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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Is Pure Romance a Pyramid Scheme? Can You Really Make Money?

Is Pure Romance a Pyramid Scheme? Can You Really Make Money?

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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Is Pure Romance a Pyramid Scheme? Can You Really Make Money?

You are welcome to my Pure Romance review. Can you make money with Pure Romance MLM jobs? Is Pure Romance legit, scam, or another pyramid scheme? Are Pure Romance Consultants making money? 

Likely, you are here to confirm if you can make money with Pure Romance jobs? 


It is excellent that you are making your findings of Pure Romance Consultants jobs. 

Doing online research is one great way to discover legitimate online programs and avoid scams. 

I will make sure that all your questions relating to Pure Romance jobs are answered in this article.

You need to know that I am not affiliated, nor am I a Pure Romance Consultant. Therefore, expect an unbiased and complete review of Pure Romance from me. 

Please keep reading. 

Estimated reading time: 15 minutes

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Pure Romance MLM at a Glance

pure romance coo

Product Name: Pure Romance
Year Founded: 1993
Industry: MLM
Founder: Patty Brisben
Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
Products: Adult Products/Sex Toys
Price: 199 – 799 USD
Rating: 25%
Recommended: No (Check Out My #1 Recommendation )

Summary of Pure Romance Consultants Jobs

Pure Romance is a USA-based direct sales company that focuses on producing and marketing adult-related products such as sex toys and bed accessories. 

They offer customers, mostly women, to earn with them through their affiliate program. 

But, can you make money with Pure Romance MLM jobs? Is Pure Romance a scam, legit, or a pyramid scheme? 

Should you join and become Pure Romance Consultants? 

This is my take. 

Pure Romance is a company that is employing the MLM business model in the promotion and marketing of its adult products. 

It is the 21st century; it is exceedingly difficult for you to make money with Pure Romance MLM job opportunities. 

Why is that?

Why Pure Romance Consultants Are Not Making Money

Mr. Jon M. Taylor has exposed the MLM dark world. It is 20 years of research of over 600 MLM companies; he concluded that the MLM companies are structure only to reward the company’s owners, significant investors, and the top members of the MLM. 

He concluded that 99.7% of people who join direct sales companies would lose their money. 

In comparison, only very few people in any MLM company will make money (i.e., 0.3%., the owners, investors, and those at the top of the pyramid scheme).

Two of his book discussed the full report of these investigations. They are Multi-Level-Marketing Unmasked and the Case For And Against MLM.

Also, AARP Foundation-sponsored research on the effect and impact of MLM in the life of people in the USA. 

They also published a book on the outcome of their findings called “ AARP Study of Multilevel Marketing,” which is another shocking finding of direct sales companies. 

The three books summarize that it is challenging to make money with direct sales companies. 

The business model is a structure to favor the owners, investors, and those at the top of the compensation plan. 99.99% of newbies will lose their money. 

But is this true for Pure Romance? 

To find out if you can make money with any MLM company, just request their Income Disclosure Statement. It is why over 70% of direct sales companies always hide the statement from the public domain.

Pure Romance Income Disclosure Statement

You can see that 49.2% of Pure Romance consultants were inactive and made $85 annual average total earnings for the whole of 2019.

The consultant level rank of 42.10% of the Pure Romance consultants made $204 annual average total earnings for the same year. If you combine the first two ranks, over 90% of the Pure Romance consultants made less than $200 in a whole year.

Don’t forget the cost of Pure Romance starter kits that ranges between $199 to $799. It must be paid before you join.

The implication is that many Pure Romance Consultants made a loss in 2019 (deducting the starter kits and another party related cost for marketing).

You can see the top ranks of Pure Romance Consultants making money and how fewer they were. The chief executives that made over $100,000 average annual earnings are less than 0.2%

Therefore, Pure Romance is also rewarding the people at the top of the scheme while paying pennies to the lower level consultants. 

