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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Is Longrich Bioscience a Pyramid Scheme? Can You Still Make Money?

Is Longrich Bioscience a Pyramid Scheme? Can You Still Make Money?

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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Is Longrich Bioscience a Pyramid Scheme? Can You Still Make Money?

You are welcome to my Longrich Bioscience USA review. Can you make Money with Longrich Bioscience MLM jobs? Is Longrich legit or a scam and pyramid scheme?

Maybe you are here to find out if you can still make Money with Longrich Bioscience network marketing business.


It is okay that you are doing your investigation about this MLM business. It is a great way to discover legitimate online business and avoid many scams.

Please rest assured that I am not a Longrich Bioscience business representative, therefore expect an unbiased Longrich Bioscience review.

Please read on.

Estimated reading time: 13 minutes

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Longrich Bioscience MLM USA Jobs at a Glance

longrich bioscience pyramid scheme and network marketing USA

Founder: Xu Zhiwei
Year Established: 1986
Products & Services: Cosmetics, Personal Care, Wellness
Product Name: Longrich MLM
Price: Free ($100 – $2300 upsell)
Rating: 20%

Summary of Longrich Bioscience MLM USA Jobs Review 

Longrich Company is a network marketing company popularly known as MLM. 

They manufacture and market health-related products, including wellness and well-being, beauty, cosmetics, hygiene products, and household goods. 

Is Longrich Bioscience a pyramid scheme or a scam? Can you make Money with Longrich Bioscience network marketing? 

Why You May Not Make Money with Longrich Bioscience

Longrich Bioscience company uses the MLM business model to market its products. Therefore, you are limited to the amount of money you can make as a Longrich Bioscience USA distributor.

Years of findings and research about direct sales companies concluded that 99.7% of MLM members would lose their money, i.e., Implies that only 0.3% of MLM members will make Money.

Mr. Jon Taylor studied direct sales companies for years and came up with a book called “Marketing Unmasked.” It is a must-read. 

The interpretation of these findings is that MLM companies only reward the company’s owners, investors, and people at the MLM scheme’s top. 

If you are joining any MLM like Longrich Bioscience network marketing now, you will only be working for the top people. 

I have reviewed hundreds of MLM companies; please take my word for it. Everything Mr. Jon Taylor in the above book is confirmed to be true. 

But, how can we verify it to be true for Longrich Bioscience Business? 

You can only verify with the Longrich Bioscience Income Disclosure Statement. 

But many of these dubious companies will not make it available in the public domain. 

Please know that you can NOT find the Longrich International income disclosure statement in the public domain. It is a huge negative to Longrich Bioscience network marketing business. 

Therefore, I am not recommending Longrich Bioscience to you.

But it appears that you can still make Money with Longrich Bioscience; how?

My Recommendation

You can still make Money with Longrich Company via affiliate marketing. I mean colossal Money! 


You don’t need to start running after your family, friends, and co-workers with affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing is a process and way of selling other people’s products or services for a commission; you will decide on a product, promote it and earn a commission on every one of your sales( It is how I make a living online). 

Choose one of the Longrich International products that you know can add value to people. 

You can now start providing content, either in the form of articles or in Video format, about the importance that product offers.

As the audience that the Longrich USA products offer value for search online, they will land on your platform (Youtube or Website); you can then direct them to Amazon, or you sell to them directly. 

Affiliate marketing will help you to have your own business and website.

You can sell thousands of products or services for a commission.

Also, you will have the ability to partner with big brands such as Amazon, E-bay, Walmart, etc.

You can later sell your website for 10x the amount of your investment. 

It is simple and straightforward to start. You can start this affiliate marketing certification training now. 

The level-1 of ten lessons is FREE to join. There is no need for your credit card. You can learn more here. 

What is Longrich Bioscience?

Longrich Bioscience is a China-based company founded by Xu Zhiwei in 1986. 

The company produces and markets several products in its health and household product line. 

They also offer an MLM opportunity for individuals interested in earning a passive income company.

After 33 years of existence, they are the largest manufacturing company in Asia and operate in over 160 countries worldwide. 

