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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Is AIM Global Legit Or a Scam? Is It Really Worth It?

Is AIM Global Legit Or a Scam? Is It Really Worth It?

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Is Aim Global legit or a scam pyramid scheme? Is AIM Global worth it?

I am sure you are here to know if Aim Global is a real and legitimate company or not.


You must be doing your research; it is the best way to discover legitimate online business and avoid many scams.

Please know that I am not an Aim Global promoter; therefore, expect an unbiased write about Aim Global.

Please read on.

Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Is AIM Global Legit Or a Scam? Is It Really Worth It?

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What is AIM Global?

AIM global inc.

AIM Global is a direct sales MLM (Multi-level Level Marketing) company that has been in operation since 2005.

Presently, the company has got its headquarters in the Philippines, and it distributes products in line with food supplements that are manufactured by Nature’s Way USA, and premium blended beverages.

AIM Global makes its distributors market food supplements and premium blended beverages that are manufactured by Nature’s Way, a company based in the United States of America.

AIM Global is a sole DSA (Direct Sales Company) that is accredited by Nature’s Way USA as its only and exclusive distributor for Direct sales of its products in the Philippines and every country that AIM Global covers.

The company has over 130 business centers in the Philippines

As of now, the company has opened up international offices in many countries all over the world which include Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Dubai, Hawaii, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and many others. What do you think of my AIM Global review?

So what is AIM Global MLM jobs About?

I will attempt to be answering this question in this article, and I am having some youtube videos of AIM Global to illustrate my points.

You will decide if this is good for you or not. Read more about Aim Global on Wiki2.

You must know that there are four major categories of products of AIM Global you can buy and distribute.

AIM Global Products

Products of AIM Global

  1. Natural Ceuticals-which includes Naturacentials toothpaste, Masculine Wash, Feminine Wash, and Whitening Soap.
  2. Nutritional support- which includes: KIDD 24/7 Nutragammies, Slim& Trim, C24/7 Nature- Ceuticals, Complet Phyto-Energizer, Choleduz Omega Supreme, and Restores Lyf
  3. Functional Beverages – which include: Alkaline Chocolate drink, Liven coffee ( sugar-free), liven coffee ( cappuccino), liven coffee ( latter ), and VIDA Cardio Vascular drink.
  4. Nutritional CosmeCeuticals- which includes perfect white and white light.
  5. To make money with the AIM Global MLM jobs, you join and become a member, pay for the product, and recruit others. The more you recruit, the more money you can make.
  • Restorlyf
  • Choleduz
  • Complete Phytoenergizer
  • Mychoco
  • Alkaline Coffee
  • Feminine Wash
  • Masculine Wash
  • ToothPaste
  • Vida Maxx
  • Sugarfree coffee
  • Kiddi 24/7

How Does AIM Global Work?

So, what does AIM Global do? How does AIM Global work?

AIM Global will provide you a great health product like their company flagship products ‘C24/7 Natura-verticals (clinically tested anti-oxidant product).

They have several of such great nutritional products.

The company will give you a business opportunity to invest in the company by purchasing its ‘AIM Global Package’ (It is a pack that contains their products and other benefits).

The cost of the starter pack is $120.

Your objective is to build a downline by inviting or introducing the same products to a minimum of two other people. And help your referral do the same will earn you money.

You don’t have a limit to the number of people you can introduce the product to; you will earn the following income and commission:

  • If you successfully enter or sell the product to other people will make you a profit income of 25%, and
  • A referral bonus of $20 for every person you refer to or introduced the AIM Global USA business to and purchase the global package.

Do you think that AIM Global worth it? Is AIM Global legit, real, or a scam and pyramid scheme?

Many Hype and False Claims In Alliance in Motion Review

  • AIM Global USA promised that they could make you a millionaire in no time.
  • Whereas the only primary source of making money is via recruiting others.
  • Yes, you can sell products; but it is not the real meat!
  • But the only way to move up the scheme is by making you chase your friends, neighbors, family, and relatives.
  • This is why MLM is not for me; any business that makes you chase people around begging them to buy the product and make money is not worth it.
  • You are not selling and imparting value to people.
  • They also claim that they are the # 1 MLM company in the world. This is another false claim. They may be #1 in Philippians but not in the world.
  • They are not in every country of the world; in fact, they only dominate third-world countries.
  • Your Earnings Depends on Your Downlines In Alliance in Motion
  • At Alliance In Motion, it is all about your downlines mentality. If your downlines are not good in terms of knowing how to recruit other people to the scheme, then you are doom.
  • Your success has little to do with the number of people you can recruit but the capacity of the people you are recruiting.
  • If they know nothing about how to get lead and people under them, then you will earn nothing.
  • This is just how MLM works. You either learn how to recruit, or you lose your subscription fees.