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What is Pure Romance?

Pure Romance is a company based in Ohio and was founded by Patty Brisben in 1993. Brisbane has been featured on national television, including CNN and The View, advertising products from her company. 

She claims that the primary goal of Pure Romance is to provide sexual awareness to customers and allow them to earn with them.

The 250-million-dollar company has transitioned from just selling products to also educating people about their sexual lives. 

Originally called Slumber Parties, the company rebranded and changed its name in 2004. 

Pure Romance is quite unusual as it focuses mainly on producing and marketing adult-related products like sex toys, and bed accessories.

The company uses an MLM business model to increase its reach to its targeted customers, mainly women.  Read more about Pure Romance on Wikipedia.

The affiliates, also known as Pure Romance consultants, are in countries where they operate, including the:

  • The United States of America, 
  • South Africa, 
  • Canada, 
  • Australia, 
  • New Zealand, and 
  • Puerto Rico.

Pure Romance Product Line

The company’s products are mainly designed to be used by women, although they have some products that can be used by both sexes. 

Women also make a large percentage of their affiliate network.

  • Sex toys
  • Sexual health products
  • Sex educational products
  • Sex-theme clothing and lingerie
  • Bed accessories
  • Massage
  • Lubes and creams
  • Other products

Pure Romance Compensation Plan

Pure Romance has the following leadership rank:

  • Active Advisor
  • Team Leader
  • Bronze Leader
  • Silver Leader
  • Gold Leader
  • Regional Manager
  • National Manager
  • National Director

You get a personal buying discount of 50% as a leader, no matter your rank. 

However, to qualify for the Team Leader position, you need $250 in Personal Monthly Volume or $3200 in Personal Monthly Volume as a National Director. 

You are also eligible for a personal sales bonus and training bonus as an Active Advisor. 

On the other hand, you get a 5% commission on your entry-level team as a Team Leader. 

While as a National leader, you get a $400 management bonus and “unlimited growth potential.

Retail Commissions

You get this commission by selling the products, mostly through at-home parties. 

Pure Romance consultants earn as much as 40% commission on their retail sales.


Consultants get a 2.5% cashback if they can generate retail sales of $10,000 a month. 

They also get an additional 2.5% cashback if they generate $100,000 in retail sales the month after that.

Recruiting other people and growing a team. 

The gist is that consultants earn $50 for every new consultant that they can enroll under them. It is called Sponsor’s bonus.

Leadership Bonus

It is similar to the Sponsor’s bonus that increases when your referrals recruit other people who become efficient marketers.

Website Commission

Consultants often have a personal website. 

Here, they earn a 30% commission on every order that costs $39.99. For more expensive orders, they get a 40% bonus.

Superstar Bonus

It is also called motivation bonuses. 

This bonus is for those higher-ranking consultants who excel and are on the top-performing list. 

They are rewarded with a $12,000 bonus for their hard work.

Does all this make Pure Romance a pyramid scheme? What do you think of my is pure romance review? Is pure romance legit or scam?

How to Join Pure Romance MLM Jobs? 

For MLM companies, the typical way to join is to purchase a kit containing different sample products and marketing these products for a commission.

Pure Romance is no other. 

The kits provided by the company has different sample products and tools that affiliates will use to kick start their business.

How Much does it Cost to Join Pure Romance MLM Jobs?

The startup fee to become a consultant ranges from $199 to $1000 depending on what starter kit an individual is interested in getting. There are three kinds of kits.

Standard Kit

It contains different bath, beauty, and bedroom product samples and costs $199.

Deluxe Kit 

It contains everything in the Standard kit with 4 of their best-selling bedroom accessories and costs $399.

Deluxe Plus Kit 

It contains everything in the deluxe kit in addition to full-sized products that a consultant can sell and earn money from. This kit costs $599.

Who Is Pure Romance Consultants Jobs For?

If you are comfortable talking about sex, helping other people make their sex lives exciting, and desire to make a passive income off that. 