They market personal care, healthcare, oral care, household products, anti-aging products, beauty, and cosmetics products. 

Longrich Bioscience business will make a line of premium products that benefit specific niche markets.

They produce more than 2000 products in eight highly sophisticated and specialized Research and Development facilities worldwide.

What do you think of my Longrich Bioscience review? Can you make money with Longrich Bioscience.

Longrich Bioscience Labs Complex Diet Drops

  • Natural Weight Management Drops for all
  • Best way to get rid of stubborn fat
  • A step-by-step guide on the usage is included
  • It is with 100% Natural ingredients
  • Take three times daily ( 10 drops of ultra-potent)
  • It is easy to take and hormone-free
  • It helps reduce your craving for sugar etc
  • See pounds of your flesh melt off

Pi Water Alkalizer – Anti Oxidant Cup {On Amazon Store}

Longrich Bioscience USA Product Line

The company “Longrich Bioscience” has a rich lineup of products. 

With over 2,000 products in varying categories, such as:

  • Health care
  • Oral care
  • Skincare
  • Cosmetic
  • Household cleaning
  • Furniture
  • High tech accessories
  • Water Purification System
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Shoes
  • A legion of other products
make money with longrich bioscience business and legit or scam

Longrich Bioscience MLM Compensation Plan

Longrich Bioscience lavishes its qualified members with different benefits ranging from cars, housing plans, trips to countries like China, Greece, Malaysia, and the likes. 

Also, Longrich Bioscience is structured in such a way that with just 30 PV, you can start earning. 

PV means product value and determines everything in Longrich. 

You need to buy products to become a member, and the number of personal PVs you have determines the Percentage of your earnings. 

To qualify for bonuses such as trips, houses, and cars, you need to accumulate a certain number of PVs. 

It would also help if you got PCs to grow in ranks and qualify for rank advancement incentives. 

The company also has a structured timetable for payment as payment days are on Thursday’s (Green Thursday). 

The following are the bonuses you get with Longrich:

  • Leadership bonus
  • Repeat order bonus
  • Platinum VIP incentive
  • Worldwide incentive
  • Star director incentive

Who Is Longrich MLM USA Jobs For?

Anyone can join Longrich. In fact, in some countries, people open accounts on behalf of their children.

However, it is best suited for people who are experienced in marketing skincare and beauty products and want to earn extra cash.

Newbies with no experience in marketing might find it difficult to market. 

How to Join Longrich Bioscience MLM USA Jobs? 

Joining Longrich International is as simple as registering yourself as a Longrich Biosciencech distributor. However, you will need a sponsor before you can leverage Longrich’s business model. 

Use the form on the company website as relate to a question on why you want to join the Longrich Bioscience business opportunity, though. 

Why else would anyone want to join an MLM other than to earn a passive stream of income?

How Much it Cost to Join Longrich Bioscience USA Jobs?

They are joining Longrich Bioscience as an affiliate marketer is free. 

However, you have to purchase a package. 

The kind of package you are buying determines your earning potential from your downline.

  • Q Silver Package $100 (8%)
  • Silver Package $340 (8%)
  • Gold R2000 Package $960 (10%)
  • Platinum Package $2300 (12%)

How to Make Money with Longrich Bioscience MLM USA Jobs?

You can make money with Longrich Bioscience in two ways. 

These are:

Retail selling Longrich International Products

You earn a specific commission on each Longrich USA product you sell.

Recruiting other people to Join Longrich

Similar to other MLMs, you need to build a team. 

As an Independent Longrich International Distributor, you need to make your team and teach them to recruit. 

This way, you can receive commissions from their sales as well as bonuses as a team leader.


Affiliate marketers of Longrich USA in the referral program enjoy the following bonuses:

  • Performance bonus
  • Development bonus
  • Leadership bonus
  • Maintenance bonus

How Much Money Can You Make with Longrich Bioscience MLM USA Jobs?

The company does not have an income disclosure, so we cannot say for sure how much you can earn marketing its products. 

However, independent distributors earn income based on total sales volume (PV). 

They can become eligible for additional bonuses through your PV, such as trips, cars, houses, and even educational prizes to earn an MBA. 