Note: Please take the time to read through the AIM Global Policies and Procedures.

AIM Global Customer Service

AIM Global has free business training opportunities at their country offices, free lifetime business support teams, and mentoring services.

It is also possible to contact them via their Facebook page, website, or calling them directly at +6596522378 for more information about training and support.

They have a massive support team covering different departments.

  • Alliance in Motion Head Office Contact Number

Units 301, 319 & 320 AIC Burgundy Empire Tower,
cor. Garnet and Sapphire, Street
Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines

Telephone Number
+632 706 0277, +632 706 0278

  • Operations Assistant

Email Address,

Office No.: +632 706-0277
Mobile No.: +63 917 838 2801

  • Admin and Customer Service Staff

Email Address

Telephone Number
Office No.: +632 706-0277
Mobile No.: +63 922 841-0700

Customer Service Representative

Email Address

Telephone Number
+632 7062301 loc. 101

Access the AIM Global Support Team here

What is DTC AIM Global?

DTC AIM Global is the webpage that is created for all AIM Global Distributors. The term DTC stands for “Distributor Tracking Center.”

Every distributor of AIM Global can only access the page with a user name and password that is generated at the point of joining the AIM Global.

AIM DTC Global i.e., Distributor Tracking Center is where the members of AIM global can manage their downlines, registrations, product ordering, daily sales, the amount earned, etc.

How to Reset Forgot Password in DTC AIM Global

Do you forget your DTC password as an AIM Global distributor? You can only res-set your DTC password by contacting your upline.

Your upline is the person that introduced you to the AIM Global.

You can not just go to the AIM DTC website and reset your password. It is only through your AIM Global USA upline that you can solve the password reset problem.

Source: AIM Global DTC (Distributor Tracking Center) Login Page

AIM Global Distributor Account Deactivation

Your account will be deactivated as a distributor if you are deemed to be inactive.

The status of inactive is initiated on your account when your account meets all the following criteria:

  • When you have not purchased any product,
  • You have not referred or sponsor any new member, and
  • You have not earned income for six months as a Distributor of AIM Global.

Do you think AIM Global is legit or a scam and pyramid scheme? Is AIM Global worth it?

==>See Why Wealthy Affiliate is Better Than a University Education

AIM Global Refund and Buy-Back Policy

The buyback policy is put in place to protect all the state holders of AIM Global, this includes (Distributor, Business Center Owner, Customers, and the company itself).

  • The following condition must be met before any back buys on any product is treated:
  • The product must still be in good condition
  • The product code must be intact i.e., yet to be encoded
  • The expiry date of the product must be over eight months
  • The packaging of the product must still be undamaged, not leaking and not faded
  • The proof of purchase must be intact
  • If in case of termination of a distributorship, the termination must be as a result of a violation of company policy or voluntary termination
  • The product must not have been subject to any pressure or heat, and it must not have a sign of discolorations
  • The Distributor returning the goods must not have a history of return goods
  • The buy and back and refund request must have been writing ten days before the actual buyback and refund day.

AIM Global Product Return Policy

AIM Global will only exchange damage products if only it meant the following conditions after purchase:

  • The product must not have been encoded
  • The product must be defective or have substandard quality
  • The consumer or buyer must have written exchange request ten days as soon as the product is bought with the original receipt attached.
  • If the product meets the above requirements, the products will be exchanged with an undamaged one or a full refund will be done by the Distributor that sold the product to the consumer.
  • The Distributor will take responsibility for this product return and exchange
  • The AIM Global will provide new and the same products to the Distributor. Have you read other how to make money with Alliance Motion review that is contrary?

How to Apply for AIM Global ATM Card

As an AIM Global Distributor, you need your ATM cash card to withdraw your commission. Irrespective of your location or region ATM card makes it very easy to access your funds.