Female affiliates have a better chance because most of the products from the company are targeted at women.

How to Make Money with Pure Romance MLM

You can earn an income on Pure Romance by doing the following

Retailing via In-house parties: you can buy products at a discount and sell them at a retail price. 

As a new consultant, you get a 35%, 45%, or 50% discount depending on the starter kit you get. Pure Romance products aren’t sold in stores, so; you will have to use in-home parties.

Retailing via your website: you can direct your customers to your website to place orders. The orders will be processed by Pure Romance, and you get a credit to use towards future orders.   

Recruitment: Although it is not required, it is a method of making an income. 

You can build a team of successful consultants and get higher buying discounts and monthly override bonuses from Pure Romance for training them.

How Much Money Can you Make with Pure Romance MLM?

According to the annual Income disclosure statement for 2019, less than 0.2% of the Pure Romance Consultants made over $100,000, while over 90% of them made less than $200 in that year. 

Therefore, if you are just joining Pure Romance MLM jobs, it is highly likely that you will not make money. 

Why is that?

Over 90% of Pure Romance distributors made less than $200 in 2019 if you deduct the Pure Romance starter kits, party, and other marketing-related expenses. Many of them made no money that year. 

This is not a problem with Pure Romance as a company. With this company’s business model, the problem rewards the company’s owners, investors, and every minute people at the MLM scheme’s top. 

If you join any MLM, you will just be working for the people at the top. It is why it is no for me.

You can check out my #1 recommendation. You can be making over $5,000 monthly within a year of good work. 

2019 Income Disclosure Statement of Pure Romance MLM

Are Pure Romance Consultants Making Money?

Pure Romance income disclosure reveals the earning of its consultants for 2019. You can see the breakdown above.

The income disclosure did not include the earnings from inhouse parties sales or bonuses, trips, and prizes.  

Only 0.02% earned a Total Annual Override of $250,000 and an Average Annual Override of $508,831. 

On the other hand, over 90% of Pure Romance Consultants did not make money that year. 

From the statistics, we can see that while Pure Romance offers excellent products, its distributors do not make any money from its compensation plan.

Pure Romance Support/Customer Service 

On the Pure Romance website, there is no data on how to contact their support team. 

You can only reach them via their helpdesk here.

What is Good About Pure Romance MLM Jobs? 

Reasonably cheap products

 Their products are relatively cheap, and you have a discount so that you can resell.

Company Has Been Around for a while

It is easy to build a reputation if you have spent 30 years in business.

Pure Romance MLM Jobs Complaints

Recruitment Prospects

Given how talking about sex can be uncomfortable for many people. 

It is likely you won’t get to enroll many people under you.

Reneges on Deals

Pure Romance is infamous for promising both consultants and customers mouth-watering deals and then reneging on them. 

Trust is essential in MLM, and this doesn’t bode well for the company’s image.


Of course, you cannot spend your days hunting people down or discussing sex with total strangers. 

You will look and sound like a creep. Most consultants have to organize parties with their own money and invite other women to attend. 

If you don’t have a website, parties are the only way you can sell your products.


Pure Romance has been involved in several lawsuits due to its violation of business practices. 

A recent example was when Daniel Schwarts filed a complaint against Pure Romance in 2017. 

She claimed that the company deceived her. She had bought a product labeled as 100% natural only to find out after using it that it was not.

Negative Feedbacks

There are many negative feedbacks on the company and their products on Trustpilot. 

Most of these reviews were complaints about defective products.

Pure Romance Review BBB Rating is “A+”

Pure Romance was accredited by the Better Business Bureau on26th of January 2010. Also, Pure Romance is also rated with an A+ BBB review rating. Accreditation implies that Pure Romance has committed to putting a system in place to handle and resolve customer service issues and complaints. 

Pure Romance must have also paid the BBB’s accreditation fees before the certificate is availed to the company.