Are Longrich MLM USA Distributors Making Money?

We cannot say for sure, since there is no income disclosure. 

However, its distributors’ testimonies show that it is profitable with distributors advertising testimonials of cars, houses, and trips massively. 

However, most of these distributors have been with the company for years or months and have had to recruit and buy lots of products to increase their PV. 

Newbies could quickly think it is a walk in the park, which it isn’t. 

Longrich International Support /Customer Service 

For issues and complaints, it is easier to go through your sponsor or upline.

However, the Longrich USA website has a support page. It is just a form for any comments, inquiries, suggestions, feedback, or request to join as a business associate.

What is Good About Longrich International Jobs? 

The massive number of products

It spreads your earning potential by finding the product line you are most comfortable with.

The Company Has Been around for Years.

The age of the business provides some form of assurance of its viability. 

Sticking around this extended means they are doing some things well. 

Great Support System

Each team provides a great support system for its members; some teams go as far as recruiting members for lagging people. 

They also help members with skills and training on how to sell their products. 

Trusted Brand

Longrich International is available in about 160 countries, and it has offices in each of these countries. 

The company is currently building a manufacturing arm in a West African country. 

It shows that people trust the brand and have been able to partner with them over the years. 

Weekly Payouts

Green Thursday is the day Longrich USA representatives get paid for their activities within the ecosystem. 

The company has faithfully stuck to its weekly payout without fail. 

Longrich Bioscience MLM USA Jobs Complaints

Earning Potential

You have to join the referral program to earn any real money. 

People who earn any real money at all are those who purchase Gold or Platinum package.


There are several complaints from customers claiming their products are ineffective. 

Refund Policy

There isn’t a reliable refund policy for people who purchase products from distributors.

Expensive Packages

Most of the company’s product is too expensive. 

Competition Among Teams

Different teams apply different marketing strategies to get new members to pressure each other with the team’s claims. 

This aggressive approach can sometimes give the company a dire outlook. 

No Longrich Bioscience Review BBB Rating 

At the time of writing this review, Longrich International is not Better Business Bureau rated not accredited. 

It is one significant negative for this company. 

Is Longrich BioScience an MLM company?

Yes, Longrich BioScience network marketing (also referred to as Jiangsu Longliqi BioScience Ltd) is an MLM company that distributes household, health care, and personal care products. 

Is Longrich BioScience Compagny Credible ?

Yes, Longrich BioScience is a credible, legitimate, and real company. 

It is a leading Chinese company that was established in 1986. 

The company is into production, distribution, and sales of consumable products.

Longrich International is a multinational company with a presence in over 200 countries.  

It uses direct sales business models to sell its products; this does not make Longrich Bioscience a scam. 

One main red flag for me was that the company is not rated by BBB review rating, nor does it accredit. 

Longrich Bioscience Lawsuit

There is no available information on litigations against the company, and if there were, they probably settled out of court before it caused an uproar.

However, the major complaints are against Longrich International distributors who did not deliver the customers’ package.

Is Longrich Bioscience Legit or a Scam? 

Longrich Bioscience is legit and not a scam. They have a line of real products, and this makes them legit in that sense.

It is public knowledge that the Bank of Namibia (BoN) has blacklisted Longrich Bioscience as an illegal company. 

The central bank of Namibia widely publicized the news. 

Also, their compensation plan is not clear; you can begin earning after bringing in three recruits. 

Also, their representatives hold seminars to help educate and enlighten recruits. 

The only hurdle to cross will be the recruitment and PV accumulation process, a massive part of any MLM program. 

Is Longrich Bioscience a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Longrich Bioscience is not a Pyramid Scheme but a legit network marketing business. 

Longrich International uses a direct sales business model in the sales and distribution of its products globally. 

People often mistake multi-level marketing business models to a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme business model does not involve sales of physical products, but in this case, Longrich Bioscience is all about household cleaning, health care, and personal care products. 

Though Longrich USA paid great emphasis on recruiting downlines in its compensation plan, it is not a must you recruit downlines to make Money with Is Longrich Bioscience.