AIM Global USA issue Two kinds of cards for its distributors.

All Distributors within the Philippines are issued a local Banco de Oro – BDO card while the second card is used for all international Distributors i.e., foreign members.

According to the Company memo dated 20th of October 2015, it stated the BDO cash Card Mastercard will be issued to all distributors outside the Philippines.

The noted that all distributor from African countries are not included (they have a special arrangement with their local banks)

As international Distributors, the requirements to get your Cashcard Mastercard  are:

  • Application fee of Php 500
  • A completed Cash card Mastercard form
  • Two valid ID Cards, it can be any of the following (Driver License,

International Passport, Resident permit or Any Government issued a card from your country or region)

Note: The Company memo stated that AIM Global distributor with China Trust Bank Cash Card ATM has the option to either continue to use the card or switch to the new BDO cash Card Mastercard.

AIM Global Tools And Training

Apart from using the website as one of the tools, when you join as a member, you’re entitled to other training tools that you can use to train your downlines.

These tools include a CD of training videos that you’re supposed to watch and understand.

These video presentations are categorized as follows; opportunity plan presentation(OPP), New Distributor Orientation (NDO.), Alliance Success Achievement Program ( ASAP), Special Training, Intensive Product Demo( IPD) and Leaders Training.

Other companies like Alliance in Motion include:

AIM Global Locations

I just felt to write a complete Alliance Motion in Global MLM jobs review.

For you to make money in AIM Global MLM jobs; you will need the various is AIM Global locations and addresses of AIM global international around the world. 

AIM Global Rwanda

AIM Global RWANDA, Kigali Office City Tower second floor (KCT), NYARUGENGE, RWANDA. Tel: +250788300456

AIM Global Ghana

Old Accra Address: House No. 203, 13th Street, New Achimota, Accra, Ghana.

AIM Global Togo

AgoEnyive, Rue Derriere Shell Agoe, Lome, Togo

AIM Global Uganda

Plot 47, 4th Floor, Rooms 12,13, and 14, Mabirizi Plaza, Kampala Road.

AIM Global Kenya

2nd Floor, Sentrim 680 Kenyatta Ave. Nairobi, Kenya.

AIM Global Offices In Philippines

Units 301 Burgundy Empire Tower, cor.
Garnet and Sapphire Sts., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines.

AIM Global (Brunei), SDN. BHD.

Unit No. 3C 1st Floor, Bangunan Hj Untong Bin Hj. Ali, Simpang 235 Kampong Kiarong, BSB BE1318, Negara Brunei Darussalam.

Pakistan AIM Global

Bungalow #61-L, Gullberg 3, Kalma Chowk near Hakeem Tehseen, Lahore Pakistan

Cameroon AIM Global

1025 Bonapriso Up Floor of SCB Bank Opposite College des Nation, Doula Cameroon

Ivory Coast AIM Global

Cocody Valon 2 Plateaux Lot no 1445, BP 1676 Abidjan, Cote D’ Ivoire

Uganda AIM Global

4th Floor Room 12,13 and 14 Mabirizi Plaza, Kampala, Uganda

Alliance AIM Global

House No.55, Olympics Road, Kokomlemle, Accra, Ghana

AIM Global Nigeria

Buffalo House 2 Allen Avenue (By Allen Opebi Roundabout) Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

AIM Global Kenya

2nd Floor Sentrim 680 Kenyatta Avenue – Nairobi, Kenya

AIM Global Tanzania


AIM Global UAE

Unit 603, Green Emirates Bldg. Tower A, Electra St. Abu Dhabi, UAE


Shophouse Unit No.2 BGN. Hasbullah 4 EDR No. BD 19071 Lot No. 20731 KG. Pengkalan Gadong, Negara,

AIM Global Nigeria, Ltd

Buffalo House 2 Allen Avenue (By Allen Opebi Roundabout) Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

AIM Global Limited

House No.55, Olympics Road, Kokomlemle, Accra, Ghana

AIM Global Uganda

4/F Room 12,13 and 14 Mabirizi Plaza, Kampala, Uganda

Is AIM Global a Pyramid Scheme?

AIM Global is legit and not a scam pyramid scheme.

