I Have multiple Coinbase Pro Account?***

No, you can only have a single individual Coinbase Pro account. Ensure you use the same email address for the Coinbase to create your Coinbase Pro account instead of violating it.

***Does Coinbase Pro support margin trading?***

Coinbase Pro offer margin trading as at the time of writing this review. You can borrow USD from Coinbase to purchase cryptocurrency on your Coinbase Pro account.

The Coinbase Credit LLC is the one lending to you here, while you are the borrower.

There are a term and condition that must be met whenever you enable margin trading on your Coinbase Pro App account.

***Where are Coinbase Pro orders Placed?***

You will have direct access to Coinbase Markets with Coinbase Pro, just like GDAX’s work for Coinbase.

***Who can sign up for Coinbase Pro Account?***

Coinbase Pro is for professional and individual traders. You have to be from the following countries or regions to be eligible. But, it covers a broad spectrum of countries in the Americas and Europe.

***What is the Major Difference Between Coinbase and Coinbase Pro?***

The Coinbase offers a straightforward platform for crypto trading but with higher fees due to the platform, while the Coinbase Pro is a complex environment to trade.

You have to be a professional crypto trader to use it, but lesser fees compare to Coinbase.

***Does Coinbase pro cost money?***

There are no extra fees to join the Coinbase Pro platform. You can also hold your crypto asset if you want on your Coinbase Pro account. It is free to do that.

***How safe is Coinbase Pro?***

Coinbase Pro is a trading platform, and it is regarded as one of the best places to keep and trade your crypto assets.

It locked 98 percent of customers’ crypto assets in cold storage. It was thereby preventing loss of crypto via hacking, theft, and any other means.

The remaining 2% is privately insured; you can rest assured that your assets are in safe hands. What do you think of my Coinbase review?

Is Coinbase Worth It?

What do you think of my Coinbase Review? Can you now make money with Coinbase?

Or, Is Coinbase safe?

what are good side hustles

If you are one of the people who love their digital assets unique and assorted, then Coinbase is the place for you.

It is just the best place to save your asset crypto coins that is if you do not have your own hardware wallet.

They have been around for a long time and the name “COINBASE” is well respected in the crypto world.

coinbase bitcoin price

The big question is this, can you make good money with Coinbase? What do you think?

You must know that Coinbase is an exchange with a lot of risks involve i.e. the risk of losing your money is very high most especially if you greedy.

The question of how much money you can make with Coinbase depends on your action and inaction.

If you decide to move now and take a step you have a lot of ways you can start earning money online.

Moreover, it is on this site that you will get cheap crypto as well as reliable currency exchange.

So why don’t you try the site and get the rewards that come with it?

What do you think of my Coinbase review? Is CoinBase safe? What do you think about is Coinbase a wallet? Have you tried to use Coinbase Pro App?

Do you know or read of any Coinbase hacked?

For me, I am a blogger, the most secure business model you can think of is blogging.

You can start this FREE training today to learn how you can be making a minimum of $5,000 monthly within a year of developing your business. It is FREE to join.

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19 thoughts on “Is CoinBase Pro Safe? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. The legitimacy of cryptocurrency companies nowadays is something we need to be very careful before trusting our hard-earned money. But with Coinbase, you can be assured that this company is “Legitimate” because they are among the “Top exchange” worldwide together with Bitrex, Binance, etc….etc… The only problem with Coinbase is that they are soooo “Buggy” unless they should fix the problem first and foremost. Nonetheless, Coinbase is still better when it comes to security, I think in the future Coinbase is one of the companies who will kill PayPal, just saying.

  2. Wow this is an in depth review for Coinbase! I really like that the details and explanation are clear and concise. The sub-headings really helps in finding the exact information that is needed.

    I’m not into crypto currency at the moment, but I’m definitely keeping this page in mind for future reference. Crypto currency is just like stock market; it’s really risky to delve in without knowledge (unless one has plenty of cash to spare and try it out and learn on the go!). I see that you prefer affiliate marketing, that’s also my preferred choice for now.

    Thanks again for the informative review on Coinbase! Now I know its legit, but as with other sort of investments, comes with risks.

  3. All what you said about Coinbase are all true. I have an account with them I use to buy Bitcoins and can say it is a legit platform. They’ve built an online reputation of legitimacy. One thing I love about their platform is that their customer support team are very swift to respond to any issue you may have with your account.