The implication of this is that Pure Romance has been responding to customer issues and complaints as logged with their customer services and support. 

Pure Romance MLM Lawsuit

Pure Romance has been involved in several lawsuits due to its violation of business practices.

They settled most of these cases out-of-court. A recent example was when Daniel Schwarts filed a complaint against Pure Romance in 2017.

She claimed that the company deceived her.

She had bought a product labeled as 100% natural only to find out after using it that it was not.

Online Complaints of Pure Romance Consultants Jobs

Most of the complaints on Pure Romance revolve around defective products. 

One user claimed that the product she bought stopped working after 2 to 3 uses. 

Others complained about getting a product that is different from what they ordered. 

Other complaints received around not receiving products that they paid for.

Is Pure Romance MLM a Pyramid Scheme?

Pure Romance is legit, safe, and not a scam pyramid scheme

Many people take all MLM companies to be pyramid schemes just because they use members to recruit more people. It is this business model that is faulty.

But what is a pyramid scheme? 

A pyramid scheme is a system of recruitment for investment or marketing, such that when you recruit. You get paid a percentage of the subscription fees paid by your downlines. 

Also, your downline will have to recruit to earn from fees paid from their downlines. Hence, recruitment is unending.

Note that in a pyramid scheme, there are no products or services.

Pure Romance MLM is not a pyramid scheme because there is a sale of adult products. You recruit people, and you will earn a commission from every sale made by your downlines. 

What do you think of the review of Pure Romance?

Can you make money with Pure Romance MLM jobs? Is Pure Romance legit, safe, or a scam pyramid scheme?

Is Pure Romance MLM Legit or Scam? 

Pure Romance is legit, reliable, safe, and not a scam and pyramid scheme. However, it utilizes the direct selling business model, and most often, its products have to be sold through house parties, which makes it harder to sell as no one wants to have an effect forced on them. 

For consultants that are not great sales persons, it will be a daunting task to sell. 

What do you think of my Pure Romance review? Can you make money with Pure Romance MLM jobs? Is Pure Romance legit, safe, or a pyramid scheme scam?

what are good side hustles

Can Guys sell Pure Romance?

Pure Romance was established with the business model that is focused on Women as Consultants. Though, the Pure Romance Passion Parties have occasionally allowed men to join as consultants. 

Is Pure Romance FDA approved?

FDA does not directly approve pure Romance adults’ products. The company claimed that Pure Romance adults’ products are manufactured in laboratories approved by the FDA. They are also made with excellent materials that are of the pharmaceutical grade. 

Who Owns Pure Romance?

Pure Romance is owned by Chris Cicchinell, Who is also the CEO & President of the company. You can check him up via his LinkedIn profile page.

When was Pure Romance founded?

Pure Romance was established in1993

Is Pure Romance Consultants Jobs Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Pure Romance review. Can you make money with Pure Romance MLM jobs? Is Pure Romance legit, scam, or another pyramid scheme?  

Pure Romance is an excellent brand if you want to enhance your sex life. 

However, as a consultant, you might have a hard time selling these products as multiple brands sell the same product. 

Also, from the income disclosure, it is evident that earning can be complicated with Pure Romance if 83.45% could not even make an override.

When it comes to earning online, my number one income generator is Affiliate marketing. It allows you to sell without buying products or even stockpiling. 

You also do not throw house parties. I have been able to build a six figures income from affiliate marketing. 

Would you like to know how I started my affiliate marketing journey and how to be a successful affiliate marketer? Click here to begin your journey.

What do you think of my Pure Romance MLM jobs review? Can you now make money with Pure Romance MLM jobs? Is Pure Romance a scam, pyramid scheme, or a legit MLM company? 

Please share your Pure Romance experience with me in the comment section. 

Pure Romance Consultants Training – Video

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    Well, from what I can tell, this one seems different from what I’ve read so far. Thanks for sharing this review.

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