AIM Global is a direct sales company that distributes and sells supplements via distributors.

People will always mistake MLM companies to be a scam and pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme is not legal, and it is a crime in the United States and many countries. There are no products and services in any pyramid business and investment.

But in AIM Global, there are products and services.

Therefore, AIM Global is legit and not a scam pyramid scheme.

Yes, there is recruitment in AIM Global. You can only make money (in the form of commission) from sales made by your referral.

But do you think AIM Global worth it? Is AIM Global legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

Do you think that AIM Global worth it?

Is AIM Global Networking Real, Legit, Or a Scam?

AIM Global is Legitimate. The company has been around for a long time (over fourteen years).

Which is a strong indication that AIM Global is legit, real, and not a scam pyramid scheme, otherwise members would have exposed them for these long years?

The only problem with the AIM Global USA is that it is a product-based pyramid scheme. They employ the multi-level marketing business model to run the business.

The company also discourages the sales of the product in the public domain. You can only sell AIM Global USA Products on the platform of their Distributors – Business Center Office).

I usually classified all MLM programs as a scam. Why? Because they are regularly not selling value.

It makes your family, friends, and relatives run from you because of your irritating sales pitch.

The best business you should focus on is those that have an audience (existing markets). You can only make money with AIM Global MLM jobs if you have the audience.

The world is full of problems, focus on solving one of those problems, and the people and audience that required a solution as regards that issue will be ready to pay any amount to have the answer you are prepared to provide.

Millions of people search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others daily to get their problem to solve.

People will search you out when you start providing a solution to your audience.

Wealthy Affiliate training can help turn your passion/hobbies into a thriving business online.

That very thing you have passion for is what many are ready to learn because they lack skill in that area. . .

This is an opportunity for you to make money with AIM Global MLM Jobs

For me, AIM Global USA is NO. Is AIM Global worth it?


***What Does AIM Global Do?***

AIM Global USA is known as Alliance Global, Inc. – AGI. It is a direct sales company that is based and established in the Philippines. The company is managed its CEO Andrew Lim Tan and the family.  

AIM Global USA is a massive operation that deals in food and beverages, real estate, hospitality, and global estate resorts inc. All these services are via multi-level marketing.

***What Is Alliance in Motion Redundant Binary System?***

Alliance in Motion Redundant Binary System is a redundant binary representation – RBR of the compensation plan of the Alliance in Motion Multi-Level Marketing. 

This Binary direct sales compensation plan involves two legs the right leg (the profit leg) and the left leg (the power leg).

Your team member or downline can be on either leg.

The AIM Global Redundant Binary System is a team-based structure that required the working together of all members. 

***Is AIM Global Genuine?***

AIM Global USA is a real, legit, and not a scam pyramid scheme but a direct sales company. It is not a scam. But is AIM Global worth it?

The company headquarter is based in the Philippian and run by the CEO and its family.

The direct sales international association registers the company.  

They are also well known in many countries with proper registration and physical locations. 

***Is AIM Global a pyramid scheme?***

No, AIM Global USA is not a pyramid scheme; but a legitimate direct sales company. 

A pyramid scheme does not involve distributions of products and services; AIM Global USA needs you to sell AIM global USA products and services before you can make money. 

***When was AIM Global USA Established?***

The AIM Global USA was established in March 2006. 

Is AIM Global USA Worth It?

Thanks for reading my AIM Global Review? Is Alliance Motion in Global real, legit, or a pyramid scheme scam?

Although AIM Global is legit, real, and not a scam pyramid scheme, and agree with the many benefits of AIM Global.

But is AIM Global worth it?

The problem with it is that you’re supposed to promote the products even if you don’t believe in them.

This is the only way you can make money with the AIM Global MLM jobs.

But otherwise, if you work your way up to the top of the pyramid, chances are high that you’ll get your financial freedom.

How do you make money online? For me, I am making money blogging, and I learn the trade through the best affiliate program in the world, and that is the Wealthy Affiliate.

You will learn how to turn your passion and hobbies into a great business online. This is one of the best things that ever happen to me.

I hope I have been able to answer the question of what is an AIM Global about.

What do you think of my AIM Global USA? Do you want to join AIM Global?

Or, are you a member already? Is AIM Global worth it for you?

Please drop your opinion in my comment area below.