    Another thing again is they do verify your means of payment before you make transactions with them, though based on geographical location if country is supported. Even, what make them awesome is the broker exchange of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin along with other digital assets, and due to their favorable rates charge.

  4. Hey John, Coinbase is an online currency exchange. I tried myself it is work awesome. There are many satisfied customers like me due to its favorable rates charged. It also have a good customer support team to help their customers. Coinbase also required KYC before using their system. So in my views it the best exchange in crypto world.

  5. Cryptocurrencies are the future preferred payment method. 

    Is there a course or book on cryptocurrencies brokerage you could share with me in response to this comment?

    I’m very interested but I need (due to my current personal limitations) to learn much more about it before feeling comfortable enough to invest any money on it.

    Thanks for your review!

    1. Dear Juan, 

      Thanks reading my article on how to make money with Coinbase.

      Coin base is a crypto exchange site. It is also key to know that Coinbase is safe for your use. 



  6. Wow! Thank you for this valuable information, John. To be honest, I have never used coinbase for crypto transactions, because I use Etherscan. However, I never got anything from it. Even if I give references to my friends, they also get nothing. Maybe, I will try coinbase for my next crypto transaction.
    However, what I want to ask is, does Coinbase only give $ 10 for transactions of at least $ 100 for one time? Or can many times?
    Thanks John

  7. The legitimacy of coinbase and other crypto currencies is definitely something to ponder about before investing your hard-earned money in it. I have invested in IQ option and other similar sites and they all seem a total rip off to me.

    1. Dear Rosiee,

      Thanks for reading my article on why Coinbase is not a scam. This Coinbase Review is to answer that question you always see online i.e. Is Coinbase a Scam? The answer is No. It is not a scam.

      There are many other questions about Coinbase online, they are listed below:

      Can I trust Coinbase?
      Is Coinbase legal and legit?
      What type of wallet does Coinbase use?
      How long does it take for Coinbase to buy bitcoins?
      Is Coinbase vault safe for me?
      Do I need to be 18 to use Coinbase?
      Can Coinbase freeze my account?
      What is the best alternative to Coinbase? and,
      Why does Coinbase requesting for my ID card?

      There are many questions that must be answered.

      I will soon be providing such an answer to support this article. I hope you will visit my site again?

      thank you.


  8. It’s very clear to me that Coinbase is legit because I know by experience that scammy website do not stay around for so long, and this website has been there since 2011, plus the founders are not anonymous, I think we have to be very careful with online brokers website and be aware of the risk.

    It’s good to do a lot of research about it before we start so we don’t get disappointed, you mention Blogging about Cryptocurrencies as a better way to make money, could you explain more Please

    1. Dear Aouatef,

      Thanks for reading my review about Coinbase Exchange. Yes, Coinbase is a legitimate exchange and it is not a scam website. I can assure you that your bitcoin and crypto coins are safe with CoinBase.

      What Coinbase may not be in control of is you. How you trade your cryptocurrencies. Crypto coins trading is a risky business. I always say this that you can lose all your money within an hour.

      This is why I am against making money online trading crypto coins.

      If you really love bitcoin and crypto coins you can make money becoming a blogger. It is a big industry and you can start writing about cryptocurrencies.

      The good news is that you can learn the art of blogging online. My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, I knew nothing about blogging when I started this website. But see what I have learned?

      You also can start a blog about cryptocurrencies and educating your region, country, and the world on and about bitcoin and crypto coins.

      You can start learning at no cost; the level one with ten lessons is FREE. No credit card is needed to join. Please check it out.



  9. Dear John,

    This is a rather interesting article, very insightful.

    Can you also recommend another site where I can easily by bitcoin?

    You also have great website.




    1. Dear Adrian,

      Thanks for reading my Coinbase ( Review. I am sure you want to know if you can really make money with Coinbase. Making money trading bitcoin is risky; but you can easily make a lot of money.

      Making margin with trading altcoins can earn you a lot.

      You can also buy and sell bitcoin in any region or country on Local Bitcoins. It is one of the best website ever.

      Thanks for visiting my website again.

      Really appreciates.


  10. Thank you for your review. On the internet, it is often very difficult to distinguish between legit and scam sites when it comes to cryptocurrencies. As you describe it, anyone can make some money here provided they are willing to invest time and effort. I guess it’s like with everything else in life, you reap what you sow.

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