Please know that Is Longrich Bioscience is not a pyramid scheme but a legitimate MLM company based in China. 

Is Longrich Bioscience USA MLM Jobs worth It?

Thanks for reading my Longrich Bioscience review. I believe you can now make Money with Longrich Bioscience Network Marketing. Is Longrich Bioscience a Scam Or Pyramid Scheme?

Or, Is Longrich Bioscience legit or scam?

what are good side hustles

If you have experience marketing other related products, this is an excellent way to earn extra cash. 

The referral program could be a challenge for newbies, especially if you intend to earn real money.  

However, the products have the legitimacy to them, and they seem to stick to their words of paying their bonuses to their representative. 

To make it with a product like Longrich USA, especially as a late comet, you must be ready to market to both strangers and friends. 

As well as replace your household products with theirs. 

On the other hand, I prefer affiliate marketing to MLM. There is no need to stock products or recruit members. 

Besides, I earn a six-figure income from affiliate marketing just with my computer working from the comfort of my home. 

There is no seminar and no door-to-door advertising with affiliate marketing. You can click here to read how I got my breakthrough with affiliate marketing. 

What do you think of my Longrich Bioscience review? 

Was it helpful in your decision making about the Longrich Bioscience Network Marketing? 

Can you make Money with Longrich Bioscience? Is Longrich Bioscience legit or scam? Or, Is Longrich Bioscience a pyramid scheme?  

Have you tried their product before? What was the result?

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10 thoughts on “Is Longrich Bioscience a Pyramid Scheme? Can You Still Make Money?”

  1. Good to see the overview here about longrich. This has actually been making the rounds in my neighbourhood. Most people are already getting into it as they are giving a lot of information around and i think that I can actually sit this out and focus better on what can actually make the difference for me. Surely a very good one to see here and I am very delighted Herr. Thanks for the information

    1. Thanks for reading my Longrich Bioscience review. It is all about how to make money with Longrich Bioscience MLM jobs.

      Thanks for your comments



  2. Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed review. I haven’t come across this company before. I have typically avoided the MLM industry myself because it seems like only the people at the top of the company make money.

    I read some of your other articles and I agree that affiliate marketing is a better option. I personally also enjoy freelancing and find it a very flexible way to make a side income.

    1. Thanks for reading my Longrich Bioscience review. The article is all about how to make money with Longrich Bioscience MLM jobs. 

      I am sure you know that Longrich Bioscience is not a scam but legit. 

      Thanks for the comments.


  3. Hello there, thank you for sharing this review of Longrich Bioscience. This is my first time hearing of the platform so I really learnt a great deal about it from reading your article. I’ve always had an aversion to MLM’s as like you said, they can earn you so little but I think it’s a great idea you mentioned. Earning money from affiliate marketing 

    1. Thanks for reading my Longrich Bioscience Review. It is all about how to make money with Longrich Bioscience USA.

      Please know that Longrich Bioscience network marketing is legit and not a scam. 

      But, it is always very difficult to make money with any MLM program and this includes Longrich Bioscience MLM.

      Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with Longrich Bioscience USA.



  4. Hello John, its really good to see you review and I have been hearing about longrich for a long time now and it a really amazing to see a business stay up for this long. It’s sad to see them get this poor rating and it now good seeing businesses with upsells because most people do not like it at all. 

    1. Thanks for reading my Longerich Review. It is all about how to make money with Longerich MLM Jobs.

      I am happy that you like my review. I am sure you know that Longerich is not a scam but legit MLM jobs. 

      Thanks again for the comment.



  5. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awes review my John…I have worked a lot so companies and most of them a similar to Longrich and I must say they are all just a water of time and money as they don’t even have a very credible compensation plan for me i would say they are just another pyramid scheme.

    1. Thanks for reading my Longrich Bioscience review. This article is all about how to make money with Longrich Bioscience MLM. It is only one country that has a problem with the Longrich Bioscience Company. 

      And that is Namibia. Bank of Namibia (BoN); has declared that Longrich Bioscience is illegal in their country. 

      Please know that Longrich Bioscience is not a pyramid scheme and not a scam. Longrich Bioscience is legit .

      Thanks for the comment.



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